Marcus Rappel murdered Tara Costigan -Now the Rally is on to help her kids

Let’s not give this pathetic gutless murderer more than a second, but it is time to think about the family left behind after Marcu Rappel allegedly killed Tara Costigan with an axe in a domestic violence attack that left 3 kids motherless.

murder: GoFundMe campaign raises money for family

Tara Costigan

Tara Costigan’s family has received an outpouring of community support. Source: Supplied

JUST over a week ago the Costigan family was celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl as 28-year-old Tara Costigan gave birth to her third child, baby Ayla.

Now, the close-knit group of cousins and siblings is planning a funeral for the bubbly young mum.

Tara, a mum of three and career carer, was found dead at her ACT home on Saturday, the victim of a domestic violence attack of the worst kind, police allege.

Her body was discovered in the laundry of her Calwell apartment with the murder weapon, an axe, nearby.

Tara’s dog Honey was one of her great loves, along with her three kids and large, support

Tara’s dog Honey was one of her great loves, along with her three kids and large, supportive family. Source: Supplied

Speaking on behalf of the family, Tara’s cousin Nathan Costigan told the family was struggling to comprehend the tragedy that ripped them apart on the weekend.

“You would never in your wildest dreams assume that this is something that could happen to your family,” he said.

“It’s an incredible shock. At the moment our number one priority is the three kids.”

Tara’s murder left her two boys, Rhily, 11, Drew, nine, and one-week-old baby Ayla without a mother. Her former partner, Marcus Ruppel, is accused of Tara’s murder and the family is working with authorities.

Although Nathan admits he doesn’t exactly know what’s going to happen with the kids, they have plenty of support.

Tara Costigan

Tara Costigan Source: Facebook

The fund has passed its initial goal of $40,000

The fund has passed its initial goal of $40,000 Source: Supplied

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $40,000 for the young family attracting pledges from hundreds of supporters.

“The outpouring has just been incredible,” Nathan said.

“The kids will be all right, we’ll make sure they’re all right.”

The loving uncle said that right now it was “hard to know if they’re really okay”, and that he was pretty sure the eldest two children were still in shock, but the kids would be looked after as best the family could manage. He’s working with police and authorities to make sure the kids are getting everything they need.

“We’re trying to keep their minds distracted for now because they probably know too much for a nine and 11-year-old,” he said.

“The Costigan side of the family is very close, those three kids are everyone’s number one priority right now.”

Tara Costigan

Tara Costigan Source: Supplied

Tara Costigan

Tara Costigan Source: Supplied

Tara loved to serve and care for people, her cousin says. She’ll be remembered as “a beautiful soul who was always smiling and willing to help others whenever and however she could”.

“The odds were against her, but she never gave up,” Nathan said.

“All her family were proud of her unshakable commitment to doing the best she can do. She worked hard to be able to send both her boys to a private school and she recently purchased her first new car.”

Tara’s grandmother said: “Our whole family is just devastated”.

Cousin Nathan says being a single mother and a carer and heavily pregnant, she had a very busy life.

“She didn’t like to cause trouble … she was just a gorgeous girl.”

Tara’s distraught family members had to be physically restrained, yelling abuse at her accused killer when he appeared at a Canberra court yesterday.

Accused killer Marcus Rappel

Accused killer Marcus Rappel Source: Facebook

Rappel, 40, is accused of her murder, assault occasioning bodily harm and recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm.

He is alleged to have forced his way into Ms Costigan’s villa, killing Ms Costigan with an axe and inflicting grievous bodily harm on a second woman and seriously assaulting a man, the Canberra Times reports.

He did not apply for bail and the matter has been adjourned until March 17.

Donate to the GoFundMe campaign supporting Tara’s three kids left without a mother here.

7 thoughts on “Marcus Rappel murdered Tara Costigan -Now the Rally is on to help her kids

  1. The two Bali 9 prisoners, should be spared and pardoned from the firing squad executioners in Indonesia , and sent back to OZ in exchange for two of our low life mongrels like this maggot filth bully hoody Marcus Rappel and Brett Cowan, who definitely deserved to be executed for such heinous crimes.
    Bali are executing by firing squad 10 of their prisoners including the two bali 9.
    It would be very easy to pick out 10 Australian prisoners and put them before a firing squad. And still after that another 10 could be chosen!… While so many people in Australia including all our government politicians are outraged by the current Indonesian harshness of the death penalty.
    Us bleeding hearts Aussie are far to lenient wit the way we punish the worst of the worst inmates in our prison system. It is probably wrong to sentence any prisoner to the ultimate punishment of death. But having said that, many of the crime that Aussie Criminals have committed, deserve nothing less than capital punishment. And this grub above falls into this category of hideous criminal.
    Nothing has been learnt from Daniel Valerio’s domestic murder by Paul Aiton back in 1990. Horrible hideously violent Domestic Murders continue to create more victims. While some of the offenders like Paul Aiton and Brett Cowan were giving another shot back of their freedom and life to carry on. Well Brett Cowan , he kept on keeping on. Had our legal system took a harsh stance in the first instance on just these two mongrels for example, . Innocent victims like Daniel Morcombe and Daniel Valerio and so many more children brutally murdered by these type of beasts, would have had the chance to grow into adults.

    In Australia we do have the Death Penalty, but it is handed out at random by the our revolting violent criminal scum and bully thugs on innocent families and the innocent children from them!…While our laws take a backward rehabilitating mercy seat to handing out too short of sentences, instead of the ultimate capital punishment or the lesser natural life and never to be released by throwing away the key. The law preference is to try and offer rehabilitation and a eventual pardon on parole of the perpetrators, regardless of their violent pasts of untold violence in our community.
    While Indonesia’s tough marshal law – military style executions appear to many of us as in human and grossly barbaric and a breach of human rights. One thing to be sure to be sure, is many of the criminals picked out by Indonesia for the death penalty by firing squads. Certainly will never be any more danger to the Indonesian society. They send out the message loud and clear, that be it drug trafficking up to murder, the perpetrators will not be spared from execution. Their harsh sentences are final, no doubt about that!… While Aussie jails now must be the laughing stock of Indonesia. Got give it to them though they don’t buckle and weaken on their death sentences.
    There is no changing their mind by defence lawyer. And they make a special show of a military police force to show that their methods of execution are very serious, when they sentence their prisoners to execution!…


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  3. Life can sure have its twists and turns and it isnt always fair I agree Rappel, Brett Cowen, Paul Denyer, Camilleri, Mr Cruel, Martin Bryant, Milat, Peter Garforth, Cobby killers the list is endless how good would that be to line them up and go for it with a high powered shot gun. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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