SA court jails piano teacher Anthony Theodore Vance for five years for abusing three girls

SA court jails piano teacher Anthony Theodore Vance for five years for abusing three girls

Anthony Theodore Vance has been jailed for his persistent sexual exploitation of three ch

Anthony Theodore Vance has been jailed for his persistent sexual exploitation of three children.

HIS deviant actions left little girls feeling like prisoners of their secret, but today predatory music teacher Anthony Theodore Vance became a prisoner himself.

Vance, 76, was today jailed for five years, and will spend at least three years behind bars, for his persistent sexual exploitation of girls as young as five.

In sentencing, District Court Judge Michael Boylan said Vance deserved “stern punishment” because he had shown no remorse and continued to insist his victims were liars.

“One of your victims very eloquently described one of the effects of sexual abuse … she said she was a prisoner of her secret,” Judge Boylan said.

“That’s a very eloquent way of describing how the victims of sexual abuse feel — prisoners, cut off from others, alone, unable to trust other people.

“The courts have often said these offences must be sternly punished, and you have three victims, no insight and committed a serious breach of trust.”

Vance, of Christies Beach, was found guilty at trial of three counts of the persistent exploitation of a child.

Between 2004 and 2007 he touched the upper thighs and genitalia of three girls — aged between five and 10 years old — while teaching them to play the piano or electric keyboard.

During their evidence, the girls said the inappropriate touching occurred “nearly every lesson”.

In sentencing today, Judge Boylan agreed Vance’s offending was “less serious” compared with many sexual abuse cases — but said that was no reason for clemency.

“You have still damaged these girls … they have suffered much, and will continue to suffer much, as a result of what you did to them,” he said.

“I can give you no discount (on your sentence) because you continue to assert that the three girls have told lies.”

He imposed a five-year jail term with a three-year non-parole period, saying there were no grounds upon which to suspend the sentence.

5 thoughts on “SA court jails piano teacher Anthony Theodore Vance for five years for abusing three girls

  1. Still in denial this prick.

    Blamed children for attention seeking! You will get some attention in jail, then you might change your words Mr. Vance, because your disgusting actions DO draw attention, your lessons will not involve pianos where you are going!


  2. That’s a tough sentence for a man of his age. Plus he will be subjected to harassment by other inmates. But he was supposed to teach those girls pianolessons and nothing else …….. I really can’t understand why he did it in the first place. He must have been around 65 already when he did this ….. disgusting and stupid crime. Has he been sentenced purely on the statements of those girls ? But I guess some of it certainly must be true. Although he looks like a good and reliable old man on the picture I certainly wouldn’t let my youngest daughter too close to him.


    • Hi Jan, welcome to the site. These crimes really irk me from personal experience so I hate to be harsh, but really.

      Tough sentence for his age? Come on get with it. Are you seriously saying then, that older men can have a good crack at the girls, and come sentencing time get a break because of their age?

      Purely on the statements of the girls? he denied everything, who else was going to give evidence, the piano?

      Your comment is full of inconsistencies


      • Hi Robbo,

        Sorry to read you have had personal experience with crimes like this.

        As I said it most probably has happened as the girls have stated and was the only evidence available. In my homecountry Holland he would probably have gotten less because of his age, which doesn’t mean he should have had a good crack at the girls. He has clearly a mental problem and I absolutely disapprove what he has done but spending 3 years in an Australian jail ……. ?? I live near a big one (Wacol QLD) and have only seen the outside of it and that’s why I think it might be pretty tough being inside even for “only” 3 years ! And don’t forget all the shame that comes over him is already a big penalty in itself ! Imagine being known as a Paedophile in the neighbourhood ! Not something to be proud of I guess. This case also reminds me a bit of that other guy, the 85 year old ex-entertainer Rolf Harris. He literally went from HERO to ZERO !!


        • Spot on with Rolf, and he is not finished with either. We cannot wait for entertainers or famous people to die before we take action. The Seville case in the UK is appalling. How many in the entertainment industry gave that dog a free reign. How many TV execs gave Rolf, and Hey dad guy Robert Hughes and the like a free reign because of ratings. Those dogs should be charged as well. They perpetuated the crimes.


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