Prabha Arun Kumar murder- Can you help?

This is a terrible crime and despicable murder of a women walking home from work. WE must find her killer, we all have family and friends who walk some part of their way home every night. The police need help, hopefully releasing this video and images will help jog peoples memories of that night.

March 09, 2015 4:44PM

CCTV of Prabha Arun Kumar
  • Prabha Kumar was stabbed about 9.30pm Saturday night
  • Knifeman followed her and is still on the loose
  • IT consultant, 41, was on the phone to husband in India
  • He heard ragged breathing as she quickened, screams and a struggle
  • Mrs Kumar had turned down offer of a lift home from work

POLICE have released CCTV footage of Prabha Kumar walking from the train station moments before she was murdered in Parramatta Park on Saturday night.

Detectives are hoping the chilling vision will jog the memory of a witness who may have seen Mrs Kumar as she walked home after work.

“We’re releasing (the CCTV tapes) in an effort to jog people’s memories – someone who may have seen Prabha, somebody who may know Prahba – coming forward and providing us with the information that we need to work out why this has happened to her and who is responsible for it,” Homicide squad commander Detective Superintendent Michael Willing said.

Prabha’s haunting final moments

Mrs Kumar is seen walking from Parramatta Station moments before her brutal murder. Picture: CCTV/NSW Police Source: DailyTelegraph

Arun Kumar, Mrs Kumar’s distraught husband, who was on the phone in India to his wife when she was murdered, arrived in Australia earlier today.


Mrs Kumar had finished working a double shift at an IT company and was taking a shortcut home across Parramatta Park.

Chillingly, she was talking with her husband Arun Kumar, 9300km away at home in India, when she said ‘he stabbed me, darling’ before the line went dead and Ms Kumar collapsed in a pool of blood.

Police will this afternoon release CCTV footage of Mrs Kumar walking home from Parramatta train station in the hope it will help generate a lead in the baffling case.

He said the footage didn’t appear to show anyone following the victim as she made her way home.

Police at the walkway on Monday morning where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. Pic John

Police at the walkway on Monday morning where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

This morning people returned to the pathway where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death on Sa

This morning people returned to the pathway where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death on Saturday night. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Police search for evidence at the scene of Prabha Kumar’s murder on Saturday night. John

Police search for evidence at the scene of Prabha Kumar’s murder on Saturday night. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Prabha Kumar leaves a husband and nine-year-old daughter in India. She

Prabha Kumar leaves a husband and nine-year-old daughter in India. She Source: Supplied

Detective Superintendent Willing said Mr Kumar was talking with detectives about the conversation before she was killed.

“We have some detail in terms of their conversation,” he said. “He’s understandably extremely distressed.”

Mrs Kumar’s brother-in-law, Thrijesh Jayachandra, told The Hindu Times that she had told Mr Kumar about a man following her.

“She was walking while talking to Arun on the phone when she said that a suspicious-looking man was following her,” he said.





“The next moment, he heard her scream for help and then plead with the man not to harm [her] and take all her belongings if he wanted. Seconds later, he heard her scream and say she was stabbed,” he said.

Mrs Kumar was just 300m from her Westmead home when she was attacked. Her husband is on his way from Bangalore with the couple’s nine-year-old daughter.

“It is a nightmare. I don’t know why this happens to good people,” Ms Kumar’s friend and flatmate, who asked only to be identified as Sarada said.

“I don’t know how I’m going to face her husband. She is very close to her husband and daughter.

“She talks to them every day, as soon as she finishes work she calls her husband and keeps talking. She has a good family.”

Police officers returned to the murder scene today in a search for clues, a team of men scanning Amos Street that leads off the park.

Soni Bandari, 32, of Parramatta, told The Daily Telegraph she walks through the park everyday to get to work at the local Westfield.

“I’ll probably be more alert and I’ll be looking to make sure it’s all good and no one is following me or not,” Bandari said.“I’ll be a bit more conscious I’d say.”

The walkway through Parramatta Park where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. The photo, t

The walkway through Parramatta Park where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. The photo, taken last night, shows hows poorly lit the pathway is. Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

Flowers left at the entrance to Parramatta park were Prabha Kumar was attacked and killed

Flowers left at the entrance to Parramatta park were Prabha Kumar was attacked and killed. pic John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Ms Kumar, was set to return home to India next month after her working visa expired, after being sent to Sydney in 2012 to work for Indian-based IT and outsourcing company Mind Tree.

The company is based at The Rocks but Ms Kumar had been working with a client at Rhodes when she caught the train home on Saturday, getting off at Parramatta Station about 9pm.

It is believed she had knocked back a lift from work because she didn’t want to bother friends.

“She kept telling us how much she missed her family,” he nephew Thrijesh Jayachandra, 24, told the Bangalore Mirror.

She missed spending three precious years with her daughter, who was quickly growing up, and that she did not want to waste any more time away from her family, he said.

“She always made it a point to visit the temple near her apartment at least once a week. After getting home from work every evening, she would pray. In her three years in Sydney, she had only come to Bengaluru once for a holiday, while Arun and their daughter had flown to Australia twice to visit her.

“We are all in shock and are unable to come to terms with this. Her daughter has been kept in the dark about the incident as she has examinations going on. We told her that her father had to rush somewhere on an emergency business trip,” Thrijesh added.


Where the attack happened

Where the attack happened Source: DailyTelegraph

Police are poring over CCTV footage showing Ms Kumar walking from the station along Argyle St and on to Park Parade to see if she was followed into Parramatta Park.

Sarada said her friend used to call when she worked late and she would collect her from the railway station.

“But because she was working late regularly, she felt bad to ask for help. Maybe that is the reason she didn’t call,” Sarada said.

The path through Parramatta Park cuts between a golf course and Parramatta High School. It is sparsely lit but the attack happened near a cluster of trees that has wide open spaces on either side and was 20m from the nearest light.

She was found in a pool of blood by a man just after 9.30pm. She was taken to Westmead Hospital but had lost a lot of blood and was pronounced dead at 12.45am.

“It is a horrific attack without any stretch of the imagination,” Superintendent Wayne Cox from Parramatta police said. “Certainly my heartfelt condolences go out to the family and we will certainly be working with the family to move through this investigation process with them.”

Police and SES search the scene this morning. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Police and SES search the scene yesterday morning. Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

Police described the attack as ‘horrific.’ Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Police described the attack as ‘horrific.’ Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

Litter lies on the path where the stabbing occured. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Litter lies on the path where the stabbing occurred. Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

As police and homicide detectives formed Strike Force Marcoala to investigate the murder, Supt Cox said they were particularly interested in talking to people who were around Argyle St and Park Parade on Saturday night.

Sarada told The Daily Telegraph she had warned her friend about the dangers of the park.

“I told her that it is not a safe way to come through because there is people that stop and ask you for money, like $2,” Sarada said.

She took aim at her friend’s employers, saying they should have helped her stay safe if she was working so late. “I kept warning her, either to take a cab from work or just take a safer route,” she said.

“Even if I work late my bosses would provide a cab. She is a single lady, doesn’t have anyone here, she works late at night — why they don’t think about security of their staff?”

She said that Ms Kumar was “a really nice, quiet and hard working person”. “She is very religious, goes to the temple every week. As soon as she comes back from home she takes a bath and she prays,” she said.

Ms Kumar’s colleagues at Mind Tree yesterday said they had been told by police not to say anything.

Parramatta residents say the park is poorly lit and quiet after the sun goes down. They believe CCTV and extra lighting must be installed to make it safer.

“I’m just lucky that nothing has ever happened to me,” said Lara Emery, 25, who lives in the area and was moved to tears when she heard about the murder. She said she would reconsider using the park at night.


Ben Pike

PRABHA Arun Kumar’s walk home from Parramatta Railway Station is a long and lonely one during the day, let alone in the dark of a ­Saturday night.

After getting off at the station the 41-year-old turned right on to ­Argyle St and walked 800m to the corner of Pitt St and Argyle St.

On this leg of the journey she walked past the entrance to the Parramatta Westfield shopping centre. From this point, the path quickly becomes very quiet.

There are railway tracks on one side of the road and anonymous ­office blocks on the other.

Retracing Ms Kumar’s steps at 3pm on a Sunday, I didn’t pass a soul on the footpath between Marsden St and Pitt St.

Flowers at the scene of Prabha Arun Kumar’s murder / Picture: Rohan Kelly

Flowers at the scene of Prabha Arun Kumar’s murder / Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

One can only imagine how deserted it was at 9pm.

She then crossed over at the lights from Pitt St to Park Parade and entered Parramatta Park.

From there it is less than 400m to her home up the long path that leads to Amos St.

If you are standing at the corner of Pitt St and Park Parade in daylight hours, you can see the path all the way up the hill to where Ms Kumar was attacked. The 250m climb is lit by only five street lamps, meaning her attacker would have had plenty of dark spots to hide in.

But Ms Kumar only made it three-quarters of the way up the incline before she was stabbed.

The scene of the crime was almost exactly between two street lamps, meaning she was about 20m from the nearest light at the time of the attack.

Women who live in the area say they would never walk through the park at night because it is “not very well lit”.

Police have also said the lighting in the park is not up to scratch.

Originally published as Prabha’s haunting final moments

15 thoughts on “Prabha Arun Kumar murder- Can you help?

  1. This murder is so callous, a real Jack the ripper type of murder, much like the unsolved random killing of Sarah MacDiarmid, on her way home in 1990. What mongrels are free on our streets. Even a walk in the park, is unsafe. I hope this evil scum can be caught, before” it ” harms another innocent victim. People that are against the death penalty, need to rethink about this senseless , heartless crime like this possible random murder. I wonder if it was sexually motivated like the Adrian Bayley evil stalking rape murder of Jill Meagher. Its so scary how many creeps are out looking to harm victims. Makes one feel so powerless, how can this creep be found?… These without motive crimes can be so hard to solve. Hopefully some witness may come forward with a clue to the identity of this killer. The victim was found in a pool of blood, does this mean she was stabbed to death?… It does appear as if the murderer was in wait for the victim in this park, or was maybe even following – stalking her?… This is so horrible and scary!…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Call me cynical but I smell a rat. Woman has been living in Aus for 3 years WITHOUT husband and small child. Has had enough of being the bread winner and is desperately missing her young daughter. She has decided to move home permanently in a months time. Now she is randomly murdered, not a sex attack or robbery. I may well be far off the mark here but shall stick my head out very early and say this has been an arranged ‘hit’.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Mountain Lion, my thoughts exactly. I also believe this is no random killing. But I thought that about Jane Thurgood- Dove, however I think I was wrong. I am sure the coppers are onto this possibility and will get to the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 9.30pm is not exactly the dead of night. Usually lots of people out and about on a Sat night in Sydney. That’s why I think there is more to this story than just a random attack.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What ever the motives for this horrible murder, whether it was arranged murder or a motiveless random killing by a deranged or drug affected killer. It doesn’t diminish the fact, that life is so cheap. And from other stalking’s and attempted crimes of abductions of both women and children , which are currently un-solved and presently happening at a far too frequent rate at the moment down in Victoria. It is now so very dangerous even in public places like the park to walk alone, and assume a false sense of security when alone and to feel safe. There are more than one, but many unknown deranged creeps wandering around, both day and night looking for the next victim . And our country is now more than ever , no longer safe anywhere!…
    These are just a few unsolved cases of late in Victoria and NSW alone, and lately they are happing in some location every day!… So how many mongrels are on the loose, waiting for their next prey be they murderers, rapists, sex offenders, stalkers without motive !…
    ;Police investigate attempted abduction of nine- year – old girl in Rosebud. 06/09/2014.
    :Two children approached – Normanhurst – 10/03/2015.
    :Crime Stoppers Victoria – UNSOLVED CASES.
    SEX CRIMES – Indecently assaulted women 22.02.15 – Frankston, southern side of Kannanock Creek. and similar unsolved cases of attempted abduction and indecent assault in Brunswick-26.01.14 – North Melbourne , woman indecently assaulted 08.03.15 – North Fitzroy ,Wilful and Obscene exposer 04.01.14. – Avondale Heights 15.10.14. Public toilet block, Obscene exposer and called out to a woman who ran away from assailant. South Morang Train Line- 30.11.14 Indecent act on train to a women and child. – Prahran 09.03.14 Sexual Assault – Sunbury Train Line 06.08.14 Indecent Assault on women in train. – Mordialloc 22.08.14, pushed to the ground and Indecent Assault of woman as she walked home. – St Kilda 18.07.14 Indecent Exposer at a woman. – Melbourne CBD on a tram 15.07.14 man rubbed himself against a woman.- Marshall Train Line 26.07.14 Sexual Assault on woman on train. – Essendon 20.04.14 Man exposing himself at Glenbervie railway station. – Prahran fast food restaurant Chapel Street 03.05.14 Exposed himself – South Morang Train Line 15.12.13 Threatened to kill a women on train. after asking for directions. – Frankston 08.02.14 Elderly woman punched in the face while watering her garden at her home .
    And its just goes on and on and on. Crime Stoppers Victoria. to view so many unsolved violent crimes!… Then there is Crime Stoppers in all other Australian states of unsolved crimes!….


  4. To walk alone at night or day through a park well I would say thats very risky its just not safe I dont believe it was an arranged murder she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the killer was probably a down and out drug addict with mental issues. He wont be caught either hes a cunning bastard.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I say she wasn’t alone. I reckon someone known to her met her near the park or followed her and caught up. The husband said she told him she was being followed. I believe she’s been set up and he’s made this conversation up. It doesn’t ring true to me what they said. If she’s engrossed on the phone why would she notice someone following her? If she was worried why would she continue on into the park? No robbery and not a sex attack. This is murder or money IMO. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it unfolds.


  5. Just look back to the Jill Meagher murder, if Adrian Bayley hadn’t caught on CCTV in that Sydney Road Brunswick Bridal Boutique shop, he could very well have not ever been caught for his heinous crime. Remember he was able to stalk, follow her from her bar hipping from pub to pub, watching her and later approaching her to near her home in Hope Street a Brunswick laneway , running after her as seen on CCTV , and eventually use his stealth opportunity to most horribly murder and rape, her with no witnesses and then brazenly cunningly go to Coburg several kilometres up Sydney Road to his home, then drive all the way back down to her murder site in his car and throw her in the boot and drive unfazed a very long distance of 50 kilometres away from Brunswick and Coburg in Melbourne to a rural bush area in Black Hill Road at South Gisborne and bury her in a shallow grave, then drive all the way, back another 50 kilometres and coldly go get a pizza to take back to his home and watch a dvd.. Jill Meagher never had a change. when two worlds collided, Until Adrian Bayley was a suspect, from his long record of past sex offending with violence and being out on parole, making easy to be identified by authorities from the lucky to be obtained CCTV footage of a good samaritan, Until this point Jill was presumed to had just vanished without trace, even her Husband Tom Meagher was initially a suspect over her disappearance. Nothing is what it always seems. And this murder in a public park in the heart of Sydney, is no different to the mostly busy, Sydney Road in Brunswick Melbourne. Its the cunning devout creeps out at night everywhere looking for their next victim that is the unknown quantity and what makes these murder investigations difficult to solve!… .

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bayley didnt go out of his way to hide the body either. His thought pattern was locked in as a predator in for the thrill and kill. Two people produced this evil creature come forth and show the public who you are the media would love that.


  7. I think the husband is involved in this also. He said she said “I have been stabbed” and then the phone went dead. REALLY? A person came upon her after a short while at 9.30pm and she was not pronounced dead until 12.30am. Why wouldn’t she follow up her comment about being stabbed with a description of the person and ask her husband to call police. Yes he was in India but even an idiot can find out the emergency number from the net.


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