Vile paedophile Gerald Ridsdale gives evidence at Royal Commission today

IN his own words, Gerald Francis Ridsdale was “out of control”, and spoke of his desire to be removed from situations where he had evil urges to molest small children.

Ridsdale — Australia’s worst paedophile priest — told church investigators after his first conviction in 1994 that he “went haywire” in the Victorian town of Mortlake where he’s believed to have abused every boy in school.

Asked by a Catholic Church representative what happened he said: “I got out of control again. I went haywire there. Altar boys mainly.

“It was no secret around Mortlake eventually about me and my behaviour; there was talk all around the place among the children and one lot of parents came to me.”

Ridsdale has been convicted for abusing more than 50 children over 30 years, but the real figure may be in the hundreds.

He is giving evidence before the child sex abuse royal commission’s Ballarat inquiry on from his jail cell.

In admissions being streamed live over the internet, Ridsdale has told the hearing he couldn’t control his sexual urges and was hoping to get “sexual instructions ” on how to relate to people from the church.

He said he’d always felt the need for intimacy and closeness. But the only intimacy he ever had with an adult came while he was in prison.

“I think I’ve always felt the need for closeness.”

He realised he was attracted to young boys not women while he was at Werribee seminary. Despite the realisation, he didn’t want to lose the “status” of being a priest.

Also while he was at the seminary he had a problem with masturbation and was told he needed to stop it “or leave” — but he says he couldn’t stop.

Gerald Ridsdale gives evidence by video link.

Gerald Ridsdale gives evidence by video link. Source: Supplied

Ridsdale said he never told anyone about his sexual abuse of boys, even during confession, because the “overriding fear would have been losing the priesthood”.

Asked what he specifically didn’t confess he said: “The sexual offending against children.”

The 81-year-old was aware what he was doing was a crime.

Speaking matter of factly, Ridsdale couldn’t remember the names of his earliest victims but is relying on court documents.

Asked whether he selected his victims by deliberately targeting “poor families”, Ridsdale agreed.

“It’s obvious to me now that there was a pattern of seeing victims as being vulnerable … but not always vulnerable,” he said.

He also agreed his usual method was to involve himself with multiple families with no father present and then use opportunities such as church camps and outings to abuse the children of those families.

He has told of “fondling and touching” young boys and once a complaint was made he was threatened to be shipped to the “missions”.

In another major development today, Cardinal George Pell has said he is prepared to give evidence at the Royal Commission in person if he has asked to, but so far he hasn’t been asked Sky News reported.

What the church knew about the abuse — and how it treated the news — has formed a major part of what the commission is investigating.

A series of letters and documents published on the sex abuse royal commission’s website reveal details of Ridsdale’s abuse and the response from the Catholic Church, including Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns.

‘I went haywire with altar boys’

Gerald Ridsdale (left) arriving to court with George Pell Source: Supplied

Ridsdale has been convicted for abusing more than 50 children over three decades, dating back to his ordination in 1961.

After parents complained to then Ballarat Bishop James O’Collins about Ridsdale in 1961, O’Collins told him: “If this thing happens again then you’re off to the Missions” and sent him to Mildura. The royal commission was also told Bishop Mulkearns knew in 1975 that Ridsdale had abused boys — but did not act until 1988.

Among the other documents are a letter from Ridsdale to Bishop Mulkearns about stepping down from parish work in Horsham, 11 April, 1988: “I confirm my request to step down from parish work in this diocese so that I may be removed from the kind of work that has proved to be a temptation and a difficulty for me.”

In a letter to a victim in 1979, Ridsdale wrote as if they were lovers and told him some good would come from his abuse, the Herald Sun reported.

“I don’t know how much you know about me or how much you’ve guessed, but you’re the first person I’ve ever wanted to open up to. You’re the first kid I have been honest with and warned off (a bit late unfortunately, but I suppose all experiences bring some good out in us),” he wrote.

Bishop Mulkearns wrote to Ridsdale in November, 1988, after Ridsdale had faced a suspension from some duties for a year. Mulkearns noted Ridsdale had been doing some work helping isolated families but said it was not a good idea for him to celebrate reconciliation or baptism.

Australia’s worst paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale.

Australia’s worst paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale. Source: Supplied

“With regard to the problems which have arisen, it could possibly be asked at a later date whether you continued to administer sacraments and it would be to be able to state that you had not been involved at this level with people.

“I hope I don’t sound too harsh in the above, but I feel that it is most important that we honour the undertakings which have been given and that we do nothing at this time which might rebound on us later.

“I have every hope that nothing more will eventuate, but we have to do our part to ensure that it does not.”

Ridsdale will not be asked about his offending, after being convicted in four separate court cases of abusing more than 50 children. But the royal commission and victims want to know who was responsible for moving Ridsdale from parish to parish, allowing him to continue to offend.

A victim, who was abused by other clergy in the Ballarat diocese, said victims wanted the truth made public about who essentially facilitated the abusers.

“We’d love to know how high it went up the tree as well and if those people are still in power now,” the victim told AAP.

Child sexual abuse inquiry: Notorious paedophile Gerald Ridsdale feared confession would cost him priesthood, royal commission hears

Updated about an hour ago

One of Australia’s most notorious paedophiles, Gerald Ridsdale, never revealed the extent of his offending to avoid being stripped of his priesthood, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse in Ballarat has heard.

The elderly Ridsdale is giving evidence to the inquiry via video link from Ararat prison, where he is serving an eight-year sentence for the rape and abuse of children, some of them as young as four.

He told the royal commission he could not remember committing some of the offences and had forgotten the names of some of his earliest victims.

Ridsdale revealed he “didn’t confess the sexual offending against children” because he had a great fear of losing his priesthood.

“I was a very proud person … it just would’ve been devastating,” he told the commission.

He also told senior counsel assisting the commission, Gail Furness SC, he could no longer recall being abused himself as a child, despite making statements to that effect in the 1990s.

Ridsdale said statements he made in 1994, about being abused by members of the clergy, including a Christian Brother when he was 11 or 12 years old, would have been correct at the time.

The inquiry is examining what the Catholic Church knew about the extent of Ridsdale’s offending as he was moved from town to town.

He was quizzed at length about whether or not people were warned about his offending tendencies as he was moved from between schools around western Victoria, in the 1960s and 70s.

When asked by Ms Furness if anyone was notified at Mildura, when he was relocated there from Ballarat, he answered “I don’t know”.

Ridsdale did say he was warned by clergy in Ballarat before being moved to Mildura, “if this happens again you’ll be off to the missions”.

Ridsdale recalled abusing choir boys in Mildura, and later at Swan Hill, when he was again moved on.

“Yes … there would probably be another couple [of victims] there,” he told Ms Furness.

But Ridsdale said as far as he knew, no-one in Swan Hill was aware of his offending, and he would not know if anyone at his next location, Warrnambool had been warned.

He said he was told “in the usual manner” that he would be relocated and that there was “no consultation”.

Ridsdale unable to control his sexual urges

Ms Furness also asked Ridsdale about his sexual urges.

He told the commission he felt bound to become a priest because of family expectations, but had problems controlling his sexual urges from the beginning.

Ridsdale said he would make confessions that he had masturbated, and was hoping to receive some “sexual instructions” from the church about what was appropriate during his training as a priest.

“Did you ever feel the need for intimacy, hugging and closeness?” asked Ms Furness of Ridsdale’s time at the Werribee seminary, where he started out.

“I think I’ve always felt the need for closeness,” Ridsdale responded.

He said he had had one adult relationship for three years, with a fellow prisoner.

Ridsdale said he was aware his offending against children was a crime.

“Did it occur to you at the time that you were hurting the children?” commission chairman Justice Peter McClellan asked Ridsdale.

“Your Honour, I just don’t know … I don’t know what I was thinking,” Ridsdale said.

Ridsdale told the inquiry the church should report crimes to the police.

He was asked if the church should have notified authorities of his own offending over the years.

He replied: “What I’ve done and the damage that I’ve done … I’d say, definitely yes”.

Ridsdale said while he had come to the view now that crimes should be disclosed, when he was a priest, “everything told in confession was to be kept secret”.

Inquiry probes Ridsdale’s relationship with Cardinal George Pell

Ridsdale told the royal commission the fact Cardinal George Pell accompanied him to court on child sex abuse charges in the 1990s was insignificant.

He said he could not recall much about his relationship with the then Father Pell in Ballarat in the 1970s, except he “would’ve met him, because he was Ballarat born-and-bred”.

“I can’t remember him being there … I can’t remember him … I never had much to do with him,” Ridsdale said of Cardinal Pell.

“We needed some people to come along [to court] for support … I don’t see it as having a very big significance.”

Ridsdale said his barrister asked Cardinal Pell to go to court, and he did not ask him himself.

He said, at the time, he did not know if Cardinal Pell knew about the nature of his charges, and he did not know, what Cardinal Pell planned to say.

He said his legal team was “clutching at straws.”

The hearing continues.

22 thoughts on “Vile paedophile Gerald Ridsdale gives evidence at Royal Commission today

  1. When are they having a Royal Commission into the pedos and rapists in the police service.
    Google…Tribute to survivors of child sexual assault by law enforcement officers.

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  2. it is time Pell came back to Australia to face the music. It is obvious he was given the post in Rome (as if there aren’t locals who can add up) to avoid the impact of the Royal Commission. He is as evil as Ridsdale.

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  3. George Pell supported this dog in court…

    They need to get the cover up KING George Pell out of his million dollar digs in the Vatican and over here to fess up. Short of a lie detector test that goes off the radar he will lie and lie and lie to protect (AS Ridsdale said, his title as priest etc) his so called legacy. Disgrace that a religion can bypass all laws.

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  4. I know Gerard Ridsdale as I am a prison officer. He is an old frail man who walks with the aid of a walking frame. He is beastly polite, well-mannered and butter wo9uldn’t melt in his mouth. It just goes to show, that vile criminals can be wolves in sheep’s clothing. The most compliant and nicest of prisoners are child sex offenders. They are usually like prisoner Ridsdale from positions of trust. Priests, youth workers etc.These people use their positions for their own deviant sexual desires. After all, who would consider a man of God a sexual predator? I believe that there are many more of these polite and lovely men out there, who have taken away the lives of countless children. They just haven’t been reported. George Pell has a lot to answer for. Personally, I would like him to accompany prisoner Ridsdale in a nice prison cell. They have maimed so many lives, but they are living very comfortably in our magnificent Victorian prisons, where the Ombudsman is on speed dial and the rights of prisoner come before staff.

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  5. Looks like Gerald Ridsdale’s being protected in H.M.Ararat Rock Spiders Prison. Speaking to the Royal Commission, knowing he wont have to face his many victims in person, by the safety of the prisons video link, instead of appearing in person in the dock at court. Same with his old Ballarat mate Lucifer Pell, speaks from the safety of the Catholic Popes citadel through a video link. Pell has one hell of a influence over his catholic followers and flock, even Gerald Ridsdale, facing a few more years in high protection jail, won’t give up his old boss and is to afraid to implicate the pompous cunning Father George Pell!… No closure for any of the victims, their all a tight knit group from ‘hell’ the catholic inquisition descendants from the middle ages. And proclaiming Martin Luther a heretic of the almighty Roman Catholic Catholic Jesuits priests and its powerful hierarchy are still burning their victims to death by their abusers over the flames, just as in the years 1516 A.D. to 1536 A.D. They think their doctrines of the word of god, and the protestants reformation is the heretic and in conflict with Roman Catholicism. The Roman Catholic religion is no better than the strange beliefs of the Muslim doctrines of paedophilia and ‘ twisted beliefs of who the real god is and who is not. The Ballarat child abuse victims are just another fall guy like Guy Fawkes was to the English ruling Roman Catholic to the cover ups of the Catholic Churches sins. Guy Fawkes was called a terrorist by the Catholic King James on November the 5th 1605. The fact is he and his friends felt they were hard done by the Catholic English Jacobean monarchy rule of Queen Elizabeth 1 and King James 1 of the 16th and 17th centuries. That guy Fawkes the enemy of the Roman Catholic Church in 1605. Today the victims of sexual abuse are the enemy of the Church of Rome!…And their not going away!…So Cardinal Pell retreats to the safe house of the Vatican and its Jesuit Pope who think they speak and act for god! – The new Dark Ages of the Roman Church of Anti Christ Church………………………………..

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  6. Evidence from Ridsdale today implicated several senior clergy in the Catholic Hierarchy. The Church lawyer scrambled for more time to defend allegations made today and question Ridsdale sometime in the future. Allegations were seriously damning about the Catholic hierarchy turning a blind eye to children being raped & violated.

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  7. Can Pope Francis and The Vatican maintain Cardinal George Pell’s protection in Vatican City Rome with his convenient denials and lies in this institutionalised Roman Catholic cover up. It looks like Gerald Ridsdale doesn’t want to inform to much information on his masters and risk being moved out of high protection in that safe protected rock spider retirement home of Ararat Prison. Still being protected by the Catholic Church, one way or the other to keep the faith and keep his memory lapse paedophile mouth shut. Its a pity, he could have brought some closure for some of his surviving victims by whistleblowing and bringing down the Catholic hierarchy once and for all and speaking up about Pell’s real past involvements, especially at Ballarat. Even Tony Abbott has been bought by the Catholics, with his faith in George Pell, he has only good things to say about Cardinal Pell the untouchable priest.
    Hopefully the senior priests names and George Pell’s name also on the black list, that Gerald Ridsdale has mentioned’ will have a domino effect for the Vatican’s denials and lies!
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    :Pope Francis named by eyewitness as child trafficker…………………………………………………………

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  8. Focussing only on Ridsdale takes the focus away from an alleged ‘pedophile ring’ within the Catholic Church. Why was Ridsdale so valuable to the Catholic Church? They protected him for 32 years! Are there further secrets to come out? Was he a conduit for other higher ranking Church pedophiles? His evidence at the Royal Commission was punctuated with “I don’t recall” “I have no recollection of that” etc. Today’s MSM has informed that he was visited by an ex-priest who was also visiting retired bishop Mulkern and discussing the Royal Commission. Further questions to be explored IMO.

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  9. Looks like the Roman Catholic paedophile ring inner sanctum will remain untouchable and bought their indulgence card or redemption card for erasing all sins , no surprise there. Hells Pell has good connections. The Royal Commission in Ballarat has finished for all intensive purposes. Shocking as it has been for all the victims, exposing their horrors, the Catholics has simply got away with it all. It has achieved, absolutely nothing for the many poor innocent sexual abuse victims. Left them gutted, just another Royal Commission white wash of convenient non confessionals, denials and I can’t recall or remember the past vague pack of lies. Another successful unaccountable Vatican – Roman Catholic Church cover up for which their experts of making sure they bury the truth. Success for Pope from their legal team yet again. Catholic Church Mass, and the confessional box, will continue as always in the Cathedral , with the holy vows and ceremonial church services, with the Catholic’s all lining up to the priests to receive their wafer on their tongue. Body of Christ and all the sins forgiving by the pontiff father in his cloak and chalice. I suspect their are high forces, protecting one another, just like the royal family bury their allegations, all swept under the carpet by the code of silence, the lack of evidence and powerful connections in high places and untold wealth to buy them off. Vague amnesia from all concerned in the Catholic inner sanctum are letting them get away with any offending sex crimes. And the present Ballarat Bishop Best, say were “SORRY” for the Catholic Church in Ballarat’s institutions past.
    All sins are supposed to be forgiven, in the Royal Commission non confessional box, because the Roman Catholic Church cannot recall , can’t remember any wrong doings. It’s just not good enough for the victims, deceased from suicide and still living from the Catholics house of horrors.
    :Sisters of Charity & Sisters of Mercy : Exposing Nuns and their systematic abuse if women.
    ………………………………………………………………..This same thing happened in Australia in a Bendigo Catholic Home in Regional Victoria , a brutal Catholic Nuns and Priest run orphanage horror house institution home of children’s slavery and abuse. – it was called St Aiden’s, a child friend of mine I met on a day release of orphans, who was imprisoned in the institution in 1965 as an orphan . Her name was Cheryl, she was also called Pebbles a name given to her by the strict Catholic Nuns. I have no idea, what her real name was? I last saw her in 1967, when after her day release to my family, she had to be returned back to the custody of this Catholic Magdalene home. Upon approaching the old iron gates, she started crying and screaming,saying I don’t what to go back there. My parents and I did not know why, this was, but a nun came to the orphanage gate and dragged young Cheryl off back to the big orphanage building and she was still screaming. To this day this still haunts me, as at the time in 1967, my parents and I, as I was only very young then myself , did not know about the harsh treatment of children, and the brutality and sexual abuse that went on in this secret strict Catholic Nun run Orphanage. I have since heard the same brutality when on in the Ballarat Catholic orphanage. And after what has just come to light in the Ballarat Royal Commission, by the victims of abuse, I fear for the worst, of what ever became of this little girl Cheryl or Pebbles , then only aged 4, that my parents had to return back from a 1967 easter holiday release of orphans from this now known of horrible Bendigo St Aiden’s Catholic Children’s home and Orphanage in 1967. To this very day, I don’t know whatever become of her , only that she had a older brother who was also a ward of the state at this institution. I don’t know even if she is alive still. As I never knew her real name. I can’t even track her down by old records, that is even if I could get access to them, which in the Catholic Churches hands, most likely not…………………………………………………………………………………………

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  10. Ararat prisoners held hostage lined up and shot by armed vigilantes Risdale was the first to go shot straight in the heart. Wouldnt that be a great headline for the newspapers. Clean this mess up once and for all its time to use force f..k the red tape and Royal Commissions get off the Merry go round of bullshit. Execute Risdale and his cohorts.

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    IT is just after 9am on a Sunday, and men, women and children sip cool drinks in the city square, waiting .
    A police van arrives and eight officers drag out a prisoner in white robes.
    Waiting is a man with a 1.2m-long silver scimitar.
    The prisoner is forced to kneel facing Mecca.
    The swordsman – executioner runs the blade lightly across the prisoner’s exposed neck, making him finch.
    As the crowd quietens, he raises his sword , then sweeps it down, slicing through skin , muscle and bone. The head rolls away; the body topples.

    The Pakistani drug offender is at least fortunate the cut is clean. It is believed those cleanly beheaded suffer almost immediate unconsciousness and death.
    As the blood runs into the drain , the man’s head is put into a bag and roped to the corpse, with head dangling , is hoisted on a crane.
    There, it will fester for up to three days.
    This all took place not under the regime of Islamic State but in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia —- a Western ally and the only place in the world where such public retribution is meted out for everything from murder to drug offences, from adultery to homosexuality, and from apostasy to, in the case of several fortune tellers last year, “performing magic”.
    Judges work without any penal code, and locals are encouraged to take their children to watch, so they grow up knowing the dire consequences of crime.

    Nevertheless, total crime rates more than doubled between 2012 and 2013. So far this year “89” people have been beheaded in public.
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    Execution is not a punishment limited to murderers in Saudi Arabia. Crimes punishable include rape, adultery, blasphemy, drug crimes and sorcery.
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    Here is the Swordsmen Executioner positions vacant advertisement writing in ‘Arabic’.



    HE’S MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE CHURCH: Cardinal George Pell faces more criticism from the man hand-picked by the Pope to protect children

    CARDINAL George Pell continues to draw fire with the man hand-picked by Pope Francis to protect children and help others abused by members of Catholic Church saying he needs to go.
    “I think it’s critical that George Pell is moved aside, that he is sent back to Australia, and that the Pope takes the strongest action against him,” Peter Saunders said speaking to 60 Minute’s Tara Brown in Rome.

    Now if the Pope made Pell stand down & return to Australia, that would signal the Catholic Church implementing restorative change. To retain Pell signals no change IMHO.

    Come on Paul Saunders – organisational action is needed. Remove Pell.

    Watch 60Minutes program tonight at 8.30pm.

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  13. First time I have seen the horrible slash up attempted suicide photo of the sexual abuse victim who later went on and took her life. This is a very shocking image, and to think George Pell knew all along, but denied the real truth of what pushed the traumatised victim to this shocking desperate end of her damaged life by The evil Roman Catholic Church. Even attempted suicide and later suicide, doesn’t phase the Lying monk George Pell in his devil, bishop and cardinal pompous Vatican costumes begging preying to the Popes forgiveness for his sins!…What a crock of shit. It good this former Catholic victim has become a whistleblower and exposed what a false profert he has always been going back to his priest days at Ballarat. This confirms the image of the Roman Catholic Church is a cover – up and Vatican can not be trusted again about its devious past internal handling, cause by it with all its years of internal handling of so mush institutional and church world wide Sexual Abuse victims cases.
    Hells Pells – Hells Bells- I got the power gonna take you to hell – I’m gonna get ya – Satin get ya!…Hell Pell’s Bells!…

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    :Magdalene Laundry Apology (19-2-13)…………….
    :Sex In A Cold Climate / The Magdalene Asylums. ………………………………
    :Documentary: Nuns Abuse & Crimes against Thousands of Women Revealed
    :Criminal Catholic Nuns: Exposing the Vatican’s organised crime scheme of child trafficking.
    :Sisters of Charity & Sisters of Mercy : Exposing Nuns and their systematic abuse of women.
    :Losing Faith: Abuse, Cover -Up and the Catholic Church with Fr. Thomas Doyle. – A former Vatican insider shares details of the sex- abuse epidemic…………………………………………………
    :Arrest the Pope – Case Against the Pope – Geoffrey Robertson – Antitheist.
    :Q&A Geoffrey Robertson Discusses The Richard Dawkins and Cardinal George Pell Debate.

    :Richard Dawkins & Cardinal George Pell Adam & Eve Myth!
    :Debate entire el biologo Richard Dawkins y el cardinal George Pell. ….’.Very interesting debate’!…
    :Richard Dawkins on moderators and Cardinal George Pell.
    :Dawkins and Cardinal Pell on Catholic Dogma.
    :Richard Dawkins Exploding at bullshit in the bible.
    :Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?……………………….
    :Cardinal Pell on young English boys. ……………..Preparing them for first communion!……………
    :Cardinal Pell bags gays.
    :Cardinal Pell bags the Jews.
    :Pope Francis ‘First year’ – A game changer Acording to Cardinal Pell.
    :Cardinal George Pell – Witness.
    :David Marr: George Pell ‘hugely out of step’ with Australia over issue of child abuse by priests……
    :Skynews – Interview with Cardinal George Pell.
    :”Without God we are nothing ” Debate : Dan Baker Vs Cardinal George Pell. ………………………….

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  14. The pressures on for Pell to face up. Just by not returning to face the Commission says it all either way. Most of those sex offenders are dead now Kevin O Donnell died about 1997 he ruined so many lives and Pell knew.This saga has gone on for so dam long. The victims should get together and pay Risdale a visit .In other countries there would be a riot outside the prison shame to say this but people dont show how angry they really are very suppressed.

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    CARDINAL George Pell has formally been asked to front the royal commission into child sexual abuse to answer allegations he was complicit in a widespread church cover-up.

    Good decision Royal Commission IMO. There is a case to answer while the investigation is ongoing.

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  16. Pell is a piece of slime. I would like to see him squirming in the witness box. He knows lots and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was directly involved. Bring it on.

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  17. Just wondering if this is the tip of an iceberg? Why was Ridsdale so important to the Church? How is it that so many paedophile priests were present at StAlipius at that one time? How far did this alleged paedophile ring in the Catholic Church go? It has also been uncovered in other countries around the world.

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    June 7, 2015

    Current affairs program 60 Minutes has launched a scathing attack on the Catholic Church, saying senior officials are “out of touch” and have alienated victims of sexual abuse by issuing statements in support of Cardinal George Pell.
    As the program opened on Sunday night, journalist Tara Brown began an editorial that suggested there was a deepening rift between Church leaders and victims of paedophile priests.
    “The Catholic Church in Australia stands in crisis,” Brown declared within the first ten seconds of the program.”The men who lead it have put themselves on a collision course with the victims of child sexual abuse by expressing their unfailing support for George Pell.”

    Agree. The ‘power play’ in the bishops & archbishops uniting to support Pell may backfire upon them IMHO. Paul Saunders was brave. He spoke what many others also think. The Church has had an almost ‘sociopathic’ response the innocent children being raped by clergy. The Catholic church has lost followers because it lost its way.The Catholic church has much to answer for the abuse of innocent children and widespread damage in society.What do people believe in now that their image of ‘GOD’ has been tarnished?

    Do you believe in the Catholic church and all its teachings? The answer now is NO. We cannot because of they have shown us their hypocrisy: the pretense of having a virtuous character, moral and religious beliefs and principles which they do not actually have.




    Zero tolerance … Pope Francis has backed a new tribunal to judge bishops on how they acted in relation to child sexual abuse cases.
    Pope Francis approved on Wednesday an unprecedented Vatican tribunal to judge bishops accused of covering up or failing to prevent sexual abuse of minors, but one victims’ group branded the move as too little too late …

    Well yeah! it took secular politics to listen to the pain of victim survivors and implement The CA Royal Commission into Institutional Responses. The Catholic Church is one of the main institutions before the CA Royal Commission. What about Bishop Mulkearns here in Victoria?
    Will he be held accountable by the CA Royal Commission, the Law or the Vatican?


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