Ex-mayor runs Mafia cell, answers to Italy

Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker, Michael Bachelard

Inside a mafia ecstasy sting

The Calabrian mafia was responsible for the world’s biggest ecstasy importation in 2007. As Fairfax Media and the ABC can reveal, it didn’t go to plan…

A former Western Australian mayor is allegedly running a Calabrian Mafia cell in Perth and answers to a Godfather in Italy, according to explosive court files.

The files, from ongoing Italian court proceedings, reveal that businessman and former long-time Stirling mayor, Tony Vallelonga, is accused by Italian prosecutors of holding the “role of leader within his locale [Mafia cell]” and of “making the most important decisions, imparting orders or imposing sanctions on other subordinate associates”.

Mary Vallelonga with her husband Tony Vallelonga, the former mayor of the City of Stirling.Mary Vallelonga with her husband Tony Vallelonga, the former mayor of the City of Stirling. Photo: AAP

A joint Fairfax Media and Four Corners investigation uncovered the files in Italy. They allege that Mr Vallelonga discussed with Mafia boss Giuseppe Commisso the “spiny problem” of another Australian who wanted to start his own Mafia cell in Vallelonga’s West Australian patch, and had sought the approval of Calabrian Mafia bosses.

A bug hidden by Italian anti-Mafia investigators in a Calabrian laundromat allegedly recorded Mr Vallelonga telling Commisso in August 2009 that he had previously confronted the Australian man who wanted to start his own Perth cell, telling him: “As long as I’m alive, you don’t get a locale [local Mafia cell] … and that’s that!”

Mr Vallelonga is also allegedly recorded on the bug claiming that his Perth rival responded defiantly, telling Mr Vallelonga: “You can’t be the man any more …Enough!”

Mr Vallelonga also allegedly said the other man wanted to report directly to Mafia bosses in the Calabrian town of Siderno, rather than answering to Australian godfathers.

“I’m answering to Siderno,” the aspiring Perth Mafia figure allegedly told Mr Vallelonga.

The Italian court files allege that the Calabrian mafia boss, Giuseppe Commisso, instructed Mr Vallelonga to handle Australian problems himself, rather than bringing them to Italy.

Of the other Australian, Mr Commisso allegedly said: “We can’t allow him these things”.

The bug allegedly also records Mr Commisso telling Mr Vallelongaz: “If you aren’t good there [in Australia], you’re not good here either.

“You mustn’t come to me with people, if you have problems, you should go and fix them yourself …if you’re always here … I tell him no?  If you are here and there [Australia] you’ve had problems and you haven’t fixed them, we can’t do anything for you”.

While Mr Vallelonga’s alleged links to Mafia figures in Calabria were previously reported in 2011 in Australia and Italy – and fiercely denied by the WA businessman – the detailed evidence and allegations from the more recent court files have never been publicly revealed.

Mr Vallelonga’s lawyer, John Hammond, told Fairfax Media that Mr Vallellonga denied any involvement in criminal behaviour and that the Italian allegations were “completely without any foundation”.

The court files reveal that anti-Mafia magistrates are seeking to prosecute Mr Vallelonga, who served four stints as Stirling mayor between 1997 and 2005. But Italian authorities may struggle to extradite Mr Vallelonga because the proposed charges of Mafia association do not exist in Australia.

The allegations come after Fairfax Media last week reported confidential warnings by police that the Calabrian Mafia had infiltrated Australian politics.

The court files say Mr Vallelonga is, according to the evidence assessed by the magistrates, “completely familiar with mafioso organisation”.

It is alleged that the Australian had discussions about “the ambitions for autonomy of one who, in dissent against him, wanted to declare the place and open his own locale in Australia, legitimising it with the approval of the società of Siderno.”

One thought on “Ex-mayor runs Mafia cell, answers to Italy

  1. Another Teflon Don, Mafia Godfather, finally caught out crying , sooking like a baby. Australia’s Mafia how can it be shut down permanent for good. Its as powerful as New York Mafia. Continuing in powerful organised crime and money laundering with its untouchables. The Outlaw Motor Cycle criminal gangs and the Mafia. It would be good to have them all locked up in jail. Looking back at what they controlled in the 1960’s to the present, in the Melbourne Victoria Markets and the Griffith Mafia, it would be great to see them all broken all down, to fall like domino’s.
    I recommend watching these below.

    :The Mafia With Trevor McDonald [Part One] & [PART 2]. -2015.
    Do have a look at all these, Inside the Mafia Documentaries, to understand how just how large and powerful globally worldwide the Mafia has become, be it in the United States, Italy or Australia etc. They all operated the same through fear and intimidation ,business and markets control with a organised structure of godfathers, mob bosses and trusted Mafia soldiers, keeping them strongly going and succeeding in the present day.as the untouchables of organised crime and laundered fronts to legitimate businesses, and the keep your mouth shut philosophy ruling the Mafia operations. Code of silence!…

    :The War Against the Mafia.

    :Aryan Skinhead Gangs – We are White , We are better . Documentary 2014.

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    :The Philly Mob, The Gambino’s, The Westies, Nicky Scarfo, Angelo Bruno, John Gotti

    :The Irish Mafia : The Oldest Gang In USA [ Crime Documentary ]. The Gangs of New York.

    :Mexican Mafia Hard Gangs Gangster Documentary.

    :Lucchese Crime Family Mafia Lords Of New York Gang Documentary.


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