Madafferi’s son facing theft and weapons charges

Giovanni "Johnny" Madafferi.Giovanni “Johnny” Madafferi. Photo: MySpace

The son of prominent Mafia figure and convicted drug trafficker Francesco Madafferi has been charged with serious weapons and theft offences.

Giovanni “Johnny” Madafferi, 24, was arrested on June 4, after police officers conducted a random breath test in Broadmeadows and discovered he was driving a stolen hire car.

A search of the black Toyota Corolla uncovered a gun and knife.

Johnny Madafferi.
Johnny Madafferi.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman confirmed Mr Madafferi has been charged with theft of a motor vehicle, possessing a firearm and a prohibited weapon (knife), and receiving stolen goods. He will appear before the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on August 12.

Mr Madafferi is one of  the four children of Francesco “Frank” Madafferi, 54, who was granted an Australian visa by former Liberal immigration minister Amanda Vanstone in 2005 after intense lobbying and political donations, revealed by a recent Fairfax Media/Four Corners investigation.

The reversal of a previous order to deport Madafferi to Italy – where he has convictions for extortion, drugs and weapons offences – is believed to have been made because it would have unfairly affected his wife and children.

But within two years of the reprieve, Madafferi was charged over his role in the importation of 15 million ecstasy tablets, and received a 10-year prison sentence.

Johnny Madafferi’s arrest  by the Hume Crime Investigation Unit follows a Fairfax Media report that revealed police are discovering guns in cars every two days in Melbourne’s north-west.

The region, which includes Broadmeadows, Sunshine and Werribee, also recorded a firearms offence such as a drive-by shooting every six days, amid concerns of a growing “gangster culture” among young men in the area.

Crime Statistics Agency figures released last month revealed an almost threefold increase in firearms offences in the north-west region during the past five years, from 581 in the year to March 2011, to 1332 in the 12 months to April 2015.

Victorian Police Minister Wade Noonan has announced a tightening of gun-trafficking legislation and a widening of police powers in response to the rise in weapons seizures and shootings. 

6 thoughts on “Madafferi’s son facing theft and weapons charges

  1. In the news :Melbourne shooting that injured officer possibly linked to earlier drive-by at home of George Williams : police…
    Chronology of Melbourne’s gangland war – ABC News – Updated 9 April 2014 –
    27 and still counting!…
    Starting from January 16, 1998. – with the Carlton Crew Mafia connected standover man Alphonse Gangitano – Today its all possibly on again, with the worst so far to date, the violent shooting attempted murder on police following the gunmen, who followed and cornering the stolen vehicle in Moonee Ponds, and the stolen vehicle then escaping and was later found by police abandoned and burnt in North Coburg.

    When the brazen hitmen or gunmen in the car, shot at the police patrol vehicle and pointed and fired a 12 gauge shotgun on the attempted murder of two Victorian Police Officers pursuing the criminals. One of the Police Officers, a man , aged 31, has been shot in the head in the line of duty?…
    The incident has apparently started again, after a drive by attempt of a fire bombing of a thrown Molotov cocktail in a Corona beer bottle at the home of Roberta Williams, Carl William ex wife, and later on the attempted – gunmen or hitman? , whether connected or not, do a drive by shooting at the Broadmeadows home of George Williams – The father of “The Premier” – high profile police corruption informant ,drug dealer and gunman – hitman Carl Williams, who was murdered in the Maximum Security Barwon Prison in 2010.

    Only now in the latest attempted “Gangster Chic” or “wannabe crooks” or even worse gangland shootings….
    The thin blue line has once again been forever crossed with great concern for the safety of police going about and dedicatedly during their job in the worst possible way, similar to the Steven Tynan & Damian Eyre ambush murders at Walsh Street South Yarra in 1988 by Victor Pierce and Peter McEvoy and the Gary Silk & Rodney Miller ambush shooting murders by armed robbers Bandali Debs and Jason Roberts at Moorabbin in 1998, or the 30 years ago – Pavel Marinof – or ‘Mad’ Max Clark, shootings on Victoria Police Officer Brian Stooke left in a wheelchair, paralysed and seven other police shot and six wounded by rogue armed robber Pavel Marinof in a vehicle intercept at Noble Park in 1995, just some of the unknown dangers and bravery of operational line of duty Police Officers, just trying to apprehend dangerous criminals!…

    Now by the cold blooded violent desperate act of a intentional life threatening deliberate heinous shooting with a loaded 12 gauge , probably illegally possessed or stolen shotgun fired by the gunmen from the window of the cornered or blocked escaping stolen car at a on duty Victoria Police chase, pursuit patrol vehicle, trying to pursue the criminals in a no through road street.
    In the well marked police patrol vehicle, whereby one of the police officers has been callously and intentionally shot at , fired upon them from the shotgun in the direction of the well marked blue and white checker police patrol vehicle by the escaping desperate would be killer gunman or hitmen? Police think that the shotgun pellets hitting the patrol vehicles window are all that prevented the Police Officer from killing him in the vehicle!…

    The offenders have then quickly daringly escaped from police and sped off from the attempted murder crime scene to abandon the stolen car and intentionally set fire to it , where it was later found in a nearby suburb of North Coburg?… The armed gangland or criminal gunmen or hitmen are still at large?…

    “MORE ON THIS DISTURBING POLICE SHOOTING, ATTEMPIED MURDER INCIDENT BELOW” and other related video or doco’s on past police murders and attempted murders by Melbourne armed criminals with “illegal possession of firearms” used in their “violent crimes”!…

    :Police member shot in Moonee Ponds – Victoria Police News. –

    :Policeman shot in Moonee Ponds – 3AW –…/policeman-shot-in-moonee-ponds

    :Moonee Ponds police shooting: For cops on the beat… anything can happen- John Silvester & Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles. – “Guns in Melbourne’s ‘red zone’ & “Policeman shot in the head in city’s north- west”. -‘Guns found every two days in Melbourne’s ‘red zone’. – ‘Guns stolen from rural homes’ being used in violent crime?…530 guns reported stolen from rural properties in 2013!
    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MORE NEWS…

    :Police Officer shot in Moonee Ponds / Herald Sun .

    :Police shooting at Moonee Ponds linked to Williams crime……/police-shooting -at-moonee-ponds-linked-to-Williams-…

    :Moonee Ponds police shooting ‘may be linked’ to attack on home of Carl Williams’father George –…shooting…policeman/6599846

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VIDEOS BELOW…

    :Police Under Fire : Mad Max (Parts 1 to 5) –
    :The Walsh Street Murders (1988) South Yarra , Melbourne – Full Documentary 2010.
    :6.30 with George Negus – Walsh Street.
    :Walsh St Acquittal 1991.
    :Gary- Silk police murders – Channel 9 news report (1998).
    :Gary-Silk police murders – 2nd news report from 1998.
    :Killer Guilty – Bandali Debs.
    :Forensic Investigators – Russell Street Parts 1 to 5.
    :Carl Williams arrested & gang hit foiled by police.
    :Forensic Investigators – Flemington Armed Robbery SO3 EO3.
    :Underbelly files – Tell Them Lucifer Was Here. – The Bandali Debs and Jason Roberts Police ambush murders in Moorabbin in 1998. – 1hr.33mins.


  2. Let just hope all the honest police Mafia experts and Mafia Police investigators keep the heat on and keep shaking the tree and carry out raids on all the suspected heads of the unexplained wealth of all those alleged of or convicted and known to have the blood ties or cells and associates including The Criminal Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs with tied in with The Australian and Italian, global blood ties with ‘Italy’s established ‘ tentacles and connections with the riverine, Griffith and Mildura based Calabrian Mafia cartels, The Honoured Society or Ndrangheta as is exposed by Four Corners.
    Madafferi and Barbaro angrily yells to his drug traffickers about bitting the throat of his enemy.

    Well Australian’s now switched on commonwealth Law Enforcement of the Australian Crime Commission the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police , NSW Police and all other State police jurisdictions , including all Australian Prisons Intelligence collation Units have to set there sniffer dogs loose on all these untouchables! and watch and put them all permanently out of business for a long time behind prison bars for there their years in the drug and corruption, extortion business with links to corruption protecting them all in high places which continue the present to have assisted and kept them strengthened and growing the very wealthy and sinister Calabrian Mafia cells in Australia.
    More ongoing information sharing with Interpol and International law enforcement agencies that specialise in undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering of international organised crime syndicates, including the Mafia and Criminal connected Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs.

    One more thing, my experience of Prison surveillance of inmates in secure custody, is the powerful Mafia criminals like Barbaro and Madafferi, are well connected inside prison, and though behind bars still continuing to run their organised crime on the outside.
    So what I am saying is Prison Officer intelligence specialist and collators must watch and sensor all communications, read mail and intercept prison phone conversations and contact visit conversations with CCTV, and maintain good intelligence lines of communication and liaison with federal and state organised crime investigators or task forces keeping check on the Mafia or figures in Organised Crime. where possible of all associates in the close inner circles of prison ties to organised crime. This includes all bikers and the mob associates and drug traffickers held in Australian jails, of all these known about Mr Big’s or bosses of the Mafia .


  3. This is where the harsh new no smoking policy in Victorian and other Australian Prisons, has its draconian merits.
    As the mafia mobsters like their heavy chain smoking. Their life behind bars now , not being able to have a regular cancer stick cigarette, is a good thing depriving them of this pleasure. And the mafia love to have their expensive booze, cigarettes or cigars on tap. Not anymore in the jailhouse. And for Barbaro that could mean for another 30 years with no ready supply of cigarettes and seven years for Francesco Madafferi. And his smoking son Johnny Madafferi may soon get a stint in the nick, with a no smoking policy at Port Phillp Prison. Perhaps he can cudge a used second hand chop chop tobacco tailor made rolly of Julian Knight or a bent screw.


    ALLEGED mafia Don ROCCO ARICO has had his bail conditions relaxed so he can take care of his wife as she recovers from surgery at his retreat on the Morning Peninsula

    ROCCO ARICO was granted bail in May after spending two months in custody facing charges related to blackmail, extortion, drugs, firearms and violence.
    The charges are linked to a terrifying campaign of alleged assaults, vandalism and fire bombings against a criminal known only as Witness A.
    Police allege Witness A owed ARICO money and the pair were once close friends.

    At Melbourne Magistrates’ Court yesterday ROCCO ARICO’S lawyer , Anthony Condello, asked Magistrate Jelena Popovic to relax his client’s strict bail conditions.
    Lawyer Mr Condello asked that ARICO be allowed to accompany his wife to their property in Safety Beach following her kidney transplant on July 31. He also asked that the alleged Mafia Gangster’s curfew be relaxed to allow him to attend hospital with his wife.
    “Mr ARICO takes his conditions of bail very seriously,” Lawyer Mr Condello said.
    “There has been impeccable compliance”.

    In May ROCCO ARICO was told he must report to police daily and remain home from 9pm – 6am.
    At court yesterday Magistrate Ms Popovic agreed to the ARICO’S defence lawyers request to allow ARICO to go with his wife to Safety Beach and also reduced the hours of his curfew for the week following his wife’s surgery from 1am to 5am.
    Magistrate Ms Popovic said; “It’s is clear Mr Arico will be spending long periods of time at hospital following that period”.
    It is alleged ROCCO ARICO and Witness A fell out over a “2010 drug deal rip-off ” in which they lost a “kilogram of cocaine worth $350,000”.

    After the drugs were stolen , police allege ROCCO ARICO forced Witness A to repay the $350,000 through instalments and by working as a “Drug Courier”.
    He also asked Witness A to kill the drug thief, although he Witness A declined, and the man— believed to be former BANDIDOS ENFORCER :TOBY MITCHELL — was eventually shot by another criminal.
    TOBY MITCHELL was critically wounded 11months later when he was shot by an ‘unknown’ assailant in BRUNSWICK, MELBOURNE. TOBY MITCHELL is currently held in Port Phillip Prison on extortion charges.
    :Images for rocco arico
    ;Images for dino dibra – close associate of ROCCO ARICO
    :Images for toby Mitchell
    :images for matthew Johnson
    :images for lewis caine
    :images for evangelos goussis
    :images for Christopher wayne hudson
    :images for victor brincat
    :images for rodney Collins
    :images for mark mcconville
    :images for mario condello
    :images for graham kinniburgh
    :images for mark moran
    :images for Jason moran
    :images for pasquale barbaro
    :images for francesco madafferi
    :images for johnny madafferi
    :images for bert wrout
    :images for keith faure
    :images for noel faure
    :images for nik radev
    :images for tony mokbel
    :images for horty mokbel
    :images for milad mokbel
    :images for antonios mokbel
    ;images for Andrew veniamin
    :images for mick gatto
    :images for paul dale
    :Images for Richard mladenich – Born 19 10 1960 , heavy violent feared Gangland Figure once an associate of ROCCO ARICO and later murdered during the Carl Williams Gangland wars.
    :Accused mafia boss surrenders passport, bail granted…May 12, 2015.
    :William’s murdered to ‘shut him up’…-February 3, 2015.
    :Police believe DINO DIBRA and a old friend ROCCO ARICO , were partners in selling and distributing Cocaine, Ecstasy and Amphetamines. They were regular faces in The Dome Nightclub in Prahran ,Melbourne as well as Crown Casino Nightclub. The Victoria Police :Purana Taskforce have stated on numerous occasions that Dino Dibra and the now Mafia Kingpin Rocco Arico was associated with several Melbourne Underworld Figures, including MARK MORAN, JASON MORAN, ANDREW VENIAMIN,
    CARL WILLIAMS, NIK RADEV at different times and it is believed that these associations pertained to high volume drug supply in Melbourne’s Nightclubs.
    On August 1999, DINO DIBRA and friend ROCCO ARICO were among several men charged over the assault and kidnapping (in broad daylight) of “MAD” RICHARD MLADENICH, or known as RICHARD “THE LIONHEART MLADENICH” a once a very feared violent drug standover man by Prison Officers and Criminals in the notorious Divisions of Pentridge Prison’s H-Division in the 1990’s. Was once hit on the head with a garden shovel by MARK “CHOPPER” READ in Pentridge. MLADENICH was known for extreme violence in Pentridge and violently stood over other prisoners, he was a major user of drugs in prison and a major dealer of drugs in prison. Because of this he was mostly held in Maximum Security, isolation, separation and solitary confinement of H-Division as a difficult to manage heavy drug user and violent inmate towards Prison Officers and prisoners. RICHARD MLADENICH was also a drug trafficking and crazy standover man associate used for the purpose by the now Mafia king pin ROCCO ARICO.
    At the time police had bugged DINO DIBRA’S house and car, seeking information into the Dome Nightclub bouncer shooting. The police subsequently raided DINO DIBRO’S Taylors Lakes house, where the kidnapped criminal victim RICHARD MLADENICH was still in the boot of DIBRO’S car.
    DINO DIBRA and ROCCO ARICO were charged with a variety of offences over the incident.
    It is believed that underworld figure “MAD” RICHARD MLADENICH was later shot dead by DINO DIBRA in a room in a seedy St Kilda Esquire Hotel on 16 MAY, 2000.
    MARK MORAN AND ROCCO ARICO were also suspects. It has been said that “MAD” RICHARD MLADENICH’S death held the key to Carl Williams death and a offered sum of $1 million for information.
    DINO DIBRA was shot dead outside his Krambruk Street home in Sunshine West on 14 October, 2000. Police suspect that DINO DIBRA’S Gangland Murder was payback.
    The Victoria Police Purana Taskforce stated publically that DINO DIBRA was murdered by ANDREW “BENJI” VENIAMIN, though they never charged ANDREW VENIAMIN over DIBRA’S murder. ANDREW VENIAMIN, was himself to be shot dead, by MICK GATTO,in a Carlton restaurant . But MICK GATTO was aquitted of the charge of acting in self defence, saying ANDREW VENIMIN pulled a gun on him first, and he wrestled with him and shot in the struggle in the back of the Carlton restaurant.
    On November 1998 a career criminal CHARLES HEGYALJI or known as “MAD CHARLIE”,was killed at his Caulfield home . DINO DIBRA was implicated in the murder and it is believed it was ‘drug-debt ‘related. MAD CHARLIE’S close friend MARK BRANDON “CHOPPER” READ, revealed when he was still alive, that he believes DINO DIBRA was the perpetrator.

    At the age of 19, DINO DIBRA was charged with threatening to kill, threating to inflict serious injury and unlawful drug possession. He was jailed and fined for these offences.
    On 15 October 1996, DINO DIBRA was imprisoned again, this time for 18 months for serious reckless driving offences.
    During the sentence he was given, the judge noted that DINO DIBRA ‘had the worst driving record I have ever seen’. DINO DIBRA – born 18 April 1975 – Murdered in Melbourne Gangland killings on 14 October 2000 – aged 25.


  5. I’ve missed yr posts Former H.M., and Hi Robbo!!

    This is just to say I am in awe. That some people can commit murder and then walk because of who they are related to or …Baden Clay had price.oof on his face. No-one can deny fingernail marks. And he dare waster taxpayers’ money to lie …
    And what about Neville Wran’s daughter. We all know she will work. We all knew that when she was arrested, however, if it was you or me, we’d hang.
    Good old justice system.


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