Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara trial (for murder of Jamie Gao )

update 14/8/15

Barrister Charles Waterstreet probed for contempt of court over social media posts in McNamara and Rogerson murder trial

Louise Hall
Charles Waterstreet (left) arrives at the murder trial of Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara in July.Charles Waterstreet (left) arrives at the murder trial of Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara in July. Photo: Ben Rushton

High-profile criminal barrister Charles Waterstreet may face contempt of court charges for alleged social media posts which had the potential to prejudice the trial of his client Glen McNamara and co-accused Roger Rogerson.

On Thursday, Justice Geoffrey Bellew formally vacated the trial of Mr McNamara and Mr Rogerson for the murder of university student Jamie Gao during a botched drug deal.

The trial was scheduled to go ahead on Monday, but will not proceed until early next year.

Justice Bellew ordered the registrar of the Common Law Division of the Supreme Court to investigate Mr Waterstreet for contempt of court.


On Tuesday, as pre-trial hearings were under way, Justice Bellew was told of a post on an Instagram account in Mr Waterstreet’s name, being charleswaterstreet.

The post contained a picture of Mr Waterstreet and another man and was taken in the vicinity of the Darlinghurst Supreme Court.

It had a caption, the contents of which Justice Bellew has suppressed.

Mr Waterstreet told Justice Bellew he did not post the picture and caption.

The court also heard a Twitter account in Mr Waterstreet’s name at @ccwaterstreet posted a link to the Instagram post.

Justice Bellew said he had “no practical alternative” to vacate the trial despite the considerable expense to the taxpayer.

He said it was no fault of the court, the “criminal justice system”, the Crown, Mr Rogerson’s solicitor and barrister or Mr McNamara’s solicitor and said each had worked diligently to ensure the trial proceeded efficiently.

“To say the vacation of the trial is unfortunate would be a gross understatement,” he said.

But he said Mr McNamara, through no fault of his own, was suddenly left without a barrister on Wednesday morning, just days from the opening date, and to proceed would potentially rob him of a fair trial.

Former Liberal NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith, SC, appeared in court, saying Mr McNamara wanted to retain him and Mr Waterstreet’s junior counsel Peter Lange. However, he would not be able to take on the case until next year.

Mr Rogerson’s barrister, George Thomas, argued strongly for the trial to be put back for only two weeks, arguing a competent and experienced barrister who is available to take on the case could get across the brief in that time.

He also accused Mr McNamara of instructing Mr Waterstreet to act in a way that caused the case to go off the rails.

However, Justice Bellew dismissed any suggestion Mr McNamara was behind Mr Waterstreet’s alleged actions.

He also said any barrister taking over the case would need much more than two weeks to get across the volumes of material to be tendered during the trial.

Mr Smith said he was hoping the Legal Aid Commission would approve his retainer.

Mr Thomas said that, as Mr McNamara’s defence was funded by Legal Aid, he did not have the luxury of choosing his own barrister and should take whoever was available.

Both Mr Rogerson and Mr McNamara have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Gao in a storage unit in Padstow last year.

Following the revelation of the social media posts, Mr Waterstreet was given time to get legal advice. He consulted noted appeal barrister Tim Game, SC.

On Wednesday, Mr Waterstreet sought the court’s leave to withdraw from the case.

Mr Game, appearing for Mr Waterstreet, told the court he had advised his client to step down, although this did not constitute an admission of wrongdoing.

Crown Prosecutor Chris Maxwell, QC, and Mr Game agreed Mr Waterstreet should be referred to the registrar for investigation.

In referring Mr Waterstreet, Justice Bellew ordered the registrar to seek and adhere to the “advice of the Crown Solicitor as to whether proceedings for contempt should be taken against Mr Waterstreet”.

He also ordered the registrar to inform the Attorney-General, Gabrielle Upton.

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial of Jamie Gao hearing to begin for the 2nd time on August 18 2015

 These 2 pathetic (and stupid) coppers go on trial today TRIAL aborted on the 2nd day! for the alleged botched drug theft gone wrong resulting in the murder of Jamie Gao

UPDATES daily on this trial here background posts click here

A pictorial of the infamous ex copper Roger the Dodger is here


Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial of Jamie Gao hearing to begin on August 18 2015

Paul Bibby

New trial date: former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson will appear before the NSW Supreme Court on August 18.New trial date: former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson will appear before the NSW Supreme Court on August 18. Photo: Rocco Fazzari

Former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara will face a new trial over the murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao on August 18, following the discharge of the jury in their first trial.

Justice Geoff Bellew told the NSW Supreme Court that the new trial date for the pair had been confirmed, lifting a non-publication order made on Tuesday.

Mr Rogerson, 74, and Mr McNamara, 56, are accused of being part of a “joint criminal enterprise” to murder Mr Gao, 20, in a southern Sydney storage unit on May 20 last year.

Twenty-year-old Jamie Gao was killed on May 22, 2014.Twenty-year-old Jamie Gao was killed on May 22, 2014. Photo: Facebook

It is alleged that they stole 2.78 kilograms of the drug ice from him and then dumped his body off the coast of Cronulla. It was found six days later.

Half way through the trial’s second day on Tuesday, Justice Bellew discharged the 15-member jury for legal reasons which cannot be disclosed.

Both accused have pleaded not guilty to murder and drug supply.

Counsel for Mr McNamara, Charles Waterstreet told the jury on Tuesday that Mr Rogerson had been solely responsible for the murder.

He said the 74-year-old had shot Mr Gao twice in the chest and then threatened to kill Mr McNamara and his family if he did not help him to cover up the crime.

No evidence was presented to support these claims before the jury was discharged.

Counsel for Mr Rogerson, George Thomas, did not have the opportunity to address the jury before members were discharged.

On Tuesday Justice Bellew said the NSW sheriff had confirmed that a court was available on August 18 to begin a new trial, and he formally set down that date.

TWO former detectives charged with murdering a Sydney student will go on trial before a jury today. Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson face charges of murdering 20-year-old UTS student Jamie Gao in May last year. They are also accused of drug supply. Their trial at the NSW Supreme Court at Darlinghurst is expected to get underway later this morning. Police have alleged the pair lured Gao to a storage unit in Sydney’s southwest, with Mr Gao attending the meeting carrying almost three kilograms of the drug ice, or crystal methamphetamine.

Roger Rogerson.

Roger Rogerson. Source: DailyTelegraph

Former detective Glen McNamara being escorted to prison after his arrest.

Former detective Glen McNamara being escorted to prison after his arrest. Source: News Corp Australia

Police have alleged the trio were spotted on CCTV entering the storage unit. Ten minutes later, cameras allegedly captured McNamara and Rogerson leaving, dragging a surfboard bag. Mr Gao’s bound body was found floating in waters off Sydney six days later. Both McNamara and Rogerson deny the charges and entered not guilty pleas at a previous hearing. In January they waived their right to a committal hearing in order to get to trial as soon as possible.

13 thoughts on “Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara trial (for murder of Jamie Gao )

  1. An interesting case the timeline of the trio entering and then leaving after 10 minutes seems very quick and to not be aware of their surroundings such as cameras seems so careless. The outcome will be very interesting. Were they under the influence when committing this crime ? Which caused their sense of judgement and surroundings to be impaired.

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  2. A young man that seemed to have alot going for him chose to dabble in a very risky activity dealing with a couple of ex cons with a very sordid criminal history dating wayback Rogerson a bloke with a very nasty side most likely will spend his golden years behind bars.

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  3. Very careless for a supposed seasoned and for a time in the 1980’s a notoriously experienced major crime detective, that got good results busting dangerous criminals in NSW. But he strayed to the wild side and rich pickings of dealing corruptly with notorious criminals. It does seem these former coppers D’s thought they were still from the wild west days when coppers were god at the end of the barrel of a gun, and things were swiftly sorted and taken care off by murder inc!

    But in their retirement they have failed to observe that the modern policing eyes of CCTV are watching everything more than ever before, nowadays, and especially the low life drug dealers.
    Probably former Detective Sergeant Roger the Dodger Rogerson thought he could still be the green light deputy sheriff marshal dodger on this alleged murder and the disposal of the body wrapped in plastic and dumped at sea, with the help of his trusted mate!…

    Roger Rogerson claims he was not always a bent corrupt cop, and did do some good old fashioned old school hard knocks police detective work police busts of crims, in his long tarnished career as the notorious enforcer feared good cop – bad cop.
    But he has out his out smarted his own intelligence and feared legend status by thinking he would get away with this bungled alleged murder of a known drug ice dealer by killing him and throwing him out to sea in a plastic makeshift body bag, thinking no one was watching.

    And also the bizarre unbelievable and stupidity of all this, is the other former experienced King Cross police detective Glen McNamara and anti-corruption NSW Police whistleblower, that ironically helped Roger Rogerson carry away the body, or even possibly help kill the ice drug trafficker, or whatever foul play caused Jamie Gao’s demise which occurred at the crime scene in the storage unit, where the victim entered alive and come out dead in a surf board bag dragged out in the company of these two high profile former NSW coppers. How they thought they could get away with this beggars belief on the grounds of stupidity ? Dumb and Dumber!…
    I guess the Dodger at age 74, still thought he was the untouchable green light Detective Sergeant Dodger?…

    This not the first time The Dodger has killed a criminal either. Although he was never convicted for the murder, he was suspected of the shooting on duty of the low life Sydney heroin dealer Warren Lanfranchi in 1981. He was named out on this one by Lanfranchi outspoken prostitute girlfriend Sally-Anne Huckstepp , who spoke out against him over corruption dealings in NSW Police and between Detective Rogerson and Notorious Sydney Standover man Neddy Smith. Which was to lead to The Dodger being charged with committing the perversion of justice, which ended his colourful police career and forced him to hand over his police badge and revolver for a prisoners uniform where he did a stretch in a NSW Jail and survived.
    But Sally-Anne Huckstepp wasn’t to survive and was to be murdered, allegedly cold-bloodedly drowned by Neddy Smith in a Sydney lake in Centennial Park on the orders of Rogerson. And murder of Sally-Anne Huckstepp has never fully been solved? There is a song made in tribute to Sally-Anne Huckstepp.
    Called – Sally-Anne by Spy Vs Spy in

    Another colourful crime alleged at Roger the Dodger was arranging for Melbourne Criminal Hitman – Christopher Dale “Rentakill” Flannery to shoot and murder Honest investigating NSW Police Detective Michael Drury. But Flannery failed in killing him, and his testimony and evidence of the attempted murder, was pointed at Detective Sergeant Roger Rogerson. But the Dodger, dodged away from a conspiracy to murder charge. And later on Christopher Dale Flannery was to vanish without trace. Believed shutdown and murdered by notorious Sydney Crime bosses Lennie McPherson and George Freeman. His body has never been found!. Roger Rogerson says he had nothing to do with it?…

    In his retirement after getting out of jail, Roger Rogerson, left his notorious background behind him and later teamed up with Melbourne Headhunter and drug dealer standover man – Pentridge Prisons infamous Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read, who had himself got out of jail on a attempted murder stretch in Tasmania’s Risden Pink Palace Prison and teamed up with the wild boy former Victorian Football League Geelong player in the 1980’s – I’m a Individual – Mark “Jacko” Jackson. They all did the paid public speaking circuits around Australia of speaking about themselves, to packed crowds in the 1990’s and 2000’s. They called themselves the “Wild Colonial Psycho’s”.
    Here is the trio in action. And some films below of relevance to the Dodgers inner sanctum of bent green light cops and notorious crims he was mixed up with, in one form or another?…

    :Chopper, Jacko & The Dodger: Bandits On The Run – Wild Colonial Psychos , 2005 – 1hr.14mins.
    Preview only on Youtube, – Full video for sale online for $3.99.

    :Roger Rogerson Interview / The Enforcer / Classic Video. – April 2000. 60 Minutes.

    :Roger Rogerson / Australia’s Most Notorious Corrupt Cop – May 27, 2014. A Current Affair.

    :Truth about Roger Rogerson. – seadevilsaustralia.

    :Tough Crims – paganlovecult.

    :Roger Rogerson 1981. – Gezza 1967.

    :Roger Rogerson & Neddy Smith (leaked royal commission wire taps) – Squizy Taylor 1’s channel.

    :Blue Murder (miniseries) 1995 / Episode 1 – 1hr.39mins. – ABC.
    :Blue Murder (miniseries) 1995 / Episode 2 – 1hr.37mins. – ABC.

    :Crime Investigation Australia – The Girls Who Knew Too Much – This episode is about the murder of Sallie-Anne Huckstepp and the disappearance and presumed murder of Juanita Nielsen.

    :Forensic Investigators – Neddy Smith Part 1 to 4.
    :Neddy Smith – Beyond The Darklands.
    :Tough Nuts :Australia’s Hardest Criminals Chris Flannery: The Man Called Rentakill Full.
    :Tough Nuts :Australia’s Hardest Criminals Lennie McPherson: Mr Big Full.
    :Tough Nuts :Australia’s Hardest Criminals George Freeman – The King of Sydney Full.

    :Sally-Anne – Spy v Spy Live 1996.
    :Sally Anne – 1987. Live- Spys of the 80s.
    :vSpy vSpy – Sallie Anne – 1986.

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    THE jury in the murder trial of former NSW cops Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara has been discharged, a day after opening addresses began.
    Justice Geoffrey Bellew told the 15 men and women this was due to “a legal issue which has arisen”.
    The Crown alleges the pair killed Jamie Gao at a storage shed in Padstow, in Sydney’s south west, on May 20.
    Roger Rogerson,74, and Glen McNamara,56, have pleaded not guilty.
    The trial will continue before a new jury.


  5. Cheers Robbo, I have written the many links, after searching them out, so as to make it quick and easy for other Aussie Criminal readers to quickly find the subject related past news articles and videos, to each of your excellent articles. Hopefully this should not cause any copyright issues, with the parties concerned. And also most important it saves lots of time, trying to search the internet to find these interesting doco’s or any related subject information on notorious criminals and other non criminal subjects, as I have consistently over time posted for entertainment purposes in the Chill out Lounge. I like to think of it as The Aussie Criminal communities own archive or criminal records intelligence unit. For the perusal and collation and one stop quick referencing on the worst criminals the world over. No need for Freedom of Information and legal censorship in here. And I for those that, don’t like what is posted on this outstanding criminal information site, well they can simply hit the x button and leave the AC Site, as
    the banner clearly states, “AUSSIE CRIMINALS AND CROOKS DO NOT ENTER”.
    Keep up the excellent job on your site Robbo, its simply the best.
    I have tried to start my own site on wordpress, on the history of Australian Prisons, I have called my site – 1 Champ Street Coburg – Which was the address of H.M.Pentridge Prison.
    I have uploaded lots of pictures of Pentridge Prison history. But unfortunately as I am only a beginner to social media and written my own internet page, I have experienced many difficulties trying to get it up and running on wordpress, so I thought stuff it, I will just post prison related issues past and modern day on Aussie Criminals, if you don’t mind. I am not trying to take over your amazing site, just sharing things that I dig up, where I can share it with any other interested people perusing criminal or prison subject matter, which people who have never been involved in law enforcement or a prison environment would properly never experience or hear about, outside the newspaper stories. Anyway sorry for waffling on, keep up the great posts. I am surprised more people don’t vote on your Aussie Criminals posts. Cheers – Former Pentridge Prison Officer, Circa 1989.

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  6. Cheers – Yes Reagan very strange, everyone seems to just left Aussie Criminals, just got up and disappeared gone walkabout. There are several followers listed , but no one seems to want to comment or talk any more. I thought my detailed posts, had offended many of the older followers. The silence is deafening!… I don’t know why, because Robbo’s site is awesome, so well researched and presented. Every one must be watching boring reality TV Shows like Master Chef and the Block, Farmer wants a wife or something, or watching the footy, buggered if I know, why everyone seems to have just switched off Aussie Criminals is a mystery? Gee I think we might be all getting booed by the angry crowd and hurt to the bone, if you no what I’m saying and lost all respect like a certain high profile indigenous football player. We better go on leave, Ha, Ha. A True Crime Writer can be a very lonely existence!… Perhaps we better get a real life- Ha, Ha. Because there is no ratings writing about true crime!… There is more comments on Youtube about classical ballet. To bad, so sad!..


  7. Ha ha good one F.P.O and how boring channel 9 is and the rest of those channels even foxtels a relentless bore of reality tv, home renos and cooking shows if thats the way TV has turned I will remain on Robbos intelligent, informative site. I have even noticed A current Affair are desperate for a good story theyre now turning towards advertising makeup brands and dodgy landlords. How many of those stories can they repeat its chronic. Maybe sensitive football players should think about their own actions and why the crowd isnt happy before they play the victim. If he cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Wether ones black or white. Give me a true crime story over football, home renos & cooking shows anyday. The previous bloggers must be on holidays or just enjoy reading ours. It can only get better.

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    • Cheers Reagan, I think were from a different time and age, like back in the great 80,s or livin in the 70’s. Skyhooks, Shirl, countdown, even rage, and anyway, if I went out on a Saturday night to a modern day nightclub or even the corner suburban pub, in the present, I would feel like a fish out of water, or is that fish in a fish bowl, confused by the surroundings of this modern garbage of the under 30’s or modern generation Y trash music and party hard culture they all love. I would rather sit down by the fire, with a few cans and watch Hey Hey is Saturday and Ozzie Ostrich.
      And football now, be buggered if I agree with this face of racism bullshit. It’s just black fellows being big sooks. Booing and swearing in the crowd is what the atmosphere of being a spectator at a live footy matches is all about. As long as their is no punch up’s or physical violence, then what’s the problem. Its all about booing or cheering the playing footy teams and letting off some steam. nothing personal. This is what spectator sport is all about. Its not being personal, at least not in most cases. Except for when a certain high profile player, goes and sooks and gets a poor young girl arrested for a alleged racist remark. Why couldn’t he have just ignored the comment. Then that would have been the end of it, but no he had to make a big anti racism issue about the ape comment. He needs to toughen up. After all its a game of Aussie rules football, not a Andre Rieu concert.
      And this placard waving anti racism correctness by Sydney Swans fans is the final straw. I would call it a big sooky sook protest. Just playing into Goody Goody’s hands. He need to take teaspoon of quick set cement and harden up!… I can’t believe how many foolish football fans and non football fans, think the sooky indigenous man who says he is the face of racism, and is hurt by all the booing to bone , has all these sooky fools on his side. There all making things worse.
      I read a comment in the paper, it said, quote – ” If I was getting paid $400,000 a year to play AFL football, the crowd can boo me as much as they like”.
      The game of football is a game of pansies, if a bit of booing by the angry crowd easy upsets them!… Sticks and stone can break their bones but names aren’t going to hurt them. Oh, but it okay for the indigenous tribes to wave their imagined spears and do black fellow wars dances to the booing crowd, to infuriate the spectators and ram their culture down everyone’s throats.
      Compare this on Youtube below to AFL footy today. And Goodes thinks he has it hard.on the field. — What a joke!…..

      :Football Fights. – This was when a day at the VFL or AFL footy with brawling and being hurt to the bone or the face of racism was on for one and all. Booing by spectators in the crowd was the least of their worries!

      :Aussie Rules AFL Hard Hits. – Note some of the aggressor players are indigenous!

      :Fred Cook kinghit in ’76. – how would the goody goodes handle these days. He would need a spear to fight of the players.

      :Fred Cook feature FINAL.

      :V.F.A Legend Fred Cook Talks About Denis Allen.

      ;Football champion Fred Cook on 3AW Afternoons with Denis Walter. – Note- Compare Champ Fred Cooks legend respect by his footy fans, in contrast to todays sook Goodes..

      :V.F.A Grand Final Brawl 1978! – A lot of the crowd – spectators booing at this game! This must be the ugly face of racism, that hurts footy players to the bone by!

      ;Footy fights into the court room.

      :Footy Brawls of the 70’s – Part 1 & 2.

      :Best Aussie Rules Football Fights.

      :VFA Werribee Vs Port Melbourne Brawl 1993 Grand Final. – Now this is unruly crowd behaviour!..
      ….Freddie Cook was locked up in H.M.Loddon Prison in 1993, for drug trafficking. He was for a time mixed up with the notorious Melbourne drug trafficker Denis Allen and Pierce – Pettingil Clan. He owned a pub, that Denis Allen drank at.
      He was a built very tough but also repected football player in the 1970,s and 1980’s……………………………


  8. So true its all about how you handle situations look at Monkhurst when he played for Collingwood he was called monkey he took it on the chin never made an issue out of it he rolled with the punches. No fans have ever booed any other indigenous players before but Goodes, because hes a mouth. Like you said being paid a big salary suck it up sunshine is what he should do. Ive been called names and theres been times where I could have smashed the prick right in the jaw but no kept it together tommorrows another day I didnt run to mummy. Im sure you have had more than your share of abuse F.P.O in your prison career and youve maybe felt like spitting in the face of the antagonistic prick. Through those steel bars. It does sicken me that other teams are becoming passive sympathisers its this new generation they are not like the players of the 50s, 60s, 70s ,80s & 90s theyre another breed football sucks now and Im done with Richmond. Ive had it. The media need to shut their traps too.

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  9. Yeah fully agree some of the fans, the media and the AFL, and its coaches and players, are fuelling the racism fires of footy fans bitterness towards Adam Goodes. And they have gone way to far with all this indigenous clap trap of political correctness towards spectators behaviour at the footy ground. And all this protesting and feeling sorry for and sucking up to Adam Goodes and his aboriginal stirrers waving signs , is dividing people, who are not even racists in the first place. And all to the benefit for the sook behaviour that Adam Goodes shows on the footy field, instead of just sucking it all up. He provokes a angry racist mob. And with all these supports grovelling over the issue, he thrives on the attention. And instead of just taking it all on the chin, accuses us all of being bullies or racial vilification. He should let all the booing towards him by the actions of his own making, run off him like water on a ducks back. His champion dual brownlow medals and Australian of the year accolades , wouldn’t now have been under such scrutiny and by the verbal abuse he gets , if he had chosen to just ignore that ape comment by that young girl. And call her the face of racism and totally humiliating her, by getting her dragged of by the security and police. How often does a spectator or spectators have something derogatory or abusive language to say at any footballer, be the black or white. Its just the nature of the game, decades. And he alone has created this situation and a rod for his own back, also with his corroboree war dances, which is in fact being racist or vilification towards white Australian footy fans. It works both ways. And this is why many people are dishing it out either at or towards his fellow aboriginals and this is why he no longer anymore has the respect as a once great champion footballer. While Jim Stynes, Ted Whitten, Bob Dyer, Lou Richards, Kevin Bartlett, etc will remain immortal legends to the History of VFL – AFL Aussie rules football … Sydney Swans Adam Goodes won’t ever get back his legend pedestal. While he has been awarded the Australian of the year, it won’t change the way many pissed off people now perceive him as just a big sook of a footy player.
    Here are some good respected present and past indigenous aboriginals, It nothing to do with the face of racism, vilification or crowd mob bulling , its just disrespect at him for the way he sooks and at the same time stirs back , by his deliberate vocal preaching of his first Australians ownership of aboriginal values to the general crowds anger at being told what to do, believe and how to behave at the church of Aussie football. I am not a racist, but when I was a Prison Officer at Pentridge the aboriginal inmates certainly abused me very frequently. There were a lot of Aboriginal deaths in custody in police lock up’s and prisons, so their was much hatred at police and prison officers in 1988, but I just ignored there racist derogatory abuse. It works both ways racism or racial vilification!… And many ethnic Australians, especially Sudanese, Lebanese , Middle Eastern and aboriginal criminals can dish the abuse out big time and with violence, as can all white skinned criminals but some, they can’t take it back whatever race they be!

    Below please note – No Australian racism towards Australian Indigenous Aboriginals here!…

    :Lionel Rose – This Is Your Life (Australia). – Lionel Rose MBE.
    :Lionel (2008) Lionel Rose Documentary.
    :Koori Rose: Lionel Rose Tribute – Rodger Knox. – 2009.
    :Roger Knox – Goulbourn Jail [1988].
    :Malabar Mansion by Mac Silva – Long Bay Gaol.
    ;EWTV768 part1&2 silverwater . – Corrie prisoners.
    :Lionel Rose Aboriginal boxing champ.
    :Lionel Rose vs Alan Rudkin Rnds 11 and 12. – March 8, 1969, Kooyong Melbourne.
    :Fighting Harada vs Lionel Rose 1968 02 27 – Tokyo, Japan.
    :Lionel Rose v Ruben Olivares 22 August 1969 California, USA.
    :Lionel Rose v Rafael Limon 28 August 1976 Inglewood, California, USA.
    :Great Southern Land – Warren H. Williams. – 2010.
    :Warren H. Williams & Pixie Jenkins- Raining On The Rock.
    :Troy Cassar Daley & Warren H. Williams – Raining On The Rock.
    :John Williamson – Raining On The Rock [Official Video]. – with Warren H. Williams.
    :John Williamson – A Thousand Feet [Official Video]. – with Warren H. Williams.
    :Troy Cassar Daley & Casey Chambers – I’m So Lonesome I could Cry. – 2011.
    :Archie Roach ‘We Won’t Cry’ Live on Q&A – 2012.
    :Charcoal Lane – ARCHIE ROACH.
    :Archie Roach – There is a Garden. – 2010.
    :Archie Roach – Beautiful Child – 2010.
    :Lionel Rose Farewell.
    :Pick me up on your way down – Lionel Rose. – 1969.
    :Lionel Rose – “I thank You” – 1969.
    :Lionel Rose – I Thank You – Record Album cover. – 1970.


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