WA Police seize biggest-ever meth haul – ‘hundreds of kilos’

It’s the biggest drug bust in Western Australian history, 321 kilograms of methamphetamine allegedly destined for sale on WA streets.

WA Police’s biggest-ever drug bust has seized 321 kilograms of the drug, mostly concealed in Chinese tea packaging, along with more than $1.4 million in cash.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan confirmed that the drugs, which would have yielded about 3.2 million ‘hits’ and fetched hundreds of millions on the street, were seized as the result of a continuing operation between state and federal police and the Australian Crime Commission.

The haul is the largest seizure of methamphetamine in WA history.The haul is the largest seizure of methamphetamine in WA history. Photo: WA Police

He called the haul a “hammer blow” to the organised criminal syndicate “peddling this misery” in WA.

Mr Keenan joined WA Police acting commissioner Gary Dreibergs and other officials in Perth on Thursday to reveal the bust and congratulate the officers involved.

Police have charged four Hong Kong nationals, three of whom are in the country illegally and one on a visitors’ visa, ACC chief executive Chris Dawson confirmed.

Police claims the methamphetamine haul has a street value of $320 million.Police claims the methamphetamine haul has a street value of $320 million. Photo: WA Police

On Tuesday after stopping a car in Willetton and arresting the 18-year-old driver, they searched a Canning Vale home and seized 316 kilograms of meth concealed in Chinese tea packaging inside 10 suitcases, WA Police acting deputy commissioner Michelle Fyfe said.

Following an arrest of the 19-year-old occupant, they were led to search an Adelaide Terrace apartment in Perth’s CBD and a Hay Street hotel room, where they seized another 43 grams and 4.9 kilograms of ice respectively and arrested another two men, aged 21 and 26, she said.

She said it was “frightening” to imagine that this quantity of ice was destined to be used by members of the community.

More than a million dollars cash was seized along with the record-breaking meth bust.More than a million dollars cash was seized along with the record-breaking meth bust.

The men have each been charged with possession of illicit drugs with intent to sell or supply and possession of stolen or unlawfully obtained property. They all appeared on Wednesday at Perth Magistrates Court and were remanded in custody.

Mr Dawson said intelligence informing the local investigation came through the ACC-led Eligo National Task Force, which had been tracking organised criminals cash flows for about two years.

The task force, comprising the ACC, Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, other federal agencies, federal police and state and territory police forces, was part of a “global attack” on organised crime syndicates in South East Asia.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs, WA Police Minister Liza Harvey and Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan (from left) revealed the details of the bust.Acting Deputy Commissioner Gary Dreibergs, WA Police Minister Liza Harvey and Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan (from left) revealed the details of the bust.

The investigation was continuing and the team would work with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Acting commissioner Dreibergs said the Australian Institute of Criminology’s Drug Use Monitoring in Australia project, plus waste-water analysis, were showing increasing methamphetamine use in the community.

“It affects the behaviour of offenders which makes it even more concerning for our officers. You see the community damage and the risk of violent behaviour that comes with it,” he said.

The huge haul illustrates the extent of the methamphetamine problem.The huge haul illustrates the extent of the methamphetamine problem.

“[This] puts our officers at risk more than ever … when I was an officer in my young days you didn’t have people impacted by methamphetamine, and more violent and unpredictable than they would normally be.

“People are making a massive amount of money … people who are very organised in this space.

“This is the old supply and demand story. You’ve got demand, people are going to fill that with supply like any other business.”

Acting WA Police commissioner Gary Dreibergs will make an announcement on the massive drug haul alongside other agencies involved.Acting WA Police commissioner Gary Dreibergs will make an announcement on the massive drug haul alongside other agencies involved.

Minister Keenan agreed there would always be ice entering Australia and so prevention and education were critical.

He said the National Ice Taskforce, led by former Victoria Police chief commissioner Ken Lay, was advising the government on how to improve education in the community, reduce demand and improve the health response at a national level.

The taskforce represents an increasing political focus on ice use in Australia and an evolution from looking at it as purely a police matter.

In March, the ACC published The Australian Methylamphetamine Market: The National Picture, the first comprehensive national snapshot of ice and the role organised crime plays in its distribution, to inform the national response.

In April, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the establishment of the National Ice Taskforce, entrusted with developing a National Ice Action Strategy including education and health responses as well as law enforcement.

Mr Lay and fellow taskforce members Sally McCarthy and Richard Murray spent eight weeks travelling Australia to hear first-hand from people dealing with the impacts of ice in communities, with a particular focus on regional Australia.

They received more than 1300 submissions, held seven community consultations and spoke to experts in drug treatment, health care, education, research and law enforcement.

Federal MPs also held community consultations to contribute to this body of information.

On July 23, Mr Abbott presented the National Ice Taskforce interim report to the Council of Australian Governments outlining the six priority areas for the national strategy.

The strategy is due to be finalised by the end of the year.

A Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement is simultaneously at work, focusing purely on the law enforcement response to the ice problem in Australia.


‘Largest ever WA ice bust’ nets $320 million worth of meth, more than $1 million cash

Police in Perth have confiscated 320 kilograms of methamphetamine worth $320 million, as well as $1.2 million in cash, in what has been described as WA’s largest ever ice seizure.

The drugs were seized in a joint operation yesterday between WA Police and the Australian Crime Commission.

This seizure is a hammer blow for the organised criminals who peddle in ice.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan

Arrest warrants were executed at three residences, in Canning Vale and the Perth CBD.

Most of the drugs, about 316 kilograms, were found hidden in packages of Chinese tea at a house in Canning Vale.

An apartment on Adelaide Terrace and a hotel on Hay Street in the city were also raided.

Four Hong Kong nationals, ranging in age from 19 to 26, have been charged over the seizure.

Three of those men are believed to have been in Australia illegally, the fourth was on a visa.

The four men have already appeared in court and were remanded in custody.

Haul a ‘hammer blow’ to criminals, Keenan says

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said it was a significant haul.

“This latest seizure, this largest seizure in Western Australian history, is an example of the dividends that are being paid by the unprecedented cooperation between Commonwealth and state law enforcement,” he said.

“They have taken at least 320 kilograms of this terrible drug off the streets. That would have equated to 3.2 million individual hits of ice, with a street value of upwards of $320 million.

“This seizure is a hammer blow for the organised criminals who peddle in ice.”

Police said they feared what could have happened if the drugs had not been confiscated.

“[It] can only be described as frightening that this was going to hit our streets, this was going to be taken by members of our community,” WA Police acting deputy commissioner Michelle Fyfe said.

WA Police Minister Liza Harvey said the operation would put a significant dent in the ice market.

“I cannot tell you the impact that will have on the families, and the relatives and the friends of the meth addicts who wreak havoc on our community,” she said.

String of drug busts

This is the third major methamphetamine bust in the state in the past couple of months.

In August, police arrested three men and impounded a yacht off Western Australia’s north-west coast after seizing more than 20 kilograms of methamphetamine from a unit in Perth.

Officers from the Australian Federal Police and Organised Crime Squad seized the drug — also known as ice — and almost $1 million from the Perth unit as part of a National Anti-Gang Squad operation.

They also found 11 guns, including a sawn-off shotgun and a homemade machine gun.

In July, methamphetamine with a street value of $21 million was seized along with $100,000 cash.

Five people from WA, Queensland and New South Wales were charged over the seizure in the northern Perth suburb of Karrinyup.


5 thoughts on “WA Police seize biggest-ever meth haul – ‘hundreds of kilos’

  1. Good if it was a hammer blow to ice trafficking, but this hideous methamphetamine drug is still too easily obtained every weekend in seedy nightspots all around the country. While this very large record seizure of cash and ice, is a very good result for Police. Ice is still readily available to those who want it, who are in the know of a constant supply.
    So the blow torch has to be keep on the unknown drug traffickers that have not yet been caught. There is a big demand for this shit drug, out there on the streets and nightspots, as the heaps of anti social shit heads, especially on a Saturday night continue to get shitfaced on a cocktail of alcohol and hard drugs, partying hard to the max into the early hours. I am seeing this regularly on a first hand basis. A young man who I could tell by his spaced out state of mind, was walking in a drug fuelled daze, only tonite past my place and walked over to me and said, hey man whats ya doing”. I calmly answered to him, so as not to aggravate him. ” I was charging my car battery”, Which in fact I was. The Ice addicted mans response, was “Man I just been on the ‘SPRINGS”. ?. I have no idea what he was talking about, but just went along with him, so as not to set him off, and said , that’s cool isn’t it, then he just put his arm out to shake my hand, and said his name, then just wandered off along the road. He was totally off his dial, and shit faced on drugs. How do you defuse a situation with people like this, and not upset them, from turning upon you?…
    When these young junkies binge out on the weekends. And ice fuels their veins with good times along with a endless supply of alcoholic mixer drinks they also consume with drugs.
    They act quite scary and intimidating. And you don’t know how to react to them in their state of altered mind.
    And this is not just the case in the big regional cities but in the small remote country towns also, there is a supplier on tap for a batch of ice! And the anti social rat bag behaviour and the ice fuelled meth addicts conversations can very easily turn from a polite conversation to a situation of violence and random fights with other intoxicated and or drug using party goers. As I have witnessed frequently of a night. You just don’t know who is creeping around of a night anymore, and what their state of mind is and what their up to, especially on the drug ice and a mixture of alcohol, as well?…
    I am seeing this regularly late at night. And it is not wise to go near them or approach them if it can be avoided. And stay in doors, where one does not come in contact near them walking in the street, in their drug intoxicated stupor. The Police miss a lot of these drug users creeping around at night, on their patrols and especially as I have already said on the weekends after leaving parties and the nightspots? The police I suspect are not very keen on approaching them either, as they even turn on them as well.
    The Ice- meth is still out there. I don’t know where their getting it from? — But its very easy obtained.
    And the crazy addicts are doing desperate burglaries , robberies and thefts to pay for there expensive addictions?…
    If these photos above are the amount of drug money cash and ice seizures. How much of a quantity is not being detected and made in clandestine drug labs in remote places around the country?… Because the Ice addicts are still readily obtaining it from SOMEWHERE???…


  2. “DEALERS DON’T DISCRIMINATE – DOB IN A DEALER”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    :ICE STORM 60 MINUTES AUSTRALIA PT1 & 2.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    :Ice: Ex- addict Tom Carroll warns casual users that drug will ‘take everything’. – ABC News.
    :60 Minutes “Ice” Special.~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    :Crystal Meth Secret Revealed – The Worlds Most Dangerous Drugs – Full Documentary. Hell on Earth. – National Geographic. – WHAT IS CRYSTAL METH?


  3. Great news as this is, my question is this: how much of a rise wiill this massive seizure cause in the street price of ice? My guess? Less than 5%. Anyone think differently?


  4. I was in a shopping centre and this dude was pacing up and down I just barely looked at him and he spotted me from way back and yelled out what are you f…kin looking at I said to myself wow where did that come from wtf and he then started running towards me I chose the flight response and I turned into a jewellery shop where there were a few people and he backed away. I stayed in there for sometime and just left the centre I dont know what his intentions were but I wasnt going to stop and find out. I dont know if he was on ice or just a nutjob maybe he was both. True it was scary and intimidating I felt singled out in a crowd asking myself why me especially when I barely looked at him. Im annoyed that I cant even go shopping without some ratbag bothering me.


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