Craig Handasyde: Former DHS disability worker jailed for 12 months over sexual abuse of male clients

 They always have an excuse these snake bellies…12 friggin months for OVER a decade of abusing vulnerable people in his professional care as a Department of Human Services disability support worker.Most of his eight victims, aged in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, were unable to properly communicate and some were deaf, blind and could not talk.


A former Department of Human Services disability support worker who sexually abused a number of disabled male clients has been jailed for 12 months.

Craig Handasyde, from Croydon, abused his victims in a number of residential facilities between 1997 and 2011.

Most of his eight victims, aged in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, were unable to properly communicate and some were deaf, blind and could not talk.

Handasyde abused his victims at the residential units, at swimming pools, in showers and in one case at a motel, during outings or “reward” trips “put in place by the DHS”.

In some instances of abuse, Handasyde would walk around the DHS facilities naked and get into bed with his victims as they lay helpless. On other occasions he masturbated clients, and induced them to masturbate him.

On at least one occasion he ignored attempts by one victim to push him away.

He handed himself into police last year after confessing the abuse to his wife and a pastor at his church.

Handasyde pleaded guilty to 11 counts of committing indecent acts against a person with a cognitive impairment.

In sentencing Handasyde, Judge Gavan Meredith said the families of his victims felt a “sense of loss and betrayal” at the “gross and egregious breach of the trust that was placed in [him]”.

Your formative years were marked by your bullying and a sense of isolation, you were described as passive and unable to assert yourself.

However, the judge said the offending was not likely to have ever come to light if Handasyde had not confessed.

He also said Handasyde was genuinely remorseful, had pleaded guilty early and was at low risk of re-offending.

The court heard Handasyde, 48, was also responding well to treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, which stemmed from physical abuse by his father as a child, and from witnessing the physical and sexual abuse of his mother by his father.

Family members of a number of Handasyde’s victims were in court to hear the verdict, as was Handasyde’s wife.

Perpetrator’s sexuality was ‘repressed’ by religious upbringing

Judge Meredith said Handasyde’s mother confided in him during his early adolescence that his father was sexually and physically abusing her, which left him feeling helpless.

Handasyde realised he was gay when he was young, but felt unable to express this due to his religious upbringing, and was bullied at school.

“Your formative years were marked by your bullying and a sense of isolation,” Judge Meredith said.

“You were described as passive and unable to assert yourself.”

Handasyde trained as an orchardist, but eventually gained qualifications to work in the disability sector.

He confided in his wife before their marriage that he was sexually attracted to other men, but promised not to act on his feelings.

The couple had eight children, but an earlier hearing was told Handasyde’s wife believed sex should only be for procreation.

Handasyde began watching gay pornography while working in the residential units, and the offending often took place after this.

He confessed to his wife in 2013 that he was watching gay pornography, and later confessed to abusing the men.

He then resigned from the DHS.

Long history of mental health issues, now being addressed

Judge Meredith said Handasyde was suffering from “chronic” post-traumatic stress disorder, which had only come to light since his offending was revealed, but that expert evidence suggested he had “significantly improved” with treatment.

The judge said Handasyde has also been assessed by experts as being at low risk of offending, and that “a constant theme was [his] sincere remorse and desire to make amends for [his] offending”.

Handasyde’s prospects of rehabilitation are good, the judge said, but it was necessary that he serve a term of imprisonment, despite the defence arguing that a community corrections order was appropriate.

Handasyde will be subject to an order for two years after his release.

Judge Meredith said that if Handasyde had not confessed and pleaded guilty, he would have imposed a sentence of two-and-a-half years.

Victim’s family trusted Handasyde, feel let down by department

Outside court after the hearing, the mother of one of Handasyde’s victims said her son had been scarred by the abuse, and was now on medication to deal with the trauma.

“Because he was there such a long time, you think you can trust them,” she said.

“[My son] went to Melbourne when he was three years old, they told me it was the right thing to do because there was no education for him in Geelong.

“So that’s what happened and I trusted the people, I trusted the department and obviously that’s not happened. They haven’t looked after him.”

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    DHS disability worker admits abusing deaf, blind patients

    By court reporter Peta Carlyon

    Updated 31 Aug 2015, 5:49pmMon 31 Aug 2015, 5:49pm

    A former Department of Human Services disability support worker whose lawyer said he was deeply religious and in denial about this sexuality has admitted abusing a series of male patients over 13 years across Melbourne’s east.

    Craig Handasyde, 47, of Croydon, pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to 11 charges of committing an indecent act with a cognitively impaired person by a worker.

    Key points

    • Craig Handasyde pleaded guilty to 11 charges
    • Victims were blind, deaf and unable to communicate
    • Handasyde wanted to appear to be a happily married heterosexual man, court heard
    • Victim became “very disturbed” after abuse

    The abuse occurred across residential facilities in a number of suburbs, and in some cases involved long-term clients between 1998 and 2011.

    Most of his victims, aged in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, were unable to properly communicate and some were deaf, blind and could not talk.

    Handasyde also abused his victims at swimming pools, in showers and in one case a motel, during outings or “reward” trips “put in place by the DHS”.

    In some instances of abuse, Handasyde would walk around the DHS facilities naked and get into bed with his victims as they lay helpless.

    On at least one occasion he ignored repeated attempts by one victim to push him away.

    The court heard Handasyde was a highly qualified disability development services officer with an advanced diploma in disability work.

    He had also undertaken a range of extra courses over the years, including “dual disability” and “communications about behaviour for better outcomes”.

    Handasyde resigned from the DHS in 2013.

    He handed himself in to the sex crimes unit at the Knox police station last year because he “wanted to make admissions about sexually abusing DHS clients over 13 years”.

    The court heard Handasyde was a religious man who wanted to clear his conscience in the eyes of God.

    Two pastors were among 13 people to provide references for him.

    ‘A happily married heterosexual man’

    Handasyde’s lawyer Paul Higham told the court his client was deeply religious.

    He was also homosexual, Mr Higham said, but was intent on presenting himself publicly as “a happily married, heterosexual Christian father,” leading to a secret life.

    Craig, you were meant to look after him, not cause him distress. You were meant to care for him, not abuse him.

    Victim’s mother

    The court heard Handasyde met his wife within the church and wrote her a letter before they got married, telling her he was “same-sex attracted”.

    “She struggled to accept it, but accept it she did,” said Mr Higham.

    The couple had eight children who were home-schooled and the court heard Handasyde’s wife believed sex was for procreation only.

    “What emerges is a picture of a man who is extremely passive and lacks the ability to assert himself,” Mr Higham told the court.

    Mr Higham said Handasyde “prefers harmony over conflict”, and described his client’s denial of a large part of his identity as “a tragedy”.

    Handasyde’s wife was in court and wept as their home life was detailed to the families of her husband’s victims.

    ‘I trusted you with my son’: Mother of victim

    The courtroom was packed with the parents and relatives of the men Handasyde’s had abused.

    The mother of one victim told the court Handasyde’s offending had turned her son into a “very disturbed young man”.

    “Craig Handasyde ruined his happy nature,” she said.

    “Craig, you were meant to look after him, not cause him distress.

    “You were meant to care for him, not abuse him.”

    The woman told Handasyde she had welcomed him into her family’s home on many occasions and felt betrayed.

    “You enjoyed our food and hospitality as a thank you for bringing him home,” she said.

    “I always worried whether I’d done the right thing, sending him to Melbourne.

    “You’ve proved me right. I trusted you with my son who I love so much.”

    The father of another victim told the court his son “could not even understand simple verbal statements” and would “never be able to care for himself”.

    The man said he and his wife entrusted their son to a trusted care provider in the DHS and “for many years we thought he was safe”.

    “We are very disturbed,” the victim’s father said.

    “We can’t ask him about how he felt … the thought of what he [Handasyde] might have been doing … the real torture is not knowing.”

    The victim’s father told the court, he and his wife had noticed a marked change in their son’s mental state 15 years ago, when he became more aggressive.

    “At the time, there was no reason for his behaviour change,” he said.

    “In hindsight, we now wonder if he could have been affected by sexual abuse.”

    He told the court, his son would not have been able to tell anyone about the abuse or warn others who were vulnerable and exposed.

    Handasyde is expected to be sentenced at a later date.

    First posted 31 Aug 2015, 3:09pmMon 31 Aug 2015, 3:09pm

    DHS carer jailed for string of sexual abuse crimes against people with a disability

  • DHS carer jailed for sex abuse

    Craig Handasyde.

    A GEELONG mother has vowed to continue to fight for her disabled son’s safety after his carer of 15 years was today jailed for sexually abusing him.

    The mother, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said she didn’t think the one-year jail term former Department of Human Services disability worker Craig Gilbert Handasyde, 48, received was adequate but she was relieved to see him behind bars.

    Handasyde pleaded guilty to 11 counts of indecent act with a person with a cognitive disability by a care worker — including three which covered multiple offences — over a 13-year period of offending against eight victims.

    The mother told Geelong Advertiser all the victims’ families were hurting and now didn’t know who they could trust.

    She said her once-happy son was on more anxiety medication and was deeply traumatised.

    The court heard he had repeatedly tried to fend off Handasyde, who had cuddled, masturbated and exposed himself to his victims.


    “The only way to stop it happening again is to speak out,” she said.

    “All through (my son’s) life I’ve had to fight.”

    The mother hopes to see changes made at DHS facilities including CCTV in common areas and a minimum of two staff on at all times.

    In sentencing Handasyde to jail and a two-year Community Corrections Order, Judge Gavan Meredith said the victims were defenceless and dependent on Handasyde and their difficulty communicating ensured they couldn’t raise the alarm.

    Judge Meredith said the families’ Victim Impact Statements spoke of how the offending had caused them to doubt their decision to place their loved one in care.

    He accepted the crimes could only be prosecuted due to Handasyde’s confession and that he would find prison difficult due to his depression and post-traumatic stress, but said his “gross and egregious breach of trust” required it.

    Judge Meredith said the community must expect significant punishment for abusing a position of trust. He ordered Handasyde be under supervision and receive psychological treatment for the duration of the CCO.

    “Every attendance will serve as a reminder of the inappropriateness of your behaviour,” he said.


8 thoughts on “Craig Handasyde: Former DHS disability worker jailed for 12 months over sexual abuse of male clients

  1. Just another deviate creep snakeshit wants to clear his ‘conscience in the eyes of god’ and most likely will under protective custody be sent off to the protective safety of scumbagsville, Corella Place, Village of the damned Correctional facility , for a mere 12 month Corrections Victoria rehabilitation and forgiveness holiday sabbatical for rock spiders and a Community Correction Order, slap on the wrist with the rest of the sexual abuse offending filth like him in the dogs yard.
    This cunning rat claims he has chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!
    This is a complete and utter insult to all the people who do genuinely suffer from depression related PTSD, like returned defence force service personal and police, victims of crime, ambo’s, all emergency services, and myself a prison officer.
    This mongrel has giving his victims PTSD, by his depraved offending on vulnerable disabled people. And the judge says he needs psychological treatment during the duration of his community based correction order. What he really needs, It is best I not write on here.
    But throw him in prison outside the deviates protection unit would be were I would be giving him 12 months, where he would need to take a risk assessment before he bent over to pick up the soap in the shower block.
    Its time victims of crime were aloud to have the final say in what sentence and length of time to be served in a real prison is appropriate, maggots like this mongrel Craig Handasyde aren’t being punished. While all his disabled victims will suffer a life sentence from the wraith of this scumbag!…


  2. Hes only inside for 12 months what a sham if the mothers are so upset dont wallow in your sorrow and cry in your pillow get some balls and do something about it the prick got away with it step up and fight for your rights and your sons that suffered. Im past the pity its time to get even in this cruel world the tide has turned and it did long ago these judges and lawyers dont care about these victims personally they are just another dollar in their pocket of bullshit they wouldnt care if they died tommorrow its all about speeding up this overcrowded filthy flaw in our society thats been exposed from hiding away years of sexual abuse. Its an epidemic. Its out of control and the court system outdated. The other option may be if your not into violence is getting those slimy lawyers together make them try and work for their money and form a class action. For christ sake dont tell me 12mths hes out walking the streets and nobody has the guts to get him knee capped his ugly face is learnable he wont be protected he may even be released before his 12 mths. Filthy faggot.

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  3. Well said Reagan. These modern day scumags crims riot and wreak the newest jail, causing more than $25 million damage. But the piss weak Labour Government buckle and fix their damage and even give remissions of their prison sentences to the crims not involved like they are victims. They should have instead left all the scum bag rioters out in the cold exercise yards at night, for months. Any off them that froze from exposure, who the fuck cares. Leave them to suffer in their wreaked jail conditions, don’t bother fixing the damage up for them and just put a high pressure fire hose on them if they won’t conform to the screws rules, just like it was done back in the 70’s prison riots. Today’s Crims are just not worried about going to jail, today because they all know the legal system is on their side and will side for their grievances ,whether the ordinary community agree or not.
    Its guaranteed All the legal eagles and spineless human and criminal rights do-gooders will get them what they want in the end, despite the high cost to the taxpayers or government of the day.
    Their all “crim loving parasites”. But wield so much power and control of the government, justice departments and prisons.
    I just don’t know how we as a community can change this and turn the tide, and make crime and punishment, very harsh again and like, before the 1900’s, no criminal rights and gaols a place of fear and very hard convict labour slavery, as punishment for their crimes.
    I can just see it today, in Victoria for example, if a large group of convicts were shackled in leg irons and chains, and paraded by discipline by warders to a public place and made to work hard watched by shotgun.
    The do-gooders would come all out of their safe havens and cry injustice to criminals, and send the poor buggers back to the comfortable modern jails.
    But by the same token when victim try to raise the injustice issues publically be by voice or in a public rally, not a do-gooder, lawyer, judge etc, will be seen in sight.
    And hear lies the problem. The Do-gooders of criminal justice are running the show and keeping the crims safe and their fucked up human rights to protect them.
    Once again how can we the ordinary people turn this around,?… Short of getting ourselves arrested by the police , locked away in jail, for causing any public outspoken nuisance or even our selves rioting. No one is listening or cares about Victims of Crime. While the daily violence, murder , armed robbery and criminal damage from thieving anti social criminal continues at a rising rate.
    One thing is for certain unfortunately, the criminals will never endure the brutal harshness of the penal colony days of hard labour and floggings in bleak draconian prison conditions like in the Norfolk Island and old Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania’s remote Macquarie Harbour , Hells Gates- Sarah Island and Port Arthur , our penal servitude of times long past.

    “How it was and should still be for some our worst criminals!”. Todays crims have it easy compared to below in Britain, France and Convict Australia.

    :Australian History – Penal Colonies.
    “Van Diemen’s Land ” Poem animation.
    “Van Diemen’s Land Part 1 -10 (Ankit Godha).
    :Newgate Prison.
    :Females in Newgate Prison.
    :The Harlot’s Handbook 1/2- Documentary. – Not much has changed really!…
    :Chapter 4: Saint – Lazare as a Women’s Prison: 1794 – 1932.
    :Our Convict Past – Part 1 & 2.
    :Port Arthur – Tasmania.
    :Devil’s Island : Colonies of the Condemned.


  4. To the Victorian parole board that let vicious crims out to rape and kill your all a pack of useles, faceless, weak, pathetic wankers you can wash your hands as many times as you like but the blood will still remain. You made a grave mistake and it cost innocent peoples lives do you all sleep sound at night? No doubt the recent new board are just as incompetent fools.

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  5. Here – Here – Reagan , spot on there. – But you can bet London to a brick, the incompetence of all the many “crim loving fools” of the Victorian Adult Parole Board Office at Department of Justice – Headquarters – 4/444 Swanston Street , Melbourne and also Corrections Victoria, – and there are many of them, believe me, won’t ever acknowledge their failures to the community by their endless risk assessment failures, of letting habitual dangerous criminals free to hunt again.
    And all of them in the Parole Board both past and present, have got of very lightly and they try to downgrade their unaccountability , by clever talk salesman spin, dumb arse excuses. And at the end of the day, only really care about the rehabilitation and reintegration of their little darling jail birds, by letting them free again to a new life. And further more they have shown, by their bad judgments, to have no respect for so many victims caused by their lack of judgement collateral damage, and holding criminal rights over community safety, by repeatedly setting all these oxygen thief degenerate parolee mongrels free time and time again. The only ones that are not sleeping well at night are the traumatized victims. The’ ivory tower’ crim lovers, there very safely tucked away from the real world out there on the streets. The crim lovers, social workers and defence lawyers and do-gooder judges and magistrates never become victims of crime, because if they did, perhaps they would see through the real badness of cunning manipulating crims, and take a hard line and refuse them PAROLE through the spinning revolving prison doors!!!………

    “TAKE NOTE ALL YOU DO-GOODERS of justice out there”. That set and stamp dangerous alleged rehabilitated crims free from our Victorian Prisons. —This is how a real serious responsible and accountable PAROLE BOARD, works.
    No easy manipulation, conning and sucking in, the Californian Corrections and Justice Department Parole Boards Authorities, by the twisted criminal mind. – Except of coarse the ‘Gullible Wacko Crim Lovers’!.

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    :Charles Manson: 30 Years of Parole Hearings. – “And 30 Years of Parole Denied”!!!..~~~~~
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    :Charles Manson 2012 Parole Hearing. – Parole Board has grave concern to release Manson, What a Excellent Parole Board. – Take Note Victorian Adult Parole Board, how Parole should be done, For the Victims not the Violent Criminal!… And all these murders and rapist below are proof that our Australia’s Worst Criminal deserve the same fate as these more famous murderers below. But the Australian Parole Boards are never listing. Rehabilitation is the only word in their parole law books.

    :Ted Bundy’s Last Interview.
    :Ted Bundy’s Last Interview (Full). – 1989.
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    :Serial killers – Jeffrey Dahmer (The Milwaukee Cannibal) – Documentary.

    :Serial Killer – Dennis Nilsen (NEW 2015). – Dennis Nilsen murdered at least 15 men between 1978 and 1983.

    :1997 Charles Manson Parole Hearing 1 hour transferred from VHS tape.


  6. So true F.P.O as silly as this seems if Manson was here he would of been a free man years ago. He would have worked on the Melbourne Parole Board and mesmerised them just like Bayley, Price & Hunter to name a few.


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