Sydney shooting: two people shot outside NSW Police headquarters at Parramatta

Parramatta shooting: Four arrested in western Sydney over terrorist attack outside police HQ; suspects linked to Baryalei terror raids

Three of four males arrested this morning over last week’s fatal terrorist attack at Parramatta police headquarters were targeted in Australia’s biggest counter-terrorism raids a year ago.

Police this morning arrested four males aged between 16 and 22 in counter-terror raids across western Sydney.

A fifth person, a 24-year-old man from Merrylands, was also arrested this morning but was not detained as part of the joint counter-terror raids operation.

He was arrested as a result of an outstanding warrant for identity fraud and other fraud matters.

Police allege the four men arrested in the counter-terrorism operation are directly linked to the fatal shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng outside the Parramatta police HQ last Friday.

Eighteen-year-old Raban Alou was arrested at Lane Street, Wentworthville, the same home where his older brother Kawa was arrested in sweeping raids in September last year and released without charge.

Police also arrested a 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons and who was in the same year at Arthur Phillip High School as Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad, the 15-year-old who shot Mr Cheng.

At Marsfield, police arrested another target of the September 2014 raids, 22-year-old Mustafa Dirani, a former student of Arthur Phillip High.

This afternoon police released two of the four who were arrested, both aged 22, after the detention period allowed in their warrants expired.

Police also returned this morning to the Guildford home of Omarjan Azari, who is in jail on a charge of conspiracy to murder after being arrested in last year’s raids.

The 2014 raids were sparked by a phone call to Azari in which Australia’s most senior Islamic State lieutenant, Mohammad Ali Baryalei, allegedly directed him to kill a random member of the public.

Members of the group who were raided in 2014 and Baryalei, who has since been killed in Syria, were known to congregate at the Parramatta mosque where Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad spent several hours before he carried out last Friday’s attack.

The 15-year-old was shot and killed by police at the scene of the shooting.

15yo gunman ‘did not act alone’

Police are investigating where the gun came from and whether one of the four men arrested this morning supplied it to the gunman.

NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn it was unclear whether or not the four arrested today inspired the terrorist attack on Parramatta Police HQ.

“We have certain suspicions and we are clearly going to have to sift through all of this over the next couple of days,” she said.

She said the motivation of the 15-year-old was still unknown but police definitely had the suspicion he did not act alone.

“What we are investigating is a terrorism offence so what we would suggest and we suspect is that there was some influence — whether it was ideologically, religious or politically motivated — that determined and influenced the 15-year-old to go and commit this horrendous act of violence,” she said.

But Ms Burn said the teen gunman had “not been a target of ours and is not somebody we would have assessed as a threat”.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan told reporters no terrorist organisation had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said “there’s no doubt” Sydney had a problem with Islamic radicalisation.

“Importantly though, this is a minority. It is something that will be dealt with,” he said.

“It will be dealt with on the basis of the Muslim community [and] it’ll be done more broadly with the whole community.”

Three arrested plus gunman went to same school

Mr Baird said he was concerned about religious radicalisation in the state’s schools, but insisted the problem was not widespread.

Two of the males arrested today, along with a teenager charged with threatening police yesterday, and the teenage gunman from the Parramatta attack all went to Arthur Phillip High School.

But certainly my strong assurance to the people of NSW is that our schools are safe.

Mr Baird said he had asked the Education Department to accelerate the work it was doing to combat radicalisation among school students, but he downplayed the extent of the problem.

“There have been some isolated incidents. They are being dealt with by police, they are being dealt with by the Department of Education together and that’s what we need to continue to see,” Mr Baird said.

“We need to understand that we are in a new world. The risks that are emerging are new.

“But certainly my strong assurance to the people of NSW is that our schools are safe.”

Earlier, Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan defended programs designed to stop young people becoming influenced by radical extremism.

“We are working to try and divert people if we think they are falling under the spell of ISIL in the Middle East,” Mr Keenan told the ABC’s AM program.

Mr Keenan said Australia was a world leader in the global response, and was also making inroads at a local level.

In a message to parents today, Arthur Phillip High School principal Lynne Goodwin said NSW Police had advised the school that “there is no ongoing threat as a result of last Friday’s tragic event”.

“I would like to reassure the whole Arthur Phillip High School community that the school continues to be in close liaison with the Department of Education and the NSW Police to uphold our exemplary levels of student safety and student wellbeing,” Ms Goodwin said.

“Our school counsellors are available for all students, if required, today or in the future.”

Police reach out to Turkish counterparts to find gunman’s sister

Farhad’s sister flew out of the country, bound for the Middle East, a day before the NSW Police headquarters shooting.

The woman is a key focus of inquiries into the crime, with police suspicious of the timing of her travel.

“We have passed the details of that young lady on to the Turkish national police who will actively try and find her for us,” Mr Gaughan said.

“I might stress at this time there is no suggestion that she has been involved in any criminal activity here, but obviously investigators are very keen to have a chat with her about what she knows about her brother’s action.”

Hundreds of police involved in dawn raids

More than 200 officers took part in this morning’s raids, launched at 6:00am AEDT.

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Video: Woman at Merrylands home raided by police lashes out at media (ABC News)

Neighbours living across the road from the Marsfield property confirmed it was not the first time police had visited the home.

Elaine Archer told the ABC when she saw police vehicles this morning she thought to herself, “Ok, here we go again”.

“We went through it the last time they raided the same house,” Ms Archer said.

This morning’s operation followed last night’s raid on the home of an Arthur Phillip High teenager who allegedly used his Facebook page to threaten police.

Parramatta shooting: Police search mosque in shooting investigation

The Parramatta Mosque has been searched, a senior police source has told the ABC, as investigations into Friday’s fatal shooting of a civilian police force employee continue.

Farhad Jabar Khali Mohammad, 15, shot and killed 17-year police force veteran Curtis Cheng at close range outside the Parramatta police headquarters.

A senior police source told the ABC Farhad attended a mosque shortly before the shooting.

The mosque believed to have been searched overnight is a few blocks away from the site of the shooting that killed Mr Cheng, 58, as he left work at 4:30pm on Friday.

A senior figure at the Parramatta mosque has confirmed that police searched the mosque to look for a black backpack which they believe Farhad used to carry the gun he used to kill Mr Cheng.

Police said the warrant was undertaken by arrangement with leadership at the mosque, who gave their full assistance to police.

Earlier, a police source said the teenager had been armed with a revolver and did not know Mr Cheng.

After shooting Mr Cheng, Farhad fired at officers who emerged from the building to respond to the incident, but was killed when special constables returned fire.

Earlier, senior law enforcement sources said it appeared the teenager had acted alone.

“The people there (at the mosque) went looking for him after prayer,” one source said.

“There is a fair bit of information that he acted alone.”

They said after prayer he changed into a black robe.

Neil El-Kadomi from the Parramatta Mosque said Farhad visited the building in the past on occasion but he did not know him by name.

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Video: GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video shows shooter outside Parramatta police headquarters (ABC News)

“Because he was very quiet nobody noticed him,” Mr El-Kadomi said.

“He’s not known in the mosque. He came to the mosque to heal himself before he did the crime, which is wrong.”

Mr El-Kadomi said the mosque had nothing to do with the shooting and did not condone it.

“The boy, he did it alone. He died and his motive died with him,” he said.

“You have to be an active person in society, you have to join others in building Australia.

“So, we don’t agree with what happened in Parramatta.

“We’ve got nothing to do with it and I hate the linking of the mosque with the crime.”

Shooter’s relative tipped off police

The ABC was told by a senior police source that it was the older brother of the Parramatta shooter who tipped off them off about the identity of Farhad.

It is also understood Farhad’s sister Shadi went missing on Thursday and flew out of Australia on a Singapore Airlines flight bound for Istanbul, and may be attempting to reach Iraq or Syria.

Her family told police she had taken all her belongings.

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Video: Parramatta shooting response mature, not panicked: security analyst (ABC News)

Police searched Farhad’s North Parramatta home and confiscated computer equipment.

ABC’s police source said the youth had been “carrying on” outside police headquarters for a few minutes before the shooting.

“He drew attention to himself to the extent some people caught it on their iPhones,” they said.

The gunman walked past a plain clothes female detective.

“She was wearing a business suit and she wasn’t carrying a gun,” a source said.

“This poor bloke [the victim] was apparently the first one to walk out of the building — he had a connection to the police force — that was it.”

Phone hook-up between Turnbull, Baird and Muslim leaders

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and NSW Premier Mike Baird have been holding talks with Muslim community leaders following the shooting.

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Video: Tackling radicalisation must involve Islamic community: Bishop (ABC News)

Ms Bishop said the issue of radicalisation must be addressed.

“So we’re certainly reaching out to the leaders of the Muslim community … but working with the families at a grassroots local level … it’s the families that will be a frontline of defence against radicalised young people … so we will be working very closely with them,” she said.

The ABC’s Fran Kelly told the Insiders program that a phone hook-up between “the Premier, the Police Commissioner and the Prime Minister with seven or eight members of the Muslim community” took place last night.

She said Mr Turnbull used the phone call to convey the message that “we have a remarkably cohesive society, respect is key to that and [urged] everyone to work together to expose preachers of hate”.

The ABC understands the community leaders were impressed by the move and communicated their willingness to work with governments. One leader said the conversation reset the relationship.

Muslim community leaders said they were shocked by the tragic shooting of Mr Cheng.

They called for more to be done to stop extremist leaders from recruiting vulnerable youths.

Sydney Muslim community leader Ahmad El-Hage said the Government only acted when extremist thoughts turn into acts of violence.

“And we tell them this is not correct we need to act way before that,” he said.

Mr El-Hage said the Government needed to focus on the extremist leaders rather than the young people they target.

Youth worker Sheikh Wesam Charkawi, who works with high school boys to counter radical ideas, said the acts of one person should not reflect upon the broader Muslim community.

He also said some of the youth he worked with feel marginalised.

“Some of them in their families feel that there’s a disconnect, some of them come from broken families and so there is an array of issues that can lead to criminality,” Mr Charkawi said.

He said despite youth being impressionable and often naive, nothing could justify what the shooter did.

Relative known to police and counter-terrorism authorities

As part of their investigation, police are now trying to trace the ownership and history of the revolver used by Farhad in the attack.

The ABC has been told the youth had never come to the attention of police.

“We don’t know anything about him,” the source said.

But it is understood a relative was known to law enforcement or intelligence agencies.

“[The relative] was a bit of a problem, he did come to the attention of police and counter-terrorism [authorities],” a source said.

One source confirmed the teenager was a Sunni Muslim who was born in Iran.

He said he was of Iraqi-Kurdish background and may have been a refugee.

“It is interesting he is a Kurd, the Kurds are among those bearing the brunt of ISIS, it doesn’t make any sense,” the source said.

‘He was callously murdered’: Civilian IT worker on his way home from work was shot dead at ‘very close range’ by a lone gunman outside police headquarters in Sydney’s west

  • Lone gunman opened fire outside police HQ before being shot dead
  • Civilian IT expert was also killed in double shooting at station in Sydney
  • Witnesses described seeing two bodies on the ground covered in sheets
  • Police allegedly warned about possible attack through intelligence sources

A lone gunman shot dead a civilian police IT expert at close range outside a force headquarters in a targeted attack which has been described as a ‘brutal’ and ‘callous murder’.

The black-clad assailant also fired a number of shots at special constables guarding the NSW Police station in Parramatta today before he was gunned down and killed by one of the officers.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione offered his condolences to the family of the unnamed police employee who was killed on his way home from work and said there was no further threat.

He refused to be drawn on whether the double shooting was terror-related, but admitted that officers from within the counter-terrorism command were working alongside the homicide squad. 

Commissioner Scipione said the gunman, who was wearing dark trousers and a flowing dark top, acted ‘aggressively’ after shooting the IT worker and brandished his gun in the street at 4.30pm.

A civilian IT expert working for police is believed to have been shot dead after a lone gunman opened fire outside a force headquarters in Sydney, pictured officers gather around a white sheet covering a body

A civilian IT expert working for police is believed to have been shot dead after a lone gunman opened fire outside a force headquarters in Sydney, pictured officers gather around a white sheet covering a body

The gunman has also reportedly been killed after an exchange of gunfire with special constables who guard the entrance of the main station in Parramatta 

Witnesses have described seeing the gunman, who was dressed all in black, running down the street brandishing a pistol at 4.30pm today just before he was shot, pictured is the scene outside the station

Witnesses have described seeing the gunman, who was dressed all in black, running down the street brandishing a pistol at 4.30pm today just before he was shot, pictured is the scene outside the station

 He said: ‘I have viewed a number of pieces of footage, I can tell you that this was a brutal crime. It was a terrible crime.

‘We’re attempting to identify a man who was seen to approach the victim and discharge one single shot. Subsequently the assailant remained in the street here in Charles Street before he fired several further shots at a special constable.

‘A number of special constables came out of the building and as they’ve emerged they’ve come under fire.

‘In the exchange that followed the gunman was shot and killed. An employee of the NSW police force has been callously murdered here today. This is a very sobering time for us.’

When asked whether police were warned about a possible attack at the station, Commissioner Scipione revealed there had been a number of alerts in 2014 and 2015 about remaining ‘vigilant’.

‘We have drawn officers back to the special warnings which are contained within alert 2015,’ he said.

‘We’ve refreshed that alert and yet again highlighted the importance of remaining vigilant and being ready to respond should they have to at any location but particularly around police stations. I want to ensure that we don’t jump to conclusions, as I’ve said. 

‘I’ve indicated that but we’re keeping an open mind. At this stage we’ve got nothing to link this event to any terrorist-related activity but we could not say that that wasn’t the case. So clearly you would understand we have officers from within the counter-terrorism command.’ 

The attack occurred outside a daycare centre used by police force families and the children were locked inside for four hours after the shooting with a dead body at their doorstep.

Detectives have launched a ‘critical incident investigation’ and confirmed that two people had been killed after a number of shots were fired.

Witnesses have reported seeing two bodies lying on the ground covered in white sheets (pictured)

An ambulance NSW spokeswoman said paramedics were on the scene at Charles St, in the city’s CBD

An ambulance NSW spokeswoman said paramedics were on the scene at Charles St, in the city’s CBD

Detectives have not yet established the identity of the deceased, according to a spokesman

Detectives have not yet established the identity of the deceased, according to a spokesman

Detectives have launched a 'critical incident investigation' and confirmed that two people had been killed after a number of shots were fired

Witnesses have described seeing the gunman, who was dressed all in black, running down the street brandishing a pistol at 4.30pm today just before he was shot.

They also reported seeing two bodies lying on the ground covered in white sheets.

Real estate agent Edwin Almeida said he saw a man with a gun screaming and pacing up and down outside the building on Charles Street.

He said he then saw the man lying on the ground with a police officer pointing a gun at him.

‘We looked out the window, saw security guards and what appeared to be a plain clothes police officer with gun drawn pointing at the person that was now lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood,’ he said.

He wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Four five shots fired by man outside our office and in front of NSW police head quarters. Man shot down by guards and detectives.’

A man called Nathan told 2GB Radio that he saw a man lying on the street surrounded by blood.

‘I saw the guy dressed in black on the pavement with blood everywhere,’ he said.

Channel Seven helicopter pilot Andrew Millett said: ‘We can see two bodies on the ground approximately 200m away from police headquarters’.

Ambulances were called to the scene at 4:35pm after ‘reports of two patients’, a spokeswoman said.

Officers in body armour have been seen patrolling the Parramatta CBD and guarding train stations, pictured is Charles Street

Officers in body armour have been seen patrolling the Parramatta CBD and guarding train stations, pictured is Charles Street

A section of Charles Street (pictured) between Macquarie Street and Hassall Street has been cordoned off and is currently being manned by police

An investigation is believed to be underway into whether the shooter had been recently charged by a detective from one of the State Crime Command squads

It is understood one of the victims is not a sworn officer but a civilian employee from the IT department of NSW Police.

Finance worker Rizwan Shaikh, who lives opposite the police headquarters, said he heard the shooting.

‘I finished work and was in the shower and I heard the gunshots,’ Mr Shaikh told The Daily Telegraph.

‘I heard six or seven gunshots and it was pretty loud. In two to three minutes there were cops everywhere.’

Miffy Hong, 33, said her mother called her just after 5pm to tell her she could see a body covered by a sheer near police headquarters.

‘She told me come back I don’t know what’s happening, she doesn’t speak English,’ she said.

The NSW Police Force building is home to the State Crime Command, which includes the homicide, drug, Middle Eastern organised crime and gangs squads.

An investigation is believed to be underway into whether the shooter had been recently charged by a detective from one of the State Crime Command squads.

Police have shut down the whole area and drivers have been told to avoid the scene at Charles Street.

Parents of young children locked inside Goodstart Early Learning, just metres from where the shooting took place, have voiced fears about their welfare.

Dennis Entriken, whose three-year-old daughter has not been allowed to leave, told Daily Mail Australia: ‘It’s very frustrating. One of the dead bodies is right out of the front of the chilcare centre.

‘What did they see, what did they hear? Is she scared? Is she OK?

‘They’ve told us she’s safe which is good… it’s the unknown which is the issue.’

He said police had warned him that she would not be out anytime soon and said there were around 10 children inside.

‘If she saw nothing and she’s blissfully unaware then that’s good,’ he said.

A section of Charles Street between Macquarie Street and Hassall Street has been cordoned off and is currently being manned by police.

Officers in body armour have been seen patrolling the Parramatta CBD and guarding train stations.

Witnesses described hearing what sounded like a car tyre exploding before buildings near the headquarters were evacuated.

Several roads in Parramatta were blocked after the shooting and helicopters were seen circling overhead, pictured is Charles Street

Several roads in Parramatta were blocked after the shooting and helicopters were seen circling overhead, pictured is Charles Street

Two people have been hurt and there are reports of a shooting outside police headquarters in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west

Two people have been hurt and there are reports of a shooting outside police headquarters in Parramatta, in Sydney’s west

Witnesses described hearing what sounded like a car tyre exploding before buildings near the headquarters were evacuated

The Australian

Mr Scipione said today’s incident was a targeted killing.

He said the victim, believed to be an IT worker, was “callously murdered here today”. “This was a brutal crime, this was a terrible crime,” he said.

The identity of the gunman is not yet known, Mr Scipione said, and neither is the motive for the killing.

He said the victim “was simply leaving work,” and offered his condolences to the family.

Police secure the scene of the shooting. Picture: Phillip Rogers

How today’s events unfolded

A massive police operation is under way in Parramatta in Sydney’s west after two people were shot dead outside NSW Police Force headquarters.

The operation began about 4.30pm today and police are advising people to avoid Charles Street and Hassall Street as a 2km exclusion zone has been set up.

The Daily Telegraph reports that police had warning of the attack through intelligence sources and one victim of the shooting “was a public servant working for NSW Police.”

“He was shot before (the) shooter was killed,” they report.

It is then believed “the gunman was shot by NSW Special Constables.”

The shooter, “believed to be of Middle Eastern appearance and dressed in black”, according to The Daily Telegraph, “launched an attack from the street, peppering the front of the building with bullets.”

“He shot a police IT expert before being gunned by special constables who guard the entrance,” they report.

Police said a critical incident investigation had been launched following the deaths of two people.

“The incident occurred outside the NSW Police headquarters building on Charles Street about 4.30pm today after a number of shots were fired,” the service said in a statement.

“It appears an officer has discharged his weapon, responding to a report that a person had been shot.

“Two people have died at the scene.” It said officers were still to establish the identity of those killed.

Two people were reportedly shot dead outside NSW Police headquarters.

The attack happened close to a childcare centre used by police force families.

Goodstart Early Learning centre staff member Ashmi Golwala said she heard at least three “loud sounds”.

“They sounded like crackers and I went outside to see what was happening and a police lady told me to stay inside,” she told The Australian.

A 2km exclusion zone has been set up around the NSW Police headquarters.

Real estate agent Edwin Almeida says he heard shots and saw a man in a black gown pacing and waving a gun outside the police headquarters.

Mr Almeida said his frightened staff ran into their office and heard three to four gun shots.

“We looked out the window, saw security guards and what appeared to be a plain clothes police officer with gun drawn and pointing at the person that was now lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood.”

Mr Almeida filmed part of the attack (see video above) and later described it to friends.

“There was blood everywhere … after the security and detectives fired on him,” he posted on Facebook.

“Staff being escorted to railway station by police. Great support from NSW police. These guys are bloody awesome.”

Some reports suggested the attack was a drive-by shooting, but Mr Almeida disputed this.

“This guy was not driving that’s for sure. He didn’t appear to be wanting to get away,” he said.

— Additional words: Rick Morton, with AAP

Police on Hassell St as night falls following the shooting. Picture: Jonathan Ng

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  1. Australia has now come to this. Even the police at their HQ, is not safe. Whether this is a lone wolf terrorist attack a random nutcase or something more sinister, like Outlaw criminal Bikers?. All and every one our politicians in each and all party governments, have to start “rocking all the criminal worlds boats and hang outs and toughen up the criminal justice system laws, and get back to extreme super max life sentences, handed out in the courts. The “Judges” sentencing need to be expected to by the police and the community to enforce more life sentences or they should be removed as judges, if they cannot, hand out life sentences for dangerous criminals. If more Supermax jails have to be built to hold the growing influx of these worse type of murdering or attempted murdering criminals, or terrorists, then so be it, build more of them to hold them locked away for life.
    Also all the sentencing acts have to be given the mandatory permission to hand out indefinite life sentencing for terrorism and wilful murder and attempted murder, without the interference by criminal defence Lawyers, helping the criminals get lighter sentences! … All Would be violent criminals need to know that the law has the new powers to send hem away for life, to Supermax Prisons for all attempted or carried out heinous indictable crimes.

    Zero Tolerance with a mandatory “Life Sentence”. “Not Negotiable” And all law enforcement and police forces need to be given the best available random search and seizure and raid powers for any one or group of suspected people they believe could be planning a serious armed crime or in the early stages of proceeding to committing a armed crime. Less reliance on having to obtain legal Search Warrants and red tape before a imminent police raid. So it give the criminal less chance of escaping illegal activities and better take them all by surprise. And person’s for whatever reason the police sense or suspect could have deadly or dangerous motives or weapons at their place of abode, should be exempt of the need for a search warrant!

    The law has to better help the police not the criminals rights.
    If people are not involved in any criminal activity, then extra tough policing won’t be a issue. But for the crims, then they all need to start watching their backs, and being very concerned, that the police have the upper hand!
    The police need the 100 per cent backup of the Criminal Justice System, that being the Judges and Magistrates to better enable them to track down and search out suspected dangerous or known of criminals. Otherwise the criminals or terrorist, who have no laws or rules to abide by, will continue to be ahead of the game, with their black market firearms, illegally armed and dangerous and have the element of surprise and a unfair advantage and edge over law enforcement.
    Mr Malcolm Turnbull, – and your Attorney General ???.
    This needs to be the next important role for you and your new team, as the new Prime Minister of Australia.
    Toughen up all our weak links in the criminal rights and Justice System and make it law for all the Sentencing Judges to sentence all known dangerous criminal to life in prison. Similar to the United States criminal justice policy of 3 Strikes their out. “Life in Jail”, for the protection and safety of the innocent law abiding community.
    The Criminals have to be living in fear, not the police, law enforcement and the community!…


  2. I am disgusted in the way all the tv stations such as channel 9 & 7 in Melb put the AFL Grand final in front of that serious and shocking incident which resulted in the death of a reveared worker and family man. They continued to put the ridiculous fans still carrying on like fools in front of this serious news again on the Sunday when the football was well and truly over. Its embarressing and overkill grow up not everyone barracks for these frigin teams anyway so glad its over its a joke. Grow up.

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  3. :Parramatta shooting; Police search mosque in shooting investigation…

    :Tim Blair – Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog. – Part of one of the posts says, very disturbing!- “Hero of the islamic peoples he will be gratly (sic),” – “Death to the evil police state of Australia who killed this young child all he is guilty of was being muslim!!”
    A photo of Farhad’s face with a screen grab of footage captured outside the police HQ of him holding his gun above his head is accompanied by the statement: “Inshallah we will kill all the infidels”.
    Another post states: “It is no secret that Australia seeks to destroy islam and there is no choice for followers of allah but to defend themselves”.
    The page has posts calling for the Australian flag to be burnt and calls Australians “the real terrorists”.
    Another post speaks of hate for Australia and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.





    INMATES at a maximum security prison have been linked to the execution of a police worker by teenage terrorist Jihadist – 15-year-old, Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jaber.
    Heavily armed police yesterday raided four homes in western Sydney in relation to the murder of Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police’s Parramatta headquarters on Friday.
    Two of the homes are linked to Goulburn Supermax Jail inmates — one remand prisoner Omarjan Azari ,23, allegedly behind a plot to behead a “non-believer” and another remand prisoner Milad Al-Ahmadzai ,25, who threatened to slit the throat of an ASIO officer.
    The loaded pistol a .38 silver Smith and Wesson revolver is believed to have been supplied by a terror cell of one of Sydney’s most notorious Middle East crime families and handed over at the Parramatta Muslim mosque.
    A senior police source said of the crime family yesterday: “They wouldn’t give a fuck what the gun was used for”.

    Three of the four homes raided yesterday were also targeted by Operation Appleby in September 2014, last year, which foiled an alleged Islamic State ordered plot to behead a “non-believer”.
    One of the teenagers arrested yesterday, a 16-year-old who went to Muslim school with Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jaber, has previously been charged with waving an IS – Islamic State flag at a nun and threating to kill Christians. His home also was raided by Operation Appleby police.

    A home raided in Guilford yesterday had been lived in by accused terror cell leader Omarjan Azari, 23, on remand in NSW’s High Security Goulburn jail. He was the only person charged after Operation Appleby and has been accused of planning an attack. Officers yesterday sought a man living in a granny flat there.
    In Lockwood Street, Merrylands, Brothers Talal, 22, and Rafat Alameddine, 24, were taken into custody and later released without charge.
    Mustafa Dirani, 22, was arrested at Booth Street, Marsfield, also raided as part of Operation Appleby.
    An alleged regular visitor there was Milad Al- Ahmadzai, 25, also doing time in Goulburn Jail for threatening to slit the throat of an ASIO officer.

    An Islamic State sympathiser and alleged terrorist suspect, who was discussing sourcing firearms with associates: Ahmad Saiyer Naizmand who is also at the centre of inquiries into the fatal shooting outside NSW Police headquarters is in a court battle with the Australian Federal Police over the AFP, winning a control order on his movements, and that he be required to only attend the Parramatta Mosque, where some of its worshippers are being investigated for links to the 15-year-old Islamic terrorist killer Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jaber. It is believed “Jaber” was given the gun at the mosque and investigations are looking into other worshippers at the mosque who were involved in his radicalisation. The Australian Federal Police are insisting that terror suspect “Naizmand” should only pray at the Marsden Street institution.
    Ahmad Saiyer Naizmand’s Lawyers claim the AFP Control Order is a “breach of his religious freedom “, and have launched a constitutional challenge.
    The Federal Government Attorney General is considering intervening in the case, which returns to court on November 9, 2015.
    Parramatta mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi said he did not “Naizmand”, and added the AFP did not contact mosque leaders before requiring the terror suspect to pray there.
    Leaders of the Parramatta mosque do not support an extremist ideology and have assisted NSW Police. Despite concerns about some members of the mosque , the AFP is insisting that terror suspect “Naizmand” should only be allowed to pray at the Parramatta mosque.

    :TAKE NOTE OF THIS VIDEO BELOW – These ratbag intimidation attitudes of these groups of extremist or fundamentalist radical violent Muslims,who want to practice their Islamic “sectarian war” on Australian soil, yet have been lucky to be welcomed and allowed to take up their residence in Australia, yet be terrorist or just criminal or intimidating thugs or brawlers , have to be deported, ASAP, or lock away in Supermax jail… then later deported, and if Australian born extremist islamic state terrorist, then locked away in jail for life, if they cannot be deported elsewhere!…They are creating so much unrest, violence, death and threating havoc to innocent Australians and fear amongst the ordinary Australians who are being branded as a racist, if they try to speak up or protest at these Allah Akbut ranting dictators, and now they have graduated to more terror tactical public violence using converted young jihadist radicals or martyrs on their Islamic State cause and the sanctuary of a mosque to send their disciples or radical Muslim Islam followers on suicide killing sprees of the enemy all us ‘ Infidels’, as they threaten us, just as they are doing in the Middle East as ISIS. They have to be shout down permanently, before its all to late. This is not about being a racist, Australian’s, this is about protecting and keeping Australia free of these growing numbers of mostly Middle Eastern origin, preaching “Allah Akbut”, nutter radical Islam mosque praying religious terrorist black flag waving wanna be terrorists.

    :In Australia Sunni Wahabi Muslim extremists attack moderate Alawite Muslims Oz does nothing. – 2015. – 13mins.

    :Shariah Law – Islamic Justice – Pure Evil. -2013- Religious of peace-what bullshit!!!

    :Ugly Muslim Face of Islam in Sydney, Australia. – 2014.

    :Muslim Sharia Law In Australia. – 2011.

    :Islam’s Flag will fly over Australia – They think. – 2013. – How the Muslims preachers think about us!. – Very Scary!!!…



  5. Anti Muslim and Mosque protests in Bendigo, over the cites Greater Bendigo council passing and allowing to be built a large Islamic Mosque, even though many citizens object to it and don’t want the mosque in the country city. Could be a interesting angry crowd turning on each other.
    And trouble is being expected, like the last protest over the new mosque in Bendigo.
    A very large contingent of 400 Victoria Police anti riot presence is being despatched to Bendigo Central Victoria for any expected trouble with up to 200 “hardcore” demonstrators from either side, the United Patriots Front (UPF) members, who protest against Islam, fears of terrorism, halal food, and multiculturalism, Australia’s immigration policies, Muslim migration at their local mosques. And the groups ‘Reclaim Australia’ and the rival ‘No Room For Racism’ protesters.
    The police have said they are going to out in force ready to arrest the angry radical angry mobs of both sides, should violence break out again. Australia sadly has come to this!

    But in defence of the Muslims and racism – The Premier and Police of Victoria calls all the patriots protesters of anti-islam a mob all about hate, hateful bigots. And the Premier is going to fly the flag at the protest for inclusion of all the Muslims.
    :Images for Bendigo protests. –

    :Anti -mosque protesters ‘wouldn’t be able to spell Bendigo’ : Premier Daniel Andrews – The Age.
    :Premier Andrews say’s tomorrow’s anti-Muslim march is ‘all about hate’ –

    :Police on Bendigo on alert ahead of anti-mosque protest. – ABC –

    :Stop the Mosque in Bendigo – Facebook.

    :Bendigo mosque: Premier Daniel Andrews and police fear violence during anti-Islam protest in town. – – 9 October 2015.

    :Fights break out at Bendigo mosque protest. / SBS NEWS – – 29 August 2015.

    :Far-right United Patriots Fund threatens to return to Bendigo in Facebook video. – theguardian

    :United patriots front / slackbastard

    :’Some of us still have the balls left’ : Shermon Burgess claims to be standing up for Australia, but who is he? –




  6. Anyone that knocks protesters such as Reclaim Australia is an arsehole and a traiter. They have a blockage in their brain wake up do gooders look what has happened in the past few years already plots to kill police in Melb and now Sydney an unfortunate associate IT worker shot in the back of the head by a frigin 15 yr old prick. The Lindt cafe Massacre , shootings in Melb and I must say these muslims that tell the media they got the wrong house is bullshit they open fired for a reason.The extreme trouble these radical muslims are causing is really disgusting and a major threat to Australias way of life. Does an Australian go around shooting a young muslim cafe manager in the back of the head? Does a 15 yr old Aust youth shoot an IT worker in the back of the head from his place of work? NO, NO of course not ! WAKE UP non believers its time to fight back I give this group credit for speaking up someone has to. Its not good enough to allow this to happen. Whos next ? and they are grabbing innocent people off the street. This group Reclaim Aust is not dangerous to our way of life. These anti Aust muslims are.They dont give a stuff about a do gooder sympathiser they would spit on you. To see Aust against Australians in that Bendigo protest was showing how alot of these australians are definate traiters to their own country and they didnt care about the innocent aussies killed during the acts of terroism. They would rather them have another ugly mosque to pray in and then shit in our face at the same time. They call aust racist they are racist against our normal way of life. I have never seen a muslim speak up and say how much they appreciate Aust and what it has provided for them. A fucking great way of life! Arsholes. There will come a day where Aust will be fronting up to muslims in the streets thats when it will be nasty what we saw in Bendigo was nothing yet. Its just begun.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Well said Reagan , At least Reclaim Australia have the guts to stand up and speak up to the Allah Akbut Muslim loving crowd calling them neo Nazi’s and hate rasists. Because all the spin and waffle of anti racism supporters and even worse the councillors and politician do- gooders has done is let these migrating helal butchers and burqa wearers take to much of a foot hold in our free easy going Aussie.
    And another thing if the large constabulary of police were not at Bendigo to separate the rival clans, then the real outcome of the Aussies vs the Anti Rasist’s would have been a blood bath. Reclaim Australia were fired up on all cylinders ready to show the Muslim lovers that they want our country back. The anti racists, think they won the day and that they think the majority of people want their mosque and it will be a good thing ti have more of Allah. Which sadly is the case, that many locals what the mosque, and just don’t care that the Muslims are moving in. Well Reclaim Australia may have been stopped in their tracks steadfast, with a few arrests by the coppers on and near the bridge by the police from a all out battle and war. Just like at Eureka Stockade in Ballarat, the police and military overcome the gold diggers. But the battle lines against Sharia Law and Allah Akbut taking over Australia, have not yet been an all out victory to the Muslims the Abo’s and supporters. Reclaim Australia will soldier on regardless, to send out the message that Sharia Law will never be welcome in Australia, by more protests.

    Reclaim Australia will be on the next 60 Minutes getting some more bad publicity and bagged again. But while many are happy with their Muslim neighbours, lets not forget that the Muslims in the present day Middle East are not such a peaceful Islamic religion and Sharia Law values.


  8. :Parramatta shooting: Sydney man charged with suppling gun to Fahad Jabar. – ABC News – Photo: Raban Alou has been detained for a week. (ABC: 7.30)
    :- Talal Alameddine, 22, and Raban Alou, 18, have been arrested by the Middle East Organized Crime Squad, along with investigators from the joint counter- terrorism teams, “NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.
    Raban Alou, 18, has been charged with aid, abet, council and procure the commission of a terrorist attack, in relation to the death and suppling the firearm to 15-year-old gunman Farhad Jaber who shot dead and murdered Curtis Cheng at the Parramatta Police Headquarters on October 2nd, he has been refused bail. Talal Alameddine, 22, has also been refused bail.
    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) successfully applied last week to keep Raban Alou in custody for a further 100 hours, and an additional period of 68 hours “specified time”, was granted by a NSW District Court Magistrate, to interview the teenager. That court order expired on Thursday afternoon.
    NSW Police Commissioner Scipione said he was happy with the arrests. “I’m encouraged by the fact that we’ve actually got people in custody”. he said. ” I want to acknowledge and thank the Sydney joint counter- terrorism team for their dedication, professionalism and meticulous work around the clock”.
    The AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin added ” this is a very positive and welcome development on what is going to be a lengthy investigation”. “I have said repeatedly our first priority is the safety of the community and today the laying of the charges against these two men should reassure the community, that where there is evidence of criminal offending, we will find it and act”, Commissioner Colvin said. “Today is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work by our officers whose professionalism and courage should be commended. “There is so much work still to be done and the ongoing security and safety of the Australian community depends on the vigilance of all of us”.


  9. This site seems to have become the cone of silence?… Also some of my posts are being removed from here of late, and even in the lounge as well?. I know they have been removed, because they went through on post comment, like they do when clicked on? Although they had moderator alerts on them? One was about naming high profile Comanchero Criminal Outlaw bikers and some colourful well known of underworld identities they consort with, one was also about Reclaim Australia and this radical Muslim terrorist murder case above. All removed or censored?…Looks like another legal moderation. You have got to be so careful now what we write on these social media sites, lately, they can be removed on a whim, if certain parties don’t like what has been posted. Its getting difficult to talk about criminals and name these criminals and there shenanigans,in organised crime without upsetting the legal entities or being subject to censorship moderation. I think I will stop posting on here, and just read the posts like everyone else following on here is doing!


    • You had a few posts sitting awaiting approval as you had 3 or more links in them mate (I check for spammers…grrrrr) I also see your IP has changed.I certainly have NOT deleted anything you or others have posted. (Always remember to press the Post/enter after writing a reply or comment. Cheers


  10. Any Aussies or people living in Aussie that burn our own flag and protest in support for Muslims should pack off of to Muslim land in the Middle East if they like their Sharia law over Australia
    and Helal or Mecca praying bullcrap, or move away else where in this big bad changing world in the Middle Eastor where ever. These bogans burning our national flag think the Dinky Di Aussies way of standing up and protecting our fast being taken over once great Australia, are missguided f*** wits. That need to learn some Australian history. Some of these dim wits are socialist University students or law students on the side of more Muslim integration in Australia. These Anti Racists, sucking up to the Muslims way of dark ages Sharia Law religion , might just have one of their own relatives a victim of a coward terror murder or collateral damage from our home unknown quantity Australia grown radical Islamic terrorists. Wake up to what the muslim’s agenda on Australian British democracy are up to. And as for the angry crowds of Indigenous Abo half and full cast blacks burning our Union Jack and Southern Cross, well that’s just typical of them, with their indigenous black spot flag waving of their spears and indigenous ensigns, that don’t like us Aussie patriots waving the Union Jack and hurting them to the bone. They don’t mind drinking our Aussie grog but!… Perhaps they would rather trade Centrelink with Sharia Law and Mecca over the corroboree and the burqa over shorts and thongs. Because that’s what Islamic Muslim what. Burqa’s and more Burqa’s. Reclaim Australia, unfortunately has a big battle on its hands, with so many white Caucasians traitors in support of the Middle Eastern way of life. Its a real worry, when these anti racist support foreigners religion over the simple ways of laid back Dinki Di Aussie lifestyles, of a Victoria Bitter and a pie and sauce in preference for helal certified Muslim food and their draconian values. Talk about spot the Aussie, where fast becoming and endangered species, heading the way of the Tasmanian Tiger, into extinction. And that’s just what the Muslim’s want, to take us all over, and become the Great Southern Land Islamic Middle East!…


  11. This is what Reclaim Australia sadly are up against! – These smart arse academic highly educated Anti- Racist Do-Gooders. Below’. Australians against Australians – Sad.

    :Anonymous – Truth about “Reclaim Australia Rallies” # OP Rally Against Racism & Bigotry.

    :John Laws on Reclaim Australia Rallies.

    :Jimmy Barnes slams Reclaim Australia rallies.

    :Protestors set to sue police.


  12. So true F.P.O you summed it up alright it really is a worry when Australians are turning on their own to support anti Australian muslim pricks.That shows these fools have been already brainwashed and in actual fact the muslims wouldnt give them the time of day so they are wasting their time. They are weak as piss burning a flag with their face covered. As you said they need to wake up to whats on their agenda and get it right because Reclaim Aust is certainly not about racism so they need to shut their ill informed mouths. Jimmy Barnes just likes to be seen no matter what the subject is.


  13. Reagan on October 18, 2015 at 10:13 pm said:

    “You protesters that burnt the Australian Flag in Bendigo something bad will happen to you now you traiters and arsholes.”

    As much as you might think and believe it is a crime to burn “our” flag it of course is not. We will not witness in our time any surge of patriotic fervor so great as to thwart immigration of Muslims or otherwise. The real traitors are those who have voted for the last 40+ years, if you have put pen to paper choosing either Labor or Liberal you then are a fucking fool as each are as bad as the other.

    Honestly, can you or anyone deny these backwards, child raping, god believing idiots (Muslims) a chance at moving forwards for a better life? Our forefathers did it to the abos and now it is taking place thanks to our government of cultural Marxist filth who should be loaded onto a boat with the rest of the scum and sent back. It though is too late, we are full of the bastards now and they have interwoven with the blood our culture, our people, what would you do from here? Show pity for some and return others? Perhaps try another alternative, destroy some and grant a stay to others because they have kin that are part white? Or obliterate every single last vestige of them, erase them. That is where this is headed and I for one am pissed I will miss it.

    Jimmy Barnes will decry the rallies as bad because he has an Asian wife with his mongrel half-breed children who have in turn knocked out quarter caste copies of them selves. Barnes is no stranger to the Right, we have been attacking that race traitor since the mid 80’s for me anyway.

    Have either of you been to one of the Reclaim Australia rallies? You would know that by the blue flannel seen there every second male there would be named Steve-o, John-o, Mick-o, with mulleted hair, gap teeth, carrying a beer. If that is representative of any real culture it then needs removing. They do not represent me albeit some might think they do but they are disillusioned to think they are.

    It will be the fresh faced doctors, the teachers, the husbands and wives; those who are fed up that are sworn in their desire to see a brighter future for their kids who are willing to go the second mile and as before lead the masses to their deaths. Fire the ovens and through the stench regale that they have made a stand and succeeded where many before have promised the world and gave so little or nothing.

    People have to stop believing in this government and take it back, Democracy has failed, Multiculturalism has failed, you cannot speak of culture without speaking of race so before any of you mention culture or “our way of life” remember it all boils down to race. Will you sacrifice your “race” by allowing just one drop of foreign blood from mixing with yours? If that is a yes then you need stand with the other crew, if not then mobilize and make the difference.


  14. We all express our veiws differently some over a glass of red others prefer a stubby. What these people look like doesnt effect me its whats in their hearts and soul and what they believe is right. I wouldnt expect the rally to look like the Sydney mardi gras these are tough blokes no holds barred thats normal.They are angry and so am I. Ive never been to a rally I give the protesters credit for rising up and having the guts to speak up for this melting pot of a country thats rapidly sinking fast by the rampant toxic filth thats infiltrating here and committing cold blooded murder on random innocent bystanders.I dont blame the residence of Bendigo for being outraged about a mosque being built, and yes I have wasted time in the past voting it is a sham the dummy vote is a better alternative.


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