Mexican “Safari” ends in murder for Aussies Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman

Missing Surfers

THE coastal Mexican region where the bodies of two men were found in a burnt-out van, likely to be identified as a pair of missing Australian surfers, has earned a reputation as the country’s murder capital.

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were travelling the picturesque coastline of northern Mexico in search of the kind of off-track surf beaches you wouldn’t find in a Lonely Planet guide.

Mr Lucas’s partner Josie Cox, who he had planned to propose to, said the men were a couple of “very keen and confident surfers” and “may have gone in search of waves in remote villages close by”.

It was on those remote roads they were driving overnight that it appears the pair ran into significant trouble.

The men were believed to be camping en route from Topolobampo to Guadalajara but, unusually, had not made contact with their girlfriends or family members for more than a week.

As Australian authorities communicated news of a “tragic event” to the families of Mr Lucas and Mr Coleman, reports emerged two bodies had been found in a torched vehicle appearing to have once matched the description of the blue and white camper they were driving.

Mexican authorities inspect a burnt-out van suspected to belong to a couple of Australian tourists missing for more than a week, in Sinaloa, Mexico. Picture: AP PhotoSource:AP

The WA friends were only about 25km from bustling modern cities and tourist attractions. Although most parts of Mexico are safe to visit when precautions are taken, away from the tourist cities and under cover of darkness are when many areas reveal how they’ve been touched by the country’s roaring underground drug trade and organised crime.

La Trobe University Institute of Latin American Studies senior fellow Dr Barry Carr says the two travelling surfers may be an extreme example of what can go wrong in the country.

“Parts of Mexico have a partly deserved reputation for being a dangerous place,” he tells

“If I was giving advice to friends of mine about driving, I would tell them two things: don’t drive at night and don’t, under any circumstances, get off the main highways. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, classically, and it looks like that unfortunately may be the case for these young men.”

Dr Carr says that the picture of the burnt-out vehicle, while not a signature of any particular criminal group, was an extreme example of fairly common gang behaviour in many parts of rural Mexico.

“There is the so-called war on drugs in Mexico that has been raging since 2006. Around 102,000 have been killed and 32,000 have been disappeared. Disappeared people is a very common phenomenon — disappeared foreigners is less so but very unfortunately it does happen,” he said.

“These guys were outsiders, there is nothing to suggest that they were involved in anything illegal. They could have been lost, they could have been carrying valuables, they simply could have been picked up, robbed by some local thugs or could have fallen victim to some sort of stand-over tactic.”

Adam Coleman (pictured) had been on his way to meet up with his girlfriend in Guadalajara. Picture: FacebookSource:AAP

Rural kidnapping, robberies and theft not necessarily connected with the drug trade is a risk travellers take when going off-road in Mexico.

The state of Sinaloa, where Mr Coleman and Mr Lucas had travelled, has long been a notorious area for crime and is on the radars of international government authorities such as Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with warnings often in place.

Home to one of Mexico’s most significant international drug trafficking and organised crime syndicate, the Sinaloa Cartel, the Mexican state has both benefited and lost out from the distribution of cocaine and other drugs the organisation specialises in.

“There’s no secret there’s white powder behind a lot of the wealth in that state,” Dr Carr says.

One of the leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, rose to international infamy pulling off an incredible escape from a Mexican prison in July.

The municipality of Navolato, about 25km west of the city of Culiacan, has been the site of countless murders and mafia activity in recent years.

Reports from local media detail burnt-out cars discarded on the streets of the notorious town, and brutal deaths likely associated with the drug trade, Dr Carr says.

Adam Coleman. Picture: FacebookSource :AAP

Dean Lucas. Picture: FacebookSource :Supplied

Although nothing has been confirmed of the identity of the bodies found in the van in Navolato, nor the whereabouts of the two missing men, those close to the men are fearing the worst.

Mr Coleman’s Mexican girlfriend, Andrea Gomez, told the Associated Press she and Mr Lucas’s partner, Josie Cox, will travel to the Sinaloan capital of Culiacan to see if the two bodies are the men.

“Everything points to it being them because the van matches; it had a bicycle,” Ms Gomez said.

She said that Ms Cox was bringing Mr Lucas’s dental records for matching and she had “pieces of dreadlocks” that Mr Coleman had given her.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance to the families and issued a statement on their behalf on Sunday, saying they were aware the van had been found and a “tragic event” had occurred.

“The families hold deep fears for the safety of their sons, but stress that they are still waiting for details to be confirmed,” a statement from the department said.

An online fundraising campaign to support the families of the two men has received more than $22,000 in a matter of hours.

Fault Lines travels to the troubled Mexican state of Michoacan to find out what happens when vigilante groups take on powerful drug cartels.

Missing surfers: Families of Australians Adam Coleman, Dean Lucas head to Mexico amid reports unidentified bodies found in van

Updated about 5 hours ago

The families of two West Australian surfers missing in Mexico hold grave fears for their safety, amid reports two bodies were found in a burnt-out van similar to the one the men were travelling in.

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman were travelling in a van towards Guadalajara, but failed to arrive at their destination by November 21 as planned.

A media outlet in Mexico said two bodies had been found in a burnt-out Chevrolet van matching the description of the one the men were travelling, but local police have not confirmed or denied if they are the Australians.

Mexican authorities will run DNA tests on the two charred bodies and the girlfriends of the men are helping with DNA testing, an official told Reuters.

The official from Sinaloa’s local prosecutor’s office said the bodies were too charred to identify.

A photo of the burnt van shows a bicycle on the back and a spare tyre, similar to the one the men took on their road trip. Local reporters have told the ABC food tins and cooking utensils were also found in the van.

“Nothing is confirmed, it’s just a similar van,” Dean Lucas’s girlfriend Josie Cox told the ABC.

“[It’s] most likely theirs but I’m keeping positive it’s not.”

The torched van was found in the state of Sinaloa — one of the most dangerous and violent places in Mexico, home to powerful gangs and drug cartels.

The US State Department has advised people not to travel there outside of one major city, and says travelling on anything other than major toll roads is especially dangerous.

The families of the two men said they were aware the van had been found and that a “tragic event” had occurred, but still did not know exactly what had happened.

“The families and partners are aware the van in which they were travelling has been located by Mexican authorities and that a tragic event has occurred,” the families said in a statement released by DFAT on Sunday.

“The families hold deep fears for the safety of their sons but stress that they are still waiting for details to be confirmed.”

Family and friends have paid tribute to the men on social media.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs said it “is providing consular assistance to families in Australia who are seeking to establish the welfare of other family members in Mexico.”

“Due to privacy reasons we will not be making further comment.”

From other news sites:

  • Yahoo!7 News: Burnt van fears for missing WA surfers in Mexico

  • Everything points to it being them’: Girlfriend of one of two Australian surfers missing in Mexico gives police a DREADLOCK of his hair to help identify the charred bodies in their firebombed van

    • Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman are missing in Mexico
    • The two men, both 33, were last seen Friday, November 20, buying a map
    • Their girlfriends hope to provide Mexican authorities with DNA samples
    • Mr Lucas’ girlfriend, Josie Cox, arrived in Mexico with his dental records
    • While Mr Coleman’s girlfriend, Andrea Gomez, has pieces of his dreadlocks
    • Mexican authorities located the van the two Australian men were driving
    • Local media outlets have reported the discovery of the burnt campervan 

    Mr Lucas’ girlfriend, Josie Cox, arrived in Mexico on Sunday before she revealed her boyfriend was planning to propose.

    Mr Coleman’s girlfriend, Andrea Gomez, said Ms Cox brought Mr Lucas’ dental records with her.

    Josie Cox, Dean Lucas's girlfriend, has flown to Mexico to try and help find him and Adam Coleman. She arrived on Sunday with his dental records

    Mr Coleman's girlfriend, Andrea Gomez (right with her boyfriend), has 'pieces of his dreadlocks' to help authorities identify if one of the bodies found in a burnt-out campervan found in Navolato belongs to her partner

    Mexican news outlets have reported finding a burnt Chevy on the side of a road with two bodies inside

    Along with ‘pieces of dreadlocks’ given to Ms Gomez by her partner, the pair hoped authorities would be able to confirm whether or not the bodies found were those of their loved ones.

    ‘Everything points to it being them because the van matches, it had a bicycle. But nothing is confirmed yet,’ Ms Gomez said.

    At first, Ms Gomez and Ms Cox had wanted to travel to the Sinaloa capital of Culiacan on Monday with the items for DNA testing, but now they would travel to Mexico City to make contact with the Australian Embassy.

    Mr Lucas and Mr Coleman, from Golden Bay – an outer southern suburb of Perth, were reported missing after they organised ‘solid plans and reservations’ to be in Guadalajara, Mexico by November 21, but failed to arrive.

    Mexican news outlets reported the discovery of a burnt caravan containing two bodies as the families of the two men were informed their vehicle had been found and a ‘tragic event [had] occurred’.

    Family are currently travelling to Mexico and Ms Cox revealed on Sunday night Mr Lucas was going to ask her to marry him.

    Dean Lucas (left) and Adam Coleman (right) from Western Australia went missing while driving through Mexico in a blue and white Chevy

    Ms Cox revealed that Mr Lucas had been planning to propose to her before he went missing

    Pictured is Mr Coleman with his girlfriend Andrea Gomez, who had been planning to meet with him soon

    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed the van has been found in Mexico 

    Mexican authorities are yet to identify the bodies who were found in a destroyed Chevy in Navolato, one of the most dangerous areas in Mexico, about 10.30pm.

    Sinaloa, home of the powerful cartel led by fugitive drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, stretches down Mexico’s Pacific coast and would be on the route of most road trips to Guadalajara from western Canada.

    Ms Cox has taken to social media appealing for any information that may help find the Australian men who were last seen in the coastal town of Los Mochis, with a witness saying the pair were buying a map.

    The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released a statement on the missing surfers confirming their van has been located in Mexico.

    Mr Lucas' girlfriend Josie Cox earlier posted on Facebook that their families were devastated to learn local authorities had officially classed the pair as missing. Pictured is Mr Coleman

    Ms Cox said the men had 'solid plans and reservations' to be at Guadalajara by November 21, but never arrived. Pictured is her boyfriend Mr Lucas

    Ms Cox said the men had ‘solid plans and reservations’ to be at Guadalajara by November 21, but never arrived. Pictured is her boyfriend Mr Lucas

    A social media campaign has been launched to find two West Australian surfers. Above is Mr Lucas (left)

    Adam Coleman pictured with his girlfriend, Josie Cox

     Ms Cox is pictured here with Mr Lucas during various travels the pair took together

    ‘Dean and Adam were travelling in a van, departing from Topolobampa on Friday 20 November to Guadalajara but did not arrive on their scheduled date,’ the statement said.

    ‘The families and partners are aware the van in which they were traveling has been located by Mexican authorities and that a tragic event has occurred.

    ‘The families hold deep fears for the safety of their sons but stress that they are still waiting for details to be confirmed.’

    The local media publications have also translated Ms Cox’s plea for help in to Spanish in a bid to help try and find the pair.

    ‘The last confirmed siting [sic] was disembarking the ferry from Cabo to Topolobampa on Friday 20th November at 10pm. They were supposed to drive to Guadalajara after this, and never arrived,’ Ms Cox wrote on Facebook.

    Mr Lucas has also booked flights to the U.K. from Los Angeles within three days but there is now doubt whether he will be catching the flight.

    Family members of the pair are heading to Mexico as they await confirmation 

    The pair had ‘solid plans and reservations’ to be in Guadalajara, Mexico but never arrived 

    ‘They are very keen and confident surfers from Australia and may have gone in search of waves in remote villages close by. We suspect they free camped somewhere on route from Topolobampo to Guadalajara overnight.,

    ‘Their family and I are devastated and would kindly urge that you share this as far as you can and on any relevant social media sites or pages to help us find our boys.’

    Ms Cox’s recent update on the search also suggested there is devastating news.

    ‘We’d like to update everyone to announce we have had some distressing developments which we have not yet had confirmed.

    They were last seen buying a map by a witness in the Mexican coastal city of Los Mochis

    The keen surfers from Golden Bay, an outer southern suburb of Perth have not made contact with their families for over a week

    The van has a distinct red door on the back with the registration plates BSN - 2713

    ‘We would appreciate any updates on information if you know anyone that has any, but ask that the Lucas and Coleman family have some privacy at this time,’ she wrote on Facebook.

    Another friend of the pair also posted images of the men on social media while also suggesting their phones were stolen.

    ‘They have been driving through Mexico in this van and it’s been reported that Adam’s phone is now being used by someone else.

    ‘He is usually in regular contact with his mother and girlfriend so this is very out of character for him,’ she wrote.

    A friend of the pair has suggested that Adam Coleman's phone is being used by another person

    Local media organisations have also released photos of the pair in a bid to find any information that may help 

    In two hours a fundraising page for the pair's family members has raised over $4,000

     In two hours a fundraising page for the pair’s family members has raised over $4,000

    A gofundme fundraising page has also been set up to raise money for family members to help them travel to Mexico and continue their search for the pair.

    In nine hours 129 people have donated to the fundraising page raising over $16,000.

    ‘We are currently raising funds to help support both families in getting over to Mexico and bringing Dean and Adam back home to WA safely. any contributions is greatly appreciated,’ wrote the organiser of the page.

    A social media campaign has also been launched to help find the pair with the public using #FindDeanandAdam to share images and news of the men.

    The last confirmed siting was disembarking the ferry from Cabo to Topolobampa on Friday 20th November at 10pm

    Social media is reposting images of the Australians in hopes of finding any information about their disappearance

    Social media is reposting images of the Australians in hopes of finding any information about their disappearance

    A close friend's recent Facebook post reveals the family has received 'distressing developments' and their families are awaiting confirmation

    A close friend’s recent Facebook post reveals the family has received ‘distressing developments’ and their families are awaiting confirmation

9 thoughts on “Mexican “Safari” ends in murder for Aussies Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman

  1. Correct me if Im wrong in asking this but why would the family be asking for donations to help them travel to that shithole to help in the search for these poor buggers when two bodies have been found in the van?


  2. What a shame for these guys they appear to be the no fear risk taking type but I always thought Mexico would be a very dangerous place. The hippie days of the 1970s are well and truly over. No peace makers over there man.


  3. This is a true story, no bullshit here , my younger brother is a telecommunications engineer, and he was working for a German company called Siemens Australia back in 2010. Anyway to cut a long story short, he was required to go on secondment to the United States and work in Mexico and Central and South America, Panama, Belize etc, for six months, installing and commissioning internet telecommunications installations in central Mexico. One time when he was on R&R, rest and recuperation, he and his work partner, drove their hire car, off a main Mexican highway on a sight seeing tour, which ended up in hell.

    What happened was while they were driving on a back road in central Mexico, they were chased and ordered to pull over, by Mexican Police Officers. The Mexican Police accused them of being ‘Gringo Drug Lords’, and aggressively searched them and arrested them, putting them in handcuffs, and put them into the police patrol vehicle, and proceeded to threaten they were taking them to a Mexican jail, if they didn’t pay them off. As they only had a few United States American dollars on them in their wallets, the Mexican police, angrily demanded that they didn’t have enough money to secure their release on some sort of Mexican bail bonds. Anyway my brother luckily had an American Express card in his wallet, and the police demanded he give it to them, and they also took all the small amount of US dollar bills he had, and his valuable camera and whatever he had in his car of some value.

    The Mexican Police then took off the handcuffs off them, and with authority but also laughing at them, said we won’t take you to jail now, your free to go on your way. They stole my brothers and his co-workers credit cards and the small amount of cash they had, and valuables, but let them keep their passports luckily, so they could leave Mexico. The Police then just let them go and drove off.
    My brother and his mate were very shaken, but glad the police, just let them go and never took them to a Mexican jail. But they were very angry that the Mexican Police had now had stole their only money and credits cards and valuable property.

    They drove straight back to Tijuana and then back though the United States Mexican Border and entered back into the United States. Thereby Abandoning there work commitments in Central Mexico, and never went back there again. They didn’t bother reporting the incident to Mexican authorities, because after this false arrest, robbery and extortion by none other than Mexican Police ‘Law Enforcement’, who could you trust in Mexico, certainly not the Mexican Police that’s for sure.

    My Brother found out later from the United States Border Protection , that it was unfortunate that their are very corrupt organised criminal rogue Mexican Police Officers, and they frequently intimidate with their police uniform and power and target vulnerable foreigners and ‘Gringos’ (Yankies) or non-Hispanic or Latino tourists visiting Mexico and extorted them for money, credit cards or whatever valuables items being carried on them, an falsely arrested and jailed those foreigners on trumped up criminal charges if they were unable to pay their extortion money to them.
    Law Enforcement cannot be trusted in parts of Mexico and some are in the pockets of the Mexican Drug Cartels and untouchable.
    My brother will never ever return to Mexico, which is a shame, because for all its bad extortion and crime over there, Mexico is in part a different destination for tourists. But unfortunately Mexican Jails are very evil places to end up in. But even worse innocent people can become victims to Mexican Drug Cartels and Corrupt Mexican police acting like pirates in their own territories of remote Mexico.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Here are some examples of how notorious Mexico can be even with in its own people and country and Police force. And corruption and extortion of victims is normal in Mexico.
    Rival Drug cartels appear to run the violence and murder of the wild west Hispanic and Latino country. And the United States are the main destination for narcotics trafficking. See links below.

    :Inside El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel. – Vice News – 23/07/2015.

    :”El Chapo: CEO of Crime”.

    :5 Shocking Displays of Mexican Cartel Violence. – 2014.

    :Attempted Extortion in Mexico. – J.E.Brown – 2012.

    :I Was Kidnapped In Mexico For Exposing Corruption. – 2015.

    :Los Zetas The Hardest Drug Cartel Documentary 2015.

    :Police Corruption And Cartels – Inside Mexico’s Drug War Documentary. (Part 1 & 2). 2013.

    :World’s ‘most wanted’ drug lord – Joaquin Guzman – arrested in Mexico – BBC News

    :How Drug Cartels Work: The CIA, Money and Trade in Central America Day 1 Part 1 (1988). – United States Government Senate: John Kerry.

    :THE WATCHMEN: Secrets of the CIA.

    :THE CIA and Crack Cocaine.

    :The C.I.A. Busted For Dealing Drugs To Americans.


  5. :Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman went missing in Mexico during murderous weekend. – – Skynews and some other Videos. –
    Mexican authorities have said they believed the van was torched over a bloody weekend when Mexican criminal gangs took “reckoning” in one of the most dangerous parts of the country. There were 16 murders in the space of 72 hours in the dangerous Sinaloa region on the weekend of November 21.
    The Australian’s were travelling in the same region which is home to notorious drug cartels including one led by fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Much of the Australian’s van’s paint had burned off and the bodies were so badly burned only DNA tests or dental records could identify them.
    The van was found on a dirt road known as “the 25” in the Novalato region of Sinaloa Mexico. On the same weekend authorities tallied the 16 mostly gun-related murders in Sinaloa.

    Mexico’s general co-ordinator of public safety Moises Melo Garcia said the end of the year was a notoriously active time for criminal gangs and drug cartels.
    He described the 16 murders in Sinaloa around November 21 as something like a “reckoning” or “settling of accounts” at the end of the year.
    “Well there are times and moments in which, unfortunately, these types of things happen,” he told Mexican press in Spanish of the 16 murders at the time.
    “As you well know, around the end of the year situations arise’ when some people “come from outside the state”… Or they have some prior “debt that they then have to pay”, and these unfortunate things happen, but we are trying to catch everything”.

    There is no indication Mr Lucas or Mr Coleman were involved in any illegal activity, however they could have found themselves in the crosshairs of a violent period in the region.
    Featured Video also below on
    :Mexico’s Vigilante State. – Fault Lines travels to the troubled Mexican State of Michoacán to find out what happens when the vigilante groups take on powerful drug cartels.

    Very horrible this murderer by Mexicans of Australians. Rotten Drug dealers and their gangs. There seems to be no way of getting rid of them.
    And in the Wild West of Mexico Victoria Australian, it is getting as bad also, with all the frequent daily unsolved drive by shootings, murders, bashings, home invasions and violent armed robberies and smash and grab break and enters, cigarette robberies, and all the reckless criminal damages to the smash and grab premises and the theft and deliberate setting fire to the stolen cars used in their getaway desperate crimes.
    NO JUSTICE anymore!…



  6. While on the subject of Mexico and Central American crime , check out some of these interesting films below.
    :FRONTLINE // Drug Lord: The Legend Of Shorty – Casanova Hieu – 2015 -1hr.23mins.
    :Former mobster explains why El Chapo will never be caught. – Fox Business – 2015.
    :Border Wars Season 5 Cash and Corruption Full Episode. – Inge Cobur – 2015.
    :Boarder Wars – SO2E02 “Checkpoint Texas” – Boarder Wars TV. – 2015.
    :Boarder Wars – SO3E05 “Drug Smuggling Grandma” – Boarder Wars TV. – 2015.
    :Over Crowding Mexican Prisons. – Borderguards – 2009.
    :The Most Dangerous Prison In USA , MS-13 Criminal Gangs in prison Full Documentary – 2014.
    :Hardest Mexican Gangs The Bloody Killer , El Paso Prisons Documentary. Documentary Book – 2014.
    :The Barrio Azteca Prison Gang Drug Wars Documentary. – Documentary Channel – 2015.
    :Your Worst Fear – Jail In Mexico – U.S. Marine In Custody. – Global KnowledgeTV. – 2014.
    :Overcrowded Prisons Force Inmates to Live in Filth. – CCTV Americas Now – 2012.
    :El Chapo – The Mexican Drugs War – Elchapo – 2014.


  7. I believe they were seasoned travellers and had travelled to Mexico previously. I hope they did not suffer in that place where life appears to be cheap and I wonder how they will conduct investigations in the midst of so much crime dubious or thorough – what a nightmare for their loved ones. One of their girlfriends (although she has now announced she was anticipating a proposal) had been busily posting her upcoming dance career opportunities on her FB whilst her loved one was missing – bet she regrets that now.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The way these ruthless Mexican drug Cartels butcher their own people they consider a threat to their evil drug and extortion business, I can’t see that these Aussies, could have died a quick death, unfortunately.
    It appears by the look of their Chevy van they were burnt alive or either they were butchered then shot first and burnt in the van. Whether they were ambushed or followed to their final destination, its difficult to be sure. Perhaps they refused to pay extortion money to the pissed off drug cartel, or owed them a debt for marijuana or something, as some surfers like smoking dope in Australia in Byron Bay, for example. And maybe they owed some money to the drug dealers and didn’t pay up on time. Whatever the case maybe, these Mexicans take all human life very cheap, and if double crossed, will kill foreigner tourists it seems, the same way they brutally torture and murder their own rival Mexicans.
    They will probably never be caught, especially if they are on the payroll of Drug Lord – El Chapo’s henchmen or some other equally as violent rival drug cartel gang. These drug trafficking criminals cut of their enemies heads, just like they were butchering a animal, so no method of killing to them, is too brutal. And they whey they sort out their grievances in Mexican and United States Prison, is proof enough they kill or be killed in honour to their Latino gangs.
    One things for sure, unless you were as mean as and armed and tooled up like the well known Mexican actor DannyTrejo, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere out of bounds in Mexico were the Drug Cartels hang out.
    I certainly have no desire anymore to go to Mexico for a holiday, which is a pity, because some parts of Mexico, South of the Border are okay, like the nice scenery, open sea and big city of Acapulco for example. And plenty of very cheap Corona beer and tequila. Great marketplaces etc, and real Mexican food. But after this brutal murder, it would not be wise to go to the seedy regions of Corrupto Mexico.

    :Can Acapulco Bounce Back? – – 30/12/2014. :Everything about Acapulco for you… One of the most exciting cities in the world. Acapulco is famous for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited water sports, first class hotels, gourmet restaurants and the breath- taking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay! A favourite destination for Elvis Presley and one of his famous movies, “Fun in Acapulco” in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    :Fun in Acapulco. – ParamountmoviesAU. – from 1963. – Where did Mexico and its paradise all go so violently wrong. – Evil greedy Drug traffickers, like everywhere else.
    :Elvis Presley – Fun in Acapulco (1963) Part 1 of 10.
    :Elvis Presley. Margarita – De la pelicula El idolo de Acapulco- 1963. – SENOR RATING.

    :Machete Kills’ Danny Trejo on Jail, Schools & Breaking into Hollywood. – The Lip TV – 2012.
    :Danny Trejo – From Death Row to Eternal Life. – CelebrityPreacher – 2010.
    :Runaway Train – Trailer – (1985) – Danny Trejo’s first acting movie. Awesome acting by all in this film. He also trained Eric Roberts to box in the prison scenes.
    :Runaway Train boxing scene.
    :OFFICAL VIDEO: Casa de Machete / Danny Trejo by Gina Silva and David Honl – Gina Silva -2013.
    :Machete – The Official Trailer.
    :Desperado (2/8) Movie CLIP – Throwing Knives (1995) – Movieclips.
    :Blood In Blood Out – Best scene. – Danny Trejo in The Mexican gangs.
    :Blood in Blood out (Classic Lines).
    :Blood In Blood Out – Pork Chops.
    :Con Air – The Convicts. – moviescenes4u
    :Con Air Teaser Trailer. – iamRipper – Danny Trejo.


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