Doing it 4 Allison – Justice Needs To Be Served!


G’day folks, it’s been awhile!  A picture paints a thousand words!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we’d have a scene played out like the one on Friday. The Court Of Appeal’s decision has left most with a bad taste in their mouths, many questioning the justice system. I couldn’t let Friday pass by without attending and the capturing images. It was so wonderful to see the community of Brisbane come together and rally behind Allison’s family and friends, also giving support the victims of domestic violence.


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6 thoughts on “Doing it 4 Allison – Justice Needs To Be Served!

  1. Seems there is a dangerous precedent here.Let just say I will to kill someone .I put myself into a position where we are alone.
    Then since there are NO WITNESSES I can stab, hit them with any blunt object and disposed of the evidence inc the Body.
    When exposed I simply say ” I did not intentionally ” kill them, we had a VERBAL fight and I lost my temper when the VICTIM went to attack me.Can use this case for my defence……….I DID NOT MEAN IT !!!!.Even though I perjured myself in court, Lied through my teeth. and Had ***** as a friend.
    This makes Qld the easy MURDER State!!!!!!!!!!! .I did not mean it your Honor.


  2. A high ranking police officer once told me “there is no justice in our justice system”. How can we have justice when judges and magistrates are not made accountable for their decisions. The entire system needs a major overhaul, why have police spend months and sometimes years investigating crimes, only for the judge or magistrate to give the perpetrator a minimal sentence or no jail time at all. How in the case of Bayden-Clay is it possible for anybody to come up with a verdict of manslaughter? How can anybody overlook the facts of the case and say there was not enough evidence to suggest it was premeditated or did someone else move the body? Did someone else lie to police about the events of that day, did someone else have claw marks on his face and tell the police that he cut himself shaving? It is only my opinion but I suggest he did have murderous intent that night, he also had intentions to get away with this crime, by hiding the body and constructing a web of deceit, he never once said anything to police to the contrary. This man is guilty of murder, he is also guilty of interfering with a body, in his attempt to hide what he had done. He is a manipulative person and even now he has managed to manipulate the corrupt system we have to, I won’t say convince, but he has managed to dodge a bullet and get the powers that be to convict him of a lesser sentence of manslaughter. The solicitors and panel that have enabled this man to evade proper punishment should hang your heads in shame.


  3. Baffled! What a slap in the face. I hope those trashy gossip mags dont interveiw that awful Toni Mc Hugh again she was paid a hefty sum for her interveiws and cunningly shot through benefitting from the proceeds of crime. She did very well for herself of course she took a stand in court she would be a fool not to that was a way to clear her name and consience. There is no closure for the family what an awful situation betrayed by the justice system again not suprising they are wackjobs. Apparently he set up a life insurance policy out on her they were having financial problems, he was having sex with Toni Mchugh, the marriage was in a mess, he dumps her body in a creek ,DNA proved it was Alisons blood was in the car. Shit thats frigin enough to lock the prick up for life but no not this f…cked up judicial system. Lets see if this comes about it isnt set in concrete yet I doubt it. Emotional mind torture for the family and friends. Its a cruel world we live in.


  4. Yeah I agree like thousands of others – Baden-Clay is a slimy scum. How dare he think he can take someone’s life AND the mother of his children of all things and lie, lie, lie and now he’s worked out a way to “beat the system” and he’s going for it. What a disgusting low life pig he really is. There was no need to kill anyone – he could have left with that other “thing” he was sleeping with – he must have made Allison’s life so miserable for a long long time. What a slime ball he really is – I hope he’s getting what he deserves from his “inmates” as I know a lot don’t like crimes against women or children. But of course he will be one of the “protected” species so he doesn’t get his head smashed in. It’s a bloody cruel world when Judges send people to jail for petty things (well compared to murder) like driving offences, not paying fines, petty theft – and a piece of s#*% like that gets two bites at the cherry so he can walk free sooner. HOW CAN THE EVIDENCE CHANGE NOW!!!! It’s clear Baden-Clay killed his wife and had the audacity to move her dead body and throw it in such a dirty disgusting mud hole. I don’t give a rats if he meant it or not – he disposed of her body after killing her – how can you not mean that!!! I smashed into another car and I didn’t mean it either – but I still had to pay for the damage. Anyone who can do what that mongrel did and not flinch when talking about her in front of the cameras needs to be locked up for life!!!! To Allison’s family – I know it’s important for kids to have a father but he’s no father he lost that right – he’s a monster and make no mistake he IS a sleazy monster who only thinks of himself. Lock him up for life and while he’s in there give him the hell he put Allison through.


  5. Hi Bloggers can anyone remember who Bayden-Clay was a friend off?
    you know the one that he asked for a $ loan…someone that is from a political party??


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