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Hi folks, I had this page in a sub menu, and it deserves to be on the main menu. I have to update it, so bear with me, thanks . I have added photos of our lost soldiers, scroll down to see.

FORTY Australian soldiers have now been killed in Afghanistan since 2001.

Australia’s roll of honour in Afghanistan

The ADF Tri-Service Flag

Please feel free to click on each soldiers name and read their tribute page


update 13/02/14 it has been announced that Corporal Cameron Baird MG has been awarded the 100th Victoria Cross medal.Congratulations, I am sure his family are friends are very proud of Cameron who fought and died for his country last year.

June 22- Corporal Cameron Baird MG Corporal Baird was a member of the Special Operations Task Group and was from the 2nd Commando Regiment based at Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney, New South Wales. He joined the Army in January 2000 and upon completion of his initial employment training was posted to the then 4th Battalion (Commando), The Royal Australian Regiment, now the 2nd Commando Regiment, in February 2000. He Killed during an engagement with insurgents


October 21- Corporal Scott Smith was a member of the Special Operations Task Group and was from the Special Operations Engineer Regiment based at Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney, New South Wales.

August 30- Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald He joined the Army on 31 May 1999 and was posted to the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR). On completion of his Selection and Training Course and Reinforcement Cycle, Lance Corporal McDonald was posted to the then 4th Battalion (Commando), The Royal Australian Regiment, now the 2nd Commando Regiment, in August 2008. Lance Corporal McDonald was on his sixth tour to Afghanistan. Lance Corporal McDonald was serving with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when he was tragically killed in a helicopter crash

August 30- Private Nathanael Galagher was serving with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when he was tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August 2012 (local time Afghanistan)  He joined the Army on 22 October 2007 and was posted to the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR). On completion of his Selection and Training Course and Reinforcement Cycle, Private Galagher was posted to the 2nd Commando Regiment in November 2011.  Private Galagher was on his second tour to Afghanistan

August 29- Private Robert Poate was a member of the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Task Group and was from the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6 RAR), based in Brisbane, Queensland. Three Australian soldiers were killed and two wounded following an insider attack at Patrol Base Wahab in the Baluchi Valley region of Uruzgan.

August 29- Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic known as Rick to his family and Milo to his comrades, deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Task Group and was from the 2nd/14th  Light Horse Regiment, Queensland Mounted Infantry (2/14 LHR (QMI)) based in Brisbane, Queensland. Three Australian soldiers were killed and two wounded following an insider attack at Patrol Base Wahab in the Baluchi Valley region of Uruzgan.

August 29- Sapper James Martin was on his first operational deployment as part of the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment Task Group. He was a Sapper from the Brisbane-based 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment. Three Australian soldiers were killed and two wounded following an insider attack at Patrol Base Wahab in the Baluchi Valley region of Uruzgan.

July 2- Sergeant Blaine Diddams  was a member of the Special Operations Task Group and was from the Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). He was employed as a Special Air Service Regiment Patrol Commander. He was killed as a result of a small arms engagement in the Chorah Valley, Afghanistan


October 29- Captain Bryce Duffy was a member of the Mentoring Task Force – Three and was from the 4th Field Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery (RAA) based in Townsville.

October 29- Lance Corporal Luke Gavin was a member of the Mentoring Task Force—Three and was from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) based in Townsville, North Queensland.

October 29- Corporal Ashley Birt was allocated to the Royal Australian Engineers as a Geospatial Technician.

August 22- Private Matthew Lambert was a member of the Mentoring Task Force – Three and was from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) based in Townsville, North Queensland.

July 4- Sergeant Todd Matthew Langley was deployed as a Commando Section Commander and this was his seventh operational deployment.

June 6- Sapper Rowan Jaie Robinson was serving with the Special Operations Task Group when he was tragically killed in action on Monday 6 June 2011

May 30- Lieutenant Marcus Sean Case was deployed to Afghanistan as a Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator. This was his first deployment to Afghanistan. He was killed when an Australian Chinook Helicopter crashed while undertaking a re-supply mission in Zabul Province.

May 30- Lance Corporal Andrew Gordon Jones was from the 9th Force Support Battalion in Amberley.  Lance Corporal Jones was serving with the Force Support Unit.  This was his first deployment to Afghanistan. was shot by an Afghan National Army soldier.

May 23- Sergeant Brett Wood, MG, 32, with the Special Operations Task Group, was killed by an improvised explosive device, during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Febuary 19- Sapper Jamie Larcombe, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, was killed during an engagement with insurgents
Febuary 2- Corporal Richard Atkinson, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, was killed as a result of an Improvised Explosive Device strike


August 24- Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney, 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, was killed during an engagement with insurgents

August 21 – Private Grant Kirby, 35, and Private Thomas Dale, 21, from the Brisbane-based 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, killed by an explosive device while standing near their Bushmaster vehicle in the Baluchi Valley.

August 13 – Trooper Jason Brown, 29, from the Perth-based Special Air Service regiment, killed by small arms fire while on a disruption operation in northern Kandahar.

July 9 – Private Nathan Bewes, 23, from the Brisbane-based 6th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR), killed by an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Oruzgan Province.

June 21 – Private Tim Aplin, 38, Private Ben Chuck, 27, and Private Scott Palmer, 27, all members of the Sydney-based 2nd Commando Regiment (formerly the 4RAR), killed in a helicopter crash in Kandahar province.

June 7 – Sapper Jacob Moerland, 21, and Sapper Darren Smith, 25, from Brisbane-based 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, killed in explosion of insurgent improvised explosive device (IED).


July 19 – Private Benjamin Ranaudo, 22, from the 1st battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), killed in explosion of IED in the Baluchi Valley, north of Tarin Kowt.

March 19 – Sergeant Brett Till, 31, a specialist explosive ordnance disposal officer from the Holsworthy-based Incident Response Regiment, killed while trying to defuse a roadside bomb in Oruzgan Province.

March 16 – Corporal Mathew Hopkins, 21, a member of the mentoring and reconstruction taskforce, from 7RAR, killed in firefight with Taliban north of Tarin Kowt.

January 4 – South African-born Private Gregory Michael Sher, 30, a reservist from the Sydney-based 1st Commando Regiment, killed in rocket attack in Oruzgan Province.


November 27 – Lieutenant Michael Fussell, 25, from 4RAR Commando Battalion, killed in IED blast in Oruzgan Province.

July 8 – New Zealand-born Signaller Sean McCarthy, 25, from Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) killed by IED blast.

April 27 – Lance Corporal Jason Marks, 27, from 4RAR Commando battalion killed in firefight with Taliban fighters in Oruzgan Province.


November 23 – Private Luke Worsley, 26, from 4RAR Commando Battalion killed in firefight with Taliban fighters in Oruzgan Province.

October 25 – SASR Sergeant Matthew Locke killed in firefight with Taliban insurgents in Oruzgan Province.

October 8 – Trooper David Pearce, 41, from 2/14 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) killed in IED blast in Oruzgan Province.


February 16 – SASR Sergeant Andrew Russell, 33, killed when his vehicle struck a landmine in southern Afghanistan.

Aussie Battle fatalities AFGHANISTAN 2002-2013

Click here for the printable PDF version [3.02MB]

Sergeant Andrew Russell

Sergeant Andrew Russell
Special Air Service Regiment
16 February 2002. Aged 33.Died of wounds received when a mine detonated

Trooper David Pearce

Trooper David Pearce
2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI)
8 October 2007. Aged 41.Killed by a detonating IED

Sergeant Matthew Locke

Sergeant Matthew Locke, MG
Special Air Service Regiment
25 October 2007. Aged 33.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Private Luke Worsley

Private Luke Worsley
4th Battalion (Commando), RAR
23 November 2007. Aged 26.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Lance Corporal Jason Marks

Lance Corporal Jason Marks
4th Battalion (Commando), RAR
27 April 2008. Aged 27. Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Signaller Sean McCarthy

Signaller Sean McCarthy
Special Air Service Regiment
8 July 2008. Aged 25.Killed by a detonating IED

Lieutenant Michael Fussell

Lieutenant Michael Fussell
4th Battalion (Commando), RAR
27 November 2008. Aged 25.Killed by a detonating IED

Private Gregory Michael Sher

Private Gregory Sher
1st Commando Regiment
4 January 2009. Aged 30.Killed by an insurgent rocket attack

Corporal Mathew Hopkins

Corporal Mathew Hopkins
7th Battalion, RAR
16 March 2009. Aged 21.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Sergeant Brett Till

Sergeant Brett Till
Incident Response Regiment
19 March 2009. Aged 31.Killed by a detonating IED

Private Benjamin Ranaudo

Private Benjamin Ranaudo
1st Battalion, RAR
18 July 2009. Aged 22.Killed by a detonating IED

Sapper Jacob Daniel Moerland

Sapper Jacob Moerland
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment
7 June 2010. Aged 21.Killed by a detonating IED

Sapper Darren James Smith

Sapper Darren Smith
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment
7 June 2010. Aged 26.Died of wounds received when an IED detonated

Private Timothy James Aplin

Private Timothy Aplin
2nd Commando Regiment
21 June 2010. Aged 38.Killed in a helicopter crash

Private Scott Travis Palmer

Private Scott Palmer
2nd Commando Regiment
21 June 2010. Aged 27.Killed in a helicopter crash

Private Benjamin Chuck

Private Benjamin Chuck
2nd Commando Regiment
21 June 2010. Aged 27.Died of wounds received in a helicopter crash

Private Nathan Bewes

Private Nathan Bewes
6th Battalion, RAR
9 July 2010. Aged 23.Killed by a detonating IED

Trooper Jason Thomas Brown

Trooper Jason Brown
Special Air Service Regiment
13 August 2010. Aged 29.Died of wounds received during an engagement with insurgents

Private Tomas Dale

Private Tomas Dale
6th Battalion, RAR
20 August 2010. Aged 21.Killed by a detonating IED

Private Grant Walter Kirby

Private Grant Kirby
6th Battalion, RAR
20 August 2010. Aged 35.Killed by a detonating IED

Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney

Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney
6th Battalion, RAR
24 August 2010. Aged 28.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Corporal Richard Atkinson

Corporal Richard Atkinson
1st Combat Engineer Regiment
2 February 2011. Aged 22.Killed by a detonating IED

Sapper Jamie Ronald Larcombe

Sapper Jamie Larcombe
1st Combat Engineer Regiment
19 February 2011. Aged 21.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Sergeant Brett Wood

Sergeant Brett Wood MG DSM
2nd Commando Regiment
23 May 2011. Aged 32.Killed by a detonating IED

Lance Corporal Andrew Jones

Lance Corporal Andrew Jones
9th Force Support Battalion
30 May 2011. Aged 25. Died of wounds received during a small-arms incident

Lieutenant Marcus Sean Case

Lieutenant Marcus Case
6th Aviation Regiment
30 May 2011. Aged 27.Died of wounds received in a helicopter crash

Sapper Rowan Robinson

Sapper Rowan Robinson
Incident Response Regiment
6 June 2011. Aged 23.Died of wounds received during an engagement with insurgents

Sergeant Todd Matthew Langley

Sergeant Todd Langley
2nd Commando Regiment
4 July 2011. Aged 35.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Private Matthew Lambert

Private Matthew Lambert
2nd Battalion, RAR
22 August 2011. Aged 26.Died of wounds received when an IED detonated

Captain Bryce Duffy

Captain Bryce Duffy
4th Regiment, RAA
29 October 2011. Aged 26.Killed in a small-arms incident

Corporal Ashley Birt

Corporal Ashley Birt
6th Engineer Support Regiment
29 October 2011. Aged 22.Killed in a small-arms incident

Lance Corporal Luke Gavin

Lance Corporal Luke Gavin
2nd Battalion, RAR
29 October 2011. Aged 29.Died of wounds received during a small-arms incident

Sergeant Blaine Flower Diddams

Sergeant Blaine Diddams MG
Special Air Service Regiment
2 July 2012. Aged 40.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

Sapper James Thomas Martin

Sapper James Martin
2nd Combat Engineer Regiment
29 August 2012. Aged 21.Killed in a small-arms incident

Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic

Lance Corporal Stjepan Milosevic
2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (QMI)
29 August 2012. Aged 40.Killed in a small-arms incident

Private Robert Hugh Frederick Poate

Private Robert Poate
6th Battalion, RAR
29 August 2012. Aged 23.Killed in a small-arms incident

Private Nathanael John Aubrey Galagher

Private Nathanael Galagher
2nd Commando Regiment
30 August 2012. Aged 23.Killed in a helicopter crash

Lance Corporal Mervyn John McDonald

Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald
2nd Commando Regiment
30 August 2012. Aged 30.Killed in a helicopter crash

Corporal Scott James Smith

Corporal Scott Smith
Special Operations Engineer Regiment
21 October 2012. Aged 24.Killed by a detonating IED

Corporal Cameron Stewart Baird MG

Corporal Cameron Baird MG
2nd Commando Regiment
22 June 2013. Aged 32.Killed during an engagement with insurgents

45 thoughts on “Afghanistan roll of honour

  1. Another 2 gone in a fight for terrorism! Or that is what we are lead to believe, at the end of the day though, 20 Aussies have been murdered by these crazy Taliban.Is it worth the worlds resources for the next 10, 20 50 years to fight these people?

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    • Is it right that innocent people get bombed and survivors suffer the rest of there life i a nightmare? No.Is it right for us to be there and fight for the good? Yes. If we don’t take the fight there it will be to late when it comes to our very own doorstep. They kill their own children so there is nothing stopping them from killing ours. It’s bad enough boat people are arriving and setting up here already, some will be ok but the majority will be our worst nightmare. Converting is their way of recruiting.

      The Battle against Islam has started long ago and they will stop at nothing because they are fanatics. Governments will do nothing because some one somewhere is making a pretty penny. Their rules are bollocks and UN treaties mean nothing, this is war and if we do nothing be ready to be placed on the list of soon to be conquered. All the do gooders are blind and ignorant and think they are some one special, nothing will come of them except enemies. We deserve to live freely yet these people find loop holes so they can promote Islam and create Australian/American homegrown terrorists.

      There comes a time when war is the only option. End of the day all we can do is keep our brothers safe to continue the fight and our families safe to live in this great country of ours. For if we don’t stand up and fight no one will.

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  2. Hi Trooper, your comment is probably the most logic and well written since I started this blog mate. I never seek to divulge anyone’s true identity but I gather by your user name maybe you have a insiders view of the situation.

    If you would like to add more or even write an article it would be my pleasure to accommodate that so we can get the view from the inside…
    Thanks for stopping by

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  3. “The Battle against Islam”?! WTF? Are you an idiot or do you actually want to try and murder 2bn people? Or are you so stupid, “Trooper” (who I hope has just played Mario Kart a bit too often rather than actually representing Australia, Robbo), as you forget how little Australia has even existed comparatively?


  4. Radical Islam has declared war on the West. Like it or not! We can choose to keep our military at home and wait for them to bring the fight to us (like they already have in Bali, London, Spain, Kelya, 9/11, etc., etc.), or we can go on the front foot and take the fight to them on their home turf.

    We didn’t choose this war, but we have to face up to the fact that we are at war and deal with it! Losing some of our wonderful heros is tragic. Their bravery on the front line is required to keep the war “over there” instead of letting the radicals bring it “over here”.

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  5. James you are obviously one of these people who have their heads shoved up their own rrrrs! I for one haven’t noticed the buddists of the world putting fight on other countries. Nor any other religion for that matter! Islam is supposed to be a ‘gentle’ religion but many of it’s followers are hell bent on HATE. The old world teachings haven’t been bought up to the modern times due to the fact that these mob hadn’t allowed the simple thing of EDUCATION to be given to their people. James if these crew looked after their own then our boys wouldn’t need to be there stopping the looneys with no education and a mission of hate towards modernisation. Like it or not our worlds are getting smaller and population greater.. Most wish for peace, and are willing to fight the COWARDS who are the Taliban and the like that are flying the Muslim flag.

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    • Unbelievable how stupid and ignorant all u people are. Saying that Muslims are extremists. Christianity is supposed to be a gentle religion but that hasn’t stopped millions of people being killed in the name of Jesus over the past 2 millenia. George Bush and all the extremist Christians believe this war has been ordained by their God. There are just as many, if not more, extremist Christians than Muslims. If we pulled out of this illegal war in Afghanistan they will never come here and attack us. We are the foreign imperialist oppressor, not them. So they bomb western targets once every few years. So what? Does that mean we should bomb the shit out of them everyday for the next 50 years. Who knows how many of these attacks by extremist Muslims aren’t done by the CIA to convince idiots like u that this war is justified. The majority of Australians are against this war. If there weren’t blood thirsty, bogan morons joining the army this war wouldn’t happen. If u join the army to go overseas to try and kill people and get killed in the process I would call that karma. War is murder. All soldiers fighting in foreign lands in illegal wars deserve to die. Australian troops out!


      • I take great offense to your comment that our GREAT BRAVE SOLDIERS are,in your uneducated words,” bogan morons” .Who the hell do you think you are?This is a post giving respect to our fallen soldiers.They work for the Government of the. Country you CHOOSE to live in.The Government that allows FEMAILS to be educated and have the right to tell fools like you that you have no class or sense of pride.

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  6. Also Muslims were very advanced in education a long long time ago. So who stopped it, not us, just themselves. It’s a book like all others written to control and brainwash. Catholics and the like have all got one but they gave up crusading to kill a long time ago (centuries even).

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  7. Every Aussie life lost in afghanistan is belittled by the fact that we have failed to pull the Americans Back from their 10 year lawless revengefest and have infact started to embrace the same attitude. The Commonwealth has only one law under which a life may be taken. The Perp must have resisted Arrest under charge of Treason.
    That requires (1) A Warrant charging the perp with Treason, and (2) an obligation on our part to cropduct Afghanistan every day in some Soviet Era Sleepgas while we round every last one of the bastards up and then ship them off to Trial and deportation to Antartica for Life.
    For any Commonwealth Citizen to fail to conform to this process of Law, you will have committed an act in violation of Section 1: Treason.
    The Whole thing has degenerated into one group of rabid dogs fighting it out with another. That sort of contempt for the Law from the trash at the top should piss us all off.


  8. Giddy Robbo!!
    Just came across your site!!
    Always interested in someone else’s opinion!!
    Hmmm!! The Role of HONOUR!!
    The poor Dogs havent been ,mentioned.??
    The bomb sniffin ones that is.
    2 off the top of my head are Nova, & Herbie??? I may be wrong, but they were serving in the Army Sniffing for Bombs & not ( Lickin balls & crotches )???
    Serious though!! They have been killed along with their Handlers!!
    Just thought Id mention it..
    Cheers Big Mouth………………………

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  9. With a partner in Afghanistan, (Tarin Kowt) as we speak, I appreciate this Roll of Honor. They are amazing people who will always be in my thoughts, as well as their families.
    I just feel like I should mention, next season it’s rumoured it will be the worse season yet. . As the Taliban are becoming more desperate and also into a lot more money (through poppy season). Luckily, my partner will be home soon, but a lot of military personel aren’t so fortunate. I just want to say a bit thank you to all the men who have served and are serving as we speak. 6RAR had a really terrible run, and my heart goes out to them and their families, as well as whoever replaces them. Stay safe and take care. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    • Thanks for sharing that Cassandra, that is not an aspect I was aware of, the link between the poppy and the money rolling in for increased attacks etc. I can only say I am proud of all the Australian men and women out there doing their job. All the best to you and your family

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  10. My Brother is in the Air Force. Avionics Tech. He has been to Afghanistan twice. Doesn’t serve on the front-line, but does a very important job. I take my hat off to them all, as they are serving in a dangerous place. Cannot tell from one minute to the next, what fate has in hand. They face a very smart & determined enemy, similarities ( Like in Vietnam ) fighting a war in different kind of way, in the enemies own backyard. In time The Aussies & Americans will adapt & overcome. Unfortunately to overcome & adapt, lives will be lost on both sides. In this day & age I cannot think why we humans haven’t learnt from the past, In wars that have been fought!! The world is a big place & I cannot think why we all cannot live in peace?? Where did this War Have its Origins?? Are we cleaning up some-ones mess!!

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    • It started with the Soviet war from 1979- 1989. Afghanistan were invaded and their lives turned upside down. 1.3million Afghan people died and many more fled to Afghanistan. The place was in ruins. When this ended all the people had left were the weapons and ammo. The children grew up hating the western world. With the history involved in this, no wonder the country turned to crap. By the way, I am NOT defending their actions. I’m just telling you how this started in the first place.

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  11. Cassandra.
    Hi There!!
    I’m not here to have ago you. I read that your partner is over in Afghanistan. May he & all the others there be safe. I don’t claim to know it all. I read allot, about this, oh & I watch Michael Moore.
    Yeah some of this may go back to the Soviet Invasion but I do think America has allot more to answer for!! It goes allot Deeper. ( You only have to look at What they done in Vietnam ) Its goes allot deeper than we a lead to believe. George W Bush, & his Father & the Bin la-dens. Its all about Money & oil, double dealings, Oh & I forgot, the CIA, & Saddam Hussein, & payback!!. Yeah the Aussies now in Afghanistan, as well as the Yanks are being killed by American Weaponry supplied to the Taliban by the AMERICANS To defeat the Russians back in the 80s. ( Now Russia & America are Buddy Buddy for now ) George W BUSH thought Getting OSAMA would be easy, it hasn’t turned out that way. ( We will Smoke him em out he says ) OSAMA may or may not be dead, but he has them Rattled. Lessons haven’t been learnt from Vietnam, sending in the jets & bombing the crap outta the place, aint going to win it for them, in the end,the poor old solider & his dog have to go on in & finish the business off. In war there is money too be made, & there a few American politicians with huge Investments & interests In businesses that Benefit from this war!! What I have written may be all Bullshit?? I just read what I read. Watch what I watch. Take it all in. A sleeping Giant will awaken soon, That being China, in time A line will be drawn in the Sand.. Sides will be taken. Time will tell..
    Cheers BigMouth……

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  12. Well SADLY to say we have lost another BRAVE DIGGER to the fighting in Afghanistan.
    The dead soldier, Sergeant Brett Wood, 32, is the 24th Australian to die in action in Afghanistan since 2001. 174 now have been wounded in action.
    Highly decorated & will be greatly missed by family & his mates!!
    The question being asked again, should we pull our troops out??
    Then I read on the other side of the page that Politicians think they are ( OVERWORKED )
    By saying that I mean the POLITICIANS that is.
    Then I read KEVIN RUDD has racked up ABOUT 250000 kms in Travel.
    Gees at what cost??
    Where in the hell is this country headed??
    On the question of pulling our troops out, that’s a hard one to comprehend.
    But to think back to Gallipoli, 25th April 1915, what was it a 8 month Campaign, 8700 killed, 28000 wounded, on Aussie side, New Zealand 7500 wounded, 2700, killed.
    Turkish 215000 wounded, 8700 killed. Legends made & lost.
    ( My figures may be wrong ) Was that worth it???
    We did in the end pull out, ingeniously sneakily & very smartly. I know its a different era & century, but this Afghanistan War is going nowhere!!
    Its just tit for tat. To may Innocent lives on both sides being lost, & for what??
    AMERICA????? Seems to me its going to go on for much longer yet, even with Bin Laden dead. As far as Im concerned you cant trust the Afghanis!!
    Yeah there are good ones, but how can we tell?? Just Like Americans!!

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  13. I just hope all the wives, kids & family’s of these fallen diggers continue to receive all entitlements, these men earned, & deserve!!
    Like for Instance the Wives & kids have a house that is paid off for life.
    Also any other entitlements they require though-out their lives.
    When you look at it, these men lost their lives fighting for this country.
    Then we read where ex prime ministers as well as ex politicians, receive free airfares, cars chauffeur driven, offices pensions for life etc, etc, etc.
    Because these diggers paid the altermate sacrifice.
    The Politicians all they dodge a questions at question time in Parliament……..

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  14. Got what he deserved..
    THE Afghan soldier who murdered Melbourne army cook Andrew Jones in cold blood has himself been killed.
    Shafied Ullah Guhlamon was shot dead by American special forces troops near his home village on Sunday night.
    Would of been good to of got him alive to find out WHY he did what he did??
    But at least its some comfort to his family his been dealt with I guess??

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  15. America to start pulling out troops in Afghanistan soon!!
    After 10 years & not much success, LOTS OF DEATH THOUGH, smells like history repeating again..
    Remember Vietnam…
    And they say they got USAMA BIN LANDIN….
    Who was it that said we will stay the course????

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  16. Once again we lose Another brave Highly decorated Professional Solider, killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan. The number now 28, & another solider seriously injured as well.. Sgt Langley, was on his fifth deployment to Afghanistan. He had also completed two tours of East Timor. He had been awarded two commendations for distinguished service and had a unit citation for gallantry. My thoughts go to his family & mates & fellow comrades, also to the injured fellow comrade.
    Buy a Badge & Donate to LEGACY to show support… Its a shitty war……. Seems it will go on for a lot longer???


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  17. for sale one god slightly used, goes hard, central locking, big audio, actual appearance may vary slightly nothing lasts forever get in quick before your enemies buy it 1 million US or best offer may or may not come with warranties checks and balances. enquire within idiot( i grew up wanting to be a trooper but they threw labels and stigmas on me ) never been in a jail or charged with a crime but have been detaind and held indefinately by australian goverment security forces, up to five of them so they could feel safe it would be funny if it wasnt…….un australian and evil.


    • the army needs guns street security forces dont end of story we pay and train our police to shoot our kids dead in cold blood


  18. Its sad every time I come here to update more Aussie soldiers who have been killed. The recent ones where they have been killed by those they are training is absolutely despicable. All Aussies are very proud of you all, get home soon!

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  19. Robbo,

    I sent this note to Rob Hulls earlier this evening from my twitter account to his.

    Hayden_ Bradford
    @RobHullsMP I’m curious. Do you know who introduced that very dangerous law in Victoria that protects sex offenders and paedophiles and not the victims?

    I doubt if I will get a reply. Would you happen to know which political party did it.

    Reference horse racing scams. I written a bit about them myself on my website. Have a read of the notes under


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  21. I trained Greg Sher on a army driving course not long be for he went to afghanistan, ive never been a great soldier and never popular among my fellow soldiers however, he was one of them men that stood up for me when others were putting me down and i will always be grateful for what he did for me he was a great man and will always have my respect wish i could have known him better as if thats just a small exprience of what character was like then people who knew him better must have even better things to say about him.
    even though he was born in south africa he was a true aussie.

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  22. To any of the people above that are knocking our brave Aussie hero soldiers who have sacrificed and gave their lives for the freedom of our peace from terrorism and the radial Islamic ramblings by the middle eastern fanatics in Australia, and in war torn Afghanistan against all the odds, of the odd angry shot by a unstoppable Taliban army.
    Please stop and look at what these few Killed in Action brave warrior solders had to go through long before they were posted and sent off to a far away war zone of danger to fight the war on terrorism in Afghanistan.
    The Special Air Service of SAS, recruit Solder has to mandatory go through the enduring living hell, of the SAS or the Special Forces Commando test to get the right to wear the Who Dares Wins light brown fawn or the Double Diamond Green Beret!………The all ready experienced ADF Soldier from other Aussie regiments are required to have the most superior fitness test, mental ability and psychological conditioning, the toughest of survival training a human being can endure, leadership tests, and carrying military equipment of unbearable weight in the toughest of terrain possible on earth!. And this is only the basic training, the solder has to pass before they are accepted into the SAS for their intensive anti terrorism and survival training to prepare them for combat in a foreign combat zone in any part of the world of hostility for which they must be prepared to give their life for!
    Out of a more than 100 experienced Soldiers that volunteer to be a Special Forces Green Beret or a Special Air Service Soldier it is not uncommon that less than 10 recruits will make it to the Commando Training. These Men and Women of the SAS are the elite among all soldiers, because of the superior combat and survival training they receive from already serving SAS, combat instructors. This is the reason they are despatched to the most dangerous of Military war torn and terrorist prone combat or war zones, and tragically in many cases a has been in Afghanistan – Been Killed In Action, and even awarded Australias Highest Bravery and Valor Award : The Victoria Cross and the Star of Courage. ! ,…….. Please respect all these brave men and Australian Heroes of our Australia Defence Forces on the above page that have gave their lives for our peace and freedom!
    Thanks also and a salute to Robbo for putting this emotionally moving Roll of Honour of these modern day ANZAC,s…on the Aussie Criminals site. To show that not every thing today is bad, and these chosen few heroes will keep reminding us all that for every bad criminal there are still the best of the best of men who will sacrifice their life in the line of duty for the safety of us all. Dedicated to Corporal Cameron Baird of the 2nd Commando Regiment and his family on the presentation of the 100th Victoria Cross to him an Australian Soldier, and to one of the bravest of the brave soldiers who served and was because of his bravery Killed in Action in Afghanistan. Lest we Forget……………………………………………………

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  23. Thanks Steve for backing me up here.

    These blokes were backing us up.They fight on behalf of you and I. It was a long time ago but they used to call men/boys up, by age name whatever, it was called Conscription.

    Remember that folks, and they were killed by criminals overseas.Early on in building my site it coincided with the so called war against terrorism, that ending up being a decade in Afghanistan.

    As I was documenting crimes against Aussies, I figured well these blokes are getting knocked over by urban criminals and they deserve to be here and have their own page

    I may have stuffed up a few things along the way on this site, but the creation of this page years ago is my proudest.

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  24. Would it be possible Robbo, to put on this Roll of Honour page to our Australian Soldiers that have served in Afghanistan. The Sixty Minutes interview on Corporal Mark Donaldson of the Special Air Service -SAS, who was the first combat soldier who fought in Afghanistan to be awarded the Victoria Cross for Valour……His Combat Dog was killed in Action…. Mark Donaldson was also a victim of crime, and a wild boy before he joined the Australian Defence Force. Cheers, this guy is an Australian Role model………Also there is a Sixty Minutes interview with Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith , awarded the Victoria Cross.with the SAS in Afghanistan….And who is now helping Returned Soldiers from Afghanistan cope with Post Trumatic Stress Disorder!..PTSD. Cheers.

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  25. Hi mate, Im a little confused, do you mean the actual videos? That would be a good idea, on all the Victoria Cross recipients

    Those dogs are like blood to those units, god my dogs are as important as my right arm and they don’t even do anything!

    You have the links to videos? In the meantime I will try and track them down…cheers

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  26. Cheers Robbo, I thought this would be a interesting attachment to your excellent : AFGHANISTAN ROLL OF HONOUR : 2002 – 2013.

    Hear is a current list of Google and Youtube videos.

    Australia,s 100th VC Presented to RAR Soldier Cameron Baird. WA Today…………………….
    Soldier Awarded VC for Afghan Valour : Corporal Daniel Alan Keighran VC – abc news…………………
    Sunday Night : Meet Mark Donaldson VC Dead Set Aussie Legend. Facebook videos-yahoo 7………………..
    Trooper Mark Donaldson VC – Interview & Background. Youtube. A Current Affair…………………..
    VC Hero meet Queen. Youtube………………
    A Current Affair: Ben Roberts-Smith VC interview on Channel 7,s Sunday Night…………………..
    Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG an Australian Hero Part 1 & Part 2. Youtube.
    Victoria Cross recipient meets the Queen. Youtube…………………
    Jeremy Clarkson:War Stories: The Victoria Cross : For Valour. Youtube………………………….
    Victoria Cross Heroes (2 of 3) : The Great War. Youtube…………………….
    ……..Dedicated to all the fine and brave Diggers that have returned and or been Killed in Action serving in Afghanistan. Lest We Forget !…………
    I have a copy of all these great videos that I have downloaded to my computer collection. Most of them should still be easy to find.. Cheers Robbo, kept up the excellent work on Aussie Criminals…… Your Layouts are absolutely fantastic Cobber, you done us proud!…….

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  27. Also forgot to mention two more films of interest.
    Australian SAS Selection Part 1 & Part 2………………Youtube.
    Seal Team Six Raid on Osama Bin Laden!……………Youtube……..
    Why all these Elite Warrior Combat Soldiers earn and deserve to be awarded the Highest Bravery and Gallantry Medals for the service to the their Country!………………..Enjoy……


  28. Thanks mate I just copy and pasted all these, so I can have a look.

    In the meantime I think you (anyone can insert a youtube video of interest by posting the share link it gives when you press share button below a MUST be posted in the comment box on its own line (I will test that to see if thats right) Thanks for sharing these though, I will put some of them up…Have a good one, cheers robbo

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  29. Looking at these soldiers (sons, fathers and husbands) they were certainly brave just like every other soldier before them I cant help but think how senseless it is. All brought about by men that hate. One war ends another war begins.

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  30. A national day of commemoration will be held on 21 March 2015 to recognise and commemorate the contribution and sacrifice of Australian troops who served in Afghanistan and the Middle East.
    Please go and finally welcome them home and thank them,our Brave men and women of the Australian Defence Force,who sacrifice so much of their lives,so that we may be safe in ours.

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    100 years since the Diggers ANZAC landing at Anzac Cove – Gallipoli – April 25 1915…………………..
    And watch on ABC Four Corners :- “Anzac to Afghanistan” – 13 April 2015.
    Four Corners, reporter Chris Masters tells the story of the nation’s first and most recent military campaign’s……………………………………….45mins….Outstanding viewing…Interviews with now passed on Gallipoli veterans in 1986 and Todays Peacekeeper’s the brave Afghanistan veterans in 2015….
    And today the bravery of the trained women of the Kurdish guerrilla Army going into battle in Northern Iraq and Syria and using effective combat and psychological warfare, in todays war and fight against terrorism, against the evil Islamic State forces.
    As these brave gutsy female guerrilla’s go into battle ,they engage psychological warfare and taunt the ISIS fighters, who believe dying in combat will lead them to heaven and 72 virgins, but not if they are killed by a women!……… ISIS soldier’s captured by the Kurds, they chillingly boast about the pleasure they take in killing their enemies. One claims to have beheaded at least 70 people!……………………………………………….
    :Four Corners – “No Free Steps to Heaven” – 24 April 2015. – On the frontline with the women taking up arms against Islamic State.

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