Major Australian Casino Facing Slots Rigging Accusations

Late in 2017, Andrew Wilkie, an Australian lawmaker, brought up serious allegations against Crown Resorts, one of the major casino operators in the country. Wilike addressed the Parliament, bringing forth some damning statements from former employees of the Melbourne casino, dealing with alleged rigging of slot machines and money laundering.

Cheating Its Customers

According to Wilkie’s findings and statements brought forward by three whistleblowers, the casino had, on more than occasion, tampered with the software in their slot machines. The goal of this tampering was to lower the RTP of the machines, effectively increasing the house edge and taking more money from the patrons.

The revelation caused a serious blow for Crown Resorts as their shares dropped eight percent immediately after. Despite the big financial impact, the casino couldn’t go after the lawmaker as his statements are covered by parliamentary privilege. This means Wilike can’t be sued for defamation under no circumstances.

The lawmaker also asserted that the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, one of the main gambling licensing bodies in the country, had done nothing to prevent this conduct. In fact, according to the three employees whose videoed testimonies were shown to the Parliament, in some cases the Commission was even complicit.

Identities of whistleblowers were protected but, if their statements were true, the casino also engaged in activities that directly contradict the country’s money laundering laws. Allegedly, Crown misused personal documents of the players to avoid having to report transactions exceeding AU$10,000.

Melbourne Casino Facing Serious Problems

If these allegations are true, Wilkie explained this could mean the casino was involved in money laundering connected to any number of reasons, from tax evasion to drug trafficking or even terrorism.

AUSTRAC, Australian agency in charge of overseeing financial transactions and preventing money laundering, came out saying they take any and all allegations of this type seriously. Thus, the agency has announced an investigation that should provide definitive answers and shed more light on the matter.

Crown Resorts have faced a number of problems in the past few years and Mr. Wilkie’s accusations could be just the tip of the iceberg. Just few months before the Parliament session, in June of 2017, a number of Crown employees were arrested in China and sentenced to 10 months in prison. The sentence followed their guilty plea, admitting they were involved in organizing gambling tours, bringing Chinese high rollers to casinos in Australia. According to Chinese laws, this kind of behavior is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Where There Is Smoke…

Major companies in all industries are often targets of various accusations and not all of them turn out to be true. However, when it comes to gambling, players should always exercise caution, whether playing in a brick & mortar venue or at an online casino. For online gambling, there are many good resources you can use, such as the no deposit guide at All casinos listed here are properly licensed and have a great track-record with their players so the odds of being cheated in any way, shape, or form are virtually non-existent.

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