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Now That The Verdict Is In…

… I’m free to inform you that when the Judge is bored with Gerard on the stand, he plays Angry Birds on his phone………… haha. Just kidding. But the Judge has been brilliant through this. Bleijie was singing Todd Fuller’s praises on the radio this afternoon (and rightfully so) but much kudos goes to Justice Byrne, who showed marvellous restraint in not leaping over the bench and throttling GBC, the bastard. I did notice (however) that the Judge’s eyes were searching the roof at various stages, no doubt either admiring the architecture or searching for something to hang himself from… anything to get out of listening to the inane, self-serving, grubby drivel. And much kudos goes to the Judge in general. He ran an incredibly fair trial, giving as much to the defence as he did to the prosecution and always stringent in not showing bias. In saying that, there were numerous times when I could tell Justice Byrne was staring straight ahead but mentally in a happy place… probably planning what to have for dinner or making a mental list of what to grab from Woolies on the the way home from Court.

Now, I can finally post the notes from that infamous Wednesday afternoon after the Prosecution rested their case in chief. I’ve checked with Robbo, who said it’s fine because the media is reporting it; that I could post anything I wanted and even, if I managed to get one, I could post a photograph of GBC’s left testicle (I figure since I had to suffer the image, all of you should have to as well) :-)

Just a few quick things about the post…

  • GBC has now been convicted of MURDER… the verdict was GUILTY
  • This could not have happened if the Judge had accepted the defence’s motion to dismiss the charges (this is what the notes are about)

  • There were 2 particularly amusing moments with the Judge:

  1. When the defence was arguing semantics with the judge and prosecution on whether the affair was ended or not ended and past tense, present tense etc… Michael Byrne said:

“Well I mean really, when does an affair really end??”

The Judge, with a bemused smile, said: “You’re asking ME, Mr Byrne?” (chuckles and titters in the overflow courtroom)

  1. When discussing GBC’S lie of the charger @ 1:48am and him being a ‘heavy sleeper’, the Judge said “It’s not much of a lie, I grant you, compared to the scratches” and I nearly peed my pants trying to hold in my laughter. I think Justice Byrne would be hilarious in real life… moreso because he seems so stern.

So enjoy these – my last post – on this momentous day when our justice system worked and a guilty man is made to be held accountable for his atrocious acts. Allison, we know what happened today won’t bring you back but today you finally won. You beat him, lovely. Watching your friends and family outside the court, I have no doubt your girls are in the very best of hands. xx

#todaywegotjustice #badenclay















Notes From The Ringside….

Hey everyone, sorry these are so long in coming and I apologise PROFUSELY for the string of profanities that pepper these pages… But during the defence closing I was so angry that I’m pretty sure my chair was starting to smoulder and the smell of sulfur was drifting down from Court 11 through the air-conditioning vents to Level 3…. where we were sitting through the most preposterous closing argument on God’s green earth.

Until the shining beacon of all that is good and proper and just, Mr Sexy-As-Hell-Coz-His-Brain-Is-Huge (Todd Fuller QC) got up and blew he defence to smithereens. He stood for Allison. He fought for her tooth and nail. For anyone who is panicking; don’t. You could literally see the perspiration breaking out on a few foreheads and there were more than a couple of purple-clad supporters and family looking a little strained and nervous. But I can’t comment too much now. More post-verdict. My other posts will be popped up back then too, all the previous ones.

You’ll all hate me for this….There are more than 30 pages here and I know Moonraker is going to have a field day with the handwriting analysis… I’m so sorry – some of it is probably illegible but ask me below if you need clarification (all pages have numbers)…

Love to all and thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts and information with you. Justice for Allison is close. Stay true to your convictions and trust in the system xx





































Yellow For Allison

They may not be perfect and I may have been drawing on my Year 8 Home Economics skills (going back 19 years, people, 19! No judging… Haha)… But I’ve made some yellow ribbons for court-goers tomorrow.

Just wanted to remind any AC forum members to pop on something yellow tomorrow to show your support or come find me and I’ll give you a ribbon :)

Closing arguments are nearly here then over to the jury – only positive thoughts allowed!!


When All Else Fails….

Deny…. deny….deny.

And deny Gerard did. But, to my mind, not vehemently enough for a man who claims he is not guilty of his wife’s murder. It wasn’t convincing; it didn’t ring true.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would think that should I ever come under fire for the same heinous act and I was not responsible, I would be impassioned in my denials. Long pauses and quiet but adamant responses seemed at odds with the nature of the crime and the fiery questioning of the prosecutor.

Of all the times to play to what he thought the jury would want to hear and see, this was probably not it. It came off as false. It came off as arrogant. And it struck me that at no stage during his cross-examination in these past 2 days did he cry. He didn’t even come close to crying. Instead, he went on the defensive.

His behaviour seemed strangely incongruous with the nature of the questioning. The same questions that resulted in floods of crocodile tears when asked by the defence were met with agitation and disdain when asked by the prosecution. He has no real emotion… He seems incapable of true feeling. But it was obvious to all that a simmering anger was there, just below he surface. His eyes are dead. There is nothing behind them… He is constantly scanning the room, looking for behaviours to mirror and, by extension, responses to feign.

I know everyone here and in the courtroom wanted the Crown Prosecutor to just go at him, increasingly the pressure until he broke … but that was never going to happen. I’m not a psychiatrist or an anthropologist but I know this: you could question him like that daily for the next 30 years and he would never, ever break. Never tell us what happened. That’s just the reality of WHAT he is.

But the Prosecutor knew that. That much was obvious to all in the court room. He’d done research on how to cope with this type of person (using that word very loosely!!) … Fuller played to what would aggravate GBC, what would reveal his carefully concealed underbelly.

He knew to attack Gerard’s pride… knew to make him appear weak. He knew to expose the lies behind Gerard’s carefully constructed public image. The only thing that has ever or will ever matter to him. Twitter and the newspaper won’t do Fuller’s cross-examination justice. It was masterful.

GBC won’t ever admit to what we think he did. No, not even on his death bed. He won’t ever give her family that satisfaction, that relief. I suspect he knows deep down that her parents never took to him. Parents know. They see things their children don’t but because they love us, the give us the freedom to make our own mistakes. But sadly, sometimes there are people like Gerard Baden-Clay in the world.

Now, all the evidence has been presented. After closing arguments on Monday, it comes down to 12 people to decide his fate. There is nothing more we or anyone else can do but hope and pray that justice for Allison Dickie is handed down.


PS. Towards the end of the cross-examination, I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up and watch for reactions at the same time so I just stopped writing. For the exact questions and Gerard’s responses, the Channel 9 News had excellent coverage of Todd Fuller’s onslaught :)











How To Win Friends and Influence People – The GBC Method

We detest him. The Dickies detest him. The Prosecution detests him. And I’m 99% sure the Defence detests him. And today, Gerard Baden-Clay showed us how he managed to fool people in positions of power, people with money, his lovers, his wife, the community… And I’m guessing he’s praying to everything holy that he’s fooling the jury.

I’m drained from keeping up with him but today, the Prosecution gave Allison Dickie the best birthday present possible. Actually no, the best birthday present possible would have been for her to be here with her family, her girls, her friends. But today, Todd Fuller exposed GBC for what he truly is. A lying, narcissistic, unfaithful, deceptive, heartless creature that just happens to have male appendages. His narcissism knows no bounds. He will persist in the most unbelievable of lies because they are his truth; and they are self-serving lies. Gerard does what’s best for Gerard, he works every situation to his advantage. And if he can’t, he’ll tear down all those in his path to ensure he comes out looking like a supreme being.

Even if (God forbid) he’s found not guilty, he will never, ever be able to show his face again. He’s lied about everyone in his life. He’s blamed them for every problem that has ever arisen. It’s never his fault. Never.

But today Todd Fuller rattled his cage. He shook his foundations. I feel like he’s cracking but the Prosecution just needs to keep hammering away. They need to get him really riled. It’s the only way he’s going to slip up. The Prosecution has clearly done their research. Let’s just hope and pray it is enough.

Happy birthday, Allison Dickie. Love and light xx

PS. Today’s notes are below… I will blog as soon as I regain the energy he has sucked out of my soul. Xx















The Lesson Here, Kids?

… Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. Don’t screw the crew. And on a far more disgusting note, don’t sh*t where you eat. Wow. That last one was really gross and reminds me of his morning routine so given that sleep time is nigh, I’m going to try and pour bleach in my ears and eyes to get rid of that image.

As per my usual modus operandi, I’m uploading my notes from today in lieu of my post in the short term. I’m sure you can see whilst reading through them how cringe-worthy a moment it was when 2 ladies pointed out to me that the person reading over my shoulder and sitting next to me was a BC supporter. And trust me, there was significant effort going into reading my notes. I briefly considered writing “If you can read this, you’re too close and freakin’ nosey!!!”…. But with the copious amount of BS flying out of the mouth of our star witness, I barely had time to pop my QuickEze, let alone deal with the prying eyes of my neighbour.

So until I regain some energy… enough to rustle up some decent satirical wittiness… these will have to tide you over…. Enjoy xx


















Gerard Baden-Clay Trial-Day 13

flowers-for-allison All previous threads and history including trial can be found clicking on link below https://aussiecriminals.com.au/category/gerard-baden-clay/ List of Trial Witnesses as they appear here ANY EVIDENCE LIKE PHOTOS, VIDEO OR DOCUMENTS THE COURT RELEASES TO THE PUBLIC WILL BE PUBLISHED in the GBC Documents Page

Gerard Baden-Clay testifies: Live coverage of accused killer’s third day in witness box

Gerard Baden-Clay trial: Accused murderer continues giving evidence on third day in the witness box

3:31pm: Mr Fuller referred to an email Ms McHugh sent Mr Baden-Clay telling him she was tired of “pacifying” his marriage and being “second best”.”Wasn’t she capable of saying all that to your wife?” Mr Fuller asked.The court has previously heard Ms McHugh and Mrs Baden-Clay were due to come face-to-face for the first time since the affair had been made public at a real estate conference on April 20, 2012. “No … I had known her [Ms McHugh] for a period of over four years and I knew she had these explosive moments and then cooled down afterwards,” Mr Baden-Clay said. “I had no concern. Allison had probably anticipated that Toni would be at that conference anyway.”
A copy of Allison Baden-Clay's journal has been tendered to the Brisbane Supreme Court.

A copy of Allison Baden-Clay’s journal has been tendered to the Brisbane Supreme Court.

3:20pm: Mr Fuller has asked Mr Baden-Clay about the list of questions in Mrs Baden-Clay’s journal. In the journal entry Mrs Baden-Clay wrote: “Laughed at undies. Told me I smelled.” Mr Fuller asked Mr Baden-Clay to explain the comments. “We had recommenced our sexual relationship in February [2012] after the best part of nine years without any and it was very awkward initially. There were a couple of occasions, the beginning, where Allison was very self-conscious and very self-aware of what we were doing and I think she thinks that I laughed at the underwear that she was wearing and that’s not true,” Mr Baden-Clay said. “What about the next one?” Mr Fuller said. “I didn’t tell her she smelled. Neither of us had had a shower on one occasion and I said maybe we should have a shower because we smelled,” Mr Baden-Clay said. Mr Fuller suggested Mrs Baden-Clay asked Mr Baden-Clay those questions on Thursday April 19, 2012. “That’s completely untrue,” Mr Baden-Clay said.

3:08pm: Mr Fuller said Mr Baden-Clay failed to tell police on the morning he reported his wife missing that he had rekindled his relationship with his mistress Toni McHugh.”At that point in time my primary concern was for Allison’s safety and her whereabouts,” Mr Baden-Clay said.”At any moment I anticipated that she would be back. So no, I did not discuss the fact that I’d been in contact with Toni McHugh.”
3:05pm: Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC has continued his cross-examination of Gerard Baden-Clay. Mr Fuller has turned his questioning to the night Mr and Mrs Baden-Clay drove to the Mt Coot-tha Lookout to discuss his affair. The court has previously heard Mrs Baden-Clay asked her husband a series of questions about the time he spent with his mistress Toni McHugh on the evening of April 18, 2012. The questions were written in Mrs Baden-Clay’s journal. “You didn’t tell police about a conversation on the 18th,” Mr Fuller said. “They didn’t ask me about that,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
3:00pm: The jury has been called to return to the courtroom.Court is in session.
2:46pm: Court has resumed.But legal argument is continuing between the prosecution and defence counsels.The jury is not yet present.
Crown Prosecutor Todd Fuller QC.

Crown Prosecutor Todd Fuller QC. Photo: Renee Melides


1:27pm Wrap: So far today … * Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC began his cross-examination of Mr Baden-Clay in dramatic fashion. Mr Fuller: “Mr Baden-Clay you deceived your wife for nearly four years didn’t you?” Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.” Speaking loudly and forcefully, Mr Fuller stood at the bar with his hands folded in front of him. Mr Baden-Clay sat in the witness box responding to Mr Fuller’s questions in a hushed tones, prompting Justice John Byrne to request the former real estate agent speak louder. Mr Baden-Clay sat in the witness box with his hands folded in his lap, occasionally sipping from a cup of water.

  • * Mr Baden-Clay admitted to sleeping with another woman while at a conference in Sydney. At the time, he was still in a secret relationship with his long-time mistress Toni McHugh, while maintaining his marriage.
  • * The 43-year-old denied ever intending to leave his wife for Ms McHugh.
  • * He also denied being under significant financial pressure at the time of his wife’s disappearance, saying he was only under “some” financial pressure and “things were getting better”.
1:06pm: Court has adjourned for lunch and will resume at 2.30pm.

1:05pm: Mr Fuller has turned his attention to a blog written by Mr Baden-Clay about his wife’s 40th birthday when Mrs Baden-Clay visited a health spa for a week. Mr Fuller read from the blog: “The past week I have been trying to do my best impersonation of my dear wife, and struggling.” The court has previously heard Mr Baden-Clay claim his wife left most of the household duties to him due to her battle with depression. He has told the court Mrs Baden-Clay would go to bed, as soon as he arrived home from work, leaving the tasks of making dinner and putting the children to bed to him. Mr Baden-Clay’s defence barrister Michael Byrne QC raised a matter with Justice John Byrne. The jury was excused from the courtroom.

12:47pm: Mr Fuller has turned his questioning toMrBaden-Clay’s meeting with Ms McHugh at a coffee shop in early 2012.”You told her it was too hard to keep going the way you were going,” Mr Fuller said.”[She said] ‘If you need to be with your wife, if that’s the decision you’re making, then say it’. And your response was, ‘No, I will be leaving my wife, I am leaving my wife’.” “I can’t recollect that,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. “It’s the second last time you spoke to Ms McHugh in person,” Mr Fuller said. “I don’t have recollection of those specific things you said,” Mr Baden-Clay said.
12:41pm: Mr Fuller: “Who was more important to you Mr Baden-Clay?”Mr Baden-Clay: “Allison, absolutely Allison.”
12:40pm: Mr Fuller has turned his attention to the two occasions Mr Baden-Clay was intimate with Ms McHugh in the months after his wife had discovered the affair.”You told us you had sex with her, why did you do that?” Mr Fuller asked.”One occasion was not … was after we had met at a coffee shop and when we went back to our cars to leave I sat in her car and talked with her for a little bit longer,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. He took a deep breath and looked down at his hands. “How much sordid detail am I expected to give your Honour?” Mr Baden-Clay said. “I’m not asking for the sordid details, I’m asking why you had sex with her,” Mr Fuller said. “It wasn’t sex as in intercourse, but umm, I don’t know if I can really answer that question,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
Gerard Baden-Clay in court on trial for the murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay.

Gerard Baden-Clay in court on trial for the murder of his wife Allison Baden-Clay. Photo: Ten News

12:34pm: “You told Toni McHugh that you didn’t love your wife didn’t you?” Mr Fuller asked.“I may have done,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.“Again just to placate her?” Mr Fuller asked. “Yes, absolutely,” Mr Baden-Clay said.
12:34pm: Mr Fuller: “When did you first tell Allison that you didn’t love her?” Mr Baden-Clay: “I can’t remember. I did tell her that on an occasion, but I can’t remember.” Mr Fuller: “Was it more than once?” Mr Baden-Clay: “The conversations that we had were … please forgive me I’m just trying to recollect for you … we were … I’m trying to think if I can give you a reference to a time. I think it must have been in 2009 perhaps when we first when to see [psychiatrist] Tom George and we’d had a couple of conversations prior to meeting with him.” Justice John Byrne: “2009?” Mr Baden-Clay: “I think that’s correct your Honour.” Mr Fuller: “When Allison asked you to go with her to go and see him [Dr George]?” Mr Baden-Clay: “We agreed to go together … and it was after our conversations with Dr George … [I said] that I still loved her but I didn’t feel in love with her.”
12:28pm: Mr Fuller referred to an email from Ms McHugh to Mr Baden-Clay.”It’s clear that you have led her to believe that you were moving out and needed somewhere to live,” Mr Fuller said.”She was constantly trying to put additional pressure on me,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. “That pressure was right up until April 19, 2012. She wanted you to leave you wife. She wanted to be with you,” Mr Fuller said.
Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh's emails are submitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court where the father-of-three is standing trial for his wife Allison's murder.

Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh’s emails are submitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court where the father-of-three is standing trial for his wife Allison’s murder. Photo: Court Exhibit

12:23pm: Mr Baden-Clay said he felt a responsibility to Ms McHugh.”She was under your spell wasn’t she?” Mr Fuller said. “Is that how it started?”“How do you mean?” Mr Baden-Clay asked. “Well you told us that you’d been couselling some of your staff. You told us she had problems in her own relationship. She was vulnerable wasn’t she?” Mr Fuller asked. “I didn’t think of her as vulnerable,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
Toni McHugh leaves court.

Toni McHugh leaves court. Photo: Channel 7

12:18pm: The court has heard Mr Baden-Clay was involved in an affair with a woman named Jackie Crane, while also involved in a relationship with his long-time mistress Toni McHugh and maintaining his marriage.Under heated questioning from Mr Fuller, Mr Baden-Clay admitted to sleeping with Ms Crane for a “couple of months”.On one occasion Mr Baden-Clay slept with Ms Crane while attending a real estate conference in Sydney. Mr Baden-Clay admitted he asked Ms McHugh to fly to Sydney to join him at the conference the following day.
12:14pm: Mr Fuller noted that Mr Baden-Clay had previously broken off his relationship with Ms McHugh.”Why didn’t you have the strength to do that in April 2012?” Mr Fuller asked, referring to the emails Mr Baden-Clay had sent Ms McHugh.“I told her on those occasions when we’d broken up over those three years … the reason we got back together was because I was concerned about what her reaction would be,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. “I had the courage on occasion to try and end the relationship and the weakness to go back into it or placate Toni.”
12:09pm: Mr Fuller has turned his attention again to MrBaden-Clay’s relationship with Ms McHugh in late 2011 and early 2012.”There were two occasions when we did have a sexual interaction and I deeply regret that. I deeply regret the whole thing. We were communicating with one another, I wouldn’t call it an affair,” Mr Baden-Clay said.“So why did you ring her up and ask her if she had told the police that you were back together?” Mr Fuller asked. “I had instructed her to tell the police everything,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
12:05pm: Mr Fuller has turned his questioning to MrsBaden-Clay’s response to the discovery of her husband’s affair in light of her history with depression.”There was no lying around?” Mr Fuller asked.Mr Baden-Clay said his wife had retreated to the couch on occasion after learning of his affair. Mr Fuller indicated he was surprised to hear Mrs Baden-Clay had time to sit on the couch while working four days a week and raising three children. Mr Baden-Clay rebuffed the suggestion.
12:01pm: Mr Fuller said Mr Baden-Clay agreed to hand his wife his mobile phone each night after she discovered his affair. The court has previously heard Mr Baden-Clay deleted any calls he received from Ms McHugh. The court has also previously heard Mr Baden-Clay had sex with his long-time mistress Toni McHugh on two occasions after his wife discovered the affair. “So when were you going to be open and honest with her about those things?” Mr Fuller asked. “I didn’t intend to disclose those things potentially ever … because I didn’t want to put in jeopardy our relationship together,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. “There was a real risk she was going to walk out wasn’t there?” Mr Fuller said. “There was of course a risk,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
11:58am: Mr Fuller: “The representation that people saw of your life as of 2011 and 2012 didn’t really have a ring of truth about it did it? … Your relationship with your wife was in trouble.”Mr Baden-Clay: “In 2011, at the time that Allison became aware of the affair with Toni, certainly our relationship was in trouble, but we were rebuilding from that moment.”
11:51am: Mr Fuller questioned Mr Baden-Clay about his continued false promises to Ms McHugh.”So you were willing to say whatever could be said to get yourself out of the situation?” Mr Fuller asked.“In that situation yes,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
Gerard Baden-Clay's former mistress Toni McHugh.

Gerard Baden-Clay’s former mistress Toni McHugh. Photo: Supplied

11:50am: Mr Fuller has noted Mr Baden-Clay rekindled his relationship with Ms McHugh in the months after his wife discovered the affair. “You couldn’t live without her could you?” Mr Fuller said. “That’s not correct,” Mr Baden-Clay replied. “That’s why you went back to her?” Mr Fuller said.

11:44am: Mr Fuller noted July 1 happened to be his wife’s birthday.”It also happens to be today,” Mr Baden-Clay replied.
11:43am: Mr Fuller has questioned Mr Baden-Clay about the emails he sent to Toni McHugh promising to be with her “unconditionally” by July 1.The email read: “This is agony for me too. I love you. I’m sorry you hung up on me. It sounded like you were getting very angry. I love you GG. Leave things to me now. I love you GM.”Mr Baden-Clay and Ms McHugh called each other GG for “Gorgeous Girl” and GM for “Gorgeous Man”. Mr Baden-Clay has insisted he sent the emails to placate Ms McHugh.
Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh's emails are submitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court where the father-of-three is standing trial for his wife Allison's murder.

Gerard Baden-Clay and Toni McHugh’s emails are submitted to the Brisbane Supreme Court where the father-of-three is standing trial for his wife Allison’s murder. Photo: Court Exhibit

sook11:41am: Mr Fuller is standing at the bar, with his hands folded in front of him.His voice echoing throughout the courtroom.A softly spoken Mr Baden-Clay is seated in the witness box with his hands folded in his lap.
11:39am: Court has resumed.Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC has started his cross-examination of Mr Baden-Clay in dramatic fashion.Mr Fuller: “Mr Baden-Clay you deceived your wife for nearly four years didn’t you?” Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.” Mr Fuller: “You led her to believe that your were faithful?” Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes I did.” Mr Fuller: “You led her to believe that she was the problem in the relationship?” Mr Baden-Clay: “No.” Mr Fuller: “You led her to believe that you wanted to change, that you wanted to make things different?” Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.” Mr Fuller: “You led her to believe that you had chosen her over Toni McHugh?” Mr Baden-Clay: “Yes.”
11:24am: Mr Byrne has finished questioning Mr Baden-Clay.Mr Baden-Clay will be cross-examined by prosecutor Todd Fuller QC after a short morning tea break.

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p class=”first”>Accused murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will resume giving evidence today at the Supreme Court in Brisbane, defending claims he murdered his wife.

Under oath last week, the 43-year-old denied killing his wife, Allison, and disposing of her remains in April 2012. The former real estate agent wept in court yesterday as he revealed details of his multiple affairs, saying he never intended to leave his wife and turned to other women when the intimacy in their marriage dried up. Baden-Clay said he began his affairs because he wanted sex but he ultimately desired a long-term future with his wife and their children. The 43-year-old also used a highlighter to demonstrate how twice he cut himself shaving the morning Allison vanished on April 20, 2012. Forensic experts have testified the wounds on his face look like fingernail scratches and the court has also been told Allison’s blood was found in one of the couple’s cars. Baden-Clay has told the court that when he went to sleep on April 19, 2012 Allison was watching TV and when he woke up she was gone. Her body was found on a creek bank at Anstead on April 30, 2012, 10 days after her husband reported her missing. Thanks LJC I have a computer guy coming out today.My computer just shuts down after being on after about 45 minutes

This is LJC2013, standing in for Robbo (whose computer has gone to be with God)… We are hoping he gets back ASAP because I have no skills as an administrator!! I have to go to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning (to look after my own mental health… given the torture all AC Teamsters are being put through in that courtroom – haha) but I will hopefully be at the courts by 11:00 and I’ll just beg for a seat. And thus we begin yet another day of drivel, drama and demented dialogue. Get Well Soon, Robbo’s Computer!! :) PS. News just in… They’re opening 3,249 courtrooms to deal with all the public interest. Haha.  

rundown 10am to 12.41pm day 13

rundown 10am to 12.41pm day 13