Birds Eye Reports

update tonight 24/06/14

LJC2013 wrote her first post for us below

Gerry wrote our first story here for day 4…

My bad I didn’t explain the set up…oops

Welcome to the action direct from inside the courtroom at the Gerard Baden Clay Murder Trial. This page is dedicated to those who have gone to the court, pad and paper in hand (tablet for tech savvy) to give us a perspective on what they see and hear.

Stay tuned for later on today!

3 thoughts on “Birds Eye Reports

  1. Waiting…waiting…waiting! Frankly,I am getting concerned. If this was a boxing match, the prosecution haven’t really landed many damaging punches. I just hope the strategy is to run them out of puff and then strike…a la float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

    If this goes pear shape…I just don’t know where I can take my loathing of the legal system and it’s disciples. I mean when you are at ZERO does it make sense to be less than that!

    I’ve always said we need twice as many engineers, three times as many medicos and five times less legal-eagles!


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