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I still think the McHUGH thing is unhelpful. He was using her for sex, like he used other women in exactly the same way (some while he was seeing McHUGH). To suggest he killed his wife to be with a trashy ‘bit on the side’ regardless of her pressure just doesn’t wash. He just told her what she wanted to hear….many times. Allison had known about his playing around for months and if she was threatening to leave I’d suggest he would have helped her pack her bags….then he could have really played the field. What was he afraid McHugh would do?….tell Allison? (a bit late)

Back to the Insurance…the Crown has already said they don’t regard that as a motive.

It just sounds more and more like a normal domestic and if we think who’d be the most shittiest over it…..Allison, hands down.


Comment on The Lounge October 2014 (cont) by Reagan Wed, 30 Dec 2015 13:45:23 +0000 Yes I couldnt agree with you more F.P.O sometimes progress and moving with the times is not for the better. The rehabilitation hospital in Caulfield which is used for patients that are recovering from operations is a dreay run down building maybe post war 1940s it has a very depressing vibe. To stay there during a patients recovery must be frightening. Prison foods gotta be better than that. Makes those correctional centres look like modern day retreats. Look after the pedophiles stuff the public nobody gives a rats if they died in that old run down post war dreary joint.


Comment on Gerard Baden-Clay Appeal 7th August 2015-UPDATED 8TH DECEMBER 2015 by RIP Allison Wed, 30 Dec 2015 10:24:56 +0000 McHugh was very cautious and selective in what she divulged to police, I doubt she ‘told all there was to know’ in court either. I will not be in the least surprised if one day when GBC finally becomes a “free man” she will be waiting for him.

She was indeed fed-up by GBC’s lack of taking action previously, but she pulled out all the stops at the time of Allison’s murder to pressure GBC at every opportunity to leave Allison and become totally ‘hers’.

Her adoration no doubt stroked his over sized ego, and his ‘need’ for her stroked hers. Two very self-centered individuals, both quite disconnected from reality feeding off each other’s needs and wants, with no care or respect for others involved.

She finally got a commitment and a very definitive date out of him with a promise in writing that he would be a DEBT-FREE and with HER by 1 July. A very precise PLANNED execution date. And it is clear from what ensued he took that promise very seriously.

Sadly there was only one way to obtain about $1million to settle his debts AND be rid of the wife he no longer wanted in a matter of weeks. Most people would not dream of actioning this kind of option….GBC did.

IMO GBC killed Allison precisely to benefit from her insurance money. IF ALLISON HAD NO LIFE INSURANCE I BELIEVE SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE TODAY.

BR days ago you were telling everyone to rule out an appeal, it will not happen. WELL IT HAS!! You are clearly very keen for GBC’s sentence to be downgraded, and are welcome to your opinion.

Many others feel exactly the opposite – they’d want to see him put away for his entire natural life. Even a murder sentence seems too light for the selfish greedy deed he has perpetrated.

So I am ruling NOTHING out of the equation. Just hoping for an objective and above board review of the massive body of evidence, circumstantial and otherwise presented in this trial, by people without any connections to the BC’s and without any agenda to downgrade this cold and calculating murderer’s sentence.

Like thousands of others I would like to see JUSTICE for Allison and all her friends and family, especially her 3 daughters, who have to live with the terrible loss of such a very caring and much loved person every day for the rest of their lives.


Comment on Doing it 4 Allison – Justice Needs To Be Served! by FORMER H.M.PENTRIDGE PRISON OFFICER: SERVED "H".DIVISION CIRCA 1989 Wed, 30 Dec 2015 07:20:43 +0000 All these good people turning out for Alison, including murdered Daniel Morcombe’s parents for real justice to be served against killers and violent criminals is proof that for the most part, most, and that is I say most ‘Australian’s’ in every state, have had a gutful of the weak Justice system and soft sentences handed down by judges with the persuasion of good criminal defence lawyers.

The big problem is however, we all know what’s wrong with the legal justice system, it does not listen to the people and victims of crime, and continues in its high and mighty superior position of continuing, despite public anguish, to be way too soft, letting all us good people that protest continually towards them, down time after time, but how can we sack??? ‘them in power in the halls of justice, meaning all those silks, that favour criminal human rights and sway towards the sentence discounting of leniency for horrible crimes, and rarely hand out life means life prison sentences.
All them big wigs the do-gooders of justice , the ‘lawyers the judges the magistrates’, unless they have been living in a cave’ would have to know the ordinary people are angry at there lenient sentences handed down in courts, but they continue to not perform for the tough justice of all the community and victims, only feel sorry for the rehabilitation and reform of sly, evil, cunning criminals.
And often in summing up on a criminals sentence about to be handed out by the magistrate or judge, they say in their own words how bad the crime committed was, as well as having read a harrowing victims impact statement, but they then hand down a sentence far short of the maximum sentence in the sentencing acts, that they very easy could hand down to the found guilty accused murderer or violent crimes committed.

The Departments of Justice, the Parole Boards and even the judges and Magistrates that don’t want to, including the Governments in power, many who have been lawyers, just won’t be tough and harsh on sentencing despicable smart arse criminals? And Gerald Baden Clay is a fine example of the failings of the utter contempt towards the victims of his crime, by down playing murder to the lesser prison sentence of manslaughter as if it was just some kind of misdemeanour or challenging a parking ticket.

Even politicians cannot or don’t want too become involved in the Criminal Justice System, so far as sentencing is concerned.

For all the flaws that the United States of America dies have, one thing is for sure for the most part, they have a Criminal Justice System that comes down very strong on violent crimes up to murder. Sentences over 100 years and capital punishment are very frequently hand out to felons.
Even life in prison without parole, plus1000 years to a criminal called Ariel Castro in 2013.

So this is just so out of touch Australian selected Judges are in comparison to Anzus treaty with the United States of America since 1951.
Well Australia’s criminal justice system sentencing of horrible crimes is so far behind the community expectations its is a very serious concern. Terrorism sentencing is taken more serious, as it should be, but harsh sentencing also needs to be handed down for crimes of violence, whether they be committed on woman, men , animals and children. But they are not.
the average sentence is far short always of the crimes act and sentencing acts maximum penalty.
Rape for example carries a maximum 25 year sentence, which a judge in Australia if he or she so desires can hand down. When was 25 years in Australia last handed down for rape? – So this is my point. We need to sack our non-performing judges and magistrates that fail to hand down at the very least the maximum prison sentence at their disposal!
The problem is yet again we the people cannot sack our public servant judiciary of crim loving soft jJustices? We can sack a political Prime Minister but not our Justices of the criminal law.


Comment on Doing it 4 Allison – Justice Needs To Be Served! by Louise Wed, 30 Dec 2015 03:09:57 +0000 Hopefully now real justice will prevail. Hope he is shaking in his cell. RIP Allison. You are not forgotten.

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