High Profile Convictions

List of Australian criminals

This is a list of Australian people who have been convicted of serious crimes ( I have taken the liberty of sourcing this info from the great site wikipedia for speed and accuracy, cheers robbo)

This is not a complete list and is being added to all the time. If you feel someone is worthy of being in this list of CONVICTED criminals, let me know.

Bank robbers

Australians convicted of bank robbery:

Drug traffickers

See also: Illegal drug trade

Australians convicted of drug related crimes both in Australia and overseas.

  • Andrew Chan, sentenced to death in Indonesia on 14 February 2006
  • Si Yi Chen, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 16 February 2006
  • Michael Czugaj, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 14 February 2006
  • Renae Lawrence, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in Indonesia
  • Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 16 February 2006
  • Matthew Norman, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 16 February 2006
  • Scott Rush, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 13 February 2006
  • Martin Stephens, sentenced to life imprisonment in Indonesia on 14 February 2006
  • Myuran Sukumaran, sentenced to death in Indonesia on 14 February 2006


Notable Australian criminal families.

Jason Moran

Lewis Moran

Mark Moran

Dennis Allen

Victor Peirce

Kath Pettingill



Australians convicted of fraud


Australians convicted of murder.

Serial killers

Australians convicted of multiple murders

Child sex offenders

Australians convicted of child sex offences.

  • Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, labelled Australia’s worst paedophile, pleaded guilty to 124 sex offences and one count of attempting to pervert the course of justice committed against 63 girls under his care as a teacher and youth leader from 1972 to 2000, sentenced to two consecutive terms of indefinite imprisonment with a nominal sentence of 30 years
  • Robert ‘Dolly’ Dunn, homosexual paedophile, died in 2009 while serving a 20 year sentence
  • Dennis Ferguson, paedophile who has caused controversy in NSW and Queensland
  • Andrew Garforth, convicted of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Ebony Simpson
  • Barry Gordon Hadlow, murdered young girls in 1962 and 1990
  • Brian Keith Jones, aka Mr Baldy, serial paedophile jailed indefinitely for breaches of parole
  • Milton Orkopoulos, NSW state MP and child sex offender
  • Patrick Power, Crown prosecutor convicted of possessing child pornography
  • David Shane Whitby, convicted of 120 child sex offences committed against eight children between 1999 and 2008, sentenced to 32 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 26 years


Australians convicted of rape

Bilal Skaf – ring leader


Australians convicted of other offences

  • Geoffrey Edelsten, high profile doctor convicted of soliciting a hit man and perverting the course of justice.
  • Marcus Einfeld, former judge and convicted perjurer
  • David Hicks, convicted terrorism supporter.
  • Barry Morris, politician who was jailed for making bomb and death threats.

Now as I said at the top this list is not complete, it was one of the first topics I posted when I started the blog last year. I fantastic crime blogger has sent me a list of convicted criminals who belong in this list. I will include them. I like to have a link to the crime and or criminal so it will take some time. If anyone has stuff to pass on about this bunch, contact me via email link on the left side there or leave a message below!

(Thanks to “The Real Underbelly” for sending me the list.Go check his site out. (offline at the moment)Tons of great stuff there!)

Eric Thomas Turner, murdered twice in 1948, twice again in 1973

William McDonald (“The Mutilator”), butchered four men in Sydney in 1961-2  updated

Leonard Keith Lawson, murdered two young girls in 1961, also a notorious rapist updated

Raymond Edmunds (“Mr Stinky”), murdered a teenage couple in 1966, also a notorious rapist updated

Barry Gordon Hadlow, murdered young girls in 1962 and 1990 updated

Leigh Robinson, murdered his girlfriends in 1968 and 2008 updated

Archie Beattie “Mad Dog” McCafferty, Charlie Manson-style serial killer, murdered 3 people with his gang in 1973

Allan Baker & Kevin Gary Crump, murdered Ian Lamb and Virginia Morse in 1973

Rodney Francis Cameron, murdered two people in 1974, murdered again just months after release in 1990

John David Lewthwaite, stabbed a young girl to death in her bed

James William Miller, helped Christopher Worrall kill 6 women in 1977

John Ernest Cribb, abducted and murdered a mother and two of her children in 1978

Paul Stephen Haigh, serial killer, murdered 6 in 1978-9 and one in jail in 1991

Robert Theo Sievers, murdered his wife in 1980 and girlfriend in 2000

Allan Douglas Thompson, murdered two sisters in 1981 and a family of four in 1984

Paul Wayne Luckman & Robin Reid, tortured and buried alive a teenage boy in 1982

Samuel Leonard Rushton Boyd, butchered a woman in 1982, killed a man at a hotel and 2 at a school in 1983

Gregory John “Bluey” Brazel, murdered 2 prostitutes in 1990, later confessed to murdering a shopkeeper in 1982

Douglas John Edwin Crabbe, murdered 5 at Uluru by driving his truck into a hotel

Andrew Christopher Albury, murdered a woman in Darwin in 1983, suspect in a Qld murder

Lyndsey Robert Rose, murdered 5 people between 1984 and 1994

Michael George Laurence, murdered 3 boys in 1984 & 1986

Clive Edward Stone & Anthony Arthur Stone, raped and murdered an intellectually disabled woman in 1985

David Jack Glen, raped and hanged his 10 year old female cousin in 1985

Andrew Mark Norrie, thrill killer, murdered 2 people in 1986

Mark John Adams, murdered women in 1986 and following his release in 2004

Stanley Brian Taylor, Russell Street bombing in 1986

Rodney Thomas Clarke, raped and murdered a young girl in her bed in 1987

Lloyd Clark Fletcher, notorious rapist, raped and murdered a teenage girl in 1987

Rodney Charles Collins, murdered a couple in 1987, suspect in many other murders

David Troy Masters, murdered women in 1987 and 1991

Anthony Shane Potter, raped and murdered a disabled woman in 1987

Anthony John Hore, murdered a man in 1987, murdered a fellow inmate in 2000 along with Stanley James Fyffe

Daryl Francis Suckling, murdered a prostitute in 1987

Francis James Carter, “the most dangerous man in Australia”, murdered a man in 1988 and a fellow inmate in 1990

Douglas James Wade, raped and murdered an infant in 1988

Stephen Wayne “Shorty” Jamieson, Matthew James Elliot & Bronson Matthew Blessington, abducted, raped and drowned Janine Balding in 1988

David Harold Eastman, assassinated AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Stanley Winchester in 1989

Neville Raymond Towner, murdered a young girl in 1989

Tracey Avril Wigginton & Lisa Marie Ptaschinski, murdered a man and drank his blood in 1989

Daniel Leslie Miles, murdered his girlfriend in 1990, broke out of prison and murdered his friend in 1999

Michael John Marlow, murdered a man in Tasmania in 1990, also a notorious rapist

Kathleen Megan Folbigg, killed her 4 children between 1989 and 1999

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe, abducted and murdered a young girl in 1991

Ashley Mervyn Coulston, executed three young people in 1992

Malcolm George Baker, murdered 6 in Central Coast massacre in 1992

Maxwell Harold Trotter, raped and drowned a 2 year old boy in 1993

Jason John “Waxy” Nixon, murdered fellow inmates in 1993 and 2003

Robert Mark Steele, along with others killed 3 men in NSW and possibly others in Qld in 1993

Jeffrey Gilham, killed his brother, murdered his parents and set the house alight in 1993

Edwin Thomas Street, killed his wife and girlfriend in 1993-4

Mark Lewis, killed his girlfriend in company with Lyndsey Rose in 1994

Richard William Leonard, murdered a man with a crossbow and stabbed a taxi driver to death in 1994

Phuong Canh Ngo, assassinated his political rival John Newman in 1994

Mark Walter Day & Andrew Thomas “Mugwah” Kranz, murdered fellow inmates in 1994 and 1997

Garry Zane Glasby, contract killing in 1994

Brendan and Vester Fernando, abducted, raped and murdered a young nurse in 1994. Vester murdered Brendan in prison in 1999

Michael Barry Fyfe, murdered a fellow inmate in 1996, caused havoc wherever he went in prison

Bruce Alan Burrell, murdered women in 1995 and 1997, bodies never found

Frank Strathcoe Babic, murdered in 1995 and shortly after release in 2006

Matthew Wayne de Gruchy, bashed his mother, sister and brother to death

Hoang Minh Nguyen, killed 3 in 1996 (when he was 17), killed a fellow inmate in 1998

Gerald David Preston, murdered 2 in botched contract hit, 1996

Sung Eun “Nick” Park, murdered his wife and 2 young kids, stuffed them in suitcases and dumped them

Dr Michael McGrane, murdered a patient with a morphine OD in 1997

Rodney Michael Cherry, murdered his wife in 1997 and stepdaughter in 1999

Bandali Michael Debs, murdered a prostitute in 1997 and 2 cops in 1998, currently charged with the murder of a prostitute in 1995

Christopher Andrew Robinson, bashed a paedophile to death in 1997

Mark Mala Valera, murdered and mutilated to men in 1998

Raymond Akhtar Ali, murdered and dissected his newborn baby in 1998

Matthew James Harris, serial killer, murdered 3 in Wagga Wagga in 1998

Leonard John Fraser, serial killer, killed 4 in Rockhampton in 1998-9

Mark Errin Rust, murdered women in 1999 and 2001, also a notorious rapist

Mark Dempsey Knight, murdered fellow inmates in 1999 and 2000

Terry Mark Donai, murdered a couple in 2000 for a slice of their inheritance

Timothy Paul Villa, murdered a couple and tried to murder their children, set fire to the house in 2000

Peter James Knight, murdered a security guard at an abortion clinic in 2001

Steven Anthony Fraser & Craig Andrew Merritt, each murdered their 3 children in 2001

Yonky Irvin Tan, ordered a hit on an accountant who was forced to drink acid

Crespin Adanguidi, murdered the wife and 2 children of his homosexual lover

Francis Michael Fahey, murdered prostitutes in 2002-3

Ram Puneet Tiwary, bashed his 2 flatmates to death in 2003

Adnan Darwiche, Naseam El-Zeyat & Ramzi Aouad, various murders during gang/family wars in 2003

Jeffrey John Hillsley, murdered a man and abducted and raped his young daughter in 2003

David Lionel John Coulter, murdered his young female second cousin, mutilated her and tried to commit suicide

Steven Roy Turner, murdered 2 in 2005

Hugo Alistair Rich, murdered a security guard in 2005, also a notorious armed robber

John Brian Woodman & Scott Geoffrey Maygar, killed 3 in Toowoomba in 2005

Robert Donald William Farquharson, drove his car into a dam, left his 3 boys to drown in 2005

Peter James Johnson, tortured and murdered an elderly couple in 2005

Christopher Wayne Hudson, murdered 1 and seriously injured 2 in Melbourne’s CBD in 2007

Sharyn Ward, starved her young autistic daughter to death in 2007

Sanjay Mehta, murdered his wife and then his young stepdaughter who witnessed it (2008)

John Walsh, “Cowra Axe Murderer”, murdered his wife and two grandchildren, tried to murder his daughter in 2008

258 thoughts on “High Profile Convictions

  1. Murderers

    Noreen Jumbo
    Rose Mabo

    Baby Murders

    Joylene? (PNG/Qld)
    Tanya Burke (Q
    Desleigh?(NSW)Put sisters baby in roasting dish in oven
    Clara Grey (baby in suitcase,out to sea)

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  2. fraud-Australia’s largest superannuation theft ($180m) fund manager Shawn Richard was convicted for dishonesty and served time in jail. The Trio Capital fraud was uncovered September 2009, Richard was sentenced in the NSWSC August 2011. No money was retrieved and the money trail was never explained to the people who were robbed.


  3. A lot of those listed won their appeals, are therefore, innocent and rightly live in the community with you and I. You url would be more credible if you named and shamed the crooked cops who “bricked” a lot on your list. Until you show that sort of balance you will always be a “ghoul” in the eyes of most educated folk.


    • Speaking of credibility, post details of those that were found not guilty. You aren’t really helping this site if you aren’t pointing out the issues with facts.


    • Meehan:
      They literally MURDERED other humans.
      Big-noting your degrees lol but not an ethical comment.
      Best you take the speck out of your own eye before you attack anyone here.
      Everyone in the forums has a right to a voice.
      It is not a case of winning an appeal.
      Kina, for example, openly admits she murdered her partner. So she says she was badly treated by him and ‘got off’. The fact remains…
      Similarly, others – the fact remains….
      do the crime do the time.
      It is unfair to others that any murderer should cry ‘But he did this to me…’ and walk.
      Yes, some innocent people have been bricked by crooked others. Not all have been cops.
      They include:
      Crooked cops, crooked informers, crooked lawyers, crooked doctors et al.
      Mabo, for example only got off a murder because she was related to Eddie Mabo.
      Whites would hang. You cannot discount this fact. It DOES make a difference.
      Even Southerners in Qld have suffered grievously simply because the have been Southerners.
      Much more.


  4. My brother Peter Porter was stabbed 15 time, spiked through the chest with a star picket and his throat cut by Anthony Warren at my brothers general store in Nerrin Nerrin Victoria in 1990. Anthony Warren came from Maryborough. He is now out of prison but my brother isn’t out of the grave. How come you don’t know about this brutal murder.?????


    • the Aussies have some sick fucks, but the law is even more revolting letting anyone out who has murdered another human being! A life for a life, bring back the death sentence, get rid of this filth and save the taxpayer his hard earned dollars YOU LEGAL BRAIN AMPUTATED FUCKS WORKING FOR THE LAW!


  5. Is there a mug shot recent or any other of terry james freeman, any information at all, in regards to the murders in sir davis longland correctional between 1994 and 1999



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  7. Hi Robbo – long time no be here…hope you are well, note change of email.

    following of interest in light of Cairns tragedy. Lamb, for example can murder for humans in the most horrific way ten pretend she was crazy. What load of crap:

    Irene Mavis LAMB was charged with the murders of five persons at Wolvi near Gympie on or about 20 February 1977.

    Queensland Government Hansard: http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/documents/hansard/1980/1980_08_19.pdf

    The Age May 30 1978: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=medaAAAAIBAJ&sjid=T5IDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6715%2C6370716

    The Sydney Morning Herald May 30 1978: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=EQhkAAAAIBAJ&sjid=9uYDAAAAIBAJ&pg=4504%2C9362136



  8. I am searching for information on a Francis (Frank) Corby born around 1924 -30, he lived in Brunswick Victoria. AU.
    He was involved in crime, had many friends in underworld or mob and was a stand over man for them, he was often on run from police and I believe in mid 1950-70s he was sent to Pentridge prison.
    . . He has since passed away.


  9. Not bragging Robbo but just quietly I was the first (and far as I know only since) ever juvenile to be convicted of robbing a bank in W.A. in 1990,I don’t know whether or not that would make your list but all details are public record I’d say. Cheers mate keep up the good work ;)


  10. Ronald gander
    Sold a teenaged girls formsex and only fed her kfc nuggets and kept her locked up at night.
    Also tried to sell a high rise in Brisbane City before that.

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  11. alex symes wanted by police wa, vic, qld , and nsw for fraud left oz for bali/Jakarta
    stole 200k+ from Vietnam vet 2013, and sent people bankrupt, have been told by fraud vicpol he is in jail in Indonesia but cannot find anything in Indonesian media about it.
    can you help?


    • We got scammed by a person named Alex Symes as well. He have lived at our property rent free for more than 1 month. He is a con artist! He lied about his references and many others! Dont trust him, he has a partner named Melisa and both are not trustworthy.
      I dont understand why is he not in jail after many things he has done.


  12. Hey there, I was surprised convicted child killer Derek Percy was not added for his murder of Yvonne Tuohy and attempted murder of her friend.
    He was believed to have been a number one suspect in other child murders including the Beaumont children and Wanda Beach murders.

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  13. Hi can you please see if you can find any info of my step father Darryl John Cooke who was in Turana boys home, and escaped from there with 4 other inmates, spent lots of time at H division in pentridge went to ararat and Lodden. He was in many Victorian jails and escaped from a few including when playing footy. He was released from jail due to dying from cancer and we never had any personal affects left due to a fire and not being able to contact his family. My mother, myself and his boy ( my brother ) would love to find anything we can even news clippings or photos, we have nothing left of him at all. I do have a DOB or close to what I’m sure it is but would like to see if you have any info as I see you have a few of his friends listed above haha. Most people called him Cookie or few called him DJ. Would appreciate if you could give me any info at all. Cheers.


  14. David James Godwin – Convicted of Rape, Assault w/a Deadly Weapon, Grievous Bodily Harm. Wanted by welfare in regards to his children


  15. I was in Parramatta Gaol in the 70’s and I remember 2 little bald men and in them days you carried a number on your shirt pocket, well their numbers were 1 and 2 and if anyone out there can tell me what there names are as I have wondered who they were all these years, an old screw that lives in the area said they were Annersly and Smith but I cant be sure that’s correct, so please help anyone


    • Sallyann I have seach and search but can not find any record or writings on Tony Karpany. If there is and I am looking in the wrong place please inform me as to where. This will get the ball rolling.


  16. Peter Garforth has had bed and breakfast for 23 yrs as an angry member of the public yelled out the day he was taken to his forever home 23 fuckin yrs too long this bastard should have been wacked yrs ago what the fucks going on in there they must be with there own kind. This bastard should be slaughtered for what he did to that dear child. He wouldnt last outside hes being protected inside by the do gooders probably had the best medical care and do gooder psychologists that fall in love with child killers. The sick pack of fucks. Theres probably even the oddball lawyer sniffin around for an appeal but he cant quite get in there. If I had a window of opportunity Id torture the cunt and make him squeal throw him in a dam hog tied its an appalling injustice to Ebony Simpson and her family to keep this filthy shit alive. I WANT HIM DEAD .


  17. Hi mate just wondering if you could help out I’m trying to find online somewhere there was an Aussie male teen violin player I vaguely remember he was a student in an orchestra between 99′ -2011 he was tortured were fingers on one or both hands removed I’m trying to find the victims name

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  18. Pingback: Notorious Sydney Cases: John Wayne Glover aka “Granny Killer” | That's A Crime

  19. Gary John Mills, convicted for murder WA..guilty.- Gary Ernest White convicted and still serving 22 years for a murder he did not commit, -Gregory Ernest Drage (Dec.) was not charged or convicted for a murder that he was complicit in in 2001, charged instead for being The Drug lord of the Northwest but had all charges dropped by DPP WA.- Rampant police corruption in WA has seen several major crimes such as murder go un-investigated as police target certain individuals and bikie clubs with the WA police being incapable of solving serious crimes themselves through good police work and allowing the real perpetrators to go free.


  20. Please look and list the corrupt people who have misapproatited Financial Planing Funds who are not even listed with ATSIC and still work in the industry-. You will find names listed from Moree northern NSW to Merambego in southern NSW that should be named and shamed.


  21. Hi
    Looking 4 any information on Gordon Wallace.
    Convicted serial rapist
    Raped 4 grannies around Newcastle around 1996
    He lived @ shortland
    He was engaged to a lady named Kim & had 2 kids
    Hoping u have any information please
    Cheers jo


  22. HI
    Looking 4 any information on
    Gordon Wallace
    Newcastle serial granny rapist around 1996
    Any help would be very grateful
    Been searching 4 years
    Cheers jo


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