DANIEL Morcombe TRIAL-Brett Cowan pleads not guilty to murder

The long wait for the Morcombe family is over, with the trial beginning today in Brisbane. I will do my best to follow this trial, which comes more than a decade after young Daniel vanished waiting for a bus.

For anyone wishing to follow or reading about the current murder trial there is a menu link on the home page to each day of the trial. They are sitting Mon-Thu currently

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DANIEL Morcombe’s accused killer has pleaded not guilty to murder as his trial gets underway in Brisbane.

Police Video of interview with Cowan released. The last 30 seconds of the 2nd video says SO MUCH…MUST SEE

Video of a police interview with the accused in 2005 has been released by the court. Watch it  below

Part 1 and 2 (split for youtube)

update 20/02/14 photos of Cowan can be revealed for the first time after they were tendered in evidence today.

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003.

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering schoolboy Daniel Morcombe in 2003.

Photos of Brett Peter Cowan were tendered as evidence today.

Photos of Brett Peter Cowan were tendered as evidence today.

1pm 10/02/14 Cowan, also known as Shadoo Nunya Hunter, entered not guilty pleas to all charges when he was arraigned under both names in Brisbane’s Supreme Court this morning.

The former tow truck driver walked past the Morcombe family in the public gallery before entering the prisoner’s dock, dressed in a grey sports coat and navy pants. I cannot imagine the emotional anguish felt as this mongrel walked past the parents, just a few a feet away

Moments later, Daniel’s mother Denise left the court room clearly upset, with her husband Bruce.

Daniel Morcombe

Daniel Morcombe

Brett Peter Cowan, 44, was clean shaven and wore a grey suit when he entered the dock in the Supreme Court on Monday.

He pleaded not guilty to murdering Daniel Morcombe on December 7, 2003 at the Glass House Mountains in Queensland, and not guilty to indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse.

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe

Brett Peter Cowan is accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe

Cowan appeared before a crowded public gallery that included Daniel’s parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe and his two brothers, Bradley and Dean.

Daniel's parents and brothers are among more than 150 witnesses who could be called to give evidence during proceedings.

Daniel’s parents and brothers are among more than 150 witnesses who could be called to give evidence during proceedings.

A jury panel is now being selected.

Daniel was 13 when he disappeared while waiting for a bus at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast in 2003. He was on his way to buy Christmas presents for his family.

His remains were found in bushland at the Glass House Mountains, also in the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland, in 2011.

Daniel’s parents and brothers are among more than 150 witnesses who could be called to give evidence during proceedings.

The trial is expected to run for up to six weeks.

As they arrived at court for the trial, Mr and Mrs Morcombe said they felt closer to discovering what had happened to their son.

“Ten years, two months and three days we find ourselves here, so it’s been a long grind,” Mr Morcombe told reporters outside the court.

“But we certainly thank the media, police, the SES and the community for getting us to this point and we’ll see what the next few weeks unfold.”

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the trial had been a long time coming.

“I know the whole Queensland community, in fact, Australian community is watching with interest this week,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

“I am hopeful that certainly we will be able to put the very, very best case to the court.”

Mr and Mrs Morcombe have relentlessly campaigned for justice for Daniel and have dedicated their lives to increasing awareness about child safety.

The foundation they have set up in the son’s name works with schools across the country to educate children about how to keep themselves safe.


21 thoughts on “DANIEL Morcombe TRIAL-Brett Cowan pleads not guilty to murder

  1. Just watching that interview and hearing Cowens pathetic voice turns my stomach the last 30 seconds brought him undone that was a good question on the detectives part I bet they’d love to get hold of him and beat him to a pulp I know I would but the freak is untouchable but not for long he will get his wack.After all this son of a bitch had been in jail for abducting and raping another boy the authorities responsible released him and there was no warning to the public that this convicted rock spider was lurking around sweating on his next victim and that’s when he grabbed Daniel Morcombe. He’s what I imagined that typical filthy scum ridden sickly look that makes me want to slice that ugly head clean off his pathetic body with a sharp flat bladed shovel then place him neck down in the dirt so anyone could kick his filthy arse I’ve waited years to see this prick and I will be chaffing at the bit to see him sentenced and it better be right . His days are numbered.


    • The sad thing is he is now protected.He will be with his own kind .They can all sit round and compare notes, But Daniel is never coming back.My Godmother was raped and murdered in her own home. She was in her 70s. The young animal who did it was 18 years old and got 19 with 14 on the bottom due for parole last year.He gets out in his early 30s with his whole life in front of him.He also had a record for similar stuff. why do they let these animals out again. If a dog in the street bites someone they put it down. When are we going to start treating these animals the way they should be treated. Life for a life. There is no rehabilitation and even if there was some people are born that way or for whatever reason cant be helped..God help our children God help us all


    • Your comments reflect armchair justice. You are unable to carry out ridiculous threats, so do you feel better anvocating such violence. Yes, Daniel’s death was tragic but will violence solve the problems of child abuse and murder?


  2. A marvelous job done by the undercover cop the moron fell in hook line and sinker as I said I’ve waited years for this like everyone else and it’s finally closing in on this creepy son of a bitch I’m not convinced he’s telling the whole truth about his actions he cut it too short there’s more to it.His family must be your typical low on brains ill at ease interbred throwbacks probably hiding out in the hills too gutless to show their ugly faces . Now this country can see what an evil hideous cretin this lowlife scumbag is.


  3. Do you think a single page purely for discussing Daniel Morcombe would be better folks i.e lounge type, so they are all in one spot? because I am posting a summary of each days proceedings (available via menu at top of site) the pages are quite long.



  4. This crime against Daniel was horrific. The paedophile Cowan spoke with undercover detectives as if it was nothing but a good opportunity to abduct, rape & murder. Says he only wanted his “man fun”. He says he didn’t intend to “knock him” but then says he was afraid Daniel would recognise his number plate and be able to describe his White MItsubishi Pajero. He says he thought Daniel might run; and “if he got away, he ‘d be “f….d”.

    Appears he has played down the violent struggle, so his new ‘criminal mates’ wouldn’t think too badly of him. Truth is it was probably far more violent than he has admitted.

    Remember eye witnesses saw a violent struggle in the rear of the blue sedan indicating that Daniel put up a good fight:

    “A witness saw a violent struggle in the back seat of a blue sedan as she travelled along the Sunshine Coast road where slain schoolboy Daniel Morcombe was last seen”…
    “she saw a “fairly stocky” man “punching and moving violently in the back seat”.
    She said the struggle was so violent “the back of the car itself was bouncing around”…
    “she saw a white sneaker appear over the middle of the back seat of the car. “It was trying to push the man away who was sitting in the back seat, because it came up towards the middle and was trying to kick at the person in the back seat,” she told the court…

    Another witness “saw a blue sedan driving erratically and weaving in and out of traffic”…
    “It was a tarp, jumping up and down… I thought it was kids or someone under there moving…” he said.



    • witnesses did say that but Cowan wasn’t driving a blue sedan, he was driving a white pajero 4wd. the blue sedan and men seen standing near it remain a mystery. all of these witness reports have done nothing but confuse people and muddy the waters for so long. particularly because Douglas Jackway had a blue sedan and could very well have been in the vicinity. it has never been explained why the Police discounted Jackway. But obviously they knew they had their man in Cowan.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi John, I personally think a long time ago they KNEW they had their man, BUT snaring him with trial strength proof was the problem. I feel the cops sent out plenty of red herrings to get Cowan comfortable with the (false) fact they were not pursuing him any-more.

        These snake bellies are always out there crossing paths with each other and in the community seeking out victims. 95% of their time is spent in their fake life or finding a victim, or at the very least trying to stay under the radar. I reckon the law of averages tells us these dogs are often near each other without even knowing as they seek out the same things.

        They had this bloke lined up, it was getting him that was time consuming (and costly, but that is a whole other thread on when and where the cops run these Mr.Big stings, is a murder more worthy here or there?)


      • http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au…sting/2190341/
        Daniel Accused Cowan Reveals Whether He Will Testify
        Rae Wilson 6th Mar 2014
        “The final prosecution witness was Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Blanchfield from Queensland’s homicide investigation unit. He said he was involved in a 2009 interview with convicted child rapist Douglas Jackway, who the defence say has a five and a half hour window that could not be accounted for the day Daniel went missing. Under cross-examination, Snr Sgt Blanchfield said he put to Jackway that he had lied in a previous version to police and Jackway agreed. He said there were no other reports about abduction or violence to children on the Nambour Connection Road on December 7, 2003″.


        • Josh Bavas ‏@JoshBavas Feb 24
          Witness Douglas Jackway rejects claims he was seen thoroughly cleaning inside of his blue sedan week of Dec 8th, 2003. #morcombe

          Josh Bavas ‏@JoshBavas Feb 24
          Witness Douglas Jackway rejects claims by defence lawyer that he asked two people to be alibi for 7th Dec, 2003. #morcombe


      • MAKO tells us when Jackway was first linked to Daniels disappearance his fellow inmates meted out some justice, enough that he was removed from that prison and placed in another, higher security one for his own protection.


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