Day 10 of Daniel Morcombe Murder trial

Cowan has pleaded not guilty before Justice Roslyn Atkinson to murder, indecent treatment and misconduct with a corpse.

Video of a police interview with the accused in 2005 has been released by the court. Watch it  below

Part 1 and 2 (split for youtube)

12.50pm: In cross-examination, Jackway said he couldn’t remember taking money from his bank account and his mobile phone at the time had no sim card on December 7, 2003.

He said he drove to the Goodna Shopping Centre with his mate’s father, who gave him petrol for his car that morning.

Jackway said he had a fight with his girlfriend and then went to Paul Carrington’s house.

He said he did not know how long it took to drive to the Kiel Mountain Rd overpass from Goodna.

Mr Edwards put to Jackway that he left in his blue Commodore and was gone between 11am and 4.30pm.

I suggest to you when you returned hom in the afternoon at 4.30pm you were in an agitated state and you went to your bedroom for a period of time before you… went to Carrington’s place,’’ Mr Edwards said. Jackway:That’s incorrect.’’

Mr Edwards put to Jackway that he warned Michael Harbot police might come and question him about where he was that day, sometime between December 7 and December 11, 2003.

“I’d never say that, that’s incorrect,’’ Jackway said.

He denied asking his friend Michael Harbot to give him an alibi for the day Daniel Morcombe went missing.

He also refuted Mr Edwards’ suggestion he warned a female friend about giving him an alibi by telling the police he was at home.

“I never said that to her. I never said anything of the sort to her,’’ Jackway said.

He agreed he went to Michael Harbot’s parents house to collect bedside drawers and a mattress at 4.30pm on December 9, 2003.

Mr Edwards: “I suggest to you, you dyed your hair sometime over the 7th to the 8th of December, 2003.’’

12.10pm: In cross-examination, Jackway said his blue Commodore was seized and impounded at Kunda Park, outside Maroochydore, after the pursuit on November 22, 2003.

“I don’t believe I was actually (taking drugs), I was intoxicated,’’ Jackway said.

“I would have been charged if there were drugs in my car … ’’

He disagreed he told police on March 30, 2011 that he had drugs in his car, as well.

Jackway agreed he previously gave evidence that he drove along Nambour Connection Rd on December 8, 2003.

He said he was with a man called Fred Smith on December 2, 2003.

He said two days later, Mr Smith was supposed to drive Jackway to the Sunshine Coast to pick up his impounded car but he instead dropped him at a Goodna service station and “took off’’.

Jackway said he stole a car and drove it to the Sunshine Coast to pick up his own impounded vehicle on December 5, 2003.

He agreed he used the wheels from the stolen car on his own car to drive it away.

Jackway said he was bleaching his hair within the first week of getting out of prison in 2003.

“I had short hair, I’ve never had long hair in my life,’’ he said.

He agreed he had a number of tattoos, including one on his left shoulder, one on his left calf saying “hectic’’ and one on his right arm.

Jackway said early in the morning of December 7, 2003, his girlfriend returned home after spending some time with another man.

He agreed that when he spoke to his girlfriend that morning, he drove to the other man’s house.

Jackway said he visited the man for around 15 minutes and returned home, calling his sister at 7.45am and asked to stay with her at Tewantin that night.

He did not agree he drove from his home on Bertha St at Goodna to Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast via the Nambour Connection Rd.

Jackway agreed he drove to the home of his friend’s parent’s to top up the oil in his blue Commodore, staying for around half an hour.

He agreed he was wearing blue shorts and a white singlet and told them he was on his way to the Sunshine Coast.

11.25am: In cross-examination by barrister Angus Edwards, for Cowan, Jackway said he was sentenced to eight years in jail.

He agreed he did not complete a sexual offenders program while incarcerated.

Jackway agreed he assaulted another prisoner on August 8, 1997 and was dealt with for wilful damage for destroying a television.

He agreed he moved to various prisons, including Rockhampton Correctional Centre, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, Woodford Correctional Centre, Moreton Correctional Centre and Wolston Correctional Centre.

He agreed he was at the Moreton Correctional Centre from September 24, 1996 to October 20, 1997.

He said he did not know a prisoner named Les McLean, who also went by the name of Billy Jo McLean, Bobby Jo McLean, Melissa McNickel and various others.

Jackway denied telling another inmate he would abduct, kill and rape a child and bury them in a place they would never be found.

He said he did not see a psychologist on his release from prison on November 7, 2003.

Jackway said he was smoking pot at the time he was released.

He agreed he went to live with a woman and her daughter’s and began associating with a man called Paul Carrington, who passed away on June 26, 2009.

Jackway said he did not know Carrington had a history of sexual offending when he met him in jail at Woodford.

He agreed he met a young man named Michael Harbot, 15, who had dropped out of school in Grade 9, 2003.

“Yes, he was going out with my fiance’s daughter,’’ Jackway said.

He said Harbot moved in with him at Goodna until just after Christmas in 2003, when he moved in with Mr Carrington.

Jackway denied telling Harbot he was in jail for armed robbery, not sexual offending.

“When I first met him, he asked me if I could steal cars … ,’’ he said.

He disagreed a woman confronted him about his criminal past.

“I remember the afternoon, the first time I was questioned about this case, she called me and my fiancé Debbie and my daughter around the house and said `I do not want you hanging around my son’,’’ he said.

Jackway said he bought a blue 1980 Holden Commodore SL with Queensland registration number 996HKL about three weeks before he was released.

He agreed he was involved in a police pursuit on the Sunshine Coast in the car on November 22, 2003.

Jackway agreed he drove along the Nambour Connection Rd when he went to the Sunshine Coast. “ On occasions, yes,’’ he said.

10.55am: In cross-examination by barrister Angus Edwards, for Cowan, Jackway agreed he was sentenced in the Gympie Magistrates Court to nine months behind bars for a number of offences on October 25, 1994.

“Yes, I think so, it was so long ago,’’ he said.

Jackway agreed he was released on March 3, 1995 and committed further offences on April 1, 1995.

He said he was staying at his sister’s place at Moura, southwest of Gladstone, the night before and agreed he stole his sister’s car, a Ford Falcon, and drove two-and-a-quarter hours to reach Boyne Island or Tannum Sands on the coast.

He agreed that at 1.15pm he was driving that car on a bike track towards three boys.

“And they appeared to be about 9 or 10 years old?’’ Mr Angus asked.

Jackway: “Yes, I think so.’’

He said he parked his car in an open area like a park in the middle of the day and approached them, asking for directions to Gladstone.

“You punched one of them in the face, knocking them backwards and you were subsequently charged with assault occasioning bodily harm for that punch, weren’t you?’’ Mr Edwards said.

Jackway: “Yes, I think so.’’

Jackway agreed he struggled with one of the boys and drove off with him in his car until he crashed into a footbridge nearby.

He agreed he told the boy to get out of the car and they went into some nearby mangroves.

“I don’t think I told him, I’m not too sure, I can’t remember much of the events,’’ Jackway said.

He agreed he told the boy to take his clothes off, touched him and dealt with the boy indecently and swore at him.

Jackway: “Can I ask a question? Who’s on trial here?’’

“I pleaded guilty to all of it,’’ Jackway said.

He agreed he told the boy to stop shaking and threatened him with violence if he didn’t.

Jackway agreed he kissed and bit the child on the back and made a second attempt to penetrate him.

He said he pleaded guilty to the incident in the Mackay Magistrates Court on December 11, 2005 and was sentenced to eight years jail.

Jackway agreed he grabbed the child by the throat and threatened to cut it with a knife, although he did not have one.

He agreed he was restrained in the mangroves and taken to a police car.

“I’m not too sure, I can’t remember,’’ Jackway said.

10.30am: The 105th witness is

Douglas Brian Jac

kway, 37, who gave evidence via video link.

Jackway told the court he was not on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday December 7, 2003 and had nothing to do with Daniel’s death.

Crown prosecutor Glen Cash: “Did you abduct Daniel Morcombe?’’

Jackway: “No I did not.’’

Mr Cash: “Were you in anyway involved in the abduction of Daniel Morcombe?’’

Jackway: “No I was not.’’

Mr Cash: “Did you kill Daniel Morcombe?’’

Jackway: “No I did not.’’

Mr Cash: “Were you in anyway involved in the killing of Daniel Morcombe?’’

Jackway: “No.’’



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