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  1. Yes Wulfgar, I think most of us here are on the same page. Its united we stand- or divided we fall. The past, no so long ago, Ji-Haddist , lone wolf crazy acts of murder in the streets of London on the brutal stabbing murder of a singled out British Solder and the London Underground terrorist suicide bombing of the tube , and the Terrorists currently serving in one of our Victorian Super-max Jails, that were going to blow up the Melbourne Cricket Ground are all the proof we need, that nobody, be they a civilian or a member of the Armed Forces or the State or Federal Police, can ever drop our guards, against watching and striking with full force against these radical dangerous terrorist extremists. If there prepared to make a martyrdom for their religious Islamic causes against innocent westerners and hostages, in what ever parts of the world, they take a foot hold on, and make us their hated religious enemy of Ji-Haddist -Allah Akbut Islamic mecca crap, they preach by suicide bombings or public executions, be-headings and blowing things up and so on, where ever they so choose to inflict there coward maximum amounts of collateral damage. Our present military airstrikes on them are very justified on all of them, in their homeland terrorist bases in the Middle East, of Iraq and Syria , and are now the only option the Armed Forces, has to blow them to Oblivion- up back and take them out, before they take us all out!…………They are beyond reasoning with diplomacy and good will!. The worlds Armed Forces have to take them all out with Extreme Prejudice !……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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    • I heard Ken Lay this morning babble on about the Melbourne shooting not being something of a religious nature or motivated by any one race of people…..what a load of tripe! It was a Muslim of Middle Eastern persuasion who stabbed two coppers, radicalized by a hate filled programme of terror designed to frighten the populous. Lay must think we are all so gullible as to think nothing more will transpire, I would not be going to the Grand Final that’s for sure.
      They need to call it what it is and not hide from reality.

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      • Later today I was speaking with someone regarding what had happened in Melbourne and that terrorism is now at our heels. This guy is very left in his thinking all about letting in every immigrant, giving them everything. It is a case that they believe nothing can happen to them so I painted a scenario of his wife and kid being blown away or draped in their stupid flag and beheaded and would it change his views. He said he would have to think about it.
        That made me think of a quote I heard years ago: “Never forget the plains of desolation are littered with the bones of countless thousands who on the very brink of victory stopped to rest….and resting, died!” No time to think or rationalize right or wrong when confronting this evil, they want to cut our heads off, rape our women, kill our kids, raze our standards and usurp our country. Kill them all and in doing so fear nothing!

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  2. Ex P.O very true you tell it as it is as Wulfgar said Ken Lay did babble on I heard him too. I have a question ex P.O are all prisoners allowed the privilege of knowing what goes on in the outside world as far as the latest news by papers or tv?

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    • Steve will answer this himself as he was on one side and I was on the other. Prisoners these days can have access to newspapers, magazines and have access to TV. Some TV not all, regular news is acceptable, nothing is censored. They can receive mail everyday and send letters as often as they wish.
      Years ago it was not the case, I recall getting some mail where the guts had been cut out with scissors! All that remained was the start and the end, censorship was was huge.
      There was one time were the staff attempted to stop papers coming in once that had an article relating to Mr Stinky and his raping his baby daughter, all it took was a phone call home to find out what was in the paper.

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      • Adding to that….it depends on which State and which ‘decisions and directions’ are currently in vogue at any given time.

        In Qld, the full range of Digital TV is available to all but sex offenders who lose ABC23 (kids channel).

        Some Prisons access Satellite TV and it’s full range due to reception issues.

        Prisoners will generally know everything about everybody through TV and Newspapers and follow up phone calls/letters/visits as Wulfgar mentioned.

        ‘Knowledge’ becomes a little bit obsessive.

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  3. Reagan yes a particular murder can bother you ,I have been bothered for many,many years by the Mackay sisters murder in 1970 in Townsville. I at the time was in Stuart Creek Prison.the killer was a screw.
    This has been one of the greatest cover ups of all time.
    In the jail we got the radio thru a PA system in the morning ,noon & night so we got all news broadcasts.When the girls went missing a lot of the screws participated in the search parties when off duty.the day after the girls went missing I was going thru the gate to the workshop & Laundry & I asked the screw on duty at that gate who unlocks & locks it,if he was going on the search party & he replied No its a waste of time as they will find them dead over there & he pointed in a particular direction.I thought at the time it was a strange comment.They subsequently found the girls dead in the area he had pointed too. In the initial news on the radio they were looking for a short swarthy man driving a Holden with an odd colored door.My cell was on the 2nd landing/floor of C wing this being the best spot in the jail as we could look out over the front of the jail towards the screws houses & could see all the comings & goings to the jail.A few days before the girls went missing I had seen the subject screw come to work driving a car with an odd colored door & he was on that same gate that day & I mentioned to him about him driving a different car ,he stated it was his mothers car & his was in the panel beaters. Immediately after there bodies were found a team of detectives were constantly in the jail interviewing some of the inmates about the whereabouts etc of former sex offender inmates.The day after the girls were found the subject screw was on the same gate & I said to him that he must be clairvoyant as he knew where they would find the girls bodies ,he went red with rage & told me to shut my mouth & fuck off out of his sight. He had never reacted or spoken to me in that manner previously. Some days after the discovery of the bodies the screws informed us the the subject screw had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head because his girlfriend had dumped him & returned to Scotland. This was bullshit as I spoke to the subject screw regularly as he was often on the gate I had to go thru dozens of times a day as I did the maintenance in the jail & was also the jail bookie.l He did not have a girlfriend & I detected he was a lonely perverted deviate from the many conversations we had. The subject screw was short & swarthy he fitted the 1st description perfectly & he was driving a car with an odd colored door . After the screw shot himself in the head (supposedly) on the news the police were now looking for a tall thin man driving a valiant (or it was a different make than a Holden) All the opposite from the 1st suspect. The police did not visit the jail again to interview anyone.
    I believe the police were interviewing the screw at his home & someone lost control & shot him. Within a week or so a number of police including senior officers resigned or retired from the force in Townsville. This happened just prior to a state election & could have been damaging for the Jerky Joe Govt as the screw & the police are Govt employees.Back at the jail I got the inmate that worked in the senior officers office to check the old rosters & found the subject screw was off duty on the day the girls went missing. The night after I got this info something strange happened,we used to get movies every 3rd nights in our wing on the ground floor & would be put back in our cells about 8.30pm. When I entered my cell & the door was locked I noticed I did not have a shit bucket ,so I banged on the door & a screw unlocked it & instructed me to go down to a ground floor cell that was vacant and get the shit bucket which I did & I returned to my cell & was locked up again. The next day I was called to the Governors office & it was alleged that I had been banging on my cell door the night before & had tricked the screw to unlock it & I had pushed him over & ran down the stairs towards the Wing door,but it was locked.The allegation was that I had attempted to escape.
    I believe the Governor favored my story & just warned me to be more careful.I took this incident as a warning to cease talking about the girls murder & the screw who supposedly had committed suicide.
    The day after I was released from the jail I was in the Townsville library looking at old newspapers,specifically reading articles about the Mackay murders & the librarian asked me what I was doing & she must have phoned the police as 2 cops approached me in the Library & asked me to come outside & when I did they arrested me & took me to the Townsville watch house where there were 5 or 6 detectives who gave me a hell of a beating & threw me into the drunk tank a huge cell covered in spew,shit & piss & said I was under arrest for drunk & disorderly despite the fact I had not had a single drink. At about 3am the next morning they let me out of the cell & let me bail myself out with what was left after they had stolen approx $1,000 from me. They said I could front court that morning & get my bail back or they recommended I get on the train & leave Townsville & never return because every day they sighted me in Townsville they would arrest me .I got on the train that morning & have never been back !
    Over the years I have approached EVERY current affairs program,many so called top investigative journalists & many senior police officers & no one has ever been interested. I just needed for someone with investigating skills to go to Townsville with me to investigate.
    When Arthur Brown was arrested I phoned his Legal Aid lawyer & told him my story & never heard back from him,like everybody else it was too hard.
    In the early days of the investigation there was a report & I think it may have been suggested by the parents that the girls would not have got into a car with a stranger ,but would have if the person was in a police or similar uniform ,prison officers uniforms in Townsville were identical to police uniforms only the badges on them were different.
    As I have stated previously the screws at Stuart Creek were nothing like the feral screws at Pentridge. We had a good relationship with them and had a good knowledge of there private lives especially there sex life they enjoyed bragging about something we never got. It was important to me that I had a good relationship with the subject screw as he was regularly on the gate to the workshop & laundry as I was always carrying contraband (no drugs) & other banned things & the last thing I needed was to be searched. He lived with his mother had no girlfriends & in fact paid hookers for sex ,even then he had problems because he liked kinky sex & a lot of hookers would not have anything to do with him, These facts about himself came from his own mouth.
    No one has ever been convicted of this crime and it is convenient for them to point the finger at the late Arthur Brown & close the file.

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    • It’s difficult to get recognition when you are an ex-crim. In your case Jack there seems to be some major cover-up going on. Too easy to load up an innocent man and back then the coppers were much worse. There needs to be more investigation into that which you have written of, I hope it comes about.

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  4. Jack you carried this for many years very interesting it sounds as though they used this bloke Brown as a scapegoat even though he was pervert and you were stereo typed and not taken seriously because of where you were thats so typical the too hard basket or more people know but there is a code of silence.

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  5. This is very a very disturbing interesting unsolved cold case multiple murder Jack, that you had no doubt solved, by yourself in jail very cleverly when you suspected all along that this freaky gate screw was a child murderer. It just goes to so how corrupt and bent some Police and Prison Officer – Warders – where in those days, and covered up and got away with so much back then and got a innocent man Arthur Brown charged !. You, Jack were a big thorn in their side, by the looks of things and they all have banded together, to make you uncreditable and to set you up on false charges, and even bash you for what you knew, to damage your credibility should any one back then follow up and investigated the murders more closely or thoroughly , which they the bent coppers and screws, made sure never would be the case !……………I remember the bent- JOH FOR PM, Queensland Days in the 1980’s, even in Victoria and his Corrupt Police Commissioner Terry ” The Bagman ” Lewis, before they were all brought before the Fitzgerald Inquiry!……. So its not at all surprising that this went on and the law got away with heaps of things up to murder!……….And it looks like many Western Australian Police are just as bad in recent years. Same in Victoria. Nothing has changed much since the Police Corruption Days of the police harassment on poor Ned Kelly and his family, they were probably justified to become bushrangers after the way the corrupt Victorian Police , persecuted and treated them so badly in and out of jail back then in the 1870,s and the corrupt old Convict Penal Settlements in the colonial times, when the soldiers, police and the warders were often worse than the convicts that they flogged and treated very harshly!…………

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  6. One thing I forgot to mention was that almost immediately after the screw supposedly shot himself they brought senior homicide detectives from Brisbane,this in itself was strange and the timing obvious.

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  7. ex PO this also highlights another issue that shits me off with the justice system being the difference between the rich & the poor look at Arthur Brown although a despicable pedophile his legal aid lawyer was not going to diligently defend him on the rape & murder of 2 little girls.Look at the current case in Sydney of Ron Medich a multi millionaire facing a murder charge & also threatening/intimidating the victims widow after the murder. He is on bail since 2009 ,his trial was supposed to start a month ago,but was cancelled because of an application by his barrister to cease the proceedings because of a May decision in the high court. I researched it yesterday & that case was Do Young (AKA Jason ) Lee & Seong Won Lee V The Queen .Basically a father & son convicted of firearms & drugs charges. apparently they had been interviewed by the NSW Crime Commission & there interviews were supplied to the NSW police & were used to charge & convict them.For some reason it was illegal for the NSW Crime Commission to supply the details of the interviews to the police. The High Court quashed the convictions.
    Now it could take months for the NSW Supreme court to rule on the Medich application & if they reject it ,Medich’s legal team will take it to the high court a further delay of years. Meanwhile Medich is free. A disturbing issue with this murder is that the victim was sitting in his car out the front of his home with his 9 year old son sitting next to him when he was shot.How could that kid ever recover from that so 2 lives were ruined. All the perpetrators have been convicted & are in jail ,but the boss who ordered & paid for the hit is still living the high life.

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  8. A book has been released in Singapore by a man who was once sentenced to life in prison in NSW for double murder (he was acquitted within one day of appeal hearing in 2012).
    Among other things, there is the allegation of serious police errors/corruption.
    Here is the blurb for the Oz edition, not available yet:


    How likely is it that police corruption played a role in sending someone to jail wrongly?
    Can the officers be charged? (The Adam Salter and Rachel Gardner cases seem to suggest ‘no’)


    • Obviously gone elsewhere. (As have I for the most part)

      For me it’s the continuous multiple nics of TCR which puts the site into that juvenile category.


  9. FPO I was in West Aust on holidays last week and on the news was an interesting item. The Liberal Govt tried to pass thru parliament an amendment to the public service act to allow the sacking of Prison Officers deemed unfit.A similar act was passed in 2002 to allow the sacking of Police officers by the then Labor Govt,however the Labor & other ratbags blocked the latest amendments.Apparently prison officers do not have to answer any questions of wrongdoing.Recently a prison officer in uniform was in a house that was raided by the drug squad & was found to have the phone numbers of known drug dealers stored in his phone.He is still a prison officer .

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  10. The problem with the ‘deemed unfit’ type of legislation is always going to be balance. If they can’t sack the person through poor performance or because they haven’t committed an offence, they want this ‘deemed unfit’ or ‘lost confidence in them’, and always without any reasonable appeals process.

    It reeks of payback, innuendo and any number of other things that happen in a large Govt Bureaucracy. If they can’t gather the information or evidence to prove the worker is corrupt or incompetent, then maybe they’re the ones who are incompetent.

    To have the power to sack people because they ‘think’ the person deserves it is something every employed person should fight.

    To be in a house that’s raided by the Drug Squad doesn’t tell us much. Did they find anything belonging to him? Any active Investigator is going to have phone numbers of offenders as Informants……and they’re a dime a dozen amongst druggies.


  11. BR you are obviously a parasite public servant who believe ALL public servants should be immune from being sacked including corrupt police & prison officers.
    The raid found a large stash of drugs & a high level dealer & others were arrested.
    A prison officer in not an investigator so why would he have private phone numbers of drug dealers stored in his phone and why would he ever be in contact with drug dealers outside of jail.


  12. Jack, you seem to have a problem with comprehension.

    If people are ‘corrupt’ or ‘incompetent’ there’s plenty of ways to terminate their employment.

    You’re championing sacking people because the boss wants to….without any justifiable reason, that’s what all of this ‘lost confidence’ stuff is about. They just want a blanket authority to sack anyone for anything…….extremely lazy ‘management’.

    Finding phone numbers of criminals in someones phone isn’t an offence I hate to tell you.

    What they should have done is commence a covert investigation of the person to see if these contacts meant anything unlawful…….again….laziness to just do nothing.

    p.s. Why do Prisons have ‘Intelligence Officers’ if they don’t do Intelligence work? You should have stopped looking for dumpers and paid a bit more attention when you were inside.


  13. BR nothing wrong with my comprehension I am in fact well University educated & to educate you it is near impossible to sack a public servant,they can be demoted or denied promotion.
    I am sure the police were surprised to raid a drug house & find a fully uniformed prison officer in the house,maybe he was doing undercover intelligence work
    I have only been in prison twice the last time over 20 years ago,the trick is not to go to jail you dill ! and I have never heard of an intelligence prison officer although accept these days there are such beasts or did you see it on Wentworth ? What is a dumper ? is that a term you read about in a crime book & quote to give the impression you have good knowledge of prisons & the criminal world


  14. Jack
    ‘Secure’ jobs in the Public Service went out with flared pants.

    The Police may have been surprised to find him there, but that in itself isn’t an offence. I’m sure many Prison Officers have got shady rellies and friends…..they don’t exactly recruit from the top of the tree.

    You talk all things “Big House” and you’ve never heard of the term ‘dumper’. That’s….. well… interesting.


  15. Wulfgar the reason I asked if you knew Alan was that he was a mate of mine ,but he stepped off the world about 10 years ago and cut off contact with everybody. Someone told me recently Alan had died & am trying to find out if true or a story generated by Alan. He lived in Melton on a 5 acre block and had a good mate named Alan Lord (Lordy) who I did not know very well ,I know they served time together.Alan Coombs was well connected as I met some of these people at his home.
    He was a very different individual who’s company I enjoyed,he was the champion of giving people nicknames that stuck.At the time he cut off contact from everyone he was facing a charge of having a loaded handgun in his home & cultivating a Marijuana crop ,he was given up by an individual that I had warned him about many times


    • I can appreciate how anyone would want to just up and disappear but when those you don’t think would do it do then it is unfathomable. Perhaps he had just had enough of it all and those charges were the catalyst to his wanting to go to ground and not surface? Melton is a rough old area and easily somewhere a person would want to be rid of.


  16. Hey guys, here is an article I came across written by Julian Knight in 2011, as we all know is the Hoddle Street Massacre shooter. It is his “Recollection” of going to H Division…Got away lightly if even half true the coward.

    HM Prison Pentridge’s H Division: My Experience

    On Sunday 9th August 1987 I was arrested in Melbourne following my commission of a mass shooting which has become known as the “Hoddle Street Massacre”. I was 19-years-old.

    Following questioning by Homicide Squad detectives for around 14 hours I was transferred from the St Kilda Road Police Complex to the old Melbourne City Watch House. At this time Detective Senior Constable (now Superintendent) Graham Kent sent a memorandum (dated 10th August 1987) to the Officer-In-Charge of the City Watch House and to the prison authorities, informing them that it was quite apparent that I was suicidal and that, due to the nature of the offences that I had committed, it was highly likely that I would be at risk from other prisoners.

    At around 2pm on Tuesday 11th August 1987 I was finally transferred from the City Watch House to the F Division Reception Centre in the Metropolitan Reception Prison (the southern half of the Coburg Prisons Complex: the northern half being occupied by Her Majesty’s Prison Pentridge). As part of my reception I was interviewed by a prison doctor, who also recorded that I was suicidal. At this time Governor Grade 1 R. Donovan, from the Metropolitan Security Group, recorded that I was contemplating suicide and that his office had received information from numerous sources that I would be in serious danger should I enter the mainstream prison population. This information was communicated to the Supervisor of Classification, Mr Mike Ryan, who authorized my immediate transfer to H Division, an A1 maximum security punishment and “management” division in Pentridge Prison. Ryan’s decision was communicated verbally to the Officer-In-Charge of H Division, Chief Prison Officer Cooper, and to the Governor of Pentridge Prison, Governor Grade 3 Peter Hannay.

    Having only been discharged from the Australian Army 16 days previously (after 6 months as an officer cadet at the Royal Military College, Duntroon) and having never been in Pentridge or any other prison, I had no idea that H Division was known as “Hell Division” and the “Bash Factory”. Since 1958 it had been the Victorian prison system’s main punishment facility and the mistreatment of prisoners there had already resulted in one Board of Inquiry (Kenneth Jenkinson QC, “Report of the Board of Inquiry into Allegations of Brutality and Ill-Treatment at HM Prison Pentridge”, Victorian Government Printer, Melbourne, 1973). Even the months of “bastardization” that I had endured at Duntroon were not to prepare me for what was to come.

    At around 2.45pm I was handcuffed by two prison officers and walked from the F Division Reception Centre to H Division.

    About 5 minutes later we arrived at the entrance to H Division. I was standing on the sloping pathway leading into the division, facing the entrance. The two prison officers stood behind and on either side of me. An aggressive looking prison officer suddenly appeared in the entrance behind a heavy wrought iron gate and said, “Face the wall, you little cunt!” I turned to my left to face the high bluestone wall that bordered the adjoining A Division’s exercise yard. I was standing about a pace away from it so the officer bellowed, “Right up against the wall!” I immediately took a pace forward so that my face was about two inches from the surface of the wall. Moments later the same officer unlocked the large padlock on the gate, swung it open and yelled at me, “Get in here!”
    – 2 –

    As I walked through the entrance I turned slightly to my left and noticed an office, which I later learnt was the “Chief’s” office, and an open area in front of it. This was the division’s reception area and there was a red line painted across the middle of the polished bluestone floor. Standing in a small group in the middle of the reception area was the “reception committee” of about five prison officers. At this point the officer who had let me into the division but who was now standing behind me shoved me in the centre of the back and said, “Stand on the red line.”

    The moment I stopped on the red line I stood to attention facing the office. The officers immediately encircled me: one officer stood facing me; an officer stood on my right side; two officers stood behind me; and two officers stood on my left side. There was also one officer standing in the left-hand doorway of the “Chief’s” office. My two escort officers were standing near the entrance to the division.

    The officer facing me ordered me to raise my hands in front of me to waist height, and to drop each hand by my side as he unlocked the handcuffs. He unlocked the right-hand handcuff and I automatically let my right hand drop by my side. As I did so the officer on my right hit my wrist in a downward motion with his right hand clenched into a fist. The left-hand handcuff was then unlocked and I let my hand drop by my side.

    The officer facing me than ordered me to remove the dark green jumper I was wearing and hand it to the officer on my right. I was then ordered to do the same with the tee-shirt I was wearing. Following this I was ordered to remove the black leather shoes I was wearing and hand them up one at a time. I bent forward and took off my right shoe. As I was rising up the officer on my right hit my wrist knocking the shoe out of my hand. “By the toe!” I picked up the shoe and handed it up to the officer in front of me. The left shoe followed in the same manner.

    The officer facing me then ordered me to remove the blue jeans I was wearing and hand them to the officer on my right, who then searched them and threw them onto the pile of my other clothes on the floor. Following this I was ordered to remove my socks and turn them inside out before shaking them below my knees. When I began to shake them one of the officers behind me grabbed me by the back of the neck, forced me violently down and said, “Below your knees!” The officer facing me then told me to do the same with my underwear. This left me standing naked on the red line.

    The officer facing me than ordered me to tilt my head back and open my mouth. Then to raise my tongue. I was then ordered to lean forward and pull my ears down from the side of my head. As I began to lean forward one of the officers behind me grabbed me forcibly by the back of the neck, pushed me down hard and said, “Right down!” The next command was to run my fingers vigorously through my hair. Following this I was told to rise up and put my arms out at shoulder height, then turn my open hands over then back again. I was then ordered to raise my right foot sole up behind me and to wiggle my toes. I then repeated the process with my left foot. To conclude this procedure – which I later learnt was a “strip search” – I was told to lean forward, grab both buttocks then pull them apart to expose my anus.

    • 3 –

    I was handed a pair of cotton pyjama trousers to put on, followed by a pyjama shirt. I was then handed a white pillow case containing prison-issue shoes and clothes and toiletries, and told to carry it in my left hand. This had a similar tone to what I had experienced in the army. What followed, however, did not. The next command was, “Right turn.” As I turned the officer facing me struck me across the right side of my head.

    At this point I was looking through a short passageway into the main area of the division. I was instructed to quick march through the passageway into the “wing” of the division, and stop in front of the officer who was standing facing me in front of a large wooden desk at the near end of the wing. When the order “Quick march!” came I stepped off in the manner that is common in the military. I soon learnt that the order “Quick march!” in H Division was somewhat different. I was instantly grabbed from behind by two officers and pushed at running speed through the passageway all the way to the officer in front of the desk in the wing. I was wrenched to a halt in front of the officer, then pushed and shoved on the spot for a few moments.

    The other officers had also moved through the passageway and were now standing around me. The officer in front of the desk then told me my next instructions in rapid succession: I had to quick march down the left-hand side of the wing, across the far end of the wing, then down the right-hand side of the wing, all whilst avoiding stepping on the large white areas painted on the floor in the centre of the wing. “Left turn!” “Quick march!”

    When I again began to step off in a military fashion two officers behind me grabbed the back of my pyjama trousers and my pyjama shirt, lifted me off my feet by wrenching the trousers upwards, and then propelled me at running speed down the left-hand side of the wing. At the end of the wing they threw me head first into the heavy wrought iron floor to ceiling cage that covered the access door leading into the adjoining A Division.

    After rebounding off the wrought iron cage I began to run at full pace down the right-hand side of the wing. By now I realized that “Quick march!” really meant “run like Hell!” As I turned the corner I noticed a couple of officers positioned at intervals down the centre of the wing. I had only run about five metres when one of these officers ran straight at me, and used his right hip and shoulder to ram me into the wall. I rebounded off the wall and kept running. A few metres further on another officer rammed me into the wall using the same method. I again rebounded and kept running. At this point I noticed an officer standing facing me with his arms folded at the end of the wing, outside what I later learnt was the No 17 “observation” cell. It was obvious he had been chosen for this role because he was the largest of the officers there. As I neared this officer I tried to come to a halt but two officers grabbed me from behind and ran me into the officer. He hardly flinched. One officer said, “Did you see that!” Another officer replied, “Yeah, he assaulted an officer!” A third officer added, “The little cunt!”, as I was set upon by about five officers who proceeded to punch, knee and kick me in the head and body. I was crouched over and pressed against the wall.

    • 4 –

    Following this attack I was pulled up with my back to the open doorway of the “observation” cell. It was about 7ft x 9ft in size and was divided into two sections separated by vertical wrought iron bars with a gate. Apart from a seat less stainless steel toilet, the only items in this bare cell were two thick canvas “suicide” blankets.

    The pillow case I had been carrying was taken from me and I was stripped naked again. This time I wasn’t given anything to wear. I was then told, “About turn.” I was then told – again in rapid succession – where the cell’s light switch was high up on the wall outside the cell and that if I wanted it on, I would have to turn it on before stepping into the cell. An instant later I was given the order, “Step in.” Before I could move I was pushed into the cell up to the far wall. I was told to face the wall and an officer stood behind me and said, “Don’t fuckin’ ask for anything ‘cause you won’t fuckin’ get it.” I was left standing facing the wall as I was locked in the first section of the cell and the officers left the cell, locking the outer door behind them.

    This was my introduction to the prison system. I had been in Pentridge Prison for all of 20 minutes when I was transferred to H Division. Being a “first timer” I had no idea what H Division was or of its reputation. I thought the whole prison was run along the lines of H Division; that was the daily routine: you woke up, got strip-searched and bashed, and put back in a bare cell with no furniture.

    Later that day I was transferred to a bare psychiatric observation ward at the prison hospital. A week later I had a remand hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court and when I returned I was again sent to H Division, and was subjected to the same treatment as on my first visit there. It was only months later that I found out what H Division was.

    The only other prisoner I know who was sent immediately to H Division upon reception at the prison and who copped the “reception bash”, was Levon Demirian, who had been charged over the 1986 bombing of the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne.

    After 29 years the “reception bash” finally ended as a routine procedure after the Jika Jika fire on 29 October 1987, when the surviving occupants of that division were transferred to H Division. That is not to say that it ceased to happen; it just didn’t happen to everyone. The beatings I received were mild in comparison to some of the “punishment” bashings I heard being handed out during 1987-89, and which usually involved the use of short, heavy rubber batons – the “black Panadol”. The worst experience I have had in 24 years of maximum security imprisonment was hearing a friend of mine being bashed into unconsciousness in H Division. I spent three years in H Division – 1987-89 & 1993 – and I certainly didn’t mourn its closure in 1994.

    © Julian Knight 2011

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  17. I’ve got no doubts his recollection is true.

    It makes you wonder how these Prison ‘Officers’ treated other people in their life.

    I don’t see much difference between them and Knight……and probably the instigators of the bastardisation at Duntroon who are probably all now high ranking Officers.

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    • Having spent time inside H-Div. myself I can say from first hand experience that the welcoming committee was anything but nice.
      I recall around 15 screws in the foyer of “H” and every single one of the scum frothing at the mouth waiting for the bash. It does not take long to see what these arse holes visit upon their own wives and children.

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  18. Exactly. The only thing that may save wives and kids from this type of abuse is the fact that they’re alone when they get home……but, just like inside Prisons they’d be continuosly weighing up the ‘odds’ looking for an opportunity to release what ever deamons are rattling around inside their heads.

    The same types who’d roll over and piss themselves when alone but ‘giants’ when in a group all seeking attention and ‘respect’.

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    • A lot of them would come in half drunk or worse, wreaking of alcohol and tobacco, most were well dodgy and all of them save for one or two had a bad head on. In all the time I had served there are only four or so screws that were decent.

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  19. My heart weeps for the poor bastard NOT.I applaud those prison officers for their protocol and having to put up with that peice of shit Knight after what he did. What the frigin hell did he expect I dont give a rats arse about the prick he deserved worse than that. He claims the worst experience he had was hearing a friend being bashed oh dont tell me! he had remorse and feelings for a bloke being bashed when he opened fired and killed innocent people in Hoddle St that day what bullshit. He should have been snuffed out by now but hes had the freedom to say what he likes and still breathe, eat and shit and that is a privelege as the victims of his shooting rampage never got to enjoy their lives all because of this scum son of a bitch. The new generation of prison officers should follow suit but I doubt it old school prison officers if you kicked some arse in your day good on you.

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  20. There is a vast difference between the guards and knight because they were not killers. Knight open fired with a military rifle killing 7 and injuring 19 people we musnt forget that. He shot the face off a mother inside her car and her husband and child saw that. Most of these victims that were killed would have been in their late 40s now but one. Thats not old by any stretch. The problem in this country is these murderers get notoriety and have too much say. For a prison officer to work amongst the fact that an arsehole just wiped out innocent people must get their back up of course they will vent their anger and if they can sink the slipper somehow so be it.If someones in there for armed robbery they dont deserve a bashing the poor bugger was just unlucky he got caught.Its only the pricks that kill the innocent thats a dog act.

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    • Disregarding Knight and his recollections the standard practice for H-Div. was the welcoming bash for everyone, no discrimination, every single person there got a tidy and some days more than others.
      I have to correct you Reagan, Barwon prison has killer screws there right now. Some years back they dragged a kicking and screaming 250kg retard named Vince Crupi out of his cell, Crupi was legally retarded, he frequently cried and called for his mother, the screws loved this sort of activity as it gave them an outlet for their own violent proclivities. Crupi was an asthmatic so what did they do…they deliberately hog tied him ie. hand cuffed behind his back, then hand cuffed to the leg restraints around his ankles, this drew his legs up behind his back. From there they dragged him into a wet cell and for good measure one of the rats from prison security found it necessary to spray gas into Crupis’ face even though he was no longer a threat and was restrained.
      Vince Crupi died as a direct result of that action and no one has been brought to justice for it.
      Another time at Port Phillip prison a prisoner was knocked unconscious and dragged to the slot where he was found hanged from the ceiling. Mind you, his hands were tied around his back, his feet were tied together and even the Coroner stated that it would seem unlikely this prisoner would have killed himself given he did not have the means to open the small grill in the roof to fasten the shoelace he otherwise should not have had. Yet again no one charged or investigated.
      I understand your frustration at Julian Knight, he has not made it easy on himself, he is way too much of a narcissus to just lay down and die.
      In some cases the brutality meted out by staff can manifest into something more than just a dislike for screws, hatred comes to mind but it goes deeper than that more so when individual screws make it their mission in life to fuck your day in every way possible.
      There is one screw I am aware of that I know if I were to see him now I would kick his rotten head in and enjoy every second of doing so…Ron Gobbet…are you listening?

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  21. It’d be naive to think that floggings were only carried out on people like Knight.

    This is the classic “I’m only doing society a favour” defence, which in very short time becomes the norm for anyone they don’t like be they small, fat, unintelligent, weak or scared.

    These people don’t know the intricacies of a persons charge other than what they read in the paper, they’re just going to work for a good old group bashing without any fear of being in a position of being hurt themselves…….dressed up as ‘righteousness’.

    If that’s a reflection of society, then society is pretty shitful.

    As a citizen, I don’t want some half drunk moron pretending to represent me as a self appointed ‘sheriff’. If they can’t do the job to some reasonable professional standard, get out of it and start packing shelves.

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    • Well said. I have to say that in the current climate in Victoria anyway, the screws can’t get away with a decent bash anymore as crims are encouraged to notify staff of any impropriety, staff can be charged and fired, it has happened on numerous occasions. Sure they can justify the usual ‘we had to take someone to the slot and they reacted violently so we had to restrain him’ but the floggings that I remember are no more. A long time friend of my family, now deceased, said in Pentridge the screws would smack you hard in the mouth at every instance and when they knew they were safe to do so they would be in with the boots. I thought it was bad in the 80’s, he served his in the mid 50’s.

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  22. I’d say that the main thing that might have cleaned up the floggings is the introduction of CCTV which isn’t subject to the human frailties of dobbing and it’s assorted reasons.

    Things happening in ‘blind spots’ can only happen a limited number of times before a pattern emerges which becomes a ‘propensity’ of a particular person or group.

    It would have taken a while but responsibility would have finally sunk in. i.e. Shift Supervisors being responsible for staff and CCTV personnel being responsible for maintenance of the recordings. I’m sure that some tapes would have gone missing or ‘accidentally’ wiped before that person suddenly being held accountable and then finding him/herself unemployed because some drunken bozo couldn’t keep his hands in his pockets…..who’s still got his job.

    Tapes are about the only thing that will tell the truth. I remember watching the CCTV of some guy at Grafton (I think) on a minor charge who was hit in the stomach by another crim and later claimed to be suffering severe abdominal pain. He later died.

    At the Coroners Court the staff gave evidence that they physically assisted him to an observation cell because of his pain as well as an assortment of stories why they couldn’t get Medical staff to see him.

    What came next was the CCTV recording of the incident. The ‘assistance’ was a group of Officers standing around while he dragged himself on his stomach along the floor to the obs cell and then the group casually walking off while he begged for help. He was dead in that cell the next morning.

    The worrying part was that this group of Officers were adamant that they physically helped him. Their own minds knew what they should have done and then they believed that……knowing that CCTV had recorded it all which was nothing like what they recalled they’d done.

    It just showed clearly the culture of the place…….do what you please and then just lie about it when you need to.

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  23. p.s. A couple of bits of my last post were incorrect. He died at Hospital, but most was right.

    These 3 Prison Officers then sued the Govt because the Govt gave the ABC the video tape of the incident.

    They held their jobs. …..
    Justice Rodney Harrison has now ordered the department not ”terminate the employment” of all three. He agreed Mr Klum was not ”made to crawl; he was allowed to crawl”.

    There ya go. Lucky bastard….allowed to pull himself along the floor on his stomach.

    He was in for Traffic matters….6 months.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/prison-officers-to-keep-jobs-and-sue-after-custody-death-ruling-20121203-2ar6h.html#ixzz3FpEojJjI

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    • Who are the real criminals here? They kept their jobs and are entitled to sue? What the hell is right with that outcome? That is utterly disheartening.
      You are right about the CCTV being a dissuasion albeit some crims are so stupid thinking that being seen is like a badge of courage, fights result in one to two weeks in the slot then they are re-united with their imbecile mates.
      I am aware that the cameras at the Fulham CC in Victoria run for 24hrs then record over themselves. A bloke I was friends with got into a fight and killed over something trivial, it was recorded but bye the time anything could be done it had erased itself. No one was prosecuted for that yet everyone knew who did it. Seven crims were involved in that murder, I say murder because it was orchestrated, long story but very true.
      Some of the things that have taken place and continue to evolve inside prisons is an outrage and if the public were to know I think they would bury their collective heads in the sand and refuse to come out.

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  24. The problem is that most people generally don’t want to know anything other than ‘he/she was in Prison’ which then gives them the right to tell their other dopey mates what’s what. All they’re getting is the News headlines while they watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

    I know a guy who’s just finished his 5th (I think) stint inside. His ‘crimes’ are all the same. He’s an Anti Abortion protestor who breaches the distance rules about where he can stand (silently).

    Then there’s kids who go inside for ‘Dealing’…….giving their mate a joint.

    Or Klum in the article above…….’Traffic matters’. Most likely unpaid tickets which is the usual thing.

    More people need to take Prison Management to task over ‘Duty of care’ issues. Unfortunately they’re just incredibly slow learners. They only learn by being sacked or demoted or getting Jail time themselves. ‘Training’ is just a couple of weeks of sitting on their arse having free morning tea supplied.

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  25. Hi, my name is Dane Sweetman, I have been asked by Wulfgar to express my induction into H-Division and or some experiences there.
    I first hit H-Div. in July of 88′ after having bashed a crown witness, who’s name I cannot recall, inside E-Div. with a wooden chair leg. I had done so as this individual was standing against a mate of mine Tommy Powers in an assault and robbery trial. It was meant as a warning and it worked. For this I was hand cuffed and dragged down to H-Div. I refused to walk so they half dragged and carried me, such action does not garner praise from the screws and seeing as I knew a kicking was coming I thought ‘fuck them, they can carry me.’
    As I got to the steel grate door at the bottom of the ramp I could hear keys banging and clanging, the screw on my left tightened his grip on my arm…bang the door opened up heavy and loud, in I am marched, stopped hard on a line sticky taped to the floor in front of the Chief’s office. “Stand to attention” a screw screamed at me. Then came the search and as described by Julian Knight above it was exactly the same only toward the end I was pushed forward by a screw behind, I fell forward and grabbed the screw in front of me then in they came screaming “assault!”, “assault!”, out came the “Black Panadole” a name given to the short heavy batons used by the screws and they used it ferociously but in all honesty with the adrenaline running through you after the second hit they don’t hurt anymore. After some time of us thrashing about on the floor they dragged me into a cell on the bottom tier.
    This same incident took place again in the early 90’s upon my return and for the same reason. My co-offender and I found out through our QC that a crim in our unit at the Melbourne Remand Center had informed on us without or knowledge, after he was stabbed numerous times we were transferred to Pentridge only I got to go back to H-Div. as I was seen as the ring leader, due to this I was classified as an A1 high security management prisoner meaning I would see the inside of H-Div. for a long time.
    H-Div. was hard initially but like anywhere you become accustomed to the lifestyle and those within it, you soon learn who is who, those can and cannot trust, that is if you can trust anyone in there and I never. The screws loved to play mind games and often the games came back at them. There was a female screw there Anne Collins who was ugly, I mean she was in her 40’s, had let herself go, she was full of herself and was not afraid to throw her weight around much to the amusement of everyone there even the staff. One day after a crim had refused to come out of his cell for the 5th day in a row namely Jamie Whelan (deceased), Collins stuck her head down at the door trap to ask if he wanted to come out. What I saw from that point on was nothing but gut wrenching funny. Out from the trap gushed a liquid concoction made of days old piss and shit kept in a milk carton, it hit her square in the face, splashed in her hair, her eyes, and her mouth! She fell backwards to the floor, oh the stench, the stench was overwhelming, I almost threw up myself had I not laughed so hard. I cannot describe what I saw her doing in her attempt to rip her clothes off, grasping at her tie, eyes closed, shit running down her face, the whole division was kicking up knowing what had happened, loud and out of control, I was ushered back into the cell and remained there until later on when the screws got Franky Waghorn and myself out to clean up the filth…nothing to laugh at then. The place stank for weeks. Jamie had also bronzed up, rubbed shit all over himself, the screws refused to go in and get him so they sent in security and they wanted nothing to do with it as the first sec. screw through the door caught a container of watery shit right in the mush which sent him running out the cell. After some time they gassed him out but they gave him a tidy for his troubles. Jamie was a great bloke, funny as all hell, sorry to have learned of his death years ago.
    There was a time down there where I was having a psychotic break, they wanted to move me to the psychiatric ward at Mont Park for 6 month, medicate me and do tests but the Governor at the time Allan Small refused my move even with four of the states more prominent doctors demanding I be moved. What can I say…I heard things, saw things, the usual hallucinations credited to psychosis, I was on a huge mess of drugs, Lithium, Largactyl, Mogadone in huge handfuls, Rohypnols by the dozen. One day some screw, I have no idea who, decided it would be funny to knock me out. So as I shuffled up from the yard tunnel and ascended the few stairs to the division hall I was king hit in the side of my head and bang, spark out! When I awoke the mongrels began saying I had a fit and dropped to the floor, not the case. Anne Collins was there laughing her arse off. There has never been a time where I have entertained the idea that females in an all male prison is beneficial, it works against every prisoner there and staff combined. The next day I was in the laundry with Franky and as he prepared lunch for the screws as he did every day I ripped open a razor and thought I will show her, Collins, what commitment and resolve mean to me. As she opened the yard door I stepped forward and with a swift move tore open my arm from elbow to wrist stating to her that ‘if I cannot hurt me how then can they?’ She screamed, vomited over herself and ran back to the Senior PO in the hall. As Franky told it I apparently was going to do my other arm but he punched me in the face to knock the blade from my hand.
    H-Div. was a bastard of a place only because of the rat screw filth that worked there, not all were bad but some were beneath my contempt and each day I resolved to kill one or more of them given the chance. PO Ron Gobbett was on the day yard requests were being taken, he made me step from my cell, he did not know I had made a wooden shiv (knife) from the picture board fastened to my cell wall, made especially for him, I had it in the sleeve of my jacket. For weeks I wanted to drive that through his fucking head, I would wake at night from dreaming it with the smell of blood and the taste of it on my tongue. It only took a split second, poor impulse control then, I smashed him in the face and tackled him to the floor where he wined like a rodent and I soon succumbed to the usual kicking.
    There is so much more to detail but I would be here for ages, I hope in some degree this helps people better understand the environment and consequences of prison life and from it you glean an appreciation of just how precious freedom is and how short life can be meaning never lose sight of that which makes you the most happy for it can be taken in an instant.
    Thank you for your time, thanks Robbo for entertaining this, it’s a great site and I hope to contribute more in the future.

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  26. The only time i ever went into a NSW jail was in 1987 when I accompanied a mate of mine who was a private investigator who had been hired by the family of a young prisoner named Jamie Partlic who had been serving a 4 day sentence for a traffic offence & was brutally bashed that left him in a coma with serious permanent brain damage. I was there as a witness (my mate also had concerns with his own safety) when interviewing an inmate who was in the yard and witnessed the assault. Although the yard was full at the time of the assault my mate had difficulty in getting witnesses who were not only scared of other inmates if they spoke up ,they also feared the screws. The stupidity of the whole thing was that although the yard was for inmates at risk , a trustee ??? a violent long term thug inmate had access to the yard. This trustee ??? was walking around the yard asking if anyone wanted some sugar and the naive Jamie Partlic said no thanks I do not use sugar & for that he was brutally bashed.
    The Partlic family were continually hindered by the dept of corrections who were obviously negligent.As far as I know not a single member of the staff at that prison were ever held accountable

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  27. I read on here a lot of what has been common knowledge around Australia for years & that is the brutal treatment in Vic prisons by screws & yet I do not recall a single incident of a screw being sent off or bashed outside of prison in Vic. I do recall an incident in WA years ago when a screw was bashed with an iron bar near the Fremantle jail. The culprit was never caught ,but I bet it sent a message to the rest of the WA screws,the sad part was they got the wrong screw as reports indicated he was a decent bloke which is why the case was probably never solved being a bit hard when someone has no enemies & I guess the idiot that got the wrong bloke was too embarrassed to brag about it.
    It reminds me of what Lenny McPherson used to always say that most criminals are dumb cunts.Lenny was paranoid of being knocked & always put the wrong number on the front of his house because he reckoned by the time a hit man worked out the right house he would have time to escape. One night he was awakened by 2 blokes having an argument on his front lawn ,they were arguing about which was the right house ,which gave Lenny the opportunity to bolt over the back fence. Was Lenny clever or not ?
    With today’s technology it is easy to find out where people live.Maybe former H Division inmates could form a sort of vigilante group or something

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    • In the late 70’s Johnny Johansen walked into the Drums hotel in Sydney Rd, Coburg opposite Pentridge Prison and unleashed on several screws and a governor, armed with a cricket bat he bashed those fuckers for their continued assaults on his younger brother Bobby who was in H-Div.
      Dane cornered and bashed Ron Gobbett in Swanston Street in 1990 and as Steve tells it Dane assaulted him as well.
      It is common I would think but not all too reported.

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  28. I sure hope FPO has not been threatened or intimidated by any current or former screws. To get a true insight into the Vic prisons by an obvious honest & good man was refreshing & confirmed the rotten stories being around for years were true.

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  29. Get out of the house go to your nearest neighbour if they are friendly! Ive been wondering where FPO is too I was just waiting to see if anyone else noticed. Seems odd especially when the subject has been about prison guards. Ive heard Grafton prison was a rough. Scum like Brett Cowen, John Sharpe and Adran Bayley etc etc deserve those conditions not what they have now. I wonder if those left wing prison activists that care so much about prisoners welfare think Im right about that trio for example or maybe they think Im being a mean troll. Am I being too harsh Meredith Bergman?

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  30. Many moons ago I got a phone call at around midnight and a voice said I have a gun pointing at you now at the kitchen window there was no back door out all the windows had bars on them and I was in an upper level unit, to exit I would of had to of jumped over the small balcony into the car park it was too high. I called the police they said stay low to the ground dont stand up near a window they came around with torches and checked that would have been enough to deter him. I froze that night and never slept a wink the voice was not familiar and to this day I dont know if it was real or a sick joke. I moved asap.

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  31. Crime Researcher you are obviously in a poor financial position & cant pay your phone bill or buy a mobile phone,yet your priority has been to pay for your internet connection. May I suggest you get a job or rob a bank & get hold of some basic protection like a baseball bat,iron bar ,a voice recording of Roberta Williams .
    PS FPO can you please report in

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    • Yes, Roberta Williams’ voice is enough to scare anyone away. You could probably put pictures of her head up on your fence with a do not enter sign attached but then that might attract stray dogs.

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  32. This is a discussion lounge that needs a different topic of conversation. I wonder why every time I see a photo of Rosie Batty she has a grin on her face I cant help but question that because its not the face of grief that Im used to seeing and if her ex was so unpredictable why would she bother trying to keep the wanker in her sons life thats so lame it sickins me I dont like the woman.


    • Reagan, I agree with you regarding the need for some fresh topics, the standard of comment from most posters is fine however they are so few in numbers that it has created a vacuum that has seen a 13 Year Old Wanker Schoolboy calling himself the Crime Researcher use the site to bore us all with total bullshit.

      With regard to the Pics of Mrs Batty, the Media, within which I had been employed for a decade and a half, always seek out pictures of parties for their stories, and often finish up using past happy snaps provided by relatives, and perhaps therefore do not portray her current demeanor correctly.


  33. I am curious what evidence the police have for the Qld 40 y/old triple murder to support charging the 2 men they have charged ,especially when they both are claiming to be innocent.
    Coincidentally I was talking to a mate of mine on the weekend and he told me about an ex cop now private investigator/author that has heaps of evidence for a 40 y/old murder of a brothel madam in WA.
    Apparently it has always been common knowledge members of the police force were responsible with a corrupt copper named Bernie Johnson ( WA’s equivalent of Rodger Rogerson) the main culprit. For obvious reasons the WA police do not want to know about it,but he is shocked that not a single TV station is interested in the story. I hear this a lot in that if someone contacts TV & other media Journalists with a story & there is a hint of police incompetence or corruption they will not touch the story.It is not hard to work out why because they do not want to risk being left out of the loop with the police.This is troubling as corrupt police will get a huge advantage in getting away with serious crime

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    • Jack, There were 31 Days of Crime Commission Sittings since february, in which potential witnesses are supposedly compelled to give evidence, and it is my guess that while some of the witnesses may have given false testimony to close ranks with those charged, clearly some others have spilled the beans, perhaps in exchange for immunity for their part in such crimes.

      There are charges relating to the rape of the two girls by the two men charged, so clearly, either someone either witnessed the event or was privy to the perpetrators admitting to their crimes, or alternatively, has ofabricated the story in the hope of claiming the reward, however, I am sure the police would soon detect the later as there is always evidence not revealed to the general public that would prove of disprove claims.


  34. I reckon they’ve gone off a little half cocked hoping that they’ll get a Jail House admission to cement the charges.

    This is just based on Terry O’Gormans very public statement that he’s instructed his client to say nothing to anybody …specifically inside, about his charge. O’Gorman would know what the Police Brief has and now it’s fairly obvious that it’s not a great deal, if there’s a yawning gap hoping for the Jail House admission to suddenly ‘appear’.

    These Jail House ‘admissions’ are becoming the norm….Brett Cowan, Robert Fardon to name a couple in recent times.


  35. that was my take on it ,but today a crime buff/author gave me 3 of his latest books and pointed out the possibility that the police have evidence possibly DNA discovered fairly recently,he also said they always keep something up there sleeve & shock horror they even may fabricate some evidence


  36. Oscar Pistorius well If I intend to murder someone I will go to South Africa only 5 years maximum probably out in about 2. I must be getting old I cannot think of the word for a 5 year sentence Is it a dime?? Old age is cruel ,if I was sitting in a prison yard right now I could not contribute to a conversation

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  37. I would never have thought of that Dan what a sloppy move as far as the media is concerned.If friends or family are to give the media happy snaps well thats just absurd on their part for doing it I worked for a newspaper for 12 yrs and always thought the photographer took a recent photo to match the story. I still cannot bring myself to like the woman something about her annoys me. I dont agree that shes been nominated for Australian of the year. Whoevers behind that one needs their head read pack of stupid twits its just plain ridiculous she hasnt done anything above the norm to deserve that. There are alot of other mothers out there that have had their children murdered by their jealous partners they didnt get nominated for aust of the year.


    • Hi again Reagan, What Newspapers did you work with ?

      I had worked for the Sun News Pictorial in Melb as well as the Sydney Morning Herald, but that was over 25 years ago.


  38. One of the most recent examples of Public Opinion manipulation through ‘happy snaps’ was the Baden-Clay trial where the photo the Media used most of her was the one standing on the rock when she looked a slim svelte 20…..not the 45 year (or whatever) old she was at the time.

    As far as Aussie of the Year goes, it’s not much more than a TV Times popularity contest. They might as well just give it to Asher Keddie and be done with it.


  39. Rosie Batty was also awarded a bravery medal which she held up to the photographer smiling ever so bashfully and I will stick by my word alot of these photos of her are not happy snaps from her private album they are photos that were taken after her sons death she was on a channel 7 sunrise interveiw and she now stated shed like to get involved in politics as an independent. Everyone greives differently but this one huh Ive never seen anyone like her. She should have taken a back step and kept a low profile but she has done quite the opposite. Was she upset in court at the inquest because she didnt like being questioned I wonder.


    • Reagan, I have to agree with you in regards to there being no merit for any bravery award. I cannot see how any of her actions either prior to or subsequent to the tragic death of her son could in any way be considered brave.

      It is almost as if such awards are spoken of as a means of placating her and to avoid her suing the authorities for failing in their duty to protect Luke from the danger her ex partner posed.


      • ‘Brave’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Actors are ‘brave’, Socialites are ‘brave’, Sportspeople are ‘brave’.

        It’s really just how many Womans Weekly readers you can drag in which will determine the level of ‘brave’. Any significant loss will also make someone ‘brave’.


  40. At last I have recieved some intelligent feedback thanks Dan and BR much appreciated I couldnt have stated that better myself. Ive been grappling with the whole outcome and I am at ease now I know Im not alone on this one.


  41. The Womens weekly was under fire for stupidly interveiwing the mistress of that murderer Baden Clay.They gave Toni McHugh a makeover and had her posing in photos paying a supportive mistress a large amount of dirty money for her side of the story did the editor not realise she would be hurting and disrespecting the victim and her family and friends it took over 500 ex subscribers and readers to air their disgust then she went to ground its just getting sickening whats happening in this country I thought the Weekly had class but not anymore.They probably had Roberta Williams lined up like the rest of those trashy weekly mags.


    • 90% sure that’s not NBC posting over there. This ‘NBC’ posted on one of the more recent threads a week or so ago where he/she ‘coincidently’ served as a nice sounding board for one of TCR’s ‘personalities’ running havoc that week. TCR has all but said this ‘NBC’ is his creation in a comment no more than a week old on the recent thread about terrorist being shot dead. I replied to that comment today with reference to the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” (sorry but can’t be bothered posting links but it is all there). I’ve also now had enough of his BS and am hoping admin will finally follow through as promised after the out of control BS we were subjected to on Toni McHugh thread and others back in August.


      • 90%…..that’s conservative.

        Anything TCR says is absolute bullshit and that’s how he treats his so called ‘friends’….which I’m not and extremely happy about it.


      • Thanks Poppy,

        I had given TCR a blast a bit further up this thread, and haven’t seen any further posts from the Schoolboy Wonder Wanker since, but do not know what his other Aliases are to know if he has continued to post using his alternate aliases.

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        • Hi Dan,
          I guessed re a first bunch of TCR alternate aliases back in late Aug/early Sept based on writing style, common misspellings and the odd slightly disguised declaration on disparate threads. After what appeared to be a public admonishment by admin on the Toni McHugh thread and subsequent cry wolf assurances by TCR (in Library thread from memory),TCR declared he was changing his name to “Anonymous” (not to be confused with the other Anonymous who is clearly not a TCR ‘personality’. The TCR “Anonymous” presented as a T.V ratings officer or something). Within a short period of time (weeks/days?) a new batch of very suspect and extremely irritating, ridiculous and distracting aliases popped up here and in new threads spouting continuous, persistent, dogmatic and irrelevant crap across the board – “Anonymous” then disappeared and TCR reappeared claiming more obvious BS (as you have pointed out he is a terrible and -by all indications gleaned from the written word- compulsive liar). I stopped reading altogether.

          FYI the recent suspect aliases are/hopefully were: “NBC”; “Clay”; “Former Public Servant..[blah,blah,blah]… Eastman”; “Antonio”. I can’t be sure, it just reads that way vis a vis style, timing, comment placement (some alias comments appear to have been placed so as to serve as responses to TCR/Anonymous or to ‘provoke’ a response from TCR/Anonymous), rant quality and inane subject matter. Maybe the proof will be in the pudding if all these ‘posters’ never appear again now comments posted under/as TCR appear to have been removed (along with IP address ban hopefully)..

          FYI the suspect aliases back in late Aug/early to mid Sept were: “Old Timer” (the ‘granddad’); “Toni McHugh” plus at least one other (see admin comments on Toni McHugh thread).

          The fact that I chose to spend 10 mins of my time writing this pretty petty post (which I know is motivated by a base desire to ‘get back’ at TCR for consistently continuing to annoy the bejaysus out of me with his inconsiderate, dickheadish and mindless alias games on this site), shows the level of pissed offedness I feel regarding how long this crap was allowed to continue for.

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    • Thanks Reagan, I had worked there in the Display Advertising Dept doing the General Advertising Processing and Amusement Pages for a few years until March 76.


  42. Maybe crimeresearcher can come up with a sensible crime topic to show us he does know something instead of talking about himself and make believe intruders breaking into his house.


  43. I notice all of the entries from TheCrimeResearcher have been removed,

    Thanks Robbo,

    I am sure that the childish and distracting posts of the 13 year old schoolboy Wonder Wanker had been deterring more mature readers from reading and commenting on this thread.

    Given that the deletion of TCR’s Comments has left this thread out of sequence, and a bit disjointed, it may be a good opportunity to open a fresh page for the Lounge Thread.


  44. A lot of time wasted on a schoolboy wanker.
    Anyhow I have previously aired my belief that the media now avoid any story if it reflects poorly on the police. Well this morning in Sydney I ran into a mate crime author T.J.McLernon from WA he is trying to get the media to cover the 40 y/old murder of Shirley Finn a brothel madam. He has uncovered so much evidence yet no interest because police were involved.He has enough material for a West Coast Underbelly series. He has been forced to live out of a suit case moving from Hotels every couple of weeks because of serious death threats.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This sounds like a case for WA’s ICAC, if they have one, to look into.

      The difficulty for the Crime Reporters is if they write anything that points a finger of suspicion at Police, their Crime Reporting Days are over as they will no longer receive briefings on general crimes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not that long ago the Police Media Unit comprised of a guy who’d liaise with the general Media and provide basic information.

        These days the assorted Police Media Units do their own filming/sound recording at major jobs and provide the general Media with the final cut.

        The Media accept it because the vision is of the job in progress which draws the public in….albeit an edited version.

        Take the recent 5 shot shooting (one to the head) of the lawn mower thief in Brisbane a few days ago. None of the general Media photographs were taken within the Crime Scene cordon which looked to be about 100 metres away from the actual scene.


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