Geoff Dickie-Victim Impact Statement–father of Allison

Mr Dickie said he was a grandfather to three girls, now aged 13, 10 and seven and had been devastated by his daughter’s death.

Mr Dickie said his daughter was intelligent and friendly who lived as an exchange student in Denmark after school. He said she travelled the world and studied languages.

Mr Dickie said his daughter gave up her career to raise a family with her husband but “paid the ultimate price”.

“From the time we received the phone call on the 20th of April, my life has changed. As a result of the murder of our daughter, I am living an entirely different lifestyle … and it has left an enormous black hole from which I will never recover,” he said.

Mr Dickie said he still woke in the middle of the night and struggled to sleep thinking about the moment his daughter was attacked.

“I will strive to live life to the maximum due to the fact I have the immense privilege to care for Allison’s three beautiful daughters,” he said.

He said he would not change anything about his life now, unless he could bring his daughter back.

Mr Dickie said he tried to help his grandchildren live the life their mother would have wanted.

“They woke up the next morning to find their mum missing forever, they did not have a chance to say goodbye,” he said.

Mr Dickie said the girls had been left with pain and disappointment.

“A father’s duty is to protect and care for his daughter … I failed in that duty to my daughter and I will have to live that for the rest of my life,” he said.

He told Baden-Clay he was devastated and outraged by the way he had sullied his daughter’s life.

“The girl’s father has taken their mother from them forever … Allison, I love you and miss you and you will be in my heart forever,” he said.

One thought on “Geoff Dickie-Victim Impact Statement–father of Allison

  1. Mr Dickie…. you had me in tears…… you have failed NO ONE let alone your daughter.

    Wishing you love and peace and hopefully now the chance to move on.


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