26 thoughts on “Gerard Baden-Clay Trial

  1. The Story Thus Far

    Arrogant, Egocentric and Bumbling Businessman, Gerard Baden-Clay, finds himself in big trouble on several fronts. He has found himself in deep financial trouble, with the Century 21 Westside Money Vortex he was running. He was living the life of a millionaire, but the business was loosing rather than making money. He was running out of excuses to defer repayment of loans to everyone he knows who was stupid enough to trust him. His missus, who was not a bad sort, had discovered he was still bonking his mistress, despite vowing to bid her farewell behave himself.

    Things were becoming desperate. Even his parents had had enough of the charade and retired from the Business, and wanted their money back.

    He scratched his head for a bit, thinking surely there must be a simple solution to all my woes. and hatched an evil plan that would enable him to kill two birds with the one stone so to speak. Upon checking his insurance company, he was able to confirm that the payout on his wif’e’s death was about the same as he needed to repay all of the monies he owed on the Business, and if his wife was to “Disappear”, then he would be able to claim such much needed monies, and to boot, he could resume his fling with his latest squeeze. It was a perfect plan, His debts would vanish, His wife would stop nagging him about his infidelities, and he could resume living the life of Riley.

    Being, as always, so full of confidence in his own ability, he didn’t think it necessary to finetune his plan, expecting to”wing it” if any issues arose, as after all, such had served him well in life to date.

    Well, it appears that while he had assured his missus that he was now behaving himself, his mistress struck upon a grand opportunity to show her otherwise, which the mistress though was a stroke of genius, as not only did it alert the wife that the mistress was still on the scene, but it also forced Dear Gerard to inform her so, and cause her to realise that it was the Mistress that was calling the shots.

    Well the missus was naturally a bit upset about this, and told dear Gerard exactly what she thought, including mentioning the :”D” Word, and that she would sue him for all he was worth, not realising that he was actually worth nothing. Anyways, push came to shove, and Gerard found himself needing to carry out his master plan for the Perfect Murder a little ahead of schedule. It took him all nigh and most of the morning, with a little help from his family, to complete the task. but it all fell into place.

    So early the following morning, he dutifully calls the cops and reports his wife missing, and the cops pop around for a chat. “What are those scratches on your face ?” says one alert officer, Or they are just shaving cuts, was just a bit rushed this morning, you know my wife is missing !” he replies. And another officer says “let us see your torso to make sure you haven’t been caught up in some domestic dispute, take off your shirt, Can you explain those scratches on your chest ?” “eeer, umm, arhh, err, Caterpillars, thats what they are from, I am allergic to Caterpillars, got some on me yesterday, and they make me itchy. so I had to scratch myself a bit, thats what that is from” replied dear Gerard.

    Well the cops knew they had their man, but since there was no victim yet, there was little they could do but wait and see what followed.

    As the days passed, more and more evidence pointed to Dear Gerard having botched the perfect crime.

    The next few months will reveal all of the mischief this man and his clan got up to in perpetrating and trying to conceal their crime.

    It will make for some riveting reading.

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  2. I think you are quire right Dan. It really is a tragedy that Allison did not make it out of the vortex of deception that she was caught up in alive.

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    • Good to see you here again RIPAlison

      GBC is clearly a Sociopath, of which I know several, and he is at the high end of the scale.

      Sociopaths are compulsive liars, they have no conscience, are only interested in benefiting themselves at every opportunity, regardless of what damage, cost, or injury they may incur for others. They will lie at every opportunity, and even when they do not need to. Life for a Sociopath is simply one big perpetual lie.

      The one thing that Sociopaths absolutely hate is being exposed as a Liar, which is what I expect Allison had done on that fateful night.

      I am sure that the Prosecution will be fully aware of how to go about demonstrating to the Jury just what a fraud and perpetual liar GBC is, and his long term ongoing selfishness and deceit will be exposed for all to see.

      I am quite looking forward to seeing him exposed as a liar, fraudster, adulterer, and perpetual liar whose character will be dragged through the mud in a very public way.

      I also expect that the trial will reveal the extent of others involvement will be revealed, and hopefully will see them charged as well.

      Life for Allison’s three beautiful girls will never be what it should have been, but hopefully the trial will ensure that GBC plays no further part, and give the Girls grounds to distance themselves from his entire family.

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      • I do hope that in amongst the muddy and sinister lies the truth will shine like a lighthouse, clear as day, and leave the liars with nowhere to hide. Just tell the TRUTH, and let the chips fall where they may.
        One more sleep. . . .

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  3. “while he had assured his missus that he was now behaving himself, his mistress struck upon a grand opportunity to show her otherwise, which the mistress though was a stroke of genius”

    Have I missed something? Can you explain?


    • The Mistress insisted that GBC advise Allison that she (The Mistress) was going to be at the Real Estate Conference the next day, and that GBC should do the right thing and alert Allison to that so as to avoid an embarising encounter.

      By having GBC advise Allison that his Mistress was going to the conference, such revealed that GBC and the Mistress were still an item, and that the Mistress was calling the shots.

      There could be no better way to sour the remaining relationship between GBC and Allison than to reveal he was still communicating with his Mistress, and no better person to convey the message than GBC.

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  4. Drum Roll
    Finally arrived peeps-I cant wait to here the Truth according to sis olivia the truth will set him free. Bring it on sis..
    Toni (GG) is about to be chewed and spat out. My guess is the defense will lay it on her from the start.
    She may as well forget about the new Van (extended family vehicle). Housing arrangements for his and hers when this is all over. No Brady bunch happenings.


  5. My post at top of this thread was about GBC being a Sociopath.

    I failed to mention that there is every reason to believe that Toni McH may also be one.

    What a pity it is that they appear to be destined to live their lives apart.

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  6. Hi all – don’t know if I’m in the right section but I’m interested to hear your thoughts on HOW Allison may have been killed ? Why is there blood in the car and yet no sign of injuries to her body ? Or was it decomposition that caused trouble identifying injuries ? I have a theory that he jumped her from behind when they went outside for their 15 min nightly session and he suffocated her over her nose and mouth. Claw marks from her right hands rapping backwards at his face ? What are your thoughts. There is no blood anywhere other than that Captiva !?


    • I think decomposition was a major issue bbcpaus… But agree re: suffocation. This was no accident or spur of the moment thing in my mind. I believe he had every intention of killing her, just maybe not that evening. I think the blood came from an injury to her head or face, given its position in the car. There’s a lot of talk about this in a previous thread, just let me find it…. :)

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    • Hi – I think GBC would have had some plastic sheeting or garbage bags or something like that in the Captiva when transporting the body. It would not have been beyond him to appreciate the need to minimise the evidence that he was doing what he was doing. But he would have botched it somewhat in his haste – hence there would have been a bit where blood seeped through the plastic.


    • Re: the claw marks. If GBC had said there was a physical confrontation with Alison (but then she stormed out), that would have been more plausible than shaving cuts, and may have been enough to create reasonable doubt. Even saying there was some confrontation with a stray cat would have been more plausible. That’s why criminal lawyers tell defendants to say nothing. GBC will have a very long time (25+ years) to think about this tactical error.


  7. I’ve heard that GBC has now been moved from the so-called (media-named to some extent) ‘Jelly-room’ into general population. At this point he has not chosen a work program probably out of indignation at his incarceration (common). There is a chance that he will be moved to the Sir David Longland facility after his appeal is heard (and fails :) ) He’s unlikely to be a troublesome inmate eventually so will probably make it to a farm prison in about 8~10 years. Parole in about 18-19 years (just what I’ve heard from an insider


  8. After all of our pontificating, finger crossing and praying …. GUILTY.
    Good on Allison for leaving her mark and giving her final say from the grave in a final act of protection over her children from that evil mongrel.


  9. Gerard Baden Clay you are an evil piece of shit—you can burn in hell and be tormented forever and ever.
    Allison left her mark on you to prove you murdered her.
    Gerard Baden Clay your GUILTY and almost all people that know about the case believe that your GUILTY.
    Justice was served when you were found GUILTY.
    Since you were found guilty Allison can now RIP.


  10. People seem to believe my son Gerard is guilty.
    Their is no scientific evidence to prove that my son Gerard murdered his wife.
    Their is no direct evidence to prove that my son Gerard murdered his wife.
    She was a severely depressed woman.
    She was an emotional rollercoaster.
    She was so depressed she couldn’t even get off the lounge without physical assistance.
    She had trouble looking after her 3 beautiful daughters.
    Gerard did most if not all of the parenting.
    Gerard was a better parent than her.
    I’m not saying she wasn’t a good parent.
    She was also a very moody person according to Gerard.
    At about 10pm on April 19 2012, she was so depressed that she decided to go out for a walk and walked all the way to the bridge which would have been hard for her, then she jumped off.
    She might have accidently fell off the bridge which means she didn’t commit suicide. In that case she accidently killed herself.
    I believe she walked to the bridge and jumped off.
    Gerard believes she went out for a walk and was randomly murdered near the church by an unknown person.
    Gerard does not believe it was a suicide. I disagree with him.
    Gerard believes their is an unknown Brookfield killer on the loose ready to strike again.
    Gerard has said to me several times that the killer will be brought to justice for his evil crime.
    When I visited him at Wolston after he was convicted he said to me he will be exonerated one day because the killer will be brought to justice. He believes he won’t be in jail for too long.
    Anyway that is all I will say about this terrible tragedy.


    • I have absolutely no doubt that Allison was depressed, given the dire financial state Gerard had got himself in, and in particular, having become aware that he was still porking T McH, but given the love she had for her girls and the predicament GBC had created, her best and most probable option would have been to advise him that she would seek a divorce.

      I suspect that is what she advised him of on the fateful evening concerned, and as such would have cost him money rather than deliver him a payout, he couldn’t allow that to proceed, and attached her with the intent of ending her life in order to claim the life assurance etc.

      How do you explain his inquiries to the life assurance and super companies, and the scratches on his face, and forever changing stories to police, and your own choice to not provide a statement to the police.

      I hope you lay awake every night reflecting on both you Sons and your own actions.


  11. Thought you might all like to see, the finalist in the News Photography category – The shocked face of Gerard Baden-Clay in the prison cab monitor as he is transported to prison after being found guilty of murdering his wife Allison. Peter Wallis/The Courier Mail. Apparently this was taken by a photographer hanging out of a vehicle and he was luck to get the split second shot of the GBC image on the monitor.
    Scroll down there are a few finalist’s shots.


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