High Profile Criminals

High Profile Criminals HOLDER page, I am hoping to have a page for each crook under the above heading in alphabetical order as I work on them.

Maybe making them normal posts is better as a page will not let me add any categories or tags…

Look up above in the Menu and hover over High profile Criminals to see the list or click below.I haven’t worked out how to best use pages yet! Anyone have any ideas. I have dozens of pages on more people like these ones below.They are not in any order.Some criminals are from years ago, but are all very well known for their crimes…More to come















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9 thoughts on “High Profile Criminals

  1. Why haven’t you added Dennis Allen(one of my fav. aussie crims of ALL time) and other members of his family to your list?…interesting reading otherwise


  2. were is mark dennis serving 20 odd years at goalburn state prision he deserves life in prision st clare rapest he has no need to be on this earth


  3. Why haven’t you included Jerome Joseph Costello on your site as a criminal convicted of stealing his employer’s monies whilst he was practising as a solicitor. His crimes were a serious breach of trust and he only pleaded guilty after he was questioned by police who spent some time tracking him down. Please also go to the website Independent Australia under the blog white collar criminals. Thanks.


  4. Hi just doing a follow up about Jerome Costello. This man is very deceptive as I mentioned whilst practising as a solicitor he stole his then employer Ward Keller’s moneys owing to them. He has a brother John who works a cab driver in Sydney. Does anyone know his current whereabouts?


  5. Dennis Allen sure was a dirty low peice of shit if ever there was one did he lead a sordid life hes the son of a bitch Kath Pettingill he shot her in the eye and the crazy bitch survived. She spat out 6 rejects theres one left in prison hes apparently skin and bones and on deaths door. It amazes me how this filthy bitch has lived for so long Im counting the days.


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