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Monday, June 15, 2009


We’re back and so too is the whackin’

Mr Moran, 60, the brother of slain gangland figure Lewis Moran and uncle of Jason and Mark, was shot at the Ascot Pasta & Deli Cafe on the busy Union Road shopping strip in Ascot Vale about midday.

More news as it comes to hand. We’re frantically ringing everyone we can think of…

at 4:54 PM

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Anonymous said…


10:15 AM

Anonymous said…

Waiting…and waiting

3:38 PM

Anonymous said…

maybe no one is answering the calls?

9:17 PM

Anonymous said…

im guessing this goose had no credit.

Either that or everyone he rang couldnt get the day off school.


12:16 PM

Anonymous said…

I reckon Judy Moran did it

9:43 PM

Anonymous said…

I think Zarah wilson Is fucking cute….

1:17 PM

Anonymous said…

MU Blogger missing AGAIN … hey your loyal readers are still out here waiting you know …


9:45 PM

Anonymous said…

Come on MU Blogger – the Paul Dale case deserves your attention!


May 29 2010

11:10 AM

Anonymous said…

Yes where are the updates?? dale, williams’s death and killer etc?

3:29 PM

Anonymous said…

who what where when,
thanx for making yourselves such easy targets.
dont you love being infamous, ya cocksuckin, peddafillic, gangrapin, drink spikin, plastic titty lickin, underdog kickin, 1% of nothin two bit wanna be mafioso bitches!
tell mockbell and milan, i said, toodles, and shank u very much.

love always
still gunnin wit a syringe are yas?

5:32 PM

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2.5 down, more to come

It gets worse before it gets better people:

Inspector Glenn Weir, who is in charge of the police media unit, was stood down with pay yesterday after giving evidence at an Office of Police Integrity (OPI) inquiry.

at 9:37 AM

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Two down. More to come

It’s time to go:

Stephen Linell

Dr Lyon told Mr Linnell that deputy commissioner Simon Overland — whom Mr Linnell and Mr Ashby had strongly criticised in some of their taped conversations — had revealed to him in confidence during a September 17 phone call that the OPI intended to investigate leaks to the media.

“Less than 11 seconds later, you passed the information to Mr Ashby. Do you agree with that?” Dr Lyon asked Mr Linnell.

“Yes,” Mr Linnell replied.

Is this a record? 11 seconds? Many this guys was FAST!

On another note: As hilarious as this is, why don’t the reality TV boffins start a show and get the recently sacked/departed Gretel Killeen to host it?- imagine:
GK: “So, Noel Ashby, who was your least liked person in the force?”
Noel Ashby: “Simon Overland!” (crowd cheers)
GK: “Who will you be friends with now it’s all over?”
NA: “Hmmm thats tough, but I’d say Denis Tanner, Wayne Strawhorn and Robert Dabb
GK: “Well congratulations on the way you left the force, showed a lot of character to wait until you were seconds from being evicted. Right, no-one leaves without a prize… You will soon be on your way to jail and your pension will be spent on Simon Overland’s education! Of course your legacy item will be the fact that you will be remembered for this and not any worthy acts!


at 2:09 PM


Anonymous said…

Look! I-can’t say that I’ve looked everywhere, but….. everywhere I’ve looked either no-one has had a clue on what’s behind the whole-deal (Bracks & Beauty having a sort-of ‘OFFICIAL STATE DINNER’ with ‘Eric’ the American ‘Shlomo’ & then jumping & also ‘HOWARD & LESKE’ also met ‘ERIC’ in Canberra & I-know SFA! Except! ‘ERIC’ met-up with ‘OVERLAND’ so they-say!Actually I-do know quite a lot!) You’re-all scared aren’t-you! If you’re-not you-got no-brains! So-am I? Hmmm! Anyway! If-you want-to know more & AREN’T TOTAL SCAREDY-CATS then look-to “supanova-survivor” in-the archives at Windows Live-Spaces! (If-they kill-me violently for saying too-much will I-take revenge after or just go-quietly?) Oh! You so-crazy Robby…. Oh Yeah? We’ll-see then wont-we…

1:35 AM

Friday, November 09, 2007

OPI inquiry: one down, ???? to go.

Top cop Ashby resigns

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby has resigned following incriminating evidence against him at an Office of Police Integrity inquiry, chief commissioner Christine Nixon has announced.
Meanwhile Stephen Linell can get busy on and there are still a few more to come:

  • Paul Mullett- passed on the info to Rix. HAS TO GO.
  • Brian Rix- Passed on the info to Lalor. HAS TO GO

Mateship and murder, what price will they all pay?

Friday, November 09, 2007

A moment of hilarity is a sea of holy shit

Denis Tanner claimed the OPI hearing into leaks of sensitive information was part of a plot by Ms Nixon to destablise Police Association boss Paul Mullett.

“This is Ms Nixon’s last hurrah to try and stitch up Paul Mullett – that’s the way I read it,” Mr Tanner told ABC radio this morning.

“She’s tried every way . . . since she’s been in power to try and sort him and the Police Association out.

“I think Ms Nixon is trying to elimate Paul Mullett so that she doesn’t have more problems with her role.”

Mr Tanner defended the police union boss who, according to claims provided to the OPI, leaked information that a police officer was being investigated.

SAID THE MURDERER! Holy Jesus in a handbasket, why would ANYONE interview Denis about ANYTHING ever!? It defies description.

Anyway isn’t this fun? Overland to be King, Ashby to ashes, even old darling Brian Rix will have plenty of time to ride around the world again and Luinell can write a book about it.

A. Clusterfuck.

at 2:55 PM


Anonymous said…

Remember “Adele Bailey?” One of life’s gentlemen! Women\Men Women? Whatever! Nice-bloke! Good Heart!

Wasn’t he\she sort-of ‘FOUND IN-THE SAME HOLE’ so to-speak as Tanner’s missus was? I-know who-killed ‘ADELE’ & it-sure as hell wasn’t Mistra Tanner! You’d think Tanner would want to ‘GET’ whoever actually really caused his wife to die even if-he did hate-her! You-know! Class? Loyalty? Strangle them with your old school-tie etcetera! How-come it’s-only international drug-bosses crime-kings & mob-lawyers that seem to have loyalty?

Come-on Dennis! & All your copper mates! ‘DAMAGE THEIR HOUSE!’ In Australia it’s-made of glass at-the moment! (Why did Bracks Twaites & Beauty really take a runner & why is ‘HOWARD’ scared & regretting his official-dinner with ‘ERIC’ the dead?) ‘THE FAMILY’ is-not made of steel whatever they tell-you! Come-on SFB! You-do know much much-more than you’ve ever-said! Come-on! No-one should try living on this earth forever because it sucks big-time the longer you try!

2:43 PM

Thursday, November 01, 2007

…because to date it was all about cakes and puppy dogs

The life of former wife of Melbourne gangland multi-murderer Carl Williams seems to be turning to misery.

Well, perhaps this is what happens when you play with matches. There are many examples of women like Roberta- not the whole gangster vibe, but rather the “driving force” behind a figurehead male. Seems that Janette Howard is one such example. Roberta played the “just a suburban housewife” card more than once and played the “we’re just a normal family (yo, with gangster shit topping)” card long after it became obvious she was none of the above.
So here’s how it goes down:

Holding back tears, Williams, 38, once the wife of a wealthy and powerful crime figure, revealed she would be forced today from her husband’s former Essendon house.
This is where Carl shows he’s no Mokbel. We all know Fat Tony has cash bursting out of ever orifice, nook and cranny. And will do so forever. He’s just more rat cunning. Carl should be taking care of his daughter at worst- no matter how his and Roberta’s relationship is (and we’re not sure just how angsty it really is…).

Fact is she really is in some strife, and for all her faults this has been a tough time and we are not without sympathy:

Roberta Williams’ lawyer Theo Magazis told the court that she was now a sole parent to her three children – aged 15, 13 and six – and may soon have care of a foster child.

Mr Magazis said this child, aged eight, belonged to Williams’ eldest sister Sharon, who is dying of cancer.
That said, acknowledged etc, it’s still true that: Roberta was the driving force behind a lot of bad shit and it may be a cliche, but if ya plays wif matches, yaz gets burned.

Lastly: Roberta no longer has the looks (plus three kids) to land a sugar daddy, so she’s got a cozy 30 years of fun ahead.

at 9:35 AM

Labels: carl williams, poor house, roberta williams


Anonymous said…

She never had the looks to begin with. But it seems she has infact landed herself a sugar daddy. The same guy who was responsible for her wearing a beanie (he shaved her head after finding her smoking Ice). Also turned her to Islam.

4:37 PM

Anonymous said…

Thats definately not a lie, it wasnt raising funds for cancer that made Bert shave her head, she had no choice.

11:42 AM

Monday, October 22, 2007

We’re BACK!!!

Y’know, it’s funny how a “slight misunderstanding” can land you a 9 month holiday (or thereabouts!), so it’s nice to have net access and something to blog about:

So, lets get back into it real soon. I have contacts to re-establish (the email address has gone!) and need YOUR input merry people of Victoria.

PS No stories about Geelong winning the premiership. I hate that part of Victoria.

at 5:32 PM


Anonymous said…


3:03 PM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Policeman faces 80 drug offences

Policeman faces 80 drug

“A police officer trafficked drugs while moonlighting as a promoter for Sexpo, a court was told today.

Senior Constable Paul Anthony Hatzakortzian was among seven people arrested following a series of drug searches in metropolitan Melbourne today.

The 36-year-old appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this afternoon and is facing 80 charges of drug trafficking and conspiracy to traffic drugs between August 17 and October 1”

This is a witch hunt, kangaroo court, spanish inquisition. When will Police Command just let police members go about their illegal activities in peace…?

at 5:29 PM


Anonymous said…


8:53 AM

Anonymous said…

Matt T(h)omas
The driver for Alphonse Gangitano.
Now a director of Mick Gatto’s Elite Cranes.
“I recall in July 1996, while I was a detective at the organised crime squad, a listening device affidavit being prepared over several days.
I recall the affidavit was near completion but still needed to go through the rigorous tests of the special project unit.
The target for this warrant was Mat Thomas, who at the time was the driver for the now deceased Alphonse Gangitano.
Our intention was to install a listening device in the car of Thomas but, because of the high standard of proof required in the affidavit, more preparation time
was required.
On Sunday, 14 July 1996, a week after starting to compile the affidavit, Mat Thomas drove his Mercedes Benz to the Gatto Nero Bar.
When he left, Raymond Oueinati was found dead, kicked to death.
Thomas was one of several suspects and was charged with the murder, but was subsequently acquitted.
Thomas would say he was innocent.
I say he was acquitted of murder.
I remember the Monday following the murder and the frustration faced by members of the organised crime squad—knowing that, were the process for obtaining
the warrant made easier, what additional information would have been obtained and supplied to the jury had police had a listening device installed in Thomas’s
car immediately after the death of Oueinati.”
-Former detective, Jason wood MP.

7:31 PM

Anonymous said…

it’s the police gazette- except someone cut and paste the informants’ names into the defendants’ column …

9:21 AM

Anonymous said…

wat the fuck is going on with this blog, get on wit it

1:18 PM

Anonymous said…

Cop facing jail over drug trafficking

November 15, 2006 – 8:21PM

A one-time distinguished Victorian drug squad police officer faces up to 25 years jail for trafficking drugs to an underworld figure, a court heard on Wednesday.

Wayne Geoffrey Strawhorn, 51, was a senior drug squad officer when he trafficked two kilograms of pseudoephedrine to slain underworld figure Mark Moran in May 2000.

After a three-month trial, a jury last month found Strawhorn guilty of trafficking a commercial quantity of pseudoephedrine.

He was found not guilty of three charges of trafficking drugs to the Bandidos bikie gang and one charge of threatening to kill a police officer.

He appeared before the Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne on Wednesday for a pre-sentence hearing where the court heard the maximum penalty for trafficking a commercial quantity of drugs is 25 years.

Strawhorn’s lawyer Peter Morrissey described him as a distinguished police officer who was involved in high profile and successful drug cases investigating the Moran family and fugitive drug dealer Tony Mokbel.

He said his client still maintained his innocence.

“Mr Strawhorn makes it quite plain here, he maintains his innocence,” Mr Morrissey said.

Fellow police officer Inspector John Thexton told the court Strawhorn was one of the most highly-regarded investigators in the drug squad and crime department during his time there.

He said he was absolutely certain of Strawhorn’s honesty and wanted the court to be aware of his previous good character.

The hearing before Justice David Habersberger continues.

8:45 PM

Anonymous said…

this blog is dying …. i reckon the cops were behind it all along

3:06 PM

Anonymous said…

Maybe there is nothing happening in the Melb underworld atm…

2:48 PM

Anonymous said…

There’s always something going on in the underworld it’s just that the author of this shit blog “Paul Anthony Hatzakortzian” can’t access a computer at the moment. FUCKING COPS

5:14 PM

Anonymous said…

Aww hope Paul’s ok. At least the site has started up again…and it has a link to this site.
I like em both…Get well soon Paul!

8:28 PM

Anonymous said…

Big news with Carl Williams pleading guilty to 3 nurders

6:58 PM

Anonymous said…

I’ll say… but we can only speculate on some of the others as they won’t go to trial.

I wanna know if Gangitano had anything to do with Babyface

5:40 PM

Anonymous said…

Good to see ZGW in the news again. I’m pleased we haven’t seen the last of her.

12:06 AM

Anonymous said…

I doubt that Gangitano and Williams would have been the best of buddies. In early 98 I doubt that Williams was a big player (although I could be wrong)

And yes, SGW is some hot stuff indeed. ALthough I’d say she knows it, too

6:50 PM

Anonymous said…

Is Hatzakortzian out of the clink yet? About time we saw some updates to this blog, including news on Carl Williams’s latest girlfriends, Fat Tony’s whereabouts and ZGW’s latest antics

12:44 AM

Anonymous said…

10:43 PM

Anonymous said…

Tony Mokbel has been captured.

10:44 PM

Anonymous said…

Dear Blogger where are you? Your fans are concerned about the long silence. Not locked up we hope?


7:48 AM

Anonymous said…

lets make a dirty cop list,so that those of us who have the dirt on the dirty dicks can name names. i’ve got one. Det Darren Humphrys melb jacks. dirt cheap petty thief who steals of defendents and stalks their women, to satisfy his perverted sex drive. In a word CORRUPT

11:52 PM

Anonymous said…

Vic police as currupt as all fuck..Nothin has changed since Old Neds day!!!!

7:18 PM

Anonymous said…

dear john, he wont be locked up! but now all the bush is burnt clear out king lake way he may turn up….Old dumpin ground from way back so i wonder if they will get a true death count from the vic fires

7:22 PM

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ferrari seized in gangland swoop…

Ferrari seized in gangland swoop – National –

“Police have arrested a man and seized a Ferrari during raids on two Melbourne properties allegedly linked to fugitive drug baron Tony Mokbel.”

OH GOD not the Kingswood!!!

at 1:11 PM


Anonymous said…

Police swoop on Mokbel assets

Matthew Schulz and Kate Uebergang

November 09, 2006 04:00pm
Article from: Herald-Sun

POLICE have seized property worth $2.2 million, including five properties owned by drug fugitive Tony Mokbel’s sister-in-law.

In the latest police assault against the runaway drug baron’s empire, Zahroula Mokbel, 39, has been charged with four deception offences.

A spokeswoman said the latest raid was conducted by police investigating assets of Mr Mokbel believed to have been gained through criminal activities.

Ms Mokbel, who has three children, appeared this morning at the Melbourne Magistrates Court where police were granted restraining orders on the properties.

The wife of Mokbel’s older brother Horty, she was bailed on her own undertaking and ordered to live in Preston, report to Preston police station twice a week, not apply for a pasport or travel documents and not attempt to leave the country.

Outside court Purana taskforce detectives said a restrining order prevented Mrs Mokbel from selling or remortgaging five Melbourne properties in her name. The order covers homes in Caulfield, Preston and Safety Beach.

She is also prevented from disposing of her 2001 black BMW.

The latest arrest coincides with an ongoing police bid to dismantle the financial empire of Tony Mokbel, 41, once estimated to be worth at least $20 million.

Mokbel fled Australia in March during a trial for importing 2kg of cocaine from Mexico in 2000.

He was convicted in his absence to 12 years’ jail with a minimum of nine years.

He vanished after being told he was being investigated over several murders. He was sentenced in his absence to a minimum of nine years’ jail.

Last month Mokbel was convicted of further charges – in his absence – of trafficking ecstasy, and smaller quantities of amphetamines and cocaine.

This gave officials the right under the Confiscation Act to forfeit and sell a Noosa unit, Bulleen house and Ferrari roadster owned by the underworld drug trafficker.

When Mokbel was charged in 2001, the County Court froze assets including cars, houses and industrial properties.

The self-proclaimed property developer and professional gambler was on $1 million bail with strict reporting conditions when he absconded. He has not been seen since.

Early last month, a business partner of Tony Mokbel’s sister-in-law Renate was arrested and had his Ferrari seized.

Kamel Khoder, 30, of Coburg, was charged with four counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception and one of making a false document after a 10-month Purana taskforce investigation into an alleged money-laundering ring with links to Mr Mokbel.

Mr Khoder is due to appear again in court in March.

Meanwhile, Ms Mokbel, 35, is fighting to keep a $1 million surety she offered to guarantee the runaway drug dealer’s attendance at his cocaine importing trial.

At an earlier Supreme Court hearing, Ms Mokbel was labelled a liar who had played the role of “dumb wife” and deliberately kept assets secret from police.

Prosecutors accused Ms Mokbel of committing perjury by failing to tell the court this year that she had given her uncle $200,000 worth of jewellery that he buried in his Parkdale garden.

The September raid uncovered more than $300,000 concealed inside plastic pipes and more than 100 valuables, including 18 watches and 33 jewellery boxes of expensive trinkets, that were unearthed during a raid by detectives on the Alma Rd, Parkdale, property.

Purana detectives also seized a Mercedes Benz, registered to Mokbel’s brother Milad, from the house.

The Department of Public Prosecutions is now pursuing a financial penalty of tens of millions of dollars by Mokbel, which will effectively repay a civil debt owed by the fugitive.

7:25 PM

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials

Fears that police inquiry will undermine trials…:

“A WOMAN allegedly hit by a member of the disbanded police armed offenders squad has been released on bail, after a court heard her confession might be inadmissable.
There are concerns that a number of alleged violent criminals could walk free because of the assault accusations levelled at members of the squad during public hearings held by the Office of Police Integrity.”

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happens when incompetent, corrupt or violent coppers get caught. All of a sudden we have to trawl through the past to see who fucked up.

A previous commentor noted that this blog was “anti police” Well fuck that. We aren’t. WE just know what happens when this shit hits the fan. It happened when the drug squad went tits up and here we see it again.

The commentor noted that the squad was being reformed and how did we feel about that? Well, hardly suprised. Is there a chence that Victoria would NOT have some sort of armed offenders squad? No! That would be awaving the white flag. In the same way the drug squad was broken up and rebuilt in a new image.

The focus of a new squad is pretty simple:

  • Get rid of all members tainted by past scandals (whether charged/guilty or not).
  • Establish new protocols and checks while the new squad findfs its’ feet.
  • Wait for them to fuck up again

Simple really…

at 11:31 AM


Anonymous said…

Yea, clean it the fuck up 4 once & 4 all…

5:47 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nixon sacks ‘unsuitable’ officer – National –

Nixon sacks ‘unsuitable’ officer – National –

“Victoria’s Police Commissioner Christine Nixon today announced that a member of the state’s police force has been dismissed.
A statement released by Victoria Police said Ms Nixon was satisfied that the unnamed male senior sergeant was unsuitable to continue within the force.”

The OPI investigations are starting to bite. Criminal charges will follow people!!

at 11:10 AM


OzDetective said…

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:21 PM

OzDetective said…

Forgot to mention the reformation of the Armed Offenders Squad?
Didn’t quite fit in with your anti-police rhetoric?

6:41 PM

MUI said…

…reformed in theory only

Find me one name from the old squad tha are in teh new squad.

And in the unlikely event you do, find me one newbie NOT mentioned in the OPI investigation

WE are NOT anti Police- just anti Gitmo bay style police.

Purana got a shit load of charges and convictions without beatings.

beat a perp=shit cop too lazy to pin them with real evidence


12:13 AM

OzDetective said…

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:31 PM

OzDetective said…

All of the old members are in the new squad….

Except for the 3 suspended.

I know PURANA got a shitload of charges, I was there….

And that whole beat a perp rubbish? It has nothing to do with being lazy, quite frankly that really is crap. Drop me a line by e-mail and I’m happy to converse with you. I like your site, but you’re putting too much emphasis on biased media coverage, The Age.

3:26 PM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Letter in Todays Age

If only there were many more like Jake – Letters – Opinion –

Police accountability? Ask Ms Horvath
DETECTIVE Sergeant Mick Norris (Letters 25/9) suggests police know they will be held accountable, if pursued through standard rules of law for illegal acts they commit under ‘the misguided belief that the end justifies the means’. But after reading the story of Corinna Horvath’s ordeal in The Sunday Age (24/9), I’m afraid I don’t share Sergeant Norris’ confidence.
Ms Horvath was hardly an armed robber who lived to threaten the law-abiding community with heinous acts of violence. Yet the police in her case felt safe enough to bust oodles of laws, regulations and protocols (and facial bones) in pursuit of their ends. And their assumptions of safety from accountability would seem to have been well founded.
Perhaps Sergeant Norris, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and the rest of the ‘Mullet Muppets’ could talk to people such as Corinna Horvath and then tell us how they would protect the public from police who act illegally, and hold those police accountable to the extent that they actually pay a price for the crimes they commit.
David Thompson, Clayton”

Mullet’s Muppets.

We. Like. That. A. Lot.

at 10:26 AM

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Outlaw gangs make killing

A quick Sunday morning post (can’t stay and chat- off to… err… church?)

Outlaw gangs make killing:

“Bikie gangs are using standover tactics to intimidate business rivals as they expand from drug trading to legitimate industries around Australia.

The Australian Crime Commission says that while bikies remain prolific drug manufacturers and dealers, they are now investing in apparently respectable industries.

‘OMCG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs’) involvement in outwardly legitimate business enterprises is potentially impacting adversely on a number of key market sectors in Australia, including finance, transport, private security, entertainment, natural resources and construction,’ the commission has found.”

at 9:29 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006

Face off: police rift widens.

Face off: police rift widens – National –

Ordinarily, the process here at MU is:

  • Quote from source.
  • Write pithy comeback/insulting/sarcastic reply.

But this article has so much utter shite from mso many parties that it fucking defies description.

Let’s give it a shot:

As the Police Association labelled the public hearings of the Office of Police Integrity a “disgraceful Spanish Inquisition”, the State Opposition said it would review the contracts of Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon and other top emergency service officials if elected.

If presenting evidence that contradicts an officer’s testimony is a disgraceful Spanish Inquisition: then YAH! for Spanish inquisitions!

As for the State Opposition; shut the fuck up, children. This is a the real thing, not a young Liberals “soggy biscuit” competition. For fuck’s sake.

Mr Mullet said the rally would report on the “disgraceful Spanish Inquisition being conducted by the OPI and the outrage- ous behaviour of the Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Overland in the investigation of our members attached to the armed offenders squad”.

Let’s get this straight: the very powers that the OPI have used to show the illegal beahviour of the Armed Offenders Squad are the very same powers the Police Assoc. want for their members to investigate the general public.

Goose. Gander

I think the public will have no issue whatsoever with the investigation methods of the OPI; where the public might have an issue is when Police officers abuse their position and their powers and then lie about it. I also think that when convicted armed offenders start appealing on the grounds that they were the victims of systemic police bashings and illegal behaviour- and then get off as a result, the public might kick up a stink. No one will give a flying fuck what happens to these cops. They are asking for extra civil liberties (like supressing the OPI video)- when they would not extend the basic liberties the offenders were entitled to.

Moving on:

Senior Constable Dabb returned to the witness box yesterday and again viewed the video that seemingly showed him hitting an armed robbery suspect with a telephone after the suspect asked to call a lawyer.

Counsel assisting the inquiry, Garry Livermore, said it was “obvious” that Senior Constable Dabb was on the video assaulting the suspect, known as A100.

But Senior Constable Dabb denied taking part in any assault. “It doesn’t depict anything,” he said. “I wouldn’t know what was going on … I don’t know who it is.”

Our questions for Dabb:

  • Given you say this video is not you, perhaps you could explain why this video made you collapse a few days ago?
  • Is this video of your interrogation room?
  • Is it you in the video?
  • If not you, then whom?
  • Are you saying this is a staged/faked video?
  • Are you accusing the OPI of staging this/fabricating evidence?
  • If this is NOT you, are you willing to see this video released to the media?
  • Do you think we are all fucking stupid?

Summary: What an epic fuck up this will end up being. Christine Nixon is acting within the law, and in the view of this blog; correctly. Paul Mullet is 20 kinds of stupid, ignorant, pig headed, wrong headed, foolish, deluded and dangerous. his words and actions are not helping him nor the people he purports to represent. What’s next? Dennis Tanner for Chief Commish? The Police Union are the most militant and dangerous union in the country. If John Howard and Kevin Andrews want to have a real crack at unionism- forget the MUA, go for the coppers.

Tail. Wags. Dog.


Being an idiot is contagious!

at 3:02 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police suspended in OPI probe

Police suspended in OPI probe :

“Police Association Secretary Paul Mullett said Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon had ‘hung them out to dry’.

‘Who are the bad guys? The armed robbers who compromise community safety … every day of the week,’ he said.

While he added that ‘no one was above the law’, Senior Sergeant Mullett said the officers were entitled to the presumption of innocence and said the evidence should be presented in the appropriate jurisdiction rather than at a public hearing.”

One minute he sounds like he supports Guantanamo Bay, the next he makes these bent fuckers sound like David Hicks.

Honestly- he’s as consistent as a paranoid schizophrenic three weeks off their meds.

Let’s get one thing straight: Paul Mullett is an idiot.

That feels much better.

You heard it here first; even if you knew it all along…

at 11:22 PM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Police hearing ‘a Spanish inquisition’

Police hearing ‘a Spanish inquisition’ –:

“Police Association Victorian secretary Paul Mullett said today that if there was evidence supporting wrongdoing by members of the squad, it should be tested in a court of law and not an integrity hearing.
‘This is nothing short of a Spanish inquisition,’ he told ABC Radio.”

Paul, Paul, Paul. You would defend Hitler if he was a copper. Seriously fella, you just have to learn when to cut these boys loose. Silence at this time. Are you their lawyer? Looking to influence a jury down the track?

Sure, if they go to court the Police Union should support them- but when teh evidence is as overwhelming as this- then perhaps a statement such as “we support our members, but do not condone violence”.

Paul, stop trying to frame the way the OPI, the commisioner, the general police structure should be. We DON’T ASK GARBOS ABOUT THE BEST WAY TO RECYCLE so why do you think we should consult with coppers about the law, the courts or the structure should be?

Suggestion: focus on your own organisation first eh?

Police Association secretary Paul Mullett has little time for his detractors. “They have an agenda. That’s obvious. We question their agenda,” he says.

Yes Paul they do- to get rid of you and your dinosaur attitudes, practices and idiotic statements.

at 11:40 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beatings by police caught on secret film…

Ya Gotta hand it to the toe cutters in the OPI- they really know how to spring a trap:
Beatings by police caught on secret film – National –

“GRAPHIC video images of detectives beating and kicking a suspect in an interview room have rocked the inquiry into the Victoria Police’s disbanded armed offenders squad.
One of three detectives accused over the bashing collapsed in the County Court witness box yesterday after being shown the secretly filmed footage.”

Robert Lachlan Dabb- collapsed in court.
Sooky la-la

at 10:38 AM


Anonymous said…

mr dabb looks like the sort of bloke who would struggle to pick up a chick in a nightclub…. then when last drinks are called, he would start a fight with all the romeos and casanovas (ensuring he had numerical superiority first of course) – at least this gives him some form of “arousal” and helps ensure no-one is having more fun than him… i can tel all this from his weak scottish jawline and his bad hair-do

9:26 AM

Anonymous said…

what fuckin jaw line? he aint had a jaw since he hooked up with vic police.. to much sucktion on the ball bags of his work mates & other low lifes in the force! they all lie under oth not to mention the daily bendin & breakin of whatever law suits em..?

7:34 PM

Anonymous said…

Did he beat him with one hand or two? Sorry beat him “off” with 1 or 2 hands? Will we get to see the hot footage!!!!!!!???????????xxxx <3

7:38 PM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Supergrass turns on Mokbel

Supergrass turns on Mokbel – World –

“A suspect in a high-profile drug case has turned supergrass by agreeing to give evidence against fugitive drug baron Tony Mokbel and his brother Milad.
Milad Mokbel, 38, of suburban Brunswick, faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today on charges including trafficking a large commercial quantity of methylamphetamine and possessing methylamphetamine.
Tony Mokbel disappeared towards the end of his Supreme Court trial in March.”


So go on, ask the inevitable question


“(I have) no doubt in my mind whatsoever he would be well aware of exactly how Tony Mokbel facilitated his escape and have access to the same identical provisions,” Sen Det Rowe said.

Milad Mokbel’s barrister Robert Richter, QC, told the court his client’s incarceration had caused severe hardship for his wife and three children.

He said it may take more than two years before his client was dealt with by the court and evidence about the future charge was a moot point in this case.

He also said Milad Mokbel’s mother was willing to provide her house as surety.

Magistrate Donna Bakos remanded Milad Mokbel into custody and adjourned his bail hearing until tomorrow.

Singing: “Once bitten twice shy babe..”

Gotta laugh at his mother putting up her house!

at 4:56 PM


Anonymous said…

hehe they’re falling like ninepins. When reading the article I wondered when they’d mention the issue of bail for the other brother. Because of fat Tone’s runner, does the court have the right to use this in his brother’s case? It probably does.

I see the boys’ mother has offered to put up her house as surety for milad. Shit, before this is over the entire Mokbel family will be living in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere

6:20 PM

Anonymous said…

man i read some where the lab they found was able to produce 200kg of speed. fucken hell thats a fair bit of cash for old milad.

12:17 PM

Anonymous said…

Mokbel demands ‘funds for deals’Carly Crawford

August 20, 2006 12:00am
Sunday Herald Sun

Exclusive: FUGITIVE drug lord Tony Mokbel is said to have toured the millionaire playgrounds of the Mediterranean during his global flight from authorities.

Underworld sources claim the drug baron fled Beirut for an island-hopping trip around the region.
It is claimed he has visited Cyprus, Turkey and Sardinia.

A business associate of Mokbel said he learned the details of the fugitive’s suspected movements during his own search for Mokbel.

The source says Mokbel is using agents in Melbourne to demand money from former associates.

But like police, the associate does not know Mokbel’s current whereabouts. All he has heard is that Mokbel has been living in luxury on the Mediterranean.

“He is living a good lifestyle,” the source said.

Australian Federal Police refused to comment on the claims, saying Mokbel’s whereabouts remain unknown.

His girlfriend, Danielle Maguire, recently left for Europe and has maintained she has no knowledge of Mokbel’s location.

A court this month heard that Ms Maguire, the last person to see Mokbel, sent $272,000 offshore in the 18 months before Mokbel left.

The associate said Mokbel was demanding cash to fund more property ventures abroad.

He produced what he said was an email from Mokbel’s contacts seeking cash for development deals.

“Our friend from Lebanon is requesting that you supply some of the investment you have committed to him,” it says.

It talks of a “Malta deal”, a “commitment” in Mexico and apparent plans to invest in a Lebanese marina development.

“He is in a difficult situation because personal contact is not possible, but he wishes to remind his business associates he has long arms and many friends.”

Mokbel is known in the underworld as “The Octopus”.

The Arabic-speaking fugitive fled Australia in March while on trial for importing 2kg of cocaine from Mexico in 2000.

Mokbel, who remained on bail during the trial, vanished after learning he might be charged with underworld murders. He was sentenced in his absence two weeks later, receiving 12 years’ jail, with a minimum of nine years.

He is listed with Interpol as a fugitive and his departure prompted a court to have his sister’s $1 million mansion — his bail surety — forfeited.

Renate Mokbel wants the decision overturned, claiming its forfeiture would cause financial hardship.

Police believe he moved $20 million offshore ahead of his escape.

Mokbel’s escape plan was reportedly bought from slain gangland figure Lewis Moran, though his precise method of escape is the subject of speculation.

One theory is that he left Essendon Airport on a light aircraft for the remote far north of Queensland. From there, a boat ferried him to Malaysia where, using fake documents, he boarded a plane for Turkey.

Another tip-off had him lying low in a Gippsland farmhouse for up to a fortnight before he left the country.

The business associate has a different idea. He believes Mokbel fled Australia via Perth, dressed as a Maronite priest, and arrived in Lebanon via Johannesberg.

He believes Mokbel has gained weight and poses as a tourist. Mokbel has previously claimed a ruthless band of Mexican drug runners were tracking him in the Middle East.

9:38 AM

Bluey said…

So whose house was raided in Parkdale?….they found $1m in cash and jewellery and confiscated a slick black Mercedes registered to Milad Mokbel.

7:08 PM

Anonymous said…

its one of Renatas girlsfriends house, which was a stash house. Milad used it to bury surplus backup cash and jewels….

9:29 PM

Anonymous said…

Police say find is blow to fugitive drugs bossMark Buttler

September 06, 2006 12:00am
Article from: Font size: + –
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GANGLAND detectives have dug up cash and jewellery worth more than $1 million in what they believe is a blow against the crime empire of Tony Mokbel.

Police suspect the huge seizure, buried at a home in Melbourne’s southeast, is linked to the fugitive drug baron and other crime figures.
Officers digging by hand and using an excavator found the booty buried in bags and plastic pipes at the rear of the Alma Rd, Parkdale, property.

Purana Taskforce detectives later walked from the premises with plastic bags packed with banknotes in large denominations.

A piece of jewellery believed to be worth up to $50,000 was one of 100 items found during the search, which began when police officers swooped before dawn yesterday.

A black, late-model Mercedes-Benz belonging to one of Mokbel’s relatives was also seized and carted away on a tray truck.

The luxury vehicle is now subject of a restraining order.

A number of old front-page newspaper stories on the activities of Tony Mokbel were also found at the property.

Stunned neighbours looked on unable to believe organised crime investigators had zeroed in on their street.

Det-Supt Richard Grant said the raid’s success had been an important step for the Purana Taskforce.

“We see this as a significant milestone in this long and protracted investigation,” Det-Supt Grant said.

He said the containers located were found buried at various depths and it was too early to say how long they had been underground.

Det-Supt Grant said the find would greatly reduce the ability of certain figures to be involved in crime.

He said detectives now had the job of linking the seized property to Purana targets.

Tony Mokbel fled Australia in March during his trial for importing 2kg of cocaine from Mexico in 2000.

The multi-millionaire, who was on bail, vanished after being told he was under investigation over several underworld murders.

Mokbel was later sentenced in his absence to a minimum of nine years in jail.

Interpol has him listed as a fugitive.

A man identified as Garry Gibbs left the Alma Rd house with police and yesterday spoke with them elsewhere.

Mr Gibbs, 49, works in the mail room of the Herald and Weekly Times.

Police said last night investigations were continuing.

A neighbour of the Gibbs family, who have their house on the market, said they were no trouble and there were no signs of criminal activity or undesirable visitors.

“They’re quite nice people. They’re pretty normal legal people,” the neighbour said.

4:36 AM

Anonymous said…

looks like milad losing out a bit. i wounder which other stash houses they know about

12:24 PM

Monday, July 31, 2006

Condello suspect photfit released…

Condello murder suspect image released – National –
“A photofit of the man police wish to speak in relation to Mario Condello’s murder; the type of car seen in the ‘immediate vicinity’ of Condello’s home at the time of the murder.”

So MU readers: just who is this international man of mystery. Something tells us he’s LOCAL, not an import as suggested…

at 12:37 PM


Anonymous said…

I’ll knock his bloody teeth out. Driving such a girly car is inexcusable

9:07 PM

Anonymous said…

Maybe Mario’s neighbours ordered pizza’s that night?

1:32 PM

Anonymous said…

Thought Shannon Noll had a big black car.

12:44 AM

Anonymous said…

i wounder who it is. someone on MU would probally know him.

3:09 PM

Anonymous said…

It’s Dieter Brummer, of the ‘Dougie’ pizza commercials

5:51 AM

Anonymous said…

I know who it actually is….

8:51 PM

Anonymous said…

ok, and who is that? i had an idea it was the old man who also knocked the munster, and the old boy doesnt look like
that pic. so, whats your name? or just letting of some good old fashioned bullshit!

12:24 AM

Anonymous said…

its a fucking import man the same import style is waiting for others as well

1:01 AM

Monday, July 24, 2006

Crikey Website – Reporter takes immersion journalism too far

There’s always a bit of time to have a laugh at journos who get caught up in the excitement of the crime world…

Quite. a. big. laugh.

Crikey Website – Reporter takes immersion journalism too far

at 2:54 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

More charges over gangland murder – National –

More charges over gangland murder :

“A further three people have been charged over the murder of gangland victim Mark Mallia.”

Was this guy murdered by committee or what?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Murder accused blows court a kiss – National –

Murder accused blows court a kiss – National –

“An accused gangland murderer blew a kiss, thumped his heart and gave a thumbs-up sign to friends as he was remanded in custody today.”

The condemned man ate a hearty breakfast, thumped his chest and cried like a baby once back in his cell…

at 12:48 PM


Anonymous said…

where does this info come from? example

The condemned man ate a hearty breakfast, thumped his chest and cried like a baby once back in his cell…”

who are you and how do you know that?

3:09 PM

Anonymous said…

cried like a baby?? i highly doubt it buddy..

10:48 PM

Anonymous said…

cossu ratted him out and will be visited or family

12:51 AM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Second man charged with underworld murder – National –

Another one goes down for the Mallia murder.

Christopher Orfanidis, of Ardeer in Melbourne’s west, is due to appear before Melbourne Magistrates Court at 10am charged with murder after he was formally arrested at Sunshine police station yesterday.

Do note that he was arrested at the station- in other words he “presented” himself at the station to be arrested.

The Age- Another Arrest

at 10:59 AM

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mallia suspect arrested in Sydney

Police in Sydney this morning arrested Damien Cossu, 30, in connection with the murder of Mark Mallia, 30, a small-time criminal and close associate of standover man Nik Radev, on August 18, 2003.

This is an interesting development. We here @ MUI had pencilled in Ol’ Andrew “Benji” Veniamin for that job, but with a trial coming for Cossu, we’ll have to tkae notes and see what’s goin’ on…

Victoria Police had previously named Mr Cossu as a person of interest in their investigation into Radev’s death.

Underworld identity Mick Gatto, at his trial over the killing of gangster Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, said he believed Veniamin was responsible for the murders of both Mallia and Radev.

Heavily armed police from NSW’s homicide squad, working with Victoria Police’s Purana taskforce, stopped a car and arrested Mr Cossu in the south-west Sydney suburb of Liverpool area about 7.30am today.

Interesting all round. Police had merely named him as a “person of interest”. While many folk would jump to the conclusion that a “person of interest” translates roughly as “perpetrator”, the truth is the cops often just think a person of interest knows someone who knows something. Several degrees of seperation. Take Graeme Kinniburgh- while he didn’t pop Alphonse’s clogs, he sure as hell saw Mark Moran do it. Therefore the cops would rate Graeme as a “person of interest” and not a perp.

Though it would appear that Cossu is definately more interesting than most…

The Age- Cossu’s arrest in Sydney
ABC news website- Gangland Killing arrest

**UPDATE** He’ll shortly be extradited to Melbourne:

The Age Gangland suspect extradited

Superintendent Grant said he expected police would make more arrests in relation to the Mallia murder in coming weeks. “We will be visiting several people over the next couple of weeks,” he said.

Commander of the NSW Police homicide squad, Linda Howlett, said police said NSW Police had been working with Victoria Police since January on the case and today’s arrest followed “a fair amount of assistance from the public”


at 10:15 AM


Anonymous said…

I’ve read a bit about this Damian Cossu guy but not sure where he fits into the picture in all of this. Does anyone know?

5:14 PM

166 said…

Cossu was apparently present when Benji knocked Radev. Mallia was one of Radev’s soldiers and was out to back up for the Russian. Cossu got in first.

12:06 AM

Anonymous said…

cossu is a pussy he always acted like one don’t ever think any of us had respect for him if the police hadn’t have got him we would have. He had to go into hiding at his poor old mama’s house in Sydney where his family sleeps nicely in their beds, if i was them they should be careful of who they open the door to. He should get what’s coming to him for ratting out. And when they take him out of solitary confinement he will get it

12:46 AM

Anonymous said…

he is innocent

9:17 PM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Court lets bank sell Mokbel assets

FOUR months after he skipped the state, the way has been cleared for the properties of fugitive drug lord Tony Mokbel to be sold by National Australia Bank.
Once again, a bank benefits from the proceeds of crime…

Court lets bank sell Mokbel assets – National –

at 9:22 AM


Anonymous said…

So, one criminal’s ill gotten assets (fat Tony) are to be sold by another corporate criminal (NAB). I bet the turds make a nice profit too

GRRRRRR I hate banks

6:55 PM

Anonymous said…

They’ll be busier than a Beirut bricklayer!

2:07 AM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

…a quickie- Raid in Lalor

Purana underworld detectives today raided house in Lalor believed to be connected with the murder of underworld criminal Mark Mallia in 2003.

Mallia’s badly burnt body was discovered dumped in a drain at the rear of a West Sunshine soccer club on August 18, 2003. Police initially had trouble identifying Mallia, a known associate of slain gangland figure Nick Radev, but yesterday confirmed that they recently received information leading them to believe Mallia may have been murdered at the Lalor house.

…more as it happens!

at 4:52 PM


Anonymous said…

I thought Veniamin did this one too? So what were they doing at a house in Lalor? Surely they would have been better off speaking to Andrew at whatever cemetery he’s buried in

I think the cops had better interview Sarah Garde-Wilson-Vincent-Caine-Mokbel. Then you guys will have to post some more pics of her, yes?

8:24 PM

MU Insider said…

We’d be OBLIGED to post some pics of her. in fact, we are emailing RALPH mag daily,

maybe we’ll have to up the ante and INSIST they get her in there?


10:19 PM

Anonymous said…

Erm, pardon me MUI, but have you had a psych evaluation lately? hehe


6:26 AM

Anonymous said…

Good to see the RSS feed is back. Great to get updates every couple of months or so.

9:51 PM

Anonymous said…

mate, Benji didnt knock Mark…….others work.

3:14 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Deja vu

The easter bunny announced today:

“We do the best we can to have a corruption-resilient organisation and one that has a set of values and standards that all members adhere to,” she said.

“We know that there will be some members (involved in corruption or unethical behaviour) on some occasions, but it is too early for us to suggest that any members have behaved inappropriately until the investigation is completed, until charges perhaps are laid, if that might be the step, but we are still very early in this process.”

The Age- corruption not endemic

at 12:20 PM


Anonymous said…

so they slapped around some thugs…….pfft.

maybe they should try plying them with chuppa chupps – works on my 3 year old every time.

12:50 PM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hot Diggity DOG!

Now this story has the potential to blow a few copper’s hats off…:

TWO Victorian policemen are being investigated over their connection to a lucrative hot dog business that makes up to $10,000 each weekend.

What’s the big frickin’ deal I heard you ask? So they sell past-used-by ‘dogs in stale buns to pissed punters?

Problem 1:

…the ethical standards department was probing claims that Shot Dogs paid off-duty officers cash to sell hot dogs and marked police cars had been seen delivering bread rolls and other food to vans when supplies ran low.
Reminds one of New York’s Finest Taxi service.

Problem 2:

Senior Sergeant Lewis was registered as the company’s original director when Shot Dogs was established in 1995. Australian Securities and Investments Commission records reveal that he has since transferred the business into his wife’s name.

Sergeant Brodie’s wife is also listed as a director, with a 50 per cent holding in the company.
So you shuffle the deck chairs about and pretend that the past never happened. I sincerely hope these guys don’t do any detective work: they’d never catch themselves.

Problem 3:

Another policeman, St Kilda sergeant Chris Lim, helped to establish the business but withdrew a few months later. Sergeant Lim is being investigated by Victoria Police’s ethical standards department over his interests in a property company, in which a fellow investor is an associate of Mick Gatto, the man acquitted of murdering Andrew Veniamin in Melbourne’s gangland war.
Oh dear- that’s a worry. Not the Gatto connection, but rather “St Kilda sergeant”. Also known as the “dodgy cops r us” station. Oh and the Gatto connection is still suss.

Problem 4:

The Age has also been told that Shot Dogs bought underworld figure Michael Marshall’s hot dog van after he was gunned down outside his South Yarra home in October 2003. Police believe Marshall also used his business, Love Dogs, based outside the Motel nightclub, as a front to sell amphetamines.

Folks, this is the fucking kicker. What, did Wayne Strawhorn do the odd night working in the van? Christ did you read the bit: a front to sell amphetamines. Get that? ok, we’ll cut paste it a few times till you do.a front to sell amphetamines. a front to sell amphetamines.a front to sell amphetamines. a front to sell amphetamines. a front to sell amphetamines.

Right. Back to work. Business as usual. Standby for Paul Mullett to crap on about how “cops should be allowed to have outside interests” and totally jump over the fact that once gain, he’s defending dodgy cops. We’ll be doing a detailed post about ol’ Paul and his recent problems. Hopefully it will be when he’s tipped out of the Police Assoc. chair.

Michael Marshall murder- The Age
Shot Dogs article- The Age

at 10:47 AM


Anonymous said…

And here I was thinking Michael Marshall got shot for selling dodgy snags! Maybe I was right, in a way…

4:17 AM

Anonymous said…

Shifty bastards, some of these bent coppers


6:21 AM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where’s Tony?

Ok here’s a bunch of stuff to check out about the big man OFF campus:

Right get reading- add any items to the comments section and we’ll blog ’em up


at 8:52 PM


Anonymous said…

So it was Mario Condello that Mokbel had killed. Why would he have done this, what strategic value is there in whacking Condello?

Also interesting that Tony Mokbel’s wife is named Carmel considering his eerie similarity to Tony Soprano whose wife is of course, named Carmella…

1:46 PM

Anonymous said…

It would be tres funny if the Hizbollah boys in Beirut heard that some jumped up Melbourne drug dealer with a whole lot of cash and not many mates was in town. Especially a big drinker, woamniser and seller of drugs like Tone.

11:41 PM

Anonymous said…

Nah, they’d give him a thrashing and steal all Tony’s money due to Tony having lost his Muslim faith. Then they’d blow the lot on wine women and song



4:35 AM

Anonymous said…

They’d steal his money, yes. They would just give him a thrashing, they’d introduce him to their Russian mate Kalashinokov and bury him somewhere in the Be’kaa. And the wine, women and song wouldn’t get a run.

Even worse, he could fall foul of the Mossad who have Lebanon riddled. They are really nasty bastards.

5:05 PM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1-0 down with 8 minutes to play

Australia vs Japan?

NO YOU IDIOTS! listen up- Zarah has waved the white flag of surrender:

Lawyer gives up appeal against contempt conviction

Melbourne lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson has abandoned her appeal against her conviction for contempt of court after being warned it could result in a harsher penalty.

Oh damn! She’s slowly being painted into a corner. No appeal= no career. Appeal= possible even worse sentence + disbarring. No third option your worship?

It’s not a certainty that she will be disbarred (ie there is no mandatory sentence), but hell- it will all add up to the point where there’s no freakin’ choice but to send her on her way.

Maybe she will do medicine- a sort of reverse Geoffrey Edelsten or Irene Bolger?

We wish her well and will follow this as the hearings and so on are conveyned.

at 8:38 PM


Anonymous said…

There’s something very cheap and nasty about this girl. Good looking and finely tailored as she appears, she’s a hoe. Or a skank (or any other homie type expressions you can think of)

Maybe she’ll make a career of going shoplifting and having an orgasm every time she’s caught


9:08 PM

Anonymous said…

Hee hee! Very funny. I swing from respecting her for having incredible courage and balls, to feeling pity for her naivety and stupidity. I (along with several other women, as I have since discovered!) was seeing Lewis Caine at the same time she claims to have lived with him. But unlike Zarah, I’ve been desperately trying to stay out of the media in order to save my career. So far I have been successful. Thank god.

9:50 PM

Anonymous said…

What was Caine doing drinking with Faure and Goussis anyway? Didn’t he think that Faure being what he is a hitman), was there for a reason?

4:41 AM

Anonymous said…

I’ve wondered that myself. I read that he was meeting them to propose a deal to work together for the Condello hit. He may not have realised they had been hired (by Condello?) for his own hit, given they were ‘freelance’. Although, knowing Lewie, he knew you couldn’t trust anyone and that people ‘crossed’ each other often in that world. I have a theory that it may have been his way out. He had tried hard to go straight. Sadly, without success. I read that he said goodbye to several people in the weeks leading up to his murder. Almost like someone who is planning to suicide. He was tormented because he didn’t like what he had become, but it was so hard to get out. I think in his world it would’ve been less cowardly to be murdered, rather than take your own life. He knew he was going to be next. He could’ve tried to go interstate and hide, but he didn’t. This is all merely speculation of course…

2:49 PM

Spears said…

I have followed the saga of Zarah for awhile…and I must say that I am disappointed that there hasn’t been a Ralph or similar photo shoot with her yet…they offer them to the 7th place Big Brother bimbo, but not a woman with that raven black hair…sheeze…I wish her luck, and law, being the profession it is, respects personalities and characters…if she was an accountant I wouldn’t like her chances…

6:25 AM

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Punch and Judy show

From AAP, via Az…
TWO men accused of threatening to slit the throat of Melbourne gangland widow Judy Moran have been jailed.

Mrs Moran had earlier told the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court two men screamed abuse at her, called her a dog, accused her of being a police informer and said they would slit her throat. The incident happened at the Brunswick Club in June last year. Her husband, Lewis Moran, 58, was shot dead in the club in March, 2004.

Rodney Robinson, 53, of Epping, and Robert Gillick, 35, of Greensborough, both pleaded not guilty to charges, including making threats to kill.

Magistrate Duncan Reynolds dismissed the charge of making threats to kill, however found the men guilty of using threatening words.

He sentenced Robinson to two months’ prison and Gillick to one month in jail, saying that was the only appropriate sentence in both cases.

Mr Reynolds said the men’s behaviour that night caused disquiet to numerous patrons at the club.

He said he took into account both men had significant criminal pasts, but had made changes in their lives to put this behind them.

Robinson and Gillick have indicated they will lodge an appeal.

at 9:01 AM


Anonymous said…

You’d have thought Judy Moran would have been keeping to herself, considering that all her immediate family has been wiped out

WTF was she doing in the Brunswick club?

5:26 AM

Anonymous said…

Enjoying the spirits?

1:57 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There’s no place like home… there’s no place like…

Yeah, lot of pressure. You gotta rise above it. You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow, Happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down and around. Circular. Circle. With the music. The flow…all good things.

Oh Tony why hast thou forsake thine own sister?

hit the link at the top and find out the news.

** YES we have been bad bloggers**
We’ve been at the Paris of the East drinking daquiri’s with the Tone. we’re back, bad and ready to blog…

at 1:09 PM


Anonymous said…

Surely fatso can get the money to his sister in law somehow? He managed to get $20 million out so what’s the drama?


6:23 PM

Anonymous said…

yeah i would suspect she may have a couple of lazy mil’s in the cookie jar

7:52 AM

Anonymous said…

Fat Tony’s escape route
Friday, May 19, 2006

imageDetails of how Melbourne drug boss Antonios “Fat Tony” Mokbel pulled off his amazing vanishing act continue to emerge, with the latest pieces in the jig saw claiming he used a previously established “rat line” or escape route through Asia.

According to the Herald Sun the land-sea-air route, which involved bribing Asian officials, had been originally set up by the Moran crime family. It had previously been used to successfully spirit members of that group out of the country.

Although Mokbel and the patriarch of the Moran clam, Lewis Moran, fell out over Mokbel’s ambitions to dominate the a Melbourne amphetamine market, the Herald Sun says those running the rat line were only interested in the colour of Fat Tony’s money.

“Although the plan was set up by the Morans, those who actually arrange the various forms of transportation, false documents and bribed officials don’t care who the fugitive is, as long as they have plenty of cash,” an insider said.

And there was plenty of that. According to the Australian Federal Police, he had $20 million stashed away. Mokbel is now widely believed to be in his native Lebanon, which does not have an extradition treaty with Australia.

Mokbel disappeared on March 20 in the closing stages of his trial on cocaine smuggling charges. He had also been tipped off that Purana gangland squad detectives were close to charging him with murder.

The falling out between Mokbel and the Morans, supposedly due to Mokbel’s attempos to poach the Moran’s expert pill maker, was one of the triggers for Melbourne’s underworld war.

The Victorian Supreme Court has been told that Mokbel and another man paid $140,000 to have Lewis Moran murdered in March 2004. Both Moran’s sons, Jason and Mark, were also murdered during the war. You can read Gotcha’s previous posting on the Lewis Moran murder here.

It also emerged today that Mokbel’s girlfriend, convicted drug dealer Danielle McGuire, had also once been the lover of Mark Moran, gunned down in 2000.

end of story

Who was the expert pill maker and who else partnered with Mokbel to whack Lewis Moran? Was it Carl Williams? Is Williams the pill maker?

I live in the States but have been following this story of Melbournes gangland for about 5 years. Best gangster scenario in years. It makes our wise guys look like sissies since they lost their penchant for public warfare.

Does anyone have a 30 thousand foot view on this entire scenario? Is there a central “Mr. Big” behind all this warfare or has it just progressed like a domino effect.

I lived in Oz for two years in the early 70’s, went to school at Macquarie before finishing up in NZ at Otago in 1978. I went to school with a young lady named Julie Theilman who was killed by (anyone remember this guy?) Mr. Asia’s gang, specifically John Terrence Clark, whom I had also met while living in Auckland, and she was buried in the Blue Mountains along with her boyfriend. It’s what got me reading the Melbourne papers a few years ago while researching her murder.

Thanks for the blog, I really appreciate the updates and the excellent sidebar conversations you folks continue to generate.


11:42 PM

Anonymous said…

flattery from americans…. cos we got more murder and mayhem…. but they’ve outdone us (in iraq)

4:38 PM

Anonymous said…

i wounder how old carl is doing in jail.

5:58 PM

Anonymous said…

Somewhat droll comment considering the thread does not concern Iraq…I think I’ll pass on the bait.

Was Carl W the infamous pill maker?

7:50 AM

Anonymous said…

Union boss denies Gatto kill claim
Keith Moor

POLICE were told underworld identity Mick Gatto threatened to kill union boss Dean Mighell in a building industry dispute.

Mr Mighell last night confirmed having a dispute with Mr Gatto, but denied being intimidated in any way.

“Mick Gatto never threatened to kill me,” he said.

Former chief superintendent Kerry Milte made the death-threat claim in a five-hour taped interview with detectives from Victoria Police’s ethical standards department.

In the interview Mr Milte also named allegedly corrupt police and identified several organised crime figures.

The Herald Sun has seen a copy of the transcript of Mr Milte’s interview with ESD.

Mr Milte, 61, a former Commonwealth police officer and barrister, was recruited by Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon in 2002 to help tackle organised crime in Victoria.

He has been committed to stand trial on charges including bribery and conspiring with a Victorian police officer to disclose confidential information.

In his interview, Mr Milte:

NAMED an Italian organised crime boss who was allegedly involved in five murders.

CLAIMED murdered mafia financier Mario Condello and another underworld figure stripped a solicitor naked and beat him in a Lygon St restaurant basement as a warning not to speak about their activities.

IDENTIFIED a Lygon St crime figure who had allegedly paid $4 million in bribes to senior Victorian police.

CLAIMED corrupt police “green-lighted” the illegal activities of several Italian organised crime bosses.

ALLEGED the Italian syndicate has put gang members in positions of authority in immigration, customs and the police. Mr Milte told ESD why he was recruited by Ms Nixon.

“Because of some old connections, I had the means of getting information on particularly Italian organised crime,” his August 19, 2005, record of interview claimed.

“And to a lesser degree, Chinese operations and to another degree, some Lebanese people and that principally involved Mick Gatto, Mario Condello, Mokbel (fugitive crime boss Tony Mokbel).”

Mr Milte claimed in the interview that Mr Gatto had threatened to kill Electrical Trades Union boss Dean Mighell.

“He came to see me via a politician,” his record of interview claimed. “I offered, in regard to the obvious state of fear he was in, to make contact between him and the police.”

Mr Mighell last night denied Mr Milte’s claim.

He said a dispute with Mr Gatto over building work at the National Gallery had been sorted out amicably.

Mr Milte last night told the Herald Sun he was horrified his ESD record of interview was being circulated.

He claimed a small faction of Victorian police was trying to undermine Ms Nixon and suggested circulating his ESD interview was an attempt by these officers to discredit her.

Mr Milte would not identify Mr Mighell as the person allegedly subjected to death threats, but said: “The union official was in genuine fear of his life.”

Mr Milte told ESD about an alleged attack by Condello and another man on a solicitor for an Italian organised crime boss.

“They stripped the solicitor naked . . . held a pistol to his head, broke a plate on his head and wanted to know how much he’d told me about what was going on,” he said.


5:08 AM

Anonymous said…

why the hell is there never any updates. ok, u guys said u were busy but what the fuck its been like 2 months. get ur shit together.

5:35 PM

Friday, April 28, 2006

Charges over gangland death – National –

Charges over gangland death – National –

Look we’ve been flat out. You wanna help? Send an email and we’ll see whatcha got (to post)

Sorry folks, normal transmission resumes soon…

at 6:51 PM


Anonymous said…

Charges over gangland death
By Dan Harrison
April 28, 2006 – 9:54AM

Police have charged a 41-year-old Melton resident with the murder of a man closely linked to Melbourne’s gangland war.

Craig Vella was remanded in custody overnight and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning, Senior Constable Carla Coslovich of the police media unit said.

Mr Vella was charged with allegedly stabbing Michael Phillip Dewhirst, 31, of Melton South, during an argument in Melton about 3:15pm yesterday.

Mr Dewhirst was stabbed in the stomach in the altercation with two men in Palmerston St, which is believed to have been a drug deal gone wrong.

Dewhirst, who was described by a Supreme Court judge in 2001 as having “little prospect of rehabilitation”, was a close associate of Dina Dibra, who became a victim of Melbourne’s gangland war when he was shot dead outside his West Sunshine home on October 14, 2000.


I think this Dewhirst guy one of the guys involved in the nightclub shooting of 2000, along with Dino Dibra. It said in the paper the other day his IQ was 87. Chrrrrrist!!!


7:09 PM

Anonymous said…

was ‘the drugdeal gone wrong’ linked to the half mill cash found in a sunshine carpark Thursday??

2:33 PM

U Priveta said…

another junkie dead, all three there were junkies and Mick was more
of a hanger on with the sunshine boys of past…….Vella, just a Maltese
junkie who fucked up again…….

6:53 PM

Anonymous said…,5478,19048531%255E2862,00.html

Cartel joins Mokbel hunt

A RUTHLESS band of Mexican drug runners has joined the international hunt for fugitive millionaire Tony Mokbel, an underworld source says.

A business associate of the convicted drug baron believes a Mexican cartel of former soldiers, known as the “Zetas”, is on Mokbel’s trail.
“Some of the people Tony is in business with are hunting him in the Middle East,” the source said this week. “There is one man, who they call El Cactus, who runs the cartel.

“He is a very dangerous man. They call him cactus because you don’t want to get too close to him.”

The Mexican gang is said to be linked to Columbian drug lords.

The source says he wants the claims made public so more people can join the search. Mokbel vanished in March during his trial for cocaine trafficking. He was sentenced in absentia to at least nine years’ jail.

He is listed on Interpol’s wanted database and a police taskforce has been formed to find him.

He was accused of orchestrating a cocaine smuggling bid that police thwarted in 2000. It emerged during the trial that one of the middlemen Mokbel had used was connected to the Mexican drug cartel Arellano Felix.

The ultra-violent, US-trained paramilitary commandos known as the “Zetas” have been held responsible for hundreds of murders along the US-Mexico border this year.


9:35 AM

son of sly said…

Just back from the coast so been away from Melbourne’s madness for a few month’s lol

Now lets crack on.

Dewhirst will be no great loss as he was always just a hanger on with that dog Dibra, if young Benji did any good in his life it was putting off Dibra.

As for the Zetas after the fat one, well good luck to him if its true “he’ll fuckin need it”.

And as for old Keithy rolling over, from what I have been hearing is that he is a broke man, I guess even the hardest crim can brake after two years 23 hours a day locked up by yourself, but then again if you live by the code then you should die by it. Keith is the same now as he has always been, always thinking about himself, well I guess what goes around comes back around as he gave a bloke a choice years ago to plead guilty to a murder that he did so Keith could walk, the poor cunt did a good bit of jail over that. Keith has been behind about 8 murders that I know of over the years but with only 2 manslaughter charges his luck has ran out, about time to.

9:59 PM

son of sly said…

It’s also come to light that Mokbel paid Benji to knock Victor Peirce lol fuck the papers are slow on this one.

It’s old news the Victor took a contract to kill this informer that is now on the run, Vic set fire to his car on the Port Melbourne docks after taking half the payment but didn’t knock the bloke then he went on to take a contract from Mokbel & Williams to knock Jason Moran but Vic and Jason being old mates, he warned him but still took half the cash off Mokbel & Williams and never gave it back so Benji was called in to put Vic off. Terence Chimmeri drove Benji to Port Melbourne that afternoon, as Chimmeri pulled the car up beside Victor’s, Vic tried to get out of the car and Benji got out and shot him then put Victor back into his own car. Victor had bullet holes in his arms from trying to shield himself from the shots.

As we all know Chimmeri is still free as the cops can’t prove or maybe don’t want prove that he was the driver, after all Vic did plan Walsh Street.

10:26 PM

Anonymous said…

I sense some dislike for Dino Dibra here – what was his story?

10:17 PM

Anonymous said…

yea theres not a whole lot of info on dibra. son of sly you seem to know a bit whats dibra’s deal. and why did benji knock him off.

11:51 AM

Anonymous said…

SOS – while you’re at it young fella………why did Veniamin kill Paul Kallipolitis?

There’s a lone writeup on Kallipolitis hsomewhere on The Bulletin online


3:57 PM

son of sly said…

No probs.

The main reason Benji put off PK was so that Carl Williams and Benji could take over PK’s empire which was the drugs in the Western Suburbs.

Dibra always thought that he would take over from PK so he had to go. He was also taking the piss with bouncers in the city that worked for a few heavy people and word was going round that a fella that has a few clubs put out a $50,000 contract on him but that wasn’t what got him killed, Benji killed him because he was in the way and had to go.

Dino was always pumped full of steroids and was a coke head and the two just don’t go well, he also pulled guns in clubs and shot a few of his old mates in the legs in his drug fucked states a real dickhead that was always going to be put off sooner or later.

5:54 AM

son of sly said…

Dino Dibra grew up with Benji and PK, PK kind of took the two along with a few other under his wing. They ran all the drugs in Sunshine and a few other suburbs, when PK when down over a murder blue Benji and the rest started to rent out houses and grow dope in them along with ripping off other crops and dealers. Dibra also was involved in a stolen car ring and a local chop shop, later on Dibra hooked up with Carl Williams and Rocco Arico and Benji hooked up with Mark Moran and Mick Gatto.

Dibra was only a low level thug at the end of the day and not long before Benji used his head for a bit of the old target practice the word was going round that Dibra had gone dog as he seemed to be walking from charges and was being giving bail when people had been getting put in the boob on remand for the same charge.

6:06 AM

Anonymous said…

Thanks for that, now it makes sense. In the Bulletin writeup on Kallipolitis it said that if Williams wanted to do business in the western suburbs then basically it was Kallipolitis that they needed permission from

PK doesn’t get too much of a mention these days but it seems before Williams, he was the main guy out that neck of the woods


7:16 AM

Anonymous said…

why isnt anyone talking about faure (the rat)?

1:42 PM

U Priveta said…

Keithy is doing his bid and worked a nice deal to at least see
outside again, but he also has given up his brother Noel, who was
the other shooter in the Lewis Moran job……Keith has been
giving the Puranha (sp) cops other bits of info from the few jobs
he was paid to do……..word was that it was barrister who
had tipped of Mokbel that he was about to charged over a hit, from info
supplied by Keith and this barrister got word of Tonys name
and the rest is history……….

have yet to hear more news, last i heard from the wogs was that
Fat Tony had gone to Syria………..

3:55 PM

Anonymous said…

how much control of the drug trade did carl williams have. the media seem to be making him out to the the leader. i wonder who actually brought drugs from who. eg carl from mokbel, or other way around, benji from mark.


7:15 PM

Anonymous said…

Good question. Williams was shot for supplying the Morans with sub standard shit so he was cooking it for the Morans at one point?

Seems to me he wanted it all and went around trying to eliminate all the competition. And in the end he’s got nothing


9:27 PM

Anonymous said…

Carl and his old boy George were both involved in cooks and had many
people for whom they were supplying……yet, many people had invested
in these cooks, such as the Morans who gave the cash for the cook to start
then complained about the final product…………Mokbel was also involved, as
he put the cash for many cooks as was getting busy supplying Meth, and used
the cash to purchase pills, etc……….

9:40 PM

son of sly said…

Carl & George were cooking shit for The Moran’s, Mokbel and anyone else with cash or the ingredients and also had backing from The Rebels MC, that’s why there was two Rebels at Benji’s funeral. The Moran’s had some backing from the Hells Angels at one point if I remember right.

PK was the main man in the western suburbs for coke, speed and ecstasy.

Carl & George had Brody and a few other suburbs but were close to Mokbel and his lot from there time in jail together.

Radev & his lot had Coburg and a bit of white collar crime.

The Moran’s and The Carton Crew had Essendon, Ascot Vale and the suburbs around them along with standing over clubs and gambling, old Lewis also dealt with Mokbel on the odd job.

Willy Thompson & Michael Marshall had Port Melbourne and the leafy suburbs around the city along side Marshall selling from his hot dog van outside clubs and Willy had bouncers deal for him on doors of clubs.

Its a very tangled web and all of the players dealt with each other at some point and some were even close at some point.

Mokbel and the Williams lot just wanted it all and decided to get rid of the rest. Some like Marshall were killed because they were $200,000 in debt to Williams, others like The Moran’s it was personal for shooting Carl Williams. Mokbel was bashed as we all know and Benji followed him over to his and the Williams side from the Carlton Crew, with that Benji hooked up allot of the Sunshine lot with the Mokbel & Williams lot so what they had was 3 crews with Benji, Rod Collins and Brincat as there hitmen.

Keithy and his brother were used as a last resort what with Brincat in jail and Benji as dead as a door nail and Rod Collins in jail on a gun charge.

We should do up a time line chart on the killings i.e who done it, the reason and who paid for it over the years as I think that would clear up a few points.

10:25 PM

Anonymous said…

We should do up a time line chart on the killings i.e who done it, the reason and who paid for it over the years as I think that would clear up a few points.

Great idea

11:15 PM

U Priveta said…

Wikpedia Gangland Timeline: Lets begin with a review, then start breaking it down 2nite. Cheers U Priveta. Great idea SOS…….


* The Melbourne gangland killings are believed to have begun with the murder of 40 year-old Alphonse Gangitano on January 16. He was shot and killed in the laundry of his home, while clad only in his underwear. A coroner’s report into his death directly implicated Jason Moran and Graham Kinniburgh. They were both found to be in Gangitano’s home in Templestowe when the murder took place; however, it could not be established who pulled the trigger. Kinniburgh’s blood was found on a banister inside the house, and his skin was found on a dent on the front security door. Both were excused from giving evidence to the coroner on the grounds they might incriminate themselves. [5]

* On August 3, John Furlan, a 48 year old motor mechanic from Coburg was killed by a car bomb in his Subaru Liberty outside his home. Domenico “Mick” Italiano was treated as a suspect since he had recently been involved in a payment dispute with the deceased; however, no one has been arrested in connection with his death. [6]

* 42 year old stand-over man Charles Hegyaljie, known as “Mad Charlie”, was killed at his Caulfield home on November 23. He was an acquaintance of Chopper Read and had been associated with the amphetamine industry. Dino Dibra was linked to the killing, which was believed to be either drug or debt related. [7]


* Vince Mannella,[8] a former associate of Victor Pierce and Alphonse Gangitano, was ambushed and killed outside his home in North Fitzroy on the evening of January 9. Media suspected his death was debt-related or part of an underworld power struggle but no suspects were ever named.[9]

* Joseph Quadara, a 57 year old greengrocer, was ambushed by two people and killed in a Toorak carpark in the early hours of May 28, as he was about to start work at a Safeway supermarket. The former millionaire was declared bankrupt in 1994. Police believed that his killing was a case of mistaken identity, due to the existence of another Giuseppe “Joe” Quadara involved in Melbourne’s fruit and vegetable industry with underworld connections. [10]

* Brighton businessman Dimitrios Belias, 38, was killed with a single shot to the back of the head on September 9, in an underground carpark on St Kilda road. He was believed to be heavily in debt.[11]

* On October 13, known drug dealer Carl Williams was shot in the stomach and survived. Williams told the police he blacked out and could not identify the shooter. Known underworld figures Mark and Jason Moran were present at the time, and police believe there was a dispute related to a failed amphetamines batch and ownership of drug manufacturing equipment. A woman told police she heard a man cry “No, Jason!” moments before a shot was fired. [12]

* On October 20, Vince Mannella’s brother, 31 year old Gerardo Mannella, was ambushed and killed outside his brothers home, after attempting to flee from two men. [13]

* On November 25, George and Carl Williams were charged with multiple drug offences after police raided an alleged amphetamine factory in Broadmeadows. Police seized around 25,000 amphetamine tablets, a pill press, a loaded pistol and 6.95 kg of powders containing methylamphetamine, ketamine, and pseudoephedrine with a street value up to A$20 million. [14] These charges were never brought to trial because of corruption allegations against former drug squad detectives involved in the raid.

2000 – 2002
• 52 year old fruiterer Francesco Benvenuto, also known as “Frank Benvenuto”, was shot dead while sitting in his car in the driveway of his Beaumaris home on May 8, 2000. Phone records show that as Benvenuto lay dying he managed to ring ex-employee and associate Victor Pierce on his mobile phone. [16] Police initially treated him as a suspect but later offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. [17]. Mark Moran and Andrew Veniamin were later named as chief suspects. [18]

• Richard Mladenich, a 37-year-old career criminal, and associate of Mark Moran was killed with a single bullet in the St Kilda Esquire Hotel on May 16, 2000. He had recently been released from jail where he once shared a cell with Chopper Read. Police later named Rocco Arico as a suspect but were unable to interview him whilst he was in prison. They later named Dino Dibra as their primary suspect [19] [20]

• On June 15, 2000, Mark Moran was killed with two bullets as he was stepping into his car outside his luxury home in Aberfeldie. Mark’s murder initially thought of as retribution for the death of Frank Benvenuto.

• 35 year-old Dino Dibra was killed on October 14, 2000, after leaving his house in West Sunshine. At the time he was facing charges relating to kidnap and assault. At a police press conference, Detective Inspector Andrew Allen said “We are confident that this gunman is a hired hitman and that he, along with another person, ambushed Mr Dibra that night about 9.15pm and shot him a number of times … this is not the only murder (the gunman) has committed” [21]. This police profile strongly suggested that “Benji” Veniamin was one of the gunmen. A A$100 000 reward was offered by police for information.

• On May 19, 2001 Carl Williams was re-arrested and charged with drug trafficking and possession. He remained in custody until July 17, 2002 when he was released on bail due to an internal corruption investigation at the Victorian police drug squad. [22]

• Victor Peirce, 42, was killed on May 1 2002, while in a car parked in front of a Port Melbourne supermarket. A blue Holden Commodore pulled up beside Peirce, and Peirce exchanged words with the occupants inside the car, before being shot four times at close range. Victor was officially employed as a waterfront worker, however Police believed he was the leader of various drug syndicates in Melbourne and heavily involved with drug trafficking. The death of Peirce heavily impacted the Melbourne underworld. [23] Some media linked Nik Radev with the killing but Police never named any suspects.

• On October 16 2002, the body of drug dealer Paul Kallipolitis was found in his West Sunshine home. Police believe he had been murdered a day earlier and publicly suspected that his one-time-friend Andrew Veniamin was the killer. [24]


• Nik Radev, known as “The Russian”, was killed in Queen St Coburg on April 15. The known drug dealer and standover man was shot seven times in the head and chest as he sat in his Mercedes coup. Victoria Police told The Age that they believed his death was planned by a father and son drug manufacturing team, and a hitman suspected of four other murders carried out the killing in a red sedan. [25] Andrew Veniamin met Radev on the day of the murder and unambiguously fitted the police description of the prime suspect, along with George and Carl Williams. Damien Cossu and Alfonso Traglia were with Radev at the time of the murder but claimed they could not identify the gunman, and were subsequently named by police as ‘persons of interest’ [26]

• In June, Taskforce Purana was set up by Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Simon Overland to investigate Melbourne’s underworld.

• On June 21, 36 year old Jason Moran, and his minder, 40 year old Pasquale Barbaro were shot dead by a man in a balaclava as they sat in a parked blue van outside an Auskick football clinic in Essendon. Five children were witness to the murder including Moran’s six-year-old twin boy and girl. The gunman ran away across the football oval and over a Moonee Ponds Creek footbridge to a waiting vehicle. [27]

• Small time drug dealer Willie Thompson, 39, was killed on July 21, while sitting in his car after leaving a suburban gym in Chadstone. Police say the gunman strolled up to the car and shot Thompson dead before escaping with a second person in a stolen Ford Motor Company sedan. Some bullets were lodged in nearby shops. Thompson’s official occupation was a lollipop vendor inside nightclubs, and a police report said he had recently developed an enmity with Nik Radev. [28]

• The charred body of Mark Mallia, 30, was found in a stormwater drain in West Sunshine on August 18. He was an associate of Nik Radev

• Housam Zayat, 32, was found in a paddock in Tarneit with multiple bullet wounds to the head on September 11. Zayat was also a close associate of Nik Radev.

• On October 20 Istvan “Steve” Gulyas, 49, and his defacto wife were found executed in their Sunbury home. Together they ran a dating agency, Partner Search Australia which Police suspected was a front for a brothel. Gulyas was also a friend of Nik Radev. [29]

• Michael Marshall was shot five times in the head outside his South Yarra home in front of his girlfriend and his five year old son on October 25. He was the owner of a hot dog stand, and also a suspected drug dealer. Marshall was a ‘friend’ of Willie Thompson and also Nik Radev. Victor Brincat and Thomas Hentschel were arrested and charged for the murder within hours of the shooting by Operation Purana. Police revealed that Hentschel’s car had been bugged and that the killing had been caught on an audio surveillance tape. Both men were associates of Carl Williams [30]

• On November 17 Carl Williams was arrested and charged with making threats to kill a Purana Taskforce detective and the investigator’s girlfriend. The alleged threats were made in a taped phone conversation to Victor Brincat in Barwon Prison. Carl was bailed two weeks later. The arrest was dramatically captured on film by The Age photographer Angela Wylie.

• 62-year-old Graham Kinniburgh, known as “The Munster”, was ambushed and shot dead outside his home in Kew just after midnight on December 13. Police said he had been killed in front of family members soon after parking his car. Kinniburgh was carrying a gun and managed to return one shot before being killed. He was considered Melbourne’s most influential criminal at the time of his death. Domenic Gatto was a pallbearer at his funeral, Lewis Moran and many other underworld figures also attended. Andrew Veniamin was treated as a suspect in his murder, and Carl Williams was also questioned. [31]

• In February, Carl Williams went on the record with the news magazine The Bulletin with a denial that he had paid “Benji” Veniamin A$100,000 for five of the murders. [32]

• In March, Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison announced the Australian Crime Commission would be investigating the murders. The ACC is a federal law enforcement body, with a role similar to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (or FBI).

• On March 23, Andrew Veniamin was shot and killed in the Carlton pizza restaurant “La Porcella” after an argument with Domenic Gatto. Gatto was charged with his murder, Police alleging that Dominic had set a trap for Veniamin. Veniamin was a close associate of Carl Williams and was suspected to be a hitman involved in as many as seven underworld murders.

• The next victim was 58 year old Lewis Moran, father of Jason Moran and stepfather of Mark Moran. On March 31 he was shot and killed in broad daylight by two balaclava-clad men in the front bar of the Brunswick Club in Brunswick. Lewis had only recently been released on bail for on drug trafficking charges and police had warned him that his life was in danger. The shooting also injured his associate, Herb Wrout.

• On May 8 the body of Lewis Caine was found dumped in a Brunswick street, with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was a friend of Carl Williams and had been seen dining with him two nights earlier. [33]

• Purana Taskforce detectives arrested Carl Williams for conspiracy to murder on the 9th of June. His associates Sean Sonnet and Gregg Hildebrandt were arrested only metres from the home of Mario Condello. Victoria Police said the raids had “absolutely” saved Mario Condello from becoming the 28th gangland victim. [34] Eight days later Mario Condello and Dominic Gatto’s solicitor, George Defteros, were arrested over a simultaneous plan to murder George Williams and Carl Williams. [35] Mario Condello was himself killed on February 7th, 2006. [36]

• On 6 February the eve of Mario Condello’s murder trial he was shot dead in his driveway at around 10pm. Condello had dined with Mick Gatto earlier in the night and police have warned Gatto is under increased risk as this may be the resumption of the gangland war.

• On 7 March the body of Lee Torney was retrieved from a goldmine shaft in central Victoria. Graham John Holden has been charged with his murder.

• On 20 March Melbourne business man Tony Mokbel failed to appear in Court during his trial for the importation of cocaine from Mexico in 2000. A warrant was issued for his arrest, but Mokbel has not seen since 5pm on 19 March. His defence team fears for his life. The week before this date, Mokbel raised concerns for his safety, after an incident not related to this case.

4:39 PM

Anonymous said…

Thanks for that. Now……….who actually killed who? hehe

6:43 PM

son of sly said…

That was a fuckin waste of space lol we will do a time line that isn’t already on the net and that has a bit the know in it and we’ll put it up on MUI blog in the next few days then we can discuss it in the comments.

I think we all know who was killed but as allot of people and also the posts on Wikpedia, The Age and so on don’t tell is who was behind it and why in-depth without the bullshit.

We will focus on the underworld figures involved in this so called war but not on figures such as Steve Gulyas or Lee Torney or John Furlan as they was just killings that had nothing to do with the rest that have been linked.

Give me a few days to sort out the fact from the bullshit then i’ll post it on the blog and we can take it from there.

10:23 PM

Anonymous said…

Does anyone know anything about Faruk Orman? He is often seen with Gatto and the Carlton guys, but he also attended benji’s funeral. Seems get be quite respected for a bloke his age. I know he beat a gun charge a few years ago….

6:03 PM

Anonymous said…

sorry, i ment “seems to be quite respected…”

6:04 PM

Anonymous said…

Viva Sarah Garde-Wilson. She’s back in the picture. MUI – time to post some more pics of her, thanks,5478,19184074^661,00.html

I know where Mokbel is: insider
Keith Moor

THE whereabouts of fugitive drug boss Tony Mokbel are still a mystery two months after he disappeared.

Police don’t know where he is or how he fled.
They have received information from various sources as to where Mokbel might be and what his escape route might have been.

But they have so far been unable to confirm any of them.

“The bottom line is we don’t know where he is,” AFP national manager Mike Phelan told the Herald Sun yesterday.

“While we are following a range of different inquiries, both domestically and overseas. If we knew where Mokbel was we would be doing everything necessary to bring him back to Victoria to serve his sentence.”

The Herald Sun has provided the AFP with information obtained from a convicted criminal who believes he knows where Mokbel is and how he got there.

He has known Mokbel for several years and also knew murdered drug dealers Lewis Moran, his son Jason and stepson Mark. All three Moran gang members were killed during Melbourne’s underworld war.

The AFP has asked the Herald Sun not to reveal precise details of Mokbel’s alleged route and destination nominated by the insider.

“We are still investigating it,” Mr Phelan said. “It is one of a number of scenarios that have been put to us from various sources both in Australia and overseas.”

The Moran gang insider said the escape route he believes Mokbel used was established several years ago as an insurance policy by the father-son drug team of Lewis and Jason Moran in case police, or underworld enemies, got too close for comfort.

Both Morans were killed — Jason, 36, in June 2003 and his father Lewis, 58, in March 2004.

Mokbel used to be close to the Morans, but had a falling out and was recently implicated in the murder of Lewis Moran.

The insider said he was aware of at least two Moran gang members who successfully used the escape plan to get out of the country.

“I would be very surprised if Mokbel hasn’t now used it,” he said. “Mokbel was certainly one of only a handful of people, including me, trusted enough to not only know what the escape plan was but also who to call to swing it into action.”

The insider said Mokbel knew how to contact people in Australia and overseas who could implement various stages of the escape plan.

Each was prepared to accept cash to organise their part of it — and not ask questions about who the client was. And while each of them knew exactly what to do in relation to their part in the plan, they were not aware of the other stages.

He said he had witnessed discussions between Moran gang members about the escape plan.

“Mokbel was certainly aware of it and knew it had worked in the past without authorities discovering it,” the insider said.

He said Mokbel would have been prepared to serve his jail time over the cocaine importation he was recently convicted of.

“He would have expected to cop about five years for the cocaine job and could have handled that much time inside,” the insider said.

But he claimed Mokbel discovered one of Victoria’s most notorious hitmen had turned police informer and was implicating him in Melbourne’s underworld murders.

He said Mokbel feared the Victoria Police Purana gangland killing taskforce was close to charging him with financing at least one of the executions.

“That made fleeing very attractive,” the insider said.

Supreme Court judge Bill Gillard confirmed after Mokbel fled that Mokbel was a murder suspect.

“I refer in particular to the revelation that the Victorian police were investigating Mr Mokbel’s alleged involvement in a gangland murder and had made a decision to arrest him in respect to the crime,” he said on April 26.

Mokbel disappeared shortly before he was convicted of smuggling 1.93kg of pure cocaine into Victoria from Mexico. He was sentenced in his absence on March 31 to 12 years’ jail and ordered to serve a minimum of nine.

AFP agent Jarrod Ragg told the Supreme Court on April 19 that Mokbel was believed to have transferred $20 million overseas since his release on bail in November 2002. He said the AFP had also received information Mokbel had several passports in false names.

“Mokbel is the head of a Lebanese organised crime syndicate based in Melbourne,” his statement to the Supreme Court said.

“Mokbel has sufficient contacts and financial resources to support a fugitive lifestyle overseas.”

Mokbel’s lawyer, Con Heliotis, QC, has raised concerns his client may have been murdered or abducted, but federal agent Ragg said police had nothing to indicate Mokbel had met with foul play or was being held against his will.

He said all the evidence pointed to Mokbel having absconded.

“Mokbel has been named by a Victoria Police informant as having paid for a contract murder and provided the firearms to commit the murder,” federal agent Ragg’s statement to the Supreme Court said.

“A statement had been provided to this effect and is suspected to have been made available to Mokbel by his former solicitor and current girlfriend Zarah Garde-Wilson.”

Justice Gillard said Mokbel was believed to have become aware of the contents of the Victoria Police statement on March 14 — five days before he disappeared.

“Australian Federal Police were told on Friday, 17 March, 2006, that Victorian police proposed to arrest the prisoner and charge him with being involved in the murder,” Justice Gillard said.

A second warrant to arrest Mokbel was issued by magistrate Phillip Goldberg on April 20 after Mokbel failed to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for inciting others to import drug-making chemicals.

The AFP charged Mokbel in October last year over alleged attempts to organise a shipment of chemicals to make ecstasy.

Mokbel was the first person in Australia to be charged with inciting others to import a drug.

He was on bail for other drug offences when the AFP nabbed him on the inciting charge.

Mokbel was carrying $40,000 in cash in a bag and had six mobile phones with him when the AFP swooped.

6:17 PM

Anonymous said…

how did mokbel make so much cash. i know its through drugs but it sounds like he had 100’s of millions. its not that easy to make that kind of cash of drugs. what exactly did tony sell. his brother also jsut got done for a speed lab, i wounder if his going to take over from tony.

9:35 PM

Anonymous said…

Far as I know Mokbel used the drug money to finance property investments, and the ball just kept rolling from there………drugs and property

As for his brother, it seems that Tony got the brains, in the family


10:26 PM

Anonymous said…

What a criminals these guys are!!!

4:07 PM

Anonymous said…

it’s no mystery- mokbel laundered drug money through property developments, riding the wave of the latest property boom to the island of megbucks….

11:19 AM

Anonymous said…

mark moran killed alphonse..

11:00 PM

Anonymous said…

How long before spotting Mokbel become common place similiar to the old Elvis sightings.

I was down at the local 7-11 when I saw Fat Tony microwaving a chicken hero yesterday.

12:03 AM

Anonymous said…

Don’t be so ridiculous. If Tony was in said 7-11 he would have gotten someone else to microwave the chicken thingy for him


6:23 AM

Anonymous said…

Mokbel appeal on $1m bail
From: AAP
May 26, 2006

THE sister-in-law of fugitive drug dealer Tony Mokbel has initiated proceedings to appeal against an order for her to pay $1 million surety she provided for his bail, a Melbourne court was told today.

Renata Mokbel provided $1 million worth of property as surety for her brother-in-law’s bail after he was charged with drug trafficking.
In April, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Bill Gillard ordered Mrs Mokbel pay the $1 million surety after he found Mokbel had failed to observe his bail conditions.

In the Supreme Court today, Justice Gillard said Mrs Mokbel had filed an application with the court to rescind his order on May 16.

Justice Gillard ordered a stay on the original court order pending the outcome of the application.

Mrs Mokbel, who was not in court today, was originally given 31 days to pay the $1 million.

The court previously heard that sources had told police Tony Mokbel transferred $20 million overseas before fleeing the country.

He was reported missing after he failed to appear at the end of his Supreme Court trial on March 20.

He was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to 12 years’ jail for importing 2kg of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.


6:55 PM

Anonymous said…

is there another blog similar to this?.. that actually has updates?

8:10 AM

Anonymous said…

OK, here an update………..

Lester Ellis, former IBF junior lightweight titleholder was today locked up in a psych ward. His marriage has gone to the dogs and he’s taken to the piss in a big way. I fear he’s not long for this world

The reason for posting it here?

One of Ellis’ silent promoters during his heyday in the 80’s was one Alfonse Gangitano. It was Gangitano and his thugs that bashed Barry Michael (who beat Ellis for his title in ’85) in a nightclub one night. What arseholes Gangitano and his cronies are / were


8:59 PM

Anonymous said…

hey I was just wondering if anyone has any information on a guy called Tom (Tommy) Kerameidas ?


8:25 PM

Friday, March 31, 2006

Bulletin – Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers

It’s 10 years since Port Arthur and a lot of the transcripts from the pre trial interviews have been released. I’ve not read the lot- but this next passage threw me right off balance:

Bulletin – Interview 1: Bryant and lawyers:

“JWA (MB’s Lawyer John AVERY): Have you had any magazines or anything you’re allowed to look at

MB: Oh, I’ve had a few gun magazines

JWA: Gun magazines!

MB: Although that’s one thing I should stay away from”

He has enough insight to recognise perhaps gun mags aren’t relly good for him so to speak. But what in God’s name was he doing with them in the first place?

at 1:04 AM


son of sly said…

Now do we really need to put that cunt on a Melbourne Underworld Blog ?

4:37 AM

Anonymous said…

Hilarious (not)

This guy was a total fuckin moron and was found to be sane at the time of the shootings. 35 innocent people dead – that’s a shitload of people all in one go

6:00 AM

Anonymous said…

You know there’s loads of conspiracy theories saying he didn’t do it, that it was special forces op aimed at setting up a ‘false flag’ attack to deprive Aussies of gun rights.

Some Internet nutbars reckon it was a Mossad bloke who did the shotting.

Me – I reckon these Yank idiots are full of it. Mate of mine was reporting from there the day it happened.

2:40 AM

Anonymous said…

Yanks are a strange people indeed. Think about this – the number of ‘alien abductions’, UFO sightings and abductions in America FAR outnumber those in other countries

Either the aliens know that the US is the world ahem, leader, or the yanks are mental. I know which one of the above options I’d vote for

EG Yanks used to made cars with wood panelling. Nothing odd about that you reckon? Well, they put the wood panelling on the outside of the cars


7:50 AM

Brownie said…

The gun dealer who sold an obviously retarded boy ALL THOSE weapons he had, should have gone to prison also.

In the classifieds of The Australian on Saturday 27th (the day before the shootings) there was a Tender called by the operators of the Port Arthur Prison Tourists Attraction, for the installation of a ‘sound and light show’of floggings at the prison.

It was an attempt to boost visitor numbers.
I don’t think they went ahead with the idea.

1:28 PM

girl said…

A young girl that was killed there was in my year level at school.
That year we were doing an assignment about guns then Port Arthur wanker did his thing.. The school made us all stop our assigments and restart a whole new one.
But really why are we talking about him on MUW.
Im sure there are planty other things to talk about ie maybe that we could all have a go at guessing how much Condello’s house is going to sell for. We all know its up for sale. Wonder if its going to be open for inspection, i just live around the corner and visit while walking my dog LOL

12:40 PM

MU Insider said…

I wasn’t going to post this, but it is relevant- the result of the PA massacre were the new gun laws, and we here at MUI were curious to see if you folk wanted to talk gun laws- especially regarding semi autos and how the gun laws have affected the underworld.


6:03 PM

Anonymous said…

I for one would like to see a total fucking ban on the things. Take a good look at what’s happening in Sydney with their homie gun culture crap – people are going around doing drive by shootings on an incresingly regular basis and shooting at almost anything that moves. It’ll get that way down here too, if we’re not careful

As for the underworld and guns? They’re going to get the guns no matter what the laws are (this is how a lot of Americans justify their ridiculously relaxed gun laws. My thinking is….why make it worse?). And I doubt they give a toss about the gun laws anyway


6:11 PM

Anonymous said…

If we look at the ‘gangland wars’ here, how many civilians have been killed? None. Everyone who has been whacked has been a player of some sort. And how many massacres on the level of Port Arthur or Hoddle Street have we seen? None.

One – nil gun laws.

8:20 PM

son of sly said…

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

More people die each year from being killed with knifes in Australia but we don’t ban them.

If you have a look at Arizona in the U.S, there you can carry a concealed legal firearm and Arizona has the lowest gun crime rate in the U.S.

Gun laws have never affected the underworld, I do think that guns are just as available now as they were back in the 80’s.

9:44 PM

Anonymous said…

There have been no massacres since the gun laws, at state and federal level, the gun laws work.

6:52 PM

Anonymous said…

Massacres are usually the work of people that go nuts all of a sudden after spending most of their time as loners and outcasts, or they develop paranoia

In the late 80’s there were several in what seemed in only a few months here in Melbourne. I left for the UK for a couple of years in October ’88 and in the few months or so before that, we had Hoddle Street – a misfit that went nuts. The Queen Street massacre – another quiet guy that completely lost the plot and went beserk. There was also Eyre-Tynan but that was another kettle of piss altogether

Got to London and thought a bit of peace and quiet would be the go (NOT). The IRA were going ape and detonated a massive bomb at Victoria train station (the place is bigger than Spencer Street), then there was a massive train pileup with dozrns killed and finally just before Xmas the Lockerbie thing happened

p.s. In those days the Irish borders were something to behold if you were from friendly and troublefree Oz – fully armed soldiers suspect of anything and everything asking you questions etc before letting you through. The border towns were full of more soldiers crawling around on the ground fully armed, while an old dear walks past him with her grocery shopping, as if he wasn’t there. First time you see this stuff it certainly puts things into a different perspective

8:23 PM

Anonymous said…

There are still parts of Ireland where you can see that – not many, but places like Crossmaglen and Keady still have the full patrols and helicopters and so on.

4:56 PM

Anonymous said…

At least Bryant knew how to shoot, not like the fags you people worship.

1:22 AM

Anonymous said…

Well that’s the main thing innit? (you’re nuts)


6:36 AM

son of sly said…

Anonymous said…
At least Bryant knew how to shoot, not like the fags you people worship.

This cunt lol worship ? you must have rocks in your head to think that way, we report it, and far from fuck worship it lol

Don’t even know why I gave this dickhead my time to reply.

7:40 AM

AU said…

What were two SOG guys doing standing guard at the Grove Cafe on Sydney Road this evening?

9:52 PM

Anonymous said…

Apparently KGF’s prepared to talk. More at the Age today on 26/4. I thought you guys would be all over it.

2:40 PM

Anonymous said…

do you have a link?

6:38 PM

Anonymous said…

Yeah, whats the story MU, get with it.

7:24 PM

Anonymous said…

Thanks. Found the story just recently. Emailed it to MUI but no response

Maybe Fat Tony got a hold of them and gave them some concrete shoes

Anyway, Faure sems to have had enough, he’s in his 50’s and has had a lifetime of (sekf inflicted) dramas. Although he won’t be seeing the outside world for quite a while


6:56 PM

son of sly said…

Its caught up with him, after killing about 8 people that I know of but he is meant to be behind 4 more so that would bring it to 12 over the years and only two bloody manslaughter charges its about time he got his right wack.

Keith left a note in the Herald Sun for Jason Moran after he was put off and then went on to drive the getaway car to kill old Lewis Moran “fuck” he is a cold cunt. I also have heard that he was short of cash and knows he is dieing so wants to leave a bit for his wife and kids, the only thing is he has just rolled over and wont be out until he is 71 so if he is dieing then why would you roll over if your going to die in jail anyway ?

He will have to spend the rest of his sentence away from the gp so know up n comer tries to knock him as there would be a good few that would love to say they knocked Keith.

10:11 PM

toecutter said…

how bout more info on the most fa ous underworld figure uncle chopper read!!! yay

9:04 PM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If a QC doesn’t know when he’s in contempt- what hope for the rest of us?:

The high profile lawyer of missing drug trafficker Tony Mokbel could face contempt of court charges over comments he made to the media during the trial.

In a new twist to the dramatic case, Justice Bill Gillard said today he would refer Con Heliotis, QC, to the solicitor-general’s office to determine whether he committed contempt of court over comments made in a newspaper article.

Mr Heliotis was quoted as stating that he would withdraw from the trial and he did not know what had happened to his client, in a Herald Sun article last week.

The core of this is whether Con knew that Tone was going to do a runner and whether he knew this would sabotage the case. If it looked like Tone had met with misdadventure- then it’s pretty hard to convict eh?

Mokbel lawyer faces possible contempt charges – National –

at 8:47 PM


Anonymous said…

Why was he going to withdraw from the case and when did he say it – before or after Mokbel disappeared? If it was beforehand then he may be in a spot of bother but I doubt he would have been that stupid?


10:17 PM

MU Insider said…

It was after. But he said things that were outside the suppression order- like “no idea of whereabouts”

10:55 PM

Anonymous said…

12 year sentence. It may take 12 years for them to find the roly poly one


11:40 PM

Anonymous said…

What exactly is Gatto’s occupation?

I ask as there’s a report today of him thinking of buying a $1 million bulletproof / blow up proof Mercedes

I like the line “I’ve got no problem with anyone”


Armoured Merc for fearful Mick Gatto
Geoff Wilkinson

UNDERWORLD war survivor Mick Gatto has eyed a bulletproof Mercedes during a personal security upgrade.

Mr Gatto is understood to have expressed interest in an armoured car from the Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany.

Industry sources said a Mercedes-Benz “guard car” with the highest security rating — a B7 protection standard resistant to grenade attack and small arms fire — would cost up to $1 million to import to Australia.

The purpose-built 12-cylinder turbo-powered S-Guard also boasts run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and an alarm system for endangered occupants.

Promotional material says the car “offers an unsurpassed level of protection against terrorist attacks and the threat of violent crime”.

Mr Gatto’s efforts to ensure his safety have already included improved security at his new home in the northeastern suburbs.

Cameras, sensors and security lighting are part of the upgrade.

Ironically, the previous owner of the $2 million house was the son of a retired senior policeman.

Mr Gatto said he had no comment when asked about reports of his interest in an armoured car.

“I’ve really got no comment to make about anything,” he said.

“I’ve got no problems with anyone . . . I just want to be left alone.”

A Mercedes spokesman said the S-Guard could not be imported without a special permit because it did not conform to Australian design rules.

Spokesman Tony Andreevski said an armoured Mercedes could not be distinguished from a normal vehicle.

Mr Andreevski said they were used by politicians and businessmen in some parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Mercedes does not import them but they could be privately imported subject to restrictions.

Mr Andreevski said it could cost up to $150,000 to modify the car for a permit from the Federal Office of Road Safety for use in Australia.

Mercedes would have to crash-test a car to satisfy design rules, and had “no plans to do so”.

Former criminal lawyer George Defteros had also increased his personal and family security after police expressed concerns for his safety.

Mr Defteros and Mr Gatto had been close associates of slain underworld figure Mario Condello.

Both were warned by police of a heightened threat assessment after Condello was killed on February 7.

Condello and Mr Gatto were leading members of the so-called Carlton Crew, one of the two factions accused of involvement in tit-for-tat killings in Melbourne in recent years.

Mr Gatto was charged with the murder of Andrew Veniamin in a Carlton restaurant in March, 2004, but was acquitted after a jury was told that he had shot Veniamin in self-defence.

Convicted drug smuggler Tony Mokbel is believed to have turned on the Carlton Crew after he was given a beating during a “business meeting” in Carlton in 2002.

Police believe Mokbel fled the country just before his cocaine trial ended last month because he knew he had been implicated in two unsolved murders.

He has been accused of financing two underworld shootings.

10:25 AM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Run…. run… run I’m running

Oh no don’t go slow, I’m a coming after you… etc

Thank you The Goodies!

MELBOURNE millionaire and now convicted drug dealer Antonios “Tony” Mokbel jumped bail after he learned he was under investigation for an underworld murder.

Mokbel, who remains missing, was told this month that he was being investigated by the Purana gangland taskforce over at least one — and possibly more — underworld murders.

Ok Sly, U Priveta. WTF gives here? If the Condello hit was nothing to do with Tone and friends- what murders are we talking?

The Age Story

at 2:44 AM


Son Of Sly said…

I never thought that it was anything to do with THE MAFIA as I said that it was Mokbel that payed for the Condello hit. But i’m not to sure if Mokbel is alive or dead just yet to be honest.

Now back to the point at hand, I knew Mokbel would not let the bashing thing slide, his ego no matter if he was on trial or not would not of let it slide and also I was told that he was behind it.

Now who do I think Mokbel payed to knocked Condello ? most likely Rod Collins as he is close to that lot and it wouldn’t be the first time he has seen someone off.

To all those at GANGSTERSINC FORUM with your MAFIA story’s on the Condello hit, and saying we didn’t know what was going on in the Ganglands lol look at us now.

5:55 AM

Son Of Sly said…

The herald has also said that Mokbel payed to have Radev put off over the Bashing lol fuck there a bit behind arn’t they ?

We all knew that Mokbel payed Benji to do it lol maybe they are getting there info from us ?

6:06 AM

U Priveta said…

Like i said before, many of the wogs have said that he
has done the dash, can only say what i hear, and those
same guys dont seem to be saying much of where is

5:03 PM

MU Insider said…

In the end, if Tone has run it’s because:

1/ His current case was going tits up. It’s clear it did, as he’s guilty and about to be sentenced in absentia.

2/ The cops were going to charge him with something in connection with the Condello killing.

What say you all?

8:42 PM

Anonymous said…

From previous reading here about the Condello murder it seemed to me it was a bit too professional for Mokbel and the hit came from higher above the street level guys


10:15 PM

Anonymous said…

Mokbel isn’t a street level guy. He’s far above that.

10:59 PM

Son Of Sly said…

From previous reading here about the Condello murder it seemed to me it was a bit too professional for Mokbel and the hit came from higher above the street level guys


If you read my posts, I have always said it was Mokbel.

Mokbel is very far from street level, and as for professional there are a few kicking about that Mokbel knows that would of done this so lets drop the fantasy thoughts about the mafia lol.

2:01 AM

Anonymous said…

so whats to say that Mick & and his boys havn’t got back at Tony for getting mario?

3:15 PM

Anonymous said…

Well Simon Overland seems to be of the opinion that Fatso’s done a runner overseas


5:48 PM

son of sly said…

Well from what I hear, Mick Gatto is done with all this for good and want’s nothing to do with any of this, but he is on side with young Bluey and his crew and I know he is gunning for Fat Tony and The Reptile.

I am still not sure if he is on the lam or is dead.

9:20 PM

Anonymous said…

What happened to Jessie Franco?

2:05 PM

Anonymous said…

The Reptile? do you mean Terrance the junkie?

4:33 PM

U Priveta said…

mate, Jesse and the rest of those wogs (Ptarico etc)who were busted for that
big dope shipment all were found guilty i think after a second
trial……….Jesse is doing nine years……….anyone guess who
these guys were connected too?

12:15 AM

U Priveta said…

some food for thought boys, remember when the South Melbourne
frutier, (Ben Riccardi) was shot and robbed some months back?
well the bloke that actually pulled the trigger when shooting
him (Darren Parkes) was shanked the other week to death in
Port Phillip……….goes to that this bloke didnt count
on this blokes relatives, his grandfather is top man for
the grapecrushers, initals O.L…………anyone guess his name???

4:59 PM

Anonymous said…

Good old fashion pay back at its best….

11:48 PM

Anonymous said…

Off the current topic…

Any relation between Allan Williams and George & Carl

11:50 PM

Anonymous said…

Rosario Giammona charged with the prison murder of Darren Parkes (awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Ben Riccardi). Does anyone know anything about this guy?

8:37 AM

Anonymous said…

Mokbel may have fled with $20m, court told


POLICE have information that missing millionaire drug dealer Tony Mokbel transferred $20 million overseas and unlawfully fled Australia, a Melbourne court has been told.

Mokbel, who was sentenced in absentia late last month to 12 years’ jail for trafficking cocaine, has been missing since March 19 when he failed to appear at his Victorian Supreme Court trial.
Federal Agent Jarrod Ragg today told the court he still believed Mokbel had voluntarily absented himself from the trial.

He was appearing at a hearing where the prosecution has applied to revoke Mokbel’s $1 million bail, put up by Mokbel’s sister-in-law.

Mr Ragg said sources had told police that after Mokbel was arrested he arranged for $20 million to be transferred overseas and that he was in possession of several passports in assumed names.

Mr Ragg also told the court police had information that Mokbel had unlawfully departed Australia after he failed to appear in court.

The federal agent said he had information on Mokbel’s whereabouts, but would not reveal in court where the convicted drug trafficker was believed to be.

The court was told that Mokbel believed he had been implicated in an underworld murder and had expressed concerns for his safety.

Justice Bill Gillard reserved his decision over the $1m bail at today’s hearing. – AAP


5:34 PM

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mokbel: how you can help…

As you all know, we are always willing to help the fine members of Victoria’s Police force.

Tony Mokbel is on the run. And while we have no real idea where he is, we think we can assist the police and members of the public apprehend this dangerous criminal.

He is a master of disguise, so we’ve prepared some deadly accurate photoshop renditions of likely disguises he will use. For contrast, you can see the originals and then see just how clever he is:

And now, with a simple pair of glasses and moustache- he’s an ordinary bloke again!

Incredible n’est pas?

Of course, as Tony lives in a fantasy land, he might just use that in his favour:
From this:

To this:

Arrrr me hearties, I’ve no idea who this lubber Mokbel is, to be sure arrrr!!

Note the attention to detail: the hat, the patch, the shirt and a bird. His own mother would not recognise him. Nor would she want to.

Lastly, you need to understand, gentle reader, that Tony may just indulge some of his personal depravations as part of his getaway. It pains us, but we must present the facts as they stand:
From this:

To this:

I…I…I…I.. like you verrrry much

Please- report his whereabouts. And if you do see him, please do not approach. He has been on the run a few days now and is likely to be very hungry.

at 2:14 AM


Anonymous said…

Now that you mention it i saw this guy at Centrelink last Thursday..

3:12 PM

philspectator said…

I think he has probably gone with that last one – the Toni Mokrandabel look.

5:18 PM

Brownie said…

You WILL enjoy seeing how Mokkers is helping Australian Tourism at this blog.

1:22 PM

Anonymous said…

Hello readers. You obviously don’t know me but I know all of you, as I’ve been reading with great interest your insightful theories and other stuff about the underworld in general and recently about me, in particular

Well you’ll be happy to note that I’m very much alive and well, although I’m currently in need of a cubbyhole to hide in for a while. Like….for the rest of my life. Can anybody help me out? Come on guys, I’m down to my last 5 million. Can’t you help a fella out?

Anyway, keep up the good work

Regards and Shalom

Fat Tone

9:08 PM

Anonymous said…

Looks like Tone Capone is facing a 4 million dollar tax invoice from Mr Taxman. His empire is crumbling

Al Capone died a mentalcase from a serious dose of untreated venereal disease. Wonder what Tone Capone will die of (severe weight loss through all the running he’ll be doing?)


10:25 PM

Anonymous said…

Interesting article on Victor Peirve and Veniamen. Mokbel’s involved somewhere further up the food chain?

Peirce killed for welshing on ‘hit’

By John Silvester
April 21, 2006

Related coverage
GRAPHIC Hits and misses
AdvertisementPOLICE have made a major breakthrough in Melbourne’s gangland war investigation, uncovering new evidence on the shooting of notorious gunman Victor Peirce.

Detectives now believe Peirce was gunned down because he accepted, and then reneged on, a contract to kill another powerful underworld figure.

Peirce was shot dead as he sat in his car in Bay Street, Port Melbourne, on May 1, 2002. Police have established that the gunman was prolific hitman Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, himself later shot dead by industrial mediator Mick Gatto in a self-defence shooting in a Carlton restaurant on March 23, 2004.

Detectives from the Purana gangland taskforce are convinced Peirce accepted a $200,000 contract to kill standover man and drug dealer Jason Moran. They also know a second career criminal was shot as punishment when he failed to kill Moran.

Peirce was paid $100,000 in advance but then refused to carry out the contract and is believed to have warned Moran his life was in danger.

Moran was a prominent mourner at Peirce’s funeral service at St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in South Melbourne on May 9.

But Peirce’s warning did not save Moran. He and his friend Pasquale Barbaro were shot dead while watching a junior football clinic at Essendon North on June 21, 2003.

Police say Veniamin was involved in at least five Melbourne underworld murders. He was the trigger man or back-up when Frank Benvenuto (Beaumaris, May 2000), Dino Dibra (West Sunshine, October 2002), Nik Radev (Coburg, April 2003) and Paul Kallipolitis (Sunshine, October 2003) were shot dead.

Peirce was Benvenuto’s best friend and was hired as his bodyguard after the fruit and vegetable wholesaler felt his life was in danger.

Although Peirce blamed Veniamin for the murder the two gunman decided to hold peace talks soon after Benvenuto’s death.

According to Peirce’s widow, Wendy, Veniamin wanted to know if Victor Peirce would try to avenge the death of his best friend.

“Benji wanted a meeting with Victor and they met in a Port Melbourne park,” Wendy Peirce said.

“He wanted to know if Victor was going to back up for Frank. He was his best mate. Victor took a gun and Benji would have been armed.”

She said her husband told her he and Veniamin had agreed there would be no payback.

Police say Peirce was not the only gangster shot after he refused to carry out a contract to kill Moran.

Police suspect convicted murderer Mark Anthony Smith also accepted a contract he did not fulfil. But an attempt to kill Smith failed when he was shot in the neck in the driveway of his Keilor home on December 28, 2002. He recovered and fled to Queensland for several months.

Victor Peirce was a notorious armed robber who was one of four men charged and acquitted of the ambush murders of two young police constables in Walsh Street, South Yarra, on October 12, 1988.

Wendy Peirce told The Age late last year that although her husband was found not guilty of the murders of Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre, he had organised the killings as payback for the death of his friend Graeme Jensen, who had been shot dead in Narre Warren by police the day before.

The parents of Constables Tynan and Eyre have asked for an inquest following Wendy Peirce’s confession of her husband’s involvement in the Walsh Street killings.

As Veniamin is dead and cannot be charged, the shooting of Peirce is expected to be reviewed by a coronial inquest.

The driver who took Veniamin to Bay Street in a stolen Commodore is still alive. The car was found burnt out in Taylors Road, St Albans.

There remains a $100,000 reward for information leading to solving the Peirce murder.

The Purana taskforce has laid charges relating to seven underworld killings.

Police say convicted millionaire drug trafficker Tony Mokbel jumped bail and fled Australia last month, days after he learnt he was the subject of a Purana murder investigation.

10:14 AM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mokbel to be sentenced in absentia. 28/03/2006. ABC News Online

He’s guilty- but he’s off…. and he chose to:

After Mokbel’s disappearance the defence counsel feared he was in danger because of an unrelated matter.

However, it can now be revealed that Australian Federal Police told the court all the evidence points to Mokbel having voluntarily absconded.

Brazil anyone? Kinda worked for ol’ Ronnie Biggs…

Mokbel to be sentenced in absentia. 28/03/2006. ABC News Online

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Anonymous said…

I suspect he’s dead


9:03 PM

Anonymous said…


10:29 PM

Anonymous said…

ok I take back my previous assertion. After doing a bit of reading it has come to my attention that Tony has connections with people in the showbiz industry, and they’ve agreed to hide him in return for unspecified amounts of free cocaine. I declare that he’s hiding under Naomi’s Today Tonight desk


5:43 AM

Anonymous said… – he just well could be under naomi’s desk after her old flame!

3:14 PM

Anonymous said…

Meet the Mokbels

LOCALS say that Tony Mokbel has only returned once as an adult to his ancestral village in north Lebanon, but since the convicted drug syndicate boss vanished last month, tiny Achache has been plagued by investigators.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if everybody just came here to his grandfather’s house with their questions,” said Wajih Mokbel, 33, Tony’s first cousin, who lives in the house in which Tony’s late father, Sajih, grew up.

“But the Interpol document has gone to all the security services and been stuck on their walls — anti-drugs unit, general security, all of them — and they all come around separately asking questions.

“They start by talking about something else, like bird flu, but we know where it’s going. They end up asking about Tony … We say that our house is open 24 hours a day, but please stop going around the village.”

“They come to everybody who’s got the same name,” complained Nazir Mokbel, 56, Tony’s uncle. “I’ve got a 12-year-old son who is also called Antonios Mokbel and they knocked on my door to ask about him.”

There are plenty of doors to knock on: according to village mukhtar (or mayor) Georges Mokbel — a distant cousin — at least a quarter of Achache’s 2000 registered inhabitants are called Mokbel. And Anthony is the most common Christian name in the Middle East.

“He came around 12 or 13 years ago to the village,” recalls the mayor, who as a child was in the boy scouts with Tony’s older brothers Kabalan and Horty.

“He came to see his grand father’s house and visit his uncles and that was the last we saw of him. A lot of expatriates come back here like that,
especially in summer.”

Relatives said that among the first visitors to the village following Tony Mokbel’s disappearance were a group of inquisitive foreigners who said they were journalists; in the absence of any actual coverage from the visit,
they now believe that these were Australian investigators.

After them came a swarm of Lebanese security agents. “We are being badgered because of a guy we don’t know, who hasn’t visited this village except once 12 years ago,” said Wajih.

“This guy was born over in Kuwait and he moved to Australia after that. If he has a problem it’s his problem, not his relatives’ problem. It would be fine if he came here and had a say in things, but he didn’t. Even when the mukhtar went to Australia, he didn’t meet him or make a fuss of him.”

The ties between Achache and Australia are intimate: Georges Mokbel himself has a daughter and five brothers living in Melbourne and Sydney. He estimates that there are now 450 people from the village living in Australia, most of them in and around Carlton. He says he has phone numbers for 90 per cent of them.

“One of the reasons I went to Australia was to encourage the Lebanese there to come back and visit the village,” he said.

“A lot of the young people were scared to come because here we have a year of military conscription. I wanted to assure them that if they are born in Australia they don’t have to do it.

“The first lot who went to Australia used to work in factories, like Ford or Dunlop. Now most of them are in the hospitality business – restaurants and so on.”

Tonys’ father, whom he remembers as an extremely generous man, worked in Kuwait for 15 years before moving to Australia. “He had a bit of money when he went to Australia. He could have stayed here easily, but he wanted to make a better life over there,” he said.

“When I went to Australia people would say that this property belongs to Antonios, and that property belongs to Antonios. But I don’t think our people there are extremely rich.

“There were other people who went to Australia and came back a lot. Tony didn’t do that. Other people built big houses here and had investments, but Tony has nothing.”

Wajih Mokbel had himself recently returned from a three-month visit to Australia, where he says he only saw his cousin Tony a few times.

“His mother and elder brother are closer to this village. I was staying at our uncle’s house and you feel that the uncles and brothers had this Lebanese way of life, but Tony didn’t.”

Unlike many wealthy expatriate Lebanese, locals say, Tony Mokbel does not own property in his ancestral village. Nor, they said, were they aware of rumours that their fugitive relative has investments in Beirut.

“If he has all this money, wouldn’t he help his family?” asked Wajih. “I know he is generous, but I don’t think he is as rich as people say.”

8:07 AM

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Airports monitored in search for Mokbel – National –

Interstate police are on alert and airports are being screened as authorities continue to search for a Melbourne businessman who disappeared during his drug trial.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police confirmed interstate colleagues have been urged to be on the lookout for Antonios “Tony” Mokbel, who is accused of importing two kilograms of pure cocaine from Mexico in late 2000.

Just keep an eye out for a fat, balding short guy with a hat and sunglasses on.

Oh and bling. A lotta bling.

Airports monitored in search for Mokbel – National –

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Anonymous said…

hehe these articles are coming thick and fast – that’s 3 in the last week fellas. wtf is going on here? Anyway………..

What are the chances that Tony’s in seclusion and is gonna make a grand entrance in the Dancing With the Stars finale?


9:08 PM

girl said…

Oh the media have been waiting for the next thing to happen in a big way….keeps em busy
maybe he will make the final of the biggest loser…….changed indenity to a skinny short bloke with all the bling

10:48 AM

Anonymous said…

Maybe he took a boat and maybe he’s heading back to Lebanon.

2:38 AM

Anonymous said…

Big Tone, has been found guilty – has he already served his life sentence? Or is he doing a Ronnie Biggs.. haha

3:33 PM

Anonymous said…

For anyone interested in hearing Ronnie Biggs sing on a Sex Pistols song – go download one named No One is Innocent

Ronnie co-wrote it in the late 70’s. Great song


6:37 AM

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attention Antonios Mokbel: your time is up. Please come in

The problem here is that big Tone has either done a runner from Australia or life in general. Either way, we’re unlikely to see him for a while…

Prosecutors have made an application to revoke the bail of missing Melbourne businessman Antonios “Tony” Mokbel, who disappeared part way through his Supreme Court drug trial.

Crown Prosecutor David Parsons today made an application to forfeit Mokbel’s bail in the form of $1 million worth of properties owned by his sister-in-law.

Geex she’d be pissed off- if it wasn’t Tone’s stuff. But it is Tone’s, so she’ll rest easy.

…on the streets.

Prosecution seeks to revoke Mokbel’s bail – National –

at 8:54 PM


Anonymous said…

His sister in law may forfeit $1 mil worht of property?

Wonder where she got all the money, wouldn’t have been from fat Tony would it now?

This is hilarious


9:02 PM

Monday, March 20, 2006

Mokbel fails to appear in court – National –

As pointed out in the comments from the previous post, Tony Mokbel was a no show in court this morning:

Fears are held for the safety of a Melbourne businessman accused of drug trafficking who did not appear in court today for his trial, a court was told.

Antonios “Tony” Mokbel is accused of being the key player in the importation of two kilograms of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.

Then the intrigue really kicks in:
Justice Bill Gillard told the jury Mokbel’s absence could be due to several factors, including his safety.

“His absence today may be due to a number of reasons and one has been raised and that is a question of his safety,” Justice Gillard said.

He told the jury Mokbel was last seen by police at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday at the South Melbourne police station where he reported to police under conditions of his bail.

His partner walked with him to the police station, left him and then went home. She had not seen him since, the court was told.


  • Has Tone joined those who are no longer with us?
  • Has he done a runner?
  • Just couldn’t be bothered today?
  • Dole form was due?
  • Then there’s the question of the “partner walked with him to the station”. If it’s still Zarah Garde-Wilson we’ll spew up a collective lung.


Mokbel fails to appear in court – National –

at 10:21 PM


Anonymous said…

His girlfriend is a Danielle, not Zarah………….
havent heard much yet, still getting over Sunday
But doesnt look good for the Kebab King, could singing with Sinatra..


12:24 AM

Anonymous said…

Who are the suspects?

8:16 AM

Anonymous said…

He is no longer with us

An overseas based faction aligened with some Melbourne people….

11:59 AM

Anonymous said…

Kalaban and Horty won’t be pleased

12:07 PM

girl said…

Danielle is a beauty therapist thingy……He has stepped down a grade there.
I think he may of been popped off..He wouldnt spend all that money to run off and make himself look worse
his new girlfrind gave him a full makeover and maybe DID do a runner LOL

1:32 PM

Anonymous said…

Shes not that bad, but from the word in the grapevine many
are saying hes done the runner which i think is pure shit as
he wasnt facing a huge deal of time if found gulity, my guess
is hes been put off, him fronting cash for hits and trying to
make himself top of the heap……..anyway there many who would have
reasons to knock him, from the Morans groups, the Macos from Sunshine and
of course Gattos boys whom some believe that Fat Cunt Tony was
the cash behind Condellos hit………


7:02 PM

Anonymous said…

This could be either the biggest hit to date or the biggest case of “get your fake glasses and moustache and head for the hills”

There’s no doubt he was involved in some heavy duty stuff so wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s been put through a meat grinder

Just can’t see him doing a runner and leaving eveything behind


8:56 PM

Anonymous said…

overseas based faction? with ties to Melb?
which group are you referring to, as there
are a few groups with ties outside of OZ??


9:03 PM

MU Insider said…

The outside influences/outside faction refers to the Italian connection thought to be behind teh condello hit see:
for more

9:13 PM

U Priveta said…

that faction aka Gatto bosses take many orders most likely from
Adelaide, who are related directly back to the old country….
havent been around the boys much, everyone is still talking
shit, cause they are all ready to carve up Tonys piece of the pie.

9:36 PM

Son Of Sly said…

U Priveta said…
Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys…….

Hi Mate

Are we talking about the same people here ? Robert, Steven and Simon Rabizefski from Yarraville ? if so what are they up to these days ? and where are they living ?
the last time I heard, Robert was a Junkie and I would not be suprised if he is dead. I didn’t think Simon was involved in crime at all. I knew there dad George the painter as I use to drink in the Railway Hotel many years ago and see your Simon come in now and they but he would be only about 26 now if we are talking about the same people ?

11:42 PM

Anonymous said…

So is the Rabizefski crew in with Carlton crew and covering the western suburbs? sounds like their moving up in the world.

11:24 AM

U Priveta said…

Steve is in the mix, but once again they are just another notch,
from what i hear there are already some other blokes who are
filling the gaps now……..Simon is just a small time
pulling bullshit crimes, i havent heard shit about Rob,
wouldnt even know if he is still alive, junkies????

Wouldnt say they are that powerfull, yet they do work
for Gatto and have filled the void ever since the Morans
had trouble…..

7:29 PM

Anonymous said…

It’s hard to believe that Mokbel was getting around without some protection though. I saw him on Sydney Rd a while back and he was surrounded by his goons sitting at the front of the pizza joint on the corner of Sydney and Moreland.

10:15 PM

Anonymous said…

when your fat & lazy you leave yourself open to this

7:58 AM

Anonymous said…

At least he had some “bling bling” did he not? (notice the past tense? – “was”)


8:02 PM

Anonymous said…

the fat cunt him and his brothers, always at the de grove cafe dealing and wheeling, if the cops aren’t all over the place they have no f’n clue. this is to you yer old bastards. all of you going down. i’m just sitting back and watching. tj get off the speed you old fart.

11:15 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gangland murder accused in court – National –

This was an odd one, and we apologise for not having noted it earlier.

Police appealed to the public a month or so ago about the wherebouts of old crim Lee torney who had been missing for a year- with bank accounts untouched.

shortly after the found his body in a mineshaft near Castlemaine.

And shortly after that, they arrest Graham Holden- a local who lived near the mine in question


Gangland murder accused in court – National –

The Age insist on calling this a Gangland murder. We think not. While Torney was on parole for topping Sid Graham, it was back in 1982, and this murder is not connected to the current goings on…

at 3:05 PM


Anonymous said…

So is this Holden fella, 166?

7:04 PM

Anonymous said…

why was lee killed then? if not a gangland murder?

11:03 AM

Anonymous said…

Just watching the Commonwealth Games ceremony and this thought popped into my head – why not a Commonwealth or even Olympic mobster / wannabe toughguy games?

Kath Pettingil as the queen to do the opening speech “I declare these berloody games farkin well open oright?. Catch and kill yer friggin own”

Bring out fat Carl and line him up against Mick Gatto for the Heavyweight title

Brincat can run in the marathon

Vienamin for the trapshooting

Radev the Bulgarian defector to clean up in the weightlifting

Mark and Jason in the double skulls

Alphonse to supply everyone with drugs and generally crack people’s heads open for no good reason

Roberta to do a Jana Pittman and have a major dummyspit for no good reason

Zarah to do the Tamsyn Lewis thing thing and swan around just looking shaggable

Kinniburgh to do the Richie Benaud commentating thing

I reckon I’m on a winner here – what do you think?

9:33 PM

Son of Sly said…

LOL thats fuckin some mad thoughts mate.

Does anyone know who the former league footballer was that has been charged with giving Judy Moran an ear full at the Brunswick Club “Whaddaya gonna fuckin’ do now your fuckin’ gangster sons are dead? Ya fat fuckin’ slag!” are the word he spoke.

4:37 AM

Anonymous said…

A pic of Carl not long after paying a visit to Mark M

8:52 PM

Anonymous said…

Phil Cleary?

10:19 PM

Anonymous said…

allo allo allo wots going on ‘ere den?

Accused drug trafficker ‘safety fear’

From: AAP
March 20, 2006

FEARS were held for the safety of a Melbourne businessman accused of drug trafficking who did not appear in court today for his trial, a court was told.

Antonios “Tony” Mokbel is accused of being the key player in the importation of 2kg of pure cocaine from Mexico to Melbourne in late 2000.
The 40-year-old has pleaded not guilty to one charge of being knowingly concerned in the importation into Australia of a trafficable quantity of cocaine.

Mr Mokbel, who is on bail, did not appear in court today for the 29th day of his Supreme Court trial.

Justice Bill Gillard told the jury Mr Mokbel’s absence could be due to several factors, including his safety.

“His absence today may be due to a number of reasons and one has been raised and that is a question of his safety,” Justice Gillard said.

He told the jury Mr Mokbel was last seen by police at 5pm (AEDT) yesterday at the South Melbourne police station where he reported to police under conditions of his bail.
His partner walked with him to the police station, left him and then went home. She had not seen him since, the court was told.

Justice Gillard said a warrant had been issued for Mr Mokbel’s arrest and the trial would be adjourned until Wednesday while police investigations continue.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said while Mr Mokbel’s failure to appear in court was a federal police matter, state police were looking to identify his whereabouts.

5:21 PM

U Priveta said…

Could it be that Puff Fatty, Tony Mokbel has been put off? havent heard shit yet from the wogs, last time i saw Tony he was with his bird Danielle, but that was three months ago, and he was in a nice South Melbourne cafe, eating of course…..

12:27 AM

son of sly said…

Maybe Moran’s friend Bluey has put him off, Fat Tony did put up 1/2 of the mil along with Williams to have him knocked, also heard that Fat Tony knew that Bluey was back from exile and was very edgy in recent weeks, with talk that he had been put on a hit list for Jason’s murder you just never know.

Then again he might be on the lam, or is that lamb “Kebab” in his case.

Hope he has been knocked as never like the fat cunt.

7:19 AM

U Priveta said…

keeping colse to the grapecrushers this morning, might hear something,
but a few words were spoken to say if he were put off, then either
the Macodonians or Moran extended group are on top of the list…..

11:32 AM

Anonymous said…

Why the macos?

7:26 PM

U Priveta said…

Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys…….

9:01 PM

Anonymous said…

Yeah but it would be a big call for the St Albans/Sunshines boys to scratch Fat Tony. Unless they had more backing (eg carlton crew and the Italians)

9:12 PM

U Priveta said…

From all angles, there are many who are gonna
benefit from Tonys put off, esp the Carlton boys
and there other friends……..yet, if he has been
knocked my guess the cash required would have come
from either Gatto’s bosses aka the old wogs…..or
maybe split between Adelaide and Perth……

9:33 PM

Anonymous said…

Maybe John Kizon was in town for the COmmonwealth games

10:40 PM

Son Of Sly said…

U Priveta said…
Steve Rab and his brother Simon are in the mix with Carlton Crew and
are becoming more of a force with the Williams clan almost spent,
yet they hated Carl and could have picked Kebab Face Tony as being
a hurdle for both themselves and the Carlton boys…….

Hi Mate

Are we talking about the same people here ? Robert, Steven and Simon Rabizefski from Yarraville ? if so what are they up to these days ? and where are they living ?
the last time I heard, Robert was a Junkie and I would not be suprised if he is dead. I didn’t think Simon was involved in crime at all. I knew there dad George the painter as I use to drink in the Railway Hotel many years ago and see your Simon come in now and they but he would be only about 26 now if we are talking about the same people ?

11:42 PM

U Priveta said…

Same lot mate, Stevie is around with some of the
Carlton boys, i think Dino, more of in the mix
when it comes towards the drugs department….
yet, i couldnt really think they had the either
the cash or pull to knock Tony, still a few of the
boys are saying hes done the runner……i beleive as you
said he is a marked man, and from what i hear it comes
from the Moran faction………

11:54 PM

Son Of Sly said…

So what’s Simon up to then ? and is Robert still alive ?

3:00 AM

U Priveta said…

Steve is in the mix, but once again they are just another notch,
from what i hear there are already some other blokes who are
filling the gaps now……..

SOS: Simon is just a small time pulling bullshit crimes, i havent
heard shit about Rob, knew he was a junkie but little said there…

Took some bets today with the boys as to Tonys fate, i say hes been
put off, and few still reckon he is on the lam……SOS, whats your
take on this one? any news from the Aussie side?…. ill have to wait
to 2moro when i talk to the grapecruchers at the market, will
update with some info then…………yet, my personal belief
(which means fuck all) is that Tonys had a planned meeting
after the jack shop with someone and thats was his downfall…

Wonder how the rest of Mokbel boys are feeling now?? No more parties
at the Vatican hey???

7:28 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Hi Mate

I think that a fella called Bluey has put him off but I could be wrong, Bluey grew up with Jason Moran and from what I hear has a crew of about 6 or 7 all nuts, from what I know is that he left the country for a while and is now back.

Going by what my mates son has said is that he is a type of bloke that Melbourne has not had for along time, I’ve never meet the fella but have seen him around, looks about mid 30’s, muscled, tats the lot and has been in the past a suspect in a few murders.

The word is that Mokbel wanted to talk to him to get everything out in the open as was very shakey about his return.

The only other thing I can think of is someone to do with his coke trial has done him as there were a few that arn’t sure if he will roll over and start giving people up or not.

Or then again he might of been planing this for a while and has gone on the lam, with his money he could of charted a plane to asia and pissed off, but he would of only been looking at a few years if found guilty so why he would piss off, who know’s ?

11:27 PM

Anonymous said…

Bluey Wilson?

12:09 AM

Anonymous said…

Tone might have been topped by some corrupt coppers too. Remember when he owned the cafe across the road from the Brunswick CIB. Word is that this is where he first perverted a few of them by offering them a Slater and Gordan style deal at the races: no win, no pay. I remember hearing that he had cops all through the system on the payroll and was able to make evidence just disappear. I think there was a case where some chemicals got swapped or something and he and bro Kebabilan and Karam got to walk.

Who knows.. it could be revenge for the death of the sonny schmidt??

12:12 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Anonymous said…
Bluey Wilson?

I think his last name is Wilson, its Wilson or Watson along those lines.

3:23 AM

U Priveta said…

Sonny copped a raw deal on the coke sting, he was used……..
but he died due to having cancer……….let just b4 he died,
he wasnt put off……..Sonny was in the deal to make a buck
to support his GH and roids……..

2:18 PM

Anonymous said…

I was joking about Sonny.

Seriously though, I reckon he was offed. I heard his lawyer saying today that there was some ‘unrelated matter’ that had ‘come up recently’ which was worrying Mokbel. e.g. someone coming into the scene from a time o/s.

11:20 PM

son of sly said…

Yeah he was shiting about a crew that wanted him off after what him and Carl did to Jason Moran, said to be that Jason’s mate Bluey was very pissed off about the way he went, being out of the country and coming back to a good mate gone would not be a good feeling.

In recent weeks there has been word that Gatto and Bluey had sat down and had a chat, not sure what was said but from what I understand they both have agreed to let Bluey and his crew clean up what’s left of these dickheads as long as they done’t get Gatto into anymore shit that he doesn’t need.

11:34 PM

U Priveta said…

Yesterday was working when talk came about Kebab King, and
a someone mentioned that he has been put off and that
people connected with Moran are the main suspects it
seems around town……..SOS, looks like Bluey might
have gotten his revenge……..also heard a bit of info
that the same hitter was used for both the Condello and
the Hodsons hits….

4:06 PM

Anonymous said…

A question for all – are you all from Melbourne?


5:26 PM

Anonymous said…

Im a melbournian and Lee Was my friend hadnt seen him for awhile …Now i know why !!!!The worlds full of good people they just make some bad choices GANGLAND MURDER ha ha ha that fuck Holden could only Fucking dream……hes a slime that doesnt fit into the people category. What happened to Lees dogs!I guess they were found down the mine havent heard yet.

3:25 PM

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times – Times Online

How to make Strawhorn and Tanner look lightweight:

TWO “mob cops” went on trial in New York yesterday, in a case closely watched by Hollywood, for betraying their badges to work as paid killers for the Mafia.

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, decorated New York detectives who met at the police academy in 1969, are charged with a total of eight “hits”, including one on the wrong man. Prosecutors say they received up to $75,000 (about £42,000) each time.


“The two men were not traditional mobsters,” Mitra Hormozi, the prosecutor, told the jury. “They were better. They could get away with murder because these two men were New York City police detectives.”

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times – Times Online

at 2:49 PM


Anonymous said…

Read a little bit about this one. This sort of shit can’t be good for the moral of the honest cops and and sure a sshit won’t instil confidence in yJoe Bloggson the street, towards the cops in general

Anyway, there’s almost no difference between a good crim and a good cop – the cops have to think like the crims to catch them. They’re simply standing on opposite sides of the fence

5:54 PM

Friday, February 17, 2006

The kids are alright

Back page of The Age- Spy section- today: (yes MUI now have a scanner in our bunker!)

Our insiders tell us that:
It’s Mario Condello’s boy (s- there’s two of them) and Simon Overland’s boy.

Word is the Overland kiddie is a great fella and student and the Condello kiddies are just Gangitanos in waiting…

No cane at private schools no more? More’s the pity…

at 11:13 AM


Anonymous said…

How ironic hehehe

All the other kids must have run a mile whenever music class came round and the Condello boys began to open their violin cases (Overland’s kid was the one running to tell the principal)

6:07 PM

Anonymous said…

Just read this at

Rodge the Dodge let loose after 12 months for telling porky pies. Interesting fella was Roger, a maniac with a badge


Rogerson leaves prison in limo
From: AAP
February 17, 2006
AFTER 12 months in prison for lying to the Police Integrity Commission, disgraced former Sydney detective Roger Rogerson left in style today – in a stretch limo.

When Rogerson left Kirkconnell Correctional Centre west of Sydney about 8am, the limousine was waiting for him at the rear of the prison farm.
Rogerson served 12 months of a maximum two-and-a-half-year sentence for lying to the commission in 1999.

His wife, Anne Melocco, is serving two years’ periodic detention for the same offence.

They were charged after falsely claiming to know nothing about bribes allegedly received by Liverpool City Council’s purchasing manager, Sam Masri, from contractors tendering for council work.

The 65-year-old, who suffers from Parkinsons disease, later celebrated his release with friends at a southwestern Sydney pub, the Ten network reported.

Rogerson’s lawyer Paul Kenny said prison had been tough on him.
“It’s been very hard on him, he’s got numerous health problems, and he’s a shadow of what he used to be,” Mr Kenny said to Ten.

“Even though he is 65, he is a very old 65.”

It is Rogerson’s second stint in prison, having served three years in the early 1990s for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

Before going to Kirkconnell he earned a living partly as an entertainer, recounting police exploits on stage with Mark “Chopper” Read and ex-Aussie Rules footballer, Mark “Jacko” Jackson.

Mr Kenny said he wouldn’t be surprised if Rogerson decided to write a book about his life.

6:19 PM

Anonymous said…

Looks like the “Rog the Dodge”, is gonna be shaking it all night long………
shake and bake………

11:35 PM

Anonymous said…

zgw looked smug today… she’d be resting easier

12:57 PM

Anonymous said…

Why’s that? Did she get lucky recently?

5:34 PM

girl said…

what photo are you refering to or did yyou actually see her

9:06 AM

Anonymous said…

actually saw her… as for why she’s smug- work it out – all on public record

8:54 AM

Anonymous said…

I saw her too. Just the other morning when she got out of my bed. She sat on the edge of it for a few minutes trying to wrap her head around the bonk that she’d just received from mwa. About 7.5 on the Richter scale i’d say, and she was still trembling with

Then she bent forward to stand up and the gates of heaven opened up once again, to reveal a reverse cameltoe from hell, the likes of which would have turned Sir Cliff Richard into a rapist

6:26 PM

Anonymous said…


Since the gruesome murders and such that keep places like this going have slowed to a trickle, immediate action is in order

Here’s a story on some guy I’ve never heard of that’s disappeared, believed murdered. Down the bottom there’s a CrimeStoppers number to call. Perhaps you’d like to ring it and ask them for some goss


Convicted murderer may be latest victim
By Paul Anderson and and Anthony Dowsley

March 03, 2006

A CONVICTED murderer with close links to a career criminal who turned prosecution witness for detectives investigating Melbourne’s gangland killings could be victim number 29 of the underworld war.

Lee Patrick Torney, 52, has not been seen or heard from since April last year and none of his bank accounts has been touched since.

Mr Torney – who has criminal convictions for murder, assault and dishonesty and firearms offences – also has links to another man convicted of one of Melbourne’s gangland killings.
That man cannot be named for legal reasons.

Mr Torney has spent about 11 years in jail, where he is said to have befriended powerful criminals. He is said to have introduced two men who have since become prominent players in the gangland wars.
Mr Torney’s disappearance is being treated as a suspected murder.
Due to his criminal connections, members of the Purana Taskforce investigating up to 15 of Melbourne’s gangland killings have taken charge of the inquiry.
“My gut feeling is that I believe he is deceased,” Det Insp Steve Francis, of the homicide squad, said yesterday.

“(Due to) Mr Torney’s association with people that relate to the Purana investigations, it makes sense for them (Purana detectives) to conduct this missing persons inquiry. Mr Torney is well known to police.

“He is actually on lifetime parole for murder which was committed back in 1982.”

Mr Torney was convicted of the murder of Sidney James Graham after the pair had a falling out.
Police raided Mr Torney’s Footscray home in 1999 after seizing an arsenal of weapons including explosives and rifles in South Melbourne.

Police sources said Mr Torney was tight with one of the factions involved in the recent gangland war, as well as known armed robbers.

Ironically, Mr Torney was living with his mother in Elphinstone, near Castlemaine, when he vanished.

He is believed to have been unemployed.

“His time was spent caring for his mother and not much else,” Det Insp Francis said.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Lee Patrick Torney should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

5:53 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Yeah was just going to add this mate, I suspect Sidney Grahams side have decided to back up after all, also word that Torney did a recent job with Rod Collins but not to sure how much of this is true yet.

Will keep you posted.

6:02 AM

Anonymous said…

Torney was part of the Williams network, was close friends
with Mr X or King Rat, AKA; Thomas Hentschel………
this cunt will sink the Baby Face and Victor for sure…..

SOS, you think Sids crew finally delivered its revenge???

2:30 PM

Anonymous said…

What’s Hentschel (oops sorry, nobody knows who he is, right) got coming to him?

He was directly involved in the J Moran murder and one of the others, can’t remember whihc now

7:06 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Torney was part of the Williams network, was close friends
with Mr X or King Rat, AKA; Thomas Hentschel………
this cunt will sink the Baby Face and Victor for sure…..

SOS, you think Sids crew finally delivered its revenge???

Hi Mate

I think it was Sids crew, but there is also word on the inside “mates young son just out from Barwon” that the Williams lot are going to knock the people close to Hentschel i:e Lee, Hentschel’s girlfriend, and members of his family to stop him,

The truth in all that I don’t know, you know what jail talk is like.

P.S Every one should start using a user name, I don’t know who the fuck anyone is when everyone is
Anonymous said lol

12:00 AM

Anonymous said…

Heard some quiet talk the other day, from some guys that run
with boys from Sunshine and they are hearing that Williams crew
are trying to stop Hentschel from testifying at trial……., but
hey could just be some ideal gossip………..just like jail talk…

His statement already fucks them all, esp Brincat, direct evidence
as he was there to drive on a few hits, including dropping Williams
when he whacked Mark Moran………Carl would be trying anything to
stop the cunt from sinking the ship………


12:37 AM

Anonymous said…

Hell of a position to be in. If he says nothing he probably gets life himself. If he talks he gets a much reduced sentence yet is forever looking over his shoulder

I don’t blame him for talking, it’s not as if all those guys show any loyalty to each other. Infact they tend to blow each others brains out on a whim

2:31 PM

Anonymous said…

A body has been discovered down a disused mineshaft in country Victoria and it’s most likely this Torney fella. Dennis Tanner has a liking for disused mineshafts does he not? hehe

5:57 AM

Anonymous said…

Read that Torney might have stiffed some blokes of some big cash…could it be he didnt pass along some cash to another fella that was owed the cash for the perfromance of a job well done??. Ah fuck it, the cunts dead anyway…
Keep hearing George’s (Daddy) name mentioned as well, as being in the mix for Torneys disappearing act..


5:25 PM

az said…

Old George doesn’t look capable of much more than getting pisht on a Friday night and falling over into the gutter

7:06 PM

Anonymous said…

being in the mix, doesnt mean he did anything physical, but was invloved in other ways


4:09 PM

Son Of Sly said…


George has the power to have someone taken out, the word has always been that George is the brains and the power of the family as Carl isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw.

The papers say that Torney was given $200,000 to pass onto a lawyer for one of the Williams lot and either pissed off with it or someone found out about it and knocked him for it.

I still think it had something to do with Sidney Grahams side as his young son is a bit of a up and coming force and has aligned himself with a bloke called Bluey and his crew that I have talked about before.

Also news in that Benji’s brother Steve took a bit a flogging last week at the hands of an old mate of Mark Moran’s “good stuff as he’s a big mouth cunt like his little brother anyway and needs a good bashing”.

11:54 PM

Anonymous said…

What’s with the victimisation of Veniamin’s family? (not fair not fair). I’m sure Andrew’s brother is just as misunderstood as Andrew was

5:22 PM

Anonymous said…

mate he is just as big a turn as his brother was….. all lip, and no balls, unless his boys were there and they were carrying…….otherwise….


8:20 PM

az said…

Who is 166? does anyone know? There’s a writeup today claiming he may have been the person that shot and killed Alfonse Muratore in 1992

How ironic would that be – the cops paying $1 millin for this guy’s witness protection re-settlement and he’s one of the hitmen they’ve been looking for


Gangland twist brings new investigation
Geoff Wilkinson and Michael Warner

THE $1 million witness against slain underworld figure Mario Condello is being investigated over allegations he was the hitman in an unsolved murder.

The claim against the man who can only be identified as “166” is a potential blow to Victoria Police.
It was revealed last month that 166 had been rewarded with a $1 million protection package for his evidence. The new claim is that he may have been involved in the 1992 shotgun execution of vegetable merchant Alfonso Muratore outside his Hampton home. Mr Muratore, 39, was the son of a former Honoured Society leader who was also shot dead outside his home in Hampton during a power struggle 28 years earlier.

The Herald Sun has been told 166 went into hiding the night Mr Muratore was killed.

He allegedly asked a relative to take him to a motel, where he changed his appearance.

The relative claimed 166 rang a mobile hairdresser and booked her to come to the motel and cut off his distinctive long hair.

“He wanted to be invisible,” the relative claimed.

“He used to have a lion’s head of hair . . . all of a sudden on this night he brought a hairdresser in and she gave him a crewcut.”

Witnesses told police after Mr Muratore was shot dead that the gunman had brown, shoulder-length, wavy hair.

The relative claimed 166 stayed at the Plenty Rd motel for two nights after the shooting “then just disappeared”.

He said he believed he may have been paid by criminal associates to shoot Mr Muratore.

The relative said 166, a known gun trafficker, had relationships with prominent Italian crime families at the time of Mr Muratore’s murder.

It is understood 166 will deny any involvement in the shooting.

Police told of the new claims by the Herald Sun reactivated the Muratore investigation.

The man who came forward with the information has now been interviewed by detectives.

Part of their inquiry will involve a review of all exhibits in the case to check whether advances in DNA technology since 1992 may reveal new evidence.

Assistant Commissioner (crime) Simon Overland said last night the new probe would be “fraught with difficulties, both legal and operational”.

“But if this is right we’d want to have a red-hot go at it,” he said.

“Being on the (witness protection) scheme is no protection (against prosecution).

“If he’s done this we’d be very anxious to investigate it and prosecute him – but it’s if at this stage, and a big if.”

Mr Overland refused to say if 166 was still in the country, but said he would be made available for interview if required.

The Herald Sun revealed last month that 166 had been given front-row seats to a Cher concert while under police protection, and taken on a Queensland holiday.

He is expected to soon be moved overseas as part of his deal with police to be a witness against Condello.

The deal covers all costs of his relocation and establishment in a new home and business.

Condello’s trial for incitement to murder three men was due to start the day after he was gunned down in the garage of his Brighton home on February 7.

Mr Muratore was hit with two shotgun blasts to the head as he left home at 1.30am for the Footscray wholesale fruit-and-vegetable market.

His killer said “gotcha” as he fired at Mr Muratore and his middle-aged driver, who was hit in the leg and survived the attack.

A $50,000 reward for information leading to the killer’s conviction still stands, but the man who provided the new information told the Herald Sun and police he did not want the money.

5:21 AM

Anonymous said…

It’s been confirmed that the body in the mineshaft is Lee Torney. Someone named Holden has been charged with murder. I guess that solves the question of who 166 is

p.s. my password for ‘az’ doesn’t want to work

11:26 AM

Son Of Sly said…

No mate 166 is still alive and kicking, I thought that Sidney Grahams crew did it but turns out that some dickhead that isn’t anything to do with the underworld has knocked him for a reason that we don’t know about yet.

4:41 AM

Anonymous said…

Without sounding like a fruitcake here, but can anyone give the name or initals
for 166??? All i know is he used to deal with the wogs years ago…..

7:28 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Don’t know his name mate, but I do know the name of the witness in the Mokbel case, its Mark Banda, his mum kicked the bucket when he was locked up and was never right after that, Victor Peirce took a contact up of the Mokbel boys to kill him but only blew up his car on the Melbourne Docks then the silly cunt pissed off half way round the world.

3:30 AM

Anonymous said…

Lee Torney maybe a little fish in the almighty pond but to us who knew him he was a good bloke, just made a few wrong decisions in his life can happen to the best of us .

2:59 PM

166 said…

Who is Josh Cohen?

9:43 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Conjecture, theories, thoughts and bullshit…

Here are some theories from MU and others:

This was a professsional hit- not from anyone in the Williams/Mokbel crew (aka “The Others”

U Priveta

“…this hit didnt involve the new boys or even Williams, Condello’s fate was decided by the old men this time… very pro work here, many rumors that the hitter was imported from the old country”
The pro nature of this hit was the fact that it appears the shooter managed to follow Condello into the garage, shoot him more than 4 times, then flee before the garage door came down. Fast, efficiaent and invisible.

This theory may hold some water- a hit from Condello’s “own side”- that is NOT to say Carlton crew, but rather from his money laundering connections in Italy. He was well connected in Italy- a hint of Calabrain Honor Society in the mix.

It’s a known fact that Condello does not “go well” in Prison. When he got bail back in March ’05, the following was presented to the court:

Condello’s lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, told the Melbourne Magistrates Court that Condello’s health had deteriorated while he was in solitary confinement at Barwon Prison.

Prison psychiatrist Daniel Sullivan told the court that “in layman’s terms Mr Condello could be considered stir crazy”.

Now while this may have been a ruse a la Gigante, the trouble with a ruse like this is that it may have been “lost in translation” back home in Italy. See, if news got back to Italy that a/ Condello can’t cope with prison and b/ He’s going to go down for the current charges and c/ he knows too much then you have a problem.

If he really can’t cope with prison, then he’s a vulnerable case- he could fold up for freedom. While plea bargains are not a possibility, he could get a reduced sentence for co operating…

To further boost this theory, The Others (as we no like to call them – Williams, Makbel crew) are either in jail (making it difficult to organise a hit) or on trial (Mokbel) and frankly have bigger fish to fry and don’t want to draw undue attention to themselves.

But we’ll leave the last word to Son Of Sly:

Mate, there is professional hitmen still free and walking around Melbourne.

One that was away on a gun charge who could of done this no worries at all- he got out before the Munster was knocked and is the prime suspect in his killing. MUI: Though Gatto “swears” it was Benji

As for the bashing.

Condello was there with a minder who joined in along with Radev’s boys and two Coffin Cheaters from WA Troy Mercanti and another fella.

It was said that it kicked off because Mokbel called Mercanti a dog in jail, it kicked off because Condello and Gatto tried to hold court and they started giving orders and when Mokbel with his ego was having none of it, then it all kicked off and Mokbel had the shit kicked out of him.

Same reason The Munster got put off, trying to control people with egos that don’t like being told what to do.

Hit the comments folks!!

at 5:46 PM


U Priveta said…

Like many have stated, Mobkel has been fighting his drug charges and the never ending hassles of being investigated contionusly by the Major Crime dept, would most likely see him being prevented from ordering the hit, would he risk a conspriacy/murder blue whilst already facing charges if any info leaked from wiretaps, phones, informants etc……

Munster was not hit by Benji, your are right there, the guy you mentioned was interviewed and had been released on a rosco charge prior to Munsters murder………..Benji did some hits, but not that one…….most likely Frankey, Dino, PK……..and Willy………..

6:40 PM

U Priveta said…

His ties to Italy were due to his relationship with the Condello-Imerti mafia family from Calabria.
However, his did invest alot of money from the Griffth boys back in the green days………..many local boys were also feeling a little worried by Condello’s actions during the past year, and many beleived it was better that he was gone…..

6:45 PM

Anonymous said…

Well that’s settled then – the old grape crushers from the old country did it

Anyone keen to name the Kinniburgh ‘person of interest’? If you refuse I shall be forced to get Kath Pettingill to dispense a few more of her special comments around here

9:27 PM

Anonymous said…

hey MUI – one of the guys at the mobbed up forum reckons this place lacks professionalism – I wouldn’t be taking that lying down fella/ fellas. grrrrr

Anyway how’s Zarah in the cot, filthy or what?

9:40 PM

Son Of Sly said…

I had a read at the mobbed up forum, I won’t name names but one person over there has been typing some bit of bullshit let me tell ya.

We lack professionalism lol

Allot of people give there views while standing on the outside of the tent pissing in, while we like to stand on the inside pissing out.

We at MUI give our views but don’t discount anyone else’s views, and we don’t tell everyone that ours are right and there’s are wrong.

At the end of the day, we are all just going on info i.e inside info or just guessing.

As for the hitman we’ll give you a clue and lets see if U Priveta is on the ball ?

R……..S ……..C……….

11:23 PM

Anonymous said…

Whoever knocked Condello should get a medal.

12:05 AM

Son Of Sly said…

C’mon U Priveta, ill give you one more clue, you said you knew who he was ?

R…….. Sydney C……….

There’s a slab of VB in it lol

2:45 AM

The VIIIth said…

The Condello killing has a new theory apparently due to someone getting worked over at a Lygon St Restaurant. Who was the beatee in this case? Here’s a link to the Herald story.,5478,18118115%255E2862,00.html

What are your thoughts?


4:30 AM

Anonymous said…

Back to the Fat Tony theory I see. The more I read about it the more I think it was someone else

p.s. SOS – was only messing around with the previous mobbed up forum post. Just amusing myself

5:25 AM

Son Of Sly said…

The VIIIth

Read down a few story’s to find out my views on the Mokbel bashing.

Anonymous said…
p.s. SOS – was only messing around with the previous mobbed up forum post. Just amusing myself

That’s ok mate, just went over there and gave them my views as they have put shit on us over here saying we lack professionalism lol they have refused an offer to come over here, I wonder why ?

5:47 AM

MU Insider said…

The VIIIth said…[snip]

The Herald Sun owe us – they are effectively re publishing comment and conjecture from this site as FACT.


re: Eboards crew- we just want to see if we can add as much opinion and speculation from as many sources as possible. Let’s not fight when others aonly too willing to do so for our enjoyment.

The “professionalism” comment doesn’t sting as we are NOT a professional site. We laugh and joke and so on about the central players- because to most people THIS SHIT IS FUNNY.

Anyway, gotta go, Roberta’s back from her latest botoxing.

1:02 PM

Anonymous said…

Russell Cox.


4:40 PM

Anonymous said…

Russell “The fox” Cox, real name is .Melvile Peter Schnitzerling.

4:55 PM

Anonymous said…

R.Collins. a wild guess……
anything for a beer.he

5:17 PM

Anonymous said…

9:40 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Seeing U Priveta was talking out his arse that he knew who this suspect hitman was lol eboard crews lol

Rodney Sydney Collins is his name and killing is his game, won’t so i’m told do a hit for anything under $150,000, you get what you pay for.

Old School armed robber now pushing late 50’s but still ticking away so it seems, was pulled in on the Munster hit but let go.

He did a few jobs with Lawless back in the day and has been a suspected hitman for a very long time, very good mates with George William’s as they are both from Broadmeadows.

Just one more thing U Priveta, Benji didn’t knock Willy Thompson like you have said, the job was suspected to have been done by two young blokes that are doing time over having loaded guns while stopped by SOG, the two blunt knifes almost killed each other when one stood on one side of the car and the other stood on the other and fired into the car.

Very smart move boys lol

Oh, and ill be pissed tonight lol who said bloody Russell Cox ? Jesus Christ boys, he’s retired from crime and now lobs bricks up in Queensland lol

10:05 PM

U Priveta said…

mate im the guy who put the Rod Collins up there, did annynos, but can check me IP address buddy
i aint talking shit here, thats my post……………….your choice to beleive me or not, most of
my info concerns the wogs……………

12:40 AM

U Priveta said…

i have heard about those two young ones who many beleive did Willy, but also heard the greek being mentioned,
yet these two being,Hizzy Ferman and Robby Musso…………both young standover boys, love ripping dealers……

12:51 AM

Son Of Sly said…

U Priveta, were did you say Rod Collins lol you said fuck all.

You don’t even know who Rod Collins is until I told you, I gave the time to fill in the gaps and you couldn’t so you looked like a bit of a shitman.

Robert Musso gets called Crackers not Robby, are you making it up as you go along or what ?

If your just going to repeat what you read in the papers then keep your info, we already know.

Benji get put down for killing everyone, but the fact is he had fuck all to do with Thompson’s death.

Thompson’s death had nothing to do with anyone but Ferman and Thompson.

4:54 AM

Anonymous said…


4:55 AM

chris said…

Why was Victor Pierce killed? Was it because he ripped off another dealer?

5:50 AM

MU Insider said…

Hey SOS, let’s keep it friendly please- remember- fighting is what theUnderworld do- we observe and we laugh.

U Priveta, you are more than welcome to put up your theories any time- and email us posts should you feel so inclined. More than welcome.

We love a bit o’ vigorous discussion folks, but lets play nice or it’ll be handbags at 10 paces


9:33 AM

U Priveta said…

aint gonna cry like some bitch here, or go limp dick. like ive said most of my info concerns the italians.
im not privy to any working regarding other crims, only snipets of info i hear around the traps. so thats
what i post.

Like ive said, im not an aussie, still regarded as an import……

11:36 AM

girl said…

well im staying away from all this. to many theories and to many people to scan through.
I dont think they will find who did it. I may be wrong but i just think it was to quick and to professional…..

on another note. why the fuk is Kerry packer memorial shit being paid by the tax payers????!!!

12:43 PM

Anonymous said…

Agreed – no need for aggro. we’re all here for much the same reason are we not?

Watched the kerry packer thing last night, interesting viewing on an an unteresting and ballsy character. His hammering of government people at the Senate inquiry into his taxes was especially funny

Trust me, Packer put more into the Oz economy that he ever took from it and should have been begged to run the country

6:03 PM

Son Of Sly said…

I agree no need for aggro, my info concerns the aussies as I haven’t got a fuckin clue about the Italians, so at least we now have U Priveta for the wogs so we should be sweet.

And if you do get limp dick mate, viagra is the way to go “so i’m told” lol

9:46 PM

Anonymous said…

This guy could be another candidate.

9:58 PM

U Priveta said…

SOS, cheers, but no need for viagra just yet, if i did then id be pulling another Italiano…..
guess he didnt need a stiffy that bad…………..sweet, your the aussies, and ill pump the old
wogs for info……….mate since last week, most of the guys have been very quiet, lots of
surprised faces too, but many have puzzled looks as to where it came from, and asking
questions is never a good thing with any of the wogs…………

funny thing, looking at last weeks Herald Sun, and pics of the Condello funeral and people there
and who gets there pic in the paper, a familar face who ive know for a long time….
……the bold bloke with the Sunnies on, left hand side page Sat paper i think…
he and his friends and family members are part of Lebo’s that did business with
Condello……by the way his name is Robbie.N…………the cunt can blue, ill give him that….

11:28 PM

Anonymous said…

This guy?

12:00 AM

U Priveta said…

other pic buddy, the one with the two blokes in it, one has his back to the camera and the other is bold, has light coloured glasses and a widows peak hairline………….

1:56 PM

Anonymous said…

166’s old house has had the letterbox removed- not coming back

2:57 PM

U Priveta said…

161…………ex door man……he was…same for Q Bar…….fsome fun times there

12:39 AM

Anonymous said…

166-condello informer?…………..
he got a great winfall didnt he…..

1:17 AM

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How The Age saw it

Since the killing, MUI has been past for alook and it all looks rather serene now.

And here’s how The Age see it:

When death came in the night – In Depth –

Meanwhile the SMART, BRAVE, TOUGH and above all else SEXY AS HELL Zarah Garde-Wilson-Caine-Mokbel said: “Like, totally Whatever”

Zarah not phased

at 5:02 PM


Anonymous said…

a truckload of info on Condello and his connection to the mafia

This one was way too professional for Williams and his lot of mumbling boobies

8:31 PM

U Priveta said…

Yeah, that my post up there…….pumping tyres hey…

but much info spread out there, this hit didnt involve the new boys or even Williams, Condello’s fate was decided by the old men this time……..very pro work here, many rumors that the hitter was imported from the old country, but hey what the fuck do i know………

12:44 AM

Anonymous said…

Yeah. These dipshits always love movies like Goodfellas and The Godfather.

This strikes me as being exactly the way the Joe pesci character goes in Goodfellas.

1:21 AM

Anonymous said…

inside job

2:41 PM

Anonymous said…

fugg that, more Zarah pics thanks

9:51 PM

Son of Sly said…

I don’t know if I believe all this mafia bullshit, to be honest if The Williams lot or Mokbel wanted Condello dead then it would happen.

There is a good few hitmen in Melbourne still around that are nothing to do with Condello’s mafia contacts.

I know of one from Broadmeadows that is close to the Williams lot so its possible.

My thought’s are that he was knocked for the bashing that Mokbel got a few years back in Lygon, I don’t think Mokbel would of let this just pass and do fuck all about it, not with a ego the size of the western suburbs.

All it would take is for Mokbel to off this fella the right cash and he would do it, and the job would get done right.

If it is the fruit sellers that have knocked one of there own then that to would be fine by me, it makes for good fuckin reading and is starting the new year off nicely for MUI.

10:42 PM

Anonymous said…

You don’t think it was way too professional a hit for the likes of the hitmen we’ve seen running around these past few years?

The Mokbel bashing – I read it was mainly by some WA guys. Is this right?

6:10 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Mate, there is professional hitmen still free and walking around Melbourne.

One that was away on a gun charge who could of done this no worry’s at all, got out before the Munster was knocked and is the prime suspect in his killing.

As for the bashing.

Condello was there with a minder who joined in along with Radev’s boys and two Coffin Cheaters from WA Troy Mercanti and another fella.

It was said that it kicked off because Mokbel called Mercanti a dog in jail, it kicked off because Condello and Gatto tried to hold court and they started giving orders and when Mokbel with his ego was having none of it, then it all kicked off and Mokbel had the shit kicked out of him.

Same reason The Munster got put off, trying to control people with egos that don’t like being told what to do.

8:08 AM

U Priveta said…

Mate, the fruit guys your thinking of dont come into this, many regard as the main boys from Adelaide or Grffith who pushed the button……….Mokbel has had more pressing shit to worry about, pending trial now on, than to organise a hitter, my two bobs, but ill give the fat fucks and his brothers are a fucking shiftty bunch…………

2:18 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Fruit sellers i.e Italian.

Old Jail joke, sorry.

If it is the Italian’s, isn’t there favoured weapon a shotty for this type of hit ?

11:55 PM

U Priveta said…

SOS, back home, as im regarded as still being an import, however many italian murders were either “Lupara Bianca”, which means that the boday is missing and was killed with a shotty, last guy i can think of being hit with a good old 12g, was Al Muratore………………that was while back now………however, gone are the days when the traditional shotty was used, most prefer medium calibre revolvers………..

12:18 AM

Anonymous said…

I guess they have to move with the times.

5:50 AM

Anonymous said…

Shotguns and revolvers are for amateurs. Real men use AKMs.

11:15 PM

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hitman had to beat deadline

And beat it he did…

Hitman had to beat deadline – National –
Mario: I hardly knew Carl- includes info about Gatto

More updates. Analysis to follow

at 8:41 AM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just a reminder…

Email us if you have anything on the Condello case- or anything else Melbourne Underworld related.

muinsider # hotmail etc!!

at 8:00 AM


Anonymous said…

Dead as a doornail is Mario

Who did it?

8:59 PM

Anonymous said…

i did :D the little mafia fag got owned

6:44 AM

Anonymous said…

Fag? you obviously have intimate knowledge of this? Do tell

5:51 PM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Condello Gunned Down

Is it the mounties or the Texas rangers who always get their man?

Either way:

“I can confirm that shortly before 10 pm, Mario Condello was shot dead in the driveway of a home here in North Road,” acting Deputy Commissioner Simon Overland said.

Update 10:00 am

Gangland kingpin Mario Condello was shot repeatedly in his driveway despite heavy fortifications and security cameras to his East Brighton home.

Picture this: You are Simon Overland. You are chilling out- perhaps on a beach in Queensland. You are considering your future. Sure, Christine Nixon has signed on again so in the back of your mind is the thought that maybe you’ll shoot for the big chair when she shuffles off to become a Jenny Craig poster girl or sumsuch. The Purana taskforce has kicked arse and taken names. Your stocks are high on the back of the arrests and apparent end of this gangland war. Some of the members of the team are being transferred out as the groups winds down. Life’s good. You are relaxed.

Then WHAM! Condello goes down and it will be 12 months before the next wind down phase. These here are crazy times folks!

Let us declare- insider information or not- that this killing comes as a total, utter suprise. Most were calling that 2006 would be a year of consolodation, or rebuilding, of new players planning- but a hit on the likes of Mario Condello? Ex-fucking-traordinary. Un-frikin-believable.

Police fear that the murder of Condello could again spark Melbourne’s tit-for-tat underworld war. While many of the main players are in jail, several violent criminals remain loyal to one principal who is in custody.

That’s not all:

Mick Gatto, last year acquitted of the murder of gangland hitman Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, and three of the Carlton Crew arrived 10 minutes after police.
Lordy he must be nervous now. We though nothing could touch him now- but it seems that he should go to ground for a while- like for say, 25 years.

Police fear that the murder of Condello could again spark Melbourne’s tit-for-tat underworld war. While many of the main players are in jail, several violent criminals remain loyal to one principal who is in custody.

Ok speculation time- based on some tidbits we have received this morning:
– Condello was going to do a deal with the cops and his own side had him knocked.
– New crew on the scene looking to make their mark by taking out someone of note (See Macchiavelli’s noted work “The Prince”)
– Last of the “others” from the non Carlton crew having a go.
– Freelance hitman collecting the $150 000 that was on offer for Condello’s death from the Others.

No matter who did this- Condello being gunned down on the eve of his trial- the night before- is a huge message. Just huge. Killing him was one thing- but the timing is so ballsy and “perfect” that the first point named in speculations above may have more weight than the others…

Hit the comments folks!

Mario Condello Gunned down links:
ABC podcast of “AM” program (opens with Condello murder)
Herald Sun (will expire)
The Age

New links as they arrive:
9:05 am The ABC update
9:15 am Condello’s Priest- The Age (insert witty “Vatican: CSI” joke here)
9:19 am The Age death toll
10:07 am “A New Chapter?” The Age
11:12 am The Age Screams heard as shots rang out
12:04 pm Game on? The Age
12:07 pm Video Sky News report
1:13 pm ABC news- Purana questioned
4:24 pm Gatto- watch your back- The Age

Google Search for Mario Condello on

Update: It’s the mounties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporal Williams reporting for duty sahh!!

*Updates* 8:45 am – It’s been said that the Police Airwing- helicopters were buzzing around the Condello house on Sunday night- “for a good half hour”. Speculation says that it is because Condello was killed that night.
8:45 am ABC 774- Jon Faine- Simon Overland says he knows not why the ‘choppper was there- not related to the Condello death. Autopsy to take place.
Shortly before 10pm, Condello returned home and was gunned down out the front of his house and was found by his wife. The house has security cameras that may have filmed the killing- but that is only specualtion. Asssume there is NO FOOTAGE if this is a professional hit. A really professional hit- not a Faure and Goussis cock up.
Overland is sepculating that this may indeed be a “new phase in this current war” and that Purana would now work very hard to stop the tit for tat nature that we have seen o so many times before. Yeah… right.
Faine asks about Condello being on bail- and Overland admits that Purana opposed bail- not on the grounds that Condello was at risk, but rather because Purana (or rather the DPP) argued that witnesses were are risk if Condello was out on bail.
Police will be speaking to Mick Gatto- Gatto is said to be “co operative” ie not silent. Whatever that means.

at 6:45 AM


girl said…

And they thought it was going to be a quiet year 2006.

12:12 PM

Anonymous said…

From the writeups that have been going round, it seems this one may involve other people rather than Williams and co

Any ideas?

5:41 AM

Anonymous said…

if bail had not been granted, Condello would have got to court.
I would be looking for the big gift given to the bail-granter … no?

2:15 PM

Anonymous said…

easy in hindsight… do you think i should back sydney to win the 2005 premiership??

9:23 PM

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Strawhorn dodges another one


A JUDGE yesterday discharged a deadlocked jury after it failed to reach a verdict in the long-running drug-trafficking trial of a senior Victorian policeman.
Detective Senior Sergeant, Wayne Geoffrey Strawhorn, 49, the state’s most experienced drug squad officer, will face trial for the third time in the Supreme Court on a date to be fixed. He is accused of organising drug deliveries to murdered underworld figure Mark Moran and the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

It’s pretty clear that the judge may have erred in his directions to the jury. Instead of the usual nonsense about rules of evidence and weight of testimonies and so on he should have said simply ” Right out you go have a cup of tea, come back in say an hour- with a VERY FUCKING GUILTY verdict so I can send this clown down for 20 years. Hoo roo!”

It’s also clear that when you start talking up knocking yer own, selling pseudoephedrine without recording the amounts sold and for how much and then having bundles of cash about the place, you are either (a) as bent as a banana or (b) simply watching The Shield. We’ll go with part (a) thank you your worship.


The Speed Trap- Four Corners investigates

The BCs AM program report on 4 The Four Corners investigation
Melbourne Crime site reports
Former Detective on drug /threats to kill charges.

at 9:57 PM


Anonymous said…

Why is it always the TV names on these things. Why do people always think that they know so much about the melbourne crime scene when all the know is what they see on the TV and read in all the bullshit books that get written. eg Chopper (what a load of shit). And why do people think that it is all so cool to know about these things???? IS IT???? Again are you able to give names that have not been on the TV if you really are the melbunderworldinsider. What a joke you and all like you are. Want to be involved buy a gun and finish off the ones who have been missed in the cull. eg. anyone involved in the melbourne crime scene who is still alive.

12:19 AM

Anonymous said…

That’s a hard hitting post there (mock shock and horror emoticon required)

But…………you obviously don’t have any new names to bandy about for us few regulars to lampoon

Beats the shitter out of talking about Big Brother does it not? (indignant emoticon required)

5:08 PM

Anonymous said…

If you really know this shit you all talk about you will know who eddie fiorillo is and what crews he was connected to. Not a big TV name but a player in his day none the less.

Looking forward to finding out if anyone actually knows anything at all.

Well theres your new name.

10:49 PM

Anonymous said…

You may be taking itall a bit too seriously.It’s a bit of a laugh talking about these people and their shenanigans

If some of them had anything resembling half a sense of humour they’d find some of it funny too

You don’t find Big Bad Victor Peirce getting arrested for attempting to steal a $3.49 jar of coffe from an Asian grocery mildly amusing? teeheehee

11:20 AM

Anonymous said…

Anyway, this Strawcock fella – how ironic that the state’s most experienced drug squad detective turns out to be bent as a two bob watch

It just to show that maybe it must be incredibly tempting to join the ‘if you can’t beat ’em join ’em’ brigade

And the fact that some copper squads are (or at least were) a law unto themselves with nobody from above having a clue what was going on

11:24 AM

Anonymous said…

How about a major writeup on the former queen of pop Alison Durban and Joe ‘piss off and leave me alone or I’ll smash your f*ckin head in’ Barbaro

6:20 PM

Son Of Sly said…

Anonymous said…
Why is it always the TV names on these things. Why do people always think that they know so much about the Melbourne crime scene when all the know is what they see on the TV and read in all the bullshit books that get written. eg Chopper (what a load of shit). And why do people think that it is all so cool to know about these things???? IS IT???? Again are you able to give names that have not been on the TV if you really are the melbunderworldinsider. What a joke you and all like you are. Want to be involved buy a gun and finish off the ones who have been missed in the cull. eg. anyone involved in the Melbourne crime scene who is still alive.

Thanks for all that there “shakes head”.

For a start you sound like someone that knows ” oh! fuck all” of our knowledge about the Melbourne Crime Scene, save your shit talk.

Feel free to ask ME anything you like i.e from the past and present about Melbourne’s Underworld.

We don’t want to be involved in any of that shit so I don’t think any of us here at MU will be buying a rosco anytime soon.

Oh! sorry, you wanted a few names that have not been in the papers, the list will follow.

Rabizefski Crew “Western Suburbs”

Bluey Wilson “new kid on the block”

Andrew Rich “not related to Hugo Rich”

The Reptile “was a minder for Carl Williams, and is now trying to pick up the pieces, is close to Roberta and is often seen with her at court”

I could go on and on but its all getting a bit fuckin boring.

No one at MU puts anyone that is involved in crime in Melbourne up on a pedestal, we just report the goings on.

And if your just finding out that chopper is full of shit your about 10 years to late.

P.S and for the rest of our readers there will be some news coming in the next few days as I’m just finishing off a piece.

8:36 AM

Anonymous said…

Just as i thought you people dont really know much. The Fiorillo’s were a quite well known around Melbourne. The family was the original owner of cafe notturno on Lygon St. (this can be confirmed by the current owners)Eddie was heavily involved with the pettingill crew and also the carlton crew.

As for the rabizefski crew i am presuming that is supposed to be someones name and it doesnt even exist you dumb shit. Either learn how to spell or stop making up names

As for your minder. You cant actually tell me that anyone involved with carl williams is a serious criminal. All him and his rag tag crew succeded in doing was fucking it up for everyone else.

New kid on the block must be pretty stupid if he is only new and people already know him. But then maybe not many people do and you just fucked up and told the world.

Andrew Rich never heard of him so who knows you may actually have one.

Do you actually think i just worked out chopper was full of shit. thats just stupid.

As for the person who said not to take it to seriously, I understand. Thankyou. :-)

Just one more comment then i will be gone. You guys should take it easy on Zarah. Just try to think of what she has gone through.

1. Love of her life killed.
2. worked with police to try get the killers.
3. Dumped by the police and left to the mercy of the scum out there.
4. forced to make alliances to protect her life.

She was a good person who fell in love with the wrong guy. Try to give her a brake. It could happen to anyone.

ciao for now

12:48 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Just as i thought you people dont really know much. The Fiorillo’s were a quite well known around Melbourne. The family was the original owner of cafe notturno on Lygon St. (this can be confirmed by the current owners)Eddie was heavily involved with the pettingill crew and also the carlton crew.

As for the rabizefski crew i am presuming that is supposed to be someones name and it doesnt even exist you dumb shit. Either learn how to spell or stop making up names

As for your minder. You cant actually tell me that anyone involved with carl williams is a serious criminal. All him and his rag tag crew succeded in doing was fucking it up for everyone else.

New kid on the block must be pretty stupid if he is only new and people already know him. But then maybe not many people do and you just fucked up and told the world.

“God you are one funny cunt”

First off, your saying we know nothing and then your telling us you have never heard of Steven Rabizefski “spelling might be wrong as my Macedonian is bad” lol just tells me your really well informed.

And as for the Pettingill Crew being heavily involved with Eddie Fiorillo, the only Fiorillo’s that I know are from Brunswick and were never involved with Dennis or any one else in the crew as far as I know, but I will ask a source of mine that was close to Dennis, Scotty and the rest of that crew.

As for Carl Williams “lets say this now” no matter what gets said about that crew, they ran Melbourne for a short space of time.

If you would of took the time to read this blog and asked who ever it is that you get your info from the bloke gets called Bluey, an old friend of the Moran’s and has been away for a good number of years and is back and filling the void, also it will take more then me telling you this to fuck up the world believe me.

As for Andrew Rich, again your showing your knowledge “well done”.

As for Zarah lol well we all love her here that’s what MU is trying to fit her in between Roberta.

9:32 AM

Anonymous said…

Slightly off topic but wtf……..anyone see the picture today in the Age, of Anthony Mundine? A wanker, no doubt

Any fightfans here?

6:04 PM

son of sly said…

Yeah seen it mate, maybe we should start calling him Don Mundine.

Not a fan of Mundine at all so to see him dressed like that is good for a laugh, an “Aboriginal Muslim” lol now that’s one fucked up fella who hopefully come April will be off to the dreamland or the Muslim dreamland lol.

10:10 PM

Anonymous said…

a fightfan? magnificent

Bought an Oz boxing dvd just the other day and along with some great footage of our best fighters throughout the decades there’s some pretty rare Tony Mundine Snr footage. Electrifying fighter at his best and nothing like Anthony the wannabe homie. Quiet unassuming kind of guy. If Tony was white he’d be bright red with embarassment at some of the crap his son comes out with

Would love to see Green send Anthony to the land of nod but Danny has a bit of a ??? against his name these days. His best may be behind him and his stamina isn’t what it was just a couple of years ago

In ’92 I went to Princes Park to watch Fenech get hammered by Azumah Nelson. Major disappointment but oh well, that’s boxing. Did a major pubcrawl on the way home through Carlton and Fitzroy so the day wasn’t a total loss

The fights have always been a favourite past-time for some of the shadier characters going around. Al Gangitano used to hang around Lester Ellis in the mid 80’s and I’ve seen a picture of him standing next to Lester as he signed the contract for one of his big fights

Al and a few others also broke Barry Michael’s nose in a nightclub quite a few years ago

10:32 PM

Son Of Sly said…

I knew about the fight with Fat Al and Michael’s, Michael’s had his nose bit by Al or one of his mob while the rest of them kicked the shit out of him. “cowards”

Gatto’s mate David Hedgcock “king of the bouncers” was the fella that broke the fight up or Bazza might have been dead as a door nail.

12:09 AM

Anonymous said…

Really? Didn’t know it was Hedgecock that helped Barry out. Good on him. And you’re right – nothing less than cowards grrrrr

There was a cruiserweight Oz fighter (transplanted Kiwi actually) named Peter Peterson I think, that got himself involved in drugs and other heavy duty business. They found his body about 10 years ago in a burnt out car. Gruesome stuff

6:33 AM

Son Of Sly said…

RIGHT “Eddie Fiorillo”

My source tells me that Dennis Allen never work along side any Fiorillo’s but as for Victor, he can not speak for as he worked with Frank Benvenuto and he might of heard of Eddie Fiorillo but I doubt it.

My source also told me that he has never heard of him and believe me if he was a big player like you said he would know as would myself.

I have also contacted John Silvester over at The Age who I have helped with underworld info in the past and he has never heard of him.

What I have been told is Dennis didn’t really get on to well with the Europeans and didn’t go out of his way to, now if the Carlton Crew were so big and tuff then how come they never went and had a word after Dennis put a gun in a waiters mouth in Lygon Street, the fella had a brother that was one of The Carton Crews leading figures ? “nothing got said”

Jimmy Rizzo was a close mate of Dennis as was Frank Coslo but apart from that my source tells me he kept a close knit group around him and didn’t include any Europeans. As for working with any, he sold gun’s to a few and drugs but never had any working for him.

In the five years I spent behind bars from 1983-1988 I have never heard of Eddie Fiorillo and neither has my source or his contacts, I know a John Fiorillo and his family from Brunswick but like I said if your man was such a big player then how come no one has fucking heard of him ?

I don’t doubt that there was a Eddie Fiorillo but from the people that I have talked to you would think at least one of them would know ?

4:07 AM

MU Insider said…

To poster 1 Anon:
No, sometimes we don’t know EVERYTHING about the MU- sometimes we do simply regurgitate stuff from the media. Have a close look at this latest post:
– We present it as news.
– We give FOUR links to differeing stories giving background into this case for the uninitiated
– We make an allusion to a well known television show to try and put the story in context.

Where’s the problem here fella?

As a retrial will now occur, we MUST present our commentary as a comedic response or we might find ourselves in trouble vis a vis prejudicing the trial. But you’d know that right?

Finally: we’ve NEVER read any of Chopper’s books. But we get our news and gossip from: going to trials (Gatto, Williams, Brincat hearings etc), meet with others and get tidbits from inside sources- this is not a PAID gig- so we don’t go after stories a la Bob Bottom, John Silvester nor Andrew Rule. But thanks for the feedback. How bout you email us with YOUR angle on these stories. Be inside the tent pissing out- rather than outside pissing in!
re this:

Just one more comment then i will be gone. You guys should take it easy on Zarah. Just try to think of what she has gone through.

1. Love of her life killed.
2. worked with police to try get the killers.
3. Dumped by the police and left to the mercy of the scum out there.
4. forced to make alliances to protect her life.

She was a good person who fell in love with the wrong guy. Try to give her a brake(sic). It could happen to anyone.
The last lines:

This is the last of our tales of Caine. RIP.

We respect the dead- especially in light of the merciless efforts of the police to fuck up every “straight” thing Caine ever tried to do. But the living go on- and they warrant examination if they continue to do as before- Zarah did fuck up with Lewis- but to take up with Mokbel is to noteworthy to leave alone frankly…

10:01 PM

Anonymous said…

Eddie Fiorillo, he has a brother named George as well was a dope (green) dealer, he worked with Trevor Pettingill and a bloke named Donato Corsi (lui dealer) around the ealry to mid 90’s, supplied their dope to him………………never was with Dennis or VIctor………..VIc ran with Franky Boy…that ended pie shape……….

12:34 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Trevor has always been a clown and a junkie, and has never done a good bit of work before or after Walsh Street.

He did deal in a bit of speed and green around the early 90’s but never on a big scale, as in we are talking $200 a week kind of dealing from his Collingwood flat that he had with his wife Debbie.

And as for Vic, he never fell out with Frank, Frank looked after his kids and wife for him when Vic was in the boob, when Benji and Mark Moran knocked Frank he called Vic as he was dieing.

Vic held a meeting with Benji not long after this and it was decided that Vic wouldn’t back up for Frank, believe me they never fell out.

7:18 AM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

‘Execution’ victim probably knew killer – National –

Hello loyal reader!

Look apologies for the break- but Roberta insisted on a QLD trip- claiming that botox and sun lamps don’t mix. I’d call “shenanigans” on that ‘cept for the fact she could eat my balls for brekky an’ shit ’em out before lunch.

So I said yes to the QLD trip. Was a lot quieter this year- what with Benji dead and Carl in jail. That, and Roberta’s latest botoxing has stretched her face to the point that conversation is nigh on impossible- without a translator. Bless the Lord for small mercies.

To the tasks at hand:
The Goanna dropped of the twig. Well he got away with “it”. (Define “it” in comments)
– Welcome 2006! Let the mayhem begin! (see below story for first signs of chaos!)

‘Execution’ victim probably knew killer – National –

at 12:05 AM


Anonymous said…

Welcome back. Thought for a minute one of those dudes that gets on here exclaiming that they’ll kick your head in for making fun of fat people had given you some concrete shoes. Or made it so you swam wit da fishes. Or something of that ilk

It would appear that the place where this guy’s body was found is quickly becoming a fav holiday destination for nasties here in Melbourne

8:31 AM

girl said…

The Goanna they called him. I say he got away with “it”. My explanation of “IT” is involvement in drug trafficking, pornography, fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion…..ahhhh…. Unable to explain why so much money of his cash had circled around notable crime figures and what the moneies was used for, he was quick to the mark to deny all. But then what about the prime minister at the time.
I will state “In March 1987 Lionel Bowen, the attorney-general, under strong pressure from the prime minister, issued a highly unusual statement to parliament which cleared Packer of all charges. The same year, the billionaire told ABC Radio that Hawke had done great things for business and that he would be voting Labor at the next election” oookkkk then…
oh yea welcome back MUI, miss you lots, hope Roberta looked after you how every good hoe should….
Now to Son Van Duong i really dont know what to say about this matter. Executed at a popular site seems a little to airy fairy to me.

1:02 PM

Anonymous said…

truganina… what (and who) is it near???? near but not too near…

1:56 PM

Anonymous said…

yes kerry packer was involved in some shocking pornography… the home blokes section in picture magazine- he profited from the ex gratis display of bogan australia’s manly members… enough to turn any stomach

1:58 PM

Anonymous said…

Kerry Packer? Porn? WTF is this one all about?

5:10 PM

MU Insider said…

Lordy- ACP own Picture mag- and have pics of people nuide- sending ’em in from home.

Sad, awful stuff! :P
Laugh a little.

10:05 PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Zarah no longer Cained…?

According to The Age Spy section, Zarah Garde-Wilson has dropped thE “Caine” from her “Garde-Wilson & Caine” law firm name and no longer wishes to have his baby…

With Tone all set for a term in jail, should MUI make its’ move? Shall we try to Get Zarah at an ungarded moment?

Comments please!

(we will scan the article as it is not online!)

at 4:04 PM


Anonymous said…

The unguarded moment was a great song by The Church in ’80 or ’81

But anyway – if you (or yous – depending on how many of yous MUI’s there are) get into Zarah’s knickers then I thoroughly expect explicit pics to be posted at this here site. This is non negotiable

p.s. I foresee a Garde-Wilson-Fat Tony’s sign being put up shortly

Does she really think it’s luuuuurv this time?

6:13 PM

son of sly said…

I seen her the other day in the city, she was with Roberta Williams, was going to ask them for an interview for Melbourne Underworld but thought “fuck it” we already know everything we need to know and I don’t think they would of went for a few “naked” snaps to go along with the interview anyway.

As for the Fat Tone, I wouldn’t mind a punch on with him, can’t stand the cunt, he hasn’t got my respect in any way, shape or form.

Should be fun to see who will stand over him with all his back up daed or in the boob.

1:51 AM

girl said…


is she maybe getting smarter by the days???? I’m going to wait to see if the big tone will be slowly dropped when his in

9:40 AM

MU Insider said…

Oh Fuck Sly! you should have asked. In fact let’s have a contest to see the best question. Winner gets to “guest post” on MUI:
1/ When you hit both hit 50, who will have had the most botox/plastic suregey/silicon?
2/ Are you sushi sisters* yet?
3/ Who has slept with the most number of men that have resulted in the most number of deaths?
4/ Is a threesome out of the question?

* See This and scroll!

3:28 PM

MU Insider said…

p.s. I foresee a Garde-Wilson-Fat Tony’s sign being put up shortly

Question is- what will said G-W & F-T be offereing- won’t be legal services I’d venture…


3:34 PM

girl said…

Number 2 Number 2!!!!!
Roberta has the problem of her men heading off on holiday’s.
Zarah has the death finger..
i say go for number 2 questions

ps Thanks for the new term i will be using that now for a few fucking sluuuuts i know

4:26 PM

Anonymous said…

Sluts – they were aplenty (or so it seemed) in the very early 80’s when I was growing up

Whenever asked for a cigarette from a woman the thing to say was:

“smoke for a poke
two for a screw
imagine what a carton’ll do”

teeheehee amused myself with that little blast from the past

7:30 PM

son of sly said…

Well seeing a mate of mine’s wife punched on with Roberta outside a pub a few years back and sent her to the E.R, I don’t think she would of been to happy with any of my questions lol.

1: How does if feel to still be married to the biggest dickhead Gangland Melbourne has ever seen ?

2: Did Carl know that you were rootin Benji the pocket rocket behind his back ?

3: Have you ever thought about going back to Dean Stevens ?

2:54 AM

girl said…

yea i have heard alot about Roberta and her ways back in the 80’s……

8:08 AM

MU Insider said…

I think we all heard the rumours about Benji n Roberta- but it never really washed with me- I mean Benji was mates with Greg Domaszewicz, and I heard Roberta was filthy about it on account of Greg’s babysitting skills.

Also, Benji had sworn himself as the Williams family’s protector, seem unlikely that he would do the dirty. But then his record when it came to “fair fights” was abysmal to say the least. (turning up to a “queensbury rules” fight over a woman and pulling out a rosco being but one example!)

Back it up SOS!

12:21 PM

Anonymous said…

why did pryles defteros and co close? because hades decided to shut a few of its branch offices

2:01 PM

Anonymous said…

What did Roberta get up to in the 80’s? She’s just an average suburban housewife, ya know. They outta get a royal commission going into the continued harassment by the cops of this poor girl and her law abiding suburban family

but………read about one of her court melodramas a while ago – she was there to lend support to one of Carl’s numerous appearances and didn’t like what the female prosecutor was saying. So……”let’s go outside and punch on” she yelled out in the middle of it all. hahahaha such class

6:41 PM

son of sly said…

Back it up SOS!

Yeah I know what your saying mate, but I know a young bloke “makes me feel old” that drinks in the same pub as me, now he use to live in Sunshine and also knew Benji as Benji has a little girl with his sister and they went to the same school and worked out at the same gym, so you could call them close and there is no doubt that he thought that Benji was rootin Roberta.

From what I’ve been told, Benji would cheat on this blokes sister all the time with other girls, even a stripper at one point, he would even move in on other so called mates women as he was a bit of a back door merchant from what I’ve been told.

Roberta took out an add in the Herald on Benji’s birtday and it wasn’t the kind of add you would take out for a close mate “more lover” this I am told pissed Carl off big time, hence there was no add from Carl, Roberta also wears a locket around her neck with a picture of Benji in it, so really I think its safe to say with both Benji’s rep and Roberta’s at gettin around a bit, and they were alone alot with no one around that its safe to say they got up to it.

Now yes its true that Roberta or anyone else in that camp didn’t like Domaszewicz, there was even word that Brincat was going to shoot him at a party that Benji brang him along to, but I doubt Roberta would cast aside Benji over Domaszewicz.

10:42 PM

Anonymous said…

What’s Brincat’s story? I’d never heard of him until he was arrested

Sounds a mean bastard

4:32 AM

son of sly said…

Victor Brincat was an armed robber, rapist and he also liked to rip of drug dealers for there money and drugs.

He’s served time in just about every state in the country and his claim to fame is after he was pinched for robbing a bank in Lygon Street he jumped from the back seat of the moving cop car.

Not really a mean bastard, bit of a dickhead to be honest and is not really well liked before or after shooting Moran infront of his kids.

Apart from that I don’t really know if he’s from Melbourne or how he knows Carl Williams, they were in the same unit in jail a few years back so maybe they met for the first time there and he joined up with Carl after he was free, Carl was out for a few years before Victor and in those years is when he really started to build his power base, or maybe they always knew each other.

I do know that Carl bought Victor a Diamond Ring for his birthday while Victor was still in jail and that Victor was seeing Roberta’s sister for a while.

As for him being a hitman, well we know for sure he killed Michael Marshall, Jason Moran & Little Pat, he has been charged with all those murders and is thought to be Willy Thompsons killer.

As you can tell he was a fuckin real good hitman lol the only thing is he got caught, and good hitmen don’t get caught, he should of stuck to armed robs.

5:56 AM

Anonymous said…

Wonder what became of the cop that fell asleep in the copcar, when Brincat escaped. haha

8:44 PM

Anonymous said…

merry christmas… i wonder if peace will reign in 2006

4:01 PM

Anonymous said…

hope not. otherwise this place will be dead

10:27 PM

Kath said…

Hi. Kath Pettingill here. What’s happening boys?

10:33 PM

Kath said…

Eye’ve been keepin an eye on this place for a while now (between runnin the binga and cookin scones down ere on the coast) and eye don’t reckon yous know wot yous are talkin about. Don’t make me come down there otherwise it’ll be on for young an’ old

Eye won’t tell yas again

10:40 PM

Anonymous said…

LMFAO hi kath

9:24 AM

Anonymous said…

Kath ‘ere again

Eye’m gunna be ‘avin a few of the locals at m’eye place today on account ‘a most a me kids is eiver in the clink or in ‘evin

Merry bloody christmas to the lot o’yaz!!! Hoe Hoe bloody Hoe

6:16 AM

Anonymous said…

hoe,hoe,hoe,hoe merry christmas Roberta hoe, hoe um Hoe………

8:07 AM

Anonymous said…

All the best for the new year boys and girls. With a bit of luck there’ll be loads of gangster related murder and mayhem in 2006 so this place will kick off in a big way. Murder and mayhem, mayhem and murder. Yeehaaaa

10:11 AM

Anonymous said…

no no- everyone who’s anyone is under afp surveillance and knows it- 2006 will be r&r… 2007 will be the year of mayhem

1:13 AM

Anonymous said…

Quite true I suspect. What’ll we talk about for the next year?

The price of fish?

5:19 PM

Anonymous said…

well there’s the fish markets, and the fruit markets ;) fertile ground for discussion there, but mostly in calabrese

12:32 AM

girl said…

So nothing new happening around. How are all the boys?? Hope all your NY’s came in safely

8:29 AM

Son Of Sly said…

Happy New Year to everyone.

There is things going down but i’m out in the feild finding out more, so stay tuned.

2:29 AM

girl said…

oh i am sticking son, you know i am…Anyway i will be at the courts next week. Theres some underworld shit for ya..hahaha..Anyway cant wait to hear what you got for us

10:41 AM

Anonymous said…

Wakey wakey boys and girls. Someone executed some guy just up the road from where Housam Zayat fella was executed a few years ago

6:50 PM

girl said…

uhhuh, heard about that. He was an asian by the sounds of the name. Gold chain and wallet with money left behind on body, so they wanted him dead and only dead.
Im just waiting to see if Son or MU has anything for us…

1:36 PM

Anonymous said…

Not sure about Sly but MUI are still working off their christmas excesses me thinks

7:17 PM

MU Insider said…

Don’t forget to email us with your bits n bobs. [email protected] etc
Use anon emailer if you wish:

We’re up and running. Sort of. Someone do SOMETHING NUTTY!

10:09 PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mokbel bid to release assets fails

Accused drug trafficker and multi-millionaire Melbourne businessman Antonios “Tony” Mokbel has failed in a bid to overturn an order that has frozen his assets.

The 40-year-old’s assets, valued at an estimated $20 million, were frozen by a Victorian County Court order in 2001.

If Tone has $20 mil officially, then imagine what he has in liquid cash assets- like his sock drawer, bread basket (no pun) and ceiling space.

But there is a kicker:

Mokbel’s lawyer, Phillip Priest QC, earlier told the Supreme Court the order to freeze his client’s assets did not make provisions for him to meet reasonable living expenses.

Like keeping Zarah in diamonds, and keeping his own belly full.

He’s wasting away before our very EYES!

Though he’s not gambling down the Crown no more

Mokbel bid to release assets fails – National –

at 4:03 PM


Anonymous said…

After seing that pic I’m convinced he’s been lying about his age for quite a while now

Kebab with the lot Tony. Double meat and garlic sauce thanks

6:19 PM

kath said…

Anyone have any more Fat Tony jokes?

6:24 PM

Anonymous said…

Tony is 41.
Looks like a spare fucking tyre

8:26 PM

Monday, December 05, 2005

Off to hospital then Keithy?

A dog ate the brief, there was flood, a fire, a plague of locusts!

A man charged with murdering a Melbourne crime patriarch has been rushed to hospital suffering a suspected stroke after collapsing in a Melbourne court dock.

The pre-trial committal hearing for three men charged with the murder of Lewis Moran, patriarch of a key crime family, was supposed to start at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today.

Keith Faure, 54, who is charged with Moran’s murder, collapsed in the dock as the committal hearing started this morning and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

His lawyer, James Montgomery, told the court his client had complained of vomiting blood and had suffered a possible stroke.

The only stroke he’s has is hand-on-cock.

Meanwhile, back in court, modern day Kath Pettingill:

Moran’s widow Judy, sat silently in the front row of the public gallery of the court as the drama unfolded.
On the other side of town, doctors work frantically to save the life of a poor individual:

However, Noel Faure was not in court and his lawyer told the magistrate his client was ill and in hospital.

Noel Faure suffered injuries after he slashed his wrists and swallowed a set of nail clippers last week, a Barwon Prison has spokesman said.
Heart wrenching, action packed stuff…

at 3:03 PM


Anonymous said…

Poor blighters, the pair of them. Hope they get well soon. Swallowing nail clippers tends to make one rather unwell I’d imagine. Did nobody tell Noel that clippers are not to be ingested orally?

And why is Goussis not in hospital with something or other

6:19 PM

real oz guy said…

there all scum, send them back to their own countries, fucking foreign scum

6:53 PM

Anonymous said…

Where’s Keithy boy from? Faure may be of French descent. Send him back there you reckon? The silly twat wouldn’t know a word of French. What then???? Who would he kill?

p.s. you seem more suited to this dump –

It’s full of wankers like your good self. Skinhead types (but with mullets) that don’t appreciate people posting good Asian curry recipes

Come to think of it they didn’t like the “who loves Kylie?” thread either

Nor the “send all people of non Australian descent back to their own fuckin country” thread

Then there was the “what sort of moron hates races based on skin colour when said skin colour is the direct result of prevailing weather conditions in that particular part of the world?” thread

Final straw for the mods and admin was the “David Irving is a cunt” thread. Yeah……..that one really tipped them over the edge and a banning was in order

But alas I returned in many different guises. Then the turds were forced into declaring that anyone that doesn’t henceforth post will also be banned (on account the ‘if you don’t clearly state that you’re a wanker like us then you must be the enemy’)

Enjoy, and tell John Streiker over there that yes, the relationship between Hando and Davey from Romper Stomper had undeniable homosexual connotations, surely a no-no for budding nazis

7:49 PM

son of sly said…

Real Oz Guy,fuck off we don’t need any comments from wankers like you.

As for Keith, word is that he has been dying for a while now and one of the main reasons he was taking a bit of work was for money for his family as he is not sure if he will be around for long.

I know he has had a few problems with a brain disorder and that the stroke in court was real as he has had one already this year while in Barwon that wasn’t in the paper.

As for Noel, he also has had a few health problems and doesn’t keep to well, but the nail clippers and cut wrists might just to be fuck the courts around or it could of been a real go at killing himself, who knows ?

12:14 AM

girl said…

So keithy did have a stroke earlier this year. I was wondering that, i did hear something, But cause if you get punched enough in stomach hard enough you would bleed wouldnt ya. But you just confirmed to me that he DID actually have a stoke ealier on.
Noel seems unstable to me (but time would do that) and loves to fuk around the courts……
Real oz guy fuk off. Why dont you try living in some of our harsh country then if you think you so REAL OZZY, dont think you would last there either you wanker. AND THAT YOUR OWN COUNTRY FUKER

9:42 AM

MU Insider said…

real oz guy said…

there all scum,
Y’know, your racist bullshit would have made a much better impact if you learnt how to spell THEY’RE instead of there knob wrench.

I won’t delete your post, but try to stay on topic or your next one goes in the bin

PS If Australia does institute a policy of requiring immigrants to pass a basic English literacy test, can we get you deported and your citizenship revoked??

2:25 PM

Anonymous said…

hehe not a bad idea MUI. I have this thing about crappy spelling and grammar. This country is now full of kids that can’t spell for shit and they’re beginning to Americanise our language

I strongly advocate that anyone caught posting here in American language (ie: placing a ‘z’ where an ‘s’ belongs eg visualize / visualise) should be hanged in the nearest town centre. Or banned at the very least. Ditto for any Australian posting in US style gangsta ‘homie speak’ (eg “yo bro wattup” etc et bloody cetera)

Pronouncing the letter ‘z’ as ‘zee” surely deserves to be punishable by a good old fashioned kneecapping

Furthermore, when the fukkkkk did the word candy replace lollies as part of the local vernacular?

Friggin kids these days (sigh)

6:41 PM

Anonymous said…

If its kneecappings you need, I know some boys on the Falls Road who are at a bit of a loose end. All big fans of Chopper.

3:30 AM

son of sly said…

Well you can tell them boys that what they may not know is that Old Chop Chop is a shit talker from way back and would mix with the coppers back in the day and its been said that he gave them more then a beer i.e info on other crims.

I get sick of people saying Chopper this and Chopper that, the cunts a dickhead and always has been, in Pentridge he wasn’t at the top of the pecking order, fuckin far from it, he said that he bashed Dennis Allen along side his mate Jimmy, it was Jimmy that bashed Dennis, Chopper was in H Division while Jimmy was in B Division along side Dennis and hit him over the head a few time with a rolling pin, they made up not long after it and when Jimmy was let out he bought guns from Dennis to do a few armed robs, little did he know that Dennis informed on him and he ended up back inside.

Chopper has told so many lies and made out like half the things he talks about in his books are true when there mostly bullshit.

Its well told that Chopper only even killed one bloke and that was the Turk as for the other 18 “they never happend”.

If you llok at it right, Choopers best mate Mad Charlie was a dog so it comes as not surprise that Chopper is as well.

The film Chooper is all bullshit, his books are mostly all bullshit and interviews that has givin are mostly bullshit as well “all lies and all about Chopper, John Silvester and Andrew Rule coming together and creating a myth and putting it out there for the public to take in.

Its sold books so fair play to the earless wonder but in Melbourne he is a bit of a joke in the Underworld, just ask Peter Allen Allen called him “That Fairy Tail Person” when asked if he was a suspect after Victor was knocked.

6:50 AM

MU Insider said…

Sly, these should be blogs, not hidden here as comments.

you got the email I sent right?
If not email us again- we don’t keep old emails nor addresses!
you know the email address- see fornt page right column!


11:52 AM

girl said…

Yea Sly, we all know chop chop is full of SHIT and always will be full of shit> But there are some dumb arse people out there……….. Can you belive the poof was at sexpo 2 years ago charging even more dumb fuckers $5 to have there photo with him…….AND PEOPLE WERE PAYING

3:01 PM

Anonymous said…

I know that Chopper is full of it -I am Flemington born and bred after all. The guys I was talking about, who have links to a certain … er … Ulster Catholic Gentlemen’s Society … lap up the books and the film because they know its mostly bullshit too. They just love a good yarn – they’re Irish. That’s the way of it up there – they all write books and songs about their exploits.

In fact, I think Chopper would shit his pants if he had to face some of the real hardmen to be found up that way.

Love to see him try and stand over The Three Steps in Drumintree for example.

Its a different league with those boys.

1:49 AM

Anonymous said…

Catholic Gentleman’s Society? You mean those thugs known as the IRA. They were a good front for organised crime, those pricks

It was the catholics that asked the English into NI in the first place. Then the British beat the shitter out of everyone (hehe smart thinking 99), including the catholics

6:09 PM

Anonymous said…

I don’t think this is the time of place for the discussion but you could go to Kilmainham jail in Dublin and ask the guard there what kind of thungs and criminals James Connolly and Padraic Pearse were.

Or Bobby Sands – noted crminal. has the IRA committed crimes to raise funds – of course, all such movements do, but the fact remains that if there were no Brits in Ireland, there’d be no IRA.

10:44 PM

son of sly said…

Who gives a shit about the IRA, this is a Melbourne Underworld Blog so if anyone wan’t to talk about those bunch of wankers then start up your own blog about them.

Now as for Chopper shitting his pants, I said he was full of shit, I never said he was afraid of anyone, Chopper is know in the Underworld to have been pretty fearless and could take a good beating and bounch back from if pretty quick “still a shitman all the same” in jail he was at war with the KGB “Keithy George’s Boys” and even old Keithy has said that Chop Chop was a crazy cunt in his day even if he did bend the lies to make them bigger.

1:41 AM

Friday, December 02, 2005

Another one lost to the drug wars

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beddie Byes by dark for the Tone

Big Tone will be tucked up in Southbank early after a Judge ruled that late nights and gambling were playing havoc with his hair line and waistline:
SELF-DESCRIBED professional gambler Tony Mokbel will provide a $1 million surety and observe a night-time curfew after his bail on a Commonwealth drugs charge was extended yesterday in the Supreme Court.

Mokbel, 40, of Southbank, faces trial on February 1, having pleaded not guilty to being knowingly concerned in importing a trafficable quantity of cocaine.

Justice Bill Gillard ordered Mokbel to report twice daily to police, surrender his passport, not contact witnesses and give 24 hours’ notice if he wants to change his address.

Son Of Sly says:
Tony isn’t even a real crim- he doesn’t come from a criminal background, he was a legit bloke, a clean skin.

He had a late start in crime, but with his wealth that he made with legit ventures he was able to climb the ladder quickly.

It’s said that he’s never personally knocked anyone but it’s been said that he paid Benji $100,000 for the Redev hit after he was bashed by his minder and a few blokes fromW.A. (It’s said that this bashing contributed to Benji going over to the Williams crew from the Carlton Crew)

He teamed up with the William’s lot after the Moran’s power went as he thought it was the smart thing to do and after he had the shit kicked out of him by Gatto’s mates it really only left the Williams lot.

I think Tony will beat the charge on the 1st case but has a problem with the 2nd and a bit of “time out” may occur. His brothers are still around but not for long as there is already a few new kids on the block and I don’t think they give a fuck about any cunt- least of all the Mokbel bros.

Tony has never done any real jail so it will do him good, but lets say this now “INSIDE PEOPLE IN FOR LIFE DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE” on the outside you can try and be anyone you want but inside the most feared and violent run the show, so he has two choices:

1: He better pay to be looked after.
2: He better pay to be looked after.

If he thinks he’s going to be in the same unit as the rest of the new school he should think again, they were all in Charlotte unit together: Brincat,Williams & Dad, Rocco Arico, Radev, Mokbel and a few others at one point many years ago, there is not way this time round, Mokbel ran the joint at that time and Carl was a model inmate but was into everything.

Brincat only behaved so he could get out but it’s also been said that he fell out with Radev over who ran the drugs in the unit and killed him when both were on the out- “bullshit” Benji’s work there.

It must be said that the unit they were in never had any really feared inmates at that time.

at 11:16 AM


Anonymous said…

I was of the impression that Veniamin was a freelance hitman before teaming up with Williams. Surely this is one sure way to make yourself severely unpopular with both major sides and you’re bound to be ahem ‘disappeared’ sooner or later

Mokbel’s bashing – these guys from WA don’t seem to give a toss who gets in their way (bikies were they? Friends of John Kozin?)

“bullshit” Benji’s work – does this mean that it was Brincat that killed Radev, and not Veniamin?

Back to the Morans – they were associated with the Femington guys at one point (Peirce/Allens, Jensen, Houghton et al). Makes you wonder how far these guys would have gone had they not all been shot by the cops. Or murdered

Was Keith Faure a freelancer as well? as has been suggested?

6:09 PM

Anonymous said…

Keith was a hitman and had been at his trade for over 20 years, he beat most of the murder blues but is said to be behind around 6 or 7 over the years, and yes he was a freelance in later years.

Benji knocked Radiv not Brincat, and also Benji only did two hits before he teamed up with Williams, the first was with Mark Moran on the Big Al job with Mark being the trigger man and Benji driving and the 2nd was Frank Benvenuto with Mark driving and Benji doing the Shooting.

The reason for Mokbell being bashed is in Jail he called Coffin Cheater Troy Mercanti a dog, Mercanti is a close friend of Mick Gatto and John Kizon and is from W.A.

(Peirce/Allens, Jensen, Houghton et al)

If Dennis Allen was still alive he would be in a Hospital for the Criminal Insaine as he would of been found guilty over the Stanhope murder and then later down the line been charged with a few more, but with Dennis its hard to say as alot of people have said that without the speed he was ok but then with the speed he would kill for fuck all, you only had to look at him the wrong way at 35 Stephenson Street and it was lights out, they didn’t call him dial a murder for nothing.

If he did go to a normal prison then he would of had to been kept away from the rest of the cons as he was a dog and alot of people went down with info GUS gave up.

His brother Peter Allen is in jail at the moment and has been for most of his adult life, but Peter doesn’t have the Killer instinct that Dennis has so the threats he made over revenge with Victors murder fell on deaf ears as the family are a spent force.

If Jenson was still alive he would be in Jail or dead as he was banging Victor Peirce’s wife Wendy behind his back, Victor would never of been involed in Walsh Street if he had been told about this at the time.

As for Houghton and the rest its hard to say but with Houghton being the trigger man in Walsh Street you can guess what would of been his outcome.

There is a big gap to be filled in Melbourne at the moment but there is already talk of that being filled by a few new kids of the block.

12:58 AM

Anonymous said…

carl, benji,rest of the TURKEYS did the community a favour,lets face it only shitbags died in the gangland war good ridence saved the taxpayer some money pity kieth faure and that russin GOOF arnt six feet under to no normal person really cares. WELL DONE

10:59 AM

Monday, November 28, 2005

Zarah speaks to the press…

Victoria’s “Stateline” program, last FRiday might, the 25th November:

JOSIE TAYLOR: One detective told Stateline the idea of Zarah Garde-Wilson living in fear is ludicrous as she has joined the biggest gang in the criminal playground. You’ve been accused of being attracted to that, sort of being sucked in by the glamour.

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I’d like to know what the attraction is. If the current position I’m in is attractive, they really should be thinking again. If the criminal lifestyle involves waking up at 6 o’clock, having breakfast, driving to work, working through to 8 o’clock, having dinner, going to bed, then so be it.

And then there’s:

JOSIE TAYLOR: Are you friends with your clients?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: It’s hard not to be friends with your clients.

JOSIE TAYLOR: How do you represent them and be their friend?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I don’t see why it causes an issue. For example, if I were married there would be no prohibition on me representing my husband. I can’t see what the limitation is. You are prohibited from representing a friend; it doesn’t make sense.

JOSIE TAYLOR: Would you consider, say Tony Mokbel your friend?

ZARAH GARDE-WILSON: I consider him a friend.
Mind. Boggle.

at 4:53 PM


Brownie said…

neither woman sounds very intelligent. for Stateline to refer to the crim lifestyle as ‘glamorous’ is a bit sloppy. the ‘so be it’ sentence from Zahahara, makes me sure I wouldn’t want her standing up for me in a court.

6:38 PM

Anonymous said…

me either, but she can freeze my sperm any day!
As long as it is in one of her body cavities at the time!!!

12:53 AM

Monday, November 28, 2005

Offense as defence…

Zarah is getting ready to fight disbarrment. This seems a curious way to go about doing that…:

Lawyer alleges Victorian police corruption

Solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson has accused Victoria Police of mounting a malicious witch-hunt against her because she chose to represent underworld figures.

Ms Garde-Wilson has escaped a jail term after being convicted of contempt of court for refusing to give evidence in a murder trial.

The Law Institute is still deciding whether it will suspend her practising certificate.

Ms Garde-Wilson has told the ABC’s Stateline program that police made it clear to her after the death of her partner Lewis Caine, that it would not be in her best interests to represent certain people.

“I’m appalled by the conduct of Victoria Police in relation to the gangland matters,” she said.

“There’s many levels of corruption.

“There’s corruption on its face, where you’re alleging police officers themselves committing criminal activities, and I believe the worst sort of corruption is the manipulation of evidence.

“And I believe that is proliferant.”

Assistant Commissioner of Crime Simon Overland says Ms Garde-Wilson’s comments are self-serving.

“Her criticisms are also not properly based, they’re based on misconceptions which I suspect she well understands,” he said.

“For instance, she’s suggesting that we’ve arranged circumstances for her to be called to give evidence at the recent trial, that’s simply not true.”

at 9:55 AM


Brownie said…

If Zahahara was any good, she would NOT refer to these businessmen as ‘gangland’.
Gee Insider, I notice you have Word Verification on to keep away the Comment Spam – after reading your Profile, I woulda thunk they would all be to scared to fuck with YOUR blog.

6:41 PM

MU Insider said…

No we are full of piss and wind. We are about as scary as Dakota Williams.

Actually, no, she is far more threatening….

1:11 PM

Anonymous said…

What sort of rootin tootin site is this, when the main topic of recent discussion is a good looking mad as a hatter female with jugs that would nary fit in a man’s hands, yet very few pics are being posted??

6:09 PM

Anonymous said…

she even impersonates police over the telephone to find out if lewis had been charged with assault, perole violation..
she even fucked that up……
i knew straight away i wasnt dealing with the police, all so she could keep her violent, drug fucked, gambling addicted convicted murdering stand over man with a small dick out of an instant return to jail..

who s laughing now Lewie???????????????
cant say i miss you cunt………..

3:05 PM

Friday, November 25, 2005

Lewis Caine…

Some more background on the Caine/Garde-Wilson situation. It appears that while Zarah and Lewis were together, Lewis had another woman on the side.

He regularly stayed at her place overnight. She got pregnant to him. He wanted the baby (he was also keen for Zarah to have his baby- a regular Lion pride leader was Lewis), but she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby.

They were both very upset- he’d told his younger sister she was going to be an aunt. He asked his reiki teacher from jail NAME DELETED to be the godmother. He said to the woman that when his children ask why he chose her as their mother, he would tell them, because she is an angel. Its alleged that he even asked her to marry him, but she ended the relationship despite being in love with him, because of his criminal life, his infidelity and his tantrums. (apart from teat he was a model citizen)

Whilst together, from his own initiation, he was desperately trying to get out of crime. He said how when he got out of jail he worked in a pub for a few months , then the police told the owners of his murder conviction and they sacked him- the pricks. (how does an ex crim go straight? Write books maye?) He said he didn’t like being in crime and that he could have been so much more. He went for a few jobs while they were together, one as a courier and one as a used car salesman. When she lost the baby he said he told his mates he was going straight. All he wanted to do was return to the army but they wouldn’t have him back.

He said when he was in jail he refused once to leave his cell for a few days and they called the nasty boys in. Six or so men came in and severely assaulted him and tried to give him a ‘black panadol’ (batton up the arse). He managed to stop this taking place- but they got him- he wasn’t allowed to have visitors for 5 years.

It is said that his father physically and psychologically abused him as a child.

Zarah had a private funeral so the mystery woman couldn’t attend to say goodbye. She wanted to see his body at the coroner but didn’t want to get involved and wanted and still wants to stay out of the media due to her career.

This is the last of our tales of Caine. RIP.

at 9:05 AM


Anonymous said…

All jokes aside, it can’t be easy to have spent a decade in the clink then come out and try to be a ‘normal’ citizen again. Some of the shit that goes on in there is truly barbaric and not condusive to ahem rehabilitation

Almost everyone deserves another chance and when the cops are telling your prospective employers of your colourful past it wouldn’t help one bit. A year or two ‘awol’ can be explained (working holiday overseas) but a decade… way

Caine seemed one tormented fellow, although it’s almost a certainty that he gave as much as he got

9:41 AM

Anonymous said…

p.s. think it’s time you posted the Sean Sonnet ‘bag full of shit thrown at the jury’ incident. That was hilarious when reading about it last year

“Thanks for giving me a shot at the title your honour” What a maniac hehe

9:44 AM

MU Insider said…

OK read about Sonnet then:
To the first poster, thank you for picking up the way that we feel- the cops acted out of order. Sure, Caine was no altar boy, but it is clear he was trying to go straight- but when all your mates are crims (or dead) and every time you try to go straight you get kicked, then what’s a lad to do?



12:39 PM

Anonymous said…

I was the first and second poster(oil moida da bum that’s made it so difficult to get a username going). Looks like it’s mainly Sly, myself, some guy that doesn’t like girls and a coupla would be if they could be, toughguys posting here

6:35 PM

son of sly said…

Sonnet was a dickhead is a dickhead and always will be a dickhead of the highest order.

Carl seems to be good at recruiting dickheads to do his dirty work.

Sonnet is just a big mouth little up start with a drug problem and always has been, the only thing he ever did that was worth a sniff was bash Bluey Brazel, but he was bashed not killed so that’s not even much.

As a youth Sonnet was an amateur boxer but spent more time on his arse then his feet, he’s never been jailed for anything more then petty bullshit.

The only real deal crim out of that whole lot is Rod Collins but he’s been keeping his head down as far as I know.

9:37 PM

Anonymous said…

As these stories unfolded you got the distinct impression that Carl was starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel re: quality / professionalism of the hitmen he was recruiting

The other side must have been mildly amused

7:33 AM

MU Insider said…

Looks like it’s mainly Sly, myself, some guy that doesn’t like girls and a coupla would be if they could be, toughguys posting here
…and thats why a forum is not such a great idea just yet…

9:58 AM

Anonymous said…

Anonymous Blogger here.
I am afraid to Comment anymore.
Don’t want to be stalked back to my own blog by anyone threatening.

11:36 AM

Anonymous said…

uneducated fuckwits…if you really want to get a good blog going show some intelligence dipshits….so far only plastic fantastic fukwits here…..if only you knew…just a heads up fuckwitts its not cool to speak ill of the dead….kaz…

10:03 AM

Anonymous said…

“BLACK PANADOL?” Were you serious? Really? (I-don’t doubt such things happen but I-don’t want to believe it) I’ve-actually seen far worse when I-was six-years old but in a different context with a lot-more bleeding involved! I-presume this was to break Caine’s spirit & is the psychology of a private prison?

Those doing this (Including those who order such things) definitely need to be accidently driven over by a medium to large truck! Over & over! Repetitively! All day! Until they fully resemble the sub-human shit they are! I’m quite serious here! Not only is-it behaviour more suited to Romania under the Dictator Ceascu but pretty-well guarantees a hate-filled fuckwit will come-out of-the system & cause grief on some poor innocent man woman or child in the future because of the suppressed rage clogging up their brainbox & thus decisions at the wrong time!

The thought of that happening in Australia pissed me off & I-really felt like killing them myself as a freebie & I’ve literally had to do that unwillingly more than once so I’m-not just bloody skiting either! (Yeah! I-know bits of hardcore shit in the convict times of old & all the original history) But even-so this has really annoyed me big time! If I-had the resource & knew who the culprits were I’d-be happy to be seriously working on their ugly untimely deaths with a small bit of their personal belongings (Like their testicles maybe) to be sent to whoever was their partners in this satanic perversion! FUCK! This has really fucking annoyed me! Literally take these scum off the face of my planet…

I’m deadly fucking serious here! People who do shit like that should just fucking die! I’ll be glad to help one-day! The mongrels doing this power-trip over other human-beings should be more than certain of their immanent early deaths thereafter! (Sure as shit follows salad! It should be a natural progression & they should all know-it without any doubt too!)

7:09 PM

Anonymous said…

i owned that pub, lewis was a violent, nasty cunt, he cost us the business in the end….
good bye shithead

ps straight people dont carry guns, and try to set up others….

he wanted to be a glory boy and was lured into a trap with the promises of cheap drugs and $$$ for a hit, well 3 is a crowd and he got knocked..
also the poor guy he bashed to death was out with his g/friend who was a cop.. he tried to crack onto her, she told security at lazars. lewis was removed, he then drove round and round the block in a taxi waiting for him to exit, then killed him.
ask carlton CIB’s trevor ashton about him..
lewis wasnt going straight and was a standover man to fuel his gambling addiction.

2:59 PM

Anonymous said…

what goes round comes round- good ridence

11:15 AM

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

More on Zarah…

no pun intended

Another update:
The Age feature on Garde-Wilson

Police claim that the young solicitor has joined one of the feuding tribes in the gangland war and has crossed the line in her duty as a lawyer. So much so that some police believe her refusal to testify was in line with the crook’s code of never being a dog and ratting on your mates.

Frankly this is why she is in trouble. The refusing to testify things was no big deal- it wasn’t self incrimination, but self preservation. One you can do and get away with, the other you can’t. Go figure.

But at the core of this: the police belief she has “taken sides”. Joseph Conrad, please explain:

He had taken a high seat amongst the devils of the land — I mean literally. You can’t understand. How could you? — with solid pavement under your feet, surrounded by kind neighbours ready to cheer you or to fall on you, stepping delicately between the butcher and the policeman, in the holy terror of scandal and gallows and lunatic asylums — how can you imagine what particular region of the first ages a man’s untrammelled feet may take him into by the way of solitude — utter solitude without a policeman — by the way of silence — utter silence, where no warning voice of a kind neighbour can be heard whispering of public opinion?

Essentially, now the cops have decided she is a target, then she has a problem. Ask Andrew Fraser how ugly things can get once the cops decide to after you. Many lawyers are not exaclty altar boys, but if the cops decide they don’t like the cut of your jib, then you will be singled out for special attention.

Zarah Garde-Wilson: this is your fate.

More from The Age article:

A senior Purana officer told The Age: “I think she’s just a lonely person and doesn’t have a lot of close friends.” So isolated is she privately – this line of thinking runs – and so committed is she professionally, that her two worlds have merged in ways most lawyers would find unthinkable.

Another reason they are going hard at her: hurt her, hurt HIM.

Last word is yours Ms Garde-Wilson:
As she said outside court recently, “It’ll take a bullet in the brain to stop me.”

For Christ sake, don’t say shit like that.

We should state, despite this blog’s generally flippant style, we really like and admire Ms Gard-Wilson’s style. Really.

She just needs to grow up a little and watch that blurry line between work and life.

at 9:33 AM


Anonymous said…

Zarah is the new kingpin of the underworld

9:40 AM

MU Insider said…

Well, we’d like to say that, but she does not yet have the intestinal fortitude to do it.

Don’t be fooled though: she is tougher than the average woman of same age, just not as tough as required in this situation.

The real risk here is that she does get her license revoked. With no real source of income she will either go home cap in hand to mum n dad, or something else…

10:03 AM

Anonymous said…

meh,idiots shes a chick, and she aint even good looking

6:34 PM

Anonymous said…

Don’t like girls huh? ooook then

Zarah has nowhere to go if she loses her license to practice. Apparently she’s estranged from her parents, probably as a result of getting caught up with these people. Can’t work as a solicitor so her options are limited

Not sure if she’s a limelight hugger or not, though. Her work centres on underworld figures so it’s no surprise she’s become embroiled in it to this extent (and bonking people from within it may have a little something to do with it also)

What I find amusing is – with the majority of the main players inside, the focus is now on a solicitor of all people

7:23 PM

Son Of Sly said…

meh,idiots shes a chick, and she aint even good looking

Are your fuckin eyes painted on ?

12:44 AM

MU Insider said…

Have you seen her in the flesh?

you wouldn’t be saying that. She’s enigmatic and strangely attractive- rather like the Mona Lisa- if Mona had crims for friends…


10:00 AM

son of sly said…

I’ve seen her a few times and she is pretty fuckin hot, maybe the fella above should pop into her office and then come back and say “meh,idiots shes a chick, and she aint even good looking ” then again maybe he doesn’t like girls! who knows ?

10:20 PM

Anonymous said…

The homo gangster – Ronnie Kray?

6:11 PM

girl said…

fellas, havent been around for a while, but glad to be back.
I LOVE the girl we share alot Similarities that it scares me sometimes.
Though i must say a bullet in the brain comment wasnt the smartest thing she has done lately.

12:30 PM

Anonymous said…

yes i agree – the power of suggestion

9:49 AM

Anonymous said…


10:45 AM

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garde-Wilson: sentenced

Early news (we was there!):
She’s had a conviction recorded, but no jail time.

The judge was quite sympathetic and acknowledged she took steps to tell the truth (entering witness protection), but would record a conviction regardless.

We’ll see what the Law Institute make of this.

UPDATE: Herald Sun

Lawyer convicted, but avoids jail term
ZARAH Garde-Wilson, the gangland lawyer who refused to give evidence at the trial of those accused of her boyfriend’s murder, was convicted today of contempt of court but avoided jail.

Garde-Wilson, 27, claimed she feared for her safety if she appeared on the witness stand after one of her partner’s killers, Keith George Faure, threatened her life if she gave evidence.

Justice David Harper convicted her of contempt of court, but did not impose further punishment.

No, that’s because disbarring will now probably take place.

..and that is punishment enough.

at 11:31 AM


Anonymous said…

She should have been sentenced to a lifeime of fetching kebabs for Big Tony

4:49 PM

The Don Bossolini said…

who cares about this zarah chick


get some real underworld news.

all you got is some wop lawyer crap, it aint underworld,

change your title to snitches and bitches

6:05 PM

Anonymous said…

Don’t listen to this newbie person. Post all the Zarah articles you like (with one proviso – pics are part of the deal)

How would you like to be playing ‘hide the sausage’ with Zarah and suddenly big Tony bursts through the door looking less than impressed. Concrete shoes here we come

8:47 PM

MU Insider said…

I agree. We would hbe blogging our arse off about Andrew Fraser if he was in teh news as he was a few years ago, so why not Ms Zarah.

This is most certainly news, and she is HOTT so shut your un sexy mouth!

10:34 AM

Anonymous said…

shes not even good looking,

6:36 PM

Anonymous said…

tony aint even big, his a fat fuck, he aint bullet proof, he cant even speak english properly…idiots

6:38 PM

Son Of Sly said…

tony aint even big, his a fat fuck, he aint bullet proof, he cant even speak english properly…idiots

“What the fuck has that got to do with the above ? ”

12:46 AM

son of sly said…

There isn’t much Underworld news at the moment until the up and coming trials of a few crims, so Zarah will have to do for now I guess.

If this Bluey fella gets his finger out his arse then I think we might see a few dead but doubt anything before the new year.

12:52 AM

son of sly said…

Andrew Fraser ? yeah! now there was one lawyer that walked a fine line.

I remember in the good old days the 70’s & 80’s when I would see him round The Cherry Tree in Richmond with the late Dennis Allen and Fred The Enforcer who worked for Dennis.

Bit of topic but a mate of mine got into a bit of a blue back then and Andrew helped him get off, think it was a gun wrap if I remember right, my old mate asked Dennis if he had the name of a good lawyer and he gave him Andrews number.

Later on Andrew was Jason Morans lawyer, Andrew was asked who knocked Big Al and Andrew said Jason, litte did the dickhead know that it was Mark Moran that did it, not Jason.

Jason was pissed off big time at Andrew doing this and and put out a $60,000 contract on his life while Andrew was in Jail over a coke blue, the contract never got took up and Andrew lived to tell the tail, thats more then we can say for Jason Moran.

I guess Zarah is the new Andrew Fraser or Chris Dane but with out the cock.

2:37 AM

Anonymous said…

There’s some interesting stuff you’re posting there, SOS

Dennis Allen – if half the stuff I’ve read about the guy is true he was mad as a hatter

His little brother (the one that died of an OK in the mid 80’s) robbed the United Kimgdom hotel in Clifton Hill and someone was shot? I regularly go past the hotel this incident pops into my head. It’s a McDonalds now

Clifton Hill – it’s funny how it’s been all done up with trendy little cafes etc all over the place. Some of the beautiful people that get down there on a Saturday or Sunday morning would die of shock if they knew half of what went on down there in days gone by. Ditto Fitzroy and Collingwood

Anyway, keep it up fella

p.s. a forum would be the next logical step here???

5:43 AM

son of sly said…

A forum would be a good idea.

Dennis was also with Jamie when he robbed the Hotel and it was Dennis who shot the barman in the leg, the old fella died in the hospital from a blood clot not long after but it was said it never had anything to do with the shooting.

Dennis was never charged over the shooting but Jamie was and he took the wrap for Dennis and did a bit of jail over it.

Many jacks that knew Dennis said that he had a hand in Jamie’s overdose, they think Jamie got to big for his boots, Dennis wasn’t involed in Jamie’s death at all,

Dennis loved Jamie and with him doing the time for big brother they got even closer and when he was released he went to work for Dennis as a debt collecter for his booming drug empire in Richmond.

8:04 AM

MU Insider said…

Forum: perhaps, we still need to generate some more momentum with this site so thjat a forum would not be “tumble weed city”

If you get me.

We’ve asked SOS to join us, so hopefully we’ll have more content and more comments section action…


12:44 PM

Anonymous said…

Fair point about a forum. It’s dependant on people blowing each others’ brains out on a regular basis to sustain it, and currently they’re not helping the cause

I regularly post on a boxing site and one of the offtopic subjects which had some interesting responses was one about a policewoman murdered in the line of duty in the UK – whether the killing of a cop should hold more significance than the murder of Joe Bloggs on the street?

Do you guys go to ??

The place just stopped dead in it’s tracks over a year ago and I read somewhere that they were putting it all into a book. Comprehensive stuff

6:42 PM

Anonymous said…

go the forum!!!!!

6:56 PM

Anonymous said…


11:42 AM

Monday, November 21, 2005

Old farts to catch young bucks

From the “it’s so stupid it must be true” file comes this classic:
RETIRED homicide detectives may be recalled to review unsolved murder cases under a plan being considered by police.

The investigators would be contracted to re-examine files to identify cases that they believe can now be solved.

“They have so much expertise it would be of great benefit if we can tap into it,” Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Simon Overland said.
Of course this assumption that “they have so much expertise” is based on the assumption that they can remember anything- including their own names.

The retired police could also be used as consultants to check on the progress of investigations. “A fresh set of eyes can often see obvious things that have been missed,” Mr Overland said.
“Fresh eyes”. Must be a typo.

This has the making of a TV series- no doubt:

“Colostomy Squad”

This week, Colostomy Squad seek out the phantom granny flasher by going door to door in the neighborhood. After two houses they retire to the pub to talk about how shit hot they were way back when. Rated BABS (Boring As BatShit)

at 1:01 PM


pig hunter said…

You’d think the retired pigs would have better things to do .

but then again, they’re all f*cking wannabees heroes.

7:45 PM

Anonymous said…

They use this system in the US and if it’s being considered here then they probably have some success with it

What this needs is a comeback by Lieutenant Columbo “agghh just one more ting. ermm sorry to bodder ya again” etc etc

6:40 PM

internet gangster said…


how bout chief wiggum “See ya in court, Simpson. Oh, and bring that evidence with ya, otherwise, I got no case and you’ll go scot-free.”

6:40 PM

Friday, November 18, 2005

“Criminal lawyer suicidal, says plea report”

Zarah Garde-Wilsoon’s crew are bringing out the big-ish guns as part of her pre sentence hearing after being found guilty of um lawyer like behaviour:

UNDERWORLD solicitor Zarah Garde-Wilson is suicidal, paranoid, depressed and still remains deeply in love with her slain boyfriend Lewis Caine.

The revelations about her fragile mental state emerged during the solicitor’s plea hearing at the Supreme Court yesterday.

Yes, so deeply in love, so mournful is she, that she’s taken up with Antonios Mokbel. Only in his arms does the pain of Lewis disappear, even for a brief moment. He is a shining bald head knight. Damn, spare us this shit.
Yesterday, Garde-Wilson’s lawyer, Gerard Nash, QC, read from a psychiatrist report about his client.

…The report stated that Garde-Wilson was suicidal and if she lost her right to practise as a solicitor, she would become “acutely suicidal”.

Well, losing your secondary source of income can be like that. Wonder what the fall back postion will be. Missionary probably

The stress of being forced to give evidence had resulted in Garde-Wilson losing her appetite and losing five kilograms.

So this episode hasn’t been a complete disaster then. She should start her own weight loss website/book/club. “Works for me!”

The solicitor refused to take medication to treat her mental disorders and stress due to her “philosophical beliefs”.

We here at MUI have no response to this at all. It’s so ironic/paradoxical that we are afraid that if we comment on it, we might cause a negative reality inversion and blow the whole freakin’ world up.

In an extra bonus, it’s reallly worked wonders for her skin.

Just a quick note about how sex n crime go hand in hand, here are the top 5 search items that have brought us visitors in the last 5 days:
1. Zarah Garde-Wilson
2. zarah garde-wilson
3. Zarah Gard-Wilson
4. zarah garde wilson
5. melbourne underworld

Perving still rules.

at 1:08 PM


Anonymous said…

I demand to know if Zarah (same name as Harold Holte’s wife. Holte – you know – the ex prime minister that faked his own drowning at Cheviot beach and was picked up by a Russian submarine)

Anyway back to Zarah – I bet she has an almightly cameltoe teeheehee

7:23 PM

the bill said…

got any thing on kizone

7:41 PM

Anonymous said…

Fuck off bill, we won’t tell you again lol

Son Of Sly

7:47 PM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Zarah Garde-Wilson- background

To many folk she’s new player on the scene. She was an article clerk with Pryles and Defteros Solicitors, then it all went ugly.

She took up with Lewis Caine for two years after he had left prison for murder (only served 10 years). He got popped, she went really weird (see bulleting story)(. Then she went from small time crim boyfriend to big time with Tony Mokbel.

Now she’s a week away from losing her practising certificate.

Here are some articles to check out- all involve Ms Garde-Wilson in some way…


The pictures:
After posting these pics, it came into MUI’s thinking that Zarah look uncannily like Belinda McClory. Now belinda played “Kirsty Nichols” in the Janus TV series- a crim’s moll turned informer turned back into a crim’s moll (Wendy Peirce?) Interessant n’est pas?

Belinda McClory:

Zarah Garde-Wilson:

at 9:38 AM


Anonymous said…

What does she want with tubby Tony? Oh sorry, it must be his bubbling personality and Brad Pitt type looks, right? (She sounds a fruitcake of the first order)

7:31 PM

bill said…

how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

11:15 PM

Anonymous said…

These kinds of women get off on being around men with power full stop.

I remember seeing some lovely looking women with the late Dennis Allen and he was one ugly looking cunt with no teeth, some women get off being around men that would kill them if need be, its all to do with the danger of being with these types of men.

Son Of Sly

5:40 AM

MUI said…

how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

Start yer own blog, we’re too busy over here.

besides for “Perth Underworld” see: “Ex Pat South African White mafia”

SOS, you are so right- think Heather Parker (though she is/was pig dog ugly)- “It’s always the bad boys that makes the girls hearts beat faster”

No wonder I can’t get a root, I’m too nice.


8:41 AM

Anonymous said…

Dennis Allen, what a maniac. It’d be fair to say it’s a case of…….mutton dressed as lamb

Could never understand women writing to rapists and convicted killers behind bars

5:48 PM

Anonymous said…

how bout some info on perth underworld types as well, if there are any

“No one gives a shit about perth mate”

But if you need to know about anyone you could always look up John Kizon, buy he’s a bit of a fairy by Melbournes pace.

Son Of Sly

2:51 AM

girl said…

she was in the paper yesterday again. She had to make a statement for 1 of the underworld’s family (they wouldnt state who). Aparently they were in a cafe where Purana task force was in the bar across the street celebrating. They waved and sent over a bottle of wine compliments of Purana to the family. They were disgusted by this and thats when Zarah came in stating harresment or some shit like that.
Its in the Herald yesterdays

8:48 AM

Anonymous said…

Listen here (angry emoticon required). Woke up in a foul mood today and feel like ripping somebody’s head off grrrrrrrrr

I was just wondering how I go about being a toughguy with connections blah blah. One that “knows people” and can “make some moves on the street”……stuff like that, yeah?

My intended targets:

1) the garbos. These bastards and their incessant noise once a week wake me up every single time they come and collect the garbage. On top of that they always leave the bin on it’s side, to be run over by people in their 4 wheel drives and squished on the street. Something must be done

2)the next door neighbour. They own a mutt dog that keeps pissing on my lawn. Now I ask you – what sort of way is that to treat a would-be toughguy such as mwa?

3)Eddie McGuire. I’ve have a deep hatred for this smarmy arsehole ever since he took up residence in Toorak after being brought up in mocassin country (ie Broadmeadows). He deserves some concrete shoes for Christmas

I want answers. Anyone that can “connect me up with the right people” will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts. If necessary, can pay. I have approximately $6.35 saved up thus far

p.s. I hope this request isn’t read by any ASIO or the NCA or the Purana taskforce. Don’t wanna get anyone here into trouble, you see

10:10 AM

girl said…

pfft. fuk off

3:00 PM

Anonymous said…

I’m from Broadmeadows, you cheeky bastard.

Son Of Sly

10:21 PM

Anonymous said…

You may well be from Broadie good sir. But………….do you now live in Toorak? hehe

No offence intended – I grew up in Northcote, not exactly a ‘marbles in the mouth suurb when I was growing up there in the 70’s

5:27 AM

Anonymous said…

No offence taking, I live in Kew now does that count ?

“still got me mocassin’s but”

Son Of Sly

7:51 PM

Anonymous said…

Kew is acceptable. Moccos in Kew haha you must be the social pariah out there

11:31 AM

Anonymous said…

i’m live in northcote now :)

8:50 AM

Anonymous said…

Is she a good Lawyer? What’s her costs?

10:37 AM

Anonymous said…

Nice and easy on the eye Zarah.

I would take her on no and try and tame her no problems at all.

5:18 PM

Anonymous said…

Zarah Garde-Wilson easy on the eye?

Who’s cock are you pulling? Obviously not yours because you haven’t got one to be making a ridiculous comment like that.

Look at her sleazy squinty mail-slot eyes.

Now look at her smelly camembert cheese snatch and her permanently open date which have both taken load after load from incredibly small appendaged callous-palmed cock-heads like Fat Tony and Caine Wilson.

Honestly, even those slutbags you find on Fitzroy Street would stay away from cocks like that.

But not this skanky ho. Still, she probably misses her dad’s cock ramming her snatch and date and so that’s the best she could get.

11:41 AM

Anonymous said…

Wouldn’t trust my cock anywhere near this fuck tart’s smelly putrid cunt. She’d put any cheese factory to shame.

Blue vein cheese anyone……

11:44 AM

Anonymous said…

Even my Rotty has dumped a load in this ho. He reckons it was like fucking a pool of smelly mud tho.

12:04 PM

Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…

Is she a good Lawyer? What’s her costs?

10:37 AM

For $2 she’ll gobble your member and swallow your manjuice + she’ll let you dump a load into the furthermost corners of her cunt + she’ll let you dump another load halfway up her rectum + she’ll give you a tittyfuck on her fake rack + she’ll give you back $1.99 change.

Yep, she’s cheaper than a Springvale gooky pork roll…and nastier too.

12:15 PM

Anonymous said…

Zarah lying down on a bed with her ankles beside her ears. Big Fat lardarse Tony sweating as he pumps her with his cocktail frankfurt penis.

Sure enough she may not be an oil painting bro but she sure has a nice body and I wouldn’t mind bending her over something and doing her quick hard and deep. She looks the sort who’d have a sweet little waxed pussy too, not a hair out of place (a bit like the cricket pitch at Lords LOL).

Sweetie, you can do way better than Big Fat lardarse Tony.

12:30 PM

Anonymous said…

Da fuckin tart ain’t know shit about fashion bro. She ain’t wearing legit Louis Vuitton or Dolce e Gabana shit. Me says she most likely got her mutts on da Bali specials. Cool.

7:08 PM

Fat Tony said…

G’day Zarah,

Fat Tony here. I know I tried dipping my little cocktail frankfurt into your smelly snatch, but to be honest snatches just never did anything for me.

Gimme a nice fresh little piece of male ass any day. Shame Andrew got popped, cause I miss the way he pounded me like a Coles steak. My loose ol’ date would take every one of his 17 inches. It was such a turnon seeing those photos of him rubbing sunscreen on Carl Williams’ back…at least the papers all thought it was sunscreen. Best damn home-made “moisturiser” if you get my drift. Little salty though. Must be those anchovies Andrew had for lunch that day!!!

Anyway that’s it from me. Don’t mention my name any more Zarah dear.

Gotta run daarliing. Too bad you’re not here to see the pretty boys here in downtown Beirut. Ooooh, I’m going to have sooo much fun. Deary me, just look at his rippling pecs…….

xxx Fat Tony

7:21 PM

Zarah “Fuck Tart” Garde-Wilson said…


7:25 PM

Lewis Caine said…

Zarah, my calloused palm always was a better shag than what you ever were.

7:31 PM

Anonymous said…

I’ve got 4 words for this Baramundi scented cock box….Get a fuckin Bra!

11:22 AM

Monday, November 14, 2005

Man on ecstasy import charges shot

A man who is due to appear in court over ecstasy importation charges has been shot near a Melbourne police station.

Antonio Sergi staggered into the arms of police at Moonee Ponds police station after he was shot in the chest and both arms.

The shooting had hallmarks of a typical underworld hit, sources told the Herald Sun newspaper.

“All the hallmarks of a typical underworld hit?” Ummm isn’t the guy, like, kinda, ALIVE? Hardly typical…

Anyway, this weeks Lucky Bullet recipient Antoni Sergi is “known to police” and to this website. from what we know, he was shot with a damn hand cannon at close range, by someone he knew, but he won’t be telling.

Ahhh bless the Underworld- after I was calling it “oh it’ll go quiet now…” foool that I was.

The Age:

POLICE are investigating underworld associates of a man who survived being shot in the chest and arms as he sat in his car just 400 metres from the Moonee Ponds police station.

The man, 32, of Sydenham, was in a stable condition in hospital last night, having driven himself to the Moonee Ponds police station after being shot twice in The Strand, on the edge of Queens Park, about 1.20am.

Detective Sergeant Michael Engel, of the armed offenders squad, said the injured man was “known to police”.

It is believed the man was due to face court over an alleged major importation of ecstasy tablets.

Please note the last line here: due to face court.

Herald Sun:

A MAN due to face court over the biggest importation of ecstasy tablets into Australia was shot yesterday after being lured to a suburban park.

More to come…

The Age
Herald Sun

at 6:57 PM


Anonymous said…

Thats fuckin funny, I thought a hit ment that the cunt should be dead ?

I know who this guy is and I find it funny that he even made it into the paper to be honest, on the food chain he is very low and doesn’t even rate at all.

I guess now there is a void that its trying to be filled by people with shit for brains.

I have had a bit of word that a bloke I have spoke of before “Bluey” has been seen by a bloke I know and from what he has been saying he’s got alot of people that were close to the Moran’s around him.

I’ve also been told that a crew from Yarraville in there 30’s have been making a name for them self, if people remember a bit in the news not to long a go a bloke got knifed to death for a bike by two brothers “Dale Ward & Simon Weelen” well both of them were not the sharpest tool’s in the shed but they do have 3 older brothers from Geelong then Yarrville who are the real deal.

The brothers have all been inside for acts of violence, armed robbery and drugs. Around the late ninetys Bluey was a member of this crew along side these boys and a few others in Yarravile, some of the members were doing time and most are now out.

This crew was also close to the Moran’s and The Carlton Crew and were called in to do alot of there dirty work, hence why this Bluey fella was so close to Jason Moran.

I’m looking forward to a few news headlines to come.

Son Of Sly

2:45 AM

girl said…

hahahah thats classic. Lowest on the food chain. When i saw this on the TV i thought the same thing. He was either near the top once before he got caught. Now his back on the bottom tryin to make a quick buck to either make a name for himself again (like he was know B4 N e ) or making some moola to pay for his lawyer.
i also thought hit meant dead too

4:32 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005

Supression order lifted

We knew about this last week, and Lord we hinted at it, but here it is:

Zarah Garde-Wilson has been charged with, and has been found guilty of a charge of contempt of court after failing to sign a statement.

In other not so shock news, we can tell you she also has been having an affair (on and off) with Tony Mokbel. She is currently living in one of Tone’s many maisons.

This case has been subject to a supression order, an order we decided to respect.

Updates as the mainstream news catch on…

The Age Get on Board:

Garde-Wilson was found guilty of contempt of court last Wednesday after refusing to answer questions in the trial of Keith Faure and Evangelos Goussis. Last month, both were found guilty of Caine’s murder.

While refusing to give evidence, Garde-Wilson made a failed application to enter the witness protection program.

Ohhh so close. May be Wendy Peirce had a chat about the ins and outs of being in witness protection when you have lagged out family/friends/loveer/whoever.

Herald Sun:

Justice David Harper said the justice system could not work without witnesses overcoming their fears – like many others in the Faure trial did. “Were they, and thousands like them . . . to succumb to it, no system of justice could survive,” he said.

Justice Harper said he believed Ms Garde-Wilson’s claim that there had once been a threat to her safety from Faure, but it was no longer imminent.

The Age again:

She said she was “petrified” for her safety and could possibly lose her licence to practise as a solicitor.

…Law Institute of Victoria chief executive John Cain told The Age that an investigation might be opened once Garde-Wilson’s matters have finished before the court, to test if she “is a fit and proper person” to practise law.

That’s a given. Even if she gets a non custodial sentence (as we suspect she will) it’s game over for her legal career. It’s ironic that this charge will make a her a full on gangsters mole. Not charging her would have given the cops a half chance at turning her into an informant. Who is running this shit?

By the way- just how crazy hott is that get up we see her wearing in the picture? Man she could hold our briefs anytime she wants.

The Age
Herald Sun

at 5:46 PM


Anonymous said…

She looks different in the latest pics from the first one posted a while ago. Still, on a scale of between one and two I’d certainly give her…….one

Did I mention? She’s a fruitloop

7:37 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Like my new threads, man?

We’ve done a slight overhaul of the site- with a new layout, fixed background, new style sheet and so on. We’ve also started a Google Adsense program- because we think you oughta hook up with books, DVDs and other MelbUnderworld items should you be so interested. We also want to make hideous amounts of money so we can keep our Underworld bitches in the manner they are all too accustomed to. Biatches.

Those of you with blogs that may be of interest (ie you like crime, death and being stalked)- feel free to leave a comment and link in this thread and we’ll put you in the sidebar.

Your comments on the changes please!

See the new background HERE

at 3:36 PM


Anonymous said…

all I can see in the background is a feint reddish blob that looks like a dirty screen

5:53 PM

Anonymous said…

hey fellas – trying to start a blog account and the thing keeps rejecting my username

tried a few but it keeps saying “sorry, this username is not available”

6:08 PM

Anonymous said…

yeah I agree with post no.1.

anyway, keep up the good work to whoever runs this site, ya doing a good job mate!

8:16 PM

Anonymous said…

we think you oughta hook up with books, DVDs and other MelbUnderorld ?

Ok so where can we see that then ?

Son Of Sly

9:05 PM

MUI said…

Fixed you grammatical door kicker.

maybe your username is objectionable? Examples include:….

4:44 PM

Anonymous said…

I came here looking for information on canarvon bananas, whats all this then ??

5:47 PM

Anonymous said…

What’s a carnarvon banana? This here site only deals with horse heads in beds, fishes wrapped up in newspaper (“he swims with the fishes”) and canoli

Sorry about that, chief

5:06 AM

Anonymous said…

continue to keep us informed on these creaps

11:45 AM

Anonymous said…

Speaking of creeps, I wonder what Big Al Gangitano would have made of all this carry-on since his death

p.s. who shot him – Mark or Jason? Or was it Graham? (lol)

Veniamin apparently killed PK, Dino Dibra and the Con the Fruiterer guy (can’t remember his name just at the moment)

Who else?

p.s. Who shot Victor Peirce?

7:36 PM

Anonymous said…

p.s. who shot him – Mark or Jason? Or was it Graham? (lol)

Veniamin apparently killed PK, Dino Dibra and the Con the Fruiterer guy (can’t remember his name just at the moment)

Who else?

p.s. Who shot Victor Peirce?

Mark Moran shot Big Al, Benji drove him to and from Al’s house, there was a witness that said that he saw a short man with a bald head and tattoo’s ie: Benji, from what i’ve been told Benji got out the car and was standing next to the house while Mark was let in by Jason.

This was there 2nd hit that Mark and Benji did and there last as they had a bit of a falling out, Benji still put a notice in the papper after Carl Williams shot him.

The only word on the Victor Peirce shooting is it was a man that he once stood in the dock with and was a close friend, Benji was a suspect but fuck know’s who knocked him.

Son Of Sly

9:11 PM

Anonymous said…

Chopper Read reckons the Victor Peirce’s of the world were a bunch of schoolgirls by comparison to the heavy duty crims around at the time. Any truth in it?

Graeme Jenssen was having an affair with Wendy Peirce. If this all had’ve come out at the time there would have been a “bit of family business” to sort out I’d say

10:35 AM

Anonymous said…

Chopper Read is full of shit and always has been, he should stick to wrighting kids books, for one he never did 19 murders, more like one and also anyone who was in jail with him at the time will tell you he wasn’t at the top of the fuckin food chain in jail. The blokes a dickhead and most in Melbournes Underworld can’t stand the shit talking cunt full stop.

Now Victor might of shop lifted a jay of coffee once “never said he was bright” but Victor was a heavy person and very dangerous.

Dennis Allen would steal drill bits when he and his minder would go to buy wood for doing up one of his houses, while Dennis was putting bits into his pocket at the desk, the minder would just nod to the bloke on the till to put it on the bill. Dennis just did it to keep his hand in and at the time he was making $100,000 a week from drugs.

Victor always was on hand to help out brother Dennis now and then and from what I’ve been told “from a very good source” he is down for about 6 to 7 murders over the years.

The Pettingill family were not the brains of the underworld but they were with out a doubt the most feared and most dangerous.

You have to remember that Victor was Kathys favorite out of the bunch as he had the most dash, most of the armed robs he did he never got cought for and the murders he did with Dennis and by himself he never got cought for.

Victor was the one that helped Dennis cut the legs off Anton Kenny to fit him into the 44 gallon drum, he chased Wendy round the house with one of Anton’s toes, Wendy never saw the funny side of it.

Its been said that before Victor was shot his last words were to the gunman “well cunt do it, I don’t give a fuck” if there’s any truth in that who knows, he also took a contract to kill Chopper but Billy Longley talked him out of it.

Son Of Sly

10:47 PM

Anonymous said…

It’s amazing what you read and what the actual truth seems to be. I know a guy that’s a security bloke and has done a bit of security work on the sly. He’s met some heavy people and swears that the biggest players are quiet guys that dress down and keep a very low profile. ie the exact opposite of the cliche you seen on tv where the badguy is big, loud, and in the news regularly for one reason or another

Interesting stuff

5:20 AM

Anonymous said…

mmm, i definately agree with that. It’s better to be quiet, be in the background and let the fool who talks the loudest make a name for himself, usually with dire consequences. As with any known “Gangsters” in society, they either end up dead or in protection because thier big man act is well, simply an act. Thier mouth gets them into serious trouble. Real gangsters go about thier business with a degree of intelligence and the ability of keeping thier mouth shut, resisting the need to act like a gangster, but comfortable in the knowledge that they are one without having to show it. I guess they live by two sayings “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”……..

9:37 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The bulletin- past article

We’ve talked before about how Ol’ Piss n Wind Williams and Brincat are not liking prison, but for some insight into the daily life (this article is old- Feb ’05- we just found it… slack researchers are we) It’s worth a read. I wonder how much has changed with Mick Gatto out again.

Now old Mick lost a heap of weight in jail- but we reckon Carl will just stack it on. Comfort food is what he likes. Oh and a thumb sucking blankie to boot.

at 1:58 PM


Anonymous said…

If you can’t do the time then for fuck sake don’t do the crime.

I bet old Keithy George ain’t bitchin about his time, these new school crims are to use to there designer clothes and mobile phones, Victor needs to stop bitchin, I mean what the fuck did he expect ? a room with a view ?

I bet Benji’s glad he’s not along side them, i’d pick death over Acacia any day of the week, there already dead anyway, they just haven’t gone in the ground yet.

Its a fuckin heavy price to pay, think about it, never being able to bang your wife or any other women for that matter, never being able to take your kids to the park or even walk to the milk bar, FUCK THAT!

What about Alfie ? he has to do his run outs by himself, now thats 24 hours a day by himself, that would drive you fuckin mad.

And if he get’s found guilty then he will be the only one that wont die in prison but you can bet your cash that the kids that have lost there dad will be all grown up by then and the cycle will start all over again just like it has for many years in good old Melbourne Town.

A 4m x 2m cell, my fuckin toilet is bigger bigger then that.

Son Of Sly

12:01 AM

Anonymous said…

they should deport these scum back to whatever country it was they’re from.

ruining australia with there scummy fruit and vegie godfather routines.


5:51 PM

Anonymous said…

What a numbskull. While you’re at it why not send off anyone that’s descended from immigrants. Hey presto, empty country

5:13 AM

MUI said…

Send ’em back?

Once upon a time the organised crime was indeed organised along racial/ethnic backgrounds, but there has been much blending in the last 30 years, and I would hasten to point out that the Irish/English immigrants were pretty hard at it in Melbourne in the latter part of the 19th century and for much of the 20thC as well. No one discussed sending them home!

Sending folks “home” is not an answer- most crims- dead or alive in Melbourne are better than second generation Australian born. So the fact that they may or may not have “ethnic” sounding names is irrelevant- they are Australians and need to be dealt with by Australian authorities.

Deporting the crims would not answer the issue anyway. Vacuums get filled.

If there is interest, MUI will be doing a run down on how the new terror laws might be used against regular criminal activity…


4:01 PM

Friday, November 04, 2005

Gangland pair found guilty of murder – National –

Dumb n Dumbererest whacky duo Goussis and Faure have tripped the light fantastic and gone down like a 2 dollar whore. Suprise *yawn*.

The pair had pleaded not guilty to murdering Lewis Caine, who died from a single bullet to the face on May 8 last year.

They did not give evidence.
Because their evidence was “unlikely to assist their case” as they say in the legal trade. Oh and the whole allowing your client to lie on the stand -> get disbarrred thing.

James Montgomery, for Faure, said it defied common sense Faure would drink for two hours with Caine in front of witnesses and then be a party to shooting him.
…and that’s the exact reason why they were drinking with him before they whacked himn. To make it look that way. Christ. Stupid.

Now that this case is in the can, we here at MUI can get back to the task at hand: bedding Caine’s ex Zarah Garde-Wilson. We woun’t be taking her on as our life partner-> the whole “last boyfriend got shot” thing has us a little nervous. And besides, it would be wrong to be seeing Zarah Garde-Wilson and Roberta Williams at the same time.

Gangland pair found guilty of murder – National –

at 8:40 AM


Anonymous said…

Well mate you can keep Roberta as she’s a bit of a dog “her sisters alright” I wonder if both of them have been rooted since Carl and Victor Brincat have been banged up, but i would have a crack at Zarah as she is a nice piece of ass if I do say so.

As for old Keithy “well fuck know’s how he got himself into all this shit AGAIN”, as they say “bars or box” well its looking like he doesn’t have a fuckin choice now lol.

The only crazy thing about it is that Ange got involved in this and its looking like a big one for him, he was never involved in anything this major “well he fuckin is now”.

LIFE in jail lol fuck me dead, what in the world is worth that.

I guess for Keithy old habits die hard and for Ange new habits will die old.

Son Of Sly

9:23 AM

young buck said…

her sisters not too crash hot either if thats her in the pic, tho – after a couple of beers she might start to look alright

5:39 PM

Anonymous said…

No, that’s Zarah Garde-Wilson in the pic up the top

You don’think she’s attractive? It’s all about perspective – have you ever seen a mildly decent looking solicitor? Exactly…….I didn’t think so hehe

Have seen her on the news a few times and she wears sexy low cut tops and short skirts etc. This is to be encouraged at all costs

6:10 PM

MUI said…

You can admire the Garde Wilson, but do NOT touch her until some one has safely disposed of Lewis Caine’s sperm. She wants that stuff… for her own reasons…

10:11 AM

Anonymous said…

que? what? Is there something sinister with the sperm thing?

5:51 PM

Anonymous said…

she wants his baby

9:41 AM

MUI said…


“It was later revealed that Ms Garde-Wilson, who has named her city firm Garde-Wilson and Caine after him, was trying to win the right to have his child, using his frozen sperm. She opened the firm in June after working as a junior solicitor for Pryles and Defteros.”

4:47 PM

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last Man Standing Axed..

No, it’s not the fantastic and funny Channel Satan television program, but rather the last of the old school crims Mr. TONY MOKBEL!

Now Tone was the big man on campus for a while there. He was more old school than Carl Williams et al- happy to see the Carlton Crew members eat lead Benji sandwiches- but was staying as low profile as possible- well as low as the biggest drug dealer in the state can stay. Ok, not very low at all. Ever.

Soon, big Tone will soon be rooming with Carl Williams. They can compare notes. I suspect Carl Will be the Bottom, Tony is all about being Top. I’ll let you all process the thought of sweaty man love between our Carl and our Dear Tony for a moment…

Meanwhile, on the outside, we here at MelbUnderworld will be seeing how Roberta Williams’ latest botox-ing has gone, and finding out if she’s had any surgery of interest.

Roberta- on the prowl for some sweet lovin’?

Carl Williams leaving court with a Dead Man Standing

Lets have a squizz at what the Tone has done:

Accused drug dealer faces new charges

Police say they have charged accused Melbourne drug dealer Tony Mokbel, over the importation of ecstasy and drug-making chemicals.

Federal police have charged Mokbel in connection with another drug investigation.

Officers questioned Mokbel after raids on properties in Southbank and Coburg.

The 40-year-old is awaiting trial on an unrelated charge of importing about three kilograms of cocaine from Mexico.

Tonight, Mokbel has been charged with inciting to import ecstasy and drug-making chemicals.

Federal police say it is the first time anyone has been charged with the offence.

He has been refused bail and remanded in custody in an out-of-sessions hearing.

Mokbel is expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow.

On the UP side, Tone has the record for being the first person charged with importing drug making chemicals. That, along with his criminal record, is a record that can’t be taken away.

Tony Mokbel, take a bow.

I tried to find a flattering photo of the Big Tone, but no such pic exists. Here he is looking like a fat drug dealer. Interestingly enough, HE IS a fat drug dealer. Proving that first impressions are the way to go.

BTW: Folks, we have a problem. Tony is the Last Man Standing- where will this blog go next? Maybe WE should go into crime? We are much smarter than these cheese eating surrender monkeys! Your comments please…

The cast of Last Man Standing. At least when their time is up, they go to a new casting. Thats better than 20 years in a cell with Carl Williams.

at 10:12 AM


Anonymous said…

The word is the new kid on the block to watch is a bloke caller Bluey from the Western Suburbs, he was a mate of Jason Morans that left the country for a while and is now back with a bang as they say.

From what i’ve heard he’s even more feared then PK was and has in the past been involved in a few unsolved murder blues.

A mate of mine was in a pub in Ascot Vale last week when this fella walked in with two blokes and pulled a mate of Carl Williams out by the neck, seems to me and what i’ve been told he’s back for revenge over the loss of his good mate and his brother Mark.

I take it that since most of the Williams Crew are in jail then he’s just gonna clean up what’s left “George & Roberta should be shiting there self’s”.

Hopefully it should heat up again for a bit, makes good reading on my lunch brake.

The Son Of Sly

11:51 PM

Anonymous said…

But but but……….isn’t Roberta just a struggling suburban housewife and mother?

6:12 PM

Anonymous said…

Well after her being the one that wanted poor old Lewis Moran knocked I don’t think this bloke gives a shit, she is part of all this and is going along for the ride.

Victor Brincat is just lucky he’s locked up at the moment, but his brother isn’t so I wouldn’t put it past this Bluey fella if he knocks him to back up.

Son Of Sly

8:12 AM

Anonymous said…

The previous comment was tongue in cheek. Nasty piece of work is Roberta

Any guess on how long some of these fellas such as Carl Williams and Victor Brincat will be locked up for? (my guess is a hell of a long time)

Whatever happened to the skinny looking guy that became Williams’ ‘bodyguard’ after Veniamin was killed?

5:48 PM

Anonymous said…

If both Williams & Brincat are found guilty then its life so the next time we see them will be in a box on there way to the graveyard.

The bloke’s name that became Williams’ ‘bodyguard’ is Terrence Chimirri, a runt junkie, he’s had the shit kicked out of him a few times since Williams has been locked up.

If I was gonna get myself a bodyguard it sure as hell wouldn’t of been a dickhead like him.

The Son Of Sly

8:27 PM

Anonymous said…

funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as “tone” ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are… MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.

12:58 PM

Anonymous said…

Sheesh, if you find all this upsetting why not email the site’s owners and “make them an offer they can’t refuse”

Or slap them around a bit like the Don did to Johnny Fontaine when he was sooking

If the above is a bit too poofy then I thoroughly recommend putting “their fukking head in a fukking vice”

Nah maybe not, the above is a bit over the top I agree. A plain old cliched horses’s head in the bed will suffice

9:03 PM

Anonymous said…

funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as “tone” ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

” Your mate Tone ha ha ok buddy, Tony coudn’t punch his way out of a poofters tea party, in the real world of hard men he doesn’t rate at all”

Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are… MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.

(Thats the best place for an animal like Victor “behind bars” shooting people infront of kids takes alot of dash doesn’t it, and if your so called mate Victor had any sort of a brain cell then what is he doing banged up in Barwon, for a hitman he wasn’t very good was he, I mean he got bloody cought for all the hits he did.)

(At least the million he got for the Moran hit might be able to get him a better lawyer for his big day.)

P.S It’s also funny how alot of you internet tough guy’s use the internet to make threats to people, I bet you read alot of crime books and live in a fantasy land dreaming about being a gangster.

Carl Williams, Benji, Victor Brincat, Tone, Victor Peirce and the rest are no loss to the decent people of Melbourne so stop bitching and stop reading crime books there fucking with your head.

Son Of Sly

10:56 PM

Anonymous said…

Interesting point re: shooting people in front of their own and others’ kids

Some unspoken rules were beginning to be broken and this was one of them. How anyone could cause so much trauma to such innocent young ones is beyond me

Wonder if they’d have tought it was ok for say, their own friend’s kids to witness their father’s murder (can’t have it both ways)

4:03 AM

Anonymous said…

Very true, also as soon as Mick Gatto was charged, Carl Williams came right out and said that Benji was set up by Gatto, so does that not make Carl an informer ?

They all make up these so called bullshit rules as they go along I think.

I’ve spoke with a few blokes that have know Victor Brincat in the past be it in jail and that, and he has never been a bright spark with any dash, but then he’s also been done for rape and we all know that rapist’s don’t have any dash to start with.

Son Of Sly

4:55 AM

Anonymous said…

It’s ironic that the new boys on the block came in with a huge gust of wind and it just turned out to be one giant smelly fart

At the end of the day there’s been absolutely nothing achieved. How many kids are fatherless and how many are facing long stints inside as a result of what basically amounted to people’s massive egos (started off as a power struggle but went way beyond that)

At least the old boys did what they did in part at least, as a means of doing something FOR their families

All these guys managed to do was: something TO their families

8:52 PM

MUI said…

funny how alot of u use the internet to hide and mock and talk alot of shit, but believe me this person who dares even address my mate as “tone” ever crossed paths would dred the day he mouthed off like the way he has hear.. BEAWARe

Also all u little faggots talking about victor the way you are… MY God u are Lucky that he is behind bars believe, ur time will come.
It’s nice to hear the illiterate mouth off about the soon to be jailed for life.

“BEAWARe”- is that a new word- or are you as smart as those that came before you? Anyway, yes, we’ll DRED(sic) the thought that big Tone et al will have the MUI collective whacked for mouthing off on the internet. Boy if everyone whacked everyone else who got gobby on the net- they population would go from 20 mil to, ohh three people in a week. Here’s the deal- when we go into drug dealing, etc, then have us whacked. Until then, you are guilty of what you charge us with doing: mouthing off on the internet under the veil of anonymity.

These new school boys make us sick. How did you find this site? Google right?. EGO googling. *sigh* Give us The Munster back. He wouldn’t have a/ known how to use the net and b/ given the remotest shit about what people said on it. But you little quasi-tough-guy-but-mostly-monkey you have to puff your chest out and tell us we are all going down. Either you are a/ a troll b/ for real- and therefore a total, utter, fuck knuckle. Here’s a tip- be smart and shut your fucking face.

Anon 1: Toche re: Roberts being a suburban house wife and mother. *lol*

Jail sentences: A raffle, but we’ll be old and this site will be an archive.

RE: Victor – he does have “dash” Kill n Dash. The marathon man il n’est pas?

To my other, worthy readers: It’s simply wonderful to have you all on board again. These are interesting times and we’d love to hear your rumours, innuendo, lies and threats *ooooh shaking* Email us using an anonymous sytem like
our email address is: [soon to be set up]

See the front page for more…

9:23 AM

Anonymous said…

Nicely put mate and the bit about Victor lol think I might of pissed myself or was that from that fella with his threats, well its alot better then calling him a Fat Drug Dealer, both would of done in my book but its not my blog lol

Tone has got a better ring to it anyway ” alot like Benji’s mobile before Greg the baby sitter rang it before Mick sent him off to meet his maker, infact if I was told that it was Greg that wrote the comments above that would not fuckin surprise me at this point in time.

Son Of Sly

9:34 AM

Anonymous said…

And furthermore………

Greg D (destroyer)is now the main man out in them thar rootin tootin high falutin western suburbs. All he needs now is to get rid of that heinous hairdo and people will fear him. Just like the Don, no doubt

p.s. Will Roberta and Greg shack up together? Will she let him babysit?

p.p.s.s. this here place is turning into some funny shit (or is it just a bit of shitty fun??)

6:25 PM

Anonymous said…

What I can’t understand is, why would Benji and Carl Williams let a child killer like Greg be around them or any of there kids, in the good old days he would of just got knocked but its crazy how he is still walking around.

Son Of Sly

12:50 AM

Anonymous said…

Apparently Veniamin felt sorry for him. Roberta certainly wouldn’t have wanted him around. They were neighbours me thinks

6:55 PM

Anonymous said…

How could anyone feel sorry for a child killer is beyond me.

Veniamin also was a bit of a dick head, he pissed off that many people in the end that if Mick never took care of him i’m pretty sure someone else would of, there was even word going about that he was banging Roberta behind Carl’s back.

Son Of Sly

1:15 AM

Anonymous said…

True Veniamin was a dickhead and I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Roberta were doing a bit of horizontal dancing

Veniamin – apparently he cracked onto some guy’s girlfriend so they decided to square off in a park somewhere, with the only rule being – no guns

The other guy turned up as arranged and Veniamin promptly shot him several times

Yeah it seems he thought he was invincible, it was always going t happen

6:07 AM

MUI said…

When Benji got popped we said that “if it wasn’t the Carlton crew then it would be an associate” and the months after his death bore this out.

He was out of control. He was 24/7 armed and had more drugs in him than the Bali nine had on them. (however Benji was a speedy kinda guy)

At the Gatto trial (we watched) they asked questions relating to Benji like he was an ordinary bloke ie”As if hew would carry a gun in the front of his 3/4 shorts”, but then Benji was insane and drug fucked to hell. Once again, at the time, one of the collective said “it’s any wonder he didn’t blow his cock off”

Gatto settled for his neck.

4:40 PM

Anonymous said…

All of you need to get a life! Are you seriously writing this shit?! As for the comment about the ‘runt junkie’ you allege became Williams bodyguard, i’d suggest having the constitution to make those remarks in person than like some ranting little piss ant on a blog. Thats a very serious thing to say about another person you have never met and guessing by the indignified way you conduct yourself, will never have the pleasure of meeting. Please get a life and find something else to do aside from casting aspersions on people and situations you so obviously have no idea about.

6:59 PM

Thursday, October 13, 2005

How to make a lazy $2 Million (less some expenses)

TWO million dollars will be offered today as reward for solving the murders of Jennifer Tanner and Adele Bailey.
Indemnities from prosecution will also be announced to help flush out the killer or killers.

Former Victoria Police officer Denis Tanner has been accused of murdering his sister-in-law Jennifer and transsexual prostitute Adele Bailey.

He has not been charged over either death and strongly maintains his innocence.

Ok, listen up, you won’t get an easier way to make a lazy 2 Million:
1/ Buy video Camera ($1500) and a tape ($5).
2/ “Acquire” sawn off shotgun/hand gun/steel capped boots. ($1000)
3/ Find Denis Tanner.
4/ Threaten him with guns while placing steel capped boot on his throat.
5/ Film him confessing to both murders. (After you take foot off throat- make it look like a covert filming NOT a forced confession)
6/ Send to TV, Newspapers, police and your nan (safekeeping)
7/ Sit back and wait for the cash.

Seriously he’s the single guiltiest, craziest mother fuckers on planet earth. I suspect if we put him in Mr Psycho Universe he’d give any Kligon, Wookie or Martian a serious fucking run. MUI have met Denis in passing once (at Adele Bailey’s inquest) and the lights are on and they are FUCKING MAD-RED. Mad. Nutty. BOING! Zing Blinky blink! He would pass a lie detector test because he has twisted his life that way. He’s so nutty that when Jon Faine on the ABC asked him about who killed his “ex wife” Denis FORGOT to mention she was his BROTHER’S EX WIFE. That is some nutty shit right there.

The Age take on this
Hear Denis on the ABC forgetting that he killed the brother’s wife This will only last a week- listen up while you can!
Herald Sun: $2m bid to solve murder riddle [13oct05]

at 11:10 AM


Anonymous said…

‘either of the two shots fired into Mrs Tanner’s skull would have killed her instantly or almost instantly.’

the forensic pathologist used by Richter (as mentioned in your 17 May post) could possibly successfully refute that one (again, for a new court).

nobody ever mentions that there has been a 3rd death connected to this case, which was disguised as a car crash, in Tasmania, where the deceased moved thinking they would be safe.

11:08 PM

Brownie said…

$2m is such a nice round figure. Today The HerSun tells us:
‘The price tag was just over $2 million and the sale was finalised without the property being subject to finance’.
Happy little homemakers. I do hope their windows are tougher than golfballs from that tee they overlook at the Heidelberg Golf Course. A lotta cops will be playing through regularly I guess

2:00 PM

Anonymous said…

Is Denis Australia’s answer to OJ Simpson? Nah, white men can’t jump

4:08 AM

Anonymous said…


5:53 PM

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Officer faces punishment for LEAP leak – National –

A Victoria Police chief inspector will face disciplinary action over the leaking of 291 files from the police database.
That sounds bad enough … but wait!:

Victoria’s Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said the same officer then failed to brief her properly on the seriousness of the security breach.

Announcing the findings today, Ms Nixon said the report recommended formal disciplinary action be taken against the senior officer who, on July 14, gave approval for the files to be emailed to a corrections officer and to a senior officer within the Justice Department.

“There were 291 names…it made 7,000 pages of documentation and so it was a fairly extensive file,” Ms Nixon told reporters.
Seven. Freakin’. Thousand. pages.

But thats ok. Those who have had their privacy so carelessly breached will be informed so that they can make appropriate changes/panics/move overseas.

ummmm… no:

Ms Nixon said the people whose files had been released would not be told of their direct involvement in the incident for fear of jeopardising the identity of a whistleblower in the matter.

Gee thanks. The whislteblower is safe (for once), while the 291 Jones/Smiths/Allens have had their files flung about cyber space. But will never know it until the shit really hits the fan.

“I think the vast majority of members of Victoria Police do the right thing.”
Who said that? Paul Mullet? Kel Glare? No.

Christine Nixon. Out of her mind.

Officer faces punishment for LEAP leak – National –

at 3:41 PM

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Round up the usual suspects AGAIN…

The Melbourne press are, of course, only talking about Walsh st and Victor snr. getting popped.

Jade Quinn was the braniac who may have shot Vic jnr. Incidently, Vic is banging Jade’s sister, so it’s complicated.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Vic and Wendy’s daughter Katie Peirce says that her mother is a liar over the Walsh st revelations. “My dad told me so…” Of course, Mum’s lying and Daddy told the truth. If that wasn’t funny enough, Katie then goes on to say that her family are “good law abiding citizens…”

For the love of God.

I can’t help myself:

You’re sooo ambitious, aren’t you…?
You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well-scrubbed, hustling rube with a little, taste… Good nutrition has given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you Officer Starling…? That accent you’re trying so desperately to shed – pure West Virginia. What was your father, dear? Was he a coal miner? Did he stink of the lamp…? And oh, how quickly the boys found you! All those tedious, sticky fumblings, in the back seats of cars, while you could only dream of getting out. Getting anywhere -yes?

Man in court over Peirce shooting – National –

at 12:21 PM


Crystal said…

Pleased to see you lived to blog another day.

9:58 PM

Anonymous said…

’twas a tough time.

I was on Mick Gatto’s diet and it seems to have worked.


11:28 AM

Anonymous said…

Once read that Victor Snr tried to steal a jar of coffe valued at the incredible sum of $3.49 from an Asian grocery in Flemington. The proprietors caught him red handed and a scuffle of monumental proportions ensued

When the cops finally came along to collect him there were 5 little Asians sitting on top of the hapless Peirce

4:12 AM

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Major Strasser has been shot!

A man believed to be the son of slain underworld figure Victor Peirce is in a stable condition in hospital after being shot in Melbourne’s east last night.

Victoria Police were called to a house in Scoresby Road, Boronia shortly after 8pm, following reports of a shooting.

“Initial investigations indicate there was an altercation between two men outside the address,” police spokeswoman Sheree Argento said.

I’m not saying that people should change their names to avoid fate, but if your name is Victor Pierce- DON’T go out of the bloody house!

Seems Vic jnr is getting his racing stripes as we speak. Word has it he’s already puffing his chest out like a fucking pigeon. Yeah boy, pigeons get eaten by falcons.

This is not truly gangland- as Vic Jnr is so freaking jnr he doesn’t rate a mention. Question is: will he lag like his mother, or get popped like Dad, go crazy like Uncle Dennis or be a legend like grandma?

We’ll go with “Dead by 2008”. Any takers?

Son of slain gangster shot – National –

at 9:22 AM


Anonymous said…

Don’t think he will go Crazy like Uncle Dennis but it would be good, there hasn’t been anyone around like Mr Death since Mr Death, apart from being a dog Dennis was one crazy cunt.

If Melbourne Underworld had to pick the worst of the worst then Dennis gets top spot by a long shot, no one was more feared then him in his day.

Dennis liked to kill just for the fuck of it or fun of it, 13 deaths were linked to him but I have been told by a jack that was round in the 80’s that the number could well be 26 to 30 so I guess that makes Dennis Melbourne if not Australia’s biggest killer.

Just a few thing that he did to get the nick name Mr Death

1: After stabbing a Murder victim in the head, when putting him in a shollow grave Dennis jummped on his head to get him in quicker and the head fell apart, this same person was stabbed in Dennis’s house and ran to Dennis for help and he helped him out by doing this.

2: Used a chainsaw to cut an ex Hell’s Angel’s legs off so they would fit into a 44 gallon drum after he shot him for no reason.

3: Shot a bloke about 20 odd times and Dennis in his Crazed mind thought he was still alive so he then cut the blokes throte and left him out in the boot of his car for a few day’s.

The list go’s on and on but you get the idea of what kind of man Uncle Dennis was.

Victor Peirce jr has got a lot to live up to as its well know that his old fella helped out Uncle Dennis on more then one murder.

Son Of Sly

9:25 PM

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yes, we KNOW!

More news to come re: Gatto acquittal. Gathering it in person as we blog.

**WORD**: This is going to get ugly. NOT GAME OVER!

at 4:07 PM


Anonymous said…

Yep. The dust will settle before someone decides that some revenge is in order. Although the oldboys are smarter than they’re given credit for. I reckon they’ve basically won this war. The other side is decimated

After that, my guess is that there’ll be a void that needs to be filled when Carl Williams and his mates are locked up for a fair while

8:28 PM

Brownie said…

ring ring
‘I want to report a Missing Blogger’.
‘How long has this per- blogger been missing?’

‘He went out 2 weeks ago to get the story on the Gatto aquittal’
‘ oh lady fageddaboudit’.

8:37 PM

Crystal said…

EIGHT weeks. he has been missing eight weeks.

6:28 PM

Brownie said…

ELEVEN weeks missing. Please phone your parents and let them know you are safe.

5:07 PM

Anonymous said…

Hiya folks.

Been rather undercover of late.

Back on deck, but there’s much to learn and write about!

Thanks for patience…

8:02 AM

Anglo Aust said…

Are all these crims of wog descent?

Are any white Australian?

5:52 PM

Anonymous said…

Ever met a blind racist? (what a numbskull you are, son)

Do you perhaps post at ?? If not get on there with your mates……….and report back on how my ‘mulleted skinheads’ thread is doing. And tell me if anyone has tried the curry recipe that I posted thread. And the Kylie Minogue thered – is it still going?

Finally, tell those twats that Australia was for 40,000 a black country

6:02 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Struggle ‘possible’ after shooting…

Suspected hitman Andrew Veniamin could have continued fighting for up to a minute after being shot in the head and neck, a forensic pathologist told the Supreme Court yesterday.

Well, that’s one way of explaining why Mick needed to give him such chronic lead poisoning…

Robert Richter QC (we prefer SC, but hey) is the right man to have in your corner for a gig like this. He’s been chomping at the bit to get, as Rumpole would say “a nice little murder”. Instead room service brought him up a big one:

Questioned by Robert Richter, QC, for Gatto, Dr Dodd agreed it was difficult to determine individual reactions to particular injuries and that even people shot in the brain could remain active for a brief time.

Given ol’ Benji was brain dead from birth, it’s a tough call to make.

The defence has claimed that the men struggled until the last of five shots was fired from the .38 revolver that Gatto claims Veniamin had with him.

As Winston Churchill might have said – “well they would say that…”*

But under re-examination by prosecutor Geoff Horgan, SC, Dr Dodd said that if Veniamin had struggled after his carotid artery was lacerated, then he would have expected to see more evidence of arterial blood on the walls of the passageway.

“The body was on the ground and there was an exceedingly large lake of blood under the head and shoulder area pooling back towards the back of the corridor,” Dr Dodd said.

We’ll call that a draw then…
* Update: Was not Winston, was in fact Mandy Rice-Davies NOT Christine Keeler and most certainly NOT Winston Chruchill.
Struggle ‘possible’ after shooting – National –

at 5:55 PM


Brownie said…

Richter wins. Wish I could see the cheque he gets for his effort.

1:15 PM

Anonymous said…

More likely to be cash

11:33 AM

Crystal said…

I thought that quote
‘well he would say that wouldn’t he?’
was Miss Mandy Rice-Davies 1963?

10:34 PM

Anonymous said…

My only contribution to this entire sordid episode is the following:

Winston was once drunk at a swank party, with the well heeled set in attendance. One old biddy was so disgusted by Winston’s state of inebriation that she decided to confront him. The results

Old Biddy: “winston, you’re drunk” (insert disgusted emoticon here)

Winston: “yes madam I am drunk, but you are ugly. And I’m happy in the knowledge that tomorrow morning I shall awaken sober” (have a think about that one hehe)

and this…(I highly suspect Winston was drunk again)

Woman: “Winston, if I were your wife I would lace your tea with arsenic”

Winston: “and if I were your husband madam, I would drink it”

4:20 AM

Friday, May 13, 2005

Say it ain’t so…

Senior police say the unit will continue to operate into next year, although they are satisfied the underworld war – at least on Melbourne streets – is over. Senior prison officers have kept suspected warring parties separated in jail to ensure the feud does not continue behind bars.

The last known gangland-related murder was Caine’s on May 8 – more than a year ago.

Some key Purana investigators have been allowed to return to other duties, while the remaining detectives prepare briefs of evidence for court appearances.

“It’s important to remember that we have not had a Purana-related murder for well over a year,” said Stephen Linnell, a spokesman for Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon.

“That’s not to say Purana’s work is finished. In fact, there’s still a tremendous amount of work to do. You certainly haven’t heard the last of Purana.

“There’s already some cases before the courts and there’s a number yet to come. In a sense Purana’s work will never be completed. It’s the start of a new way of combating organised crime and we are very much focused on continuing that fight.

“It’s important for the community to understand that Victoria Police is committed to continuing the fight against organised crime.”

AFL coach Mick Malthouse famously described a sporting club’s fortunes being like a clock. If you win a premiership at midnight, then 1-3 is your rebuilding time, and you must begin to deliver by 9 o’clock.

The current Underworld status is about 2 o’clock. As was rightly pointed out, we haven’t had a hit since Lewis Caine on May 8 2004. The main players are behind bars or dead. The vacuum we here at MU have been talking about is growing day by day and rest assured folks- the current crews are in all manner of strife, but let us say this right fucking now lest there be any confusion:


at 5:39 PM


Anonymous said…

hah you guys are fuking nuts. Keep up the good work. The more “you bastards are dead meat if we get a hold of you” posts you get from ‘anonymous associates of XXXX who don’t want to be named’, the better

p.s. need some emoticons here

8:46 PM

Friday, May 13, 2005

‘e doan like porridge

Harsh prison conditions were affecting the mental state of gangland figure Carl Anthony Williams, the president of Victoria’s appeal court heard today.
We’ve always said the fat boy was full of piss and wind, and it seems he can’t cope with porridge either (jail, gaol etc).

Fuck Carl, you play with matches youse gets burned. Hit the gym, lose the puppy fat (puppy fat on a 30+ yr old!) and get on with your life. Forget Roberta, she’s not given to being alone- and with the years you are facing olde bean… well let’s just say Roberta Botox are gonna get well acquainted real soon.

Meanwhile on the other side of town:

Keith Faure, 53, his brother Noel Faure, 50, and Evangelos Goussis, 37, all appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today charged with (ed: Lewis) Moran’s murder and the attempted murder of Wrout.
The three stooges tried to pull off a contract killing. They knocked their prime, missed the secondary and then folded up like a dodgy old card table.

They did ok though- havinng popped Lewis Caine earlier in slightly less spectacular fashion they took out old Lewis Moran. (hey if yer name’s Lewis you are not SAFE- Kate Langbroek- I’m looking at you!)

Three charged with Moran murder

at 5:20 PM


Anonymous said…

Keith Faure and Evan Goussis found guilty today

Rocket scientists or what? Drinking for a few hours with a guy that was murdered later that night. hmmmm…….doesn’t take Hercule Poirot to work out who they were gonna go to “help with their inquiries”

Keith: “I didn’t see nuffink. I was too busy puking my guts out”

8:42 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

We are ONE- but we are many

All Telstra advertising bullshit aside- Melbourne Underworld Insider Blog turned one recently (we were reminded of this fact by a reader- thank you Brownie!).

Te celebrate we’re going to do 10 lines of speed, a gram of hash, three foils of smack and then do a drive-by on the competition blog some interesting facts ‘n figures this week.

Stay tuned!!

at 6:26 PM

Friday, May 06, 2005

Gangsters targeted by new squads – Crime & Corruption – Features – In Depth

The Vic Police have called in the consultants- no they will not recommend outsourcing everyone and then hiring themselves on higher rates- that’s the Workcover and the TAC version of a revamp. No, this is the mighty Victoria Police and the result will be efficiency and better communication.


The proposals include:

– Incompetent and lazy detectives to be sacked if their performance remains unacceptable.

MU says: Well good thing the Drug squad was disbanded when it was or the lot of them would be looking for guard work.

– Psychological and personality testing to identify police susceptible to corruption.
Well that’s going to reduce the intake rather severly one might suggest.

– Rewarding elite investigators with study opportunities, overseas trips and career advancement.
WTF is “elite”? Lots of dodgy arrests? Lemme get this straight- if you verbal some stooge and fit him up for a non existent crime- you could get a “study tour” to Las Vegas. Yeah. Right. That ought to stop corruption.

-Establishing a 24-hour crime desk to assign resources to breaking crimes around Victoria.
“Your crime is important to us- press one for murder, two for break and enter, 3 for rape or say your crime after the tone”

Regular reviews to stop police continuing “dead-end” investigations into crimes that are unlikely to be solved.
If this happened 5 years ago, the Silk/Miller muders would not have been solved.
– A mentoring system for specialist detectives to pass on expertise throughout the force.
Sounds a lot like “you get brown paper bag A from crim B and go to crown to achieve C- laundering”

– Less emphasis on crime types and more on tackling major crime identities.
Celebrity crooks with celebrity cops. We’ve called for this for sometime. Like Big Brother, but with guns.

All bullshit aside, this does look like a better strategy than MU Insider had expected. The lack of Vic Police input- is a bloody good thing. We naturally await Paul Mullet of the Police Assoc. to bleat like one of the sheep from 1984– “All Cops are honest! All Cops are honest! All Cops are honest!” Honestly, he’s a fucking dinosaur who has allowed the bad eggs to rule the roost. Don’t get us started on the issue of dismissing dodgy cops. In short unless you are caught red handed, convicted, shot and cremated- Mullet reckons you are ok by him. Moron.

But there is one gaping hole in the strategy:

Some murders where the offender is known will be handled by local detectives, while more complex killings and long term “cold-cases” will be investigated by the homicide squad.

Oh dear. Does the Colin Winchester case ring any bells out there folks? The AFP version

Paul Mullet telling us how great all the cops are…
Gangsters targeted by new squads – Crime & Corruption – Features – In Depth

at 7:11 PM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Five shots that ended a life

The Mick Gatto trial will soon be getting underway- he’s pleading not guilty by way of self defense- which makes sense.

Here’s why he might be ok:
1/ Gatto may have been tooled up- but he’d not done a whole lotta shooting in a looong time. If Benji was to be knocked by the Carlton Crew, it certainly would not be Gatto in a fucking restaurant, in front of so many witnesses. No fucking way.
2/ Gatto is not fond of the sponsor’s product while our ol’ mate Benji was a dancin’ shakin’, two-lines-before-brekky kinda bloke:

Mr Horgan said the conversations showed the change in their relationship, from one of friendship to one where Gatto was wary of Veniamin.
That’s mostly due to Benji becoming a button-down-psycho in his final months. He was a paranoid, aggro, tooled up little upstart who was on borrowed time from the moment he met Carl and Tony Mokbel. If I was Gatto, I’d have been fucking wary of the pocket rocket too. We here at MU reckon that if Gatto hadn’t nailed him, someone would have- and that someone could have come from either the Carlton Crew OR even the Williams/Mokbel crew. That’s how much of a liability Benji was becoming.
3/ Benji was believing his own bullshit. He’s knocked a few easy cases, and possibly the Munster (though the cops conveniently say he didn’t do it now coz it helps to mess with Gatto’s post shooting words) and frankly I reckon he was keen to have a go at Gatto. Maybe not kill him there ‘n then, but certainly stick a rosco up his nose and see what came out. Wrong move Benji old bean.

For a while there, it seemed that Gatto was trying to broker a true between the warring groups. Fighting might be fun, but there was money to be made and if the two main players couldn’t get their shit together and get back to the task at hand-the drug trade- then some smart bunch would. Vietnamese crews moving away from heroin, Russian mafia, Philippines crews, Indos, Schapelle Corby, the list of possible players goes on.

It would make sense to get Gatto to get it all cooled down. He’s negotiated some interesting settlements in industrial relations before, and the underworld is just like the real world, but with bullets, death, drugs and this blog.

But sending Benji to negotiate with Gatto? Not fucking likely!
The Fifth Element:
Found him…

(tense) Send someone to negotiate!

Mind if I go? I’m an excellent negotiator.

Uh… Sure, go ahead.

Korben gets ready.

We’re sending someone in who’s authorized to negotiate.

Korben walks quickly into the room, heads straight for Akanit, raises his gun and puts a bullet through his head.

Anyone else want to negotiate?

(to another Cop)
Where’d he learn to negotiate like that?

Where Mr Gatto has a problem
1/ Five. Fucking. Shots. Once for fear, twice for adrenalin, thrice for certainty. But four ‘n five were pure indulgence.

“In that passageway . . . the deceased man, Andrew Veniamin, had no retreat and nowhere to hide,” Mr Horgan said. “The accused man . . . shot him twice to the neck and once to the head. He shot at him a fourth time as the deceased lay dying on the floor of the passageway . . . but he missed. In all, five shots were fired.”
Christ Mick, one more shot and you’d have had to reload. Why not saw his head off to finish him?

2/ How the defence handle the issue of the gun’s sudden arrival on the scene is muy importante aussi. They will say it was Benji’s. We here at MU have no opinion either way. We would be 90% sure that Gatto was tooled up. Normally Benji would be too BUT:

Veniamin was wearing white thongs, elastic-waisted three-quarter pants, a light T-shirt and boxer shorts, clothing that would not have enabled him to hide a weapon. Mr Horgan said neither the restaurant owner nor anyone at Gatto’s table noticed anything to suggest Veniamin had a gun.
Who said Benji would hide a weapon? We’re talking ’bout a fucking hitman not a boyscout who’s showing a gun to his mates. It would come as no surprise to see Benji roscoed up with it pointing right at his cock Workcover would have a field day there…

If the prosecution contend that Benji was unarmed, cast your mind back to the early days of this website, when Benji was first killed and we ran this quote from the Herald Sun:

But Veniamin was a known hothead, who sources said started “going nuts and losing the plot” about eight months ago.

“He was getting carried away, driving his $200,000 Mercedes while tooled up (carrying a gun),” a former detective told the Herald Sun.

“He wouldn’t leave home without a rosco (gun). He wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without one. He was paranoid, and a lot of people started distancing themselves because he was getting out of control and upsetting people left, right and centre.”
Now, get that to fly…

Five shots that ended a life – Crime & Corruption –

at 10:33 PM


Brownie said…

‘Vietnamese crews moving away from heroin, Russian mafia, Philippines crews, Indos, Schapelle Corby, the list of possible players goes on.’

Schapelle? flippancy, right?

although the big boofy 16 year old brother has never been mentioned, he does look silly enough to have done it and she may be taking the rap.

11:18 AM

Anonymous said…

Schapelle? Christ no.
That was just a flippant aside. The others are real honest-to-god players.
Schapelle doesn’t know anything.

Quick note: the Bali 9, the Corby case etc: fuck ups by fucking amateurs.


6:54 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Carl Williams to dodge a bullet?

Not a literal bullet mind, he’s ducking and weaving like a bantam weight. Pretty cool given he’s, well, fat. And the Insider can confirm Roberta’s been in the green paddock while in jail. Or she’s pregnant. Or something.

The Crown is considering dropping a murder charge against underworld figure Carl Williams, a Melbourne court has been told.

Geoff Horgan, SC, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, told Melbourne Magistrates Court the charge against Williams over the murder of gangster Mark Moran may be withdrawn.

Williams appeared at today’s hearing via a video link.

“The question of whether the prosecution will withdraw this charge is still under consideration,” Mr Horgan told Chief Magistrate Ian Gray.

Why is the case going arse up?
Hard to say really, there are some problems relating to evidence and it would seem some people who’d represented they’d do and say one thing, are now harder to find. (ok longest hyperlink ever, but, well, necessary)

at 6:35 PM


Tye Stephens said…

whoever is writing this is obviously an outsider looking in who has no insight what so ever into the gangland killings or anything else that has to do with melbournes underworld and i put it to the author of this commentry who is probly under the desk of one of puranas officers the same way monica leuwinsky was under bill clintons to say in person the same things that they have so easily said over the internet anonomosly mind you to someone who actually has some sought of insight and a little more intestinal fortitude than themselves so though guy what do you say

8:18 PM

MU Insider said…

I say you need to buy/steal some commas olde bean.

See, they are used, in this context, to delineate a stream of consciousness.

Get to it.

We’ll be busy under the desk mif ow moufs fool

4:57 PM

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It’s a family affair…

Father and son duo George and Carl Williams have been ordered to stand trial on charges relating to an alleged million-dollar drug ring.

The two men appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on several charges, including trafficking a commercial quantity of methylamphetamine between December 2002 and mid-2004.
At least Roberta is now out of jail so she can go back to running t5he show like she always has. With Carl out of the way she’ll be able to cut down on the hero factor…

at 4:53 PM

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hitman planned shooting ‘at school’ – Crime & Corruption –

Hitman planned shooting ‘at school’ – Crime & Corruption –

at 7:12 PM


Brownie said…

Dear Insider – congratulations on your first year. Perhaps you could post a Roll Of The Fallen to commemorate the infamous who have passed on since you began.

1:11 PM

Brownie said…

Williams committal hearing: WHY would a TOUGH trained detective FAINT under questioning?

2:13 PM

Anonymous said…

Thanks for the kind words.
The fainting copper… was said to be due to the “air in there” – heard that it was a little deficient in the oxygen dept. Seems to hold water as bit Mr D and witness X went arse up…

4:59 PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Corrupt police ‘offered to kill’ – Crime & Corruption –

Even more shocking revelations about the Hodson case, this time in The Age:

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Simon Overland has confirmed murdered informer Terence Hodson told them corrupt officers were touting themselves as underworld contract killers.

The ABC’s AM program reported that Hodson, who was executed with his wife Christine in their East Kew home last year, was approached by corrupt officers who asked him to solicit murder contracts on their behalf.

Corrupt police ‘offered to kill’ – Crime & Corruption –

at 10:41 AM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Four Corners – 14/03/2005: Melbourne Confidential

Last night’s 4 Corners on the ABC featured a story from top investigator Chris Masters:

Victoria Police have long insisted that no firm links can be drawn between the parallel scandals of the gangland killings and the entrenched corruption that has plagued parts of the Victoria Police.

But Four Corners can reveal new evidence that supports this connection – evidence that Terence Hodson took to his grave.

Reporter Chris Masters profiles the murdered Terence Hodson, a British migrant, devoted father and grandfather, who opportunistically turned his hand to anything that would turn a dollar – drugs, guns, stolen goods, cars, antiques.
Compelling stuff…

Four Corners – 14/03/2005: Melbourne Confidential

at 9:51 AM

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man survives ‘contract’ he took out on own life

Some clown wants to commit suicide.. and fails.
There’s a lot more to the story but:

It is believed the pair spent the $10,000 on top-shelf alcohol, a box of Cuban cigars and mobile phones. They are expected to be charged on summons with attempted murder.
At least they behaved like low brow crims.
Man survives ‘contract’ he took out on own life – National –

at 7:41 AM

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Exhibition draws fire

I don’t know much about art, but I know a lot about crime…

Exhibition draws fire – Arts –

at 8:24 AM

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Strike FOUR and you’re out?

Carl is having a pretty tough time of it as we blog…

Police are set to charge alleged underworld figure Carl Williams with a fourth murder, claiming he stalked and shot drug dealer Mark Moran outside his luxury Aberfeldie home nearly five years ago.
Now this case was stone cold dead in the water. Purana (and just about everybody) knew the rumours surrounding Carl’s involvement (though most thought it was Benji who did done the trigger work..) but the cops couldn’t pin it on him with any certainty. What changed?

The breakthrough comes after a key witness told police he drove Williams within walking distance of Moran’s Combermere Street home on the night of the murder.

Good help is so hard to find. Yes the guy dropping Carl in it MR X is the same Mr X who managed to get a whole 7 years off his 25 year sentence for dobbing in Carl. Worst of all, Mr X has deprived us of Carl’s antics for about 35 years or so…

The word of a convicted crim doesn’t carry much weight on its own… but then:

Another witness, who is not connected with the underworld, has been able to corroborate much of Mr X’s statement.

A second criminal source is also alleged to have made a statement against Williams.
Oh this is bad, very bad for our boy. Maybe he will be able to go in “The Biggest Loser” while in prison? He’s got a bit to lose…

Murder charge No.4 for Williams – Crime & Corruption –

at 9:45 AM

Friday, January 21, 2005

Carl Williams- Game Over?

Huge story brewing here folks- it appears that Carl Williams is to be charged with the murder of Mark Moran in June 2000.

It’s been rumoured that Carl was involved ever since he gobbed off at Jason Moran in prison about how he “took the bullet out of my stomach and put it in Mark” (referring to the earlier shooting of Carl by the Moran brothers…) but frankly we here at Melbunderworld news always thought Carl was a bit of a pussy when it came to tooling about.

We was wrong!

Seems Carl was a regular Wild Bill Hickok eh? He didn’t stay down and dirty once the cops were onto him though- the late great Benji put up his hand and Carl handed over the rosco just as fast as he had used it.

So folk- is this the end game? It was said that the Carlton Crew were gone once the Munster and Lewis Moran went- but seems the Williams crew are not far behind- all the trigger men are dead or in jail, the players are in jail and tony Mokbel is just waiting for a knock at the door.

And what happens now? Well a vacuum rarely stays a vacuum when there is fresh air nearby.

*Calling all tough guys, your time has arrived*

The Age- Williams arrest in Nov 2003
The Age- Watch on Mark Moran Lifted days before murder…
Melbourne Crime Site- Moran murders

at 10:38 PM

Thursday, January 20, 2005

25 – grassing yer mates = 18

A prosecution supergrass who agreed to give evidence against underworld figures Carl Williams and Victor Brincat yesterday became the first person jailed for murder over Victoria’s recent gangland killings.

The informer, known only as Mr X, was sentenced in a secret Supreme Court hearing at Ballarat to 18 years’ jail.
I’m sure many of you have seen the US “Law and Order” franchised TV shows. In these shows, the accused can cut all sorts of deals and get their sentence reduced significantly.
Not so here in Australia- The accused can roll over, but the charges will stand- the judge alone has discretion and in this case, one can’t quite see where Mr X gets his motivation:

“Justice Teague said he would have jailed Mr X for at least 25 years, with a 20-year minimum, had he not agreed to co-operate with authorities and plead guilty to murder.”
Here at Melbourne Underworld news are fully aware of the identity of Mr X and frankly cannot understand why there is a supression order surrounding his name:

  • The people he has implicated/testified against know who he is
  • Fellow prisoners know who he is

Why it matters whether the public knows is beyond us- I’m pretty sure the public don’t care either way.
Go figure. But on this rare occasion we will respect the judges decision and despite these servers being based in the USA where the supression order has no weight, we will not reveal who Mr X is…

Underworld supergrass gets 18 years for killing

at 9:04 AM

Friday, December 24, 2004

Underworld recruiting in prisons – Crime & Corruption –

Some of the main suspects in Victoria’s underworld war are trying to recruit fresh troops inside Melbourne’s prisons, according to Corrections Commissioner Kelvin Anderson.
We’re told there are two types of recruit:

at 10:42 AM

What’s that you say Keithy?

Dobber, dobber!

Notorious Melbourne underworld figure Keith Faure has turned on an associate and admitted being present at the shooting murder of crime patriarch Lewis Moran, a court was told today.
This is ol’ Keithy:

Chopper: Oh, Keithy. I always thought I was a good bloke.
Keithy George: Ha. What did you ever do that was good?
Chopper: Well, I bashed you. That was good, wasn’t it? It was good for a bit of a giggle, anyway.
It’s interesting that Keithy has folded up on this. It’s hard to see if he’s got form for lagging, but one thing remains- ol’ Keithy has been unable to reitre gracefully. Thats the thing about living the tough guy life- there are but two retirement plans: Bars or Box.

Chopper: You don’t much like me, do you Keithy?
There’s also the possibilty that the police want to fuck Keithy’s shit up by putting it about he’s the one wobbling the gob.
One could believe that it’s Evangelos Goussis going the blab:

Goussis remained silent during the brief hearing today, but lodged a complaint about his imprisonment under 23-hour-lockdown at Barwon Prison through his lawyer, Maria Priolo.

“My client just wished to express for the record he has experienced torturous conditions in custody for the past seven months,” she said.
Sounds a bit Guantanamo Bay does it not? That sort of living can drive a man to seek a deal…
The Age- Wobbly gob Keithy

at 4:20 PM

Monday, October 25, 2004

US-style powers to hit crime

Analysis will follow….:

A US-style special prosecutor and unprecedented police powers will be used to attack organised crime in Victoria, but civil liberties groups claim the proposal is dangerously flawed.

The new officer, with the title chief examiner, will have coercive powers and can demand answers from organised crime suspects. Self-incrimination will no longer be accepted as a reason for not answering questions.

The Age: US-style powers to hit crime

at 11:00 AM

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chris Johnson- on field hit man is off field…?

Brisbane Lions chairman Graeme Downie reacted angrily yesterday when Lions triple-premiership player Chris Johnson was named by a radio station as having links to members of the Melbourne underworld.

Those writers!! Why did they pass up the opportunity to say “Brisbane have come out FIRING?” ot “Taken a shot at thaose who named the player” or even “accused those who named Johnson of character assasination”

So many opportunities-lost.

I had hoped the Herald Sun would get on board:

Top Lion link to accused in murder case

AFL triple premiership player Chris Johnson has been linked to a man arrested over three Melbourne gangland murders.

Brisbane Lions’ star Johnson and Alfonse Traglia have been close friends and at one point last year spoke almost daily.

Traglia last month was charged with the murders of drug boss Jason Moran and his friend Pasquale Barbaro in June last year at an Essendon North children’s football clinic.
There’s a bit of spice, but where are the damn sub editors?

In a rather hilarious effort the Herald Sun publish a disclaimer before tipping a bucket on a few current and former players:

The Herald Sun does not suggest Johnson was ever involved in any criminal behaviour. The spotlight on Melbourne’s underworld has also uncovered other relationships between prominent footballers and gangland identities.

They include:

THE brother of a rising AFL star linked to accused drug boss Carl Williams.

A STAR midfielder who has been a friend of an armed robber who has come under Purana notice.

RICHMOND player Ty Zantuck who is a friend of the Moran family and was at the funerals of Jason Moran and his father Lewis.

FORMER AFL star Wayne Johnston who attended the funeral of Jason Moran and was a friend of his brother Mark, who was murdered in June, 2000.

Traglia is in the top security Acacia unit of Barwon Prison, near Geelong.

Chris Johnson played in Brisbane’s premiership triumphs of 2001, 2002 and 2003 and has won all-Australian selection.

A highly-skilled and courageous player, he started his career with Fitzroy and headed north when the clubs merged in 1996.

Football and crime…. It’s not a new thing folks. Been around since the year dot. Once connected with gambling (legal and illegal) now its moving more into players social lives. They no longer have jobs AND play footy so idle hands… (ask Wayne Carey…)

The Age- Gangland link to AFL player
Herald Sun: Top Lion link to accused in murder case

at 1:46 PM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Gangland accused refused bail

An alleged crime boss charged with conspiring to kill Melbourne underworld figure Carl Williams today lost a bid to be freed on bail.

But in refusing the application, Supreme Court judge Justice Bernard Teague said 52-year-old Mario Condello’s prison conditions were “unacceptable”.

Justice Teague said the “particular difficulty in communicating with lawyers is particularly to be condemned”.

Condello is facing charges of inciting and conspiring to kill Williams, his father George Williams and an unidentified bodyguard.
Well thats put the European holiday on hold indefinately. Just as well coz I gather the European holiday was going to be indefinite as well…

at 11:36 AM

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Age: Top AFL player linked to underworld figures

John Silvester writes in a very delicate-dance-around-it kinda way about an AFL player who has some “interesting friends”…

The player has been seen with members of one of the warring groups and was spotted by surveillance police while he was associating with gangsters at a five-star Melbourne hotel.
He doesn’t say who or even which club. But we here at MelbUnderworld don’t care:
It is Chris Johnson from the Brisbane Lions. It doesn’t suprise us considering that Johnson used to be fond of the sponsors product and the odd beer at the Tunnel in the old days (circa 1995-97) when he played for Fitzroy with some very colouful characters.

Add in that he originally hailed from Jacana, which is very close to Carl Williams’Broadmeadows. Ahh, perhaps retirement will mean he can get into the protection game.

Maybe one day he can be just like Benji!!

The Age- John Silvester reports

at 9:00 AM

Friday, October 01, 2004

Just on a fishing trip…

THE Carlton Crew criminal gang was losing the underworld war and needed to wipe out the rival Williams clan, a court heard yesterday.

“I think it’s all going to die down . . . I think the other side, they’re too strong. They’ve won,” he allegedly said.
I believe it was Ancient Greek leader Phyyrus who said after losing a lot of men in a winning battle “Another victory like that and we’re done for…”

Mr Condello allegedly offered the hitman $150,000 a head for the slayings and said there would be no peace until Carl Williams was “put in a hole”.

Carl put in a hole? Hmmmm as stated earlier on this blog, we think Carl is a brainless moron. He might be in jail, but someone else was there:

Roberta Williams, wife of Carl Williams, was seated in the public gallery of the court to hear claims Mr Condello gave the hitman advice on where to find her relatives and how to kill them.
Like, whoa! Holy shit! she has giant brass balls. Really. I’m quite suprised she didn’t call out, spit, have a go, shoot, blow up, scratch some eyeballs out, etc. She is, without doubt, one bad arse, cold, measured bitch.

No shit!

Herald Sun Story

The Age Story

at 10:07 AM

Friday, October 01, 2004

Don’t hang with Judy if you wanna live..

PUBLICATION of a book written by gangster widow Judy Moran has been delayed.

The book, which was expected to be released this year, will hit bookshop shelves early next year.

Mrs Moran has lost two sons and a husband to Melbourne’s gangland wars of the past six years and those deaths are expected to be a major focus of the book, entitled Another World.

Ol’ Judy reminds me of a funny Bill Hicks segement when Bill talks about an ad on TV where a guy tells his sob story about drugs:

Anti Drug guy: “I lost my job, then my car, then my house, then my kids. Don’t do drugs.”

Billy Hicks: Well, I’m definitely not doing them with you, fuck! Man, you’re bumming me out, get him out of here! Who invited Mr. Doom over, get that guy out of here!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hang out with Judy Moran, I’m just saying don’t marry her. If you are related to her, like, mate, get the hell outta Dodge.

It wasn’t just her ex husband Lewis Moran who got knocked, but also the Kane lads as well!

Mrs Moran’s husband, Lewis, was murdered at Brunswick in March this year, Jason was gunned down at Essendon North in June last year and another son, Mark, was shot dead at Aberfeldie in June, 2000.
Having all yer family wiped out used to be Kath Pettingill’s domain…

Book release delayed: Herald Sun

at 10:06 AM

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kill offer a charade, court told

A MAN accused of conspiring to kill alleged underworld figure Carl Williams was taking part in a charade, a court heard yesterday.

Mario Condello, 52, believed Mr Williams was plotting his death, the Supreme Court was told.
So Mr Condello led a would-be hitman, who was actually a police informer, to think he wanted Mr Williams dead so he could gather information on him, the court heard.

Oh boy oh boy is this going to be a close one. Mario et al have really done their homework on this. Be advised: they wanted Carl Williams d-diddly Dead. And I reckon it’s self defence myself…. but hell this new direction is better than my idea.

Probably why I’m NOT a defence lawyer eh?

During Mr Condello’s bail application, defence lawyer Anthony Howard, QC, said the case against his client was weak and based on the word of an unreliable police informer.
But there’s one GAPING hole that they will be sure to drive a truck through:

His lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, told Justice Bernard Teague that the Crown case was weak and based on “inaudible and fragmented” recordings of conversations made covertly by the informer, known as 166. The informer had had drugs charges against him dropped after he helped police, Mr Howard said.
But if the charges against Condello fall over can someone PLEASE explain who the fuck conspired to murder Lewis Caine????

The Age story
The Herald Sun version

at 1:53 PM


LONDON99 said…

As a london crime writer i have followed the melbourne gangland wars with great interest.
It seems as melbourne has turned into the wild west with every coked up gunmen thinking he is billy the kid.
Jason morans murder was as vile as it gets,to kill two men in a car with a back seat full of children even in gangland killings crossed the line,as one london face said to me,(every self respecting crimmanal in melbourne no matter what side he batted for should have took it in turns to hit the trigger man in the head with a claw hammer,no women no children its as simple as that.even in our buissness there has to be rules or we are just the same as all the other animals in the zoo)
And so killing number 24 was benji,who went for a pizza and ended up a takeaway courtesy of a hole in his chest and forhead given free off charge by mike gatto.
This killing proberly saved lives, if the stories are true about benjis fondness for shooting people dead in his spare time between drug deals.
At least gatto gave him a fighting chance which is more than benji gave his victims,if the rumors are true.
And so to the late benjis boss Carl(who ate all the pies)williams this guy seems to want most of australia dead talk about a chip on his shoulder,he makes Darth vader look like a peace campaigner,carl seems to have the hump because one of the moran brothers shot him in the guts a few years ago,talk about holding a grudge, it looks like carl decided to kill the whole moran clan,
I bet who ever shot fat boy in the guts wish he had aimed a foot higher might have saved a lot of grief in the long run.
And so we come to the melbourne police,what can i say twenty four gangland killings and no arrests untill gatto holds his hands up and gives them a smoking gun and benjis dead body in a pizza parlour in broad day light while muttering i killed the bastard in self defence,it does not make good reading for the oz boys in blue,as one london crim told me (if we had the oz police investigating us we would have all retired in our thirtys filthy rich and free as a bird).
So i await the next chapter in this war,however i have the feeling that it will now carry on in the prisons of oz as all the main players are dead or behind bars, at least chopper (mark brandon read)should have some thing to fill his time while he awaits his trial i have read how much mark loves a prison war,well what can i say ,enjoy mark,let me know how it goes in your next book.

1:32 PM

Anonymous said…

London crimewriter, your full of shit.

London crims aint shit.

“bobbys” over ther don’t even carry guns lol

Once again your full of shit

9:00 PM

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Gangland wife ‘incited Moran killing’

She’s just a housewife people. Just a housewife…

Lady MacWilliams:Out DAMNED SPOT!
Photo: Michael Clayton-Jones,

The Age

The wife of alleged underworld identity Carl Williams has been accused of inciting the murder of crime patriarch Lewis Moran.

The accusation could not be reported until Roberta Williams, 35, yesterday pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to drug trafficking charges.

A protected witness, who is in hiding with a new identity, has promised to give prosecution evidence against Roberta Williams implicating her in encouraging Moran’s murder.
Of course for Roberta to qualify as a “housewife”, one would have to modify the job description slightly to include: trafficking, conspiring to murder, fraud, etc, etc.

For sometime now, many people have held the opinion that Carl Williams is, quite frankly, as dumb as dog shit. He may have some street smarts, but his public (media) performances have made him come across as a brain damaged moron. This may indeed be an act (think: Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante who faked being a moron for 30 years…), but one tends to lean towards the “real moron” scenario.

Roberta on the other hand is as cunning as a gutter rat. John Silvester described the two groups of crims as Wise guys

These men tend to keep low profiles, and while they enjoy the trappings of success they don’t flaunt their wealth.
and Tough Guys:

In an underworld increasingly dominated by warring drug syndicates and fuelled by a massive market in illegal amphetamines, these men now hold sway. To these criminals, respect becomes more important than revenue. And violence is often the first option.
Carl was (and we say was coz he is staring down the barrel of 20+ years in prison) a Tough Guy with a Moron moon rising.

But Roberta is more enigmatic. She is a non specific kinda gal. She happily invited the Sunday program cameras into her home to “plead” her case. She came across as a genuine, seet, loving wife who was confused about the media and police attention. Those who knew better could see through this, but to an outsider, she was seemingly truthful. This is classic Wise guy thinking. “Behind every great man…” never rang truer.

It has long been the opinion of the contributors on this website that Roberta Williams plays a dangerous game. She is not invincible, nor does she have a bulletproof vest in the form of being a mother. This may have been the case a few years ago. She was and is a major player and more and more she looks like Lady Macbeth. Blood on her hands- Lewis Moran for one, and probably many others to boot. She is alone now. While there is always an underworld social climber willing to be her bodyguard, the death of Benji and th imprisoning of Brincat and others means she does not have a genuine “tool” man around the house to defend her. She might be a player, but she’s no Kath Pettingill (Kath was always willing to get REAL blood on her hands..)

I can’t see her getting a long custodial sentence, she might even get off, but I can see her getting knocked at some stage. She has just said and done too much. Carl is untouchable (well, possibly) while in prison. But believe this, the Carlton gang want him hurt.

And knocking the missus is one sure fire way to burn him…
Gangland wife ‘incited Moran killing’

at 9:29 AM

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Courts to rule on covert tactics

Well, hell if you are stupid enough to admit any killing at any time, you are hardly good enough to join a SUPER gang eh?

at 3:54 PM

Monday, May 17, 2004

Police drugs informer killed – National –

Wonder who did this???

A witness crucial to exposing alleged corruption in Victoria’s police force has been found shot dead along with his wife in their Kew home.
What an amazing coincidence huh? He’s about to testify and gets knocked.

It wasn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, can’t be a corrupt cop that knocked ’em could it? People?

Hodson was waiting to be dealt with in the Supreme Court after indicating last month that he would plead guilty over offences allegedly committed with two former detectives, Detective Sergeant Paul Dale, 34, and Detective Senior Constable David Miechel, 33. It is believed he had also agreed to co-operate with anti-corruption police on other matters.

What with The Munster getting knocked in Kew and now Hodson too- Kew is becoming a regular Gangland no go zone!!
Police drugs informer killed – National –

at 10:46 AM

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gangland fear on body find – Gangland Killings –

Not again….!
MORE SOON! We are currently getting background on the victim, and will post theories in due course…

Gangland fear on body find – Gangland Killings –

at 10:34 AM


Monday, May 10, 2004

Herald Sun: Hitman and babysitter: police probe link [10may04]

Ok, If you want weird – this is it!:

GANGLAND killing taskforce detectives have tried to question Greg Domaszewicz about Melbourne’s underworld murders.

The Herald Sun has learned Mr Domaszewicz spoke to suspected underworld hitman Andrew “Benji” Veniamin just two hours before he was shot dead in Carlton’s La Porcella restaurant on March 23.
Mr Domaszewicz is also a close associate of alleged drug dealer Carl Williams and his wife, Roberta. Mr Williams was Veniamin’s boss.

But Mr Domaszewicz – the babysitter who was acquitted over the 1997 murder of Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie – refused to talk to police.
That’s it- this whole things hag gone too far now!!

Herald Sun: Hitman and babysitter: police probe link [10may04]

at 10:34 AM

Saturday, April 24, 2004

When killers are victims too- John Silvester.

Thanks to the fact that you can speculate about the dead without fear or recrimination (through the courts anyway), John Silvester has started to name who killed who. Unfortunately he can only name those who are dead who in turn had killed others… you get what I mean.

When killers are victims too – SpecialsGanglandKillings –

at 10:03 AM

Monday, April 05, 2004

Adam Shand from The Bulletin digs deep.

Though not breaking new ground, Adam Shand from The Bulletin did manage to get interviews with both “Benji” Veniamin and Carl Williams recently. It makes for some interesting reading:

It has come to light that police believe Veniamin had once been a loyal associate of the man charged with his murder, Dominic “Mick” Gatto. Investigators believe that Veniamin, a suspect in at least five of the slayings, had operated as a paid assassin for both sides, picking up $100,000 for each successful hit.
Well there’s a cosy 800 grand in the bank (maybe more..)

There’s also this quote about Beji’s car:

When this reporter met Veniamin recently, it was hard to believe that here was Melbourne’s most prolific contract killer. He was a small, lively man, with soft brown eyes that darted away if you got too close. His hands seemed too soft and delicate to be those of a killer. But for the tattoos, he was like any ethnic kid you might see in a hot Torana on a Saturday night. The silver Mercedes-Benz he was driving when he died wasn’t his. It was a loaner from an associate too scared to ask for it back, police sources said.
Here at MU we doubt this a bit. If Benji was getting 100 large for knocking folk, then hecould afford it. He was also close to some lucrative speed makers and there was cash a flowin’.

It also outlines Benji’s past with Gatto and friends, the falling out over Mokbel’s bashing and the resulting war…

The Bulletin > Features > Stories > Burial ground :

at 9:57 PM

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Unusual times call for unusual measures… John Silvester reports.

Knee jerk

Some have called for a royal commission, others for drastic police powers and the nostalgic for a return to the old days when detectives, not gangsters, were said to run Melbourne.

The calls smack of frustration more than common sense. The only people to benefit from a royal commission would be the lawyers, who would be paid a fortune, and sunglass manufacturers, who would provide the latest mafia inspired eye-wear for colourful witnesses. Royal commissions provide headlines and non-admissible testimony.

Those who want to return to the good old days need a reality check. Police have never had a good record in solving underworld murders. When witnesses won’t talk, potential victims won’t take protection and killers won’t stop, then police have a problem.

And there, my dear friends, is the problem. If crims wanna knock other crims, if targets don’t want protection, if victims and friends won’t talk, then there is sweet FA the police can do.

Sure increased DNA powers might be useful, but I would be VERY wary of giving the police too much power. The cops have shown time and time again (the drug squad esp) that they cannot be trusted when it comes to infiltrating criminal gangs. It just becomes too tempting to join then sometimes:

CORMAN: “Well, you see Willard… In this war, things get confused out there, power, ideals, the old morality, and practical military necessity. Out there with these natives it must be a temptation to be god. Because there’s a conflict in every human heart between the rational and the irrational, between good and evil. The good does not always triumph. Sometimes the dark side overcomes what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature. Every man has got a breaking point. You and I have.

So while Steve Bracks has been very keen to try to stop this war- here’s the simple fact: unless we become a totalitarian regime, it will continue until it naturally runs out of players or somehow a peace is brokered by the players.

Unusual times call for unusual measures – SpecialsGanglandKillings –

at 10:40 AM

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

NUMBER 24, one dead Lewis Moran to go…

MU’s own mother has just called to tell us the news- Lewis Moran murdered.

While this doesn’t come as a suprise, the timing is critical. Yesterday Benji buried, today Lewis knocked. This murder is somewhat reminiscent of Graeme Kinniburgh’s murder (of course, the trigger man in that murder is not the same one as this…!) in that it does not seem to be a murder for financial or business reasons because whatever illegal/legal activities Lewis was involved in was not going to matter- he was out on bail and was due to go court and probably jail too.

In July, Lewis Moran was granted bail with a $1 million surety on charges of trafficking commercial quantities of drugs.
No, this is a “statement” murder. A killing where you put people on notice. Tell everyone that NO ONE IS SAFE.

Looks like Keyser Soze is in business.

CRANE UP to the waist of the unknown man. He pulls a pack of cigarettes out of one pocket and a strange antique lighter from the other. It is gold, with a clasp that folds down over the flint. The man flicks up the clasp with his thumb and strikes it with his index finger. It is a fluid motion,somewhat showy. Keaton looks up at the man. A look of realization crosses his face. It is followed by frustration, anger, and finally resignation.

KEYSER SOZE: How are you, Keaton?

KEATON: I’d have to say my spine was broken, Keyser.

He spits the name out like it was poison.

The man puts the lighter back in his pocket and reaches under his jacket. He produces a stainless .38 revolver.


KEATON: What time is it?

The hand with the gun turns over, turning the gold watch on its wrist upward. The sound of sirens is closer now. Headed this way.

KEYSER SOZE: Twelve thirty.

Keaton grimaces bitterly and nods. He turns his head away and takes another drag. The hand with the gun waits long enough for Keaton to enjoy his last drag before pulling the trigger.


The sound of Keaton’s body slumping onto the deck.

Lewis Moran has been SHOT…! Round up the usual suspects
Well, speculation is what we here at MU are all about, and here’s our “vibe”.

Williams sat one row from the front with an associate, Terry Chimirri, who may have been auditioning for the vacant role of bodyguard. Faruk Orman, a man present in La Porcella the day Benji died, was also present. He has declined to help police flesh out the events of last Tuesday.
Now, we are not saying that “my boy Terry” (to quote Minder) is responsible, but this has to have come from the Williams side of the fence (it is now a Great Wall). If Terry’s alibi is even slightly leaky, then the cops will want to bring him in. He won’t be talking of course!

But someone will be talking, and NOT to the cops:

A police spokesman said two people were shot shortly before 6.35pm.

The spokesman said one person died at the scene while the other was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition.

And this person knows who it was, and will be telling their associates as soon as possible. Of course Carl Williams is making hay out of this and really flipping the bird at the opposition. He is using offense as defense- a brilliant tactical move at this time (and MOST unexpected we might say). For all his faults, Carl is a great tactician, in the true Machiavellian tradition:

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared…”
“A prince should therefore have no other aim or thought, nor take up any other thing for his study but war and it organization and discipline, for that is the only art that is necessary to one who commands.”

-“The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli
Expect MAJOR, BIG, CRAZY fucking madness to ensue. This is going to be like Apocalypse Now:

COLONEL KURTZ (on tape): We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig, cow after cow, village after village, army after army. And they call me an assasin. What do you call it when the assasins accuse the assasin ? They lie.. they lie and we have to be merciful for those who lie. Those nabobs. I hate them. How I hate them…
Yes folks this is going to be BIG:

Kilgore picks up the radio :

KILGORE: Goddamn, I want that treeline bombed !

FAC PILOT: Roger. Standby.

KILGORE: Bomb them into the stoneage, son.

FAC PILOT: They need some napalm on that treeline down there. Can you put it down there ?

F-5 PILOT: Roger. We’ll suppress some mortar fire off the treeline down there.

FAC PILOT: Roger. Give all you got and bring all your ships back.

KILGORE: Don’t worry, we’ll have this place cleaned up and ready for us in a jiffy son, don’t you worry.

FAC PILOT: Jets will bomb in 30 seconds. Get your people back and heads down. This is gonna be a big one.
Never get out of the boat!
The Age-Carl Williams says he’s not bloody next eh!
The Age- Witness reported gunshots
Benji Buried-
Lewis Moran murdered – SpecialsGanglandKillings –
The Age -Police warned Moran some time ago
The Moran Family- profile
Apocalypse Now! script

at 10:01 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Big Brother was listening

Through to the keeper
This little tasty snippet nearly got through:

A former law clerk threatened to sue a police officer if he did not reduce the number of criminal charges against his client, a jury heard yesterday.

The County Court was told that Helmut Kirsch, along with another law clerk, Ali Aydin, had threatened Detective Senior Constable Benjamin Archbold in July 2001 in a bid to influence the criminal case against Housam Zayat.

Prosecutor Andy Moore said Aydin and Kirsch were trying to frighten Mr Archbold so he would “go soft with their client”.
This is the same Ben Archbold from Australian Big Brother. He claimed to have participated in BB order to be hidden from the underworld. TV is the best spot…

There was also this small problem as well:

Benjamin Archbold also reportedly had been threatened by Nikolai Radev, a known criminal who was shot dead earlier this month.

The threats to Mr Archbold, who moved to the Gold Coast from Victoria, were apparently made by Radev during a court hearing well before his shooting.
So who knocked Radev again?
Age article from Ben’s time in BB

at 3:52 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

And listened to the sounds

of silence
The Victoria Police, whilst only having limited success in pinning down those responsible for the recent 25 odd underworld murders, are at least giving it a go. But MU does question what they are hoping will happen here:

Witnesses to the fatal shooting of underworld figure Andrew “Benji” Veniamin may be forced to give evidence, after police detectives today asked a court for compulsory examinations.
Police today lodged an application in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in an attempt to try and break the notorious criminal code of silence around Melbourne’s 23 unsolved gangland murders.

The application would require witnesses to be questioned in court at a later date.”
Well a court order will loosen their tongues for sure!

Prosecutor Geoff Horgan, SC, told the court that four men – who are believed to have been present at the time of the shooting or immediately before it – had refused to make statements.

“It is believed a number of people were observers of events shortly prior to the shooting taking place and those are the people some of whom were in the vicinity or in the restaurant shortly prior,” he said.

He said that Ronald Bongetti, Faruk Orman, Steve Kaya and Geoffrey Reading had refused, three times, to make a statement to the homicide squad investigating the murder.
I imagine they will eventually get statements of some description, once the boys have had the chance to get together and work out exactly what did happen…

at 3:43 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

We’ve done our time..

and we’ll never be naughty again
WEll, NOT as it happens:

Hizir Ibery Ferman, 22, of Port Melbourne, and Robert Daniel Musso, 25, of Mill Park, were on parole on December 19 last year when they were pulled over by the police Special Operations Group in suburban Reservoir and found to be carrying a semi-automatic pistol and .38 calibre revolver.

Judge Tom Wodak sentenced the pair to 12 months in jail to be served cumulatively with remaining time on previous sentences for armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

As they were led from the court, Ferman turned to a Purana Taskforce detective and shouted: “You reckon 12 months is going to stop me, you dog”.

Musso added “You fucking rat”.
But we hope and pray here at MU that they boys have time to reflect on the gravity of their crimes and repent and rebuild their lives. Maybe find Jesus too.

at 3:35 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Andrew “Benji” Veniamin buried

The stupidity of some never ceases to amaze.

RIP Benji: Carl carries Andrew “Benji” Veniamin this morning.Photo: Jason South, The Age

Benji sailed close to the wind. He died as he lived. People find that fascinating. The media report on these fascinating people and events. Some sad losers even start a blog about it. So why sould it come as a suprise that the media would turn up at the funeral?

Reporters covering the funeral were attacked by a group of youths who pelted them with eggs and other objects.

One cameraman was also hit by a golf ball. He was not seriously injured.

The media was ushered to the end of the street by friends of Veniamin.

Those who strayed were told in no uncertain terms to get back with the rest of the pack.
Sure the kids are angry, looking to lash out. But the media didn’t pull the trigger.

The weather was mixed, making sunglasses unecessary. But they were still worn but the greater majority of the crowd. Onlookers and bystanders were all looked over by watchful eyes- cops, mourners, strong arm men in suits (the same ones that Keyser has sworn to go after?) and the media.

It was, as all of these events tend to be, a surreal experience.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Anyone got 40 cents?

Victor uses his one phone call-
to call The Herald Sun:

VENIAMIN. _ Andrew. Andrew, one of lifes finest, what a pleasure to have known you. I will remember all the good times we had.
Gone but never forgotten_ Your friend and comrade
always, Victor.

And in COMPLETELY unrelated news:

A magistrate yesterday refused a police application to take a DNA sample from a prime suspect in the Jason Moran murder to compare to genetic material on the gun dropped near the murder scene.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Dan Muling ruled that police evidence linking underworld figure Victor Brincat to the scene of Moran’s murder and another underworld slaying was not strong enough to warrant the compulsory forensic test.

Brincat, 43, and alleged criminal associate Thomas Hentschel, 41, are behind bars, charged with the October 2003 murder of former kickboxer and amphetamines dealer Michael Ronald Marshall, 38.

The Age- DNA test refused

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Mr Williams, come in

…your time is up
When John Silvester, ace crime reporter says the following about the Purana taskforce:

they don’t believe the war ended with Benji’s death. Just days ago they learnt that some criminals were planning an attack on Williams. And while Williams remains philosophical on a potential ambush he is not without friends.
…then you know Carl is deeply, utterly, forever in the shit.
Bad business as usual – SpecialsGanglandKillings –

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Friday, March 26, 2004

…from the “No Suprises” files

The head of the Purana Taskforce denies the investigation into Melbourne’s underworld slayings has been tainted by corruption.

Two police officers have been suspended amid allegations of corruption, one of whom used to be in charge of monitoring phone taps.

The officers are not connected to a separate probe into corruption within the former drug squad, which has so far seen two detecitves jailed and another dozen charged.

It is understood the move forced the Purana Taskforce to shift its phone tap operations to the Ethical Standards Department.
MU is adopting a “wait and see” attitude about this for the moment, but it’s not a suprise. The Bad Eggs are still there in the Police, stinkin’ the joint up, protected by the stunned Mulletts.
ABC News item

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Stop the presses!

VICTORIAN building unions are under investigation for extorting money from contractors and employers in return for industrial peace, a report tabled in Federal Parliament yesterday said.
Whoa, that IS news!
The Age, on Mick Gatto:

At the building industry royal commission in 2002 he was named as a standover man – and alternatively as an “industrial consultant” – over his role in a site agreement at the National Gallery of Victoria redevelopment project.

Gatto, who runs a company called Arbitrations and Mediations Pty Ltd and is also believed to have an interest in a crane company, protested at being labelled an underworld figure.
The figure bandied about id $250,000 paid to Gatto’s company.

Nice work of you can get it!

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Friday, March 26, 2004

More Notices For Benji

The blue light was my blues and the red one

…was my mind.
Roberta Williams and friends, Daughter Dhakota… NO CARL…?

VENIAMIN. _ Andrew. 16.11.1975_23.3.2004
My mind is numb, but my memory is clear of all the times we shared. I will miss everything about our friendship, especially my daily phone calls “Hello my friend”. The promises I made to you my friend as you made to me if the tables were ever turned, I promise you my precious little friend. Our love and our friendship was something very rare, I loved you and always will. You once told me we were no different than a brother and a sister and that it doesnt have to be blood that joins you as family because we were that. My friend Andrew, you will always be in my heart and memory, because the times we shared would never be forgotten. My heart is broken, you will never be replaced. Fly high in the sky my precious angel. I love you always and forever. Condolences to the family. _ Roberta Williams.

Uncle Andrew, I will miss our holidays in Yarrawonga, but more than anything I will miss you. I love you, I will never forget you. My Mummy and Daddy will keep your memory alive. Always _ Your precious
little Dhakota Williams.

“My Mummy and Daddy will keep your memory alive..” What does that mean eh? Care to specualte?

And finally, a menacing, fake-ish notice turns up. Let’s deconstruct this one- It warrants it:

VENIAMIN. _ Benji. What can I say. You made me welcome and showed me kindness, friendship and good times and I am forever grateful.
So Benji introduced you to Carl et al eh?

There is only one place for men in suits. All shall be done for you. Goodbye buddy.
Save me a seat. _ Kaiser Sozef.
Deepest condolences to all your family. Rest in peace

What men in suits? Not the guys who turned out to see Mick Gatto’s Magi’s hearing yesterday not them, surely?

Who is Keyser Soze?
He is a fictional character, from the movie “The Usual Suspects”. The character you are about to hear from is Verbal Kent. He describes the “myth” of Soze. See the movie for more!

SCENE: In a police station, VERBAL is being questioned about who the mysterious character “Keyser Soze” is…

VERBAL: He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Soze. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. One story the guys told me – the story I believe – was from his days in Turkey. There was a petty gang of Hungarians that wanted their own mob. They realized that to be in power you didn’t need guns or money or even numbers. You just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn’t. After a while they come to power, and then they come after Soze He was small time then, just running dope, they say…

SCENE:Three of the Hungarians come bursting into Keyser Soze’s home. They grab his five children and round them up in the front room. One of the men grabs his wife and back-hands her across the face.

VERBAL: They come to his home in the afternoon looking for his business. They find his wife and kids in the house and decide to wait for Soze.

He comes home to his wife raped and his children screaming. The Hungarians knew he was tough. Not to be trifled with. So they let him know they meant business.

SCENE: They kill his child in front of him.

The Real Keyser: Kevin Spacey plays the mysterious Verbal Kent and…?

VERBAL: They tell Soze they want his territory – all his business. Soze looks over the faces of his family… Then he showed these men of will what will really was.
SCENE: SUDDENLY, Soze pulls out a pistol and shoots the two men with guns. He turns and aims at the third man holding his child. The man threatens to cut the child’s throat, slicing just enough to draw blood.


The stunned Hungarian watches the child fall from his arms.

Soze turns the pistol on the next child, then the next and the next. He kills his children one by one in front of the Hungarian.

VERBAL: He tells him he would rather’ see his family dead than live another day after this.

SCENE: SOZE walks over to his wife, crying and beaten on the floor and holds up her head. She gives him the strangest look. One of trust perhaps, saturated with fear and humiliation.

He puts the gun between her eyes and fires.

VERBAL: He lets the last Hungarian go, and he goes running. He waits until his wife and kids are in the ground and he goes after the rest of the mob. He kills their kids, he kills their wives, he kills their parents and their parents’ friends.

He burns down the houses they live in and the stores they work in, he kills people that owe them money. And like that he was gone. Underground. No one has ever seen him again. He becomes a myth, a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night. If you rat on your pop, Keyser Soze will get you. And nobody really ever believes.

AGENT KUJAN: Do you believe in him, Verbal?

VERBAL: Keaton always said: “I don’t believe in God, but I’m afraid of him.” Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser SOZE.

Whlie we here at MU understand and LOVE the movie, we are not so certain of the implications of the message. Are we going to see killings of the magnitude that Keyser’s revenge required? Is this “Keyser” really Carl Williams? If this is Carl is he in effect saying that he is prepared to sacrifice his family? Is he really going to show “these men of will what will really” is? MU concedes this may be the extreme end of the “Soze” story, but God help us all if he ain’t kidding.

What is next here?

Full script- The Usual Suspects
The Usual Suspects- IMDB profile

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Herald Sun: Heat put on accused killer to talk [26mar04]

… the dreams in which I’m dying

Cartoon: Not exactly funny, but then death isn’t a laughing matter…

POLICE pressured the accused killer of a suspected underworld hit man to break the criminal code of silence over Melbourne’s gangland murders.
Now, gentle reader, I ask you, is Dominic “Mick” Gatto likely to say a word about anyone or anything and break a lifetime habit?

Not bloody likely!

While Mick might be in jail as we blog, yesterdays analysis [scroll down] shows that perhaps a self defence argument might create reasonable doubt. So Mick has nothing to gain by naming names, and beside, he’d do serious time before he’d say a word. It appears the cops had met with Mick a number of times recently, but that’s not unusual here, they often do and they rarely get squat.

OMBUDSMAN Bob Seamer said there could be links between the gangland killings and corruption in the police drug squad.
Well DUH! This alone could take up 10000 words, but here’s the short version:

Is there a link between the Murders and the Drug squad charges?
Alternative title- “Is Your Head Up Your Arse?”
4 Corners [ABC TV]:

JONATHAN HOLMES: Tonight on Four Corners, the trap that was set for the speed dealers that instead has caught the Victoria Police in a tangled web of corruption.

The Melbourne underworld has been busy lately burying its dead. Whatever the myths may say, there’s little honour among thieves. Drugs provide the money. Money provides the motive. There have been 22 gangland killings in the past six years. Last June, they buried Jason Moran, a member of one of Melbourne’s most notorious crime families. Three years earlier, his half-brother Mark had met the same fate. But police have met the customary wall of silence – even from the man the Moran brothers are said to have shot in the stomach in 1999.

CARL WILLIAMS: They say it happened over money – that I was shot, everything like that. As I said, I don’t know anything – who I was shot by, why I was shot.

JONATHAN HOLMES: You don’t know who shot you?


JONATHAN HOLMES: Did you have your eyes shut or what?

CARL WILLIAMS: Yeah, I’ve got no idea who shot me. It’s, you know…

JONATHAN HOLMES: It’s nothing to do with you that those two men are dead now?

CARL WILLIAMS: Nothing to do with me.

JONATHAN HOLMES: Carl Williams hasn’t been charged with any of Melbourne’s underworld killings. But he is facing a charge of threatening to kill a policeman and two separate charges of major drug trafficking. Normally, he’d be remanded in prison to await trial. But he’s free on bail. Many other people charged with major drug trafficking offences have also been set free – temporarily, at least. Among them: Milad Mokbel, charged with possessing the proceeds of crime – case struck out. His brother, Tony Mokbel, charged with trafficking and importing cocaine and hundreds of kilos of pseudoephedrine – free on bail, pending trial. Lewis Moran, Mark and Jason’s father, charged with trafficking ecstasy, hashish and speed – free on bail, pending trial. David McCulloch, charged with conspiracy to traffic – free on bail, pending trial. And Carl Williams’s father George, facing charges of trafficking speed – free on bail, pending trial.

GEORGE WILLIAMS: The Drug Squad are corrupt and…it was brought out that the Drug Squad WAS corrupt.

JONATHAN HOLMES: The reason – their trials have been delayed while some of the the police whose evidence would be crucial to their prosecution are themselves in prison, or facing charges, or under investigation.
While there is not direct link between the corrupt coppers and the murders- here is the truth. No meaningful drug investigations are underway in Victoria at the moment. It’s a free for all. There are crims out on bail, crims who will not get convicted for crimes they have committed (and the juries will be right to not convict crims accused by other crims -THE POLICE!) While the selling of raw materials for speed is a dangerous way to catch crooks, it can be done ethically and without corruption. What was missing here was any real permission, supervision and then combined with outrageously corrupt police. And now, Victoria’s Chief Commisioner has kicked an own goal:

JONATHAN HOLMES: … the new Chief Commissioner ordered a review of the Drug Squad and formally put a stop to controlled chemical delivery.

CHRISTINE NIXON, CHIEF COMMISSIONER: That it occurred at all is entirely inappropriate. And so that’s why as soon as I became aware of it, we stopped it. I saw it as one of the most risk…risky strategies possible, and it’ll never start again in Victoria Police.
Quick announcement to all speed cooks- ANY RAW MATERIALS YOU BUY ARE NOT FROM THE POLICE! Nothing fear, great idea Christine!

As stated earlier here on MU, it appears the Williams family are running some sort of media campaign that has all the hallmarks of a media liaison/publicist being involved. Four Corners again:

JONATHAN HOLMES: Williams is keen to portray himself as a normal family man. More importantly, he wants the chance to air allegations against the Victoria Police Drug Squad. For example, he claims that in May 2001 he was subjected to death threats by a Drug Squad detective.

CARL WILLIAMS: I’m taken from there past the police station down to a park, where I’m told I’m gonna be killed. “This is where you’re gonna die, be killed.” There was a big shipping container next to where they were pointing at.

JONATHAN HOLMES: Carl’s father George also claims to be a quiet family man with a modest bungalow, an elaborate security system and a heap of allegations about police corruption. Like many others that Four Corners heard, most can’t be aired in Victoria for fear of prejudicing future trials. George Williams has already complained to the Ombudsman that the Drug Squad stole thousands of dollars from his home. The complaint was not upheld.

GEORGE WILLIAMS: They was invited into my house. They’re supposed to be upholding the law and they can rob your house. The money was there. And when the police left, the money weren’t there. Now, I don’t know if Casper the Ghost came and got it, but…someone got it.

JONATHAN HOLMES: For years, there have been these allegations of large sums of money being stolen, of large amounts of drugs being stolen, of some criminals being greenlighted and others not. And now those kinds of allegations that was always dismissed before as just what criminals say are beginning to be believed. They are being believed by the courts, by judges, by the public. That’s got to be a problem for you.

CHRISTINE NIXON: No. They’re also being believed by the police. I mean, we have major resources investigating these areas now. I don’t have any reason to not investigate these matters. Why would I want to cover up corruption in Victoria Police? I come from here. I don’t have any reason to. And so what we’re doing is throwing as many resources in the most effective manner we can at these investigations.
It is, to say the least, a great big shitty mess. Crims running around on bail, cops acting in unethical, criminal ways and a Chief Commissioner who can’t or won’t stand up to them and a Police Minister with his head in the sand. Meanwhile, the Police Assoc walk a fine line between protecting their members, and protecting crooked coppers:

JONATHAN HOLMES: The Chief Commissioner insists that decisive action has already been taken. In late 2001, she disbanded the Drug Squad and replaced it with the Major Drug Investigation Division, the MDID, with new processes and systems. But she wasn’t able to pick the members of the MDID with the freedom she wanted. The powerful Police Association insisted on the letter of existing employment agreements.

CHRISTINE NIXON: I think the Association, um, has a particular position to take and members to protect. I, on occasions, wish that they might think of the greater good rather than specific individuals, but that’s not the way they see it.

PAUL MULLETT, SECRETARY POLICE ASSOCIATION: We don’t want to get into an argument with the Chief Commissioner on this. What we want to say is with the Chief Commissioner, we supported the vast majority of the recommendations. Those recommendations were changes to work practices of the Drug Squad, issues to do with industrial agreements the Chief Commissioner herself would recognise that she has to comply with as the employer.
Well thats big of you Paul, now we have a structure we can agree on, how ’bout the letting the Chief Commissioner decide the personel? Not Bloody likely!

JONATHAN HOLMES: Peter Faris, prominent QC, former director of the National Crime Authority and populist weekly broadcaster, believes the Police Association has the Government running scared.

PETER FARIS QC: It’s probably the most powerful trade union in Victoria. The Government’s terrified of them. The Government should have stood behind Nixon and said, “These are the changes the Commissioner wants. They’re going to happen, regardless of what the police union wants.” So it’s a lack of willpower on the part of the Government to stand behind the Chief Commissioner of Police. And that’s a worrying thing.
Gentle reader, does your local council consult with the garbo about the best way remove rubbish? Do we let kids run their schools? No we dont! So why in God’s name do we give the Police Assoc. a say in the way the police force is run here in Victoria.
From the Police Assoc’s own website:

The Police Association was formed in 1917 due to police concerns over poor working conditions. At this time the Victoria Police Force received the lowest rate of pay of any Force in Australia and only 17 days annual leave compared with 28 days in New South Wales. In addition, a superannuation scheme providing police with pensions on retirement had been abandoned by the State Government in 1902 and was not reintroduced until 1923.

Following its formation, the Association worked on behalf of its members to obtain improved wages and working conditions. However, it was not until 1923 that the organisation was officially recognised by the Police Regulation (Pensions) Act.

Since this time, the Association has grown in size and stature and currently negotiates with the Chief Commissioner of Police and the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services and other relevant organisations on behalf of its members.
So why don’t you do what your own mission statement outlines? The first two paragraphs are your raison d’etre, yet all you seem to do now is “negotiate”with the Chief Commissioner of Police and the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services and other relevant organisations on behalf of its members. Sure, worry about your members conditions, pay, super and the numbers of Police. Protecting all memebers even if blind freddy knows they are crooked coppers? Take that outside son!

JONATHAN HOLMES: Partially as a result of the Police Association’s opposition, many members of the old Drug Squad have been retained in the new MDID. And a very recent case suggests that could be a problem. Just last September, an operation codenamed Galop was targeting a major ecstasy ring. They’d placed a house in Oakleigh East under surveillance. Inside, they believed, were large quantities of drugs or cash or both. A raid was imminent. But on the night of 27 September, the house was burgled and local police arrested two men nearby. One of them turned out to be an MDID detective, a member of the Operation Galop team and a veteran of the old Drug Squad’s Unit 2. The other was his long-term police informer. They were charged with stealing a large quantity of drugs worth well over $1 million. The detective’s boss, a sergeant in the MDID, has been charged as a co-conspirator. The new Assistant Commissioner (Crime) concedes that the charges have an all-too-familiar ring to them.

SIMON OVERLAND: Yes, that’s right. And as you’ve pointed out, that matter is before the court and it’s difficult, in those circumstances, for me to comment about that.


SIMON OVERLAND: If those allegations were shown to be true – that’s IF they’re shown to be true – we would have to concede a mistake was made in that case.
Honestly what can you say about this without a string of extreme profanity? We here at MU do not believe that ALL members of the old Drug Squad are corrupt, but they are sure as shit doing everything they can to give that distinct impression.
Herald Sun: Heat put on accused killer to talk [26mar04]
Former drug squad head Wayne Strawhorn in courtThe Speed Trap- ABC 4 Corners
The Police Assoc. of Victoria

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Thursday, March 25, 2004


Why we are here
This brand new blog is “dedicated” to the life, times and more often than not, the deaths of Melbourne Underworld figures. It will include more than just news on the Melbourne crime scene, but also analysis of what’s going on, speculation and so on.

If you are from Melbourne, Australia, you might wanna click away, given that reading speculation might preclude you appearing on a jury.

But then again, not being on a jury might be a Good Thing ™…

“Benji” goes down
From The Age’s website (link below):

A man with connections to Melbourne’s criminal underworld was killed today in a shooting outside a restaurant in inner Melbourne.

The victim, known as Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, was shot at a Carlton restaurant, police sources told The Age.

Ambulance spokesman James Howe said the emergency service received a call to attend the scene of a shooting near the corner of Faraday and Rathdowne streets shortly before 3pm (AEDT).

Police refused to confirm the identity of the victim but said a man was being held in custody over the incident.

A little history on Benji and friends

Crime scene: White fingerprint dust litters the restaurant table near where underworld figure Andrew Veniamin was killed as police warned his associate, accused drug baron Carl Williams, he may be the next victim of Melbourne’s underworld war. Photos: Angela Wylie, THE AGE


The day after his arrest Williams appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. One friend winked and called out to Williams to keep his chin up. The friend, known as Benji, has been implicated in several unsolved murders.
So Carl Williams bodyguard and mate has been killed. Williams himself said that he might be killed. Everything points to this being inevitable now.

The Sunday program (link below) recently broadcast a segment about the underworld murders and the Williams family in particular featured. Carl and Williams tried to infer that they were just an ordinary suburban family- somehow caught up in this underworld gangland thing:

Carl Williams’ constant companion, Andrew “Benji” Veniamin, is also a suspect in several gangland hits. But once again, according to Roberta, everyone has it wrong. She says Benji is just misunderstood: “He’s a good quiet guy who’s great with kids, loves the kids. I don’t leave my children with anybody and I would leave them with Andrew before I would leave them with anybody else.”

While watching it one couldn’t help ask the question “Have they hired a media liaison or publicist?” It was, to say the least, a very “front foot” (cricket!) move.

Adam Shand from “Sunday” “Andrew stays very close to Carl, is he a bodyguard?” She replied: “No, Andrew’s a friend and a good friend at that. We go shopping together Andrew and I … and we go shopping with the kids. He’s certainly not a bodyguard.”

Well, his “non-bodyguard-just-a-good-friend” days are over forever.
Sunday again:

ADAM SHAND: And who might be next to go in this tragic comedy is the question all the underworld is asking. Could it be Lewis Moran, the patriarch who has lost his sons, Mark and Jason? It might be Carl Williams or maybe “Benji” will take a bullet for his boss. Williams is obviously well aware of the precarious position he is now in.

Carl Williams. In one of the more bizarre moments following Benji’s death, he flagged down a passing motorist (unknown to him) and got them to drive him away. He got out and then hid in the toilets of a service station. Is this the action of a tough guy gangster, or a man running scared?

Benji’s name has been mentioned as the killer of Mark Moran but it didn’t stop him placing a death notice in the Herald Sun that read “You are a true sincere gentleman never to be forgotten – Love Benji”.
The Age again:

Carl Williams, another well-known underworld figure who is on bail after being charged with threatening to kill a policeman and his partner and with drug offences, appeared at the scene some time after the shooting.

Reporters attempted to question Williams who ran off and locked himself in a toilet at a nearby service station before being whisked away by a friend who arrived in a car.
I think one can assume that the driver of the car was wife Roberta Williams.

The ABC website is reporting it as follows:

It is believed the man helping police with their inquiries is Mick Gatto, a former boxer and an associate of Jason Moran and Graham Kinniburgh, both of whom were gunned down last year.

Police say two men got into an argument inside the restaurant moments before the shooting.

This doesn’t have all the hallmarks of a hit (more on that below). It was very public, an argument involved and then a shooting. At a guess I’d say it was spontaneous or an unlucky coincidence. It seems that one group (Williams et al) kicked off this round of killing and can’t finish the job. Carl is alone without Brincat and Benji. Will he act alone now? His bolt to the toilets shows he won’t. He’s either dead or nothing.

And the Underworld don’t let you retire gracefully.

How did/might this have played out?
Herald Sun:

“Mr Gatto and friends were eating a late lunch and sipping coffees about 2.40pm at La Porcella restaurant.

Veniamin, known in underworld circles as Benji, double-parked his sports car and ran into the restaurant on the corner of Faraday and Rathdowne streets.

According to witnesses, Veniamin confronted Mr Gatto, an underworld heavyweight and former boxer widely known as “Mick” and a staunch supporter of the Moran clan and friend of Kinniburgh.”

Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamen- dead at 28.

MelbUnderworld Analysis: This does not have the hallmarks of a hit. Only on TV do you shoot people in public to make a statement. Benji, for reasons no one can state, decided to go and get himself shot. I don’t know about you, but if I was Benji, I wouldn’t have gone NEAR Mick Gatto et al. These guys (underworld) do not go around unarmed EVER. Double parking and then going into the restaurant to mouth off? He must have been believing his own bullshit. Maybe killing a few people makes you think you are bullet proof..? Mouthing off to Mick Gatto (as he appears to have done) when you are rumoured to have killed Kinniburgh is just insane. Mick Gatto was a close associate of Kinniburgh- he carried his coffin for god’s sake. But there is a question that remains- why was Benji in the restaurant in the first place, and was Gatto expecting him? It would appear so:

Herald Sun:
“Yesterday the lunch crowd at the restaurant, at the corner of Rathdowne and Faraday streets, had almost petered out by 2.30pm.

One insider described the regular patron as “tense” in the moments leading to the shooting.

“He wasn’t his usual self,” the source said.

“Mick is a pretty jolly fellow, but he wasn’t as friendly as he normally is.

“He was very serious looking. I don’t know if he was looking for something to happen. People here are always looking over their shoulder.”

About 2.40pm Veniamin double-parked outside the restaurant, leaving his silver sports car idling as he ran inside.

During a violent struggle, it is alleged that Mr Gatto shot him. ”

Note the line “leaving his silver sports car idling as he ran inside…” Not the actions of a man expectying to enjoy a few hours in Gatto’s company. Car going, running in. Urgency.

In a twisted sort of way, one can understand Williams taking out the opposition. The Morans had already tried to kill him when they shot him in ’99. So fair enough he knocks them. Knocking Marshal, Radev, Dibra, Mallia, Thompson (there are more, but hey, time is of the essence here!) may have been pure business decisions too, but knocking off Kinniburgh was just pure gangster showmanship. Analogy? You are the new kid at school looking to make your mark. You seek out the toughest, biggest kid in the school and king hit him when no one’s around. Then you hope like fuck that’s enough to scare everyone else off.

It didn’t.

It seems the Underworld tolerated Williams et al (Brincat, Benji) going around and knocking off the competition, but the killing of Kinniburgh made it very personal, and perhaps “something” had to be done. The options for Gatto’s crew: knock Williams et al, or call a truce. As John Silvester pointed out, there is money to be made and long term you can’t go around knocking each other ad infinitum. At some stage there will be a vacuum. Carl Williams has moved partiallly into this vacuum over the past few years. Stoppping this murderous flood seems logical for all parties. But logic doesn’t always get a run. Herald Sun:

IT WAS revealed Mr Williams and his bodyguard, Veniamin, were seen in a heated argument with Mr Gatto at Crown casino, days after the death of Kinniburgh.
“Heated argument”? Perhaps Gatto was making overtures about a truce? He seems the most likely person to make this approach. But Williams crew seem to have the upper hand, so whats in it for them? Power and all that.
Added to the psycholgical sustenance, it seems ol’ Benji was fond of the sponsors product. This email sent to MU:

I Was in line with Benji out the front of the Magistrates court a couple of weeks ago. His Celtic tattoos on his arms were doing somersaults they were on that much gooey. *
*goey= Speed.
Seems this may have some truth, as Benji became a LOT erratic lately. Herald Sun:

But Veniamin was a known hothead, who sources said started “going nuts and losing the plot” about eight months ago.

“He was getting carried away, driving his $200,000 Mercedes while tooled up (carrying a gun),” a former detective told the Herald Sun.

“He wouldn’t leave home without a rosco (gun). He wouldn’t even go to the bathroom without one. He was paranoid, and a lot of people started distancing themselves because he was getting out of control and upsetting people left, right and centre.”

MU Says: If one was to guess, it looks like they (Gatto’s people) might have been calling a truce. Gatto is low profile. Sure he’s high profile by our standards, but low profile as a crim. If he wanted to knock Benji, he just would have done it- and Carl and probably the wife too. Nomally she’d be ok (on account of the kids) but she’s high profile now too. Hard to say.

Mick Gatto- Landscaper, negotiator, man about town. Charged with the murder of Andrew “Benji” Veniamen.

Ok so you call a meeting. It seems that Williams didn’t know about it or was DELIBERATELY distancing himself by “dropping Benji home” (a lie: Benji never leaves his side. On their QLD holiday Benji not only went with Carl and Roberta, he even went bodysurfing with Carl- and he can’t fucking swim!). Carl has form when it comes to alibis- he was out getting drunk in a restaurant with his lawyer the night Kinniburgh got whacked too! Good public show is the best alibi when someone else is doing your dirty work.

Anyway so they call a meeting for a truce. Carl has no intention of going. Gatto chooses his highly visible restaurant hangout coz he thinks it’s safe. Benji just rocks in without Carl, without any goodwill about a truce, full of goey and tooled up, ready to rock. He says “Gatto you and your mob are fucking finished, fuck off” a gun is produced, a shot gets fired… bye bye Benji.

We’ll see. The truth might never get a run…

The Death Notices
When an Underworld figure gets killed, it’s a tradition to send in fake messages from people who that person has knocked. Here at MU we’re keeping a close eye on the Herald Sun for such messages.

So for, it’s been family and friends only. Silence from the Williams’, but this very interesting note from his girlfriend:

VENIAMIN. _ Andrew.
I never thought someone I used to be so scared of, could turn out to be my oxygen. Despite what everyone thought of me, you stood by me. You were my life Benji. I love you. See you in Heaven babe. _ Ebony.

“someone I used to be so scared of”, “despite what everyone thought of me”, “See you in heaven..”?

VENIAMIN. _ Andrew.
Benji, my true friend, youre always in my heart. This isnt the end, you’re one of a kind. A true soldier, respect and loyalty you were one honest beholder. Ill see you in Heaven cause thats where you are. Youre my angel. Love forever
_ Chris O_.

Wishful thinking re: benji in heaven. Underworld families are always keen to tell everyone “He’s heaven” when he’s clearly not. Benji might have been an angel to some, but there are one or two or more people who are not around today thanks to his trigger work. How bout we leave the finals decision to say… God?

That said, it looks like ol’ Chris O is out for revenge: “This isn’t the end”. It’s a gangland tradition to announce your intentions via the death notices. Always and ONLY in the Herald Sun too!

We here at MU like Kath Pettingill’s line about going to heaven or not:

“I’m not going to heaven and I’m glad. I wouldn’t know anyone”
Touchè, Kath.

By the way- I’d say I am off the jury in these cases. If you read these words- you are too…
Full coverage- The Age
Full coverage- The Herald Sun
The Sunday program
The Sunday Program transcript
The Age- Wise guys, tough guys, dead guys
Dominic “Mick” Gatto profile on
Mick Gatto’s recent “work”
Melbourne Crime website- Updated with some detail of Benji

at 10:12 AM

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  3. Sorry, Readers, more than 25 years ago ,I experienced the very worst and the most horrifically scary sight of brutalised and hard human nature in large numbers, all crammed up together in the most draconian, cold and hot prison conditions of hardship, in a living hell and breathing the putrid smell of the unhygienic and dirty prison environment, of foul air and body odour the smell of urine and human shit from the prisoners bronzing, rubbing their shit on the prison walls and on them selves, to keep away the prison rapists and as a protest against the harsh system, as it was back then. And sweat , thick cigarette and marijuana smoke, in the cells and divisions tiers, along side many of the most notorious mad and bad heinous locked up prisoners…. When I was also locked up, in with them on a daily basis, an, often felt dangerously insecure and highly outnumbered by160 prisoners to often only 1 to less than 12 Prison Officers, due to prison officer staff shortages in, H.M.PRISON PENTRIDGE, I worked in and experience all throughout the many segregated Pentridge Prison Management Units and Wings , of ”H”.DIVISION,HIGH SECURITY UNIT, ”A”. DIVISION, ”B”.DIVISION, ”J”.DIVISION, ”E”.DIVISION, and ”D”.DIVISION METROPOLITAN REMAND CENTRE , JIKA JIKA ”K”.DIVISION AND ”B”.ANNEXE SPECIAL PURPOSE UNIT. as a general duties Prison Officer, from 1988 to 1990, in what was some of Pentridge Prisons most dangerous, threatening and troublesome times of prison tensions in the
    short fuse tensile powder keg air, prisoner threats to prison officers, of verbal warnings of danger, drugs and psychotic mental illness and drug crazed abuse and incidents of prisoner power plays ,of prisoners fighting and assaulting each other and assaults on prison officers, prison riots, escapes and escape attempts, fires, endemic drug use and trafficking by both prisoners and corrupt prison officers, constant prison brutalities and prison murders, stabbings, self mutilations and suicides and attempted suicides, prison bashings and rapes on both prisoners and prison officers and insubordination by the unruly aggressive behaviours of different types of main stream prisoners, in what was one of the last surviving, and still in use, Victorian era gaol, of the toughest of the tough and hardest of violent dangerous criminals, in a strict military and discipline run regime, fortress controlled Maximum Security in operation in Australia at that time.
    As of serving in these tough maximum security conditions, I constantly suffer from flashbacks and horrible nightmares, and I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which even after 25 years, the memories of H.M. Pentridge Prison never leave me. I just cant turn it off in my mind, it never leaves me. Especially when the vile prisoner from the past , keep re-offending with evermore worst and hideous crimes and creating new victims to suffer from their sicking new crimes of violence rape and senseless murders, which just seem to be on the rise, in today lawlessness society!!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………


  4. The only Criminals are the ones that hide behind the shield of law, that destroy the lives of anything that breathes, hope your proud to support murder in the Name of Govt Authorities.


  5. I am wondering what ever happened to a Lawyer from essendon named Blair Forsyth who was arrested for money counterfeiting racket in the mid eighties


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  7. Dear People (criminals or civilian)

    I am saying the below to help you all not to get yourselves into gangs and violence
    for you all to prosper and live to a ripe old age, this is a blessing and not a curse,
    this is not a hate letter.

    This is not going to end until the Government declare that the mafia are linked to terrorism
    and terrorist activities, think about this for awhile before questioning it.

    An example would be out of many examples, one example is that Australia and the USA declared awhile ago on the news, that the mexican mafia are linked to terrorists and terrorism.

    The : “Mafia” or underworld or orgranised crime or ganglands or whatever you want to call it would think twice about being part of a organised crime organisation that are linked to terrorist activities.

    Peace and love be unto you all.

    Get Smart, chaos. drugs, murder, shootings, bombings etc etc have been linked to organised crime gangs, mafia etc etc, the FEDS, the military have gathered enough evidence.

    Another example is the north korean ship that was bombed by HMAS off the coast of NSW in 2003, this ship was filled with heroin on it, the FEDS hav
    links, the ships name was PONG SU.

    The media is a powerful institution which in fact is organised by the government, ACMA.

    You all have seen how powerful the media is when Underbelly was released.

    The Government can do whatever they want, when they want, how they want, no questions asked, they do as they please.

    Love Anon I pray for you all.


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