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Is there something Aussie hate more than being scammed or ripped off? Well maybe there is but this is where I will be writing about them, exposing the con artists and companies willing to get innocent people to part with money they usually cannot afford.

My first target will be about one of my loves, Horse Racing, and don’t the scam artists love trying to get a dollar out of US? Read up people

Sports investment scams

What are sports investment schemes?

Sports investment schemes can include computer prediction (betting software) or betting syndicates. Salespeople try to convince you that their foolproof system can guarantee you a profit on sporting events like football or horseracing.

These schemes are often camouflaged as legitimate investments when they are merely just a form of gambling and, in many cases, outright scams.

They can cost over $15 000 and some also require ongoing payments. Once money has been paid, most of them do not work as promised and buyers can’t get their money back or in many cases the supplier simply disappears.

Ask yourself: If these systems produce a guaranteed, risk-free profit, why are they trying to sell the scheme to me instead of using it to make millions themselves?

Computer prediction software

Computerised gambling systems are software programs that promise to accurately predict results, usually of sporting events such as team sports, horse races or even share market movements, and promise high returns or profits.

Team sports betting programs claim to identify opportunities based on historical trends and the different odds offered by various bookmakers to provide an arbitrage opportunity where you never lose.

Scammers selling horseracing software say that predictions are based on weather conditions, the state of the horse, the draw or the condition of the jockey. They also claim to track the money that may have been placed on a race by professional betters.

Software that claims to predict share price movements are also commonly promoted by scammers. While there are legitimate software programs that track share prices, any claims of accurately predicting movements should be treated with extreme caution.

You may be promised equipment like special calculators, a program on a disk, newsletter subscriptions or entire computer systems.

Often the information used in these programs can be obtained from the betting pages of your local newspaper at very little cost.

People who have purchased computer betting software report:

  • the software does not work as promised
  • low or no returns are received
  • the company cannot be contacted or refuses to deal with problems or inquiries.

Ask yourself: How can a machine predict a result where luck or unforeseen events are involved?

Betting syndicates

Another common approach used by scammers is to get you to become a member of a betting syndicate. Members are required to pay a fee (often in excess of $15 000) to join. They are also required to open a sports betting account and make ongoing deposits to maintain the balance.

The promoter says they will use funds in that account to place bets on behalf of the syndicate. Syndicate members are promised that they will receive a percentage of the profits.

People who invest in these syndicates often report:

  • money being withdrawn from their account with no bets being placed
  • receiving nothing in return for their investment
  • being unable to withdraw money from the syndicate
  • companies aggressively demanding more money
  • companies disappearing with all money invested.

The sales pitch

These schemes are usually promoted as business opportunities or investments at trade fairs, shows or via the internet. Promoters also use unsolicited mail, email or phone calls.

Promoters often target small business operators, professionals, retirees or others with funds to ‘invest’.

Scammers use terms like sports arbitrage, sports betting, sports wagering, sports tipping or sports trading to make these scams look like legitimate investments.

Promotional material often takes the form of glossy and sophisticated brochures or websites that contain graphs or diagrams promising large returns for little or no effort.

Promoters may also claim that their company is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Don’t let this fool you—registering a business and creating a professional-looking website are cheap and easy to do.

Warning signs

  • You are promised huge returns and risk-free profits.
  • Promoters will use financial terms like ‘trading’, ‘investment’, ‘arbitrage’, ‘recession proof’, ‘managed fund’ or ‘tax free’ to try to sell gambling schemes.
  • You are frequently called by telemarketers trying to pressure you into buying.
  • The sales pitch is accompanied by promotional material, such as glossy brochures and graphs showing extraordinary returns.
  • You are told that places are strictly limited and you need to buy now to secure your spot in the syndicate or software package or you will miss out.
  • When the system doesn’t work, you are told that you are using it incorrectly and that you are not entitled to a refund.

Protect yourself

  • Be wary of high pressure and slick sales techniques. Do not let anyone push you into making decisions about money or investments—always get independent financial advice.
  • If you receive a call from a salesperson trying to sell you a sports investment ‘opportunity’—just hang up!
  • List your numbers on the Do Not Call Register to stop calls from most telemarketers.
  • There are no guaranteed get rich quick schemes—the only winners are the scammers.
  • Don’t be enticed by reports of past performance or graphs showing high returns. Scammers lie!
  • Be wary of investments promising a high return with little or no risk.
  • Make sure you know how to stop any subscription service you sign up to.
  • Remember: no-one can guarantee that you will make money by gambling.

Explore SCAMwatch to find out more about scams and tips on how to protect yourself.

Do your homework

Ask yourself: Why would someone sell me a system that can guarantee them a profit if they keep it for themselves?

Be on the look out for ongoing costs. Many systems require you to open a betting or trading account and maintain a minimum balance. If the prediction you rely on is not correct, you have to keep pumping money into the account.

Be wary of high pressure and slick sales techniques. Promoters of these products are often highly skilled in closing the deal and getting you to part with your money.

Check out the registered office of the company selling the product, often these can be car parks or post office boxes and no real office exists.

Download our Sports investment scams fact sheet for more information on sports arbitrage, sports betting, sports wagering, sports tipping or sports trading. These terms are often used to promote sport investment scams.

If you still think that the product sounds like it could work, seek independent advice from a solicitor or financial adviser about the viability of the product and the purchase contract/terms and conditions. ‘Money-back guarantees’ may have strings attached.


If you think you have been exposed to a sports investment scam, visit the report a scam page on SCAMwatchto find the most appropriate agency to contact. You can also call the ACCC Infocentre on 1300 795 995.

Have you been scammed?

What to do if you’ve been scammed; Scams & the law; Report a scam.
Victim story: Alan was pressured into buying software that promised him huge returns from betting on the horses. The software didn’t work and the only winner was the scammer.

Similar scams:

Unsolicited phone calls pushing high-return and high-risk investments, often in overseas markets. The callers sound professional but are not licensed in Australia.
Spam email or strange phone messages that urge you to buy shares in a thinly-traded company. The scammers wait until their victims invest before selling their own stock at a profit.
High-pressure sales in high-risk investment strategies. Scammers profit through attendance fees and by selling property and investments at inflated prices.
You are offered early access to your superannuation (‘early release’), often through a self-managed super fund. The scammers take a large part of your super for themselves, and put you at risk for accessing your super in an illegal way.
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43 thoughts on “Scam Alert

    Mallam Lamido Sanusi Lamido to c-b-n2011
    show details 4:57 AM (2 hours ago)
    Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information. Learn more
    From: Mallam Lamido Sanusi Lamido
    Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/092011
    TEL: +234 80 255 35 865
    TEL: + 234 1 408 2439

    Dear Client.

    This is to notify you that you’re over delayed inheritance fund valued at US$15.5Million will be released to your nominated bank below as directed by your representative’s Account who came to our BANK yesterday which was in accordance with instruction from the Federal Trade for remittance of the said fund.

    In view of this present development, we wish to inform you that your contract fund has been stated for immediate remittances but action is on your contract payment following a change of account application filled in by one Mr. George Adams with the new account details as follows: Hong-kong-shan ghai bank corps Grand-London England: Beneficiary: George Adams: Account NO: 001-229-221: This account information which was submitted by George Adams did not come.

    However, the Senate committee on foreign payment in its last meeting with the Governor, Deputy Governor central bank of Nigeria gave a final approval for the immediate payment of all the foreign contractors who for long executed their contract in Nigeria without receiving their contract payment. Also the beneficiary has to off set the COST OF TRANSFER (C.O.T) $850 only. And if the beneficiaries consider it not worthy, he/she should please ignore this message. Because any insubordination will not be tolerated.

    All beneficiaries are expected to send his/her data as stated below.
    Your full name and house address.
    Your mobile telephone number, fax numbers.
    A scan copy of your International passport/driver’s license
    Your Birth Certificate.
    Your banking detail where fund will be transferred (it must be valid)
    Your tax clearance certificate.

    As a matter of fact above is the account submitted by your representative and
    will be credited with the said sum, so please confirm For actualization of
    Transfer (Transfer Validity 48hrs)



    Call me on the receipt of this message on +234 80 255 35 865

    Mallam Lamido Sanusi Lamido
    Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
    Call me on + 234 1 408 2439
    Or Mobile +234 80 255 35 865 .

    OH…!!! DEAR OLD NAN HAS REMEMBERED ME??????????????

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  2. Robbo ,

    There is a whole lot of Sports Arbitage Scams and Horse Racing Systems , Lay Betting Scams and Police corruption thats been coming out of Qld and the Gold Coast in particular for many years now .
    Innocent People are being targeted all over Australia and N.Z. and all the relevant authorities , protection agencies , as well as the mainstream media are doing nothing about this .
    The QLD fraud squad have been pretending for many years that they will be doing something about it yet these scams always continue

    A great website and forum which exposes a lot of this is

    It lists and has detailed information on the many scams which have been coming out of Queensland for many years

    Also if you Google – Larry Pickering , Harry Omeros , and Alan Davenport you can find a whole heap of information about these characters as well as the many others that are also involved

    This is Organized Crime and corruption at the highest level , and people need to be aware and warned about what is happening on the Gold Coast in this so – called Democracy of ours

    A lot of these dodgy companies are now starting to operate in Melbourne

    They target retirees , or people trying to earn a quid from home , someone looking for a Home based business opportunity maybe

    I would appreciate your help in posting this on your website as a warning to all

    I have lost over $ 20 , 000 to one of these companys , and hope no – one else has to go through all the trouble , loss of time and money that i have been through , especially when there is ZERO HELP from any of the Authorities which we think are there to protect or help us

    Our corrupt Government is obviously making money , kickbacks , taxes , etc from all these schemes which is why they are allowing it to continue




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    • Well written Michael and I totally agree with you. I myself & a few other people also got scammed by Mysol Pty Ltd, owned by Kyle Hodgetts a fake company on the Gold Coast of Australia, a hot spot full of scammers. Prior to Mysol they were operating another fake company called Free Solar Lighting Pty Ltd and that have now been shut down. Do not outlay your money to this professional scammer, you will deeply regret if you do. Many people in Australia have been scammed by this husband & wife: Kyle & Rachel Hodgetts. It will only be matter of time before the Australian authorities come banging on their doors and shut them down. We need to get the message out before more innocent people are hurt.

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      • Hi Peter
        if you are still visiting this site
        I would like a little more information in regards to this company

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  3. King of Gold Coast scammers is harry Omeros go to
    It’s a dedicated web site that also includes taped phone recordings of him scamming.

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  4. These guys have being doing the rounds for years. I feel awful for those getting sucked in but honestly, does anybody bother to to do research any more? They most certainly find out how to do it AFTER getting ripped off, but maybe there needs to be MORE resources etc into checking out these potential ( well known ) scammers…

    Maybe when they line up for the umpteenth time for a new company registration, they have to agree to any previous company indiscretions being noted on the scam watch site or something!
    But that will not stop them snaring the gullible who are their bread and butter folks…

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  5. It never ceases to amaze me how people get so sucked into scams but I cant believe David Schirmer from that world money grab the secret is still free let alone still trying to get business partners from his facebook “friends” after his 20 odd companies got closed down. He’s been exposed that many times for everything from screwing people over financially to having it off with all the lovely ladies he’s got close to yet he still claims to be a faith walkin christian and world expert on everything he wants to make money out of. Got to give it to him, hes one real low life. At least one of his brothers was jailed for child molestation but I don’t see him on your list, why not? Are these guys so special that they dont get a mention?

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    • Isnt David Schirmer also the person who got on facebook or somewhere and told people Bayden-clay didnt murder his wife? Really what weed is this guy on? Apparently he can read minds ……. not!

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    not belong to any group insurance, you will well
    benefit from seeking aid from a health broker. Self-employed or those that have medical conditions commonly seek the help of any health insurance dealer.
    Thanks for your short article.

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    net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs.
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    I have heard great things about blogengine.
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  8. I have been done too and was stupid enough t believe what I was been told even after asking for proof of the system working. So I get sold the software for laybetting on horses and after that not really working, they say you will absolutely make more your money and more if just pay another 15K. This got whittled down to 10. Of course this did not meet what they promised so there answer is to sell you the “ultimate” package for a lot more money.
    They treat u like it is only a small amount and you will find the money if you want to make money. I eventually get them to agree to a small amount more (5K) and then they renig on what is offered.
    They then keep sending u text messages saying how much they made which I know is bull. Ask for any proof and they refuse to give you any.
    Read the contract too as it gives you a 10 day cooling of period from the time you sign but they will not provide the software until after 10 days. It also states no refund once software is provided once you have the software. They really do trust their software NOT.

    Lay betting can make you small amounts of money but you can do it yourself without paying for expensive software that doesnt do much. I know that I could have made some money but without the 21K outlay.
    Please learn from me and hang up on these people and insist on proof if you show any interest.
    The people I have been ripped of from are LAYBET professionals.

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    • Hi, Andrew, didn’t they use your betfair account to laybet on behalf of you for 5days? how much they charge for the australian version? 10K? my friend paid 25k. are you still using it?

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    • Hi Andrew, I have been sucked in by this smooth con as well, $13500 for the s/w and laptop (I now have a $13,500 Laptop!) I visited their office at the Gold Coast and viewed a presentation, all seemed fairly legit, I eventually signed up after the price was reduced dramatically on the verball condition that I would promote the software. Signed for the AUS and UK versions. I placed $1k into my Betfair account, lost most of it while trying to get the settings correct!! Every person that I spoke to had a adifferent set up recomendation. None were successful. Now I keep getting calls from their ‘customer service team’ If I pay into a Labet Proffesional account $1000 to $2000, they will get my money back within weeks ($1000 – $2000 per day).Sounds to good to be true!!

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      • Hi Noel, David and Andrew,
        if you are intersted in being involved in class action against Laybet Professionals, please visit and make contact. The more the better.

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  9. I am wondering if anyone can help me out with Laybet Professionals on the gold coast. Are they legit? Mick Dittman, the retired Qld jockey endorses this company in a Youtube video so all seems legit, but….. ? They have asked me to go down to their office this Saturday to show me how to make some money. I have lost money to a scammer before so I am wary. Davo

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    • Hi David,
      That Mick Dittman video is laughable. How can that lend any legitimacy to an investment of tens of thousands of dollars?
      Read the feedback here. Read the report at It’s a con.
      It’s a numbers game for them. Some of their clients will see a good run of losers (success) and be convinced to join. The others that see a loss, well, that’s a small business cost for LBP. You’d need to see a very large sample of results at their odds..say 300 at least before you could make up your mind if they are ona winning or losing formula.


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  10. We had the House Sitter from hell.
    This person claimed to know all about animals and the land – noooooooooooo

    She stole from us, just little things, that she didn’t think we’d notice; however, it was a lot in the end.

    We suspect that her references were her friends who lied for her.

    If anyone wants to know more, after interviewing a person with the initials A.V-E, please contact me through “Contact Robbo” and we can make sure that you aren’t going to have the “House Sitter from hell”, too.

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  11. Beware of Solar Off Grid Scams. Mysol Pty Ltd, owned by Kyle Hodgetts a fake company on the Gold Coast of Australia, a hot spot full of scammers. Prior to Mysol they were operating another fake company called Free Solar Lighting Pty Ltd and that have now been shut down. Do not outlay your money to this professional scammer, you will deeply regret if you do. Many people in Australia have been scammed by this husband & wife: Kyle & Rachel Hodgetts. It will only be matter of time before the Australian authorities come banging on their doors and shut them down. Hope they will get hefty fines and end up in jail. We need to get the message out before more innocent people are hurt.

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      • Hi Derek, yes lodge a formal complaint to the ACCC, QLD Fair Trading, also lodge a claim to Once there are more people making the complaints then definitely the authorities will take serious action. Next find a civil solicitor in their state, try this:
        I believe we all have a strong case to win and get our money back + damages + legal fees etc. To operate a business fraudulently, unethically & deceiving people is a criminal offence in Australia.

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    • Hi Peter,
      My family has also been scammed by Mysol. Have you taken any legal action? We are enquiring to get into contact with others that purchased territories from Kyle Hodgetts to try get out money back. There has to be alot of others out there in the same boat.

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      • Hi Jenna, yes lodge a formal complaint to the ACCC, QLD Fair Trading, also lodge a claim to Once there are more people making the complaints then definitely the authorities will take serious action. Next find a civil solicitor in their state, try this:
        I believe we all have a strong case to win and get our money back + damages + legal fees etc. To operate a business fraudulently, unethically & deceiving people is a criminal offence in Australia.

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  12. Hi, I appreciate this site, have you heard of Golden Cove Inc? They are based in Brisbane
    and offer a lay betting system and a free 1 week trial which made me 6% . They promise between 7 to 9% return on average per week. I cannot find anything about them on the net even though their website has been there since July 2013. It all sounds good but I can’t help the sick feeling in my stomach every time I decide to go ahead with it. They point out that they are not a scam because there is nothing bad written about them on the web and they are right, there is absolutely nothing about them. The website is

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    • GREG STAY AWAY I MEAN IT that site is a definite scam, they all use the rich affluent stock images we all dream about, making it look like a good business and not punting.

      They come and go, all they do is change names and websites.

      THE REASON any new mob has no bad feedback is they have not been there long enough.The site will be full of bullshit claims, it is much a scam as the love matching sites are using fake photos and so on! Even the testimonials are written in the same style by one person obviously.fake fake fake.

      Anyone can create a impressive graph, there is not other data, where are the betting stats? rubbish

      I cannot say it more clearly please save your money!

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  13. I agree..stay away! Looks just like all the other scam sites….pretty pictures, lots of fluff about how good they are…no substance.
    Keep talking to them by all means..gather as much data as you can. Ther is no scarcity, no need to hurry..if it were a truly good investment, you could enter at any time. Don’t fall for their incentive tactics.
    I’ll look into it and write a report up at soon as I can

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  14. I have been contacted by Lay Trader Professionals. The salesman gave me all the usual info about being the best thing available Yada, Yada, Yada. Bottom line is the software costs $10,000 for the Australian version. The offer he made me was $3000 now and the balance in 12 months. If i did not like the S/W I could just walk away from the deal.
    Does this sound better? Office address is same as other Lay Betting software companies that have been linked to scams. Should I believe all the hype or would it be better to save my money and not know if it works or is legitimate?

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    • Sure it’s a better deal. You will only lose 3,000 rather than 10,000 !
      They are the same company at Laybet Professionals, same office, same people, same crap product.
      And sure, if you don’t like it you can walk away..minus your 3k.
      Walk away. Now!

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  15. I have been hit by a guy called Stacy Potts date of birth 25th March 1987 and his mate Brent Thomas Alderton on the Gold Coast. They call themselves Investment Software Solutions. I can’t believe my stupidity. These guys are young amateurs and I think their ego’s and their past history is about to trip them up big time. They are so cocky that they probably wouldn’t understand what I mean if they happen to read this or any of their future potential employers!!.I may be deluded but I actually think I am on to them (through legal channels of course) because they are not as bright as they perhaps think they are! I think they may end up in jail soon.

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    • Admin I called Asic today your looking at the wrong company one is investment software solutions ltd and one is pty ltd once again when you really look into these company’s there betting company’s like myself I like having a punt but I am not parting with my cash for a betting software.

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  16. Great site, keep up the good work.
    Keep listing those scammers – we are happy to put up info on the web about them all including any details.
    See and the several hundred scam reports made about them and others.
    We have got three other sites but for security issues (yes we have been threatened by the scammers) they remain separate as we have had our sites knocked down a couple of times.
    Must be costing the bastards a bit of money – I hope.

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  17. Just to let you know how deceptive these people are Stacy Potts as mentioned above has contacted you above in the guise of “Mark”. He is trying to throw you off. I can tell its him because our little mate Stacy and Mark have the same Year 10 School leaving poor spelling and grammar mistakes. Stacy has a reputation as being highly evasive. But he wont get away from me !

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  18. It is a matter of public record now that yesterday (27/3/2014) I had a successful outcome as an Applicant at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal versus the Defendant Investment Software Solutions Pty Ltd ACN 153 437 168 represented by Mr Stacy Potts. He was ordered by the VCAT member to pay me back $4750 by April 21st on the basis of my argument that Investment Software Solutions had contravened the Australian Consumer Law (Schedule 2 Offences Chapter 4 Offences relating to unfair practices Part 4-1 Sections 155 and 159) to sell their product to me in October 2013.
    During the Hearing I pointed out that according to the ACCC that misleading and deceptive conduct can give rise to liability even if:
    1. It has not actually misled anyone. All that is necessary is that the conduct is likely to mislead or deceive people.
    2. The person making the representation acted honestly and reasonably. All that is necessary for liability to arise is that conduct did in fact mislead or deceive and
    3. The affected person did not make proper enquiries or could have discovered that the conduct was misleading or deceptive had they investigated the matter.
    I am hoping that the defendant will realise from this exercise that he and his fellow director and any staff that he employs are on a hiding to nothing if he chooses to continue to run a business that has now been decided in law to have derived some of its ill gotten gains from me via misleading and deceptive practice

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  19. Hi Guys,

    Laybet Professional are running another scam, and this time they are working together with an international bookie from Vanuatu – BetJACK (

    You’d be amazed at how well connected they are. This is how they do it: They’ll start with their normal sales pitch, tell you that your account will be managed by a “professional” trader – get high return BS etc…, Pretty much the same like what they’ve done with Laybet Professional – manage your account.

    However, this time, they are so “confident” that the system will work that they’ll match you a dollar for dollar for every dollar that you deposit to their bank account (which they claimed it’ll be transferred to the BetJack account once they received the fund). Sounds good right?? To go even further to gain your trust, they’ll deposit money to your BetJack account first! As a result, you’ll be able to see the money they deposited in the BetJack account before you transfer money (provides a false sense of security).

    I have been conned by Laybet Professional before (and they f**king have the nerve to contact me again!) and lost close to $45K, so this time, I decided to play along with them – just to see what they are up to.

    I did not deposit any fund to Laybet Professional’s bank account, and I simply told them that I wasn’t feeling too comfortable with the overseas bookie and I’ll do what I can do recoup the fund for them – from the BetJack account (I assumed I was the only person who can have access to the money! – clearly not).

    Next thing, the sales person send me a text said, we’ll get our money back and close your BetJack Account?? Really??! They can do that??! How come I am not F**King surprised??

    So there you go, if you deposit your money into their bank account, their associate (BetJack) can assist them at ANYTIME – take YOUR money away. And you know the true beauty of this scam?? You wont even know you are being scammed and this is why:

    They’ll do all the legitimate thing, they’ll really match you a dollar for a dollar and transfer your money to the “BetJack” account and have it managed by their own “professional” traders. By the time you know it, you’ll slowly losing all your money!! – from them placing “random” bets for you – this is how they get the money back!!! From BetJack!!!! (For some of you, you may get lucky and win some money and they’ll sell you more ST) But when you start losing and ask to withdraw your money, BetJack for “some reasons” just won’t do it, and you can’t even change the password to stop them!!! By the time you know it’s a SCAM, it’s FKing too late!

    Guys, someone really need to setup some sort of enterprise that can fight these Con Artists, they are ruining people’s life and needs to be stopped!

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