Another Labor Leadership Challenge #2012 Rudd v Gillard

Just to lighten the load folks here is my view on the challenge on Monday….Childish maybe, but so is the antics of these 2 egotistical power freaks… I was inspired by an article in the Herald Sun I saw last night asking, if this was a movie, what would it be…Well does anyone remember the franchise called REVENGE OF THE NERDS?

Julia Gillard v Kevin Rudd…………………Just remember this is a light-hearted topic out of context in the criminals and crooks arena…Or is it? The whole thing reeks…(backstabbing, spillage of blood on the party floor, corruption, false accusations, secret leaks, waste of public money, sleazy back room deals, etc) = huge waste of our taxpayer money no matter what…

Which also means the next sitting of Parliament is going to be a huge waste of time (But then again what has changed, apart from Slipper the self-appointed Grand master….)

AS always Wikipedia is on the pulse they even have a page on this issue here

If only it were a Movie folks! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little piece of art…Feel free to pass it around.