I am Looking for Contributors for 2011

Some of you may or may not know but I run this website totally on my own for no pay or reward other than helping expose those who need exposing and highlighting things I see happening in our community that I feel are worth bringing to attention…

I love working on the site but I am struggling to keep up, yet I’m very keen to make it bigger and better in 2010.

So How would you like to help expand and build this website.? I am looking for contributors to help with new stories and researching special cases, reviewing books or movies maybe?

Are you willing to get involved? Let me know what you would be interested in, and leave a comment in the form below

You can remain as anonymous or as open as you like all I ask for is a commitment to the cause and accuracy in your contributions

If you want to help in another way you could “Buy me a beer” by clicking a link (not yet operational) and donating a dollar and help get the site fully hosted so we can post full video, audio and other media and documents rather than using you-tube etc.. They have already deleted my account for copyright on news stories…

(not operational just yet!)


All the best for Christmas, stay safe, be merry, and for those of you who were not so good this year, there is always next year!