Prabha Arun Kumar murder- Can you help?


This is a terrible crime and despicable murder of a women walking home from work. WE must find her killer, we all have family and friends who walk some part of their way home every night. The police need help, hopefully releasing this video and images will help jog peoples memories of that night.

March 09, 2015 4:44PM

CCTV of Prabha Arun Kumar
  • Prabha Kumar was stabbed about 9.30pm Saturday night
  • Knifeman followed her and is still on the loose
  • IT consultant, 41, was on the phone to husband in India
  • He heard ragged breathing as she quickened, screams and a struggle
  • Mrs Kumar had turned down offer of a lift home from work

POLICE have released CCTV footage of Prabha Kumar walking from the train station moments before she was murdered in Parramatta Park on Saturday night.

Detectives are hoping the chilling vision will jog the memory of a witness who may have seen Mrs Kumar as she walked home after work.

“We’re releasing (the CCTV tapes) in an effort to jog people’s memories – someone who may have seen Prabha, somebody who may know Prahba – coming forward and providing us with the information that we need to work out why this has happened to her and who is responsible for it,” Homicide squad commander Detective Superintendent Michael Willing said.

Prabha’s haunting final moments

Mrs Kumar is seen walking from Parramatta Station moments before her brutal murder. Picture: CCTV/NSW Police Source: DailyTelegraph

Arun Kumar, Mrs Kumar’s distraught husband, who was on the phone in India to his wife when she was murdered, arrived in Australia earlier today.


Mrs Kumar had finished working a double shift at an IT company and was taking a shortcut home across Parramatta Park.

Chillingly, she was talking with her husband Arun Kumar, 9300km away at home in India, when she said ‘he stabbed me, darling’ before the line went dead and Ms Kumar collapsed in a pool of blood.

Police will this afternoon release CCTV footage of Mrs Kumar walking home from Parramatta train station in the hope it will help generate a lead in the baffling case.

He said the footage didn’t appear to show anyone following the victim as she made her way home.

Police at the walkway on Monday morning where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. Pic John

Police at the walkway on Monday morning where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

This morning people returned to the pathway where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death on Sa

This morning people returned to the pathway where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death on Saturday night. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Police search for evidence at the scene of Prabha Kumar’s murder on Saturday night. John

Police search for evidence at the scene of Prabha Kumar’s murder on Saturday night. Picture: John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Prabha Kumar leaves a husband and nine-year-old daughter in India. She

Prabha Kumar leaves a husband and nine-year-old daughter in India. She Source: Supplied

Detective Superintendent Willing said Mr Kumar was talking with detectives about the conversation before she was killed.

“We have some detail in terms of their conversation,” he said. “He’s understandably extremely distressed.”

Mrs Kumar’s brother-in-law, Thrijesh Jayachandra, told The Hindu Times that she had told Mr Kumar about a man following her.

“She was walking while talking to Arun on the phone when she said that a suspicious-looking man was following her,” he said.





“The next moment, he heard her scream for help and then plead with the man not to harm [her] and take all her belongings if he wanted. Seconds later, he heard her scream and say she was stabbed,” he said.

Mrs Kumar was just 300m from her Westmead home when she was attacked. Her husband is on his way from Bangalore with the couple’s nine-year-old daughter.

“It is a nightmare. I don’t know why this happens to good people,” Ms Kumar’s friend and flatmate, who asked only to be identified as Sarada said.

“I don’t know how I’m going to face her husband. She is very close to her husband and daughter.

“She talks to them every day, as soon as she finishes work she calls her husband and keeps talking. She has a good family.”

Police officers returned to the murder scene today in a search for clues, a team of men scanning Amos Street that leads off the park.

Soni Bandari, 32, of Parramatta, told The Daily Telegraph she walks through the park everyday to get to work at the local Westfield.

“I’ll probably be more alert and I’ll be looking to make sure it’s all good and no one is following me or not,” Bandari said.“I’ll be a bit more conscious I’d say.”

The walkway through Parramatta Park where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. The photo, t

The walkway through Parramatta Park where Prabha Kumar was stabbed to death. The photo, taken last night, shows hows poorly lit the pathway is. Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

Flowers left at the entrance to Parramatta park were Prabha Kumar was attacked and killed

Flowers left at the entrance to Parramatta park were Prabha Kumar was attacked and killed. pic John Grainger Source: News Corp Australia

Ms Kumar, was set to return home to India next month after her working visa expired, after being sent to Sydney in 2012 to work for Indian-based IT and outsourcing company Mind Tree.

The company is based at The Rocks but Ms Kumar had been working with a client at Rhodes when she caught the train home on Saturday, getting off at Parramatta Station about 9pm.

It is believed she had knocked back a lift from work because she didn’t want to bother friends.

“She kept telling us how much she missed her family,” he nephew Thrijesh Jayachandra, 24, told the Bangalore Mirror.

She missed spending three precious years with her daughter, who was quickly growing up, and that she did not want to waste any more time away from her family, he said.

“She always made it a point to visit the temple near her apartment at least once a week. After getting home from work every evening, she would pray. In her three years in Sydney, she had only come to Bengaluru once for a holiday, while Arun and their daughter had flown to Australia twice to visit her.

“We are all in shock and are unable to come to terms with this. Her daughter has been kept in the dark about the incident as she has examinations going on. We told her that her father had to rush somewhere on an emergency business trip,” Thrijesh added.


Where the attack happened

Where the attack happened Source: DailyTelegraph

Police are poring over CCTV footage showing Ms Kumar walking from the station along Argyle St and on to Park Parade to see if she was followed into Parramatta Park.

Sarada said her friend used to call when she worked late and she would collect her from the railway station.

“But because she was working late regularly, she felt bad to ask for help. Maybe that is the reason she didn’t call,” Sarada said.

The path through Parramatta Park cuts between a golf course and Parramatta High School. It is sparsely lit but the attack happened near a cluster of trees that has wide open spaces on either side and was 20m from the nearest light.

She was found in a pool of blood by a man just after 9.30pm. She was taken to Westmead Hospital but had lost a lot of blood and was pronounced dead at 12.45am.

“It is a horrific attack without any stretch of the imagination,” Superintendent Wayne Cox from Parramatta police said. “Certainly my heartfelt condolences go out to the family and we will certainly be working with the family to move through this investigation process with them.”

Police and SES search the scene this morning. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Police and SES search the scene yesterday morning. Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

Police described the attack as ‘horrific.’ Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Police described the attack as ‘horrific.’ Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

Litter lies on the path where the stabbing occured. Picture: Justin Lloyd.

Litter lies on the path where the stabbing occurred. Picture: Justin Lloyd. Source: News Corp Australia

As police and homicide detectives formed Strike Force Marcoala to investigate the murder, Supt Cox said they were particularly interested in talking to people who were around Argyle St and Park Parade on Saturday night.

Sarada told The Daily Telegraph she had warned her friend about the dangers of the park.

“I told her that it is not a safe way to come through because there is people that stop and ask you for money, like $2,” Sarada said.

She took aim at her friend’s employers, saying they should have helped her stay safe if she was working so late. “I kept warning her, either to take a cab from work or just take a safer route,” she said.

“Even if I work late my bosses would provide a cab. She is a single lady, doesn’t have anyone here, she works late at night — why they don’t think about security of their staff?”

She said that Ms Kumar was “a really nice, quiet and hard working person”. “She is very religious, goes to the temple every week. As soon as she comes back from home she takes a bath and she prays,” she said.

Ms Kumar’s colleagues at Mind Tree yesterday said they had been told by police not to say anything.

Parramatta residents say the park is poorly lit and quiet after the sun goes down. They believe CCTV and extra lighting must be installed to make it safer.

“I’m just lucky that nothing has ever happened to me,” said Lara Emery, 25, who lives in the area and was moved to tears when she heard about the murder. She said she would reconsider using the park at night.


Ben Pike

PRABHA Arun Kumar’s walk home from Parramatta Railway Station is a long and lonely one during the day, let alone in the dark of a ­Saturday night.

After getting off at the station the 41-year-old turned right on to ­Argyle St and walked 800m to the corner of Pitt St and Argyle St.

On this leg of the journey she walked past the entrance to the Parramatta Westfield shopping centre. From this point, the path quickly becomes very quiet.

There are railway tracks on one side of the road and anonymous ­office blocks on the other.

Retracing Ms Kumar’s steps at 3pm on a Sunday, I didn’t pass a soul on the footpath between Marsden St and Pitt St.

Flowers at the scene of Prabha Arun Kumar’s murder / Picture: Rohan Kelly

Flowers at the scene of Prabha Arun Kumar’s murder / Picture: Rohan Kelly Source: News Corp Australia

One can only imagine how deserted it was at 9pm.

She then crossed over at the lights from Pitt St to Park Parade and entered Parramatta Park.

From there it is less than 400m to her home up the long path that leads to Amos St.

If you are standing at the corner of Pitt St and Park Parade in daylight hours, you can see the path all the way up the hill to where Ms Kumar was attacked. The 250m climb is lit by only five street lamps, meaning her attacker would have had plenty of dark spots to hide in.

But Ms Kumar only made it three-quarters of the way up the incline before she was stabbed.

The scene of the crime was almost exactly between two street lamps, meaning she was about 20m from the nearest light at the time of the attack.

Women who live in the area say they would never walk through the park at night because it is “not very well lit”.

Police have also said the lighting in the park is not up to scratch.

Originally published as Prabha’s haunting final moments

Do you know this guy? victim snapped him allegedly flashing at Melbourne’s Sandringham beach

Sleazy disgusting snake bellies like these need to be weeded out exposed and jailed. Only then will the have the slightest chance to help themselves. Contact police anywhere any time or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. He has to be known and dobbing him in does not mean you need to be exposed as a family member, workmate or otherwise…Regards Robbo

Victim takes photo of alleged flasher at Melbourne’s Sandringham beach

Mon 12 Jan 2015, 6:38pm

A woman who was allegedly indecently assaulted by a flasher at Sandringham beach, in Melbourne’s south-east, has managed to take a photo of her attacker.

The woman, aged in her 40s, was walking her dog along the foreshore path earlier this month when she was approached by a man wearing a towel.

Police said he exposed himself to the woman before indecently assaulting her.

Detective acting inspector Brad Daly said she managed to take a photo of her attacker before he was disturbed by a passersby and fled.

“I’m sure she was very stressed but she was cool enough to take a photo of him,” he said.

It is believed he may have left the area in a silver hatchback.

Police have released the photo taken by the woman as part of an appeal for help.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Rhodes superannuation administrator charged over missing $3.9m super money – 8yr transfer trail linked to gambling habit

More to come on this greedy bastard after next court hearing

Steve Stickney

Charges relate to money being transferred from members’ accounts.

Charges relate to money being transferred from members’ accounts.

A 52-year-old Rhodes superannuation administrator was charged today with fraud offences relating to the disappearance of $3.9 million.

Late this afternoon Fraud and Cybercrime Squad detectives arrested and charged the man, alleging the senior administrator at a business providing services to a superannuation company altered documents and transferred money from members’ accounts.

They also alleged the money was then withdrawn over a period of eight years, with the funds used for gambling.

Detectives arrested the man at his workplace and took him to Burwood Police Station where he was charged with 16 counts of obtain money by deception and three counts of fraud.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at Burwood Local Court on Thursday January 8, 2015. Are we ever going to see him again seeing he stole so much money?

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page:

4 Weeks since Allison Baden-Clay vanished, later found murdered…UPDATES

This Crime has had massive Interest and the previous threads became quite large and slow to load for some people, as they contain large amounts of photos and video. Take your time to have a look through them.You better grab a coffee or 4.They will open in another window when you click on them.

Original First Post (26/04/12) here

Second updated Post (14/05/12)  here

Overnight Update 2.20am

I hear a breakthrough was made overnight, and you might say the pressure has become too much for some…………………

Also some significant words from the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson earlier folks, I think the snowball is rolling and getting massive…Damn its 2.10 am and I won’t be able to sleep, I hope some cowardly, gutless, weak, conniving, filthy, dishonest, murdering folk get taken away in the morning. They will cheer in the streets if it does. Go you Queenslanders…

ALLISON Baden-Clay was an innocent whose tragic story captured the hearts of Queenslanders, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said yesterday.

As police continue to scour for clues in the hunt for Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer, the commissioner said her heartbreaking death had struck a chord with the public.

“This is clearly a case with significant public interest.”

Mr Atkinson said the intense public interest in Mrs Baden-Clay could be due to the fact that she was a true victim.

“It is dreadful that a mother of three young children has been taken from them,” he said.

“I think in this case there is an innocence about Allison Baden-Clay, there is something that triggers the public.

Allison Baden-Clay, Daniel Morcombe, Sian Kingi, Anita Cobby – I think because people relate to the victim .”

Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing about 7am and just a few hours later her suburb was overrun with police.

It was the start of a frantic search involving hundreds of police and State Emergency Services volunteers.

A passing canoeist eventually spotted her body under the Kholo Creek bridge.

Mr Atkinson said police responded swiftly and in large numbers for a reason.

“There were alarm bells from the moment she was reported missing,” he said.

Mr Atkinson said some cases needed immediate attention.

“As soon as he (her husband) reported her missing there was concern,” he said. “When it comes to women and children, if you don’t move quickly you might miss something.”

The Police Commissioner chose to not even use Coward Clays name…

Sadly tomorrow already marks four weeks of heartache since mother-of-three Allison Baden-Clay disappeared but the floral tributes being laid at her Brookfield home and at the Kholo Creek Bridge near where her body was found only grow in number.

Flowers are left as a sign of respect on the bridge above where Allison’s body was discovered.

More than 20 detectives yesterday continued their methodical hunt to find Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer from a major incident room first erected at the Indooroopilly Police Station almost a month ago, shortly after the 43-year-old was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on Friday, April 20, 2012.

It is understood detectives are scouring hundreds of witness statements and are still interviewing widely as they wait for final toxicology results.

Police earlier this week declared that members of the Brookfield community should not fear for their safety, adding they believed Mrs Baden-Clay’s killer was someone she knew.

The community celebrates the annual Brookfield Show this weekend.

Residents of Lintrose Tce at Karalee, on the opposite side of the Brisbane River to where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found, said yesterday that they only wished they had heard something that could help the police investigation.

click on IMAGE to enlarge

Residents of Lintrose Tce at Karalee, on the opposite side of the Brisbane River to where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was found, said yesterday that they only wished they had heard something that could help the police investigation. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Many of the properties on the street front the river and have a direct view of the mud bank where Mrs Baden-Clay’s body was discovered.

One neighbour denied rumours that residents living in the area heard a “splash” in the days after Mrs Baden-Clay was reported missing.

“You can hear the traffic on the bridge, definitely, and you probably could hear something if it was quiet but no one along here did,” he said. “It’s awful. I wish we could (help).”

Anyone with information which could help the police investigation should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The 2 known people to have been questioned by police happen to be work colleagues, they both have sought legal representation early in the piece…

Does this intersection hold the clue to the Baden-Clay murder?


Moggill Road and Brookfield Road, Kenmore QLD (Click to enlarge)

The police are rightly playing their cards close to their chest in the Allison Baden-Clay murder investigation.

Roundabout approach

Did the killer drive through the Kenmore roundabout at the corner of Moggill Road and Brookfield Road on the night of the murder between 11.30pm on Thursday 19 April 2012 and 4:00am the following morning?

Was Allison still alive in the killer’s car at that time or did she die later?

Kenmore Roundabout taken from CCTV

Even if the killer did traverse this route, the camera may not have captured that exact moment.  Take a look at the above image from the position of the Department of Transport and Main Roads CCTV traffic camera at that location.  The camera points east towards Indooroopilly, meaning that a vehicle turning right from Brookfield Road into Moggill Road would be in view of the camera for a maximum of just over 1 second., perhaps a fraction less.

With the camera updating public images only every 60 seconds, the chances of capturing a particular vehicle at any specific time of the day or night would be at long odds.  A vehicle on Moggill Road travelling eastbound from the direction of Moggill, turning left into Brookfield Road would not be captured at all.

This camera may hold the key clue to the murder

Equally, the killer may have avoided being captured on this CCTV installation by the barest of seconds.

Either way, the Brisbane community rumour mill is now in feverish overdrive that the police will wrap up this case very soon with residents in homes, workplaces and street corners openly opinionating their views.

Like the unsolved Betty Shanks murder in Brisbane in 1952, the Baden-Clay murder will be etched into the minds of the people of Brisbane for generations to come.

The on-going tangled web of circumstantial evidence will slowly but surely point to the killer whose days of freedom can probably be counted on a single hand.

It is not too hard to predict what will happen from here.

 The eventual suspect in the murder of Allison Baden-Clay is likely to be taken for serious questioning to the Indooroopilly Police Station on Moggill Road opposite Indooroopily Shopping Centre and, subject to a successful prosecution for murder in the Supreme Court, remain incarcerated from that moment for the next 20 years or even longer, given the gravity of this horrendous crime.

D-Day approaching for killer

With a team of more than 20 detectives moving forward with their investigation and final post mortem tests becoming available, “D”-Day is about to arrive for Allison Baden-Clay’s killer.

Police have already publicly announced that she may have known her killer.

The team of homicide detectives is playing a masterful game to flush out the killer, drip feeding small tidbits of key information to the media which must be driving the killer insane.

With each small piece of carefully released information, such as the 2 cars seen at Kholo Creek where the body was found, the killer must be frantic to speak to any accomplices to refine their story – something near impossible with police wire taps and electronic surveillance certain to be in place.

The time must be just about up for this killer.

The arrest and subsequent trial is likely to be one of the most-sensational ever witnessed in Queensland.


Where are Michels and Stanley…and what have they done?

POLICE suspect a fugitive couple at the centre of a nationwide missing persons search may have been helped by a third person.

Missing persons, Raids, Computers seized, Ghosts,Hire cars, disappearances,The Paranormal, Lovers on the run…What’s next? Taped sacrificial ceremonies?

Sounds like a movie script, but this is real and these 2 are wanted by police. WHAT FOR? well that has not been revealed publicly, but computers get seized for only a few things, fraud/embezzlement type issues and child pornography are the few I can think of. I was spot on the mark back on the 11th November, they have been making child porn in the home with underage children. I hear that one and or both might of even been in the videos themselves…If that was not bad enough they decided to transit the homemade porn as well…Scum of the earth both of them

Why they have not come forward and surrendered, or made contact through a solicitor is a mystery if they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. So if you know these people or are helping them, then you may find your self in as much shit as they are in, so give them up I would suggest. The cops have not gone public with all the information but the talk around town is not nice about the activities that have allegedly taken place that led to the pending charges…



 November 21, 2011 12:48PM

Craig Stanley appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for a brief file hearing this afternoon.

Mr Stanley, along with fiancee Rebecca Michels, was arrested last week after the couple had been hiding out in a remote bush camp 400km northwest of Melbourne.

The Langwarrin couple were charged with sex crimes involving a minor aged between 10 an 16.

Mr Stanley remained silent throughout the 10-minute hearing.

But his lawyer told the court he planned to apply for bail on Tuesday, Nov 27.

Ms Michels is expected to appear at the same court later today.


Craig Stanley (right) is taken from Horsham police station to Horsham Court

 18/11/11 3.25pm: A FRANKSTON couple have appeared in court and been charged with indecent acts and making child pornography.

Craig Stanley, 28, and Rebecca Michels, 25, appeared separately before Horsham Magistrates’ Court this afternoon after being arrested this morning following three weeks on the run.

Both have been charged with indecent acts with a child under 16, making child pornography, possessing child pornography and transmitting child pornography.

The pair have been remanded in custody to appear on Monday at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

UPDATE No. 1   18/11/11  12.10pm: THE Frankston couple who had been on the run for the past three weeks have been found and arrested.

Craig Stanley, 28, from Langwarrin, was spotted at a supermarket in Dimboola, almost 400km northwest of Melbourne, and arrested just after 10am today.

Rebecca Michels is taken from Horsham police station to Horsham Court.

Police then went to campsite at a nearby national park where they arrested his fiancee Rebecca Michels, 25 at about 10.40am.

The couple, who were wanted over serious offences, are expected to be interviewed by police this afternoon.

Ms Michel’s father, Ross McAdie said that her family were “very, very relieved” they had been found safe.

“It’s been a long time,” he said.

“We haven’t spoken to her yet, but from a parent’s point of view you hope every minute of the day it was going to end. Thankfully we are there.”

 Mr McAdie is due to fly from Darwin to Melbourne, with wife Patricia, tonight or tomorrow.

He said he would say to his daughter when they meet: “We love you and are you safe, happy and well?”

Mr McAdie added: “Now we can turn our attention to defending the allegations.”

Ms Michel’s lawyer Ben Archbold said he would be speaking to his client over the phone and she would be giving a no comment interview to police.

The couple have been brought to Horsham where they are expected to be refused bail and remanded in custody over the weekend, he said.

Missing: Craig Stanley and Rebecca Michels...BUT WHY?

Investigators are believed to be examining whether Rebecca Michels and Craig Stanley were picked up by someone at Ballarat after they left their home at Langwarrin in Melbourne’s southeast.

They had left a note for a housemate saying they were going gold prospecting in Bendigo on October 27.

But police believe the real reason for the disappearance may be a police raid on their home earlier that day.

Officers seized a computer which allegedly contained illicit material and warrants were issued for the arrest of both.

The police swoop is believed to have been launched after a complaint from a member of the public and investigators believe there may be others yet to come forward.

Related Coverage

Detective Insp. Shayne Pannell said it was doubtful Ms Michels, 25, and Mr Stanley, 28, are still in Ballarat.

They sent the rented Nissan x-Trail, containing Mr Stanley’s prized metal detector, back to Frankston after arriving.

“They had to have a reason to go there and a reason to have the hire car sent back,” Insp. Pannell said.

“My personal opinion is they had someone meet them there. Why would you leave yourself stranded. It’s something we have to find out.”

Arrest Warrants out Craig Stanley and Rebecca Michels

Detectives are working through 40 information reports received from the public.

But there is still no clue on where they have headed and there has not been a positive sighting since October 29.

Police have been canvassing transport hubs such as taxis and train stations.

They have also contacted hotels and caravan parks in the search or fresh leads.

Police have not revealed how much money the couple took with them, but they will consider applying to have their bank accounts frozen.

Concerns remain that the pair are under heavy pressure over the police investigation into their activities.

Insp. Pannell urged the couple to get in touch, through a solicitor if necessary.

“We will continue until we find them. We want them to have a good think about it. They know what we want to talk to them for,” he said.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit the website

Finally man charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe

Finally a poor excuse for a man has been charged in relation to the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Living on the edges of society all these years this is the best news ever. Up until now that is, we need to still find where Daniels body is hidden. Stupid filthy dirty rats right this loser deserve life in jail seeing we have NO death sentence. But the part that makes me ill is, if he came forward within days and plead oh drugs, oh hallucinations etc. He would have served half his sentence by now. LETS hope the law has tightened up and this prick stands up and tells the family where the body is…It would NO DOUBT be the best this he has ever done in his life now he has been arrested…

The 41-year-old former truck driver who has been charged with murder of Daniel Morcombe

UPDATE 26/09/11 I see this punk of a human had the nerve to whine about being “Inconvenienced, and woken at 5am to appear in court today for mention, only to sit his sorry ass in the holding cell and not appear!!!! You are lucky to still be alive loser, protected from the real men in the house….


UPDATE 12pm: DANIEL Morcombe‘s parents say they are struggling to cope at news of the arrest of an ex-truckie over their son’s murder.

A 41-year-old former truck driver was in custody last night after being charged with murdering Daniel Morcombe, then 13.

The charged man was living in a caravan park in Western Australia until recently.

He was also charged with deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse. He is to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court tomorrow morning.

Police are today scouring Sunshine Coast state forest near the Glass House Mountains for the remains of the missing teen.

Late this morning, his distraught parents told of their anguish to the media, and said they

A clearly distressed Denise Morcombe said Daniel’s remains needed to be found so he could receive a proper burial.

“He needs to be buried with dignity,” Mrs Morcombe said.

Last night, Daniel’s mother was visibly at the news, crying that it was “unfair” and that people needed to understand that their son had been murdered.

Bruce Morecombe said today that he and his wife have been waiting for the day someone was charged over the abduction of their 13-year-old son from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast in December, 2003.

But he said nothing of Daniel’s has ever been found.

“They certainly haven’t found any of Daniel’s remains or anything significant,” Mr Morcombe said.

But when they were told on Saturday they had mixed emotions.

“It came as quite a shock yesterday afternoon,” Mr Morecombe told reporters outside their home in Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast.

“It’s a very difficult place Denise and the family find ourselves in.

“It’s a place you don’t want to be in.

“It’s an extremely difficult time and last night was not pleasant at all.”

A area of interest in the murder of their son Daniel

‘We know the man police have charged’

While the man who has been charged cannot be named until he faces court on Monday, Mr Morcombe said he knew who the accused was.

“We have already seen the person that has been charged,” he said.

“We don’t want to make too much comment about the person that has been charged.

“We are just really pleased where we are and let the legal process take its course.”

He said while the police had made an arrest they still did not know the whereabouts of their son’s remains.

The family is bracing itself that it could take several years for the case to be settled.

“We are aware it may still be a couple of years or even longer before this matter has fully run out,” Mr Morcombe said.

“We have a long wait to go but hopefully we will march towards a guilty verdict from here.

“We are still looking for Daniel and that it’s the personal focus for us to see if we can find Daniel.

“At the end of the day we want the right person for the guilty verdict. ‘Mr Morecombe praised police and said the person who committed the crime picked the wrong family to do it to.

Just an hour after the man’s arrest, Daniel’s parents, received the news they had been waiting for.

It was almost eight years before someone was arrested over the disappearance of their son.

Mr Morcombe said there was no guilty verdict yet and “plenty of work ahead”.

He said the family’s position had always been “step one: find Daniel; step two: find who’s responsible”.

“An area has been identified and is being searched and this is our drive, to find Daniel.”

Mrs Morcombe wept as she told of how difficult this task would be.

“During the floods, this spot had 10m of water through it,” she said.

Mr Morcombe said they had been told specialist excavation equipment would be brought in today.

Over the past eight years, the Morecombe’s have continually sought and gained publicity to highlight the abduction of Daniel.

Daniel disappeared on December 7, 2003 while waiting for a bus beneath an underpass in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast. He’d been out Christmas shopping for his family.

Despite the offer of a $1 million reward, police have had little progress in the case until now.

The investigation into Daniel Morcombe’s disappearance was the biggest in Queensland police history.

WA link to charged man

The man, who has lived in Western Australia for a year, had been living in a caravan park in the eastern Perth suburb of Maddington. He left the state a fortnight ago.

WA Police Assistant Commissioner Nick Anticich said officers in WA had been liaising with Queensland Police for “some time” and were aware he was a resident until a fortnight ago.

But the Morcombe’s have already seen the man accused of killing their son and spent weeks listening to sickening testimony given by others, some of whom were convicted paedophiles who provided evidence to an inquest into Daniel’s death.

The disappearance of Daniel has been Queensland’s biggest missing persons investigation, with Crime Stoppers in Queensland alone receiving almost 20,000 leads from the public.

His parents’ eight-year campaign to ensure their son was not forgotten made Daniel’s disappearance one of Australia’s most baffling mysteries.

Earlier this month, there was a renewed push to find the teenager with a multi-disciplinary team of about a dozen detectives working full-time on the case.

Mr Anticich said WA Police were exchanging information with police in Queensland on the suspect.

“We are obviously looking into information because we want to trace his steps and movements while he was here,” he said.

“We want to find out the circumstances of the charges over there. We will most likely put together his movements as they were in Western Australia, we will have a close look at where he’s been and piece together as best we can a comprehensive profile of his movements.”

The WA Assistant Commissioner said the man had lived in the state for about a year.

“We have been in contact with Queensland Police over this person for quite some time,” he said.

“It is a difficult situation for us because it is not our investigation, Queensland has the lead and we should be talking directly with them.

Search for Kayla, 5, abducted from death scene

Search for Kayla, 5, abducted from death scene

This is a real tragedy in the making as I type…I hope somebody somewhere knows where this little girl Kayla Rogers is. She was snatched from a unit where 2 people were found dead this morning.

Police have issued an urgent call for assistance to find a five-year-old girl abducted from a Gold Coast home where a man and a woman were found dead this morning.

Officers believe the male abductor may have fled to the northern New South Wales area, near Casino or Kyogle.

In a statement issued just before 3.30pm, the police service called for public help to find Kayla Rogers, 5, who was abducted from a residence at Robina overnight.

The bodies were found in a unit in Arbour Avenue, Robina (pictured).

“The girl was last seen at a residence on Arbour Avenue at Robina but is now missing and police hold concerns for her safety,” the alert said.

Police are searching for a car similar to a 2006 silver Holden Viva station wagon with Queensland registration 965-JFC. A man was driving the car.

Anyone with information about the abduction can phone 13 15 64, whereas any life-threatening information can be reported to triple-0.

Earlier, police said they were searching for two young children.

However, the second child, a baby boy, is now said to be safe and well.

The search came after the bodies of a man and a woman were discovered in a unit on Arbour Avenue, Robina, about 8am.

Police are urgently looking for Kayla Rogers. Please help...

Police are urgently looking for Kayla Rogers.

Police said a male relative found the man’s body and called the police who later searched the property and found the dead woman.

Neighbours have told media they heard yelling and screaming from the unit in the early hours of the morning.

Detective Inspector Brian Swan of the Gold Coast Criminal Investigation Branch said police were questioning the man who raised the alarm and are working to locate the children.

“We believe there are two children living in the address and we’re making inquiries now to establish the whereabouts of those children,” he said earlier today.

“We are conducting inquiries into the identities of the persons found in the unit.

“There appear to be signs of a struggle. Our examination has not yet commenced. We’ve only done a rudimentary examination of the premises,” Inspector Swan said earlier.

“It’s too early to say what sort of damage has been done inside the unit.

“It would appear that both bodies have suffered some form of trauma. I can’t say more beyond that.”

Police have not determined how long the pair had been dead, but Inspector Swan said they were seen during the weekend.

“We believe they were sighted alive during the weekend,” he said.

The unit is located over several businesses, including hair salons and a dental surgery, in a leafy estate opposite Robina Town Shopping Centre.

The entire street has been cordoned off, as well as several businesses, as police scour the scene for evidence.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via

Trainer Les Samba shot dead- Link with accused murderer Ron Medich

Well we will have to see if anything comes of the obvious links here to what has been going on in Sydney since Medich was charged with murdering and soliciting to murder Sydney property developer Michael McGurk. Samba owned several Sydney horses with accused murderer Ron Medich, including Sea Lord and Defiant Dame, who is due to run at Warwick Farm on Saturday. To be shot in the head, and the shooter to just walk away suggest some planning to say the least! Samba was an owner these days but had some success years ago, some believe due to elephant juiced horses in his stables.His daughter was once married to “Colourful”  jockey Danny Nikolic, who recently returned to the saddle after a 12 month long fight with stewards down here in Vic over numerous incidents on and off the track!

Trainer Les Samba shot dead on Beaconsfield Parade in Middle Park

Jockey Danny Nikolic speaks to Les Samba, centre, and trainer Bobby Thompson at a race meeting in 2004

Middle Park shooting

Police at the scene of the shooting on Beaconsfield Pde, Middle Park.

FORMER South Australian trainer Les Samba was the man shot dead in Middle Park last night, it has emerged.

Samba, in Melbourne for the thoroughbred yearling sales, was killed in a laneway off Beaconsfield Parade – near the intersection of Langridge St – about 9.35pm.

Police said the 60-year-old victim had an argument with another man before suffering multiple bullet wounds to the head and back.

He was running when he was shot.

Samba owned several Sydney horses with accused murderer Ron Medich, including Sea Lord and Defiant Dame, who is due to run at Warwick Farm on Saturday.

Medich was last year charged with murdering and soliciting to murder Sydney property developer Michael McGurk and is currently on bail.

Detective Inspector John Potter, from the homicide squad, said it appeared the shooting was not random.

“We have obviously got to explore a number of particular avenues,” he said.

“We believe he (the victim) had some sort of connection to this individual. Based on the information we currently have we don’t believe it could be a random shooting.”

Police are still searching for the gunman, who is believed to be in his 20s or 30s and was wearing dark clothes and a hat.

He had distinctive light-coloured hair, which could have been a wig, police said.

Police said the victim was shot after parking a silver 2010 Hyundai, displaying NSW number plates, in Beaconsfield Pde.

He then had some kind of argument with another man which ended in the shooting.

Detectives want to speak to two or three people who were near a black Mercedes and fled after the incident.

It was not immediately clear whether those people were involved in the shooting, Insp Potter said.

Police have not yet found the murder weapon.

While he trained many winners, Samba, who lived in Sydney, also enjoyed much success as an owner.

He raced Gorky Park, which won the Geelong Classic and ran second behind Efficient in the 2006 Victoria Derby.

Samba’s daughter Victoria, formerly married to jockey Danny Nikolic, raced Thorn Park, which won the 2004 Group 1 Stradbroke Handicap.

Nikolic said he’d received several calls today informing him of Samba’s death.

“It’s a huge shock,” he said.

More recently, Samba owned Defiant Dame, who won the Gimrack Stakes at Randwick last October.

Talk of Samba’s death dominated discussion on the opening day of the yearling sales at Oakland Junction.

Early in his career, Samba strapped Rain Lover when it won the 1969 Melbourne Cup.

David Hayes, who trained Gorky Park, said he’s been told of Samba’s death. “Les was a good guy, a character,” Hayes said.

During the 1980s, Samba was linked to flamboyant Perth trainer George Way, who was disqualified for life after two horses trained by him returned a positive swab to Etorphine, more commonly known as elephant juice.

Ambulance spokesman Paul Bentley said paramedics were called to the scene of the shooting at 9.40pm.

“The first crew arrived within eight minutes and confirmed a man was shot in the upper body and was dead,” he said.

Michael Quill, who was on the scene just minutes after the shooting, said he saw the victim was lying face down in blood.

“When we saw him he was in a pool of blood and he was completely lifeless,” Mr Quill said.

“I heard a doctor on the scene saying that he thought the man was about 50 and that there was blood coming from his head.”

Two women walking along the road said they had seen two people running from the scene.

Katie Stephens, who lives on Beaconsfield Pde, said the area was normally very quiet.

“You would be a bit concerned (about a shooting in your street),” she said.

“You would want to know why, whether it was domestic violence or is it involving drugs? Normally something like that doesn’t happen in this area.”

One man, who lives on Beaconsfield Pde just metres from the scene, said he was woken up by the commotion.

“I heard the first gunshot,” the man said.

The police airwing and dog squad searched the Middle Park area last night.

The homicide squad and forensic were still scouring the area for clues and door-knocking people in the area this morning.

Acting Sen-Sgt Fisher said he was confident there were other witnesses because the shooting happened in a highly visible place.

Anyone with information is urged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or