In My Own Words- Victim Impact Statements

In My Own Words- Victim Impact Statements

Well we have asked the question for several months now, and I have read every single comment. The decision being that the Victim DESERVES the right to be heard, Inside the Court and or either outside the court.

In some small way we can give those victims and their families a place to be heard and NOT silenced by some obscure law, out of touch judge or lawyer or a publicity seeking media with ulterior motives.

Therefore I have decided this will be a platform for victims only with NO AUTOMATIC COMMENTS. I may have an option for them to vet comments ONLY after I deem them appropriate.

This is not an opportunity for convicted criminals and or their families to have they say. Let me be clear on that!

So here is the deal, fill out the form below and make contact with me and I will give you the opportunity to have you say. TROLLS and other TROUBLEMAKERS will no be tolerated nor will be pretenders. I research all cases, and have generous support from certain supporters within the IT community that are much more TECH savvy than I, who want to see VICTIMS be heard.

Jerome Souza, above holding paper, brother of Rachel Entwistle, supported by family and friends, reads an impact statement this morning during the sentencing hearing.

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Peter Roebuck Suicide…Why?

Cricket commentator Peter Roebuck in sex case probe before death

Peter Roebuck, the world-famous cricketing Commentator and journalist tragically he took his own life  at 9.15pm Saturday night by jumping out the window of his room on the sixth floor of the Southern Sun Newlands Hotel in Cape Town whilst being interviewed by police in relation to sexual assault allegations. He was in Cape Town covering the 1st test match between South Africa and Australia.

This opens many questions and the police there say an inquest could take weeks, months or years.THE QUESTION IS WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, OBVIOUSLY SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS HAD BEEN MADE FOR ROEBUCK TO MAKE A DECISION IN AN INSTANT TO GO TO HIS OPEN WINDOW AND JUMP TO HIS DEATH IN THE PRESENCE OF POLICE. Whatever our personal opinion is of his fantastic commentary and many columns he writes, the TRUTH must be told and not covered up because he is a famous person. If the media are prepared to splash anyone and everyone on the front pages they better tell the full story with Roebuck. he has been given slaps on the wrist for past problems with young teenagers maybe because of who he is, and his past may have caught up with him

UPDATED 15/11/2011 He obviously liked his “Whipping Boys” over there. Helping out the youth (Consider that a type of “Payment”) where we don’t hear about the complaints because they are so ‘grateful” for his help…More allegations are about to come out as more victims are now prepared to come forward as police take more statements. Shame he will be now remembered as a dirty old man who couldn’t keep his hands of boys…Interestingly HOW LONG HAS THE COMMENTARY/MEDIA/JOURNO’S KNOWN ABOUT HIS PARTICULAR PASTIMES AND DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT. OBVIOUSLY JIM MAXWELL DID! WHO ELSE?????  HE HELD IN SUCH HIGH REGARD HE WAS A PROTECTED SPECIES IT SEEMS….

Peter Roebuck was a supporter of junior cricket., and young men it seems

When police confronted Roebuck in his hotel at about 9pm on Saturday, with the intention of making an arrest, the former Somerset captain allegedly asked to be allowed to change his clothes.

In the process he managed to move close to a window and jumped out.

Asked if he was aware of the complaint made against Roebuck, Maxwell said last night: “I was aware of that a while ago, yes. I know all about that, correct.”

Maxwell said he did not speak to Roebuck personally about the sexual assault claim.

“He never got to talk about it, I wasn’t allowed to talk about that, it was never mentioned,” he said.

“But he was in a highly agitated state so you can read what you want from that.”

Maxwell said he was mystified as to how Roebuck managed to jump from his hotel-room window so quickly.

“I’m not sure how it happened. He was sitting in a chair when I walked out of the room,” Maxwell, who gave “a very lengthy statement” to Cape Town detectives, said yesterday.


South African police authorities will await a post-mortem report before stepping up investigations.

“An inquest can take a long time, it can be anything from six months to two or three years, but what is critical here is to get the autopsy reports, or what we call the post-mortem report,” Naidoo said this morning.

“We will be looking at that first and that can take four to six weeks, sometimes up to eight weeks. When we get that report, we can determine officially what his cause of death was.

“There is no crime suspected as far as Mr Roebuck’s death is concerned.

“If someone dies of unnatural causes and there isn’t suspicion of a crime being committed, then we conduct an inquest.

“In this time, we will undertake the normal investigation. We will take statements, we will await medical reports and that will form part of our investigation.”

Peter Roebuck in May 1981

In 2001, the former Somerset cricket captain was given a suspended jail sentence after admitting caning three young cricketers he had offered to coach.

Roebuck, of Exmouth in Devon, pleaded guilty to three charges of common assault involving three South African teenagers between 1 April and 31 May, 1999.

He had pleaded not guilty to three counts of causing actual bodily harm, which was accepted by the prosecution.

Roebuck was sentenced to four months in jail for each count, with the sentences suspended for two years, at Taunton Crown Court.

Judge Graham Hume Jones told Roebuck he had abused his power and influence over the boys, who were far from home and far from friends and family.

For help or information about depression and other mental health issues visit or call Lifeline on 131 114; Victorian Statewide Suicide Helpline on 1300 651 251; or Mensline Australia on 1300 789 978

Peter Michael Roebuck (6 March 1956 – 12 November 2011) was an English cricketer, newspaper columnist and radio commentator. Between 1986 and 1988, he was the captain of the English county side Somerset. During 1989, Roebuck also captained an England XI one-day cricket team that lost to the Netherlands.

On 12 November 2011, Roebuck jumped to his death from the sixth floor of a hotel in Cape Town. He was visiting Cape Town to report on a Test Match between South Africa and Australia for the Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Playing career

Tall, bespectacled and of bookish appearance, Roebuck was a right-handed batsman, often used as an opener, and occasionally bowled right-arm offspin. He played for Somerset’s second eleven at the age of 13 and regular first-class cricket from 1974 until his retirement in 1991. He later played Minor Counties cricket for Devon.

In 335 first-class matches he scored 17,558 runs at an average of 37.27, making 33 centuries with a highest score of 221* and took 72 wickets at 49.16. In 298 one day matches he scored 7244 runs at 29.81 while taking 51 wickets at 25.09.

Roebuck was named as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1988.


His journal of the 1983 season, It Never Rains, established him as one of cricket’s finest journalists.

Roebuck wrote columns for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age and Cricinfo, as well as commentating for the ABC radio cricket coverage in Australia. He was known for wearing his trademark straw sunhat at all times, even in the commentary box.

He liked the egalitarian approach of the Australian Cricket Board.

He felt there was too much nationalism in cricket writing and it should be avoided when analysing the game. He was one of the few global voices in the game without allegiance to any nation, team or player.

He was one of the last journalists in cricket to acquire a laptop and mobile phone and found them quite useful

Roebuck was often critical of the Australian cricket team and, in particular, the Australian captain Ricky Ponting. Following Australia’s narrow victory in the second Test against India at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 2007–08, Roebuck accused the Australians of “bad sportsmanship and triumphalism”, describing the Australian team as a “pack of wild dogs” and claiming that Ponting has “shown not the slightest interest in the well-being of the game, not the slightest sign of diplomatic skills, not a single mark of respect for his accomplished and widely admired opponents.

Roebuck was described as an astute judge of cricketers, contrarian, master wordsmith and his writing was described as lean, erudite, fluent, perceptive, vibrant

Personal life

Roebuck spent his last years residing in Straw Hat Farm, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, as well as Bondi, Sydney, Australia He grew estranged from England and became an Australian citizen. His colleague Malcolm Knox said of Roebuck that “nothing could rile him more, after he became an Australian citizen, than to be described as an Englishman of any kind, even a former one.”

Peter was estranged from his family and did not talk about them much.In 2005 his father wrote that Peter is an “unconventional loner with an independent outlook on life, an irreverent sense of humour and sometimes a withering tongue.”

He was a solitary and complex manwho preferred to read a book while eating alone rather than spend time in the company of his colleagues.

He lived an austere life, even doing without deodorant. Very few possessions were found in his hotel room after his death

Assault conviction

In 1999, while working as a commentator in South Africa, Roebuck met three cricketers, all aged 19, and offered to coach them, inviting them to live at his home in England. He warned them beforehand that he would use corporal punishment if they failed to obey his “house rules”. He caned all three men on their bare buttocks at different times for misbehaviour and in 2001 was given a suspended jail sentence after pleading guilty to three charges of common assault. He told the court, “Obviously I misjudged the mood and that was my mistake and my responsibility and I accept that.Henk Lindeque, one of Mr Roebuck’s victims, said, “I haven’t had any contact with him since the trial. The problem was not so much that he caned us but wanted to examine the marks. That’s when I decided to get out of his house.”


At 9.15pm on 12 November 2011, Roebuck died after jumping from the sixth floor of the Southern Sun Hotel in Newlands,  Cape Town, South Africa. He landed on the awning outside the entrance to the hotel. It is reported that Roebuck jumped from the hotel room while a Cape Town detective and a uniformed police officer from the sexual crimes unit were questioning him Roebuck’s body was taken to a mortuary in the early hours of the next morning. A statement issued by South African police confirmed that Roebuck had committed suicide

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Where are Michels and Stanley…and what have they done?

POLICE suspect a fugitive couple at the centre of a nationwide missing persons search may have been helped by a third person.

Missing persons, Raids, Computers seized, Ghosts,Hire cars, disappearances,The Paranormal, Lovers on the run…What’s next? Taped sacrificial ceremonies?

Sounds like a movie script, but this is real and these 2 are wanted by police. WHAT FOR? well that has not been revealed publicly, but computers get seized for only a few things, fraud/embezzlement type issues and child pornography are the few I can think of. I was spot on the mark back on the 11th November, they have been making child porn in the home with underage children. I hear that one and or both might of even been in the videos themselves…If that was not bad enough they decided to transit the homemade porn as well…Scum of the earth both of them

Why they have not come forward and surrendered, or made contact through a solicitor is a mystery if they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. So if you know these people or are helping them, then you may find your self in as much shit as they are in, so give them up I would suggest. The cops have not gone public with all the information but the talk around town is not nice about the activities that have allegedly taken place that led to the pending charges…



 November 21, 2011 12:48PM

Craig Stanley appeared at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for a brief file hearing this afternoon.

Mr Stanley, along with fiancee Rebecca Michels, was arrested last week after the couple had been hiding out in a remote bush camp 400km northwest of Melbourne.

The Langwarrin couple were charged with sex crimes involving a minor aged between 10 an 16.

Mr Stanley remained silent throughout the 10-minute hearing.

But his lawyer told the court he planned to apply for bail on Tuesday, Nov 27.

Ms Michels is expected to appear at the same court later today.


Craig Stanley (right) is taken from Horsham police station to Horsham Court

 18/11/11 3.25pm: A FRANKSTON couple have appeared in court and been charged with indecent acts and making child pornography.

Craig Stanley, 28, and Rebecca Michels, 25, appeared separately before Horsham Magistrates’ Court this afternoon after being arrested this morning following three weeks on the run.

Both have been charged with indecent acts with a child under 16, making child pornography, possessing child pornography and transmitting child pornography.

The pair have been remanded in custody to appear on Monday at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

UPDATE No. 1   18/11/11  12.10pm: THE Frankston couple who had been on the run for the past three weeks have been found and arrested.

Craig Stanley, 28, from Langwarrin, was spotted at a supermarket in Dimboola, almost 400km northwest of Melbourne, and arrested just after 10am today.

Rebecca Michels is taken from Horsham police station to Horsham Court.

Police then went to campsite at a nearby national park where they arrested his fiancee Rebecca Michels, 25 at about 10.40am.

The couple, who were wanted over serious offences, are expected to be interviewed by police this afternoon.

Ms Michel’s father, Ross McAdie said that her family were “very, very relieved” they had been found safe.

“It’s been a long time,” he said.

“We haven’t spoken to her yet, but from a parent’s point of view you hope every minute of the day it was going to end. Thankfully we are there.”

 Mr McAdie is due to fly from Darwin to Melbourne, with wife Patricia, tonight or tomorrow.

He said he would say to his daughter when they meet: “We love you and are you safe, happy and well?”

Mr McAdie added: “Now we can turn our attention to defending the allegations.”

Ms Michel’s lawyer Ben Archbold said he would be speaking to his client over the phone and she would be giving a no comment interview to police.

The couple have been brought to Horsham where they are expected to be refused bail and remanded in custody over the weekend, he said.

Missing: Craig Stanley and Rebecca Michels...BUT WHY?

Investigators are believed to be examining whether Rebecca Michels and Craig Stanley were picked up by someone at Ballarat after they left their home at Langwarrin in Melbourne’s southeast.

They had left a note for a housemate saying they were going gold prospecting in Bendigo on October 27.

But police believe the real reason for the disappearance may be a police raid on their home earlier that day.

Officers seized a computer which allegedly contained illicit material and warrants were issued for the arrest of both.

The police swoop is believed to have been launched after a complaint from a member of the public and investigators believe there may be others yet to come forward.

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Detective Insp. Shayne Pannell said it was doubtful Ms Michels, 25, and Mr Stanley, 28, are still in Ballarat.

They sent the rented Nissan x-Trail, containing Mr Stanley’s prized metal detector, back to Frankston after arriving.

“They had to have a reason to go there and a reason to have the hire car sent back,” Insp. Pannell said.

“My personal opinion is they had someone meet them there. Why would you leave yourself stranded. It’s something we have to find out.”

Arrest Warrants out Craig Stanley and Rebecca Michels

Detectives are working through 40 information reports received from the public.

But there is still no clue on where they have headed and there has not been a positive sighting since October 29.

Police have been canvassing transport hubs such as taxis and train stations.

They have also contacted hotels and caravan parks in the search or fresh leads.

Police have not revealed how much money the couple took with them, but they will consider applying to have their bank accounts frozen.

Concerns remain that the pair are under heavy pressure over the police investigation into their activities.

Insp. Pannell urged the couple to get in touch, through a solicitor if necessary.

“We will continue until we find them. We want them to have a good think about it. They know what we want to talk to them for,” he said.

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit the website

America Celebrates Bin Ladens Death

America Celebrates news of Bin Laden’s Death as only the can, great to see fire-fighters with the people take to the streets and really when you think about it, reclaim their city. patriotic yes, but if that was my town I know what I would be doing after what happened over there…

Man arrested fudging 67,541fines

UPDATE 5.45pm: The security of Victoria’s traffic infringement record system has been breached with the records of almost 70,000 infringements notices allegedly tampered with by a former employee of the company contracted to manage the data.

We know they snap us, but what is going on?

Detectives from Vicpol’s high-tech E-Crime squad yesterday arrested a 36-year-old Craigieburn man after unauthorised changes were made to the date, time and speed of internal records of 67,541 infringement notices.

Police said the changes were made after the infringements notices were issued and no motorists received the incorrect information

“The data changes have had no impact on any infringement issued in relation to the speed or red light camera system. No infringements have been issued to motorists with incorrect data and there is no ongoing impact to any infringements to be issued,” a police statement said.

The data changes were allegedly made over a three week period between February and March this year by an employee of the company contracted by Vicpol to handle infringement notice data.

All original data remains within systems and the modifications to data were picked up by internal systems and staff alerted police who began an immediate investigation.

The Craigieburn man who is no longer with the company has been released pending further investigation.

The investigation is continuing and he may face charges of unauthorised modification of data under the Crimes Act.

Police Minister Peter Ryan late today stressed the notices were all accurate by the time they were issued.

“I am advised that the infringement notices in question were accurate at the time they were issued.

“Any changes allegedly made by this individual occurred after the infringement notices were issued and were subsequently corrected to reflect the original offence.

“There is an internal review system currently in place for those wishing to appeal infringement notices.”

Another way to suck you in, check these out…

On paid time, certainly NOT catching speeding drivers

A Bit of solar power? for what, catching drivers, sneaky bastards

Here is a speed camera hidden amongst one of those traffic counter units...Just another way to suck you in!

Rowe Family Triple Murder Mystery see updates

THE funeral for Kapunda murder victims Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe will be held in the town on Friday.

White Lady Funerals will conduct the service at Dutton Park, Baker St, adjacent to the football oval on the western side of town, from 11.30am.

In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked by the family to donate to the Christopher Rowe Trust Fund, to support the son and brother of those murdered.

A man has been charged with the triple murder.

Anyone who came to this site in search of information is asked to consider the sole surviving family member of this tragic event. A trust fund has been set up for this lad, and I ask those that are able to contact the fund and donate and help him as he bravely starts to rebuild his life.

Donations can be sent to the

Christopher Rowe Trust Fund,

PO Box 58, Tanunda 5352.

For details contact Tamara Meyers on 8653 3357 or after hours on 0422 564 272, or email [email protected]



Owner of Aussie Criminals


updated teenager arrested and charged with the 3 murders, he was known to Chantelle and maybe her family, updates here

Police need assistance, the clues are coming together, and an extensive search is being carried out at the Clare Dump. Police are not realewsing details but items of interest have been recovered and are not being disclosed for operational reasons… A family all but wiped out and the net is closing in…

CHANTELLE Rowe messaged her boss to say she wouldn’t make it to work the next day, only hours before she and her parents were killed in their Kapunda home.

The SMS to the manager of Nuriootpa‘s De Vine Cafe, where Chantelle, 16, had worked for only a week, was sent at 12.09pm on Sunday.

Police have narrowed down the time of the murders of Chantelle, Andrew and Rose Rowe in Harriet St to between midnight and 1am on Monday. A resident from the surrounding area has revealed they heard a woman’s screams and a man yelling about 1am.

The text message to Jacinda Clarridge and conversations Chantelle had with friends on a social networking site on Sunday give an insight into her final hours.

In unearthing the text, The Advertiser also discovered police – who this week have gone to the extraordinary lengths of stopping transients on roadsides, scouring dumps and a Kapunda lake for clues – had yet to speak with key people about the Rowe family’s final movements.

“I am a bit surprised the police have not come to see me,” Ms Clarridge said yesterday.

“She only worked here a week, but she was in contact with me.”

The owner of a Kapunda security firm – which has patrolled the town for 16 years – also revealed he had not been contacted by police, despite being one of only a few people with reason to be touring the town in the early hours of any morning.

The security guard attended an alarm at Kapunda Primary School about 10pm Sunday.

It is not clear if police investigating the murder are aware of the triggered alarms at the school.

Kapunda resident Peter Swan met Mr Rowe last week when the carpet cleaner fumigated his house. He described the murder victim as a man in his mid-40s, of average build and with no distinguishing features.

He was not known to frequent hotels in the town and any friends he does have in the region have this week stayed silent.

Mrs Rowe is described by Kapunda IGA supermarket owner, Bill O’Brien, and mayoral hopeful as a lovely woman who shopped at the store regularly.

He said he and Mrs Rowe would share a good-natured joke whenever she came into the store. He said he believed she was unemployed.

Chantelle is the only murder victim whose movements leading up to her death can be traced.

She worked at the Nuriootpa cafe on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week and was due to work on Monday, the day she and her parents were killed in what police say was a frenzied knife attack.

The attacker or attackers left the most horrific murder scene in this state for decades to be discovered by the boss of Christopher Rowe – who was holidaying on the Gold Coast – about 11am Monday.

The text message to her boss about midday Sunday saying Chantelle was “sick with croop” was the second indication she was unwell, and most likely at home.

About 11pm Saturday, she posted a message on Facebook to friends that she was feeling unwell and going to bed. A group of youths were at the Harriet St home having a party while Chantelle’s parents were away for the night.

A teenage friend of Chantelle’s, who told The Advertiser police had spoken with him, said he had been chatting with the girl on Facebook about 6pm on Sunday and she again commented that she was unwell.

“She said she had a cold or something,” the boy said.

Chantelle’s boss, Ms Clarridge said the teen was “a really nice girl who would have done well”.

“She was a bit nervous … it being her first week on the job,” she said. “She had a few friends from Nuriootpa who dropped in to say hello to her during the week.”

Ms Clarridge said Chantelle’s father dropped her to work on one of the days and another day she might have stayed at a friend’s house at Nuriootpa as they walked to work.

Chantelle's murdered parents, Andrew and Rose

Chaouk matriarch calls for an end to ongoing feud with rival clan

Crime family patriarch dies of illness
May 4, 2012

AHMED Haddara, who was questioned over the murder of rival clan patriarch Macchour Chaouk, has died of natural causes.

Haddara and Chaouk were the heads of two rival Middle Eastern crime gangs operating in Melbourne’s west.

Chaouk, 65, was shot dead in the backyard of his Brooklyn home in August 2010.
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Police have yet to charge anyone over the shooting but days after the murder, Haddara, 57 at the time, was taken in for questioning.

He was later released without charge, but police said before he died he was ”a person of interest”. Haddara is believed to have been ill for some time.

At the height of the clan war, police placed a guard on Haddara’s home, also in Melbourne’s west, to prevent retaliation.

Chaouk is believed to have whispered the identity of his killer to family before he died.

Investigations, headed by Detective Senior Sergeant Ron Iddles, are continuing. The Chaouk family has said it has faith the detective will bring the killer to justice.

Chaouk matriarch calls for an end to ongoing feud with rival clan

Fatima Chaouk

THE cancer-stricken matriarch of Melbourne‘s Chaouk clan is desperate to end their vicious blood feud with the rival Haddara clan, a judge was told today.

Defence lawyer Tas Roubos told a County Court plea hearing the Chaouk family had gone through a “cultural change” since patriarch Macchour Chaouk was gunned down in his back yard in August.

Mr Roubos said his wife, Fatma Chaouk, has taken control and she wants all of the outstanding criminal matters involving her family to be resolved so they can escape the feud.

“The family is seriously contemplating moving from Melbourne,” Mr Roubos said.

“It’s just not tenable to remain in Melbourne any more.”

Mr Roubos said Mrs Chaouk’s attitude to the war between the families was “this has to end”.

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Judge McInerney commented: ”I am sure the community will be very pleased if it does end.”

Today Fatma’s son, Matwali Chaouk, 26, of Brooklyn, pleaded guilty to a number of firearms offences, which Mr Roubos said stemmed from the feud with the Haddaras and the tit-for-tat violence.

Mr Roubos said Fatma Chaouk did not want her family to be involved in the continual spiral of violence and she had given the homicide squad unprecedented co-operation in the hunt for her husband’s killer.

He said Mrs Chaouk had cancer and a limited life span and it would be a disaster for Matwali Chaouk if his mother died while he was in jail.

“The last five years have been nothing but doom and gloom for this family,” the defence lawyer told Judge Michael McInerney.

Marwali Chaouk pleaded guilty to charges that being a prohibited person he was in possession of two handguns and a pump-action sawn-off shotgun, between June and July this year.

He also pleaded guilty to possession of quantities of ammunition that could be used in the weapons between the same dates.

Prosecutor Mark Gibson said members of the Santiago Taskforce initiated a search warrant on a garage in Brooklyn and found Chaouk had a loaded .22 calibre Llama hand gun in a bum bag.

A raid on his house uncovered a quantity of ammunition.

Mr Gibson said that on July 1, the taskforce raided the main Chaouk family home in Brooklyn and found a Ruger pump-action shotgun hidden in a wall behind a cupboard and a fully-loaded Sterm Ruger Magnum hand gun in a woodpile in the back yard.

A quantity of various kinds of ammunition was found and Chaouk wrote a statement in jail saying all of the weaponry belonged to him.

Mr Roubos said his client had the weapons for self-protection and because of the feud with the Haddaras where there was a constant threat and people reacted to events quickly.

Although the possession of the guns charges carry a 15-year maximum Mr Gibson argued for a jail sentence of between 12 and 18 months.

The defence counsel said his client should get less because of his age and his mother’s health problems.

He said Chaouk is being held in 23-hour a day lockdown in Barwon Jail’s Acacia Unit, which he likened to a form of torture.

Mr Roubos said jail authorities used the murder in custody of gangland boss Carl Williams as an excuse to insist the lockdown is necessary to protect his client.

Judge McInerney will sentence Chaouk on November 11.

PROPERTY tycoon Ron Medich charged with Murder

Ron Medich, charged with soliciting to murder Michael McGurk

PROPERTY tycoon Ron Medich has been arrested and charged with soliciting to murder millionaire businessman Michael McGurk.

Medich, 62 is the fifth person to be arrested by Strikeforce Narrunga, which has been investigating the professional hit on McGurk outside his Cremorne property last year.

Police are currently in the process of executing search warrants at a home in Point Piper as well as a business premises in Leichhardt.

Some earlier arrests last week









Today’s arrest follows lengthy investigations into the death of then 45-year-old Michael McGurk, after he was shot outside his home on Cranbrook Avenue about 6.30pm last September.

Strike Force Narrunga, comprises detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Central Metropolitan Region, and was established to investigate the murder.

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Today’s operation follows the previous arrest and charging of four men on 13 October 2010 by Strike Force Narrunga detectives.

McGurk’s widow, Kimberley, who has been kept up to date by police during the 13-month investigation, said today’s arrest of Ron Medich along with four previous was “of great comfort.”

“The further arrest in the investigation of Mr McGurk’s murder is of great comfort to Mrs McGurk and her family,” her lawyer, Vivian Evans, said in a statement.

“She again thanks all involved in the investigation.

“There are now several matters before the court and therefore it is not appropriate that any further comment be made at this stage.

`”We again request that you respect our client and her family’s privacy.”

How police claim the Michael McGurk plot unravelled

A SEXY woman and a deadly batch of cocaine was plan A.

But when that became too hard to orchestrate, the man allegedly enlisted to kill businessman Michael McGurk was instructed to follow the father-of-four and his wife to the ski fields and execute him there.

Ultimately, the man who allegedly ordered the hit wanted it sorted – even if it meant a bullet to the head in a suburban street, a police state- ment alleges.

And as McGurk lay dead in the driveway of his Cremorne home, a text message allegedly sent to Lucky Gattellari by an unknown associate of one of his co-accused signalled plan C had worked: “Job’s done”.

For 13 months Sydney thought this was the perfect crime.

But a statement of allegations obtained yesterday by The Daily Telegraph showed the murder plot was far from seamless.It allegedly all started over a round-table discussion at ex-boxer Lucky Gattellari’s tudor-style home at Chipping Norton in March 2009. Haissam Safetli, 45, a father and family man himself, was allegedly offered $250,000 by Gattellari, 60, to have McGurk killed.

There was an extra $50,000 bonus if it was carried out within four weeks.

Senad Kaminic, 42, the driver, assistant and close associate of Gattellari, was allegedly present at the meeting.

In his briefing, Safetli was allegedly told by Gattellari that McGurk was becoming “a headache” for a Sydney businessman and costing him a lot of money.

The statement of allegations will state the motivation for soliciting the murder was a number of significant business conflicts between McGurk, Gattellari and the businessman.

And so Safetli began about three months of “work”, during which he allegedly carried out surveillance of McGurk’s daily routine.

With that information in hand, the police allege that the initial plan suggested to Safetli – by Gattellari and Kaminic – was to make McGurk’s death look like an overdose of bad drugs.

Kaminic suggested Safetli arrange for a “sexy woman” to supply McGurk with spiked cocaine.

But the plan was not watertight, so police allege the trio turned their attention to a McGurk family ski trip to Thredbo in July 2009. Time was ticking, and McGurk was not dead. People were getting edgy.

It’s claimed Safetli told police that Gattellari then pressured him.

So Safetli allegedly enlisted the help of Christopher Estephan to help him carry out McGurk’s killing.

Together, they allegedly travelled to McGurk’s Cranbrook Ave home in a white Toyota Hilux utility on the evening of September 3 and waited in bushes across the street until he arrived home.

It was dusk, but light enough for witnesses to see them. They had to be very careful. When McGurk had parked his Mercedes-Benz sedan on the street beside his home, and his son was out of the path of danger, it is alleged Estephan pulled the trigger on the .22 calibre Norinco rifle and fatally shot McGurk once to the head. Both men deny firing the fatal shot.

Police allege the pair then made their getaway, jumping back into the same white Hilux ute and travelling along Military Rd towards the Harbour Bridge.

Closed circuit television footage obtained by police allegedly recorded a white utility going along the same roads in the minutes after McGurk was shot dead.

It is alleged the two men then headed across the Anzac Bridge to Bicentennial Park at Rozelle Bay, where the weapon was dumped in the water.

About 90 minutes after McGurk was shot dead, Gattellari allegedly received a text message on his mobile phone saying: “Job’s done”, the police statement claims.

Despite the money allegedly earned for the hit – and a membership at an exclusive nightspot arranged by Gattellari – the burden became too much for Safetli. It is alleged he twice attempted to commit suicide, once being admitted to hospital for treatment.

He kept quiet and on Tuesday this week was allegedly offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to take the fall for the whole conspiracy.

The statement also claims that in August this year Gattellari and Kaminic allegedly asked Safetli to approach McGurk’s widow Kimberley and influence her, as executor of his estate, to reach settlement on outstanding civil proceedings.

For this, he was allegedly offered $50,000 if carried out. It wasn’t.

Meanwhile a man will face Waverley Local Court this morning for his role in a $150 million fraud scheme linked to McGurk.

The 57-year-old was arrested by Victorian Police on Tuesday afternoon at his Altona Meadows home.

He faced Melbourne Local Court and was escorted to Sydney by Strike Force Apia detectives yesterday afternoon.

Police charged him with three counts of using a false instrument with intent over an alleged $2.4 million mortgage fraud scheme.

The Victorian man is the 12th person charged by police over their roles in an extensive fraud racket involving the country’s biggest banks.

The three year investigation has unearthed a tangled web of illegal mortgage lending, involving high profile Sydney business identities including McGurk.

More than 260 people have been implicated in the fraud case.

Remember David Hicks?

I just read an interesting article today about David Hicks.Remember him, the convicted Aussie terrorism supporter? Well we all knew a book would come out once the time limit passed and here it is. With the full support of another Aussie “Dick Smith” lover of all things Australian. Why in hell is he in love with a wannabe terrorist who was training to kill innocent people like you and I, I have no idea. But read on, very interesting.I plan to read the dribble myself, but certainly will not be supporting him by buying it. I will get it from the library in due course… Robbo


Dick Smith, Lover of everything Australian?

DICK Smith lost credibility when he aligned himself with convicted terrorism supporter David Hicks, and now he’s at it again.

In a bid to publicise Hicks’ new autobiography, there was the boyish voice of Australia’s richest grey nomad on ABC radio Sunday morning, calling Macca’s Australia All Over program from outside Port Augusta.

He’d just saved a few bucks on Hicks’ book by buying it at Big W, he said. “It’s a great read.”

Man’s inhumanity against man and all that. I didn’t catch it all, exactly, as I was busy throwing up.

The Electronic Dick is Australia’s biggest apologist for Hicks, aka Mohammed Dawood, the 35-year-old one-time Muslim convert, the AK47-toting, anti-Semitic, terrorist-trained enemy traitor, the al-Qaida “golden boy” whose reaction to the 9/11 attacks was to hotfoot it back to Afghanistan to take up arms to fight the US and its allies. Which included Australia.

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Hicks roamed between Kandahar airport and Kabul with a group of fighters who were “engaged in combat against coalition forces”, according to US prosecutors.

That’s the official version, and the one Hicks admitted to in 2007 when he pleaded guilty to the charge of providing material support to a terrorist organisation.


David Hicks in training

His book, Guantanamo: My Journey, only makes more puzzling the mystery of why Hicks became such a cause celebre, since his story is so implausible, his excuses so pathetic, his whingeing so reflexive.

Nothing is ever his fault. He is either forced to do things or things accidentally happened to him.

He opens with the first of many half-truths and crucial omissions: “This is the first time I have had the opportunity to tell my story.”

Er, no. There’s not a media outlet in Australia that wouldn’t have given him ample opportunity.

He claims he became a Muslim because he had questions about Islam and so looked up the nearest mosque in the Yellow Pages. When he arrived, to his great surprise, he found himself declaring, “I want to be Muslim”. A part-time imam told him to “recite a few words” and, hey presto, he was a Muslim.

Then he just happened to go to Pakistan. A new mosque mate happened to give him some addresses. One thing led to another and he ended up in Peshawar on the Afghan border where he just “came upon” members of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

He met Osama bin Laden, a wealthy man, and it was all a boy’s own adventure.

Hicks skips over his extensive LeT training in a couple of pages, mentioning only that he did “lots of walks”, befriended a goat and that the training was mostly “sport-oriented”.

Pull the other one.

The paragraph that most perfectly captures his attempt to suspend reality has him firing on Kashmir.

“I participated in this exchange (of gunfire) under the orders and supervision of Captain Ali. We did not fire upon Indian soldiers or any other people. We only participated in the symbolic exchange of fire.”

The consequences of this “symbolic exchange of fire”? Two dead children.

Perhaps Hicks’ book is a symbolic telling of the truth.

Our accidental terrorist next finds himself on the wrong bus, and happens to arrive in Kandahar where he mingles with the Taliban.

Somehow he decided to do an eight-week “mountain warfare” course. Then he applied for the “urban warfare” course.

Then, in August, 2001, he took a mysterious course in Kabul. All he says about that is, “Kabul was an interesting and intriguing place”.

He is at pains to draw a distinction between himself and “actual terrorists”, who were trained at “very small and highly secretive” camps.

Hicks, by contrast, says he was at “big, very public mainstream camps” receiving “very casual basic military training”. He had no choice. “I reluctantly signed up.”

Only Silly Dick would believe any of that.

He complains a lot about Guantanamo Bay, and about a soldier who records his movements in a green book making him feel “like an animal sprawled upon a dissection table”.

Does it occur to Hicks why the soldier was observing him? Because the good guys, those Hicks was fighting against, were trying to find out when the next terrorist attack would come.

They were protecting defenceless children, mothers, fathers, beloved people in Manhattan office towers or Melbourne football stadiums or Bali nightspots or Mumbai restaurants, or London buses, from a suicide bomber exploding a vest full of hydrogen peroxide or igniting his underpants on a plane or grabbing a rifle out of a backpack and firing into a crowd of living flesh.

That is what David Hicks was. One of those young men who trained for al-Qaida in LeT terrorist camps. One of the lost, lonely misfits who answered the call of Islamist extremists.

LeT is the terrorist group that pops up disturbingly often in foiled terrorist plots on Australian soil, from the conviction of Willie Brigitte in 2007, to the unspecified plot for which five men were convicted this year in the NSW Supreme Court.

The Mumbai terrorists, who killed more than 170 people, including two Australians, in 2008, were trained, like Hicks, by LeT. In some ways, they were figures of pity, if you can divorce yourself from their atrocities, which you can’t easily.

But that is all that separates Hicks from those robotic young men; the fact he didn’t come home and put his training to use.

If events had transpired slightly differently, if he had not been captured by the Northern Alliance, would he have been a sleeper agent inside Australia, available on call to carry out a Mumbai-style massacre? We only have his word he wouldn’t.


David Hicks walks free

There is no remorse, no apology, just justification piled on evasion piled on self-pity.

It doesn’t mean Hicks might not be worthy of pity or redemption some day. But it doesn’t mean his capture and incarceration as an enemy combatant was wrong. And it doesn’t mean he has the right to rewrite history.

In case it’s not clear, Hicks was armed, wearing a uniform, working for the enemy for two months, while our troops were in Afghanistan, at the start of a war that so far has cost the lives of 21 Australian soldiers.

And, while people such as Apologist Dick are feting Hicks and lining his pocket with book contracts, three soldiers who fought on our side, the good guys are facing a court-martial for an accident of war. The irony is stomach-turning.

Four men arrested over Michael McGurk murder

Michael McGurk

Murdered … businessman Michael McGurk

FOUR men have been arrested today over the fatal shooting of Michael McGurk at Cremorne last year homicide squad detective are currently executing seven search warrants.

Detectives from State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Central Metropolitan Region, assisted by officers from the Public Order and Riot Squad, arrested three men just after 10.30am.

A 45-year-old Elderslie man, a 42-year-old Liverpool man, and a 60-year-old Chipping Norton man were all arrested at Chipping Norton.

All three men have been taken to Liverpool Police Station where charges are expected to be laid.

Another man, aged 20, attended Kings Cross Police Station about 10.30am today. Charges are expected to be laid.

Police are currently in the process of executing seven search warrants at locations across the metropolitan area including Chipping Norton, Elderslie, Harrington Park, Narellan and Liverpool.

Today’s operation follows lengthy investigations into the death of the-then 45-year-old Michael McGurk, after he was shot outside his home on Cranbrook Avenue about 6.30pm on September 3, 2009.

Strike Force Narrunga, comprises detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Central Metropolitan Region, and was established to investigate the murder. Investigations are continuing.

Detectives followed a murky money trail left by McGurk, a property developer mortgaged to the hilt and in deep financial trouble because of the global financial crisis.

They have also interviewed the enemies McGurk made, many during his dealings as a short-term money lender of last resort through his firm Bentley Smythe.

“Certainly McGurk had a lot of enemies and he didn’t have any friends,” one police source said.