GANGLAND widow Judy Moran has been found guilty of murder over the killing of her brother-in-law Des “Tuppence’” Moran.

Found guilty of Murder this morning...Bye bye Judy

Moran, 66, bowed her head and became teary as the foreman announced the verdict in the Supreme Court

It took the jury of nine men and three women six days to reach their decision after a month-long trial.

Ex Rebels bikie president Geoffrey “Nuts” Armour shot Des Moran, 61, inside his favourite Ascot Vale cafe in front of several witnesses on June 15, 2009.

The jury was told Judy Moran drove Armour and his friend turned prosecution witness Michael Farrugia to and from the scene and later disposed of evidence.

Prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, told the jury the plot was an agreement between Judy Moran and Armour due to an on-going financial dispute.

“This was a planned and calculated murder motivated by (Judy) Moran…and an on-going financial dispute with (Des Moran),” Mr Rochford alleged in his opening address.

Farrugia, who told the trial he thought he was helping Armour on a debt-collecting mission, gave evidence against Judy Moran.

In sworn testimony he said she was the driver and told the two men she would get rid of evidence after the shooting.

Moran had pleaded not guilty to murder and accessory after the fact.

She gave evidence herself, claiming she was at Fawkner Cemetery visiting her son Mark’s grave on the morning of Tuppence’s murder – which was the day of the ninth anniversary of Mark’s death.
“Obviously you don’t know me as a person,” she told Mr Rochford while under cross examination.

“I wouldn’t be involved in anything like that at my age now – let alone all the other 60 years.”

The jury did not believe her.

Detectives arrested Moran after she drove the getaway car from her garage and dumped it in a Brunswick street while wearing gloves.

After arresting Moran, detectives searched her house and found the murder weapon and clothing linked to Armour and Farrugia stuffed in a hidden safe.

Justice Lex Lasry will sentence Moran on a date to be fixed.

Before the trial, Farrugia, 46, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and received four years’ jail with a two-year minimum term.

Armour, 45, has pleaded guilty to murder and is yet to be sentenced.

His de facto, Suzanne Kane, 47, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact and received a suspended sentence due to time served while on remand.

Poor Judy, it was all for nothing

Judy Moran

Sorry Judy no riches left for you in will...ha ha

My Say

And why would he leave her a cent. The old bitch was behind the plan that killed him. But old Des was awake up to her a long long time ago! He was even unable to find it in his heart to leave her a measly pair of those HUGE designer sunglasses she was famous for.

What is she going to wear on a sunny day in jail hiding behind a shed,trying to read the Herald Sun? It is a dangerous place to have a leisurely flick through the paper these days, especially when you are reading about yourself.

One other thing, apparently this is what a life of crime, running family drug empires’ leaves you with when you hit your head on the floor after being assassinated…

In the will documents now available, Tuppence’s assets include:

HIS Ascot Vale home, conservatively valued in the documents at $500,000.

$1000 in cash.

A COMMONWEALTH Bank account worth $218.37.

A MERCEDES Benz, 1992 model, valued at $6000.

FURNITURE and household goods valued at $5000.

JEWELLERY valued at $18,487.50.

A ONE-THIRD interest in the harness racer Tarleton Lee, valued at $2000.

AN INTEREST in his dead brother Lewis Moran’s estate, valued at $100,000.

A COLONIAL Mutual Life Assurance policy, through CommInsure, valued at $150,000.

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SLAIN gangland figure Des “Tuppence” Moran didn’t leave a cent from his $780,000 estate to sister-in-law (read more here) Judy Moran…