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The pay-off is a verdict like today GBC cowardly wife killer.

People like me? You relate to how I write?

Hey cant spell well, 2 finger typer…So am I YES…Our stuff gets checked before we post.

Sounds like you?

GOOD keep reading

This site has had massive coverage lately (I cover non famous crimes too)

I’m thinking along the lines of a Co-ordinator in each state

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Sound good, bad, troublesome, confusing?

All I want is to give the best coverage of what is going on in our communities.

The community expectations has/have?  outgrown my skills honestly…

Each state, minimum deserves better coverage. The good people email me why haven’t you covered this rape, or that kidnapping, or the death of a cousin in my indigenous community.

You could help us!

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Two men jailed for importing $122 million worth of ecstasy from Italy in tomato tins

The drugs were found packed in more than 3,000 tomato tins.

The drugs were found packed in more than 3,000 tomato tins. (Australian Customs)

Related Story: Trio jailed over world’s biggest ecstasy haul

Two men involved in the importation of more than four tonnes of ecstasy hidden in tomato tins have been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail.

Customs officers at the Port of Melbourne intercepted the ecstasy in the form of 15 million tablets hidden in 3,000 tins arriving from Naples, Italy, in 2007.

The drugs, found packed in a shipping container, weighed more than 4.4 tonnes and had an estimated street value of $122 million.

It was the largest haul of ecstasy in the world at the time of the seizure.

In 2012 the drug ring’s leader Pasquale Barbaro was sentenced to life in prison.

South Australian Carmelo Falanga, 49, was today sentenced to 23 years in prison with a minimum sentence of 16 years and six months.

Jon Visser, 63, of New South Wales, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison with a minimum eight years.

Trio jailed over world’s biggest ecstasy haul

Updated Wed 1 May 2013, 8:15am

Trio jailed over ecstasy haul

Jailed drug smugglers (L-R) Salvatore Agresta, John Higgs, and Pasquale Sergi.

Three men have been jailed over their attempt to smuggle the world’s biggest haul of ecstasy into Australia.

A Victorian Supreme Court jury found the trio guilty of conspiring to smuggle more than 15 million ecstasy tablets into Australia from Italy in 2007.

The drugs weighed more than 4.4 tonnes, had an estimated street value of $122 million and were hidden inside tomato tins.

At the time of the seizure, it was the largest haul of ecstasy in the world.

Pasquale Sergi, Salvatore Agresta and John Higgs were sentenced to a combined total of 40 years in jail.

“You were all involved in a crime in which every one was playing for the highest stakes we have ever known in this country,” Justice Betty King said.

“That of obtaining possession of 15 million plus tablets of ecstasy

“You must have all been aware of the risk and the consequences of [your] involvement.

“You chose to take that risk and now you must all bear the consequences.”

Higgs, 65, who has a criminal history including a conviction for manslaughter, was sentenced to 18 years in jail with a non-parole period of 14 years.

Agresta, 44, who ran an Ascot Vale Deli where gangland identity Des Moran was shot dead in 2009, was sentenced to 12 years in jail to serve at least 8 years.

Sergi, 49, was sentenced to 10 years in jail, to serve a minimum 6 years and 9 months.

A fourth man who can not be named has also been jailed over the conspiracy.

The two ringleaders, New South Wales men Pasquale Barbaro and Saverio Zirilli, have already been jailed.

Drug dealer sentenced to life for world’s largest ecstasy haul

Updated Fri 25 May 2012, 9:05am AEST

It can now be revealed that drug king-pin Pasquale Barbaro, of Griffith, in New South Wales, is serving a life sentence for importing the world’s biggest ecstasy haul into Australia.

A suppression order on the sentence was lifted today, after a jury found four of his co-accused guilty of conspiracy to possess a commercial quantity of MDMA.

Barbaro, 50, originally of Griffith, in NSW, pleaded guilty to charges including the importation of 15 million ecstasy tablets.

The drugs, which were estimated to be worth at least $122 million, were hidden in cans labelled as “peeled tomatoes” from Italy.

Barbaro will serve a minimum term of 30 years in jail.

In sentencing, Justice King said he was at the top of a “very well organised worldwide criminal group”.

“You, Pasquale Barbaro were at the apex of that criminality, at the very top of the tree in this country,” she said.

“Your purpose in attempting to possess the goods was to ensure financial riches of a quite astronomical order.”

Barbaro’s co-accused, Saverio Zirilli, 55, was sentenced to 26 years in jail with a minimum of 18 years.

Both men were also convicted of attempted possession of nearly 100 kilograms of cocaine, hidden in bags of Columbian coffee beans.

Four others have been found guilty of one count each of conspiracy to possess a commercial quantity of MDMA.

Ecstasy life sentence appeal rejected

Posted Thu 20 Dec 2012, 4:40pm AEDT

A man who was involved in Australia’s biggest ecstasy haul has failed to have his sentence reduced by Victoria’s Court of Appeal.

Pasquale Barbaro was charged after millions of ecstasy tablets hidden in tomato cans, were intercepted by Australian Federal Police in 2008.

Barbaro was given a life term in February with a non-parole period of 30 years, but appealed against the severity of the sentence.

The appeal was rejected last month, and can be reported now because a non-publication order has been lifted.

Police raid Box Hill property and seize $15m worth of drugs

Detectives from the Drug Squad have seized more than $15 million worth of illicit drugs,

Detectives from the Drug Squad have seized more than $15 million worth of illicit drugs, arrested two men and shut down a large clandestine laboratory. Photo courtesy of NSW Police. Source: Supplied

More than $15 million worth of drugs, including 70,000 MDMA tablets, have been seized after police uncovered a clandestine lab in Sydney.

Detectives stopped a car on Wednesday in Box Hill, north west of Sydney, and arrested two men, a 35-year-old from Bondi and 24-year-old from Cranebrook.

Police raided a nearby property and allegedly uncovered a large scale drug lab and one kilogram of the drug ice.

Detectives from the Drug Squad have seized more than $15 million worth of illicit drugs,

Detectives from the Drug Squad have seized more than $15 million worth of illicit drugs, arrested two men and shut down a large clandestine laboratory following an operation in Sydney on Wednesday and Thursday (2 and 3 July 2014). Photo courtesy of NSW Police. Source: Supplied

Three litres of methylamphetamine oil and more then 200 items used to make ice and MDMA was also found.

Hours later another raid was carried out at a Bondi unit, where police allegedly found 70,000 tablets believed to be MDMA, weighing in at about 17 kilograms.

Officers also found 4kg of MDMA powder, more than 4kg of ice and a ballistics vest in the beachside suburb unit.

Drugs seized following a raid in Box Hill. Photo courtesy of NSW Police.

Drugs seized following a raid in Box Hill. Photo courtesy of NSW Police

Police believe the total potential street value of the drugs is about $15 million.

Both men have been charged with a drug manufacturing, and the Bondi man is also facing drug supply offences.

This year alone NSW police have shut down 44 drug labs.

Detective Superintendent Tony Cooke said officers involved in the major drug haul had been working around the clock.

“That hard work has now been rewarded with a significant quantity of drugs not making it to the street,” the drug squad commander said.

“We will continue to do everything we can to stop illicit drug syndicates profiting at the community’s loss but members of the public need to continue playing their part too.” Both men were refused bail in Parramatta Local Court on Thursday, and will appear in Central Local Court on August 28.

Police uncovered a clandestine drug lab in Box Hill. Photo courtesy of NSW Police.

Police uncovered a clandestine drug lab in Box Hill. Photo courtesy of NSW Police.

President of the WA Islamic Council, Dr.Rateb Jneid on firearms charge, Jneid brothers on serious drugs charges

Press Release

Press Release

Dr.Rateb Jneid is the president of the WA Islamic Council.

Dr.Rateb Jneid is the president of the WA Islamic Council.

The president of the WA Islamic Council has been charged as part of an organised crime investigation in which police seized 4kg of methylamphetamine, weapons and more than $250,000 cash.

Dr Rateb Jneid, who is also the chairman of the Langford Islamic College, will face a firearms charge after raids by 70 police officers at properties in Kewdale, Bibra Lake and Munster.


Two of his brothers, Ziad and Rabih, have pleaded not guilty to drugs charges and have accused police of setting their family up.

Property developer Ziad Jneid

Property developer Ziad Jneid

Ziad, 38, has repeatedly denied any role in a Lebanese crime gang operating in Perth called the Sword Boys and told _The West Australian _yesterday he was the target of corrupt police.

“They hate us so much,” he said. “They’ve offered money to people to set us up. They’ve charged us with drugs charges, which are all lies and I’ll prove it in court.”

Dr Jneid, 43, said he was unaware of the charge by summons of failing to store a firearm securely.

Gang Crime Squad officers have charged four people over raids which netted multiple guns, ammunition, drugs and $380,000 in cash

Gang Crime Squad officers have charged four people over raids which netted multiple guns, ammunition, drugs and $380,000 in cash

In January, officers from the regional operations group seized 2kg of methylamphetamine after searching a car they stopped in Kewdale.

Several weeks later, another 2kg of the drug was uncovered as part of the investigation and six men have been charged.

“It will be alleged the drugs were from the same syndicate,” a police statement said.

The Jneid brothers have extensive business interests, including construction and property development, and two years ago Ziad Jneid successfully challenged a $27 million bill from the Australian Taxation Office.

He has previously lodged complaints with the Corruption and Crime Commission against WA detectives.

“This is all police fabrication and they are trying everything to frame us,” Ziad Jneid said.

On April 25, police from the gang crime, organised crime and proceeds of crime squads stormed four houses where members of the Jneid family live in Acton Avenue, Kewdale.

“They cut the power off to the houses where my brother and my mother live and came through every window where there were children,” Ziad Jneid said.

“My nephews and nieces were shaking. My kids have been sleeping in my wife’s bed for the last three weeks because they are still in fear of the raid and the way they did it.”

A prominent member of the Islamic community, Dr Jneid liaises with politicians, police and other community leaders and last year he unsuccessfully ran for the City of Belmont.

“As a husband and father of three, I am aware of the need to make our city an enriching and safe place for young people,” Dr Jneid wrote in his candidate profile.

His lawyer Shash Nigam said it was disappointing that Dr Jneid learnt of the firearms charge through the media.

“He and his brothers will be vigorously defending these charges,” Mr Nigam said.

Dr Jneid is due to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on June 6. Ziad and Rabih are due to appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on July 24.

WA Islamic Council president Rateb Jneid among those charged over drugs, guns seizure

The president of the West Australian Islamic Council is among six people charged over the seizure of four kilograms of methylamphetamine, firearms and $380,000 in cash.

Police from the Organised Crime Squad in Perth have charged Rateb Jneid, two of his brothers and three others over the haul.

It is understood Jneid is one of two people charged with firearms and weapons offences, while his brothers have been charged with drug offences.

Police media’s Sam Dinnison said some drugs were initially found when police stopped a car in January.

“Officers located and seized approximately two kilograms of methylamphetamine after searching a vehicle they had stopped in Kewdale,” he said.

“The driver initially failed to stop and attempted to evade them.”

Mr Dinnison said in the following weeks, a further two kilograms were seized by Organised Crime Squad detectives.

Photo: Drugs and firearms seized from a car and in raids in Perth.

“It will be alleged the drugs were from the same drug syndicate,” he said.

Police said the street value of the drugs seized was $8 million.

In April, 70 police raided six properties in Kewdale and Bibra Lake.

“It will be alleged a search of those properties resulted in the seizure of over $380,000 cash, two firearms, ammunition, steroids and pepper spray canisters,” Mr Dinnison said.

Two men from Kewdale, a 38-year-old and a 40-year-old, have been charged with a number of drug offences, including the conspiracy to sell or supply a prohibited drug.

A 40-year-old man from Bibra Lake has also been charged with the same offences.

A 33-year-old man from Munster has been charged with supplying a prohibited drug and possessing a firearm without a licence.

The five men and a woman charged in connection to the raids are due to appear in court in July and August.

The ABC has been unsuccessful in its attempts to contact Jneid.

Police reject brothers’ set-up claim

Police reject brothers set-up claim

Police have rejected accusations they have “set up” two brothers they claim are masterminds in an alleged drug syndicate caught importing methylamphetamines valued at $8 million.

Ziad and Rabih Jneid say they will fight serious drugs charges, including conspiracy to sell or supply a prohibited drug and supplying a prohibited drug, laid after a police operation that netted 4kg of crystal methylamphetamine, steroids, weapons and more than $380,000 cash.

Their brother – WA Islamic Council president Rateb Jneid – has been charged with failing to store a firearm securely after police allegedly found a gun that was licensed but easily accessible and not properly locked away when they raided the family’s Kewdale properties.

Two other men have been charged with serious drug offences over their alleged involvement in the importation and distribution of the drugs and a woman has been charged by summons with weapons offences. The charges stem from an organised crime squad operation launched in January after officers from the regional operations group found 2kg of methylamphetamine in a car in Kewdale.

Several weeks later, police found another 2kg of the drugs and claim they were from the same long- running criminal network.

Ziad Jneid has claimed the police allegations against his family are fabricated and police are “trying everything to frame” them.

Acting Det-Supt Chris Adams yesterday rejected those claims, saying police were “very comfortable” with the decisions they had made and would do what they could to stop drug distribution in WA.

“We’re confident we have a solid brief . . . through the judicial process the evidence will come out as to what we have and what led to these charges,” he said.

Police would allege the men charged with drug offences were “the masterminds of co-ordinating the importation and distribution of these drugs across Perth”.

Acting Det-Supt Adams said police were still unravelling the alleged drug network’s “sophisticated and complex” operations to determine where the drugs came from and how they were smuggled into the State.


Russians’ mysterious $30 million fortune in Australian accounts

Remember in the old movies when you did something bad you were threatened with being sent to the Siberian salt mines? How times have changed. A mysterious bunch of couples from Siberia came to the Gold Coast a few years back for a so called holiday and opened up dozens of bank accounts. 30 million dollars in overseas deposits later and wild spending sprees drew the attention the law enforcement here concentrating on Money Laundering.

Mmmmm so where did the cash come from, as most had modest incomes according to their applications. I would be guessing DRUGS. I really hope the application to confiscate the money on proceeds of crime is SUCCESSFUL.


(make sure to watch the video at end of this post too)

Russian money launderers

Russian money launderers

Court battle looms over Russians’ mysterious $30 million fortune in Australian accounts

By David Lewis

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) will move next month to confiscate nearly $30 million, frozen in Queensland bank accounts, belonging to nine Russian nationals.
The Russians claim to be wealthy businesspeople but the AFP argues their fortune is “entirely incompatible” with their modest income and there is reasonable grounds to suspect the money is the proceeds of crime.
A forfeiture order will be lodged with the District Court on June 18 and if the AFP is successful, it would be the largest ever seizure of alleged dirty money in a case involving no criminal charges.
Dr David Chaikin, a banking and financial law expert from Sydney University, says the Russians are no longer in Australia and will have to explain themselves through their lawyers.
“What’s been alleged is that the Russians engaged in money laundering and used Australian bank accounts through which to launder it,” he told the ABC’s 7.30 program.
“If the Russians do not prove this money is legitimate, then Australia will get a $30 million bounty.”
According to a police affidavit submitted as evidence, the nine Russians made six trips to Queensland’s Gold Coast between December 2010 and March 2013.
The group, which includes three married couples, opened bank accounts with the ANZ in Surfers Paradise each time.
The balance of each of those accounts grew suddenly thanks to a series of international money transfers from eight foreign companies with bank accounts in Hong Kong and mainland China.
By December 2013, the Russians had opened 24 bank accounts and their combined fortune had reached a staggering $29,250,681.74.
A life of luxury ‘incompatible’ with modest income
Bank account transaction records reveal the Russians like to shop and have expensive tastes with more than $1 million spent on fashion, jewellery and overseas holidays.
The group bought $287,271 worth of designer clothing from Oscar Collezioni and $127,666 at Swiss jewellery store Bucherer.
They also spent $91,531 on flights to Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, Thailand and Australia, where they visited the Great Barrier Reef and the Gold Coast.
The police affidavit states this extravagant lifestyle is “entirely incompatible with the declared income of the nine Russians”.
According to their tourist visas, the Russians earn between $11,000 and $65,000 per year.
Dr Chaikin says that discrepancy would have caused Australian authorities to become extremely suspicious.
“If you’re earning less than $100,000 and you’re bringing in $30 million, that doesn’t make any sense at all,” he said.
The AFP says the Russians are from Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia.
Their visas suggest seven of them work for Baikalquartzsamotsvety JSC, a company specialising in mining precious stones.

The law firm representing the group, Doyle Wilson Solicitors, has provided the ABC with a statement.
“None of them have any criminal record in Australia, Russia, or elsewhere,” it reads.
“They are legitimate businessmen involved in the mining industry and the food processing industry in Russia and other countries.
“They travelled to Australia on a number of occasions between 2010 and 2013, including on some occasions with their children, for regular tourist activities, and not only for the purpose of opening bank accounts.
“They intent to defend vigorously the civil proceedings brought against them in the District Court of Queensland.”

A court order requires the Russians to provide sworn statements explaining how they obtained their wealth but Doyle Wilson Solicitors has appealed the order on legal grounds.

Australia’s anti-money laundering laws up for review

If the AFP wins the court case, Dr Chaikin says the victory would provide a timely boost to the reputation of federal law enforcement agencies.
“This year, Australia is being subject to a review of its anti-money laundering laws and procedures by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF),” he said.
“This case will assist Australia’s claim that it is effectively enforcing its anti-money laundering laws.”
Criminologist John Walker says while confiscating $30 million would undoubtedly be a victory for authorities, the figure is a drop in the ocean.
“There is so much money that escapes, that gets through the net,” he told 7.30.
Mr Walker has previously worked for the United Nations and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), Australia’s anti-money laundering organisation.
He says it is dead easy to launder money and get away with it.
“[Australia is] actually a very good place to launder money,” he said.
“That’s not because there are deficiencies with what AUSTRAC does. It’s because this is such a good place to invest.
“If you make your transactions look legitimate the banks and law enforcement agencies are not going to raise suspicions.”
Australian banks are required by law to report every international money transfer to AUSTRAC.
Dr Chaikin argues more could be done with that information.
“Our record on collection of financial intelligence is second to none in the world,” he said.

“The issue really is to what extent do we use that intelligence and the investigative skills of the AFP and other law enforcement agencies to effectively enforce anti-money laundering laws.
“In that respect, our record is not so good.”



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