Abdul Numan Haider shot dead by anti-terrorist officers

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No wonder the authorities are asking for calm after the shooting death of a Abdul Numan Haider. I must say that it may make any other young impressionable people being drawn into the filth that is called ISIS and their so-called goals to THINK AGAIN.

Police have every right to defend themselves and ask questions later. Think about what would have happened if this bloke walking into a doctors, or school, or office? It is NOT ON

Officials name Abdul Numan Haider as man shot dead by anti-terrorist officers

Wed 24 Sep 2014, 2:17p

Senior law enforcement officials have named the 18-year-old man who was shot dead after stabbing two officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism team outside a Melbourne police station last night.

Abdul Numan Haider was the “person of interest” who was expected to attend an interview at the Endeavour Hills Police Station when the incident occurred, senior law enforcement sources confirmed.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said Haider, who was under investigation and had his passport cancelled, was allegedly seen last week with an Islamic State flag.

“There’s certainly information that he was present at the shopping centre in the last week or so with the flag that appeared to be an ISIS flag,” Chief Commissioner Lay said.

“It’s not an offence but clearly it drew our attention to this person and we had a conversation with this person.”

Haider, whose family are from Afghanistan, had also been associated with the radical Islamic group called Al-Furqan.

It is understood he had recently moved away from the group.

Based in Springvale, in Melbourne’s south-east, associates of Al-Furqan were the targets of terrorism raids by Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police in 2012.

Chief Commissioner Lay said Haider attacked a police officer who tried to shake his hand outside the station, and then stabbed another officer, about 7:40pm (AEST) on Tuesday.

“When our police members have approached this young man, one’s extended his hand to shake his hand and the response has been he’s been stabbed in the arm,” he said.

“The attacker’s then turned on the second police member and stabbed him three or four times in the body and in the head.

“The first wounded member has then shot and killed the young man.”

One of the injured officers is from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the other is a Victoria Police member, they were both rushed to hospital.

Chief Commissioner Lay said both police officers required surgery.

The ABC has been told that Haider had made threats against the Prime Minister, however AFP Acting Commissioner Andrew Colvin said no specific threats were made.

“This is early stages of an investigation … What I will say is and what I can be very confident on is there were no specific threats made,” he said.

Haider’s car is parked at a childcare centre next to the police station and the area is locked down.

Natalie Morales, who works at the childcare centre, said staff were unable to contact parents this morning to tell them the facility was closed, because the contact lists were in the building.

“That can happen anywhere around Australia, unfortunately it happened next door to the childcare I work at,” Ms Morales said.

“Even if it happened during the day, we have a pin code that only the staff and families know, so no-one can access the centre even if we had children in the centre.”

Abbott speaks to family of injured officers

Speaking in Hawaii while en route to a UN Security Council meeting in New York, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the Melbourne incident was “nasty” and showed the threat from extremists was real.

“Obviously, this indicates that there are people in our community who are capable of very extreme acts,” he said.

“It also indicates that the police will be constantly vigilant to protect us against people who would do us harm.”

Mr Abbott said he had spoken to the wives of both police officers involved.

Chief Commissioner Lay said the stab wounds to the police officers were significant and required surgery, but that both officers were in a stable condition this morning.

“Our AFP colleague underwent surgery overnight for some significant injuries, he’s come through that surgery it appears pretty well, he’s in a serious but stable condition,” Chief Commissioner Lay said.

“Our Victorian Police member has had quite a significant stab wound to his arm, I understand he’ll undergo surgery today to repair some ligament and nerve damage.

“So the physical injuries will heal quick enough and obviously we need to think about the psychological stuff and give these people as much support as we possibly can.”

Victorian Premier urges community to unite

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine said it was important that the incident did not divide the community.

“Let me make it very, very clear, one of the greatest strengths, one of the greatest assets we have here in Victoria is our harmonious, diverse, multi cultural, multi-faith community,” Dr Napthine said.

“We need to preserve and protect that. We need to enhance and build on that.

“We shouldn’t let a single incident divide that. We need to show each other respect, be tolerant and remain united.”

He said authorities were working together to ensure the safety of the community.

“It is imperative that we do all that we can to reassure all members of the Victorian community that everything is being done to protect our safety and making sure that our community continues to work together as a whole Victorian community,” Dr Napthine said.

Islamic leaders criticise police investigation

Leaders of Melbourne’s Islamic community have criticised police over their investigation into the fatal shooting.

Gaith Krayem from the Islamic Council of Victoria said police were quick to jump to conclusions.

“I was disappointed with the immediate press conference police held last night. It was held three hours after the event, and they drew conclusions immediately,” Mr Krayem said.

“There needs to be a proper process as there always should be when police are involved in a fatality.”

What we do know is that there’s an 18-year-old young man who is dead this morning, there are two police officers in hospital, there is a family who is grieving.

Gaith Krayem

Mr Krayen said the public needed to reserve their judgement until a full and objective investigation has taken place.

“Immediately, individuals such as this unfortunately are given these labels of a radical, or a terrorist, or an extremist,” he said.

“Unfortunately, because of the environment we’re in, as soon as you label somebody like that, people don’t want to then question what occurred.

“We don’t know really what happened when this young man arrived at the police station.

“What we do know is that there’s an 18-year-old young man who is dead this morning, there are two police officers in hospital, there is a family who is grieving.”

Gerard Baden-Clay – Bail Application on Murder Charges June 21 2012

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As I type this Gerard Baden-Clay is sitting in a cell, awaiting news from his lawyers at to whether or not he is granted bail. Poor Gerard may have to cool his heels a little longer than he thinks as the Supreme Court can take 48 hours or more to consider any such application. He spent last night behind bars after being charged with the murder of his wife Allison. He was also charged with unlawfully interfering with a corpse.

It was nearly two months ago he phoned police to say the woman he called his “angel” had disappeared. Allison Baden-Clay was reported missing by her husband at 7.30am on April 20 2012  when he told police she had left the house the previous night and not returned.

The media frenzy has always been big, even before Allison Baden-Clay’s body was found, cold, soaked and muddy all alone  10 days later by a kayaker on the banks of the Kholo Creek at Anstead.

That has amplified and will only increase with each and every court appearance, as it will if and when there are any further arrests in relation to the murder investigation. There has been some rumblings in relation to what role the mainstream media play in the reporting of high-profile cases, as there are about social media and blogs like this one.

This is the information age, we are in the 21st century, over a decade in, it is 2012 and things are not going backwards. It is up to the courts and the law makers to ensure they keep up. Gone are the days of listening to news on the radio at 6pm to find out what has happened. We live in a real-time world now and as such we want to know what is happening in our lives. Knowledge is power and people have embraced having a voice  everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, email, Instant Messaging, Blogging the list goes on.

I started this blog nearly 2 years ago because I was frustrated by newspapers and radio asking for our opinions and then disregarding  it completely if it didn’t fit, or editing it to their liking. What was the point? If we could not have a say and discuss openly things that concern us, our families, and communities and instead be spoon fed certain info and not other vital facts, it defeated the whole purpose.

This blog nor any other, is yet to rightfully or wrongfully convict anybody, the courts do that with a Judge and Jury, as it should be. We can however have an opinion and seek the truth, fact from fiction, and there is not a lot anyone can do about the thoughts and feelings of millions of people around the world on blogs, water coolers, members lounges and anywhere else we want to have a view.

Whether you like it or not, this is the future and you better catch up. For people to suggest that 12 Aussies with average intelligence cannot sit in a trial and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence inside that court is pretty sad and to me says we are selling ourselves a bit short

Cheers Robbo


Baden-Clay to seek bail next week

June 14, 2012 4:23PM

 ACCUSED murderer Gerard Baden-Clay will remain in custody for at least a week until his bail application is heard.

Lawyers lodged an application in the Supreme Court in Brisbane this afternoon indicating Baden-Clay, 41, would seek conditional release while he awaits trial for allegedly murdering his wife Allison and interfering with her corpse.

The bail application will be heard on June 21 and is expected to take 40 minutes. (let him get a weeks taste of life in jail….keep him comfy in there people)

Baden-Clay reported his wife and the mother of their three children missing from the family’s Brookfield home on the morning of April 20, saying she’d failed to return from a late-night walk.

The body of the 43-year-old was found on the banks of a creek at Anstead 10 days later.

Baden-Clay was arrested on Wednesday and faced the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday morning.

Wearing a checked business shirt and dark pants, Baden-Clay sat in the dock with his back to the packed gallery.

He did not speak during the 30 second hearing, and the matter was adjourned until July 9.

However he was brought back into court around one hour later where he consented to police obtaining “non-intimate” forensic samples from him as part of their ongoing investigation into his wife’s death.

Police did not elaborate on what forensic samples were sought, however this type of order can include hair from the head or beard.

After his appearance in court, Baden-Clay was taken to the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre at Wacol, west of Brisbane, where he will remain at least until his bail hearing.

Baden-Clay’s lawyer, Darren Mahony, indicated outside court his client would vigorously defend the charges.

At Brookfield, a chalkboard with “We love you Allison,” written on it in a love-heart has reappeared on the front fence of the Baden-Clay family home on Brookfield Road after being absent for several weeks.

New bunches of flowers have also been strung up to the family’s front fence, although there’s no one home to see them.

The Brookfield community is still in disbelief after Mr Baden-Clay was charged with his wife’s murder.

Senior Constable Paul Raeck 34, used Facebook to try and lure teen girls for sex- Pleads Guilty

This is (now EX) Senior Constable Paul Raeck… One of the very finest in Victorian Police Force  who has fallen from grace, to the disgust of his colleagues and family I imagine. Busted for trying to crack onto young girls aged 13 to 15 via facebook pretending to be some young cool dude and engaging in sexually explicit “chats” . At times he masturbated whilst chatting to these children.

Raeck asked the girls to use a webcam to pose naked for him or flash their boobs and told them he was “getting horny”

I hope he gets some decent time in Jail and marked as a sex offender

UPDATE TONIGHT 12/04/12 a PISSY 8 MONTHS is the minimum he will serve. Raeck will also be a registered sex offender for the next eight years!

A FORMER police officer was today jailed for a minimum of eight months after using a fake Facebook persona to target underage girls for sex.

Ex-Boronia police station Sen-Constable Paul Raeck, 34, was jailed for a maximum two years and nine months for using the internet to expose seven victims, girls aged 14 and 15, to his sexual activities and asking a number of them to engage in sexual acts or to pose for him on webcams.

“It’s sad that a police officer who should know better should engage in this kind of conduct,” County Court Judge Richard Maidment said.

“You have thrown away your career as a police officer, you have thrown away your marriage and you have the embarrassment of public humiliation.”

He will serve his jail time in a form of protective custody due to his former employment as a policeman.

I would love a picture of this guy if anyone has one.Anonymously of course.

His behaviour was disguising and we can only be grateful it did not progress further and he was caught when he was. So ex Senior Constable Paul Raeck, previously stationed at Boronia police station. I’m glad your career is ruined and your marriage is over and you are very proud of yourself. The only tiny redeeming feature this bloke has in comparison, to other perverts, is at least he admitted his crimes and obsessions and plead guilty

Policeman pleads guilty over explicit chats with teens

A former Victorian policeman who felt addicted to engaging schoolgirls in sexually explicit “chats” on Facebook today pleaded guilty to seven charges.

Paul Raeck, 34, was a senior constable during 2010 and last year when he became Facebook friends with seven teenage girls.

The County Court heard that Raeck posed as a man called Zane Harrison on Facebook and in mobile calls and text messages with the girls who were aged between 13 and 15.

Prosecutor Fiona Thompson told the court that Raeck informed some of the girls he wanted to have threesomes with them and had masturbated during some communications.

Ms Thompson said Raeck told one girl she was “pretty, hot and sexy” and who described him as “very persistent”.

He had also asked some to provide photographs of themselves naked, told one that she was gorgeous while another initially felt flattered during his communication.

But Judge Richard Maidment also heard that two regarded Raeck as “dodgy”.

Ms Thompson said that when police, including investigators from the Office of Police Integrity, raided his home in July last year, Raeck provided access to his computer and mobile phone from which they analysed incriminating material.

She said that none of Raeck’s offending was committed in his role as a policeman, and conceded that he never intended to meet any of the girls.

Defence barrister Carolene Gwynn said Raeck told investigators that the exposure of his offending was “probably the best thing that has happened to me”.

Ms Gwynn said he also told them it had become “like a bloody addiction” but was relieved and grateful he had been stopped.

She said a number of the girls eventually blocked or unfriended Raeck on Facebook and that some had described him as “gross” and “weird” while another said he was “creeping me out”.

Ms Gwynn described Raeck’s conduct as essentially “talking dirty” and that the offences lacked the aggravating features of meetings, displaying himself in a sexual way or providing the girls with instructions.

Raeck has pleaded guilty to three charges of using a carriage service to transmit indecent communications to a person under 16, one charge of using a carriage service to procure a person under 16 for sexual activity and three counts of using a carriage service for sexual activity with a person under 16.

Here is an article from the Herald Sun as well…

A DIRTY cop used Facebook to urge underage girls to take part in threesomes and send him naked photos, a judge heard today.

Prosecutor Fiona Thompson said that during a year of online offending Senior Constable Paul Raeck, 34, bombarded seven victims with sexually explicit suggestions and continually asked some of the girls to have sex with him.

Ms Thompson said the girls were aged between 13 and 15 and when they were interviewed by police they described Raeck as “creepy” “gross” and “weird” and they were concerned when he suggested meetings.

Raeck set up a fake Facebook page in the name of Zane Harrison, a good looking tradie in his late teens and his profile picture was taken from a male modelling agency on the internet.

Ms Thompson said Raeck hounded some of the girls with lewd suggestions and one said that whenever she logged on to her Facebook site he would immediately contact her.

He told one 15-year-old victim she was “pretty hot and sexy” , asked for a photo of her breasts, suggested a threesome with his 27-year-old mate and asked her to “go parking”.

Raeck asked the girls to use a webcam to pose naked for him or flash their boobs and told them he was “getting horny” and masturbating to their profile photos.

Ms Thompson said the victims mainly ignored his requests and suggestions but one 13-year-old girl removed her jumper while he watched her on a webcam but then stopped when her mother entered the room.

Raeck, who was stationed at Boronia police station, pleaded guilty in the County Court to three counts of using the internet to transmit indecent material to persons under 16, three counts of using the internet for sexual activity with persons under 16 and one count of using a mobile phone to procure a person under 16 for sexual activity.

He has since resigned from Victoria Police.

Ms Thompson said Raeck was caught after a Director of Police Integrity investigation which monitored his mobile phone and internet use.

When police raided their home they found evidence of the Facebook conversations on a seized laptop.

Defence counsel Carolene Gwynn said that when he was arrested it was a relief to her client and he told them “it’s like a bloody addiction”.

Ms Gwynn said Raeck had excellent prospects of rehabilitation and had shown extreme remorse for his actions.

She said it was accepted by the Crown that Raeck never intended to meet the girls and it was in his favour that he never sent pornographic images to the girls or stored them on his computer.

The plea hearing before Judge Richard Maidment is continuing.

Bullying just has to stop…This is Olivia Penpraze- She is dead

This is the saddest thing I have read about and watched in a long long time, maybe ever, she is not a criminal, nor did she commit any crimes. But what happened to her was criminal.

Olivia Penpraze attempted suicide for the final time last week. But she had been dying on the inside for a long time. I urge you all, as parents, teachers and other significant adults with children in your care, to sit down and watch this video she made only weeks before attempting suicide for the final time. I am a dad with 3 kids, and have maybe shed a tear once in ten years, but I’m proud to say I shed more than a few watching this girls pain in her video…Her parents have allowed the video to stay online, in the hope in can help us all.


Mostly I imagine, to stop another precious child killing themselves after being bullied. Maybe if a bully or potential bully sat down with an adult with some compassion, and watched this all the way through, the impact may have such a lasting effect on them, that they will make the choice never to bully anyone again, not stand by and watch somebody they know bully others, whether it is online, in person, through notes and snide comments and the like. Watch the VIDEO and read the article below, where the devastated grieving parents share their heartache.

ONLY after Olivia Penpraze’s death did her parents discover what was really happening online.

Olivia Penpraze was only 19 when she took her own life.

On Tuesday, the 19-year-old from Rowville, who was left brain dead after a suicide attempt, drew her last breath before her parents Warren and Kellie Penpraze turned off her life support.

Her grieving father logged on to her laptop to send out the sad message to her friends the best way he knew how – Facebook.

That’s when he stumbled across his daughter’s online suicide diary. For two years, the petite teen had been chronicling her depression on blogging site Tumblr.

More than 900 pages of posts and photographs revealed her daily heart-wrenching emotional descent. In video posts she talked about being bullied and the desire to not hate herself any more.

In February, she wrote how nice it was to not think about killing herself on her 19th birthday.

Hundreds of photos show the things that made her happy such as kittens, flowers and going to the school formal. Other images were much darker.

Despite disturbing posts, Olivia still offered a shoulder to cry on for online followers who also suffered depression. In one video she announced the date she would attempt suicide, May 1, but she couldn’t wait that long.

The site shocked her father, but what hurt most were not Olivia’s words, it was the people who posted comments urging her to die.

He said: “I can’t understand how someone could sit there and egg someone on to kill themselves. They are pretty damn gutless people.”

Even after Mr Penpraze posted on Olivia’s blog explaining what had happened, there were sick replies.

“They said if she was dead why weren’t you spending time with your family. They didn’t believe she was dead,” Mr Penpraze said.

“She does have friends … who wanted to know what happened but all the hatred-type ones come from people who … post as anonymous.”

The comments became so bad Mr Penpraze disabled the blog and is urging the online community to warn friends and family when they know something is wrong.

“We are finding out now there are kids on her Facebook who actually know her on the Tumblr account. Why are they not getting in touch?” he said.

“If she says she is going to do something on this date they could have told us. Even if it was a false alarm, we could have done something.”

Since her death, hundreds of tributes have been posted.

The devastated family, including brother Alex, 16, will farewell Olivia on Wednesday in Malvern.

May she and the family find peace