Entire Sharma family found dead in home-Murdered by their father who hanged himself

Very sad situation in 2 states today, in the first what seems to be a murder suicide of a family of 2 children and 2 adults in Glen Waverley in Victoria as well as another murder suicide in NSW at Fishing Point. Updates a bit later on. Condolences to the families and friends of those left behind. It is a terrible way to end ones life, taking out other family members is never the solution and can never ever be accepted under any circumstances

UPDATE 09/05/12

HUNDREDS of mourners have gathered for the funeral of the tragic family of four who died in Glen Waverley last week.

Family and friends began farewelling Nilesh and Priti Sharma and their children Divesh, 5, and Divya, 3, in a joint funeral at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery at 1.15pm.

Family and friends began farewelling Nilesh and Priti Sharma and their children Divesh, 5, and Divya, 3, in a joint funeral at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery at 1.15pm.

The service was being conducted in Hindi before a private cremation.

The ashes are expected to be scattered in India or Fiji.

Four coffins were carried into a church in front of mourners still grappling with their sorrow.

Some people from the tight-knit community were paying their respects from outside the chapel that was at capacity.

Family friend Barbara Nagaiya said the grandparents were “devastated” about losing their grandchildren.

“They are very shocked. But now it’s done and gone, you can’t be angry. You still love your children and grandchildren,” she said.

Michael Sharman used his close friends’ funeral to plead for others to change their ways.

“If you have any problems try and sort them out. Talk to people – there is always a solution to everything,” he said.

“It’s shock and sadness. These things shouldn’t happen.”

Hindu Council Victoria president Pandit Abhay Awasthi said the deaths devastated the community.

“It shattered us,” he said. “It’s a sad day for the Indian community of Victoria.”

The family was found dead in their Glen Waverley home last Tuesday in an apparent murder-suicide.

Police were believed to be investigating whether Mr Sharma had turned on his family because he feared his marriage was breaking up.

The Herald Sun believes investigators are exploring indications the relationship between Nilesh and Priti was under stress in the period before last week’s tragedy.

Divesh and Divya were found in the beds where they are believed to have been murdered.

A relative who went to the Marcia Court house to check on the family saw one of the dead children through a window and alerted police.

The children and Mrs Sharma are believed to have been suffocated.

Mr Sharma was found hanged.

Sources who knew the family said they did not know Mr Sharma was under pressure or that he could be capable of killing his family.

They were not aware of him discussing any domestic issues which might caused the tragedy.

But they are now viewing a car smash involving the family in a different light.

All four were lucky to survive when a Honda driven by Mr Sharma ran off a road and hit a tree before bursting into flames in the Dandenong Ranges late last year.

Mr Sharma said he blacked out before the collision at Sassafras.

But many who had no reason to doubt four months ago are now wondering whether that was a first attempt at a tragic murder-suicide.

“Everybody thought it was an accident. It appeared on the surface to be an accident (but) there is a big suspicion hanging over that now,” said a source, who knew the Sharmas.

The Sharmas moved to Melbourne about 15 years ago.

Preetika Sharma, Nilesh, daughter Divya and son Diveish (obscured) pictured last week

update-It has been confirmed that the mother Preetika, the son,Diveish, and daughter Divya we found dead in their bedrooms andNilesh was found hanged in another area of the house…

Two adults, two children found dead in Glen Waverley house after welfare check

Uncle Abhay Singh said his daughter phoned him today to tell him the news that Nilesh Sharma, 36, his wife Preetika, 32, five-year-old son Diveish, and three-year-old daughter Divya were dead.

“I was devastated. I fell into pieces. It’s very sad,” he said.

He said the family attended his son’s birthday party last week and they seemed happy.

Mr Singh said the couple did not have marriage problems and he believed they died from a leaking gas tank.

“It’s a mystery,” he said.

“The kids were very amicable, well mannered, polite and well presented.

“We are all devastated. Very shaken – a whole family is destroyed.”

Mr Singh said Nilesh was an accountant and Preetika was also a professional.  He said the family survived a car crash in the Dandenong Ranges late last year.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said officers were called to a house in Marcia Court, Glen Waverley at 10.50am to make a welfare check.

They found the bodies inside. The property has been cordoned off.

“The homicide squad has been notified and are attending with the Monash Criminal Investigation Unit,” the spokeswoman said.

“The circumstances of the death are under investigation and are yet to be established.”

Neighbours have been left shocked.

“I saw a girl about mid 30s or 40s and a young girl there. They seemed ok so I wasn’t suspicious or anything,” neighbour Josh said.

Diveish Sharma, 5, and his sister Divya, 3, were found dead in the Glen Waverley home

“I only ever saw one child, a girl aged about 10.”

Another neighbour, George, said he saw a family of three often go into the house, with a child aged as young as four.

“I used to see him playing with his daughter,” he said.

“I feel terrible. I’ve been here 30 years and this has never happened.”

Police have cordoned off a home in Marcia Ct, Glen Waverley when four people were found dead. Picture: Derrick den Hollander

Another Marcia Court resident said he had no idea what had happened.

He said it was the first time he had seen police in the street.

“We are a very peaceful court. It’s a very small court,’’ he said.

“I have been here 22 years nothing (has) happened.’’

Horror in suburbia: four dead in house

May 1, 2012

Police outside the house in Marcia Court, Glen Waverley.

Police have confirmed that two adults and two children were the dead bodies found in the house at Glen Waverley.

The uncle of the two children, a boy and girl, aged 8 and 4, said the family were “absolutely shattered” on hearing the news.

“It’s a real mystery, we just do not know what has happened,” the uncle said.

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Abhay Singh said he visited the family regularly and they never seemed to have any problems.

“They were a really lovely family, very reserved. He was an accountant, she was also well qualified. It is shattering. I don’t know how anyone can recover from that.”

Mr Singh said he attended a birthday party with the family quite recently and all seemed well.

He said the father and mother of the children, aged in their 30s, had come to Australia from Fiji about 15 years ago and had lived in the Marcia Court home for about three years.

Homicide detective senior sergeant Dave Snare said police arrived at the scene about 11am today after receiving a call from someone concerned about the welfare of the family.

He said at this stage police were not looking for any suspects.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said police arrived to find four bodies inside the home. She could not give any information about the bodies, including their ages or whether they were members of the same family.

There is a strong police presence at the tree-lined court which has well-tended gardens and brick veneer homes.

“The homicide squad has been notified and are attending with the Monash criminal investigation unit,” the spokeswoman said.

“The circumstances of the death are under investigation and are yet to be established.”

The tiny court has now been sealed off. A silver sedan is parked in the driveway of the home where the bodies were discovered. There was also a red hatch outside.

A neighbour whose home backs on to the property where the bodies were found said a woman lived at the brick single-storey home and that she had a young daughter.

The neighbour said it was a quiet street and locals were shaken to hear about the deaths.

A police chaplain visited the home this morning.

Chaplain Jim Pilmer said that the dead were Hindus and he was trying to organise appropriate support for relatives.

“I will visit the next of kin and provide support to them,” the chaplain said.

Michael Sawaya, whose father is a long-time resident in the court, said a Fijian-Indian family had lived there for about three or four years.He believed they were a husband, wife and two children.

“Everybody knew the kids, they were real cute.”

The homicide squad’s detective senior sergeant Dave Snare is expected to reveal details of the deaths at a 3pm media conference.

Neighbours said the family living at the property kept to themselves and never appeared to be in any trouble.



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