Police find Kiesha Abrahams Grave

Kristi Abrahams and Rob Smith charged with Kiesha Abrahams Murder. Police find grave today

Could it possibly be that these 2 monsters were visiting her grave last night and led the cops right in on her 7th Birthday?

UPDATE 11.05am: POLICE have located a shallow grave site where they believe the body of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams is located.

Scores of police are searching the area close by the grave, which was found in bushland at Shalvey, in Sydney’s west.

A senior police source said once forensic officers had scoured the area, they will dig up the grave.

The mother and stepfather of the missing Mt Druitt girl have been charged with her murder this morning, on what would have been her seventh birthday.

Kristi Abrahams, 28, and Robert Smith, 31, were arrested in a laneway in Freya St, Shalvey at about 1am this morning and taken to Mt Druitt police station to be questioned by homicide detectives.

They have been formally charged with the little girl’s murder and will face Parramatta Bail Court today.

Police have set up a crime scene in bushland near Shalvey.

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Keli Lane Media Stuff

Hi all this will contain stuff that was unavailable while the Keli Lane  trial was on as I get my hands on it….cheers

Keli spends first night in Jail

Police Interviews with Keli

Tapped phone call, Keli to her mum

Tapped phone call, Keli to ex Husband (press play below)

Kiesha Abrahams little sister interviewed

HOMICIDE detectives have taken the extraordinary step of interviewing the three-year-old sister of missing girl Kiesha Abrahams without her parents being present.

As the search for the missing child enters its 100th day today, police confirmed they spent several hours with her younger sister Breeana in their quest for information.

Kristi Abrahams, Rob Smith & Breeana wait for news of missing daughter 6 year old Kiesha Abrahams missing from their Mount Druitt unit

Breanna’s mother Kristi Abrahams and stepfather Robert Smith were not allowed in the room.

Breeana was accompanied by a social worker who has been in close contact with the family since Kiesha was reported missing from her Mt Druitt home on August 1, as well as homicide detectives who have worked on the case.

Specialist investigators trained in working with children were brought in for the interview late last week, which included role playing to encourage the girl to speak to the officers.

But Ms Abrahams said yesterday she doubted if police achieved much by interrogating her youngest daughter.  Wow so hopeful, this mother…

“I know for a fact they got nothing, she doesn’t talk,” Ms Abrahams said. Is this the loving hopeful mother saying this? Willing to try anything to find her daughter?

She said the child is not comfortable around people she doesn’t know, including the police. “She doesn’t talk to the police, she doesn’t talk to anyone,” she said.

Ms Abrahams said Breeana has not been talkative since Kiesha went missing. But she said Breeana often comments on her older sister’s absence from the family, and says “Sissy gone”.

Police would not comment on what had prompted them to formally speak with the child, one of the youngest people in NSW to be interviewed by police, other than to say it was about “right timing”.

Six-year-old Kiesha was reported missing from her family’s Woodstock Ave home.

Her mother and step-father have denied any involvement in her disappearance, and insist she was kidnapped or wandered off and met with foul play.

Residents in western Sydney yesterday held a candle ceremony on the 100th day anniversary since her disappearance.

The ceremony is one of dozens which have been held at a shrine outside her home.

“We have to keep doing things for Kiesha, to keep her name out there, to get answers … we have to,” organiser Sharyn Greeves said.

sHer mother said the family had their own shrine set up in their home, and would mark the occasion in a private way.

“Every day is hard, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it’s all hard,” Ms Abrahams said.

Kiesha breakthrough-Parents charged with MURDER

UPDATE 16/12/11

  • Guilty plea after murder charge dropped
  • Kiesha went missing over a year ago

THE stepfather of Sydney girl Kiesha Weippeart has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter after his murder charge was dropped.

Robert Smith’s lawyer entered guilty pleas at Penrith Local Court on the manslaughter charge and on a charge of being an accessory after the fact of murder.

Smith, 32, who was wearing prison greens, appeared via audio visual link.

In April, Smith and the little girl’s mother, Kristi Anne Abrahams, 27, were charged with the murder of six-year-old Kiesha, who was reported missing from her home at Mt Druitt, in western Sydney, on August 1 last year.

They were charged after human remains were found in bushland at Shalvey, near Mt Druitt, on April 22.

Smith was formally refused bail and his sentencing will be mentioned in the Supreme Court on February 3. He faces up to 25 years in jail.

Abrahams did not appear in court and her matter was adjourned to Penrith on March 9.

A small group of people, wearing purple T-shirts bearing Kiesha’s picture and the words “Forever in our hearts”, attended the short hearing.


THE mother and stepfather of missing Mt Druitt girl Kiesha Abrahams have been charged with her murder, on what would have been her seventh birthday.

Kristi Abrahams, 28, and Robert Smith, 31, were arrested in a laneway in Freya St, Shalvey, in Sydney’s west, at about 1am and taken to Mt Druitt police station to be questioned by homicide detectives.

They have both been formally charged with the little girl’s murder and will face Parramatta Bail Court today.

Police have also set up a crime scene in bushland near Shalvey.

More than a dozen locals have converged on Mt Druitt police station to shout abuse at the pair.

It is understood the two will be held at Penrith Remand Centre ahead of their court appearance this morning.

Robert Smith’s mother Rebecca is in Mt Druitt hospital after experiencing chest pains early this morning.

Kiesha was reported missing from her home in Woodstock Avenue last August, and since then Ms Abrahams and Mr Smith have been interviewed by police on at least two occasions.

Police set up a task force named Strike Force Jarocin last year to investigate her disappearance.

The pair issued a plea for information just days after they reported Kiesha missing, with a tearful Ms Abrahams begging people “anyone that’s seen her can they please go to the police”.

Mr Smith also said during their appeal that he had no idea where his stepdaughter was, saying “If I had any idea we’d be there looking.”

Latest update
Body hunt
Police search a Western Sydney park following reports that a bag containing human remains was seen in the area.
Body hunt

Police examine the contents of a bin which allegedly contained a bloodstained vest 

Kiesha Abrahams

Kiesha Abrahams disappeared from her Mount Druitt home in Sydney five weeks ago.

THE search for missing schoolgirl Kiesha Abrahams took a bizarre twist yesterday, with a report that a body had been found dumped inside a duffle bag at a western Sydney park.

Police attending the scene failed to locate any trace of the remains but found what appeared to be a blood-stained shirt.

The unusual chain of events began at 4pm on Saturday when police received a call from a woman who claimed she found a duffle bag containing human remains near Cabramatta Creek in southwest Sydney.

When police arrived at the scene, there was no trace of the bag or a body. But, interestingly, police sniffer dogs reacted as if they smelled the scent of remains.

Yesterday, police carried out an extensive ground and air search at Edwin Wheeler Oval, Sadlier.

They found no body, but discovered a yellow shirt covered in what appeared to be blood.

Local woman Katrina Parker said she was the one who discovered the shirt inside a bin.

“We were just sitting on the park bench having a cigarette and when we went to put our rubbish in the bin there was a fluoro work shirt just sitting on top of the bin,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“It was fairly stained in a dark red but nothing like a dirt stain. It was definitely blood.”

The shirt – along with a rubber ball, a yellow belt and blood-stained paper towels – was removed by a forensic team and taken to the laboratory for testing.

Acting Superintendent Steve Corry said yesterday those items were not believed to be linked to the bag of human remains allegedly found but he refused to comment on the duffle bag.

Asked whether he had considered the possibility of the initial reports being a hoax, Supt Corry said: “We take all information from the public seriously.”

Meanwhile, the mother and stepfather of Kiesha Abrahams yesterday spent an hour at their former home unit at Mt Druitt – from where the six-year-old allegedly disappeared five weeks ago – to collect their belongings and take them to their new address.

They quickly entered the new block and did not stop to look at the large community shrine outside the unit dedicated to their missing daughter.

The couple refused to comment on the police search for the body in the bag being carried out near Liverpool. They have consistently denied any involvement in Keisha’s disappearance.