What the hell has been happening?

What have I missed people? Well let me start from today and work backwards.

  • A Magistrate Jelena Popovic in Victoria who announced she was an avid fan of the accused before giving a nice soft “No Conviction recorded” against Renee Geyer, who stacked her car causing great damage twice in several months, blaming “medications”… An appointed Vic Roads examiner produced CD’s for her to sign at her driving assessment after the accidents… WTF…Geyer even announced she wanted all to come to her next concert outside court…
  • A Guilty Verdict in the case against Former NSW crime fighter Mark Standen, one of the bosses of the nation crime authority, in that he attempted to import millions of dollars of pre cursers to meth drugs.
  • The Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax case A bizarre hoax bomb ransom that on a lot of levels appears to be played out by someone close to the victim
  • The final curtain call on the matriarch of a crime dynasty here in Melbourne, with the old style gangsters mole , Judy Moran, being sentences to a min of 21 years in her part in the execution of her brother-in-law, all for the greedy purpose of thinking she deserved more than she be given in over 30 years of free rides….
  • And this is just the last few days…But seriously folks I needed a big break with several family issues and health reasons at play. I have missed the place and feel bad in that It sees I may have ignored people who have written to me for help. I promise I will get to each and every one of you over the next week or so.
  • Oh yeah, the government having being exposed in trying to bury billions of dollars of wasted money in Aboriginal Affairs
  • The Carbon “Whatever it’s called this week” debacle
  • The asylum seeker mayhem, with high court hearings. The deal of the century was we give Malaysia 800 of our asylum seekers and we take 4000 of theirs. Now I left school at an early age, and if the paid me some of the  millions they spend on experts and advisors, I could have told them in 2 minutes, Fella’s, this is not a very good deal for us…. ( Not to mention they treat the asylum seekers like mongrel dogs n Malaysia)

I have so much to catch on and hope you all hang in there and we get the place up and current…

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