Peter Slipper RESIGN or GET SACKED you are an embarrassment-UPDATE-HAS STOOD DOWN

These allegations are of disgraceful conduct. He was supposedly seen on a video as long ago as 2003 climbing through a bedroom window and lying down with a junior staff member and “hugging him in an intimate fashion”.

This allegedly led to a complaint, but nothing further was done to stop Mr Slipper using his office to “foster sexual relationships with young male staff members”. Fine, he is a homosexual, but at work? This government (and previous ones, are as weak as piss dealing with these issues). Parliament House is treated like a private Home, and everything inside it treated as private and confidential, consensual even…Even the boisterous piss ups and MP’s drinking beer,wine and spirits in their offices etc!!! Where else in the workplace this allowed. Mind boggling

Well it is NOT, it is paid for by the taxpayers, and is the place of the business of Australia.  We should all be embarrassed at this mob and the scandals and cover-ups that go on week in week out


IN A final indignity to Peter Slipper, pressure has been applied for him to abandon the strange little procession he introduced to make his way into the House of Representatives.

UPDATE 08/05/12

IN A final indignity to Peter Slipper, pressure has been applied for him to abandon the strange little procession he introduced to make his way into the House of Representatives.

Mr Slipper had planned to go ahead with the tiny parade in Australian pomp, but this morning it became known it had been scrapped.

The Speaker was expected to stick to his odd parade of himself, the Serjeant-at-Arms and a parliamentary attendant following a march of sharp corners before passing through the House doors.

He will instead take the Speaker’s chair and make a statement before standing aside for Labor’s Anna Burke, the Deputy Speaker.

He will then leave the chamber. The next time he enters the House it could be as a humble independent, stripped of his Speaker’s finery.

Mr Slipper will stand aside because of allegations of sexual harassment against him by former staff member James Ashby. He has started civil action against him in the Federal Court.

Mr Ashby also has claimed his former boss rorted taxi dockets and Australian Federal Police are now investigating the claim.

Peter Slipper is expected to declare his innocence in his brief statement today. And he recently tweeted that there were two sides to every story.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott today indicated he would not launch a vote of no confidence in Mr Slipper as long as he carried out his intention of not performing the Speaker’s role after making a statement.

“My expectation – and I think the requirement of the vast majority of members of Parliament – is that Mr Slipper not take the chair,” Mr Abbott told reporters.

“Now, if he does what he says he has done and does not take the chair, there’ll be no necessity for the course of action that you’ve alluded to.”


Taxpayers will still foot a pay cheque next week for Peter Slipper, who won’t be sitting in the Speaker’s chair when Parliament resumes for the budget session, won’t be voting and may not even attend the chamber…

So while Peter slipper sits on his bum doing nothing, accused of rorts and sexual harassment he is still being paid his salary of $323,750. Which works out to $6225 a week, or $889 a day 7 days a week. More than a lot of Aussie earn in a week. (a $155 an hour at 40 hours a week)

Now the Deputy Speaker, Labor MP Anna Burke, who has to step up to the position of speaker earns $222,000. Will only receive her normal pay packet. Only a difference of $101,750…

UPDATE 29/04/12 gillard thinks this will make a difference?

On Sunday morning, she told Mr Slipper that she thought he should remain out of the Speaker’s chair “for a further period of time”.

Mr Slipper stepped aside as Speaker last week amid allegations of misuse of tax-payer funded Cabcharge vouchers and sexual harassment of a staffer.

She added that it was her understanding that Mr Slipper would not be able to vote in Parliament.

Thomson resigns from ALP as PM seeks to distance govt from scandals

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has sought to salvage her government by distancing it from embattled MPs Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson, who has quit the Labor Party at her request.

Mr Thomson, who has been battling allegations for several years that he misused his credit card as a union official before entering parliament, will join the cross-benches as an independent.

Ms Gillard spoke to Mr Thomson on Saturday night and told him it was no longer in the interests of the government for him to remain part of the Labor caucus.

On Sunday morning, she told Mr Slipper that she thought he should remain out of the Speaker’s chair “for a further period of time”.

Mr Slipper stepped aside as Speaker last week amid allegations of misuse of tax-payer funded Cabcharge vouchers and sexual harassment of a staffer.

She added that it was her understanding that Mr Slipper would not be able to vote in Parliament.

Ms Gillard, who returned on the weekend from an Anzac Day trip to Turkey, said she had acted because “a line had been crossed” and she wanted to restore the public’s faith in the parliament.

“I feel keenly Australians are looking at this parliament and at the moment they see a dark cloud over it,” she said on Sunday.

“I want to be sure that Australians can look at this institution and feel respect for this institution.”

Mr Thomson’s move to the cross-bench reduce Labor’s numbers to 70 votes in the House of Representatives. The Coalition has 71 votes.

Labor also has the casting vote of Acting Speaker Anna Burke. Mr Thomson is expected to still vote with Labor.

On the cross-bench, the government retains agreements with Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

Ms Gillard said it was important to respect Parliament but also to respect the presumption of innocence in relation to both Mr Slipper and Mr Thomson.

“Coming back to Australia, being right here now, I have felt very sharply the judgments and concerns of the Australian people,” she said.

“I’m not going to put myself in the position of adjudicating these matters … There is not one person standing here today, not me or any of you, who is in possession of the full facts of either or these matters.

“I don’t believe as a nation we want to get to the situation where people are prejudged.”

Questioned on whether she would now revisit independent MP Andrew Wilkie’s poker machine reforms, Ms Gillard said the proposal did not have enough support to pass Parliament and maintained her commitment to Labor’s proposed reforms.

Mr Wilkie tore up his agreement to support Labor earlier this year over its failure to deliver his reforms on pokie machines but has resumed talks, while independent MP Bob Katter and WA Nationals MP Tony Crook vote with the Coalition.

Ms Gillard reiterated her intention to bring the budget back into surplus.


James Ashby’s abuse conviction for making threatening phone calls


The Sunday Telegraph

April 22, 2012 12:00AM

JAMES Hunter Ashby is no stranger to controversy.

PETER Slipper’s travel around Sydney in a luxury limousine will be investigated by the police following explosive allegations he committed fraud.

Not only has the 33-year-old adviser to Peter Slipper been convicted of making threatening phone calls to a radio rival, but in March he had a fit of rage and threw a journalist’s phone into a bush during a press conference grilling over Mr Slipper’s expenses.

In 2002, Mr Ashby resigned from Newcastle radio station NX-FM and pleaded guilty to making abusive calls to a drive time host from a rival station.

Mr Ashby, who had been working as a DJ, was convicted of using a carriage service in an offensive manner, fined $2000 and given a three-year bond.

DJ Paul Fidler said yesterday the calls “freaked me out”.

“He knew stuff about me; my real name, where I lived, that I was riding a bike to work,” Mr Fidler said.

While on air in 2002 he had three calls from Mr Ashby, posing as a mystery caller.

When Mr Morrison told the caller he was being taped, court documents reveal Mr Ashby said: “Yeah, go for it you f … . . g psychopath. Next time I see you riding on your f … . . g bike I’ll hit you, you idiot, all over the sloppy road, you dumb p … k. F. . k it, if I was your mother, I would have drowned you at birth.”

Mr Ashby claimed later that it had been part of a practical joke.

‘This incident occurred about 10 years ago when I was an on-air radio presenter in Newcastle,” he said.

“I was about 23 years old. It was a common practice of rival radio presenters at the time to make prank phone calls to each other, as a joke. Commercial radio guys sometimes do stupid things, this was one of them, and I was silly to do it.”

Last year as PR manager of a Queensland strawberry farm, Mr Ashby spoke to media about a police investigation into poison found in a farm water-tank.

Mr Ashby’s claim against Mr Slipper alleges the MP offered him a job three times between October and December 2011, after they were introduced by a mutual friend at the Slipper home in June that year.

UPDATE -1  22/04/12

PETER Slipper has stepped aside as Speaker of the House of Representatives to avoid a political crisis over his position in the wake of sexual harassment claims against him.

Mr Slipper issued a statement shortly before 3.30pm emphatically denying the allegations that he harassed one of his advisers, James Ashby.

The decision comes ahead of the expected release of court documents tomorrow that will outline the civil complaint by Mr Ashby against his former boss, including improper text messages.

“The allegations include both a claim of criminal behaviour and a claim under civil law,” Mr Slipper said in a statement.

“As such, I believe it is appropriate for me to stand aside as Speaker while this criminal allegation is resolved.

Mr Slipper said the allegations were incorrect and once they were shown to be so he would return to the speakership.

“I would appreciate the relevant bodies dealing with the matter expeditiously.”

The deputy speaker, Anna Burke, a Victorian Labor MP, is to take Mr Slipper’s place.

In a statement, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it was “appropriate that Mr Slipper has stood aside as Speaker whilst alleged criminal conduct is investigated”.

“It is also appropriate for all parties to note the processes under way and treat them with respect,” she said.

THE federal opposition wants Peter Slipper to step aside as Speaker of the House of Representatives while allegations of sexual harassment are before the court.

Government Leader of the House Anthony Albanese said he had not known about the allegations before reading about them in the newspaper. Gee good to see he is on top of things. Slipper has a pile of claims made against him, these sexual ones, rorts, drunkenness in parliament, He as a pompous drunk who catches cabs and limo’s everywhere because he is was always on the piss and could not drive himself. He is a legend inside the house for his grog.

Slipper took to Twitter early this morning to deny claims he sexually harassed a young male adviser and misused Cabcharges. He is overseas on a parliamentary delegation.(they sure know when to go travelling, just about when the shit hits the fan)

”The allegations in News Ltd papers are denied!” he tweeted, later adding they were ”a surprise to me”.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the Speaker’s role was to uphold the integrity of parliament and Mr Slipper should step aside while the allegations were heard in court.

”Yes, the Speaker is entitled to the presumption of innocence but he does have quite a lot of explaining to do,” he told reporters in Queensland today.

”These are matters that are now to be the subject of proceedings in court, so these are of a vastly more serious and substantial nature than anything that has been alleged against Mr Slipper in the past.”

The man who holds the highest parliamentary office in Australia is accused in court documents by James Ashby of making “unwelcome sexual advances” and “unwelcome sexual comments”.

Mr Ashby, in court documents obtained by the Herald Sun, alleges Mr Slipper recruited him only “for the purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship”.

The Australian Federal Police also will be asked to investigate conduct by Mr Slipper in relation to the use of public funds.

These include claims made in the court documents that he signed Cabcharge vouchers that were later filled out by a limousine driver.

Last night Mr Slipper said: “The allegations are denied.” Like tossing the phone away he snatched of a reporter, like denying all the outrageous taxi and travel claims. He is a minor leech in the government and has to go.

Just a month after starting work with the Speaker, Mr Ashby also claimed he was asked: “Have you ever come in a guy’s a … before?”.

It is alleged that the question was repeated several weeks later, with Mr Slipper also asking whether the adviser preferred “twinks or bears” – homosexual slang.

HERE is an extract of the allegations lodged against Peter Slipper in the federal court. (posted verbatim, Slipper holds on of the highest positions in Australia, yet his spelling is atrocious, or is it how when someone is drunk, their texting turns to shit?)

Wednesday January 4 2012:

James Ashby and Peter Slipper were in Slipper’s flat after work.

Slipper asks applicant: “Can you massage my neck”. Ashby says words to the effect of “yeah righto” as “he did not know what other response to give as he was brand new to him job and he was being asked by his employer’.

Thursday, January 5: Ashby was getting ready for work, when

Slipper says: “You’re a strange one”. The following conversation then took place in words to the effect of:

Slipper: “You’re a weird because you shower with the door shut”.

Ashby: “What’s weird about that?”

Slipper: “You’re a prude”.

Ashby: “You can call me what you like, I’m happy to war the tag of prude. I don’t know what you private schoolboys got up to in your day, but I’ve never found it normal to shower with the door open. My dad’s never done it, I’ve never done it, my mates don’t do it, that’s not weird”.

Slipper: “But you even go to the toilet with the door shut”.

Ashby:” It’s not weird and it’s normal”.

Slipper: “You should try showering with the door open”

Ashby: “It’s never gonna happen”

Slipper: “What have you got to hide? What are you doing in there?”

Ashby: “I’m not doing anything in there, it’s just not normal to shower with the door open”.


January 14: Applicant drove to Slipper’s home to take him to meet some of his constituents. They stop at a local coffee shop.

Slipper: “Have you ever c*** in a guy’s a*** before”.

Ashby: “That’s not the kind of question you ask people, Peter”.

Some weeks later —

Slipper: Twinks or Bears – what are you into?

“The applicant recognised the question as relating to the types of gay sexual partners and was uncomfortable, replying to the questions ‘They are not questions you ask’.”


Text messages on Feburary 1 and 2: The Sunshine Coast Daily was wanting to interview Slipper on his use of social media.

Ashby texts Slipper at 5.44pm: “DO NOT DO THE SOCIAL MEDIA INTERVIEW WITH CATHY. They are digging for a new angle. It will not be good!!!! The questions are laced with double meaning. It’s like answering the ‘do i look fat’ question. There’s not (sic) right answer. The daily do not like u! U do not like them! I do not like them! Do not help them sell papers!”.

After finding out Slipper had done the interview he text him at 6.10pm: “You’re not funny! I cannot believe you called her! We’ll have to clean this mess up now !! f**k f**k f**k”.

7.06pm – Slipper texts Ashby: “Relax my friend! x”.

Ashby replies at 7.07pm: “It’s so very hard to when u care about the bloke they keep f**king over. I hope like hell they don’t f**k u over with this report”.

7.19pm – Slipper texts Ashby: “Xxx”.

9.38pm – Slipper texts Ashby: “Would be good if you here but perhaps we are not close enough?”.

10pm – Slipper again texts: “Would be good if you here but perhaps we are not close enough?”.

A text exchange then took place —

Ashby: “Haha where’s Tim tonight?”

Slipper: “Missing”.

Ashby: “Gone to pick up lol”.

Slipper: “Do you think Timbo is closer to me than you?”

Ashby: ‘Yeah but that’s to be expected. He’s known u longer. That sort of stuff doesn’t worry me”.

Slipper: “Gone to prick (sic) up to whom? And closer to you than pete?”

Ashby: “No he’s closer to you. I hardly know him”.

Ashby: “A random root lol!”

Ashby: “I’ve gotta stop being rude to my friends. Text u when I leave”.

Slipper: “U getting roks off. Pity”.

Slipper: “If you interested we could be closer?”

Slipper: “?”

Ashby: “I think we’re good already. I’m happy seeing Tim being closest. I hate stepping on toes”.

Slipper: “:”

Slipper: “Your call if u want to keep degrees of seperatation. No toes”.

Slipper: “I told him positrion (sic) open”.

Slipper: “But you’re call and no hard feelings in that you only want businesslike contact. In that event of the difficulty in our personla”.

Ashby: “I don’t know what type of contact you expect Peter. Perhaps u should define that u would like and I can then be clearer on my position”.

Slipper: “U want something more? U brillianmt (sic) at massages”.

Ashby: “No I’m happy the way things are. I care for u Pete but the massage is at far as it goes. Life’s a lot more simpler when it’s business and a few drinks after work”.

Slipper: “Oh”.

Slipper: “No problems and thanks for (unclear)”.

Ashby: “All good”.

Slipper: “Sorry things not working out but appreciate your frankness. In future in circumstances please arrange all communcoations (sic)”.

Slipper: “Thu tim as cannot guarantee availiability. Soo u missing syd harbour creises (sic: cruises)”.

Ashby: “Am I missing it now?”

Slipper: “Suspect if you miss”

Slipper: “If you miss ok. Tim has girlfrien abd”.

Slipper: “And pete needs to sort ou”.

Slipper: “ok your call. Sorry? You still happy to ? come to can ? if not can cover”.


February 2:

Slipper: “And suspect I’m pretty stressed about next week”.

Ashby: “Yeah I get that. Just be mindful we all carry the same level of commitment and stress for various reasons”.

Slipper: “Ok :)”.

Slipper: “How daily? Media?


February 26 text exchange:

5.37pm – Slipper texts Ashby: “with the number of ‘followers” on twitter”.

7.18pm – Slipper: “Lucky canberra. Tim (third person) thought you were a nice twink!”.

7.32pm: Text sent again

7.35pm – Ashby: “Why would he have seen a pic of me? Thatr’s a little weird that comment from him. Weird he was having that convo with u”.

7.56pm – Slipper: “Met u in person”.

8pm – Ashby: “Oh Tim. What was the discussion about”.

8.01pm – Slipper: “U”

8.02pm – Ashby: “In a good way I hope”

8.03pm – Slipper: “Bout whether your loyatly was to thugs in LNP or to me! I told him I was hopeful your loyalty was to me”.

Slipper: “;;) ok I do like you but must understand I get upset when you play with my enemies and keep me in the dark. It is not what I expect of someone I considered I am close to. If you find this intolerable please discuss”.


March 1: Both Slipper and Ashby are in Slipper’s parliamentary office. Slipper “put his hand on the arm of the applicant and stroked the applicant’s arm stating in low tones: ‘You do such a beautiful job with these videos’. Ashby dropped his arm to stop the touching”.


March 20: Ashby was in his office and Slipper “walked into the office and said ‘Can I kiss you both’. There was no other person present in the office. Ashby said ‘no’ very loudly”.

Quick Slipper, think of an excuse, did someone steal your phone? (like Craig Thompson claims happened with his credit card for hookers?)

Mr Slipper, who last night was flying back from overseas, is accused of making “unwelcome suggestions of a sexual nature” through mobile phone text messages and in private conversations.

Government Leader of the House Anthony Albanese said he had not known about the allegations before reading about them in the newspaper. Gee good to see he is on top of things. Slipper has a pile of claims made against him, these sexual ones, rorts, drunkenness in parliament, He as a pompous drunk who catches cabs and limo’s everywhere because he is was always on the piss and could not drive himself. He is a legend inside the house for his grog.

”It isn’t appropriate to comment on the detail of legal proceedings of which, obviously, I would have no knowledge,” he told reporters in Sydney today.

”It’s important that we recognise the separation between the judicial arm and the political arm of the state.”

He emphasised there were no allegations of the kind against any Labor government MPs. He also said police should be able to determine without any political interference any action they might take over the allegations relating to travel claims.

The life and times of Peter Slipper, the pompous over spending, rot ripping Speaker of Parliament.Time to go buddy!

Alleged text message exchanges.

The court documents also claimed Mr Slipper would regularly send “bizarre” kisses to him by ending text messages with an “X”.

One text message from Mr Slipper to Mr Ashby merely read xxx.

According to an application filed in the Federal Court yesterday, Mr Slipper asked Mr Ashby to shower with the bathroom door open at his Canberra home.

And after complaining of having a sore neck, Mr Slipper arranged for a massage, during which he made moaning noises indicating “intense sexual pleasure”.

Mr Ashby claimed that a month after starting work with the Speaker, he asked him if he had ever taken part in a gay sex act, later making other comments. I hope Ashby has kept the messages on his phone. Slipper will say somebody stole his phone and sent them, like Craig Thompson said about his credit cards for hookers, and then put it back in his wallet…haha

According to Mr Ashby, in a series of text messages Mr Slipper sent Mr Ashby in February he told the staff member, “if you are interested we could be closer”. But his attempt to forge a closer relationship was rejected by the adviser, who joined the Speaker’s office in December.

According to the court documents, the Howard government was aware of Mr Slipper’s sexual relationship with another young male adviser – and other allegations of sexual harassment – as early as 2003. MP’s have known about this weasel for a decade and longer, he must have something on some of the power brokers because he keeps on going full steam ahead. Tell me another job in the world where you can openly drink to intoxication and carry one, in view of all. He has done it for years in Parliament House. Notice the constant red face? Alcoholic…

Anthony McClellan, a spokesman for Mr Ashby, said: “Mr Ashby has nothing further to add at this time.”

Slipping into more scandal

THE persistent sexual advances alleged to have been made by the Speaker of the Australian Parliament leave him with no choice but to immediately stand down.

For Peter Slipper to continue in high office is unacceptable until the courts decide the truth of what are described as attempts to seduce junior male members of his staff.

If the Liberal Party defector does not step aside, Prime Minister Julia Gillard must remove him. She has pretended he is not there, never comments about him, IGNORES HIM like Craig Thompson, another leech

Ms Gillard, who offered Mr Slipper the job to shore up her numbers, might have to find another Speaker from her own ranks, but would presumably still be able to rely on Mr Slipper’s vote from the crossbenches.

What the public would think of such a swill might have no immediate effect on the Government, which has shown it regards staying in power above alleged scandals, such as the claims made against Labor MP Craig Thomson.

But the voters would be likely to turn even more viciously against the Prime Minister.

The allegations made against Mr Slipper in an application in the Federal Court involve a history of sexual advances towards junior male staff when he was a Liberal Party member and since being appointed Speaker last year.

While unproven, the allegations are of disgraceful conduct. He was supposedly seen on a video as long ago as 2003 climbing through a bedroom window and lying down with a junior staff member and “hugging him in an intimate fashion”.

This allegedly led to a complaint, but nothing further was done to stop Mr Slipper using his office to “foster sexual relationships with young male staff members”. Fine, he is a homosexual, but at work? This government (and previous ones, are as weak as piss dealing with these issues. Parliament House is treated like a private Home, and everything inside it treated as private and confidential, consensual even…Well it is NOT, it is paid for by the taxpayers, and is a place of the business of Australia.

According to the complaint, Mr Slipper inquired if someone whose “sexual orientation” appeared to interest him would accept a job as a media adviser.

Other allegations involve the staff member who has made the complaint being asked why he did not leave the shower door open when he was sharing an apartment with Mr Slipper in Canberra and asking for him to perform “neck massages” while he lay on a bed.

Whatever Mr Slipper’s own sexual orientation, the question remains whether he was using his position as an MP to proposition young male staff.

These are astonishing allegations and, while they remain to be tested in court, there is no recourse but for the Speaker to step aside. Whether the Prime Minister appoints a Labor MP in his place or approaches one of the independents, such as Rob Oakeshott or Tony Windsor, remains to be seen. There is even the possibility that Ms Gillard might offer the job to another independent, Andrew Wilkie, in the hope of resurrecting his support.

Whatever might happen is impossible to predict in one of Australia’s most tumultuous parliaments.

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Another Labor Leadership Challenge #2012 Rudd v Gillard

Just to lighten the load folks here is my view on the challenge on Monday….Childish maybe, but so is the antics of these 2 egotistical power freaks… I was inspired by an article in the Herald Sun I saw last night asking, if this was a movie, what would it be…Well does anyone remember the franchise called REVENGE OF THE NERDS?

Julia Gillard v Kevin Rudd…………………Just remember this is a light-hearted topic out of context in the criminals and crooks arena…Or is it? The whole thing reeks…(backstabbing, spillage of blood on the party floor, corruption, false accusations, secret leaks, waste of public money, sleazy back room deals, etc) = huge waste of our taxpayer money no matter what…

Which also means the next sitting of Parliament is going to be a huge waste of time (But then again what has changed, apart from Slipper the self-appointed Grand master….)

AS always Wikipedia is on the pulse they even have a page on this issue here

If only it were a Movie folks! Anyway I hope you enjoy my little piece of art…Feel free to pass it around.

Pedophiles and Suppression orders! Who are they protecting?

Excuse my uneducated use of the English language but I am writing this as I think, because I am outraged with the happenings is SA and the protection these criminals are hiding under…

SUPPRESSION orders protect paedophiles while increasing the suffering of victims, a victim says. And so do I, only the powerful get these bloody suppression orders for the most part have you noticed? So it is not about protecting the innocent, it is all about protecting the damn rich and powerful, the ones with reputations who are so desperate to protect. To hide behind highly paid solicitors, barristers and QC‘s to find minute get out of jail clauses dating back 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 years old ancient laws that are so overdue for updates and rewording.

These disgusting criminals hide behind this protection, not to shout their innocence, but to hide their guilt. South Australia is one state that lags into the dark ages as is Victoria, with laws that have not kept up with the changes in the world we live. hard-working task forces go out and catch these perverts molesting and taking advantage of our children (if not ours, someone’s children, whether here or overseas, for their own sick gratification. They hide behind an absolute network of protection from those that aid them with their sick chat rooms, to lenient ISP’s, to Government insiders who are paedophile themselves, alerting those involved to imminent raids or crackdowns.

We have not even got to the arrest stage and charges worthy of their crimes. Then we have a legal system full of nooks and crannies where these snake-bellies can slither through before trial.

Because there is a whole network of legal minds that I would suspect range from solicitors, to registrars, to Judges right up the appeal stages, who just happen to convince weak gutless departments like the public prosecutors office that they have no chance of the charges being found because of some word or term written in an ancient law decades before the information highway came along.

How can we have a fair and just system of justice if we are not recognising the current day measures and practices these paedophiles are going to, to not only avoid detection, but also pubic scrutiny and punishment if they avoid conviction all together or the very least keep their pathetic name and “Reputation” in tact?

Bastards like these tossers in South Australia at the moment, Hiding the  pedophilia convictions of Peter John Marshall a secret for eight months after he was found guilty. But there is more much more, I have ex government officials and workers write to me often telling of the secrets in SA…It is an absolute Outrage in 2012 that this is happening while someone swearing in the vicinity of a copper is being convicted and having a black mark against them for life…

Suppression orders banning media revealing Marshall’s guilt  or from publishing any other details about his case .Thank god these were lifted the other day in SA

Outside court, the man said Marshall  the “informal son” of fallen Adelaide celebrity Ric Marshall  should have been treated no differently to any other criminal.

“It’s about time he was publicly named. Close to eight months have passed since he was found guilty,” he said.

“It’s disgusting, as far as I’m concerned, that he has been allowed to walk the streets with the sort of protection that a suppression order provides.

“All of the effects his crimes have had on his victims have been amplified beyond the pale. It really does seem like the system is geared to protect the perpetrator.”




HE WAS ONCE THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MP AND ACTING POLICE MINISTER BERNARD FINNIGAN click his name to see the other articles about him on our site. (they will chuck me in jail before I not show this bastards name, hidden from taxpayers in South Australia

Sleaze bag and Kiddie porn collector MP Bernard Finnigan desperately trying to find legal loopholes and outs in the courts


Peter John Marshall aka Peter Leith, outside the District Court today

Marshall, 58, of Eastwood, was originally charged with Ric Marshall, 81, but the older man was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Ric Marshall worked extensively on television and with the notorious Cottage Theatre.

Prosecutors alleged Peter Marshall’s victims were between the ages of 11 and 12, and were abused at various locations between 1971 and 1975.

Marshall stood trial in a closed court, with all evidence and transcript suppressed.

In June, Judge Anne Bampton found him guilty of one count of persistent sexual exploitation and three counts of buggery  but suppressed that verdict.

Yesterday, the victim said that child abuse was ignored in Adelaide’s “secretive 1970s culture”. “Ric Marshall was a huge celebrity in this town and he, Peter and the people around them were afforded all sorts of luxuries,” he said.

“The fact is, people in those circles turned a blind eye to what was going on … I look back and remember how  most of the time  I was treated abominably while another adult stood just a few feet away.”

Judge Bampton remanded Marshall on continuing bail for further submissions next month.

Pedophile Ex MP Terry Martin

A FORMER Tasmanian MP has admitted he spent $150,000 on 162 different prostitutes in the two years before his arrest over sex with a child in September, 2009.

Another fine specimen of a man held in high esteem in public office found out to be a dirty old pervert, pedophile and kiddie porn lover, a disgrace. I can bet you he used public money spending up on hundreds of prostitutes, surely they must have been in need of the money…I hope he gets plenty of action in jail….

God I would like to discover so much more about this case…Like what money was he using, was he on the taxpayers time whilst screwing 162 prostitutes over 2 years? The fat bastard mustn’t last long because surely if he was that active he would lose a few pounds. But what is most disturbing is the under-age sex with obviously Under age young girls….Dirty filthy child porn stashed in locked drawers in his house and he wants to blame his medication???!!!! What a load of bullshit that is…

Dirty fat disgusting Ex MP Terry Martin

Terry Martin, 54, sobbed in the dock as the Supreme Court in Hobart watched his recorded interview  yesterday.

Mr Martin’s distress was palpable – both in court and on the DVD recording – when the questioning turned to a stack of child pornography found in a locked drawer in the study of his Claremont home.

Mr Martin had oral sex with a 12-year-old and took sexually explicit photos of her at his home in September, 2009, after she was advertised as a prostitute by her mother and the mother’s partner.

Mr Martin has pleaded not guilty to underage sex charges and one count of producing child pornography, arguing that he believed the girl was 18, as advertised at the time.

The former MP accused of having sex with a 12-year-old sold into prostitution told police he jokingly asked the girl her real age…

During the police interview he was shown photographs taken by him of the girl performing oral sex on him.

impression the girl was 18.

“If I have slept with a 12-year-old, then it is the most disgusting thing I can imagine,” he said.

“The bottom line is she advertised herself as 18 and she told me in the flesh that she was 18.”

“Honestly, I would never knowingly have sex with someone who was under 18. It’s abhorrent and it sickens me.”

At one stage during the interview, Martin broke down in tears and said, “She can’t have been 12.”
He admitted he “usually” did take photos during sex with women. What a hero he is, the fat lard…

He cried as he told the two detectives he had since learned a side effect of one of the drugs he had been prescribed for his Parkinson’s Disease was hyper-sexuality.

“Until five years ago I found porn disgusting,” he told them.

He said he discovered it “on the bloody net” during a highly sexual relationship with a “beautiful, intelligent” woman 15 years younger than him, who he had started seeing 10 months after his 2005 diagnosis.

When that ended and the Legislative Council voted on prostitution reforms, he started thinking about sex workers for the first time, he said.

While in Melbourne in 2007 he had his first sexual experience with a prostitute and told police after that he was hooked.

“It was ruining my life, I couldn’t stop,” he said – adding that was the case even after he and his “gorgeous” former partner became “sex buddies” again.

He said he could not explain why he had been downloading and printing child pornography.

He said it was all due to his addiction to porn and sex.

Former Glenorchy Mayor and Legislative Councillor Terry Martin sobbed in the dock as he admitted to spending $150,000 on prostitutes over two years.

“It’s just been f–king up my life – and now you tell me I’ve slept with a 12-year-old?” he sobbed.

The trial resumes today.

Outgoing MPs take “Farewell Tours” on the gravy train

Outgoing MPs take “Farewell Tours” on the gravy train

Outgoing MP's just cannot help themselves...

Like bloody fading movie stars, or old crooners these public servants somehow feel entitled to farewell tours, one last greedy grab for a free holiday, shamefully barely masked as a study tour or some other nonsense. How out of step with the community is this rot? How much longer are we going to be treated as fools?

These little piglets need to realise Google is their friend and there is absolutely no need in this day and age with the technology available  that they are doing US a service on these junkets, to wine and dine, stay at the best hotels, why we all struggle to pay our weekly bills, little less care about the construction of hand rails in a tourist resort in never never land…

RETIRING federal MPs have splurged almost $400,000 of taxpayer funds on global jaunts that took in the US, France, Italy – and Mongolia.

In the latest example of public waste, It has been revealed a cosy deal between the Coalition and Labor allows departing MPs to have a final lap of honour – at the public’s expense.

They are usually rewarded with first-class airfares to global travel hot-spots.

Only three of the MPs who travelled overseas during the past year or so did not stand at last year’s election.

Of the 19 MPs who spread their wings in the past year, the most expensive trip was taken by Tasmanian Kerry O’Brien.

The ex-Labor senator spent $65,000 over three months in New York from September to December last year as a delegate to the United Nations.

Michael Forshaw, another ex-Labor senator, visited France twice in the space of a few months last year, also travelling to Sweden, the UK and Switzerland on ”overseas study”. His costs were $38,000.

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David Hawker, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, led a four-person delegation to Bhutan and Mongolia just weeks before Julia Gillard called the election.

The trip cost about $75,000 but Mr Hawker – who also qualifies for the lifetime gold pass – yesterday said the delegation had done ”good work”.

The trip included former Labor minister Bob Debus, the Nationals’ Kay Hull and ex-Labor senator, Annette Hurley.
Wilson Tuckey, the outspoken ex-Liberal MP, spent almost $25,000 on a ”study tour” of Canada, China and South Korea. He was overseas when the election was called, and subsequently lost his seat.

Among highlights of his 16-day overseas trip, Mr Tuckey wrote of travelling ”to the Canadian ski resort of Whistler to observe the use of rail assets for tourism”.

Danna Vale, who was one of John Howard’s favourite colleagues, also enjoyed her last months in the Parliament.

The former Liberal MP spent almost six weeks in Britain at the height of the European summer last year – at a cool cost of $14,800. Of the 19 former MPs and senators who went global, 11 were members of the Coalition and seven were ALP.

Senior political figures confirm an ”informal agreement” exists that ensures retiring MPs are ”rewarded” with overseas junkets.

But they are not restricted to the major parties. Steve Fielding, the former Family First senator, spent $16,000 on a trip to Europe.