Merry Christmas to all in our community

Aussiecriminals has been quite absent for 12 months but he would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas holiday period. We see tragedies every day, yet when we see them happen days before Christmas it hits that little closer to home.

Santa is watching

Santa is watching

I want to thank the folks who have kept this place running. No pay, no slaps on the back, no acknowledgement no fanfare. Just wanting to help been enough.

Aussiecriminals does plan to come back in January 2014, and put the effort in equal the effort the community contributes.

I will not comment on my private life other than to say I am coming out the other side a better person still with a price to pay, which I accept. I have much repairing to do

Have a great Chrissy, stay safe, enjoy time with family and friends and do NOT let the little things get in the way, it is only once a year. Same again for New Years Eve.

It may be the last Christmas gathering you have together


Another kid king hit, now dead! Message of love, then heartbreak

Bloody drunk hooligans acting out their anger and rage, and who pays for it?his has to stop, I am the first to admit that I am not sure.I was happening 20 years or more ago when I was a lad, it just seems more vicious, an easier option! F**k everybody attitude…

Message of love, then heartbreak


Dean Johnson with mum Sue Martin

ABOUT 20 minutes into 2011, Sue Martin used Facebook to wish her son a Happy New Year. He would never read her message.

Dean Johnson, 18, had already suffered a blow to the head that would end his life in a fight at Streaky Bay shortly after midnight.

Ceduna detectives yesterday upgraded to manslaughter the charges against a Port Lincoln man, 19, who allegedly landed the blow. He was arrested at 12.30am on New Year’s Eve and initially charged with assault causing serious harm.

Mr Johnson died in the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Sunday.

The Port Augusta teen had been ringing in the New Year at Streaky Bay’s inaugural Live on the Lawn festival with his girlfriend and friends.

His mother had written the message to all her children and their partners on Facebook: “Happy New Year .. Ricky.. Randall.. Dean.. Jessie-May.. Sally-Ann.. Brad.. Roxy.. Skye.. Choppa.”

Streaky Bay District Council mayor Robert Stephens said New Year’s Eve celebrations in 2009 were in a dry zone but alcohol was permitted in a trial on Friday.

“We had a community meeting and organised so try again and see how it went,” Mr Stevens said.

“We’ve had a bit of a bad trot with a couple locals recently deceased, it doesn’t matter just because this bloke doesn’t come from here, it still affects the town. We’re a tourist town and fairly busy, you don’t want to see this happen anywhere.”

Mr Stevens said the council would debrief with police and local businesses before deciding whether to reinstate the dry zone for this year’s celebrations.

Mr Johnson’s friends and family took to Facebook to share their grief, posting on Ms Martin’s wall as well as a dedicated RIP Dean Johnson group.

“It was just Thursday we were riding and it doesn’t seem real at all, miss ya man & ride in peace, will be thinking of ya heaps!!” Ben Maule wrote.

From Nick Finn: “I love you dean! Ride in piece bro all us boys love u so much n we will take care of each other n jess for u just keep look out for us now bro x love u!”

Demi O’Hanlon said Mr Johnson would always be remembered.

“The group isn’t gonna be the same with out your cheeky smile around. You will never be replaced. There will always be a spot in each and everyone of our hearts for you. You’ll be greatly missed.”

On Ms Martin’s wall, Ellee Rook said Port Augusta would rally around Ms Martin.

“Can’t even think of what your going through to have something so precious to you leave :( just remember you have everyone in this town here to help yous through this hard time no matter how long it takes. Sorry for your loss thinking of yous xxx.”

Friends created another page, suggesting a petition to the local council to place a memorial at the local skate park in Port Augusta where Mr Johnson rode his BMX bike.

The charged man was refused police bail and held in the Ceduna lock-up.

He will appear via phone link up in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court today.

Your offers for help have amazed me guys!

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great Christmas and have good plans for a fantastic safe (HOT new years eve) New year.I am so happy some of you have put your hand up to help out here and build on what I started and make it a real community. I have been a little indulgent in taking a few days off with the Melbourne Boxing day test on and a recovering from too much everything at Christmas but am nor rearing to go again. I was actually so tempted to jump on and post stuff that was “Shitting me” but thought the country will survive a few days without my insignificant input…

So I have saved all your details and will be getting back to you all in the morning with some great ideas and plans for 2011. What a way to kick it off with the news of the new year. Look out for an email and details on getting signed up as a  wordpress member, as it seems that is required to be a contributor/author here at wordpress. The great thing about that is it enables you to do stories/updates/feedback via email, iphone, the web, any computer etc. So whenever the need arises you can jump on and do your thing.


Thanks guys and gals, looking forward to all your obvious expertise. Making this place a better more switched on place…