Nigel Lake suspended from WA Upper House, arrested carrying baseball bat, balaclava, police say

I wonder who this bloke was allegedly going to whack sneaking around with a baseball bat, in all black, latex gloves with balaclava in hand? Strangely, he was caught right near his bosses house! Some people just must be happy with a measly $166,000 a year job. More to come in Court March 18, 2015. This has been kept quiet since mid feb mind you when it happened. WA Politics just keeps on giving…

around By Graeme Powell and Andrew O’Connor

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

A police car patrolling the suburb of City Beach on the night of February 17 saw a man acting suspiciously on foot and stopped him.

It was alleged he was wearing a black hoodie, latex gloves, black pants and black shoes and was carrying a baseball bat and balaclava.


Lake, 49, was charged with possessing a controlled weapon and possessing a disguise intended for use in connection with committing an offence.

Police said further investigations led them to charge him with installing and using a tracking device.

Police would not reveal the identity of a potential target.

Lake was stopped near the home of his boss Nigel Pratt – the Clerk of the Legislative Council.

Mr Pratt was the deputy clerk of Tasmania’s Upper House from 2007 to 2013.

Lake has been stood down from his $166,000-a-year job pending his court appearance on March 18.

Legislative Council president Barry House said he took immediate action to suspend Lake when police notified him of the charges.

“We also took immediate steps to notify the CCC [Crime and Corruption Commission] because he’s a public official, and we’ve fully cooperated with police in the investigation.”

Lake acting clerk until Nigel Pratt appointed

Mr House said Mr Pratt had been appointed to the position in February 2014 after interviews with a “number of candidates” in November and December the previous year.

Lake had been acting in the role of Clerk of the Legislative Council until Mr Pratt’s appointment.

Mr House said there was nothing unusual about the hiring process.

“That was a perfectly normal process,” he said.

I just find it bizarre, simple as that. It’s a bit like a Monty Python episode, isn’t it?

WA Premier Colin Barnett

“We received several applications and we conducted interviews. A decision was made and the clerk was duly appointed.”

Mr House would not confirm that Lake was one of the applicants considered for the position.

He said no appeal had lodged against the appointment by any other applicant.

Like a Monty Python episode: Premier

Arriving at Parliament, Premier Colin Barnett expressed bewilderment at the turn of events.

“I just find it bizarre, simple as that,” he said.

“It’s a bit like a Monty Python episode, isn’t it?”

He said he was told of the arrest a couple of weeks ago.

Liberal Legislative Council member Robyn McSweeney said she was “absolutely appalled” while Police Minister Liza Harvey said she was surprised.

“However, you’re probably aware in my portfolio I get lots of surprises and lots of reports of strange goings on every day of the week,” she said.

Greens MP Lynn MacLaren said she was stunned to learn Lake was facing charges.

“It’s just shocking to hear this news,” she said.

“I think anyone would be shocked to find out that someone they work with every day has found themselves caught up in the law in this way.”

Greens Legislative Ms McLaren said there was no hint of any problem in her dealings with Lake.

“I thought he was very helpful in the council. He gives us advice on petitions, so he’s been very helpful and efficient in the advice that he’s provided,” she said.

Liberal Upper House MP Alyssa Hayden shared the disbelief of her Parliamentary colleagues.

“I’m blown away. Totally blown away,” she said.

Perth counsellor Allan Huggins admits struggling with attraction to teens

Perth counsellor Allan Huggins admits struggling with attraction to teens when he touched two boys

Mon 9 Feb 2015, 9:35pm

A Perth counsellor has admitted to inappropriately touching two boys while struggling to deal with his homosexuality, but denied sexually abusing other boys in his care.

Allan Keith Huggins, 68, is on trial in the West Australian District Court, charged with 49 offences stemming from when he was an education officer at the Warminda school-to-work program in 1990 and 1991.

He testified on Monday that he had told two clinical psychologists at the time he was attracted to teenage boys and had touched two youths unrelated to this trial.

“I was in therapy and I was trying to unburden myself,” he said.

Huggins told the court he was having difficulty adjusting to being gay and did not want to hurt his wife and children.

He also attributed some of his attraction to boys to having been abused when he was aged between seven and 12.

“I just sucked it up and lived with it all my life, but I was aware that it had created a problem,” Huggins said.

But he denied the crimes for which he was on trial, including touching, masturbation, sexual penetration and oral sex.

Huggins rejected allegations put to him by prosecutor Bernard Standish, including performing oral sex on one boy and repeatedly telling him to be brave.

“I don’t think so, no, not at all,” he said.

Huggins also rejected the assertion he swam in a pool with two boys and touched the genitals of one boy before threatening them not to tell anyone.

“I’m not the threatening type,” Huggins said.

When Mr Standish suggested the boys in the program needed help because of their troubled childhoods, Huggins replied: “Absolutely, and I was on their side.”

The trial continues.

Police failed to act on child sexual abuse complaint against Allan Huggins, victim says

Wed 28 Jan 2015, 5:21pm

A Perth man says he never heard from police again after he told officers a former school counsellor sexually abused him, the District Court has heard.

The man was giving evidence at the trial of Allan Keith Huggins, 68, who is accused of abusing seven boys in the 1990s.

The man testified he was a ward of the state when he attended a government program for troubled boys in East Victoria Park.

He described Mr Huggins as like the “headmaster” of the program, and said on one occasion, in 1990 or 1991, when he was about 13, he was taken to his office, where the door was shut and locked and he was sexually abused.

The man said he ran out of the building and went to his aunt’s house, where he told her Huggins had touched him.

He testified his aunt then went to East Victoria Park to confront Mr Huggins.

The man said later, when he was in juvenile detention, he was visited by two police officers and asked about the allegation.

“I specifically remember saying I did want him charged,” the man told the court.

“I never heard from them again.”

The court heard that in 2013 the man made an application for compensation under a system called Redress, and police again investigated his complaint.

Mr Huggins has pleaded not guilty to all 49 charges against him.

Another sports star F/wit- Daniel Kerr charged over violent incident

“Allegedly” Pouring petrol over the house of the parents of a let’s say drug colleague is something to be proud of! What is wrong with these tools? Brilliant player disturbed and wayward person. Daniel has form, being found on police tapes in a crime investigation years ago talking about Ketamine (as a current player) Makes me wonder about their premierships, when we know Ben Cousins was as a high as a kite and club did nothing and he went on to win the Brownlow medal off his face (also deserted close friends approaching a booze/drug bus by diving into a river!!!) What a classy club. Future hall of famer’s


November 24, 2014 7:43AM


His parents did the best thing for him, refused to pay his measly $5000 surely, (neither would his wealthy former team mates) leaving him in jail for 5 days.

Daniel Kerr reveals he has hit rock bottom, and his mother refused to bail him out

Daniel Kerr says five days in jail made him reassess his life.

Daniel Kerr says five days in jail made him reassess his life.

TROUBLED former West Coast Eagles star Daniel Kerr, who spent four nights in prison last week, has revealed that he has hit rock bottom.

The 31-year-old, who is soon to face court on two charges of endangering life, health or safety of a person, says his life “can’t get much lower, I don’t think’’.

And in a bizarre twist, it has emerged that the former footballer’s father was the victim of a violent attack on the weekend, stabbed in the chest during an altercation with a group of men (see report below). Mr Kerr senior is now home from hospital.

Speaking for the first time since his release from Hakea Prison last Sunday, Kerr told Seven News that five days in jail was “the kick in the butt I needed’’.

“I’m going OK. There will be a pending court case which I can’t talk about, but I can’t really change what happens there, I can only change my actions going forward,’’ the former Eagles star mid-fielder told Seven News.

“As much as maybe there will be some pretty heavy consequences, I think it was the kick in the butt that I needed.’’

Daniel Kerr is led from Hakea Prison by his parents. Picture: Channel Nine

Daniel Kerr is led from Hakea Prison by his parents. Picture: Channel Nine

Kerr described how he was held in the crisis care unit at Hakea Prison, an area separate from other prisoners.

“There were some pretty hard times. I couldn’t get to sleep in there. It gave me a lot of time to think. It was what I needed,’’ he said.

Kerr said it was his mother Roxanne’s decision not to bail him out of jail immediately after his arrest — and that high-profile teammates said they could not meet the $5000 surety.

“I made bail, so I think it was my mum’s decision to keep me in there for four or five days which at the time I wasn’t too impressed with,’’ he said.

“I think it was a $5000 surety I was looking for, and Embers and Coxy (former teammates Andrew Embley and Dean Cox) couldn’t put it together themselves so I had to wait for Mum for five days, but it was the kick in the butt I needed.

“I mean, it really has made me realise the important things in life.’’

Kerr arrives at the Wembley home where he mus reside after being released on bail. Pictur

Kerr arrives at the Wembley home where he mus reside after being released on bail. Picture: Twitter/Tracy Vo, Channel Nine

Appearing relaxed and clean-cut, Kerr told Seven he was trying to regain his family’s trust. He planned to focus on a promise of home renovations before his return to court on November 26.

“First of all I’ve got a house that I need to finish that I have been promising (wife) Natasha that I would finish renovating for a while, then the court case will come along and I will see if I have to spend some time in jail to reflect on things or whether I can go out into the real world and get a job,’’ he said.

He accepts that football fans have a lower opinion of him since he was charged.

Kerr, a two-time Brownlow Medal runner-up, in his heyday.

Kerr, a two-time Brownlow Medal runner-up, in his heyday.

“The majority of them (fans) dislike me, which is fair enough, I mean, I don’t like what’s happened, my family doesn’t like what’s happened, but everyone’s been pretty good and hopefully we can move forward,’’ he said.

Kerr’s father stabbed

Daniel Kerr’s father Roger was stabbed on Saturday night during an altercation with a group of men, Seven News reported.

Roger Kerr, a former WAFL player, was reportedly in a taxi on his way home to Kardinya from Crown Casino after midnight when there was an altercation with a car load of men on Leach Highway.

Kerr senior was allegedly stabbed. He made it home where police and an ambulance were called and he was taken to Royal Perth Hospital around 2am and left soon after.

Roger Kerr in the spotlight during his son’s troubles with the law last week.

Roger Kerr during his son’s run-in with the law last week.

Mr Kerr, 53, has not made a formal complaint to police.

It is believed that he did not know the men involved and reportedly suffered a 2cm stab wound to his lower left chest.

Daniel Kerr visited him at home today.

It was made clear that Kerr, whose bail conditions require him to adhere to a night curfew, was in no way involved in the stabbing incident, which police are investigating.


Former West Coast Eagles footballer Daniel Kerr charged over violent incident

Nine News - Kerr arrest
Daniel Kerr in action for the West Coast Eagles. The former footballer has been charged w

Daniel Kerr in action for the West Coast Eagles. The former footballer has been charged with assault.

FORMER West Coast Eagles star Daniel Kerr allegedly splashed petrol around a Glendalough property, tried to light a fire and threatened a man and woman inside, it has been reported.

The 31-year-old was granted bail after a brief court appearance in the wake of his arrest in Perth last night.

However, he reportedly failed to post bail after he was unable to secure a $5000 surety and was due to spend at least last night behind bars at Hakea Prison.

Kerr was arrested last night after WA Police were called to an alleged altercation at a private residence in Pollard Street, Glendalough at about 11pm.

Nine News reported that Kerr was acting bizarrely when he allegedly threw petrol at a man and a woman inside the Glendalough home.

Seven News reported an agitated Kerr allegedly smashed furniture inside the Glendalough property before splashing petrol around, threatening to set it on fire. A small fire was lit, it reported.

Daniel Kerr’s parents Roger and Roxanne Kerr leave court. Picture: Matthew Poon

Daniel Kerr’s parents Roger and Roxanne Kerr leave court. Picture: Matthew Poon

A neighbour said he heard loud noises, an alarm and a man yelling before a car drove off last night.

Kerr was charged with two counts of endangering the life, health or safety of a person and remanded in custody before he appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court this afternoon.

He has been granted bail on the condition he remain at his Wembley residence between 7pm and 7am and he has been ordered not to go within 100 metres of the homes of the two complainants, in Glendalough and North Beach.

His lawyer, John Prior, told the court he was aware of the seriousness of the charges but was entitled to the presumption of innocence.

“The charges are serious and the allegations are serious, but commonly people are put on bail with charges of this nature,” Mr Prior said.

Kerr stood with his head bowed and did not speak. The matter was adjourned to November 26.

The troubled ex-footballer’s parents Roger and Roxanne Kerr arrived at court this afternoon, but left without their son.

Kerr’s accomplished 220-game career at West Coast was littered with a string of off-field controversies.

St John Ambulance said it was called to the incident but an ambulance was not required.

Daniel Kerr was reportedly taken to Hakea Prison after failing to post bail.

Daniel Kerr was reportedly taken to Hakea Prison after failing to post bail.

West Coast released a statement late this morning following Kerr’s arrest.

“The West Coast Eagles are disappointed and saddened at news of Daniel Kerr’s recent arrest,” the statement read.

“We will continue to support Daniel, who was an outstanding player for this club, to get the help he needs to recover from this situation and to get his life back on track.

“As this matter is now in the hands of police, the club has no further comment to make.”

Kerr’s former coach John Worsfold told Seven News: “Immediate reaction is the concern that Daniel’s OK himself and he’s not getting himself into trouble and then you wonder if you can contact him and help him out.”

“There are players, if they don’t really commit to anything while they’re playing footy and have some idea about a pathway post-football, they can feel worthless when they finish playing.”

Daniel Kerr played 220 games for West Coast.

Daniel Kerr played 220 games for West Coast.

Kerr’s premiership teammate Andrew Embley told Nine News: “It’s quite sad, I know Daniel’s not just an ex-teammate of mine but a really close friend.

“He’s obviously going through a few issues at the moment, I know he’s got a lot of family support and friend support around him, so hopefully he can get through some of those challenges he’s facing.”

West Coast champion Glen Jakovich tweeted it was sad to see Kerr “struggle with life after footy”.

“Hope he learns from this latest issue. Deep down he is a good person!!,” Jakovich tweeted.


Drafted: Pick 18 in 2000 National Draft, from East FremantleGames: 220 games for West Coast (2001-2013)

Goals: 122

Highlights: 2006 premiership player, two-time Brownlow Medal runner-up (2005, 2007)