Australian True Crime Stories : Prison Riots and Prison Writes

Australian True Crime Stories

Australian True Crime Stories

Thirty stories revealing the sordid and previously untold escapades of the one man’s criminal past. Tog’s thoughts are informative, intriguing and give a rare insight into the criminal mind – not usually revealed with such clarity. Including three escapes from custody, shoot-outs with police, mateship whilst being pursued, breaking and entering and blowing up safes, this is your chance to relive stories of an ex-criminal’s life.

Author Information

As a mature man currently working in a government job, Joe Tog has lived a long and varied life. Three times on the Most Wanted list (Top 10) in Australia; he participated in three prison riots; has been shot in the head twice, and stabbed in a prison-yard dispute. Joe served time in H-division Pentridge, S-division Yatala, and the cages in Boggo Road. While an escapee from a Victorian prison he built wheat silos in South Australia and over the years has held a variety of jobs.

Jo also has another book called Prison break

Isolated in a small cell at Brisbane’s maximum-security prison awaiting trial, Joe Tog composed a series of short narratives for his defence-barrister. The purpose was to overcome confusion with the chronology of events leading up to his arrest in far North Queensland. The barrister, however, commented to his client during the trial, that the notes gave him a clarity that he did not normally get from cold, hard facts and dates. Out of that comment grew this story.

Prison Break follows Tog’s escape from two Australian prisons as well as his life and travels on the run. Interrogation, incarceration, violence and mateship are chronicled in depth to give you an insight into the criminal mind. A true story, with some fiction to protect the guilty, it is sad at times, funny in others but all in all a lesson in life.

Prison break

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