Police catch Masa Vukotic’s alleged killer, SEAN Price


Sean Price smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station.

Sean Price smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station.

Updated 2pm 20/03/15

The father of 17-year-old stabbing victim Masa Vukotic has attended the second court appearance of his daughter’s accused killer Sean Price in Melbourne.

Price was charged with the murder Ms Vukotic as she walked through Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street near her home in Doncaster on Tuesday night.

Neighbours called triple-0 after they heard screaming, but paramedics were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

Price, 31, from Albion, glared wide-eyed at reporters and put his hands to his mouth as he sat in the dock for his brief appearance in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

Ms Vukotic’s father stared at Price throughout the hearing.

Price was also charged with rape, robbery and assault relating to an alleged crime spree just before he handed himself into Sunshine police station on Thursday morning.

Prosecutors said they needed to examine extensive amounts of CCTV footage from 12 suburbs taken over a week.

When the magistrate asked the accused to stand, Price said nothing and stared at the ceiling.

Magistrate Charles Rozencwajg remanded Price in custody until June 26.


LATEST: SEAN Christian Price of Albion allegedly went on a criminal spree after police claimed he murdered a Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic on Tuesday night.

In a five minute bail hearing tonight, Price was charged with the murder of the 17-year-old Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College student.

He was also charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies which police say he committed before handing himself in to a Sunshine police station at 11.30am today.

Price was led into the hearing room at the St Kilda Rd police complex bare-footed, handcuffed and wearing a prison issue blue overalls shortly before 9pm.

After the bail justice Ben Czerniewicz incorrectly read his date of birth as 1954 Price yelled “are you a judge?”

“I must look pretty good for my age?”

Mr Czerniewicz said: “I have no choice not to remand you, do you understand that?”

Price replied “yes”.

Price slouched in his chair throughout the proceeding and only became animated when his age was read out incorrectly.

He was remanded in custody and will face the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning.

LATEST: SEAN Price of Albion is the man arrested over the murder of Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic.

He has form guys check this out


Doncaster teenager Masa Vukotic: suspect Sean Price threatened to kill officers

March 19, 2015 – 6:44PM

The suspect is driven to the St Kilda road police complex to be interviewed.The suspect is driven to the St Kilda road police complex to be interviewed. Photo: Simon O’Dwyer


The man being interviewed for the murder of Doncaster schoolgirl Masa Vukotic had been charged with threatening to kill two prison officers late last year, and was aggrieved at his treatment on a previous stint in jail.

Sean Price, who presented himself to Sunshine police station on Thursday over the murder in a Doncaster park, served a 10-month stint in Port Phillip prison in 2014 for assault, recklessly causing injury and criminal damage.

On September 18 and 19 of last year, he found himself inside the isolation unit for two days for a prison assault.

While in the isolation block, he threatened, over the prison intercom, to go on a “homicidal rampage” and kill police and children if he was not let out.

“I was saying some pretty vile and disgusting stuff with respect to using knives on people’s orifices, threatening to hurt children,” Mr Price said in a videotaped police interview at Wyndham North police station in October.

“I was buzzing continually every two seconds saying, call the police, telling them I was about to kill children.”

Mr Price said he was acting that way to try to get police attention to his plight: he said he was starved of food and water for the best part of two days, and subjected to a radio played over the intercom day and night.

Mr Price approached The Age  on March 10 to complain about his treatment inside prison, and provided a recording in which a female prison officer is heard saying: “How do you think you’ll go pressing that intercom if we come down and break all your fingers? … If you’ve got a pointy elbow you can use that, but I don’t fancy your chances”.

Mr Price said he was given the recording in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Mr Price is also heard to say: “I would like to speak to the police please. Can you get the police in? … Is this legal?”

The alleged threats to kill, which later resulted in charges, were made against two male prison officers, whom The Age has decided not to name. At this stage there is no suggestion that either is related to Ms Vukotic.

Mr Price told this reporter he made the threats because he hoped the police would come in response and provide him with food and water.

“I also flooded the cell; I pissed in the cell. I was like an animal,” he said.

“I flooded the cell, but it’s their duty of care. They didn’t give me a glass of water … the way they act is illegal.”

In a hand-written letter to The Age, Mr Price also alleged that the treatment of prisoners in Victoria was prompting the popularity of Islam.

In 2004, Mr Price turned himself in to police and then pleaded guilty to 22 charges of raping, indecently assaulting and threatening to kill young women in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

He attacked six women and a 13 year old girl in daylight hours in suburbs incuding Kew, Camberwell and Balwyn between February 2002 and June 2003.

The court heard at the time that he sexually assaulted a mother of two in her home, attacked a 13-year-old schoolgirl and raped a 21-year-old woman on a footpath.

He also confessed that he had committed similar crimes in NSW, but he was not charged with them.

The court was told in 2004 that Price, who was abused as a child, suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis. He was sentenced to a maximum of eight years and two months in hospital detention, with five years and five months to be served, and ordered to be registered as a sexual offender. He served his time at the Thomas Embling Psychiatric Hospital.

In June, 2013, he was charged with multiple counts of assault, criminal damage and intent to damage and destroy property and was sentenced to three years with a non-parole period of two years. He says he was released after 10 months.

In October, 2014, he was charged with threatening to kill two prison officers, related to threats he made while in prison.

Mr Price is also expected to be questioned over a sex attack, two assaults and an attempted carjacking in the western suburbs this morning.

Police said a man approached a 26-year-old man on a foot-bridge near Devonshire Rd, Sunshine, at about 10am.

The offender then assaulted the man and stole his mobile phone.

The victim was taken to hospital.

It is believed the same man then tried to car-jack a car belonging to a 77-year-old Braeside man in McCracken St.

The would-be thief then fled.

At 11.20am, a man walked into a shop on Harvester Rd and physically and sexually assaulted a staff member.

The victim was taken to Sunshine Hospital.

Major Update 19/03/15 12.30pm

 The man smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station. Source: HeraldSun

SEAN Price of Albion smiled at cameras and stuck up his finger as he was taken from Sunshine police station. Source: HeraldSun

Alleged murderer has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of 17-year-old Masa Vukotic in a park in Doncaster, Melbourne on Tuesday night.

In his late 20’s and was known to police….Handed himself into Sunshine Police Station detectives after police became aware he was in the area. More to come

Watch this video below of him running away moments after Masa was stabbed to death

New images of suspect in teenager Masa Vukotic’s killing released

Updated 28 minutes ago

A man wanted for questioning over the stabbing death of Masa Vukotic boards a bus in Doncaster. (Victoria Police).jpg

A man wanted for questioning over the stabbing death of Masa Vukotic boards a bus in Doncaster. (Victoria Police).jpg

Close-up photographs of a man boarding a bus just minutes after 17-year-old Masa Vukotic was stabbed to death in a Melbourne park on Tuesday have been released.

The Canterbury Girls Secondary College student’s body was found near a footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street in Doncaster after neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene.

Paramedics arrived soon after but were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

The man in the newly released images is wearing a red shirt, black pants and white sneakers and is clutching a white plastic shopping bag, which police believe may contain the weapon.

He boarded the bus on Doncaster Road and got out near the intersection of Hoddle and Johnston Streets in Abbotsford.

Detectives will speak to businesses in Abbotsford today to see if they have any other footage of the man, and see whether there is any Myki data that might identify him.

Detective Inspector Mick Hughes said police were unsure of what led to the attack.

“Five or so people have seen him, it is a very brazen attack, we don’t know just prior to the attack if this is a situation that’s presented to him and he’s seen fit to attack this poor young girl,” he said

“We don’t know what the lead up to this is, but we’re certainly treating this at the high end of homicides and we’re throwing all of the resources into it we can.”

Police have not released details of the assault.

Police say man may be Doncaster local

Police yesterday released CCTV footage of a man running along Heyinton Avenue at the time of the attack.

Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said he expected someone would recognise the man, and urged people to contact Crime Stoppers.

“We believe that footage will identify the offender … the facial [view] is not clear but if someone knows him they’ll know him from that footage,” he said.

“It’s side-on but it gives us a pretty good idea of gait and his general build.

“I think if anyone knows him they’ll know it from the footage.”

Detective Inspector Hughes said he suspected he was a local man.

“I looked at the park and my first thought was that it’s like a little enclave, I thought this smacks of someone who knows the area,” he said.

“You just wouldn’t pick that at random … that’s just my view, we’ll see where that takes us.”

Detective Inspector Hughes described the attack as “chilling” but said it did not appear the man was affected by drugs.

“Ice is definitely a serious contributor to serious crime… this is a bit more chilling than that, if I can use that term,” he said

“It doesn’t appear so, the person who spoke to him in Heyington Avenue, he says he appeared nervous and he got the impression when he asked him for directions to the Doncaster shopping centre, he already knew the answer to the question.

“It was almost like he was trying to lessen his suspicion – that to me doesn’t smack of someone that’s affected by Ice, it’s someone a little bit more cool I think.”


Updated 21 minutes ago

A manhunt is underway after a teenage girl was stabbed to death in an apparent random attack in a park in Melbourne’s east.

Detectives released CCTV footage in the hope of identifying the man responsible for killing the Canterbury Girls Secondary College student on Tuesday evening.

The 17-year-old’s body was found near a footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Reserve in Stanton Street in Doncaster at 6:50pm after neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene.

Paramedics arrived soon after but were unable to revive the girl, who had been stabbed in the upper body.

The CCTV footage shows a man running up Heyington Avenue shortly after the attack holding a white plastic shopping bag which police believe may contain the weapon.

Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said he expected someone would recognise the man.

“We believe that footage will identify the offender … the facial [view] is not clear but if someone knows him they’ll know him from that footage,” he said.

“It’s side-on but it gives us a pretty good idea of gait and his general build.

“I think if anyone knows him they’ll know it from the footage.”

The man is described as being of slim build, medium height with short, dark hair and wearing dark clothing.

Detective Inspector Hughes said he suspected he was a local man.

“My experience tells me people tend to congregate in areas they know,” he said.

“So from my aspect, I’d be certainly considering anyone local.”

A man found “loitering suspiciously” nearby the murder scene on Wednesday afternoon was released without charge after being questioned by police and was not being treated as a suspect in the case.

Police believe stabbing was ‘random attack’

Detective Inspector Hughes said the girl was wearing headphones as she went on her daily walk through a park close to her home when she was attacked.

“If you’re listening to music or something it’s very easy to get, I guess, sidetracked and he could have easily come up behind her,” he said.

“The assault has taken place just at the base of the footbridge, and one of our witnesses has seen a male walk out of that location and we believe that’s consistent with the person going up Heyington [Avenue].”

Police have not released details of the assault.

Detective Inspector Hughes said every indication at this stage pointed to it being a random attack.

“Here we have the death of a young woman going about her business,” he said.

“We’ve got to be careful with our safety, particularly females on their own. It’s terrible that we have to be.

“You look at this location so close to the freeway and yet it is quite obstructed.

“Let’s just hope that we can progress this this afternoon and track this fellow down.”

Detective Inspector Hughes said the girl’s family was naturally distressed and had asked for privacy.

They are of Serbian descent having moved to Australia from Montenegro.

A note left at the scene, purportedly from the girl’s “lover”, described her as unique and said she “would always be remembered”.

Police have not located the weapon used in the attack.

The SES and police are continuing to search the area.

Woman’s body found in park in Doncaster

Police Doncaster CCTV

UPDATE: CCTV capturing the moments after a 17-year-old schoolgirl was fatally stabbed in a Doncaster park while on an evening walk could hold the key to catching her killer.

Masa Vukotic, a Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College student, was attacked at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge just before 7pm yesterday.

Victoria Police are treating the daylight slaying as a random attack.

Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Mick Hughes this afternoon said he was confident the footage, showing a man running north along Heyington Ave, would lead them to a person they hope will shed light on the shocking case.

The man is carrying what police believe to be a wrapped-up shopping bag, possibly containing a murder weapon which is yet to be recovered.

The man police want to speak to has short, dark hair, has a slim build, is of medium height and wore dark clothing.

Masa Vukotic.

Masa Vukotic.

Police are also investigating the possibility the girl was followed before she was attacked.

A witness also claimed a man fleeing the scene had a green jacket over his arm.

Police have not declared the man in the footage a suspect.

“We still have an open mind,” Insp Hughes said.

“The CCTV footage could be of someone running after a suspect so we would like whoever is in that footage to come forward.

Masa Vukotic, 17, was killed at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge.

Masa Vukotic, 17, was killed at the base of the Koonung Creek Linear Park footbridge.

“But certainly he is a person of interest at this stage. We hold a lot of hope in the CCTV.

In other aspects of the investigation, police are developing a FACE image of the man and were still talking to the teen’s associates.

But the focus of inquiries were that the attack appeared random, with a chance the killer could be local.

“We’ve got an open mind as to whether it’s random or not – we are certainly treating it as a random attack,” Insp Hughes said.

“My experience tells me people tend to congregate in the areas that they know. All from my aspect I’d certainly be considering anybody local.

The victim was attacked on the Stanton St entrance to Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncas

The victim was attacked on the Stanton St entrance to Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster.

“People are creatures of habit.”

Family, friends devastated by random slaying

IT was revealed this afternoon that Ms Vukotic attended Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College where she was studying for her VCE.

Her devastated family, of Serbian background, had moved to Australia from Montenegro.

“Naturally they are extremely distressed,” Insp Hughes said.

A still from of the man police want to speak to.

A still from CCTV of the man police want to speak to.

“This is part of her routine. She has been walking daily. Like a lot of us she’s just out there walking and trying to stay fit. It’s just tragic you can’t do that today.”

Earlier he said Ms Vukotic’s death was an “absolute tragedy”.

“She was very close to home. She had headphones in when attacked,” he said.

“It’s terrible that a 17-year-old-girl can’t go walking in a park.

Just after 6pm more than two dozen of the teen’s schoolfriends, dressed in her favourite color pink laid flowers at the site.

A man at the scene late last night reacts in horror at the discovery.

A man at the scene late last night reacts in horror at the discovery.

Most were pink too, even the wrapping.

The group, several in tears and consoling each other, were too upset to speak.

It followed a procession of mourners who’d come throughout the day – many who didn’t even know the girl.

Some left stuffed toys and cards. One read: “Rest in peace angel”.

One woman, whose daughter was friends with Masa, said she was a beautiful child.

The teen girl was found near this footbridge in Koonung Creek Linear Park.

Police believe the killing was “random attack” by a man aged in his 20s.

“She didn’t deserve this,” the woman said.

“No child does. They should be safe. It’s like a parents worst nightmare.”

Masa was passionate about sci-fi, cheekily dressing up with friends for Comic-Con type events celebrating the genre.

Residents heard screams and noises about 6.50pm on Tuesday and phoned triple zero.

Attending officers first found the teen, before paramedics tried to save her life.

The park is popular with locals. Picture: Nicole Garmston

The park is popular with locals. Picture: Nicole Garmston

The victim’s distraught father and younger sister were at the scene last night.

Insp Hughes said police would be doorknocking the suburb.

“We’ll throw all our resources behind this to ensure the offender is caught,” he said.

Police are urging anyone who may have seen anything suspicious to come forward.

“If anyone was in this area at the time, we would like them to come forward no matter how small their piece of information is — it may be he key piece of information that we need to solve this investigation,” Insp Hughes said.

The woman was fatally attacked in Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster. Picture: Nicole

The girl was fatally attacked in Koonung Creek Linear Park in Doncaster. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Stanton St residents were last night requested to stay in their homes as sniffer dogs and police helicopters searched for clues and officers doorknocked the area.

Locals reel, pay tribute after stabbing horror

THE daylight murder has sent shock waves through the Doncaster community.

Yi Hua Jia, whose 15-year-old daughter walks the path every day, said she and her husband were getting ready for their nightly walk when they heard a scream.

“I just heard screeching,” Mrs Jia said.

Flowers at the scene.

Flowers at the scene.

She said her husband suggested someone may have fainted or fallen, but Mrs Jia said the noise sounded more serious.

The couple went to investigate and saw a black jacket on the road, near the intersection of Stanton and Heyington streets.

Mrs Jia said she saw police cars arriving but she did not know about the tragedy until this morning.

She said her daughter had been frightened by the news.

Young women say they’re now scared to walk alone in what they had considered a safe suburb.

Police at Koonung Creek Linear Park last night. Picture: Channel Seven

Police at Koonung Creek Linear Park last night. Picture: Channel Seven

Young mum Vicky, who lives across the road from where the murder occured, arrived home late yesterday to find the area cordoned off.

“It’s terrible – normally it should be safe in this area,” she said.

“There are so many kids around here because the school is just nearby.

“And there are so many people just exercising and running.

“It’s scary.

“It wasn’t even dark, it was daytime.

“I just want him to be arrested – fast.”

Siblings Chloe Benedetti and Matthew Petrucev said they were “shaken”.

They drove from their home in the next street to Stanton St last night after seeing police sniffer dogs and helicopters.

Mr Petrucev, 20, said they stood beside the police tape and could hear the distress of the people who were at the scene.

“You could hear the screams, it was horrible,” he said.

Ms Benedetti, 21, said she would reconsider walking alone at night.

“I’m more worried for other people…especially (because) the person who’s done this hasn’t been caught, so that’s even a bit more scary,” she said.

Adriana Vlamis, 18, said she runs the Koonung trail every day and if she had not have been late arriving from university she would have been running that night.

“It’s scary to think that something like that has happened so close to home,” Ms Vlamis said.

“I’m pretty scared to be home by myself.

“It could have been me.”

Friends Maree and Rita, who regularly walk the path together, said the incident would change the feel of their “quiet pocket” neighbourhood.

Maree said she had become “shaky” and was “horrified” by the news.

“My children walk around at night, we all walk around at night,” she said.

The track was a popular exercise route and, while some parts were bushy and isolated, the women said the area was considered safe as it was usually only frequented by locals.

“It’s an isolated area of Doncaster, it’s not really a thoroughfare to anywhere,” Maree said.

“It has to be somebody around who knows the spot.”

The friends chose to take a different walking route this morning.

“I don’t even want to walk across that bridge for a little while, I don’t think I can handle it knowing that someone lost their life,” Rita said.

Mourners have begun laying flowers and candles near the bridge.

One local woman, who did not want to be identified, said she chose to lay bright gerberas as a tribute to the young victim.

She said she did not know the family but had been shaken by the news and wanted to show her support.

“I just feel so sorry for the mum and dad,” the woman said.

A card attached to another bunch of pink gerberas, delivered by a mother clutching her young daughter’s hand, read: “May the laws change. Thinking of you and your family. Your (sic) forever in our hearts.”

Barbara and Peter Bell said they were surprised to hear of the killing as they considered the area safe.

“We walk here just about every day and we feel quite safe,” Mrs Bell said.

“We see a lot of women, particularly, walking on their own so we’ve never worried about it at all.”

Greta Engizer, who lives less than one kilometre from the crime scene, said she was “disturbed”.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or www.crimestoppersvic.com.au

Abdul Numan Haider shot dead by anti-terrorist officers

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No wonder the authorities are asking for calm after the shooting death of a Abdul Numan Haider. I must say that it may make any other young impressionable people being drawn into the filth that is called ISIS and their so-called goals to THINK AGAIN.

Police have every right to defend themselves and ask questions later. Think about what would have happened if this bloke walking into a doctors, or school, or office? It is NOT ON

Officials name Abdul Numan Haider as man shot dead by anti-terrorist officers

Wed 24 Sep 2014, 2:17p

Senior law enforcement officials have named the 18-year-old man who was shot dead after stabbing two officers from the Joint Counter Terrorism team outside a Melbourne police station last night.

Abdul Numan Haider was the “person of interest” who was expected to attend an interview at the Endeavour Hills Police Station when the incident occurred, senior law enforcement sources confirmed.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said Haider, who was under investigation and had his passport cancelled, was allegedly seen last week with an Islamic State flag.

“There’s certainly information that he was present at the shopping centre in the last week or so with the flag that appeared to be an ISIS flag,” Chief Commissioner Lay said.

“It’s not an offence but clearly it drew our attention to this person and we had a conversation with this person.”

Haider, whose family are from Afghanistan, had also been associated with the radical Islamic group called Al-Furqan.

It is understood he had recently moved away from the group.

Based in Springvale, in Melbourne’s south-east, associates of Al-Furqan were the targets of terrorism raids by Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police in 2012.

Chief Commissioner Lay said Haider attacked a police officer who tried to shake his hand outside the station, and then stabbed another officer, about 7:40pm (AEST) on Tuesday.

“When our police members have approached this young man, one’s extended his hand to shake his hand and the response has been he’s been stabbed in the arm,” he said.

“The attacker’s then turned on the second police member and stabbed him three or four times in the body and in the head.

“The first wounded member has then shot and killed the young man.”

One of the injured officers is from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the other is a Victoria Police member, they were both rushed to hospital.

Chief Commissioner Lay said both police officers required surgery.

The ABC has been told that Haider had made threats against the Prime Minister, however AFP Acting Commissioner Andrew Colvin said no specific threats were made.

“This is early stages of an investigation … What I will say is and what I can be very confident on is there were no specific threats made,” he said.

Haider’s car is parked at a childcare centre next to the police station and the area is locked down.

Natalie Morales, who works at the childcare centre, said staff were unable to contact parents this morning to tell them the facility was closed, because the contact lists were in the building.

“That can happen anywhere around Australia, unfortunately it happened next door to the childcare I work at,” Ms Morales said.

“Even if it happened during the day, we have a pin code that only the staff and families know, so no-one can access the centre even if we had children in the centre.”

Abbott speaks to family of injured officers

Speaking in Hawaii while en route to a UN Security Council meeting in New York, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the Melbourne incident was “nasty” and showed the threat from extremists was real.

“Obviously, this indicates that there are people in our community who are capable of very extreme acts,” he said.

“It also indicates that the police will be constantly vigilant to protect us against people who would do us harm.”

Mr Abbott said he had spoken to the wives of both police officers involved.

Chief Commissioner Lay said the stab wounds to the police officers were significant and required surgery, but that both officers were in a stable condition this morning.

“Our AFP colleague underwent surgery overnight for some significant injuries, he’s come through that surgery it appears pretty well, he’s in a serious but stable condition,” Chief Commissioner Lay said.

“Our Victorian Police member has had quite a significant stab wound to his arm, I understand he’ll undergo surgery today to repair some ligament and nerve damage.

“So the physical injuries will heal quick enough and obviously we need to think about the psychological stuff and give these people as much support as we possibly can.”

Victorian Premier urges community to unite

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine said it was important that the incident did not divide the community.

“Let me make it very, very clear, one of the greatest strengths, one of the greatest assets we have here in Victoria is our harmonious, diverse, multi cultural, multi-faith community,” Dr Napthine said.

“We need to preserve and protect that. We need to enhance and build on that.

“We shouldn’t let a single incident divide that. We need to show each other respect, be tolerant and remain united.”

He said authorities were working together to ensure the safety of the community.

“It is imperative that we do all that we can to reassure all members of the Victorian community that everything is being done to protect our safety and making sure that our community continues to work together as a whole Victorian community,” Dr Napthine said.

Islamic leaders criticise police investigation

Leaders of Melbourne’s Islamic community have criticised police over their investigation into the fatal shooting.

Gaith Krayem from the Islamic Council of Victoria said police were quick to jump to conclusions.

“I was disappointed with the immediate press conference police held last night. It was held three hours after the event, and they drew conclusions immediately,” Mr Krayem said.

“There needs to be a proper process as there always should be when police are involved in a fatality.”

What we do know is that there’s an 18-year-old young man who is dead this morning, there are two police officers in hospital, there is a family who is grieving.

Gaith Krayem

Mr Krayen said the public needed to reserve their judgement until a full and objective investigation has taken place.

“Immediately, individuals such as this unfortunately are given these labels of a radical, or a terrorist, or an extremist,” he said.

“Unfortunately, because of the environment we’re in, as soon as you label somebody like that, people don’t want to then question what occurred.

“We don’t know really what happened when this young man arrived at the police station.

“What we do know is that there’s an 18-year-old young man who is dead this morning, there are two police officers in hospital, there is a family who is grieving.”

Trio jailed for murdering dad of six Martin Dick

A KILLER who stabbed his victim in the head, then engaged in a threesome with his two accomplices before heading to the pub, will spend at least 14 years in jail.

Martin Dick was left for dead on the front lawn of his Hoppers Crossing home after Dean Maes, 32, stabbed him seven times in the head, back and upper body in August 2010.

Accomplice Callum Fitton Serving at least 3 years

Supreme Court Judge Justice Paul Coghlan today said after the violent killing Maes went back to the home of co-accused Callum Fitton with fellow co-accused Elizabeth Downie – the victim’s ex-wife.

The three then engaged in sexual intercourse before Fitton and Maes went to the Newport Hotel and drank beers together until their arrest later that night, he said.

The court heard on the day of the attack the trio had been drinking at Downie’s Werribee home before they set off for Mr Dick’s home.

After Mr Dick tried to close the door on the group, Maes smashed the door down.

Mr Dick was then bashed and when he tried to escape was stabbed seven times.

The group then left and drove until their car ran out of petrol near Spotswood.

Justice Coghlan said the attack had had a devastating and lasting effect on the victim’s family, including Mr Dick’s six children.

Justice Coghlan said police were investigating serious allegations against Mr Dick at the time of his death.

“It is not a matter for you to be the judge and the jury let alone the executioner,” he told Maes.

Justice Coghlan said he accepted Maes was now remorseful and was genuinely concerned about the welfare of Mr Dick’s young children.

He sentenced Maes, who pleaded guilty to murder, to a maximum of 18 years.

Downie was earlier sentenced to a non-parole period of four years for her involvement. Fitton was sentenced to serve at least three years.

Accused killers ‘hatched plan’ over booze and pills

September 1, 2010

Three booze-and-drug-fuelled killers drove around Melbourne‘s west until running out of petrol after murdering a man in Hoppers Crossing, police say.

The accused – Callum Fitton, 41, Dean Maes, 30, and Elizabeth Downie, 36 – allegedly “hatched a plan” to murder Martin Dick at his home on Monday, a court has heard. They are also charged with aggravated burglary.

Police arrested and charged the three yesterday. They appeared at an out-of-sessions court last night where they were remanded to reappear separately at Melbourne Magistrates Court for brief filing hearings this morning.

The trio allegedly assaulted Mr Dick, 42, in his home then dragged him into his front yard where he was stabbed by Maes. Mr Dick reportedly suffered facial and upper body injuries. His body was found at the front of the Cleveland Drive property.

At last night’s hearing, Detective Senior Constable Scott Riley said the trio allegedly met in Altona on Monday to drink and consume pills.

Detective Senior Constable Riley said they later went to Downie’s Werribee home where they “hatched a plan” to go to Mr Dick’s address.

The three then drove to Mr Dick’s Cleveland Drive property, where Maes allegedly kicked in the door.

Detective Senior Constable Riley said Maes and Fitton then punched and kicked Mr Dick, who was dragged onto the front lawn, where Maes stabbed him.

The trio then left and drove to Spotswood, stopping twice to dispose of the knife and to wash their bloodied clothes, until the vehicle ran out of petrol in Spotswood near Fitton’s home, Detective Senior Constable Riley said.

Fitton, who appeared in court barefoot in blue forensic overalls, spoke out at the hearing.

“It wasn’t something that was planned,” he said.

He said they had gone to pay Mr Dick a visit.

“I threw a couple of punches,” he told the hearing.

“Dean produced a knife,” Fitton said, adding that he had no idea Maes had a knife.

A dishevelled Downie appeared at the hearing in a light blue tracksuit jumper, with a cut on the right side of her forehead.

They were refused bail and ordered to reappear at Melbourne this morning. Downie, of Werribee, was first and appeared in a T-shirt printed with the words “Love sucks”. Her lawyer Bernie Balmer asked Magistrate Simon Garnett to note a custody management issue for her involved heroin use.

Ann Valos, for Maes, said that custody management issues for him were a possible acquired brain injury and that he was on two types of medication.

Maes, of West Melbourne, nodded and winked at a man in the body of the court and told him as he left that he loved him and to “stay strong”.

Fitton, bearded and with a skull and crossbones tattoo on the front of his neck, appeared last.

Defence lawyer Paul Jansen said his client, from Spotswood, did not have any custody management issues and, like his two co-accused, was remanded to appear in January.

– with AAP

via Accused killers ‘hatched plan’ over booze and pills.





WHERE HELD: Melbourne

DATE OF HEARING: 1 February 2012

DATE OF SENTENCE: 24 April 2012



CRIMINAL LAW – Murder – Plea of Guilty – History of alcohol and illicit substance abuse

– Prospects of rehabilitation – Vigilantism

APPEARANCES: Counsel Solicitors

For the Crown Mr C. Thomson Office of Public Prosecutions

For the Accused Mr D. Dann Ann Valos Lawyers

1 T0161


1 Dean Maes, on 7 February 2012, you were arraigned and pleaded guilty to the

murder of Martin Dick at his home in Hoppers Crossing on 30 August 2010.

2 There are two co-accused who have already been sentenced by this Court, namely

Elizabeth Downie and Callum Fitton, both of whom pleaded guilty to manslaughter

and were sentenced by Justice King and me respectively.

3 The origins of the attack were borne out of the relationship between Mr Dick and

your co-accused Elizabeth Downie and to a lesser extent your relationship with both

of them. Martin Dick and Elizabeth Downie had been married for 12 years until they

divorced in October 2005 after separating in 2002. They had six children, three boys

and three girls born between 1992 and 2001.

4 At the time of the separation, initially all the children lived with Downie. In 2004

they all moved and lived with Mr Dick. Some time in 2002 you had commenced a

relationship with Downie. This relationship lasted for about two years before the

two of you broke up due largely to you being physically violent towards her. You

still remained in contact with each other.

5 In March 2010, one of the children complained that Mr Dick had masturbated in her

presence. As a result, four of the children moved back to live with their mother.

One child remained with Mr Dick while the other was living elsewhere. Mr Dick

had been interviewed by the police about the alleged incident but no formal charges

had been laid at the time of his death, although it appears that a brief of evidence

had been prepared but not approved.

6 Downie complained to various friends about the allegation against Mr Dick, saying

that “something should be done or someone should have him whacked”. She

further expressed to another friend that she wanted someone to run through

Mr Dick’s house and in fact said she was going to get you to do it but then changed

her mind because she thought that you would go too far. In the present

circumstances, I refer to those matters only as a matter of context.

2 T0161

7 On 30 July 2010, Downie was on the phone to a friend and said that she and yourself

were going to run through the child molester’s home. You then told the same friend

that you were going to beat Mr Dick up. You are reported as having said “did you

hear what Martin did to those girls…I’m going to kill the low life cunt” but nothing

occurred at that time. I proceed on the basis that that was not actually your intention

at the time you were said to have made that remark.

8 On the day of the offending which was about one month later, you and Fitton, who

you had known for a couple of years, met Elizabeth Downie at the Westonia Railway

Station. At 1.41 pm, the three of you went back to Downie’s house and consumed

some alcohol. Gabrielle, one of the Downie/Dick children, was home at this stage

and Fitton showed her some of his tattoos which she took some photographs of.

9 The three of you, that is yourself, Downie and Fitton, proceeded to go to Mr Dick’s

house in Downie’s Hyundai sedan. You all went up to the front door. Upon

opening the front door, Mr Dick, on seeing who was at the door, quickly tried to

close it but you smashed the front door down. You entered the house and fought

Mr Dick throwing punches and kicking him. His blood was later found in the

hallway, dining room and kitchen area. During the course of the struggle, you

picked up a filleting knife. The actual circumstances of how that knife came into

your possession are not clear.

10 Mr Dick managed to escape from the melee out the front door but was immediately

punched by Fitton as he stepped outside. Then you came outside and briefly,

shortly afterwards, stabbed Mr Dick seven times to his head, back and left flank.

11 A nearby witness heard Fitton yelling “I’ll kill ya” and another witness who was

walking home from school heard a male yelling “he’s fucking dead, cunt, just fuckin’

leave the guy alone”. You then said to this witness “keep walking mate, it’s got

nothing to do with you”. At this stage, Downie was heard yelling “oh, you’re a

fuckin’ paedophile, you’ve been touching people’s daughters”.

12 A further witness who heard very much the same, also saw two men punching and

3 T0161

kicking Mr Dick and then saw you pull Fitton away from him. It was put on as part

of the Crown Opening on the plea which became Exhibit 1, that you had to drag

Fitton away from Mr Dick twice. Once before you returned to Downie’s car, then a

further time after Fitton had returned to Mr Dick to abuse him and assault him


13 All of you then drove a short distance before Downie got out of the car and dropped

the knife down a drain. The knife later retrieved by police was similar to knives

which were found in the kitchen of Mr Dick.

14 You continued on to Grevillea Crescent, where you all got out and washed at a

garden tap. You and Fitton took off most of your clothing and left some of it there.

Once back in the car, you drove until the car ran out of petrol near Newport railway

station. At this point, you went back to Fitton’s bungalow in Spotswood where the

three of you engaged in sexual intercourse.

15 Downie left after speaking with her daughter on the phone who told her the police

were at their house and wanted to speak with her. She was later arrested at the

Hoppers Crossing railway station.

16 You and Fitton went to the Newport Hotel and continued to drink beer until your

arrest at 11.25pm. You were both intoxicated and incapable of being interviewed.

17 You later gave a no comment record of interview.

18 Mr Dick died as a result of multiple stab wounds being one to his right ear, five to

his back and one to his left flank. Two of his wounds caused massive internal

bleeding and the collapse of both lungs.

19 I received four Victim Impact Statements on the plea from Robert Dick, Mr Dick’s

brother, Carolyn Donnelly and Catherine Wood, his sisters, and Philip Wood,

Mr Dick’s brother in law and husband of Catherine Wood. At Callum Fitton’s plea

which I presided over, the same victim impact material was read out by Philip Wood

and Catherine Wood and the statements of Robert Dick and Carolyn Donnelly were

4 T0161

also read out. I mention that matter because the material was very similar, if not the


20 It leads me to observe, as I have previously observed, offending such as this has a

devastating and lasting effect on the victims and I can only do the best I can to

understand what they go through. It can only be said that with your plea of guilty,

the matter can now be finalised in one sense and the victims can take some comfort

from the fact and begin to try and move on with their lives. One difficulty that arises

in this case and is completely obvious, the children of the marriage between Mr Dick

and Ms Downie are deprived of their father and, as a consequential result of her own

actions in which you joined, deprived of the presence and help of their mother for

the next number of years.

21 I did not receive any direct victim impact material from the children. The

circumstances for them in that regard, since one of the offenders was their mother,

relating to the death of their father was a very difficult one indeed but I have taken

into account the truly tragic consequences that this offending has had upon them.

22 You are now 32 years of age. You do have a criminal record. It was put to me by

Mr Dann who appeared for you on the plea that while your criminal record is

substantial, there is a lack of prior convictions for violence and that appears to be so

on the examination of your convictions.

23 Your prior convictions do seem to stem from your continual abuse of alcohol and

drugs from a young age, and I will come to later. As such, I do not consider the fact

that you had consumed alcohol and benzodiazepines on the day of the offending as

a matter in mitigation but I do not regard it as a matter in aggravation either. It is

however relevant in the sense that it might well have been a matter which you had

chosen to argue on trial, had you not pleaded guilty, as to what intent you had

actually formed at the time of these events.

24 You were born in Melbourne and have a twin brother and a younger brother. You

also have an older half sister and a younger half brother. Your father was in the

5 T0161

army and as a result of this, you moved around a lot in your early years and

attended a number of different primary schools.

25 It was put to me on the plea that in those early years, your father had difficulty with

his alcohol consumption and was violent towards your mother. Your mother would

often leave and take you and your siblings elsewhere to escape his physical abuse.

26 At age 14, your parents separated and you lived with your mother but not for long.

You fell in with an older crowd who did not attend school and were abusing alcohol.

You felt that you were given an ultimatum by your mother to either attend school or

leave home. As such, you chose to leave the family home. Since then, you have

lived a somewhat itinerant life, staying with friends, living on the streets and staying

at crisis centres or any accommodation that could be provided to you. You have not

been able to sustain long term employment due to your lack of permanent


27 From about the age of 14, you developed a dependency on alcohol and smoking

cannabis up to two joints a day until you were arrested, other than time then spent in

custody. You also have had a habit of taking amphetamines, although more heavily

between the ages of 16 to 25.

28 Throughout the years, you have suffered a number of concussions, but in about 2006

or 2007, you were severely attacked to the head with an axe during a home invasion

at your father’s residence and received 14 stitches. As a result of the attack, you were

later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. You dealt with anxiety from the

attack by drinking more alcohol and using excessive benzodiazepines. You have

been receiving prescriptions for benzodiazepines since the age of 20.

29 A report from Dr Adam Deacon, psychiatrist, was tendered on the plea and became

Exhibit 3M. Dr Deacon stated under the heading ‘Opinion and Recommendations’:

“Mr Maes has a prolonged history of alcohol and cannabis dependency. He

has persistently consumed excessive alcohol, contributing to secondary

problems including blackouts and cognitive problems, including short-term

memory deficits and related disorganisation. He has universally failed

attempts at alcohol rehabilitation with prompt relapse.

6 T0161

Mr Maes has been subject to multiple head injuries. He has been seriously

assaulted on many occasions, leading to periods of unconsciousness. He

was seriously assaulted whilst severely intoxicated a few years ago whilst in

the company of his father. As detailed in the body of this report, he

developed a subsequent anxiety condition that meets the criteria for posttraumatic

stress disorder. As a result of this serious assault, Mr Maes

became more dependent on alcohol, and he also required prescribed

anxiolytic benzodiazepine medication. He developed a pattern of abusing

benzodiazepines, and as he typically consumed most of the prescription

within a few days of it being dispensed.”

30 I might add in parentheses, that seems to be part of what happened on this very day.

31 Your recollection of the events on 30 August 2010 are at best scarce. It was put by

Mr Thomson who appeared on behalf of the Crown that you did not go to Mr Dick’s

premises that day with the intention to murder him but to carry out an attack. It was

only during the fight with Mr Dick that you formed the intention to cause really

serious injury and I proceed to sentence you on that basis.

32 I do accept that you knew the children and did have genuine concern about their

welfare but vigilante attacks such as these are undoubtedly futile and completely

unacceptable. You were aware of the allegation against Mr Dick but no charges had

been laid and it was not a matter for you to be the judge and the jury, let alone the

executioner. Even had Mr Dick not died as a result of the injuries you inflicted, this

would have been a very serious crime of intentionally causing serious injury.

33 It was put on your behalf, although you do not remember the actual offending, that

this in itself does not illustrate your lack of remorse as you could have chosen to

have proceeded to trial and taken your chance of being convicted of a lesser crime.

34 Dr Deacon further observed:

“Mr Maes vaguely recalled elements of the day of the offence, but he denied

any recollection of the actual offence other than the initial verbal and

physical altercation. Mr Maes’ reported amnesia likely reflects a

combination of similar previous alcohol related blackouts secondary to

chronic alcohol dependency. Alcohol combined with benzodiazepines is

also recognised as being a combination that frequently leads to amnesia.

This combination is also reported to be a risk factor for paradoxical

disinhibited and aggressive states.

Mr Maes presented as genuinely remorseful and contrite. He remains mildly

7 T0161

perplexed by his circumstances, as he has struggled to reconcile what he has

done. He presented as particularly concerned for the welfare of Mr Dick’s

children now they’ve lost their father, and their mother is in custody. Mr

Maes presented as mildly depressed but he is coping adequately in prison.”

35 I note that your actions immediately following the attack did not show any level of

remorse but I accept that you are now remorseful for your actions and I do regard

your plea as having real worth and in part as being a feature of the remorse that you

have shown.

36 You are a person who has clearly led a life dependent on alcohol and drugs. Your

prospects of rehabilitation appear to be greatly intertwined with your ability to

abstain from the abuse of alcohol and illicit substances. I received a report from

Mr Martin Jackson, a neuropsychologist, which became Exhibit 6M on the plea.

Regarding your prognosis he said:

“In terms of prognosis, it is highly recommended that Mr Maes cease

drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. If he does so, then there is a

possibility that his cognitive skills will improve, although it is not known

how well they will recover. However, if he continues to drink alcohol and

smoke marijuana at hazardous levels then he will certainly experience

deterioration in his cognitive skills over time and increase the probability

that any impairment will be permanent. It is also recommended that he

reduce (with the aim of ceasing) his use of benzodiazepines, which he

continues to take due to anxiety following the axe attack.”

37 And later:

“In terms of recommended treatment, I note that Mr Maes has successfully

undertaken detoxification in the past and remained abstinent for some time

with appropriate support and counselling. Therefore, I recommend that

whilst he is in prison he take part in drug and alcohol counselling.

Furthermore, when he is released from prison he should be referred to a

drug and alcohol service and engage in alcohol and drug counselling to

assist him to remain abstinent. He should also receive counselling to help

him deal with the trauma associated with the previous axe attack. He also

has a long history of accommodation (homelessness) problems and would

require further support from accommodation services once he is released

from prison.”

38 In his report, Mr Jackson comments that he is unable to determine whether you have

an acquired brain injury from substance use or previous head injury. At the time as

his assessment of you, you were still abusing alcohol and drugs excessively so that

aspects of a cognitive impairment test would not be able to be satisfactorily

8 T0161


39 You do have the support of your family and now have a child of your own to


40 Whilst on remand, you have completed a number of programs. For this you are to

be commended:

 Introduction to Anger Management Program

 Communication Skills Programs

 Certificate III in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

 Staying Safe in the Community Program (Release Related Harm Reduction)

 Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory)

 Certificate II in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations)

41 Although because of your background and your abuse of alcohol and illicit

substances, your prospects of rehabilitation are guarded. They are however not so

bleak as to be disregarded and should not be regarded as non-existent. There is

some prospect of rehabilitation in your future which I think you now understand is

largely in your own hands. You have shown at least some determination whilst you

have been in prison on this occasion in wanting to improve yourself and have shown

signs of it.

42 I was asked to impose a sentence at the lower end of the range for murder because of

the mitigating features of your plea and your lack of violent offending. These

though have to be put in contrast to the aggravating features, particularly that you

took the law into your own hands which must be discouraged and the fact that you

stabbed Mr Dick seven times. Murder does carry life imprisonment. I have fixed a

sentence which I would regard as being more or less in the middle of the range but

at the lower end of that middle range.

43 Your co-accused Elizabeth Downie and Callum Fitton, as I have already observed,

both pleaded guilty to manslaughter and agreed to give evidence against you in

9 T0161

accordance with sworn undertakings they gave to the court. I sentenced Callum

Fitton to be imprisoned for five years with a non parole period of three years. Justice

King sentenced Elizabeth Downie to be imprisoned for six years with a non parole

period of four years.

44 In so far as I have been able to do so and in so far as it is relevant to do so I have

taken their sentences into account. It must be noted however that you were the

person who caused the death of Martin Dick and you did so in circumstances that

you alone formed the intent to cause really serious injury to Mr Dick. I have taken

into account that Ms Downie was the moving force in this offending in a general


45 I am obliged to have regard to just punishment, denunciation, general and specific

deterrence and I have done so. It is important to note in that regard that you did

stab Mr Dick seven times in what must be regarded as a sustained attack.

46 I have fixed a non-parole period which I believe will be adequate for your

supervision in the community, when and if the parole board chose to release you on


47 I sentence you to be imprisoned for 18 years and I fix a period of 14 and a half years

before you will be eligible for parole.

48 I state that pursuant to s 6AAA of the Sentencing Act 1991, had it not been for your

plea of guilty I would have sentenced you to be imprisoned for 21 years, with a nonparole

period of 17 and a half years.

49 I declare that you have served 602 days pursuant to this sentence. I order that this

declaration and the above statement pursuant to s 6AAA to be entered in the records

of the Court.

14-YEAR-OLD boy who stabbed mother of 3, Rosa Mercuri ,gets bail!

In what can be described as nothing short of a tragic waste of life,

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy charged with killing a mother-of-three after egging her house has been released on bail after a court heard the fatal stabbing was triggered by a “very minor” clash between rival groups of teenaged boys.

Rosa Mercuri lies on the side of the road after being fatally stabbed

Rosa Mercuri, 40, was at home with her family on Sunday night when their Lalor property, in Melbourne‘s northern suburbs, was egged by a group of boys about 8pm.

She and her husband, identified as Pat, went outside to investigate and pursued the boys in their car, taking their 11-year-old daughter with them.

A homicide detective investigating the case yesterday told a children’s court Ms Mercuri died from a single stab wound when she encountered the accused boy, who cannot be identified, a few blocks from her house.

She was still with her daughter, while her husband had left to chase some of the boys on foot.

Ms Mercuri and the accused boy allegedly became involved in a struggle.

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She received a fatal wound to her upper body.

He suffered a wound to the head.

She quickly died, with her daughter left sobbing over the body while her husband tried vainly to resuscitate her.

The detective said the boys had gone to throw eggs at the Mercuri house because of an “ongoing dispute” of “a very minor nature” with another group of boys.

Ms Mercuri had two teenaged sons, one of them telling the Herald-Sun they believed the egg attack was random and a house down the street was also pelted.

“It’s never happened before,” he said.

“We’ve never really had fights with anyone.” Ms Mercuri’s son said his mother would never stand for the prank on an innocent family.

“She always had the guts in the family,” he told the newspaper.

The 14-year old, who lives with his father and brother in nearby Bundoora, has been charged with manslaughter.

Police did not oppose his bail, saying they were satisfied there was little risk of further violence.

Other youths, including the boy’s 20-year old brother, were questioned and released without charge.

The boy, who is of Asian descent, has no previous convictions and has agreed to report to police once a week and surrender his passport before appearing again in October.

He appeared calm and expressionless throughout yesterday’s hour-long hearing, occasionally glancing at his father.

Anne Watson, who lives in the street where Ms Mercuri died, said a loud scream brought her outside to see what was happening.

“There was a body on the ground and this man was saying ‘Wake up, wake up’,” she said. “Then he said: ‘She hasn’t got a heartbeat’ ”

Police found an Asian boy believed to be a friend of the accused hiding in the bushes outside a nearby house.

“He said: ‘I’ve had an asthma attack; I can’t breathe,” Mrs Watson said.

POLICE say an egging incident which resulted in a 14-year-old boy being charged with the manslaughter of a mother of three was sparked by a minor dispute.

The boy has been bailed after appearing in a children’s court today charged with the stabbing death of Rosa Maria Mercuri, 40, who died in a street in Melbourne’s north last night.

Police will examine a head injury sustained by the boy in the alleged attack.

Ms Mercuri was pursuing a group of youths who threw eggs at her home in Tunbridge Crescent in Lalor last night when the incident unfolded.

Detective Senior Constable Matthew Tuininga told the court the egg throwing incident resulted from a “very minor dispute” between two groups of males.

Detective Senior Constable Tuininga said the boy told police he received a head injury after the knife he was holding during the fatal altercation came back at him forcefully and he struck himself in the head.

The magistrate gave police approval to obtain a mouth swab from the boy to match it with DNA found at the crime scene.

They were also given permission to undertake a forensic examination of him to determine the extent of his head wound.

The magistrate bailed the boy, noting his young age, family support and the fact the prosecution did not oppose his release.

The accused is due back in court in October.

Police arrested five people – four teenagers and a 20-year-old – in relation to the incident, which occurred about 8.15pm (AEST).

The 20-year-old, who is the brother of the accused, and three teenagers who were questioned over the stabbing were later released.


Police shoot man dead

NEW UPDATE 4.15pm 02/05/11 Another Police Shooting updates on the way

Police at the scene of a shooting on the corner of Bangs and High Streets, Prahran

POLICE have shot a man in Prahran less than 24 hours after a fatal shooting in St Kilda.

Emergency services were called to the corner of Bangs and High St, Prahran, about 3.30pm.

The victim, believed to be in his 20s, has been taken to the Alfred Hospital with wounds to his abdomen.

A nearby man said he heard the man groaning as he was loaded into an ambulance.

“I knew it was more than a kick to the leg or capsicum spray,’’ the man said.

“The police were really edgy. They were pretty vocal. They were just trying to cordon off the area.

“You could tell something serious had gone down there.’’

The man said a nearby woman broke down when the injured man came out on the stretcher.

UPDATE 11.12am: CHIEF Commissioner Simon Overland has backed the officers who shot dead a knife-wielding man in St Kilda last night.

The knife wielding man was fatally shot by police in St Kilda

A botched drug deal is believed to have led to the fatal police shooting late last night.

Police believe the 30-year-old man from Geelong was involved in a stabbing at a nearby hotel earlier in the evening.

Officers were called to the Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda about 7.30pm after a woman was stabbed in the back, allegedly by two men.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the constables spotted two men matching the description of the attackers as they drove from the hotel about 10pm.

He said the police officers got out of their car and told the men to stop, but one of the men advanced towards them with a knife.

The officers said the man ignored repeated calls to drop the knife and was shot when he lunged at them.

The man was shot on Grey St, just 100 metres from a busy strip of restaurants and pubs on Fitzroy St in St Kilda.

Mr Overland backed the actions of the officers involved.

“I understand my police officers were quite properly going about their job,” he said.

“They’ve seen a couple of people they thought might be suspects in an earlier, quite serious offence in the area, they’ve approached them as they quite properly should, they were confronted and in fact approached by a man with a knife who resisted all calls for him to drop the knife and to desist.

“He didn’t do that, and under the circumstances they took what I believe was entirely appropriate action.’’

Mr Overland said the officers were not equipped with tasers and that they were unlikely to have assisted.

“As the facts have been related to me, I don’t see tasers were a good option, or would have been a good option under the circumstances as they presented,’’ he said.

“We do obviously try and do everything we can from a training and management point of view to avoid police shootings.

“They are always regrettable when they happen but in the circumstances, as made known to me, I believe my officers behaved entirely appropriately as I would expect them to behave and unfortunately they had little alternative to do other than that which they did.’’

Mr Overland dismissed speculation the dead man had been shot by police in the head.

Witnesses told the Herald Sun they heard police yelling at the man “several times” before they fired a shot. There was a pause of several seconds and two more shots followed.

Police cars were on the scene minutes later.

Paramedics said the man was dead when they arrived.

Grey St resident Michael said he heard yelling and shouting before three shots were fired.

“The guy that was on the path, we couldn’t see him because of a tree, he sounded like he was being restrained by the police,” he said.

“He was very irate. I made out him saying, ‘You just shot my best friend in the face’. About 10 or 15 minutes later he said, ‘Every dog has his day’.”

Port Phillip Mayor Rachel Powning refused to say if the council had any concerns about the Gatwick Hotel.

“This is a tragic event, but is a matter for the police,” she said in a statement.

“An investigation is underway and it would be inappropriate to comment.”

One St Kilda local was asleep when she heard a commotion.

She said she heard a person threatening to shoot.

“They basically said, ‘Stand still, if you move I will shoot, if you move I will shoot,’ and there were two shots,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be named.

The woman said she didn’t know how long it was between the comments being made and the shots being fired.

“It was all very close, the situation was all very close.”

The woman said police need to increase their presence in the area so they could respond to incidents.

Another woman said she came out of her house on Grey St after she heard three shots fired.

“There was a guy lying on the (ground) with blood coming out of his head,” the woman said.

Grey St resident Justin Moyle said he was alerted to the drama when he heard a loud noise.

“We heard someone yelling, ‘Don’t f—ing move’ – that was the cop – and then at least one gun shot. I don’t know if there was any more,” Mr Moyle said.

“We came down and the guy was lying on the road.

“One of my neighbours was saying she saw part of his head on the road …”

Sally said she was putting her son in bed when she heard three shots.

“I thought,’No it’s not. Is it?’ and it was. It was gunshots,” she said.

“I called 000 immediately and I could see the red and blue lights of the police already there.

Sally said there was a lot of yelling “before, during and after” the shots were fired.

“The whole feeling was really scary,” she said.

Mr Cornelius said initial evidence supported the decision of the two uniform members from the local station to fire on the man.

“It’s pretty clear my officers found themselves in a position where they had no choice but to discharge their firearms in order to prevent themselves from either being seriously injured or killed.”

“No police officer wants to go to work and kill someone.

“I’ve spoken to the members they are very upset and very concerned.”

When asked if the officers were carrying Tasers, Mr Cornelius said only that: “They had the full range of operational safety equipment available to them.”

He would not reveal details of whether capsicum spray had been used or how many shots were fired, but said several officers were at the scene at the time of the shooting.

Police also arrested a 22-year-old man and two women, aged 22 and 26, in connection with the earlier stabbing.

The two women were released this morning pending further inquiries.

Nearby residents, who were denied access to their homes after police cordoned off the area, said they were shocked to learn of the incident.

Police Association boss Greg Davies said his priority was the welfare of the officers.

He said the union had a full-time welfare officer, and funded the force’s employee assistance program.

“It’s a dreadful situation for everyone involved. Police shootings always are,” Sen-Sgt Davies said.

“These things develop in a split second and are almost never a situation which is the making of the police. The police are called there to resolve something, things flare up and unfortunately this sort of result sometimes occurs.

“The Association has put into place what it normally does and will confine to do.”

A woman was stabbed at the Gatwick Hotel before the shooting

A woman in her 40s was taken to The Alfred hospital from the hotel just after 7.30pm suffering stab wounds to her upper body.

She was in a stable condition last night.

Homicide detectives and Ethical Standards officers will investigate the shooting.

The Gatwick Hotel is a homeless hostel in St Kilda, where people often live while more permanent government housing is being arranged.

St Kilda residents have also started a Facebook campaign to get rid of the hotel, which many say is a crime hub.

While police are regularly called to the Gatwick to settle disputes, two men have been murdered there in the last six years.

Homeless man Simon Gurfinkel was beaten to death in his bed at the rooming house in 2005.

Father-of-four Arthur Karatasios died in hospital in 2006 after he was repeatedly stabbed by four men out the front of the Gatwick Hotel.

Recent police shootings in Victoria

  • December 2008 – Police shot dead 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy after he allegedly advanced on them with knives during a stand-off at a Northcote skate park
  • April 2005 – Mohamed Chaouk, 29, was shot dead by police after he allegedly lunged at them with a sword during a dawn raid on his Brooklyn home
  • February 2005 – Special Operations Group police shot dead murder suspect Wayne Joannou, 26, of Sydenham, after intercepting a car in South Melbourne
  • October 2004 – Jason Chapman, allegedly brandishing a knife, was shot by police after capsicum spray failed to subdue him at Yarraville
  • May 2004 – Gregory Biggs, 27, was shot by police after he raised swords at a police officer on Lygon St
  • February 2004 – Peter Hubbard, 48, was shot dead by police who said he was brandishing a weapon at them at his home in Ballarat

Ramazan Acar charged with killing his daughter

Update, just something that has been bought to my attention…Here is a transcript of his facebook page the day he killed his daughter…If genuine, the bloke was mad on drugs or something…

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Wednesday at 12:12

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Wednesday at 11:02 via Mobile Web
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Ramzy Acar Such iz life
Wednesday at 07:00 via Mobile Web
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UPDATE 8.43pm: A MAN has been charged with the stabbing murder of his toddler daughter after taking her from her mother’s home.

This is the father who dumped his little daughter in a paddock after “allegedly” stabbing her to death. Another jealous friggin father pissed off with his ex…makes me sick, looking at the photo he does not seem like a caring sought of dad does he?

Ramazan Acar entering court tonight with police after being charged with murder

Ramazan Acar, 23, of Meadow Heights in Melbourne‘s north, has been remanded in custody following an out-of-sessions hearing at the Melbourne Custody Centre tonight.

The body of his two-year-old daughter, Yazmina, was found in a field at Greenvale, near his home, this morning.

Homicide Squad Detective Senior Constable Scott Jones told the hearing Mr Acar had picked up Yazmina from his ex-partner’s house at Hallam, in Melbourne’s southeast, last night.

Det Sen Const Jones alleged that during several telephone calls from the girl’s mother, Mr Acar had threatened to kill Yazmina.

He said Mr Acar drove to an address in Campbellfield, also in the city’s north, where he is alleged to have stabbed the little girl multiple times.

An autopsy conducted this afternoon found the girl died from multiple stab wounds, Det Jones said.

Mr Acar is accused of then dumping Yazmina’s body at Greenvale before returning to Campbellfield where he set fire to his car.

Detectives arrested him a short time later in another vehicle.

Mr Acar, who wore blue cloth forensic overalls and was barefoot, did not address the bail justice after the summary of the case.

He was remanded in custody to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court tomorrow.

a bit more on the days unfolding, quite interesting…

Happier times, Yazmina Acar and her mother, Rachelle D'Argent.

Police will allege Yazmina’s mother made several calls to Mr Acar, who threatened to kill the girl as he drove across Melbourne to Campbellfield.

“Ultimately the accused has attended an address in the Campbellfield area where he removed the child from the car and a number of stab wounds resulted in the child’s death,” Sen-Det Jones told the hearing.

“Mr Acar has then allegedly driven from where he dumped his daughter to another address where he burns the car and flees the scene in a second car.”

Sen-Det Jones told the hearing a post-mortem examination found that Yazmina died of multiple stab wounds.

During the short hearing at Melbourne Custody Centre last night, Mr Acar told the bail justice he did not have a medical condition and any injuries had been attended to.

Sources told the Herald Sun Mr Acar had allegedly been under surveillance at some point after Yazmina was taken from the house… WTF???

Did the cops act quick enough? Had he made threats before today to harm the child? Bloody hell. I hope not, we may of saved her life…

Homicide squad detectives were last night trying to solve the tragic riddle of what happened in the period after Yazmina was taken, which happened 55km from where her body was found.


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