Melbourne teacher PETER LEE jailed for student sex

This Melbourne school teacher PETER LEE who committed the ultimate betrayal of trust a teacher can have with a student and her family will serve less than two measly friggin years for having sex with her within school grounds! Yes I am serious, no wonder they do this, the penalty is a minor inconvenience when you look at the big picture. Also what about the so-called friends places he took her to for sex? What sort of friends are they? Are they teachers?

This paedophile will get out and there is every chance he might be teaching at a TAFE or other educational venue near you when he gets out. If a man on the street rapes a poor woman he gets a lot longer than a few years.

So when it is a school teacher wouldn’t the great trust bestowed upon him that he has betrayed more of a crime. More punishable, a greater breach? What do you think readers?

By the way if anyone knows this teacher please email me a picture of him. He deserves prominent place in the story at the top of the page! I do feel for his family, what an embarrassment and a shame he must be…Not to mention the trauma the student and her family must be going through…

A MELBOURNE teacher who had sex with a 16-year-old female student on school grounds has been jailed.

Peter Lee, 41, had sex with the student in rooms at the Melbourne suburban high school, at his house, in his car and at houses of his friends, over a period of about nine months.

Months before his offending began Lee, a married father of two young children, gave a small amount of alcohol to the teenager at the school when she had personal problems, the County Court heard today.

The school suspended Lee for three days for supplying the alcohol to the student.

Judge Mark Dean said Lee groomed the teenager prior to his offending and had abused his position of trust.

“Your selfish conduct engaged in for your own physical and psychological gratification must be denounced by this court,” he said.

“I have no doubt our community would regard your offending as extremely serious.”

Judge Dean said Lee’s moral culpability was high.

But he said Lee was remorseful and his prospects of rehabilitation were positive.

The teenager expressed support for Lee in her victim impact statement. But her parents said the offending had damaged their family.

Lee, of Carlton, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexually penetrating a child aged 16 under his care, supervision or authority.

Judge Dean jailed Lee for three-and-a-half years and ordered he serve 21 months before being eligible for parole.

As Judge Dean completed his sentencing a young woman stormed out of court and swore in the direction of Lee and said he deserved a longer sentence.