Five charged after meth valued at $180 million found in kayaks

February 12, 2014

POLICE have charged five people in Sydney over the importation of an estimated $180 million worth of methamphetamine concealed inside kayaks sent from China.

Customs allegedly found about 183kg of the illegal drug on Wednesday last week after X-raying 27 kayaks that had entered Australia.

The tests showed 19 of the kayaks contained packages with methamphetamine inside.

Concealed ... one of the imported kayaks carrying the meth into Australia.

Concealed … one of the imported kayaks carrying the meth into Australia.

Australian Federal Police on Tuesday allowed the kayaks to be delivered to a Sydney storage facility, where they arrested four Taiwanese nationals.

Three of the men, aged 21, 30 and 35, were charged with possessing a commercial quantity of drugs and the fourth, a 28-year-old woman, was charged with drug importation.

Police later arrested a 32-year-old Kensington man at his home and charged him with attempting to import the drugs.

Customs regional director Tim Fitzgerald said the 183kg of crystal meth was found in watertight areas inside the kayaks.

There were also a number of life jackets inside the boats that may have been put there to misdirect the attention of any searches, he added.

“It’s fair to say that any item coming into Australia can be used to hide narcotics,’’ he told reporters in Sydney today.

“Previously through airports, we’ve seen narcotics concealed inside surfboards.”

Mr Fitzgerald said that in the past 14 months, Customs had found more than 1000kg of meth in liquid and crystal form.

He said the drug was a “significant problem’’ for border protection authorities and a significant amount came from China.

Australian Federal Police Sydney manager Ray Johnson said people accused of drug hauls of the amount found in the kayaks could expect to face around 15 years in jail if found guilty.

The kayaks were inspected at the Sydney Container Examination Facility.

David John Alton, 32, who was charged with importing a commercial quantity of drugs, appeared before Sydney’s Central Local Court today and was refused bail.

The matter was adjourned until April 9 before the same court.

Meng-Chih Shih, 30, Zhao Xiung Huang, 35, and Chien Khih Kuo, 21, also appeared before Central Local Court today and had their bail formally refused.

Court documents show the men resided in the same Sydney CBD address.

Chieh-Wei Lin, 28, from another Sydney CBD address, also had her bail refused.

They are all due to return to court on April 9.

Immigration and Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison today congratulated Customs for preventing the methamphetamine from reaching the streets.

He said the Federal Government had provided $88 million of additional funding to Customs to increase screening of international mail, air cargo and sea cargo to stop illegal firearms and drugs getting in.

“Inspection rates of international mail and air cargo will increase by 25 and 33 per cent respectively and the examination of sea cargo in the major ports of Sydney and Melbourne will increase by nearly 20 per cent,’’ the minister said in a statement.

That would result in an additional 1500 containers being physically examined by Customs officers, he said.



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Child bride, 12, was married in her father’s house-here in Australia

This is just not on and is outrageous, a little girl only 12 years old married off to a 26-year-old. It is more common than we think and it HAS TO STOP NOW. This is criminal, and I do not care if you are a Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist or from Mars. This is AUSTRALIA and it is illegal in this country full stop. Protecting the children is paramount to anything else whether it be religious beliefs or so-called wishes of a child or parent! A bloody child wishing to get married, it’s ridiculous to entertain the thought

UPDATE 13/02/14

Father of 12-year-old child bride charged, but thinks has ‘done nothing wrong’

THE father of the 12-year-old girl at the centre of the Islamic marriage scandal appeared before a court yesterday charged with procuring his young daughter for sex.

The 61-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, “is of the belief he has done nothing wrong,” Raymond Terrace Local Court was told.

The court also heard the man had a disregard for NSW laws and believed his daughter was “in love” with her 26-year-old “husband”.




Magistrate Caleb Franklin rejected the man’s bail application yesterday, citing a strong prosecution case and the likelihood of a jail term if he was convicted.

Police charged the father with procuring a child for unlawful sexual activity and being an accessory before the fact to someone having sexual intercourse with a child.

“The defendant has a disregard for the laws of this state,” Mr Franklin said in denying the man bail.

The man’s Legal Aid solicitor said her client, an osteoarthritis sufferer, would find time in custody “very difficult”.

The court heard the man had co-operated with detectives in interviews but disputed much of the police facts including the allegations he facilitated the marriage.

His solicitor said her client claimed his daughter was a “very, very mature strong-willed woman” and he thought the man was about 18-19.

“He said ‘they’re in love and it’s a strong love’ and at this point he’s trying to be supportive of his children,” she said.

Charge sheets tendered in court allege the girl’s father procured her for sexual activity with her future “husband” from when the couple met at a Hunter Valley mosque in November last year until they were allegedly married on January 12.

Outside court, it emerged the girl wrote on a blog site her father told her to wear a hijab to school when she was 11.

“When I was 11 my Dad made the decision I should wear hijab to school,” she wrote.

“To be honest I didn’t want to wear hijab to school. I was afraid of what all the other kids would say or think about me. But when I went to school the next day it wasn’t that bad.”

Charges against the girl’s father followed the alleged wedding of the man’s then 12-year-old daughter in their family living room to a 26-year-old Lebanese man last month.

The girl’s “husband” is in custody charged with 25 counts of having sexual intercourse with a child.

Imam Riaz Tasawar from the Mayfield Mosque, who “married” the 12-year-old girl to the 26-year-old man.

Imam Riaz Tasawar from the Mayfield Mosque, who “married” the 12-year-old girl to the 26-year-old man.

The imam who allegedly performed the ceremony, Riaz Tasawar, 35, was charged with solemnising a marriage without authority and will face court in April.

UPDATE 11/02/14

Police have arrested and charged an imam accused of conducting the marriage of a 12-year-old girl in the Hunter Valley this year.

Detectives from the Child Abuse Squad arrested the 35-year-old Pakistan-born man outside Parramatta police station about 4.30pm on Monday afternoon, police said.

They charged him with solemnisation of a marriage by an unauthorised person.

Police will allege he agreed to conduct a ceremony after he was approached by a 26-year-old man, who was eager to marry the girl.

The 26-year-old, a Lebanese man who is living in Australia on a student visa, has   with 25 counts of having sexual intercourse with an underage child.

He is in custody and is expected to make an application for bail before Burwood Local Court on Wednesday.

It had been reported the imam had gone to ground.

“He was located outside the police station,” a police spokesman said.

“It wasn’t arrest by appointment or anything like that, just that we happened to find him outside the police station.”

The spokesman said the imam was not related to the girl.

The imam was released on strict conditional bail and is expected to appear before Parramatta Local Court on April 2.

The girl’s father needs his head read, he talks below, and then further down, how this crime was discovered.

THE Muslim convert father of the 12-year-old girl at the centre of a child sex case following her “marriage” to a 26-year-old foreigner confessed his unhappiness at their union, but said “it was not my decision” WTF ??? IS this father kidding himself? How could he allow this to happen

But the fifth-generation Australian man, who allowed the pair to be married by an imam in his Hunter Valley home on January 12, now says he fears she is going to “die” from a broken heart.

The man, 26, is behind bars tonight after being arrested by the Sex Crime Command's Child Abuse Squad after his marriage to a 12-year-old girl was discovered.

The man, 26, is behind bars tonight after being arrested by the Sex Crime Command’s Child Abuse Squad after his marriage to a 12-year-old girl was discovered.

He also addressed public outrage on the case following the 26-year-old Lebanese man’s arrest on Thursday, saying he might “cop a little bit of abuse off people but I will have to cope with that”.

“She was crying like I have never heard before, they were telling her she couldn’t see (the man) today or tomorrow or possibly forever,’’ he said. “She’s being restrained against her will in foster care.

“There’s nothing I can do at the moment, I’ve got the feeling she might die because she’s so hurt by all of this.”

The pair met at a Hunter Valley mosque late last year after the 26-year-old came to Australia to study at a nearby university.

He approached the mosque about marrying the girl but the Newcastle Muslim Association president Bikash “Shahriar” Paul said he was turned away because it was illegal and “wrong”.

He then approached the girl’s father — who converted to Islam about 18 years ago following a battle with drugs, gambling and alcohol abuse — through an intermediary, who told him of the man’s intentions.

He initially refused but agreed to let him come to his house to meet his daughter.

He said it was almost over before it began when she found out he was 26, but she changed her mind.

“She was saying she wanted to get married, I said before there was going to be problems because he was from Lebanon,’’ the father said. “I told him to go back to Lebanon, not nastily.”

The girl’s father said his initial concerns were more religiously guided than the man’s or his daughter’s ages.

However, he said the only way they could be in any type of relationship, let alone in the same room un-chaperoned, under “my interpretation of the Koran” was if they were married.

“My daughter was not going to change her mind, I couldn’t talk her out of it,’’ he said.

“Him being 26 was not a big concern to me because I was not marrying him. I was not happy with it but it was not my decision.”

He said the couple moved to western Sydney after the marriage. He said they tried to enrol his daughter at a local high school but were told to go to Centrelink to ascertain her guardianship.

The father said a social worker at Centrelink raised the alarm before police and the Department of Community Services intervened.

The man was refused bail at Burwood Local Court on Friday after being charged by Child Abuse Squad detectives with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

Her father, who was interviewed and released without charge, said he knew people would ask how could he let his 12-year-old daughter live with an older man, let alone marry him, but he didn’t “want to stop her happiness”.

The Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward said on Friday she was horrified by the case.

“In this country, little girls have rights and in particular they have the right to a childhood free from this kind of abuse,” she said

Alleged underage marriage uncovered when a 12-year-old child bride and husband, 26, tried to apply for spousal benefits

The Daily Telegraph
February 08, 2014

AN alleged under-age marriage was uncovered this week when a 12-year-old child bride and her 26-year-old husband tried to apply for spousal benefits, according to government sources.

Centrelink sources say the girl was removed from the home she shared with her 26-year-old “husband” hours after enquiring about what support would be available to a spousal visa holder on Wednesday morning.

Concerns also emerged after the man attempted to enrol the girl in a Western Sydney high school.

Newcastle Muslim Association president Bikash “Shahriar” Paul said the accused man was an “occasional” worshipper at a mosque in the Hunter Valley region north of Sydney, where he met the girl.

Mr Paul said he believed the man was originally from Lebanon but had moved to the Hunter Region to study computers at a nearby university about nine months ago.

It’s understood police will allege the marriage took place in a backyard in Sydney’s west on January 11.

After hearing reports about the charges yesterday morning on radio Mr Paul said he called the girl’s father who confirmed “it’s my girl”.

He said the girl’s father “was aware” of the marriage and that police had contacted him on Thursday but did not elaborate further.

The man was arrested by detectives from the Child Abuse Squad and charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child.

He was denied bail at Burwood court yesterday and will reappear next Wednesday.

Shocked residents in the western Sydney suburb where the couple lived expressed anger about the alleged offences.

One neighbour said before they moved in they had mistakenly gone to the wrong house for an inspection. She said she saw the girl wearing a pink hijab and her partner apologised for the intrusion.

A leading Islamic health services counsellor has warned that hundreds of children as young as eleven are being sent overseas to be married after being “shopped” on Facebook.

Ms Sharobeem, the Director of the Immigrant Women’s Health Services, said children were involved in illegal marriages both in Australia and overseas: “It’s far more prevalent and well-known than people think.”

Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward conceded the problem was more widespread than the case identified yesterday, saying her department had heard of “significant numbers of unlawful, unregistered marriages in NSW, particularly in south-west Sydney, western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.”

“In this country, little girls have rights and in particular they have the right to a childhood free from this kind of abuse,” she said.

The legal marrying age in Australia is 18 unless a court has approved a marriage where one party is aged between 16 and 18.

Simon Gittany sentence hearing over murder of Lisa Harnum Day 1,2

This is live and ongoing reporting from the court folks, I will be out this afternoon, so feel free to add new news in comments for now and I will update tonight…I hope he gets LIFE
Day 2 is under way, and the NEW girlfriend made a much quieter grand entrance today!

He was found guilty last year of murdering his fiancee, Lisa Cecilia Harnum on July 30, 2011.

Gittany, 40, who pleaded not guilty, was found to have thrown the 30-year-old off their 15th-floor balcony in Sydney in a fit of “apoplectic” rage after she made plans to leave him and return to her native Canada.

In a shock move, the Crown introduced a new witness to give evidence against Gittany at the sentence hearing, regarding the abusive relationship between Ms Harnum and Gittany.

The Crown will use the new evidence to argue Gittany had “frequently threatened Lisa Harnum with death if she ever left him”.

Lisa Harnum who died after falling from the 15th floor of an apartment in Sydney, Australia. Picture: International Austral

Lisa Harnum who died after falling from the 15th floor of an apartment in Sydney, Australia. Picture: International Austral Source: Supplied

The witness, who has not been named and met Ms Harnum at beauty college, only came forward after the prosecution closed its case last year.

“I thought there was an ample amount of people who knew what happened, so I thought there was enough evidence without me,” the new witness said.

She said her own relationship was abusive and Ms Harnum had asked her how and why she had left.

Ms Harnum told her friend that if she left Gittany “he’d kill me” and he had said he would find her if she fled.

As the witness spoke of the almost daily death threats against Ms Harnum in court, she broke down.

She said Ms Harnum feared he would poison her food, and that if Gittany killed her “he would make it look like suicide”.

To help her friend out of the situation, she offered her money as she expressed fears he was also tracking her finances.

As the new evidence was revealed at the hearing, Gittany turned to his lawyer and mouthed “seriously” and shook his head. He then gestured they needed to speak.

Gittany’s barrister, Philip Strickland SC, dismissed the new claims as “fabricated” and “made up”.

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

Ms Harnum’s mother, Joan, used her victim statement to call for the end to domestic violence and express the unimaginable grief a family feels at losing their loved one.

Lisa Harnum sleeping. Picture:

Lisa Harnum sleeping. Picture: “Respectance” Source: No Source

The statement was read out by her daughter’s counsellor, Michelle Richmond, who played an integral part in trying to help Ms Harnum escape Gittany’s abuse.

The Harnums remained in Toronto, Canada for family reasons.

The statement read: “When a parent dies, you lose your past. When a child dies, you lose your future.

“A child who loses a parent is an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who loses a child.”

She outlined the control of Gittany over her daughter’s life and the violent end Ms Harnum ultimately faced.

“No one has the right to control a person’s life so intensely.

“She was taken too early and in such a violent way. It’s a wound that will never heal.”

Joan Harnum leaves court after Simon Gittany's was found guilty of murdering girlfriend Lisa Harnum.

Joan Harnum leaves court after Simon Gittany’s was found guilty of murdering girlfriend Lisa Harnum. Source: News Limited

Gittany looked to his feet and played with the buttons on his shirt as the powerful statement continued.

“All Gittany had to do that day was step aside and let her come home to her family.”

“It was a senseless and thoughtless act of violence,” the statement said.

“Lisa Cecilia’s death has caused a cry around the world to stop violence against women and children.

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7

Simon Gittany and Lisa Harnum. Picture: Channel 7 Source: Supplied

“Stop the unimaginable pain and profound loss caused by domestic violence. Let my daughter’s cries be heard.”

Sunday Promo: Inside Simon Gittany’s secret life 1:00

In a Sunday Night exclusive, we take you inside Simon Gittany’s secret life and hear his new lover’s explosive claims.


In a bizarre act, Gittany’s current girlfriend, Rachelle Louise, and supporters earlier arrived outside court holding signs advocating his innocence.

Rachelle Louise protests her partner's ...

Rachelle Louise protests her partner’s innocence. Source: News Limited

Without uttering a word, Ms Louise pointed to signs carrying the name of notorious acquitted murderers, including Gordon Wood and Lindy Chamberlain.

Another sign read: “How do you render Some 1 unconscious in less than 65 sec without any sign of trauma to the body”.

Rachelle Louise & supporters arrives at Darlinghurst court to hear sentencing submission against partner Sim...

Rachelle Louise and supporters arrive at court to hear sentencing submission against her partner Simon Gittany who was found guilty of murdering Lisa Harnam. Source: News Limited


Gittany’s trial heard he was controlling of Ms Harnum, installing CCTV in his apartment and using a computer program to monitor her text messages, emails and internet usage.

CCTV captures Lisa Harnum’s final moments 0:52

CCTV footage shows Lisa Harnum and Simon Gittany together minutes before her death.

But while Gittany admitted some of his behaviour towards Ms Harnum was controlling, he has always denied that he flew into a rage on the morning of her death.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Paul Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Simon Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend. Source: Supplied

He told the court that after an argument that morning – in which he was captured on camera dragging a screaming Ms Harnum back into their apartment – he went to make her a cup of tea while she sat on the lounge.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Paul Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend.

Supplied CCTV footage showing murder suspect Simon Gittany on the night he is accused of killing his girlfriend. Source: Supplied

Gittany said Ms Harnum then ran to the balcony and “disappeared” over the railing as he desperately tried to reach her.

But in a damning judgment handed down over nearly five hours in November last year, Justice Lucy McCallum found Gittany lied with “telling ease” and distorted the truth to denigrate the woman he murdered.


Sydney socialite Lisa Stockbridge jailed for allegedly dealing drugs

Lisa Stockbridge was arrested on December 11.

Lisa Stockbridge was arrested on December 11.

Oh my, poor Sydney socialite Lisa Stockbridge.

I just love a high flying celebrity or socialite getting a slap back down to earth. This story reminds me of the high flying drug dealer that just happened to be a nephew of the high and almighty Ita Buttrose.

What pisses me off though is all those involved in her so called high society bullshit fake life happen to be SO SURPRISED

Half of you idiots are probably packing shit as you very well know you probably purchased some goodies off her. I hope the cops were fully tuned in on each and every one of you.

Dare you order a pizza for the knock at the door that could be the day!

Get Connected, well hopefully to a good lawyer now you have been caught

Get Connected, well hopefully to a good lawyer now you have been caught

Her website suddenly disappeared on the day of her arrest but the following quote, beside a email link called “Get Connected” says a lot as far as I am concerned.

Urban Society is like your well-heeled trendsetting pal,

who always knows where to eat, where to shop, the latest openings and what strings to pull to be first through the door. From pop up shops to parties, urban eateries, or decadent getaways, we’re devoted to hunting down offers on the best events in your city – so you don’t have to.

A POPULAR Sydney socialite allegedly led a double life supplying cocaine and ecstasy to clients in the city’s most ­exclusive suburbs.

When she wasn’t running her popular entertainment website Urban ­Society, police allege Lisa Lisa (Danielle) Stockbridge was dealing drugs – including a commercial quantity of ecstasy – in Sydney’s east.

Stockbridge, a 41-year-old from Kings Cross, had been under police surveillance for at least a month and was arrested at 9.20pm on December 11, court documents said.

A far cry from the glitzy red carpets, hot parties and fine dining she would be used to, the mother of a 20-year-old daughter is now languishing in the maximum security section of Silver-water Jail awaiting her next court date.

Police recovered $33,620 in cash during the arrest which they allege was the proceeds of crime.

On November 14, police allege she supplied cocaine at locations in Rose Bay and Woollahra between 4.40pm and 5pm and later that evening at Double Bay around 7pm.

Stockbridge has also be accused of selling cocaine in Darlinghurst between 7.15pm on November 14 and 7.25pm on December 11.

Court documents show on the same dates, she also supplied cocaine in Sydney and Clovelly.

She also allegedly supplied 270g of ecstasy between December 11 and 12 at Darlinghurst.

On top of the charge of supplying a commercial quantity of drugs, Stockbridge is facing a further seven charges of supplying or knowingly taking part in the supply of a prohibited drug and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Urban Society staff members have not yet been formally notified of Stockbridge’s arrest, however they were advised they no longer had jobs just prior to Christmas.

The website’s editor, Camilla Gulli, wrote on Facebook on December 16 to notify her friends via social media that she was “resigning”.

“It is with a heavy heart that I resign as editor of Urban Society, after two-and-a-half long years,” she posted.

“Want to say that I love my team, who are some of the most resilient and talented people I know.

“Goodbye free dinners, I’ll miss you most of all.

“Hit me up for freelance work.” were they getting more than free dinners, or paying for the free dinners in other ways? Time will tell

A Sydney woman who worked as a contractor for Stockbridge and didn’t want to be identified, said she was in “complete shock” by the news.

“I had no idea until now,” she said.

“I honestly can’t believe it and would never in a million years have picked it.”

A media identity who was notified of the incident last week said: “It sounds like a script from a movie – I would never have believed it.”

A Sydney nightclub owner who has worked with Stockbridge in the past said: “Lisa is the last person I would have thought would (allegedly) do something like this.”

Another senior public relations figure said: “I am in complete shock, this is absolutely incredible and something I would never have seen coming – she is a mum for god’s sake.”

Stockbridge’s website was shutdown in December and her personal social media sites, which include Twitter and Instagram, have been inactive since the day she was arrested.

The Milperra Massacre


UPDATE JAN 22 2014 These  pics recently fell into my hands and as I get so many requests about any recent images of Jock this is the best you are every going to get!

William 'Jock' Ross - Founder and Supreme Commander of the Comancheros Motorcycle Club (circa 1965 to 1984) click to enlarge

William ‘Jock’ Ross – Founder and Supreme Commander of the Comancheros Motorcycle Club (circa 1965 to 1984) click to enlarge

JOCK ROSS AND HIS MISSUS VANESSA “NESS” ROSS Visit the COMANCHERO MEMORIAL UP THE COAST AT Palmdale Memorial Park and Crematorium. To protect some younger family members I have altered them out of the picture. Click the image for a larger view

jock-ross memorial visit

JOCK ROSS AND HIS MISSUS VANESSA “NESS” ROSS Visit the COMANCHERO MEMORIAL UP THE COAST AT Palmdale Memorial Park and Crematorium. To protect some younger family members I have altered them out of the picture




UPDATE 18/06/12

I have been swamped with searches and queries on current day pics of the main players since the TV show has been aired. Not surprisingly the ones who are still alive, are living their lives in a much different way to how the did 30 years ago. The main ones I get and for Jock Ross and Snoddy Spencer. If anybody has links to other pics let me know via the comments or an email and I will post them. Same goes for any video footage on youtube or elsewhere…

Some new ones I came across via and reader.cheers

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is one I have been sent in the last few days,of Snoddy, who killed himself in jail following the massacre. 

Snoddy Spencer back in the day

The aftermath was devastating for all

The Milperra Massacre was a firearm battle between rival motorcycle gang members on September 2 (Father’s Day) 1984, in Milperra, a south-western suburb of Sydney. Seven people were killed: six motorcycle gang members and a fourteen year old female bystander.

The massacre

The massacre had its beginnings after a group of Comancheros broke away and formed the first Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Australia. This resulted in intense rivalry between the two chapters.

An advertised “British motorcycle swap meet” was placed in a few local press releases, at the Viking Tavern, with a scheduled start at 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 2, 1984.

On Sunday September 2, 1984 around 1 pm, a heavily armed group of Comancheros entered the carpark of the Viking Tavern during the motorcycle part swap meet with 30 similarly armed Bandidos arriving soon after with a back-up van carrying weapons following close behind. Both sides proceeded to line up at opposite ends of the car park. William George “Jock” Ross, who had founded the Comancheros in 1968, signalled by waving a machete in the air and the two clubs charged at each other.

Police responded after receiving reports that “a man” had gone berserk with a rifle at the Viking Tavern in Milperra and “a few shots” had been fired. The first of more than 200 police began arriving but the fighting continued for another 10 minutes before they were able to stop it. Four Comancheros died from shotgun wounds, two Bandidos died after being shot with a Rossi .357 magnum rifle and a 14-year-old bystander, Leanne Walters, also died after being hit in the face by a stray .357 bullet. A further 28 people were wounded with 20 requiring hospitalisation.

Mark Pennington, one of the first policemen on the scene, was later awarded $380,000 compensation for psychological damage.



  • Andy:  Andrew Thomas
  • Blowave: John Bodt
  • Bones: Scott Dive
  • Chewy: Rick Lorenz
  • Dog: Tony McCoy “Dog” was shot with two blasts to his upper right chest and face. He was hit with such force it was estimated he was dead before he hit the ground.
  • Foghorn; Foggy: Robert Lane “Foggy” was shot in the centre of the chest with a .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle. He remained where he fell and died almost instantly.
  • Glen: Glen Eaves
  • JJ: Robert Heeney
  • Jock: William Ross
  • Kraut: Kevork Tomasian
  • Leroy: Phillip Jeschke “Leroy” Was the Comanchero’s “Sergeant At Arms” and was a “hit” target. He was shot with the .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle and died instantly. Entry and exit wound indicate “Leroy” was crouching over and was shot in the back.
  • Littlejohn: John Hennessey
  • Morts: James Morton
  • Pee Wee: Garry Annakin
  • Snow: Ian White
  • Sparrow, Sparra: Ivan Romcek “Sparrow” was shot with one round of a shotgun and was shot at such close range that the cartridge wadding can be clearly seen embedded in his right ear. He died instantly with a baseball bat under his body
  • Sunshine: Raymond Kucler
  • Terry: Terrence Parker
  • Tonka: Michael O’keefe


  • Bear: Stephen Roberts
  • Bernie: Bernard Podgorski
  • Big Tony: Tony Cain
  • Bull: Phillip Campbell
  • Caesar: Colin Campbell
  • Charlie: Charlie Sciberras
  • Chopper: Mario Cianter “Chopper” was shot with two blasts of a shotgun to his chest and died instantly.
  • Davo: William Littlewood
  • Dukes: Greg McEiwaine
  • Gloves: Mark McElwaine
  • Hookie: Steve Owens
  • Junior. Mark Shorthall
  • Kid Rotten: Lance Purdie
  • Knuckles: Phillip McEiwaine
  • Lance: Lance Wellington
  • Lard: Tony Melville
  • Lout: Rick Harris
  • Lovie: lewis Cooper
  • Opey: Stephen Cowan
  • Peter: Peter Melvine
  • Pig: Grant Everest
  • Ray: Ray Denholm
  • Roach: James Posar
  • Roo: Rua Rophia
  • Shadow: Gregory Campbell “Shadow” was shot in the throat by a shotgun and died instantly. Ironically, because of the number of charges this man’s own brother was charged with the murder.
  • Snake: Geoff Campbell
  • Snodgrass, Snoddy: Anthony Mark Spencer
  • Sparksy: Gerard Parkes
  • Steve: Steve Hails
  • Tiny: Graeme Wilkinson
  • Tom: Tom Denholm
  • Val: Vlado Grahovac
  • Whack: John Campbell
  • Zorba: George Kouratoras


As a result of the massacre, the New South Wales Firearms and Dangerous Weapons Act 1973 was subsequently amended. The court case following the “Milperra Massacre” was at the time one of the largest in Australian history. In total forty-three people were charged with seven counts of murder. Christopher Murphy, Solicitor, acted for the Banditos’ members charged as a result of the incident. Greg James QC, as he then was, represented all but one of the Banditos’ members during their trial, that being Colin Campbell. Greg James QC was Juniored by a number of Junior including John Korn, Andrew Martin, and Philip Young. Mr. Campbell was represented by Mr Greg Woods QC, as he then was.

During the longest joint criminal trial in NSW history, armed members of the Tactical Operations Unit were stationed in the courtroom and witnesses required armed guards from the Witness Security Unit to escort them home. More than two years later, on June 12, 1987, the jury delivered 63 murder convictions, 147 manslaughter convictions and 31 of affray. The judge in the case named the instigator of the violence as William “Jock” Ross, the “supreme commander” of the Comancheros, saying “Ross was primarily responsible for the decision that members of his club go to Milperra in force and armed”. Ross received a life sentence for his role in the violence.

Eight other members of the Comancheros gang received life sentences and 16 Bandidos received sentences of seven years for manslaughter. Interestingly, as the Bandidos arrested were charged in regards to all the deaths, this resulted in one being found guilty of the manslaughter of his own brother. Commonwealth Games gold medallist boxer Philip McElwaine was the only motorcycle club member to be acquitted at trial of the manslaughter and murder charges that were brought against him.


In a repeat of the circumstances that led to the Milperra massacre, in early 2007 more than 60 members of the Parramatta and Granville chapters of the Nomads, previously affiliated with the Comancheros, defected to the Bandidos. The defection resulted in a new eruption of violence between the Comancheros and Bandidos involving fire-bombings and drive-by shootings. New South Wales Police set up Operation Ranmore to stop the violence escalating, which has resulted in 340 people arrested on 883 charges as of January 2008.

Movie plans

In 2002, Australian film maker Martin Brown produced a documentary titled 1% One Percenters Search For A Screenplay in an effort to raise interest for a big budget movie of the massacre. The documentary, first aired on 2 February 2003, follows Brown as he looks for screenwriters, funds and a director for his movie. It includes interviews with the police investigating officer, ex superintendent Ron Stephenson, Comanchero president “Jock” Ross, Bandido vice president “Bullets” and several other Milperra survivors.


“Brothers in Arms” is a book by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey.

Television mini-series

A television mini-series Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms based on the book will screen on Network Ten in 2012. The screenplay was written by Greg Haddrick, Roger Simpson and Jo Martino. It is directed by Peter Andrikidis. It stars Callan Mulvey, Matthew Nable, Susie Porter, Maeve Dermody, Anthony Hayes, Todd Lasance, Luke Ford, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Damian Walshe-Howling, Nathaniel Dean and Luke Hemsworth.



Massacre At Milperra

Monday 3rd September 1984

Seven people are dead and 20 injured after a motorcycle enthusiasts’ picnic went horribly wrong in Sydney’s south-west yesterday. The recreation day, organised by the British Motorcycle Riders Club at the Viking Tavern in Milperra, broke out into a wild brawl just before 2.00pm. More than 30 men were arrested and police have already questioned over 500 witnesses in what is being described as ‘the Milperra massacre’. Although no charges have been laid, many are expected in the immediate future.

The Tavern’s car-park exploded into violence when two bikie gangs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos, arrived there at around 2.00pm The previously peaceful meeting turned into chaos as two shots rang out.

The crowd, including families with young children,scattered. ‘People took off in all directions. As I ran I was worried I was going to get a bullet in the back.’ said one of the British Motorcycle Association members.

The event had been organised to coincide with Father’s Day and was widely advertised. It was a regular motorcyclists’ function–a swap meet– where enthusiasts gather to exchange motorcycle parts and socialise. The organisers had planned a barbecue and hired a band to provide entertainment. The day had a family atmosphere.

Trapped witnesses say the shoot-out lasted 15 minutes

An estimated 30 shots were fired in the first 10 minutes and people hid wherever they could to avoid the crossfire.

Witnesses say the shootout lasted 15 minutes and the gangs trapped 40 bystanders inside one of the tavern bars as they fought it out.

One of the dead was a 14-year-old girl–all others slain were men. Fourteen ambulances attended the scene and armed security guards have been placed on hospital wards.

Mr Wes Graham, 23, who was on the hotel porch when the bloodbath began, saw one man shot in the head. ‘I saw another guy shoot someone in the guts, and he just keeled over and then the girl was shot. She wasn’t even doing anything.’ he said.

The police response was quick and decisive. One hundred officers were at the scene, including members of the crack Tactical response Group and the Special Weapons and Operations Team. The police could not stop the killings which had happened so quickly but were there to diffuse violent outbreaks during the afternoon as people were detained for questioning.

Members of the bikie fraternity believe that yesterday’s massacre was planned. The two gangs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos, split up 18 months ago and had been feuding ever since. ‘Reports so far suggest that these blokes had decided beforehand to sort themselves out at Milperra,’ said Mr Ross Goodman, President of the NSW Motorcycle Riders’ Association.

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

By Sandra Harvey

Format: Paperback, 288 pages

Other Information: 16PP b&w PHOTOS

Published In: Australia, 01 April 1989

Father’s Day 1984: seven people die in a blaze of gunfire on a sunny afternoon in a hotel car park.Among the dead, a fifteen year old girl caught in the crossfire when two heavily-armed bikie gangs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos, clash. Brothers in Arms tells the extraordinary story of this murderous outbreak, from its vicious beginnings in the closed world of Sydney’s motorcycle gangs to its inevitable end in death and imprisonment.


Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew

Caesar Campbell, Donna

Macmillan Publishers Aus., 01/09/2011 – 288 pages

Wrecking Crew’ takes you into the heart of the Bandidos, and the outlaw biker world, through the eyes, fists and boots of Caesar Campbell, founding member of the Bandidos in Australia and the club’s first sergeant at arms and legendary enforcer. Jailed for seven years after the bloody ambush at Milperra that saw two of his brothers killed, Caesar led and protected the other imprisoned members of his club inside some of Australia’s toughest jails. But when he was finally released Caesar found that the world of the outlaw motorcycle gangs was changing, and that his particular values of courage, brutal force and utter loyalty to your club were making him more enemies than friends. And with Caesar Campbell you’d rather be a friend than an enemy…

THE critics are already calling Brothers in Arms “Underbelly on wheels” but the real Milperra massacre was more like hell on wheels.

By the time Glen McNamara and other detectives screamed into the Viking Tavern carpark on that Father’s Day 28 years ago, bullets were still flying and bodies piling up.

McNamara and his colleagues were dressed in jeans and T-shirts and armed with service revolvers — hardly the safest combination for perhaps the biggest gunfight on Australian soil since the Kelly Gang’s last stand or even the Eureka Stockade.

“Bikes were overturned and cars were parked everywhere and bikies were down, injured,” recalls McNamara.

Gunsmoke hung in air that reeked of cordite and blood.

McNamara and his mates crouched between cars and advanced across the carpark motorcycle swap-meet that had turned into a battleground.

He immediately tripped over a warm, bleeding body.

Comancheros enforcer Mario Cianter had just been cut down with a shotgun blast.

“His chest was blown away and still smoking, like a burnt sausage cut open,” says McNamara.

Five other bikies were dead — and 28 injured, 20 badly.

But the worst thing about Milperra was that a 14-year-old girl, Leanne Walters, was shot dead while selling raffle tickets. She was hit in the face with a .357 round from a handgun.

Milperra produced the longest-running and one of the biggest criminal trials in our history: 42 Bandidos and Comancheros went down on 63 murder and 147 manslaughter charges.

Only one, former Commonwealth Games gold medal boxer Phil “Knuckles” McElwaine, was able to beat the homicide rap.

Television drama being what it is, unlike the book it’s based on, the depiction of this outrage on Channel 10 over the next few weeks will bear only a passing acquaintance with reality.

That’s taking nothing away from the makers, just a fact of show business life.

The truth is, of course, that like the main players in Melbourne’s underworld wars, underneath the gang “patches” the “outlaws” on their iron horses were no more than drug dealers and their hired muscle fighting over a hugely profitable trade. Still are.

The drug trade is global and so is the bloodshed it breeds.

The recent outbreak of shootings among outlaw biker gangs here mimics “wars” in North America, Scandinavia and Germany.

In each case, it’s about “new” gangs taking on old ones, mostly over drug money.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, police are still looking for the guns used to shoot Bandido heavy Toby Mitchell last November. Another episode in a never-ending and bloody story.

Father pleads ‘Don’t turn my little girl into bikie moll’

April 01, 2012

THE father of the 14-year-old girl shot dead in the Milperra bikie massacre is terrified his daughter will be portrayed as a “bikie moll” in a new television series about the tragedy.

Rex Walters at his home in Ingleburn. His daughter Leanne was shot and killed during the bikie Milperra massacre.

Rex Walters, 68, says he feels Channel Ten should have consulted him before making the adaptation of the book Brothers In Arms, which documents the deadly shoot-out between bikie gangs The Bandidos and The Comancheros, on Father’s Day 1984.

His daughter Leanne was caught in the crossfire and was the only non-bikie among the seven killed.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph about his concerns, Mr Walters said: “I really wish they had spoken to me. There have been bad things written about her in the past which aren’t true. What sort of clothes will they have her in? I still have the outfit she wore when she died – it was a lovely jumper, a belt and jeans – they weren’t the clothes of a bikie. I just want my daughter to be remembered properly.”

In the book, Leanne is described as a girl from a broken home, who got involved with the bikies because she didn’t have a family support network.

Mr Walters, from Ingleburn, admits Leanne was living away from her parents but said: “We had a good relationship — the last conversation I had with her was that she was coming to see me on Father’s Day.”

He also said stories about why she was at the Viking Tavern were untrue.

“She was there with a friend of mine. She loved his bike and wanted to go to the bike swap meet. It wasn’t because she was involved with a bikie.”

A Ten spokesman said the series focuses on the relationships between the key members of the motorcycle clubs.



Leanne Walters was shot and killed during the bikie Milperra massacre.

Comanchero shot dead where he stood and died instantly

Comanchero “Sparrow” was shot with one round of a shotgun and was shot at such close range that the cartridge wadding can be clearly seen embedded in his right ear. He died instantly with a baseball bat under his body

Comanchero “Leroy” Was the Comanchero’s “Sergeant At Arms” and was a “hit” target. He was shot with the .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle and died instantly. Entry and exit wound indicate “Leroy” was crouching over and was shot in the back.

Comanchero “Foggy” was shot in the centre of the chest with a .357 magnum “Rossi” rifle. He remained where he fell and died almost instantly.

Comanchero “Dog” was shot with two blasts to his upper right chest and face. He was hit with such force it was estimated he was dead before he hit the ground.

Bandido “Chopper” was shot with two blasts of a shotgun to his chest and died instantly.

Bandido “Shadow” was shot in the throat by a shotgun and died instantly. Ironically, because of the number of charges this man’s own brother was charged with the murder.

Caesar Campbell – OLD bikies never die. They don’t mellow, either.

Paul Kent

The Daily Telegraph

August 28, 2010

OLD bikies never die. They don’t mellow, either.

Caesar Campbell, the biggest and baddest of all, took three shots at the Milperra Massacre.

Between the second and third shots – a shotgun followed by a .38 – he reached over to tear the throat out of Comanchero Ivan “Sparra” Romcek, who died right there. He was 38 then. Caesar, not Sparra.

He is 64 now, sitting in the lounge-room of his home in the Snowy Mountains region, with pictures of his brothers on the wall as clean-cut young men. Then there is the other photograph, the brothers photoshopped together with their bushy bikie beards.

Here are the two sides of the man called Caesar.

Moments earlier, his son walked into the lounge room and grabbed his father by the hand and leaned over to kiss him on the forehead.

“Hey Dad,” he said.

“Son,” said Caesar.

Amid all the Bandidos paraphernalia decorating the room, sitting on the coffee table is a single sheet of paper – a hospital report from January this year. It details the two scars across Caesar’s forearm, the scar across the shoulder that bisects a tattoo and the pale scar that runs across his cheek.

“I told the cops I had a run in with sheet metal,” Caesar said, explaining the scars.

Four pieces of sheet metal, to be exact.

“I was walking a bit behind the woman,” he said, indicating his wife Donna, “and one of them decided he was going to put his hand on her shoulder. So I stepped on the four bits of sheet metal and one of them had a jagged edge and happened to get me.

“But,” he said, “the jagged edge had a piece of metal go up here,” and he pokes the soft skin under his jaw, “and it come out here.”

He points to where the steel came out through the tongue.

The obvious hazards of scrap metal are not all the dangers ex-bikies face.

Caesar has been shot more times since he left jail than he was at Milperra, when along with his brothers Shadow, Bull, Wack, Snake and Chop he took on the Comanchero in the most famous bikie brawl in Australia.

In the new book Enforcer, which Donna wrote with the help of her friend Liz – out on Monday and described by Donna as “97 per cent fact and 3 per cent fiction” – Caesar details how the war started, not because the Comanchero had split over issues of power, as was pushed in court, but because the Campbell brothers had caught Comanchero president Jock Ross having an affair with a club member.

Ross soon split the club so he didn’t have to answer charges, and the city chapter eventually patched over to become Bandidos.

Guerrilla attacks escalated until the two gangs ran into each other at the Viking Tavern on Father’s Day 1984, when seven eventually died.

Caesar was the second man shot after his brother Snake, two blasts of a shotgun putting him down next to Sparra before a Comanchero named Robert “JJ” Heeney – or maybe it was his Ol’ Lady, Caesar always thought she had more balls – shot him with the .38 that lodged under the skin in his forehead.

He can’t remember a lot of what happened next. The .22s, he said, sting, while shotgun blasts are more like being thumped with a baseball bat.

The last time he was shot was several years back when he was watering his lawn and a car rolled past, with the windows coming down. He dropped the hose and opened his arms when – crack, crack – two .22s hit him in the guts.

“Is that the best youse can f … ing do?” he yelled at the fleeing car.

It never stops for old bikies. Just two weeks ago he was having a drink at his local when it started again.

“A bunch of Lebs sitting in two cars,” he said, “and the ‘big, bad bikie’ thing came out. They got out of the cars. They were about 23, 24, and there was seven of them. I decked three and the other four didn’t want nothing to do with it.”

At a rough count Caesar, an underground fighter and the Bandidos’ sergeant-at-arms, has had about 800 fights.

That works out to be about a fight every three weeks since he had his first at 14, when his father put him in a boxing tent.

In all that time nobody has ever dropped him to as much as a knee. He used to worry about losing. In his 40s he was sure it was near and in his 50s he was certain. But it still hasn’t happened and he is content now, at 64, that if it does happen it will be because of his age and not because the other bloke is better.

“Unless, of course, it’s another bloke in his 60s.”

The fascinating part is that it keeps happening. Might it be because, nowadays, he looks more like an old bloke trying to look like a bikie, rather than the 24-carat real deal?

“They look and they see a 60-year-old bloke and they think he’s not going to be much trouble,” Caesar said. “And normally a 60-year-old bloke, to a 20 and 30-year-old, isn’t going to be any trouble.

“But I’ve been hit with baseball bats, bricks, shot, stabbed, hit with a car …

“I can take a thump and it doesn’t affect me so much.”

Years back he was in a pub toilet when a rival bikie told him some blokes in the carpark were loading his bike onto the back of their ute.

“Put the bike back down,” he said when he found them. Soon after, two were unconscious and the third was groaning. Caesar then took

a boning knife he kept on his belt and sliced the little finger off each of them, then wrapped them in a handkerchief. When he got home he tossed the small package to Donna.

“Not more fingers,” she said. He already had another 20 or so kept in a jar.

Not that he is always looking for a fight. Some years back he was in a pub when a bloke started in on him.

“You’re built like a brick shithouse,” he kept saying. “How big are you?”

It got to the point where Caesar stood up and walked to the pub next door. Shortly after the bloke was there, too.

“How big are you?” He got up again and began to walk out through the toilets, when the bloke grabbed him on his colours. “I thought, ‘F … why’d you have to do that?”

Milperra – the spark that started the bikie violence

By Paul Kent

The Daily Telegraph

April 11, 2009

IT begins with an open window. Everything today, the escalation in violence, the historical hate between the Bandidos and Comanchero, begins with that window.

As secrets go, Colin “Caesar” Campbell has been hanging on to the secret of that window for 26 years.

Like his brothers Bull (Phillip), Snake (Geoff), Wack (John), Chop (Mario) and Shadow (Gregory), Caesar was once a Comanchero.

They were the Wrecking Crew and together with the McElwaine brothers – Knuckles (Phil), Gloves (Mark) and Dukes (Greg) – the unofficial muscle of the gang.

“They could walk into a room of a hundred men and clear the room,” said Bear Campbell, an adopted brother. They broke away in 1983 because of the window.

Not even the Comanchero that remained, the ones that stayed loyal to then-president William “Jock” Ross when the gang split in 1983, knew about the window.

They still don’t.

“You’re just the ninth person to know this,” Bear said yesterday. “And four are dead.”

Bear is Caesar’s adopted brother, and we are talking about Caesar’s secret. Caesar is 62, the last surviving original Bandidos office-bearer, and despite a recent stay in hospital he can still clear a room if he must.

From retirement Caesar watches the latest escalation of bikie violence, filthy at the attacks on homes where children sleep, adamant this was never what it was about.

Those naive to their war might point to Milperra, but Caesar insists back then they had honour. Indeed, Milperra was all about honour.

Police still believe the war began over turf, or drugs, or a combination of both. They alleged it in court in 1984, some seven weeks after the violence in the carpark of Milperra’s Viking Tavern, when six bikies were shot dead, as well as 14-year-old Leanne Walters.

Now, for the first time, Caesar Campbell has let go of the secret that cost him two brothers – Shadow and Chop – at Milperra, and which would see Wack die three years later from illness caused by the massacre.

“One of the Campbell brothers and another member went to another member’s house and saw Jock Ross’ vehicle out the front,” he said.

“They went to the front door and looked through the window and saw Jock and the other member’s wife in a compromising position in the lounge room.

“They knocked on the door, they answered the door, and both members looked at Jock and turned around and came straight to me and told me about it.

“It was then that it was decided that Jock would be brought up on charges of committing one of the greatest offences that you can make in a motorcycle club – apart from selling heroin and making a police statement – by making love to a member’s wife.”

Ross had broken one of the 10 club rules he drew up himself, namely Club Rule 4: “Any member found guilty of screwing another member’s Ol’ Lady, or taking advantage of a rift between them for future conning up, will be thrown out.”

The Campbells and McElwaines, their bond born in battle, were filthy.

Caesar won’t reveal the member’s identity now out of respect to his children but as sergeant-at-arms he ordered Ross to the next club meeting to face charges.

He failed to show.

He failed to show at the next meeting, too, but walked into the third, announced he was splitting the Comanchero into two separate chapters, and walked out.

The Wrecking Crew went to the city, opening their clubhouse at 150 Louisa Rd, Birchgrove. Ross’s clubhouse remained at 65 Harris St, Harris Park, in western Sydney.

Relations remained strained but workable until the club’s annual run. It broke down amid fights and threats, and the city chapter returned and voted to break away.

Police believe the breakaway occurred shortly after Christmas 1983, when Anthony “Snotty” Spencer and Charlie Scibberas flew to America to seek permission to form an Australian Bandidos chapter.

What actually happened was “Snotty” and Charlie had gone to America two years earlier to buy Harley-Davidson parts, met Charles “Ha Ha Chuck” Gillies, president of the Bandidos’ Albuquerque chapter, and now Snotty and Shadow called Ha Ha Chuck. “Within a week it was granted,” Caesar said.

A set of colours were made and taken to Caesar for approval.

More colours were ordered, but for 10 days Caesar was the only man in colours. For 10 days he was president, vice-president, sergeant-at-arms, treasurer and secretary.

Bashing and clubhouse attacks took place until August 1984, when Snotty and Jock officially declared war in a phone call.

Caesar declared homes and places of work off limits. Everywhere else was fair game.

It was unlike today’s bikie war, where homes are now a target of choice, and small attacks continued until Father’s Day 1984.

Among the dead and bloodied at Milperra, Caesar was shot six times.

He was thrown into a car and dropped off at Bankstown Hospital. Some weeks later Caesar gripped the back of his chair while his Ol’ Lady Donna pulled four remaning shotgun pellets from his back with tweezers and a buck knife and no anaesthetic.

Much of what the gangs believed they stood for then is now lost.

Caesar does not see the honour he once stood for, and still stands for.

Some time before Milperra the American Bandidos visited Australia and noticed the Australian patch, the fat Mexican brandishing a pistol, was wrong. The American Bandido has a white beard. The Australian version was black. They ordered the patches back so they could be burned and replaced with the correct patch.

No, said Caesar.

On his jacket was the blood of his dead brothers. He wasn’t giving it up. The Americans insisted, saying the club stood above all else.

Caesar knew in that patch was the blood of everything he stood for, so he looked at the Americans and said, “If you want it, come and get it”.

Caesar, the original Bandido, is the only man in Australia to still have that patch.