Nigel Lake suspended from WA Upper House, arrested carrying baseball bat, balaclava, police say


I wonder who this bloke was allegedly going to whack sneaking around with a baseball bat, in all black, latex gloves with balaclava in hand? Strangely, he was caught right near his bosses house! Some people just must be happy with a measly $166,000 a year job. More to come in Court March 18, 2015. This has been kept quiet since mid feb mind you when it happened. WA Politics just keeps on giving…

around By Graeme Powell and Andrew O’Connor

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

Police in Perth say the deputy clerk of the Legislative Council, Nigel Lake, was wearing latex gloves and carrying a baseball bat and a balaclava when he was arrested last month.

A police car patrolling the suburb of City Beach on the night of February 17 saw a man acting suspiciously on foot and stopped him.

It was alleged he was wearing a black hoodie, latex gloves, black pants and black shoes and was carrying a baseball bat and balaclava.


Lake, 49, was charged with possessing a controlled weapon and possessing a disguise intended for use in connection with committing an offence.

Police said further investigations led them to charge him with installing and using a tracking device.

Police would not reveal the identity of a potential target.

Lake was stopped near the home of his boss Nigel Pratt – the Clerk of the Legislative Council.

Mr Pratt was the deputy clerk of Tasmania’s Upper House from 2007 to 2013.

Lake has been stood down from his $166,000-a-year job pending his court appearance on March 18.

Legislative Council president Barry House said he took immediate action to suspend Lake when police notified him of the charges.

“We also took immediate steps to notify the CCC [Crime and Corruption Commission] because he’s a public official, and we’ve fully cooperated with police in the investigation.”

Lake acting clerk until Nigel Pratt appointed

Mr House said Mr Pratt had been appointed to the position in February 2014 after interviews with a “number of candidates” in November and December the previous year.

Lake had been acting in the role of Clerk of the Legislative Council until Mr Pratt’s appointment.

Mr House said there was nothing unusual about the hiring process.

“That was a perfectly normal process,” he said.

I just find it bizarre, simple as that. It’s a bit like a Monty Python episode, isn’t it?

WA Premier Colin Barnett

“We received several applications and we conducted interviews. A decision was made and the clerk was duly appointed.”

Mr House would not confirm that Lake was one of the applicants considered for the position.

He said no appeal had lodged against the appointment by any other applicant.

Like a Monty Python episode: Premier

Arriving at Parliament, Premier Colin Barnett expressed bewilderment at the turn of events.

“I just find it bizarre, simple as that,” he said.

“It’s a bit like a Monty Python episode, isn’t it?”

He said he was told of the arrest a couple of weeks ago.

Liberal Legislative Council member Robyn McSweeney said she was “absolutely appalled” while Police Minister Liza Harvey said she was surprised.

“However, you’re probably aware in my portfolio I get lots of surprises and lots of reports of strange goings on every day of the week,” she said.

Greens MP Lynn MacLaren said she was stunned to learn Lake was facing charges.

“It’s just shocking to hear this news,” she said.

“I think anyone would be shocked to find out that someone they work with every day has found themselves caught up in the law in this way.”

Greens Legislative Ms McLaren said there was no hint of any problem in her dealings with Lake.

“I thought he was very helpful in the council. He gives us advice on petitions, so he’s been very helpful and efficient in the advice that he’s provided,” she said.

Liberal Upper House MP Alyssa Hayden shared the disbelief of her Parliamentary colleagues.

“I’m blown away. Totally blown away,” she said.

Police charge Lloyd Rayney with the wilful murder of his wife

UPDATE March 08, 2012

Katie Robertson PROSECUTORS in the Lloyd Rayney murder trial intend to lead evidence which they claim shows the Supreme Court registrar was murdered by her husband in their Como home.

A suppression order which had banned the publication of reasons for the application by accused murderer Lloyd Rayney to have a judge-only (no jury) trial have now been lifted.

An affidavit filed by State prosecutors indicates the State’s case is circumstantial.

However, prosecutors intend to lead forensic evidence at the trial from various experts and police officers that there were items linking Mrs Rayney to the family home in Como at the time of her death, such as “scuff marks” on her boots and evidence of red brick particles and plant material found on her body and at the Como home.

The prominent Perth barrister is charged with the murder of his wife, Corryn Rayney, in August 2007.
He has maintained his innocence and is due to stand trial in front of Supreme Court judge in May.

The application for a judge-alone trial was made by Mr Rayney on October 14 last year but the reasons were suppressed at the time.

We can now reveal the details of the decision handed down by Commissioner Kevin Sleight in WA’s Supreme Court.

Mr Rayney applied for the judge-only trial on the grounds:

- The extent and nature of pre-trial publicity had created the danger of a prejudice against him

- He wishes to waive his right of trial by jury as he is of the view that he will not receive a fair trial

- The trial, due to its complexity and length, would likely be unreasonably burdensome to a jury

- Due to the complexity and length of the trial, it is in the interests of justice that reasons be given for the decision

The application was opposed in court by State prosecutors, who argued that any pre-trial prejudice against Mr Rayney could be guarded against with instructions to the jury by the sitting judge.

In his decision, Commissioner Sleight said to grant a judge-alone trial, the court had to first decide if it was in the interests of justice.

He pointed to media coverage of a press conference in which a police officer was reported as saying Mr Rayney was ‘a person of interest but not a suspect in the death of his wife’.

“Senior counsel for Mr Rayney has made it clear in his oral submissions that the main ground of the application by Mr Rayney is that the pre-trial publicity has created a serious risk of an unfair trial which should be
averted by an order for a trial by judge alone,” Commissioner Sleight said.

“It is submitted on behalf of Mr Rayney that a major cause of the prejudice created against him arises from what is described as the unprecendented move of Detective Senior Sergeant Lee on the 20 September 2007 naming Mr Rayney as the prime and only suspect.

“In my opinion the real prejudice created by the police announcement was that it heightened the media’s and the public’s interest in the case and spurred speculation and debate in the community as to Mr Rayney’s
guilt over a sustained period.”

Commissioner Sleight said the extent of the pre-trial publicity around the Rayney case had been exceptional and had created an atmosphere of prejudice against Mr Rayney because it had increased speculation about his guilt.

“There is a real potential that jurors will have formed strong pre-conceived ideas about his guilt prior to trial,” he said.

A former chief justice of the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Brian Martin, has been appointed to sit for the trial, which is expected to last for up to 20 weeks.

UPDATE December 29, 2011 THE murder trial of Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney will be presided over by a judge alone, without a jury.

NO JURY: Barrister Lloyd Rayney has opted for a judge-only trial when he is tried over the murder of his estranged wife Corryn Rayney


A former chief justice of the Northern Territory Supreme Court, Brian Martin, has been appointed as an Acting Supreme Court Judge to hear the trial, which is expected to start in May next year.

Until now, a suppression order has meant PerthNow could not publish the order for the judge-alone trial, which was made in October.

The suppression order was recently amended, but the reasons behind the decision for a judge-alone are still suppressed.

Mr Rayney, 48, will stand trial over the wilful murder of his wife, former Supreme Court registrar Corryn Rayney.

Mrs Rayney’s body was found in a shallow grave in Kings Park in August 2007, more than a week after she was reported missing when she did not return home from a weekly bootscooting class.

Mr Rayney was arrested more than three years later and has maintained his innocence.

He is currently on bail.

The murder trial is expected to run for up to 20 weeks.


Just got this down into a post, so I can expand on it in time. This is an amazing case, A Perth lawyer Lloyd Rayney he’s appeared in the High Court, in royal commission hearings and as a senior prosecutor with the Director of Public Prosecutions.I am gathering all the stuff from the murder back in 2007…stay tuned. Lots of updates tomorrow

TIMELINE of events in the disappearance and murder of West Australian Supreme Court registrar Corryn Veronica Anne Rayney, 44.


August 7 – The mother of two girls vanishes at 9.30pm after her regular Tuesday night bootscooting class at the Bentley Community Centre.

August 8 – Ms Rayney is reported missing by her estranged husband, prominent Perth lawyer Lloyd Rayney.

August 9 – Police issue a missing persons alert, saying they have concerns about Ms Rayney’s welfare and asking the public to look out for her silver 2005 Ford Fairmont.

August 12
– Flanked by his wife’s younger sister Sharon, Mr Rayney pleads for information about his missing wife. “All of us are deeply distressed and extremely concerned for Corryn’s welfare,” he said.

August 14 – Ms Rayney’s car is found abandoned in inner-city Subiaco.

August 15
– An oil leak from Ms Rayney’s vehicle leads police to nearby Kings Park where they find a bushland grave.

August 16 – A hunt for her killer is launched when DNA samples taken by probes identify the body as Ms Rayney’s. Her body is exhumed later that night.

August 17 - Ms Rayney’s sister Sharon appeals for public assistance.

August 18
– Mr Rayney steps down from duties at Western Australia’s Crime and Corruption Commission. He was representing police at a hearing into misconduct by police and prosecutors in a wrongful murder conviction.

August 22
– Police search the home in Monash Street, Como, where the Rayneys lived with their daughters. Police say Mr Rayney is a person of interest but not a suspect.

September 1
– Ms Rayney’s funeral is held in Perth.

September 6
– Police say they are “very, very confident” of solving the crime.

September 20
– Police re-examine the Rayney family home. Detectives question Mr Rayney at police headquarters.

September 21 - Lloyd Rayney declares innocence as investigation goes on

September 23 – Police stand by lead detective in Rayney case

September 24 – Legal fraternity condemns police handling of Rayney case

October 3 - WA Police Commissioner pledges Rayney fairness

October 23 – Bugging charge against Lloyd Rayney amended

October 27 – Society link to Rayney inquiry

November 3 - Underworld figure grilled for eight hours

November 5 – Alibis clear two over Corryn Rayney murder


January 3 – Police return to search Lloyd Rayney’s home in Como

January 13 - Civil liberties chief interviewed as part of murder inquiry

February 29 – Lloyd Rayney’s bail extended over phone tap charges

July 30 – Lloyd Rayney pleads not guilty to phone tap

August 5 – Rayney allows police to interview his daughters

September 18 - Rayney sues after WA Police name him as the “prime suspect” over wife’s death

October 10 – Police say they will defend defamation case brought by Lloyd Rayney

October 31 – Lloyd Rayney faces phone-tap trial

November 19 – Lloyd Rayney begins defamation case against WA police


August 1 2009Defamation threat against crime book on Corryn Rayney’s murder

December 8 2010 – Police charge Lloyd Rayney with the wilful murder of his wife

15 million dollar Meth bust in Perth

DRUG RAIDS: Police show off the 5kg methamphetamine haul seized during raids on two Perth houses this week.

POLICE claim to have smashed an expansive drug syndicate after $15 million of methamphetamine was allegedly uncovered during raids of two houses in suburban Perth.

Good to see the cops getting some of this crap thats turning our kids into addicts off the streets

Organised Crime Squad and Perth City detectives seized 5kg of methamphetamine and 12 grams of heroin during search warrants on properties in Spearwood and East Perth on Wednesday.

Assistant Commissioner for specialist crime Nick Anticich said police believed they had halted a big-time drug syndicate and the haul could have been converted into 200,000 hits of the highly addictive drug.

Examinations of the seizure indicated an 84 per cent purity – much greater than street level purity which was usually between 10 and 20 per cent, Mr Anticich said.

“The estimated value ranges significantly but up to $15 million at the street level,” he said.

“People don’t come into these types of quantities of drugs unless they are involved in organised crime.”

“Importantly, it means that there would have been a lot of crimes committed by people who purchased this drug that would have impacted on the community of Western Australia.”

A 39-year-old Spearwood man has been charged with possessing a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply, possessing a smoking utensil and other drug related charges.

A 30-year-old East Perth man has been charged with attempting to possess a prohibited drug.

Both men appeared in court this week, were released on bail and are next due to appear in court in February next year.

More than $2 million in assets, believed to be the proceeds of crime, has been seized from the two men.

Police today said the raids came after a tip-off from a member of the public who reported minor suspicious activity.

The haul coincides with the national Say Something Day, which today encourages West Australians to dob in drug dealers and suspicious activity in the community.

Mr Anticich the latest bust was a fine example of how community information could contribute to eradicating illicit drugs from WA streets.

“This came as a result of someone who saw something suspicious…It just proves that a little piece of information that comes to police can result in a very significant outcome,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. People can provide information anonymously.