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ac-loungeWelcome to 2014 everybody. Time a for a new general discussion room. Please show consideration and civility here when commenting.

It is OK to not agree or have the same opinion as someone else, and we want to be able to express ourselves here in a relaxed way.

(Thanks to a valued contributor/ member here, who made the graphic. I think it is great for the Summer festive season.)


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153 thoughts on “The Lounge”

    1. Mix three parts gin with 3/4 part orange curacao and 3/4 part lime juice with a dash of Angostura bitters and a dash of orange bitters. Shake with ice, then strain into a glass. Yummmm

      1. ‘Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie… if you believe it…’
        Or ‘Olivia, just remember. It’s not a lie…if you fake it until all thinks it’s true, including judge and jury’.
        Chew the lip & put on some tears that’ll convince the great unwashed, oh & remember people have short memories.
        Gimmi a bunger please!
        Yes please I love a dash of OJ with my vodka followed with a smarty samich.

  1. Hi folks my other site to highlight sex offenders had been was down for some time unbeknown (correction 22/01 for reasons unknown, not that I was NOT aware it was down)to me as I was off the internet. I ONLY discovered yesterday it was flagged by wordpress robots for spam.I wrote to them and they have unlocked the site. Needs updating but here is the link (also in menu at top, now called aussie sex offenders)
    the site has been renamed aussie sex offenders, as to encompass all sex criminals. Here is the new link, it is all the original content etc

    1. Robbo,

      You say that the sex offenders site had been pulled down unbeknown to you. I am really insulted. We begged you to return as we thought this site was going to be pulled down. In fact, I started another site, ready to go, just in case, I also emailed with Serindipity to see what we can do, with Mountain Misst and another wonderful person who emailed you on behalf of us. Begging you to please return.

      As Aussie Criminals is a FREE site, WordPress would not speak with me. I managed to contact them through the system, they replied and said the paedophile site is a cut and paste type site so they removed it. (I disagree, I think there are higher powers, but anyway). Due to the paedophiles threatening me, as well as your baby SON, which I took the brunt of, I changed my name to Admin as I have a family to care for and no contacts to protect us.

      I notice that to date, that the paedophile site has been removed again.

      I took the brunt of those men whom you owed money to, defending you, and all I get from you is, “The site wasn’t administered well enough”. I lost a computer with a virus that was within this site, as I was administering it, which cost me a lot of money to replace, and stress with some of the low lifes who scammed here.

      You say you fight crime, what about us good guys? What happens to us?

      1. Obviously some of us didn’t know what was going on and with both sides to the story to see here – It was good to have Admin take the helm – the site kept ticking away…

        1. It has been a hugely stressful road for you Admin for a lengthy period of time, no doubt about it, and many of us here thank you for putting yourself on the line and going through everything you have to keep the site going. I’d like to acknowledge you for all you’ve done and tell you that it is hugely appreciated.

          1. Today is 21/01/14. I had not scrolled up to these comments until just now, as I was confused about was was down further. I replied via email to “Admin” a few days ago as it has been a rather confusing time with communications and email duplication then removals seemingly deleting both copies. It is hard for people who have never run a site to comprehend the work it takes to keep it going. I am enormously appreciative and humbled that ‘Admin” and some others took it upon themselves to keep this place going. I was not ignoring or disregarding anyone or anything over that long period,I was simply not going online or being on the computer at all. I had to get myself right.
            So I shall really strive to stay up to date and answer things as I get them and be really hands on like before. I dont know the best way to show my thanks at the moment but I will come up with something as a show of my appreciation. I wish we all lived in the same town. A nice dinner would be great!



      2. Hi admin, I seem to be unable to contact you via email (the only one I have). If at all possible could you email me using a different email address? I would like to discuss these things with you, it seems I have written you emails that are limbo if that address is no longer working for you.

        In my absence and recovery I was not for want of better words, selectively ignoring certain emails, people etc. I was not reading ANY emails for days and weeks at a time. There are still 1000′s unread. I get email in the box for every comment, every reply, every time someone joined etc etc.I suppose im saying making the assumption anything sent to me was actually read would be wrong. I dropped out of life
        for quite long periods not JUST here.

        Yes that is sad and sadder because it affected my family and friends. It had profound effects on the folks here who I care for like my own family. Baring ones soul is not easy for me and if it was not his community I would not be doing it at all

        The sex offenders site is working, just the name and address has been changed to better reflect those we can cover ie who might not of offended against children in the legal sense, still mongrels though). I’m not sure how the site attracted a virus,as I have security and wordpress had very robust controls in place. 99.9% of viruses come from opening infected attachments hidden in files and software or emails which we don’t use here, (images only) but without knowing more details I cant say. I am very sorry to find out that this happened to you and nobody else.
        I have no recollection of nor can I find where or when I said “The site wasn’t administered well enough”. That is not something I would normally say to anyone who is giving their time here. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I am saying surely I mustn’t of been my normal self if I did. It goes against the thousands of comments and interactions I have had here over the years. This community has never been my enemy, I always have the victims at heart and fight those who commit terrible crimes.

        Please drop me a line, rest assured I have always appreciated your major contribution here in my absence and even prior when we worked together
        lets move foward


    1. Chris that sounds delightful, enjoying the sunshine relaxing with that Chardy. Mmmm beautiful. I love mine watered down on a warm day cause it’s too heavy.

  2. Robbo – it seems like the Aussie Crims’ afficionados and their contributions have largely come to a grinding halt since your triumphant return to the helm. When you re-surfaced, I did suggest that the person who kept the show going during your sudden and lengthy absence (clearly somewhere devoid of your ability to maintain communication) deserved your thanks and accolades for his/her doggedness in volunteering to take on your role. These times included the duress of dealing with several bloggers determined to vent their respective spleens against you personally as victims allegedly by your own hand. The person known to us as ‘Admin’ weathered the storm, and it seems to me is personally responsible for the site having been maintained. I think we all owe ‘Admin’ a great debt of gratitude – but no-one more than you, Robbo. Upon your release back into blog world, you quickly posted comments expressing your dissatisfaction with the way things were running. This was insensitive in the extreme, and for a very limited time, ‘Admin’s’ understandable dismay and hurt was laid bare in a short message of farewell to you. Something which you quickly removed. Your own message to the troops reads as follows: “It is OK to not agree or have the same opinion as someone else, and we want to be able to express ourselves here in a relaxed way.” Just want to assure you Robbo – I have an opinion and feel quite relaxed.about expressing it.

    1. Hi gerbil, as you might of seen shortly see, I am only reading from the top down today the 21/01 and seeing this for the first time. I am not sure where I posted my dissatisfaction here, but if you read it I must of. I can only guess I wrote something out of context or something I would never lessen the amount of effort of anyone here. I was emailed to start a new lounge page and wrote at the top my usual blurb about being nice and civil from memory.

      I guess barging back in and just starting to type away without sitting down and reading everything has been a bad mistake. My mistake

      The longer members (right word?) would know I always have been genuine in my words and thoughts that I share here.As well as considerate to members of this community, somewhere somehow in all the communication gaps I have really hurt some feelings with my actions or lack thereof.

      Living in the fog of addictions can do that to the best of us. I just hope we can get 2014 going on a good note and build up what we have had and most probably would of lost not for the hard work of “Admin”.

      Thank-you for your comments, as always honest and said with respect gerbil.


      1. Hallelujah!
        It seems to me that you have offered a heartfelt and public acknowledgement of Admin’s work in your absence.
        If my personal website (family and friends would be laughing hysterically at the mere suggestion of such a possibility in my case) had fallen outside of my control for a year, I think it would be human nature to at least be reading the responses to my arrival back on the scene.
        Certainly, the notion of trawling through old posts (months and bloody months of them) would have been possibly too daunting.
        But to return, and then not read your loyal followers’ replies to your resurrection beggars belief.
        It saddens me that gerbilhuntingseason has been barred – I had grown quite fond of him.
        I’ve been made aware that other of your long-standing Aussie Criminals members (the CCC sub-branch (“caterpillar conspiracy cynics) have also been censored from commenting in recent days.
        Where to from here, oh Captain?

        1. In simple terms what are you saying here? No need for cryptics….This is not my personal website for starters, it is a community I established with a common theme.

          It has never fallen outside my control either, I chose to let some folks help keep it going, I could of closed it down , deleted it or worse.

          Also as I have previously said I am trying to read all the comments. I do not get the obvious angst here.

          I’m just a guy running a website, not a professional journalist or indeed anything professional. Please forgive me, and I’m sorry my actions beggar belief as you say.

          Wow a tough return I must say, but I will tough it out.

          I will not however play a game of public tit for tat if that is what you are seeking. I can be contacted via numerous options here, so lets leave it at that.

          There is no point going around in circles as I am trying to get the community back on track and moving forward. All the best to you



  3. There are none so blind as those who don’t want to see …..
    Thank You ‘Admin’ , your tireless efforts are appreciated greatly … I believe GHS hit the nail on the head and i’m sure the rank and file are well aware that you with limited access went above the call … lets hope that through generous donations given over the years you will be reimbursed the cost of losing your computer …. after all this site is here to expose and shame criminals in whatever form they come.

    1. No Mike, not blind. Admin held the fort admirably over a long time, for a cause most worthy.
      When the chief pilot was AWOL, it was Admin who took over the ship. A little difficult at times as Admin is not the site’s owner.
      Her work was often under duress. Her efforts have been greatly appreciated, by other posters.

      It wasn’t like I didn’t believe your words, Mike. I couldn’t see the point of an online squabble about a matter trivial in comparison with the reason that has drawn so many of us together here.
      The site has provided an excellent medium for discussion of a matter most heinous. The chief POI appears to had every expectation of “getting away with it.”

      Had it not been for dedicated individuals, who sought truth and justice, this crime may indeed have been swept under the carpet, the business as usual would have continued with no justice for Allison Dickie.

      Not only has Admin maintained this site and its integrity, I believe that Admin was also one of the searchers for Allison. Her compassion, dedication and consideration for others is second to none. We have been most fortunate that she has seen fit to take the helm. A very special person.

        1. To Dear Chris, It is amazing what a tiny bit of gratitude over a seemingly insignificant matter means to one person. I so appreciate your posts!
          ‘Tis this wee vote of appreciation from this site’s owner, I await for our own dear Admin.
          And until that time, I feel that (in GHS’s words) this place has come to a grinding halt.
          This very good AC site was never (IMO) meant to be a place for bored housewives or yappers to vent their spleens or simply yap.
          This site represented cutting edge technology insomuch that it allowed everyday ordinary people to voice their own true voice.
          This has been good. Very Good.
          Before this, the media could have a field day on innuendos or rumours or plumb rubbish.
          Remember the Chamberlain story August 1980?
          The Media made a killing. Sold stories, made money. Dollars being the chief matter of importance.
          Gossip ruled uncontrolled. Rumours, uneducated suggestions that turned into ideas, that turned into possibilities. Possibilities became factual.

          (Incidentally many of those so vehemently adamant as to the mother’s guilt, appear to have succumbed to that thing called Karma. But that is another matter.)

          Personally, (I was young) I awaited the voice of one who knew better, who spoke better, and who was better educated especially in the ways of the bush. No voice materialized; There was no Internet either. There was in fact no manner or means by which a humble scrubber from the bush, (or anyone else for that matter) might put forth any factual information. So all was placed in the hands of an English Judge.
          (Now how much Australian can an English person learn from a behind a bar bench?)
          About that time, I realized that ONE voice can mean a LOT. One voice might mean the difference between enlightenment and a fistful of grandiose University gained ideas.
          And here I stand. From about April 2012. I searched for some means through which I might communicate my innate “knowledge”. Hallelujah! I discovered Aussie Criminals and Crooks! Also discovered lots of like minded people! What a gold mine!
          Back to the Crime at hand…..
          I watched as a lying coward feigned innocence. This jerk appeared to me a liar. Someone with an ulterior motive.
          His wife was gone missing. He said stuff that looked like a pure publicity stunt.
          The rest was like emphasis on a guilty fact.
          Once upon a time I knew a lady who was married to a Narcissist. His sister was his biggest ally. She would defend him to the limit, she would lie, cheat, or steal for her brother’s good name.
          So I stand here, knowing the powers of a Narcissistic husband, and also knowing that his blood sister will do anything to prove his innocence or create the illusion of innocence if necessary. Anything at all that will “clear the family name.”
          That “loyalty” appears to go hand in glove, though I know not the reason.

          I also stand here, sadly realizing that a valuable tool site is about to disintegrate.
          For the solidarity and friendships made here, I greatly appreciate and hold close to my heart.

          1. QCL – there is a saying that I have on my facie page –

            The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others – and the moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep – you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart – the roar of freedom!

            There is nothing wrong with speaking up – I don’t know about the stuff going on, on this site, but Admin has done brilliantly! Those few voices could stop an act (like the one that happened last year) happen to someone else – yes, QCL a valuable tool site. But perhaps it can be regenerated elsewhere?! I too, have looked forward in the cyber friendships and opinions that have appeared here….again, if our voices can help one person…………

            1. Dearest Chris,

              I have no idea what is going on, either, nor why. I have been very aware to not take over and only maintain the site, due to manners and respect. I then read what was said about me publicly.

              Thanks Steve, I haven’t been shy in being proactive, defending publicly and helping behind the scenes.

              I feel displaced, I have re-started to maintain the site with regard to Spam and Pending emails, as it isn’t being done, yet I haven’t been banned.

              Robbo, please let me know my situation – Do I stay or do I go? Why are you upset?

              1. I am not nor have ever been upset with you or anyone else. A major miscommunication has taken place it seems, I have posted higher up here, as I am working my way down today being due to the fact I didn’t know these comments where even here. I owe more than a great deal of gratitude to you as I explained in my email reply to you I sent a few days ago. (that i thought was only an email, but see it was posted here too buts that a good thing so we can get it all sorted for the better I hope. I wont repeat myself in each reply as I wrk down, but I need to ensure I read every email and comment this year or I miss critical comments and sentiments like I have done here, i feel absolutely gutted this is all happening in a community we all built up together. Without all the members this site is just words, without folks like “admin” who do give a shit, there is no sites like this as they do not run themselves.
                Please accept my public apology for having let you down so badly whilst you were holding the ball so to speak.



                1. Hi Robbo,

                  Thank you for your post. I haven’t re-posted any emails here, the email address that the system shows here as mine, I cannot access, which I did mention to you here when you first returned, and you acknowledged with something like, “I guessed that”.

                  Robbo, you have no idea what I had to go through, and I do it gladly, as this site is needed. It was Allison who brought me here and is my focus.

                  Thank you for your comments.

  4. Seven and a half million hits – I hardly think AC is about to disintegrate.

    None of us, as individuals, can meet other’s expectations. Integrated, we can.
    More chocolate, I say – much more chocolate. We need to sweeten up.
    My picture of Allison is “a block of chocolate in one hand and diet book in the other”… Yours is likely something else.
    Please allow room for others to stumble, particularly when we are guests in their house.

  5. Thanks Admin for the excellent Aussie Criminals Lay outs of Professional Quality that you have contributed to this AC: Social Chat for Ordinary Australians in the new world of instant cyber space communication. It is so true as queenslandcountrylady and Chris said, that when you no longer have fear of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep but a Lion. And the great roar of freedom arises in your heart. And before the days of the internet Blogging and facebook, twitter etc, caring peope like us had know ways of exposing or voicing our concerns on the real thing that matter. Imagine if back in The 1960,s Martin Luthor King, was able to speak to the oppressed via the internet. Corruption and Criminal activities, Peadophila, will not stop because of the social media on the internet of the world wide web……..But………..IT Will make it so much harder for them to remain under the radar and anonymous and unknown, while we as a social media combined force, keep up the pressure on them all, and keep exposing them, for what they really are….. That is horrible, despicable and violent criminals who often get away with what they have done for years, because, of corruption, or their victims could not get help, or speak up against them, or just simply no one would listen to them….. This is where the power of social media, caring people speaking up in unison, can change the past injustices. By just us getting the loud message out there, with our SHAME FILES AND PHOTOS OF THEM ALL, FOR EVERYONE TO READ AND SEE ABOUT THEM. By naming and shaming these High Profile and Low Profile Criminals , before they were court out. Now we can keep them under the spotlight, long after they have been forgotten, from the news headlines and newspapers. We the Aussie Criminals community are the new keepers of the Criminal Public Records, and and unlike the Police and Government Records, were all about Freedom Of Information and Maximum Exposure of all the Criminal Empires at work and in the past. John Sylvester, Andrew Rule, Derryn Hinch and all the other excellent Crime Reporters, are our mentors and we can continue to follow their path, of Freelance Crim Reporters with the Aussie Criminals Social Media., just as important as The Age and The Herald Sun, do and try and keep the bastards honest or under the microscope, for all to see!……… With Aussie Criminals we can all united speak un-restrained as individuals and Rebels, Really all out, let loose and speak up our inner, concerns, disgust and anger at the continuous miscarriage of Justices that every day our so called important high position people of power, e.g. Criminal Defence Lawyers, Adult Parole Boards, Misguided Judges or Justices, Politicians from all Parties, both Conservative and Labour. The Corrupt Police and Prison Officers, Customs, Australian Defence Force Crooks, Professional academic Bureaucrats , Corrupt Public Officials, and many more shyster people, to numerous to mention. The power of freedom of speech on the internet, allows caring free spirit like minded people like all of us with an agenda on exposing Criminals on The Aussie Criminals blogs to try and make some right, by our anger and distrust of the to often than not Criminal Justice Systems, that continually keep letting down the Victims of Crime and ALL of the Community with their too often leniency stance toward Criminals, followed up with soft, slap on the wrist, sentences, often with little or no imprisonment handed out, by them…….The endgame is that the Criminal gets out of jail or a completes a non- custodial sentence and gets on with his or her life again……. While the Victims are Murdered, Raped, Left Brain Damaged, Suffer for the Rest of their Lives, mental and physical health Problems, loose Loved ones and Families, Kids, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Friends etc, Suffer Depression, Anxiety , Loss, Motivation, Lose their Jobs, Become Angry, Become Isolated, Lonely, and many more Health issues and Social Problems………….
    I am only a new comer to the Aussie Criminal blog pages. But without taking any sides to any of our community contributors. Which I remain naïve too, regarding the Administration and running of this what I think is a truly remarkable job, by all and sundry, be it by Robbo or Admin.
    I was not aware of the threats you have been receiving by your enemy followers and Criminals.
    And so I will simply mind my own business and not make any comments which will offend anybody !…………………. BUT I Would like to say to Everybody in the Aussie Criminals Community, that we must keep united and we must all help writing and exposing the true enemy out there. And that is the Rotten Criminals that are ruining our Country very fast. Everyone on this site, especially both Robbo and Admin in his absence, have made this website, as good as any thing the great John Sylvester or Andrew Rule our best media Crime Reporter and Writers can produce. Every thing all you people have displayed and written out on this website is as good as any of these Age and Herald Sun Crime Reporters. Keep the top Job and Presentations up! ……….. The only reason that I personally continue to write on Aussie Criminals, is because of the high standards of both Robbos and Admins work and research they put into their postings….. They just blow me away every time their is a new posting. And also as I hate most Criminals, and bloody know a lot of them , from my time as a former Screw from the Victorian Prison Service. And even the new modern Crims of Today, who I don’t know, but, they are as much Scumbags as many of the past Crims. And in fact I think many of them are now even worst Low Life Criminals, than what I handled back in the Late 1980,s and 1990,s. Criminals are getting more violent and many of them are so young in age!
    Any way, as I said , Lets all get on better, as were all individuals with our own ideas on things, and if so many Low-Lifes and Crims, hate what they read on these pages, then that says we are having a great impact on exposing all these Criminal Bastards out there. None of this could ever possibly happen if it wasn’t for Cyber Space and Social Media…. We must all together Soldier On and keep all these Crims and Sex Offending Deviates, on Full on Publication for everybody to see and know about them. So they can all run, but they can never hide, from there crimes………………………….Cheers to all the Aussie Community Lounge. Lets all chill out, re group and take the battle to all these Criminals out there in Aussie Land, and keep them all under the bloody spotlight, and from getting underneath the Radar!……………….Seven and a half Million Hits……………. I THINK WE MUST BE SHAKING THE CRIMINALS TREE!
    LETS WATCH THEM ALL FALL OUT, AND GET LOCKED UP IN JAIL…! To Fight each other behind bars……………….”.United We Stand – Divided they Fall ” …………………………………………

    Court No 1 at Central will be a media free for all – not only is young Jack Kelsall back for another airing in the lead up to trial for the murder of our favourite moggie tomcat – Morgan Huxley, Shawn McNeil who attacked Daniel Christie 12 days ago will be appearing to face an upgraded charge of murder.

    Fortunately they are both up in front of Magistrate Les Mabbutt – a man who takes no prisoners.

    For those who followed my scribblings on the Wanda Beach case – I’ve followed Alan Bassett to Wollongong –

  7. Hi Caro,

    I am so sorry about your not being able to post. If you could, perhaps, throw me a message through the contact area when you have a message, as you just did, so I can see where your post has gone so I am hopefully able retrieve it. The Spam has been literally thousands of late. Hopefully, we can fix this problem, easily. Please, if you don’t mind, save your posts and I can post them for you, if we get desperate. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol, we’ll fix it :D

    1. Hello Robbo,

      Thank you for your response, Caro had sent a contact question to me, hence my immediate response yesterday.

      As I requested earlier, could you please respond to what is happening with regard to my Admin duties as I have not heard one word from you and would like this all sorted out.

        1. Seems like I have looked after this place, had the bejesus scared out of me, etc., asked what is going on, and now you are attacking me. Why?

        2. MM, I was shocked to read this comment.
          I thought it totally out of character for you: an unnecessary, sarcastic and vitriolic swipe at someone clearly hurting.

            1. Oh bloody hell! Now I think it’s getting too precious. I think I would be taking it as a compliment saying you did a great job and keep that cloak close as you may be needed again?? Admin I didn’t realise what you were going through but a huge collective thank you. Let’s get on with some productive shit. We are all friends here, yes we are all here for a reason.
              Not sure but it sounds like ROBBO has been through a rough trot (welcome back on board mate).
              I want to stick by this site & my mates.

              1. Am with you Tibby – that’s exactly what was intended.
                I especially like your choice of sammies.

                It’s Chinese New Year tomorrow at first light on the east coast of Aus. Let’s mount our horses and charge into the future together – well maybe a canter. (my intentions are brave) :)

  8. Hi all, I’ve been working on and posting a few new things, I was hoping to get some feedback on how everything is working at the moment. Feel free to let us know so we can improve/fix any issues.

    I think it would be a good thing to have a dedicated Baden-Clay chat/lounge area when the trial starts, as it has been a huge part of this site and when the trial starts interest will surely spike again.

    What do you all think?
    edit—Jan 21, 2014 @ 15:29
    what I wanker I was not to bother going to the top and reading down the comments.Then I would not of typed what I did yesterday.My apologies to everyone, eagerness to get back and involved counts for nothing if you do not do it the right way…sorry

    1. Hoping to get some some feedback? Feel free to let us know?
      I use your own words Robbo,”it would be a good thing” for you to listen to your remaining followers and do the right thing by acknowledging and thanking Admin.
      “What do you all think?”

      1. Um hi there midgesbite,

        thanks for your advice, it is something I have done, on this site and privately in my own way, I often acknowledge the excellent folks I have here who both participate and contribute. I am happy though to once again thank those who have put in a lot of work in my absence for their efforts.

        It seems it may not appear so, but I am very grateful of the time it takes, I was doing it for years on my own up until my troubles last year. Some folks like to keep behind the scenes and that is where I choose to thank them…

        Have a great day and thanks for your thoughts, Robbo

        1. just wanted to add, I had only read the last day or so here when I typed above, as you will see I have then gone to top and worked down. I went much deeper than I though as I read more. Thanks

        2. Hi Robbo,

          What is going on? Mountain Misst is having goes. You confirmed that I said to you that my email address here doesn’t work, that is fact.

    2. Hi Robbo
      re Baden-Clay case – pretrial hearing is 3rd and 4th Feb then the trial proper starts week commencing 9th June after (I think) the Queen’s birthday long weekend. Yes I agree a special page would be very good idea.

      1. Hi MM yeah I think that is the go, we will run a ongoing commentary on a proper post but to discuss happenings daily, maybe a lounge like chat page solely for that purpose. Adding to the above, I must publicly again say thank-you for all your work here. You have helped enormously upfront and behind the scenes! Moderating is a lonely tough gig. xxx Thank you

  9. Dear Admin…

    Robbo is totally confused by your change in tag and change of email address and doesn’t know who you are to sort things out. Consideration needs to be given to the man – he is not in top form, is unwell and needs support, not criticism.

    I’ve contact him privately and suggest that you do also – identify yourself clearly and explain the story rather than jump to conclusions. This is just a huge misunderstanding.

    1. Hi Mountain Misst,

      Wow – Robbo knows that my email does not work, and he said that he guessed that here, publicly. I can’t get into it due to changes with the provider.

      I just asked what is happening, that is all.

      Robbo was advised by someone else, another mod, before Christmas, that it is me.

      Please stop attacking me.

      These are the facts.

      Other people are unwell, lost family members, etc., no-one has a monopoly on that.

  10. Hi Robbo,

    May I suggest that you remove the ratings, for now, if you don’t mind, lol, we don’t need to know that type of thing at the moment.
    update 22/01 DONE cheers

  11. Dear Robbo,

    I am so sorry that you are unwell. I do hope that you can rest some, and please, just get well, I can still fill in for you so that you don’t have to worry, but to get well.

    1. Thanks, I’m ok, getting there so to speak, but a nice offer. Can you email me please when you can “Admin”

      Might be an idea we remove the confusing title/name, what do you think? cheers

      1. Please? Saying your email no longer works and leaving it at that is not fair when you posted questions I can only answer to you!

        it is the end of January 2014, there is always a way even i u do not want to use your own email. If you are online, this a is a great one I use for one off sign on’s that I may not use again. It is a disposable email that lasts 10 minutes.If you need a bit longer click and u get another 10 minutes etc…here is the link

  12. Is anyone else out there or have I fallen onto World Wide Wrestling. This is all above my head because I’m not sure what’s going on.
    Welcome back, get well & thanks to everyone.
    Only two weeks away for Gittany & GBC’s pre sentencing, wow what a month.
    As Jeff Fennech says “I loves ya all”. :)

  13. What’s going on, is it an exodus or mutiny……?

    Robbo, not sure if u know but the responses u posted on 21st and today are at the start of this page so not sure if the relevant people have seen them, they are scattered between the 6th and 11th January!

    1. Hi not quite sure what is going on there to be honest. I have spent the last day or two trying to reply to messages I had missed, it seems a bit out of whack doesn’t it…I’m working on it,but eerily silent today



  14. I have let them know.It must be very specific as it is only this account/username on that thread. I mean I cant even stop someone posting only on one thread. Dont stress though, If you like email me any comments and in the meantime I will put them in myself asap from you. Cheers Rob

  15. Cheers Robbo, and to all the Aussie Criminal community, have a Happy Australia Day.

    What a shame it is that even on Australia Day horrible murder and untold violence continues to makes the main news headlines on the radio and t.v, as we wake up… In regards to the 20 year old young man most violently bashed, stabbed and hacked to death for what ever reason, in a frenzied violent home invasion, in the suburb of Deer Park, Melbourne, by as many as 12 men, who smashed through the windows and rushed and forced there way in his house with long weapons , machetes and knifes and bashed, hacked and stabbed him to death then quickly ran off like the cowards they are into the night!. Last report I heard the Police arrested one of them, and were questioning some of them. It appears the victim of this heinous murder knew all of his attackers!……. I think its time the Death Penalty was re-introduce back into Australia. Theres no deterrence any more for Criminal like this lot of coward arseholes!…. How in the hell could these scumbag maggots ever be rehabilitated, let alone ever be given Parole or ever let out of Prison again!………. And if their only juveniles , they will do a couple of years maximum , in a Juvenile Youth Training Centre, and then set free again on Parole, and be even more dangerous when they get out of YTC.!…………………Its like these new laws for a One punch King Hit…..There still to weak!
    A Maximum of 20 years and a Minimum of a miserable 8years!……. We can all but guess that the Judges will still only show mercy and sentence these violent coward thugs to the minimum 8 years!
    I bet they will never sentence these Coward King Hitter Murderers to 20 years. If any Judges read this, please prove me wrong!……… Its alright for the Justice Department to increase the maximum sentence to 20 years, but their Judges never hand out the maximum sentence. So I guess there will never be any chance for the victims of horrible violent crimes to see the day when Capital Punishment returns to the Prisons for the worst perpetrators of cold blooded Murder!…………………
    DERRYN HINCH should have been awarded the Australian of the Year and a Order of Australia!
    For his relentless fight in toughening up sentences on Paedophiles and all the worst Criminals, and for his empathy and service to help all Victims of Crime!…….” But No.”…. The Pathetic petty -” Do – Gooders” of Criminal Justice send him to Jail.!……..This is what the Victims of Violence and Sex Crimes have to celebrate on Australia Day in 2014 ! This dis- Respect and Racism to our Australian Victims of Crime – really hurts to the Bone!……………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………….Good on ya- ” Derryn Hinch” ,- youre got my nomination for Australian of the year, hang in there in Jail, Mate, you make all us Victims proud!…………………………………………………………Cheers!

  16. Steve for Prime Minister!
    Steve, I’ve only heard by rumour that a couple of the Anita Cobby scum killers have been released, do you know if that is true?
    Media reports last week said a member of the Filthy Skaf rapists has been permitted to have weekends at home and soon to be released.
    When my son was in his early 20′s I noticed a change in him, drinking more and aggressive towards me and his girlfriend, he changed in his attitude. (I, personally think he was watching a lot of porn). BUT he was always respectful to his father. His dad spent more time with him and showed him to act LIKE A MAN. Although he was working, he was given more chores around the house, lawns done, made to be home for meals, told to keep his fists in his pockets and his dad spent more weekends and worked on his car over the weekends and generally did more ‘boy’ things together. THEY TALKED and washed up together after dinner. He ditched his useless pub mates and started treating women better again. He also wanted to do his grandparents lawns and spent more time with them. All these years later he is clean and has a great career and excelling in his life. Many of us don’t have the time to show our sons the ‘humble’ way to live, that is, um, there is always that odd toilet to be cleaned and it’s not someone else’s job, we all ban together as a family and it’s not those useless mates who’ll be there.
    I’m rambling,but, our young men are all we have and OMG we are going to need good caring Aussie men in the future!
    My dad was a man from the bush and told me he’d get into some fights but it was ALWAYS ‘one on one’. Everyone would go outside the pub and keep it a clean fight, and would shake hands afterwards, laugh it off and then buy each other a beer! Never this cowardly 10 on 1 machete type shit! I’m sure my dad would be rolling in his grave to hear what is happening to his beloved Australia that he fought for.
    Thanks for the shoulder guys. :)

  17. Hi gang, how hot is it today, feels like 40 at least were I live in Vic…Thanks so much for sharing that tibby2, we all need to grow up eventually don’t we. For some it just takes a bit longer.

    Those Australia Day honours are always a can of worms, who gets one who doesn’t etc etc.

    You cannot make everyone happy all of the time, just do your best I guess. I did see the PM announce our new Governor General (a huge bloody waste of money but my opinion wont change anything)

    Peter Cosgrove, the old army chief. I am pretty sure he will be a lot less pompous and nose up in the air than outgoing one Quentin Bryce in march. (who’s daughter is married to opposition leader Bill Shorten)

    Pays well too, they just said on the telly $400,000 plus…better than PM wage…wow

  18. Yea Robbo,Another one on the Gravy Train, – what a nice low wage, and perks, $ 400.000, ha ha, no one is worth that, And the retired General gets that on top of his all ready generous life time gold card military service pension, generous army superannuation , and the large salary he would have earned as Australias most senior General under Johnny Howard…….. And we have his Work Choices mates , PM: Tony Abbott and his former Work Choices employment minister Kelvin Andrews wanting to make more and more cuts and punish, though no fault of their own, on the poverty line $ 35 per day un-employment Newstart Dole allowance, and still survive and be forced work for the dole, and still only earn $35 Dollars a day.. This is forced slave labour on the growing number of retrenched and unemployed people who are finding it hard to find a good job in the tough times and also finding it difficult to keep their low paid jobs in todays unstable work force. Where finding , getting and keeping a job or minimum wage work is scarce and hard to find!…. these pollies are so out of touch with battlers who have to scrimp and save every penny to just pay for bills, rent and the high cost of petrol and food!… The Governments Mr Hockey, The Treasurer, keep saying were got to tighten out belts and cut back because the government now and into the future are in massive deficit , and broke,…. their emptied the piggy bank, ha ha,… and have no spare Government cash to be able to sustain funding the lower class aged battlers, pensioners, long term un-employed , and as usual single out and threaten to do the razor cuts on all the vulnerable down and out people at the lower social economy end classes!….. But the Pollies always have some cash in the bank for their own Gravy Train business trips and work related ? Holidays , fact finding overseas tours and their Life time Gold passes and perks that go with there high class titles!………. Also many people and the number is growing because Australia has no more fully Aussie owned brands and companies because they have all been sold off to the china , New Zealand, South Africa, U.S.A. and overseas monopoly companies and so on!…
    Thanks Tibby, The first thing I would do Bring back Capital Punishment and put hundred of Shipping Containers in the middle of the Simpson Dessert to hold the worst of the worst crims on Death Row, surrounded not by a dingo fence , but a large boundry rider patrolled triple Razor wired electrified fence, to keep the crims in and to keep the Do- Gooders , bleeding hearts OUT!…
    PM, Job No 2 :… is to sack all the parasite greedy politicians and send them of to the Centrelink Dole Office to survive on the Poverty Line , minimum… allowance of $ 505 per fortnight and because I sympathize with them losing their enormous salary ….. NOT!…… And for no extra pay they must do work for the dole, or slave labour, and still get only $ 35 per day and stop there pollies gold card pension and perks!…………………..
    Also Tibby , I was not aware of the mongrel scumbag maggots The Murphy Bros and or any of the Anita Cobby murderer- rapist : co-offenders being let out of jail or on jail leave!…or Weekend Leave for Pre – release……. This is a travesty of Justice….. Will these Justice Department plebs never get the message, that most Aussies want them to rot in hell in jail!……Wonder how they would think if these odious maggot scum bags, raped and murdered one of their family or kin folk!
    If any of these bastards ever get out! …Then they might as well let Adrian Bayley and Steven Hunter, Paul Haigh, Peter Dupas, Paul Denyer, Juilian Knight, Greg Brazel and so on out of prison as well ! …. As I keep saying, No Justice – Just us!……………….. Cheers Tibby, take care.

    1. great insight again Steve, in your own unique way! But re the animals that terrorised and abducted tortured raped and murdered Anita Cobby.

      I cannot fathom any outside time, I will have to look into this. Those mongrels were stamped never to be releases.

      I have several books on that case, and have read trial documents for myself including images. Disgusting and inhumane are not descriptive enough! Do not deserve to walk on 2 legs those things. They must die in prison

    2. Maybe the work for the dole could work on the GG mansions gardens…Surely they would get a free lunch? Everyone else does. A ham sandwich would be fine.

  19. Yea Robbo,………. That would be a good perk , weeding the garden for the $ 400.000 dollar, General,come Qantas Airlines board Chief to GG!., he will soon be worth more than his new boss the Queen herself, Ha, ha!………….. I heard on the news, that times are tough and moneys hard in the Queens, house, not enough money to go around, their battling, ha, ha. The roof is leaking, at the palace, catching water in buckets. The electrical wiring hasn’t been replaced sine 1948, the Palace needs a fortune spent on Maintenance and repairs and is falling into disrepair and so on, and so on. And the Poor old , frugal, bugger, said to be always thrifty, with the royal cash……. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeths 11, bank book is feeling the squeeze from all the constant pompous gala, piss ups, feasts, royal functions and weddings and high society banquets laid on by her Royal Master Chefs and crew and Her Majesties and families functions and parties are causing them all to feel hardship on the Royal poverty line! … Ha , ha.
    Maybe Mick Gatto and the CMFEU Union can throw a few bob from their kickbacks in her direction, and perhaps we battlers should feel sorry for her, and send her a few farthings, tuppence and halfpennys ! ….. ……. The thing is the others Queen Houses !, that is Her Majesties Prisons in Victoria, are in better nick, and are currently in a spending frenzy of Multi, Multi, Multi, Multi, Millions of Dollars and CMFEU Union supervised building site safety assistance of, record growing expansion…… Theres lots of money to be made from Crime, and Crime does pay! For some!.. Especially for Construction and Cranes and Industrial Mediation in the Blown out costs of building : Government- union- privatised -Desalination Water Plants and the growing expansion, with demolishing the old Prisons , Like Pentridge and Bendigo and Loddon, Castlemaine and Ararat! Redeveloping them into Theatres of the Arts and commercial interests and residential housing estates. All the while, there is growing expansion at a fast pace of Building more and more Minimum and Medium Security, Prison Country Clubs, for the increasing number of caught out Crooks, many of them the white collar kind and the high protection prisoners, child sex offender and so on!….. And the Government always ”crying poor also” is building stacks of Dongas shipped from the from former West Australian Mine Workers from decked out Shipping Containers, to ease the Victorian Prisons overcrowding………………………….The poor old battling Queen is letting all her Royal Governments parasites bleed her dry! ….. She might have to take a holiday from Westminster Castle and Buckingham Palace and live of her pension and hop on Her Majesties Ship QE11 and move to Aussie into one of the new built five star retirement units, H.M. Queens housos!

  20. So right Steve, time to tighten our belts so we can do the right thing…

    A life of no rent, utilities, no groceries, no clothes to buy, free gym membership, free phone calls, legal aid, library’s, tv, entertainment, swimming pools, free education.I could go on, no wonder crooks want to be back in as quick as they can, it’s a tough hard world on freedom street.
    Much better in the big house, I want my old suite…I mean cell back please!


  21. Yeah Robbo, maybe The Don- Mick Gatto and the Late Mario Condello from his Mafia made man grave can charge rent on their cells in Acasia unit Barwon. Gatto reckons when he was released from his old cell from Barwon Prisons Acasia Gangsters High Security Unit , named after wild flowers. That his old cell is all Hannaball Lecter stuff the way they lock prisoners up in there! and he should know, because after his self defence struggle with gangster light weight Andrew Benji Venjermins vengeance toward Big strong heavy weight boxer Mick, and him having to tackle the loaded pistol from him and shoot him first or kill or be killed? self defence found innocent?
    Mick Gatto and Marios Cells are expensive real estate! …….. But into the not to distant future, due to Whistleblower lifts the lit on the web and some of the bad apples start to inform on the CFMEU and Mick Gatto and his Carlton Crew and CFMEU Mate rates and kickbacks ? The untouchables might have to move back in to their cells again. Especially if the pissed off talking skeletons keep coming out of the closets and start talking about old times and the conversations in the Lygon Street Restaurants and cafes frequented by the close nit Carlton Crew. And the Kickbacks and Standover Men of Gangland connections and building industry corruption Perks for Peace,by Executed Gangland Mafia Boss: Mario Condello : ”Just go and just kill’ em….shoot ‘em and get the money”..! And the Rat pack of Tony Mokbel who from his cozy Barwon cell, net door to Carl Williams, tries to make a deal like Carl did.?… HA, HA! The Untouchables better start getting worried about their home Renos?……The Black Uhlans muscle man was for a long time Keithy George Faure, the Mass Murderer well known Melbourne Underworld or Underbelly as they call him Hitman who went feral in the Melbourne Gangland Wars and whacked the one the Moran mob!……tHE…Comanchero better start to pack their bags to!…..While Mick Gatto jokes ”WAVE TO PURANA” !….The Police………… No Gatto it goes like this Gangster..”.Baby ive been watching you, watching every thing you do,” Ha HA!

  22. Just watching the senate inquiry live on ABC…(this was taking place about 10 minutes ago, but still live)

    Who does Senator Hanson-Young think she is at this inquiry? Going on and on and on…The chair basically just told her to shut up and move on…hahah

    Grandstanding and being belligerent to armed forces top brass. Hounding them because she is not getting the answer she wants. Does she think she is the chief justice of the high court or something.
    Her 10 minutes of fame. See it all live here.

  23. For those following the Novy Chardon case:

    John Chardon has been committed to stand trial on 14th July 2014. He is facing eight charges of sexual crimes against children, which are alleged to have occurred between 1998 and 1999.

    The charges include three counts of rape, four counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16 and one count of indecent treatment of a child under 16 in care. DPP
 anticipate the trial to last five days.

  24. It was a good choice of them NOT contacting me ROBBO!
    Lucky for them they didn’t!
    Ooooh I wonder why? My disdain of the World Wide Wrestling previous events was not appreciated. Mutany afoot? Not this little black duck.
    Skitch em ROBBO!

  25. Hi Tibby, I am tough enough in my ego if people want to leave for whatever reason, some my fault some not..What more can I say, I came back, apologised and am trying to put in like I did before 70 hours a week, week in week out.

    What I’m awfully upset about is my members personal emails and such may have been compromised by it appears someone I trusted. Target your friends via other means, but not by my sites info they signed up with. It is making my blood boil, peoples privacy is everything to me, inside this site and my life.

  26. While all the drama goes on elsewhere, both Robbo and I have got on with the job of crime – each in our own way. He’s with the honour roll and I’ve written a case up in relation to the little four-year-old who disappeared with her father in Pottsville, NSW. Bodies found less than a mile away in the sand dunes.
    We await the coroner for the official result, but MM’s stuck her bib in…

    1. Hi MM here here…That case was destined to end as sadly as it did. Tragic. I get depression, I get problems, I get jealousy of the partner moving forward, but the innocent kiddies never ever should drawn into it. More on this case will come, and even though I am not into astrology as such, your posts are awesome, well researched presented and argued so to speak! Thanks for sharing your post1

  27. We’ll have to wait till Tuesday to hear Gittany’s gaol term. What the hell is a ‘mid range’ murder? I’ve never heard it described like that. I thought murder was murder. Oh I only murdered once, or twice, or I’m now a serial killer. Never thought it would be classed like a drink driving charge. Just a bit pregnant?
    Like the coward punch-it wasn’t the punch, it was the pavement.
    Counsel for Gittany tried same approach, it was the height and the pavement that killed Lisa.

    1. Hi MM It was set to 10 (the max). I turned it off temporarily a few minutes ago.Back on now with 6. I will both ours in a bit, it seems it takes a while for the server to refresh. I saved the hover over menu to read and saved it, it is still showing green. WP changed the way we customise the themes, Im not used to it…we will get there thanks for your help MM

  28. Hi guys thanks, I am trying out a few themes and to see how they go I have to activate them, otherwise all I see in preview is the home page.Bear with me this afternoon!

  29. It occurred to me tonight there are more important things we are overlooking. Corby, Gittany & Baden-Clay seem insignificant in comparison to to plight of our farmers in Qld & NSW. To see truckloads of feed being hauled by convoys toward Bourke in NSW for the livestock. It’s really bad when water is to be trucked in. Our farmers are doing it tough & I’ll be doing & donating what I can to give them a hand. If petrol companies & big food stores could give our brothers & sisters vouchers to keep their heads above water. Poor buggers, God we need them, they’re doing to so tough & one too many suicides. Keep our farmers strong to keep other countries from buying up our farms & land.

  30. Evening tibby, you are so right, crime blog or not. It is stunning where we as a country can throw money around to look a good citizen of the world, or whatever the buzz word is.but those in most need her in OZ never seem a priority unless in a bloody election year.

    I have been reading about a big push for a rescue package for those up QLD. Or have another appeal, 10 bucks a household, it is not much but it sure does add up. Talking appeals cannot believe it is 5 years since the Black Saturday Fires. Those poor buggers are still mending their lives…

    So well said, Take care

  31. Tibby in Melbourne , Police arrested a man with can you believe 25 kilograms of pure un-cut Cocaine. that’s a lot of hard drugs, and a lot of monprofessional people are buy this shit to snort up there nose througheys worth. And if it if he had not been caught, this Cocaine would probably been further cut and watered down to double the quanities of cocaine to be further trafficked down the distribution chain. Where talking about incredible large amounts of money that would have been made by this 25 Kilograms of Cocaine!…….. And it was probably destined for the High Society Rich professional Cocaine users market, as Cocaine is a very expense hard drug. It just makes me wonder what high profile professional, lawyers, actors, and people of substance in important high paid jobs, are snorting this rich persons hard drug up there noses of injecting it in their veins……….. This hard drug Cocaine can not be afforded by the low social class street drug user, so its being trafficked in a large scale for the more cashed up hard drug users……..
    Don’t get me wrong, The Schapelle Corby and her family , especially her now dead father were big time Marijuana traffickers. And Schapelle Corby has had to pay a high price of 9 years of 20 years for her father sins!… But Marijuana, canaibis or weed, is not in the same money as the hard drug Cocaine. Dope makes users stoned, it is dangerous, but not in the same legue as the ultra expensive and dangerous hard drug Cocaine. If Corby was sentenced to 20 years in Bali for a boogie board bag of Marijuana. Imagine what the sentence would be for an Australian smuggling or trafficking into Bali – 25 Kilograms of pure Cocaine!…… Remember the Barlow and Chambers Death Penalty and execution by firing squad handed out in Bankok, at the Bankok Hilton.
    The point I am making here, is that this man arrested for smuggling and pushing 25 Kilogram of Cocaine must be made and example of to other would be Cocaine or hard drugs like Heroin and ice, Crystal meth speed, crack cocaine, and those ecky pills that mae Simon Gittany and his mates rich?………..Bangkok warn to tourists that… DA DA IS DEATH, and they mean it. Bali has sentenced some of the Bali nine Drug Trafficking Australians to the Death Sentence or Life Imprisonment for their attempts at smuggling drugs into Bali !….. Its time Australia took the same harsh line on trafficking hard drugs, from the Nightclubs the rock concerts to the boats at night in Port Douglass!…. We have to in Australia start making Drug pushing or trafficking a very dangerous risk to take, because it to like Bali and Bangkok should carry a death sentence or a life sentence in the same range as the worst murders. Because drug dealers are trafficking in human misery and death, nd should be sentenced accordingly ! Then current and would be Drug traffickers would think twice about the risks they would face if they were to be caught!……………They say Bali is corrupt, well they certainly don’t stuff about when it comes to sentencing Drug couriers, smugglers or foreign Drug Traffickers to very long terms of imprisonment!.. A leaf Australia could take out of their so called corrupt book. Australia is the one who is corrupt. The Big drug busts made in Australia are only the tip of the iceburg!…….. That’s why there are so many Tony Mokbels into big time Drug Trafficking and manufacturing in all parts of Australia, and why so many successful DrugTraffickers are getting so rich, and flash their ill- gained wealth around in places like Kings Cross Sydney and The Gold Coast. Corruption at all levels of society along with supply and demand for these party and high society drugs and no deterrence are keeping all these Drug Dealers and Pushers in business!…………………We have to start locking them all away and throwing away the key, to make these Hard Drug Dealers take notice that the ends of being caught and sentenced to extremely long periods of years in jail, will far out way the means!…
    This should start to go a long way to cleaning up the Hard Drugs trade at the Nightclub, entertainment venues and the streets…….
    There are common cases of the Police searching for drugs at these venues, and seizing the drugs from the user, and only giving them a slap on the wrist and a caution with no charges laid, and sending them to a drug diversion course. These Drug users and puher are just laughing at the police. That’s why at every night spot the Drugs are on tap in endless supply, if you know the dealer at these venues. No deterrence ! , And they just keep paying their petty fines and continue their drug dealing at the nightclubs. While the kids continue to have their hands out like their selling lollies. Australia might as well just make these hard drugs legal and be done with it, and remove the criminal element out of the profitable drug dealing and the endless cravings for the use of them. At least the Crims couldn’t make big money any more from the illegal drug trade! Just look at all the Heroin syringes that are littered on the ground around every where. There is an endless supply and plenty of Drugs to be sold by the Pushers in Australia!………………..And most of the Dealing is arranged by the Crims in all Australian Prisons!…Always has and always will be. Like moths to a flame and flies to a shit and maggots to a dead kangaroo! Australia like the U.S.A is becoming a one stop drug shop!………I don’t know how I can ever be stopped!…And that is why there is so much violence in the community and during the night life in the bigger cities!……..Well I am going to go and have my favourite whack of hard drugs a can or two of Victoria Bitter, full strength beer…………………. Cheers all!…….

  32. Yeah Tibby, Might head over to the nearest bottle shop and ask for a Bottle of One Punch Kill, or a bottle of Gittany Black Label Only Mid Range Murder, less than 20 year vintage. Or make that a six pack of Mid range Murder, and a flagon of Mid Range Mc Williams wine! Should be a good night out on the piss on the streets and maybe pick a Mid Range fight and rob some poor Mid Range Buggar for some money to by from a drug dealer and score some Chilly Billy ICE, and a teaspoon and syringe to claim the drugs made me do it. Or one of them Mid Range Home Invasions which are all the craze now days and do a Mid Range Bashing, Robbery and Murder on some poor innocent Mid Range Victim!…….. That is the Mid Range Murder, syndrome!… I think the bloody defence Lawyers and the judge feeling sorry for the Crims are using to much of that ready available Cocaine snorted up there Mid Range noses! And blurring their legal law book Mid Range judgment!…….. Whats next!.. Attempted Mid range Murder or Just a Mid Range Assault, because I didn’t mean for the victim to fall backwards and hit their head on the pavement and kill them!…. or Mid Range Rape, or Mid Range Armed Robbery! …….Maybe Free Range Murder would be more suitable for that shit bag Simon Gittany. He deserves a Long Range .303 bullet to the head!
    Heaven forbid if we get a Mid range Parking Ticket, with only a Mid range fine! ……….

  33. Good Morning all, hot day again here in Vic, I’m off to a very rare family get together picnic, so will not be here for the rest of the day, so as long as I do not fry to a crisp, I will catch up tonight.

    Do not stress if a post does not show up, it might be in auto queue for moderation till I get back.

    have a good one!


  34. I’m slow but I’m only now understanding how get around Aussie Crims since the changes. I found the index thingy at the end. (The black section) That’s little bit easier?
    Suggestion ROBBO maybe have one for each crime?? Like there a couple for Gittany so I have to read them all.
    Not such a dogs breakfast now. Thank you.

  35. Yeah Tibby the database seems out of whack doesn’t it, wordpress reset it for yesterday morning and said it may take up to 3 days for items to fall back into place. Imagine the old fashioned librarian putting all the books back on the trolley, after they are returned or in wrong place.

    Apparently it is not instantaneous. Hi tech hey! I do apologise it does make it hard to follow at times but once reset hopefully we will not have to touch it again!

  36. This it driving me crazy, damn comments are not displaying correctly….sorry. They are fixing it they tell me

    ALSO I just moved SEARCH to the top of page above the poll on the lest side folks.

    1. Haha I’m glad it’s pissing you off too. That’s funny! :)

      It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt-

      1. Thanks for that Oz.

        GEEZE LOUISE!!
        Gotta search for posts everywhere up near January? WTF!

  37. How is everyone enjoying this fine Saturday morning? A lot has happened this week, posted more than a few new threads that are of big interest to the community. None sadder and more frustrating than the bashing death of young Luke Batty.

    I was on my way home last night as was very shocked to hear ken lay say on radio there are currently over 10,000 AVO’s live in place out there in the community. With a full police force numbering around 13,000 in Victoria, you can see where the difficulty lies.

    I know for fact, that some ex partners seek out these orders purely as a vengeful and or jealous act for somebody who has moved on and never laid a hand on anyone any time. For reasons including suggestions of lawyers for upcoming custody battles, divorces and settlements etc.

    This is not a payback tool. If this mechanism was not choked to the eyeballs with unfounded claims/orders then maybe the real violent and dangerous partners could be held to account properly.

    That’s my say for the day, have a good weekend folks

  38. Robbo
    Having not posted on your site for at least two weeks, I deplore the fact that you have contacted me via my personal email today with a condescending message. Some would even consider its tone mildly threatening.
    My initial disquiet at your intrusion into my private address has given way to fury.
    I do hope that I have been singled out (albeit for unknown reasons) and trust that you have not employed the same tactics towards others in an attempt to silence them.

    1. Give it up, it is the email address I have always written to you with over the years,and you to me, stop being a drama queen please.Instead of posting on here like you have I sent you a private email to say stop saying I banned you…As I haven’t and never did and you know it. How did you answer here if I had banned you.

      Im over it.It was a polite email.

      1. In actual fact having just re-read you comment about it being mildly threatening,you are not being truthful. I am going to post it here and let others decide gernilhuntingseason and midgesbite. (yeah created another account being someone else)

        You even had to sign in as someone else? Come on
        You are telling fibs elsewhere which is disappointing you have never ever ever been turfed by me at aussiecriminals. As I replied to your last comment about a deleted comment, it was sitting where you posted it in another thread, not the one you thought you is still there original timestamp and all
        If it makes you feel better then let it be but it is incorrect GHS
        I have no hard feelings, my site is flying along its just I dont like being accused of something I didnt do.
        All the best to you and the crew at the new site. I am sure you will delight

  39. Not getting into anything between GHS and Robbo but GBH, if you are thinking you have had comments deleted I would like to tell you that you haven’t. At times when you say you can’t see your messages etc and sometimes repeat the message I find that your originals are indeed there. This is why I like to have the messages delivered to my email address to be viewed in a email reader (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail etc) as you don’t miss them like if you were using the Aussie Criminals blog. You don’t have to wade through threads looking for something.

  40. the media (and ME)has been able to publish photos of Cowan for the first time after they were tendered in evidence today in the Daniel Morcombe trial

    First pics on this mongrel dog!

  41. I am 67yrs old and a father of a little girl who will be 5yrs old this July.
    She is my 7th child. All my other 6 children are now grown up (they came from 2 other partners, had 3 kids of each of them)
    I want to relate 2 incidents that happened since becoming a father again in July 2009.
    1. When my little girl was around 1yr+ (that is in middle 2010) I was parked in a street in Canberra just listening to my radio and waiting for my little girl and her mother to come.
    I was doing nothing wrong but suddenly a man appeared at the side of my car and said I was illegal. Then he pointed out some children playing in the background and told me to move on.
    I refused and felt quite insulted as to me he was implying (I felt) that I might have been up to no good (that indirectly he was saying I maybe or was a pedophile)
    He said he was going to call the police unless I moved on.
    I told him to go ahead and so he called them.
    The police arrived shortly after and asked me what I was doing there (and asked for my driver’s licence).
    I told them that I was waiting for my little girl to arrive and her mother.
    The police checked me out (through me giving them my drivers licence) and of course could see that I was not a pedophile. As the police were talking to me my little girl and her mother arrived. I wish it to be noted that I got no apology whatsoever from either the police or the man that indirectly accused me of perhaps being a pedophile drove away from there with my little girl and her mother feeling that I was the bad person even if I had done nothing wrong. I felt that what happened to me was unjust and that I really could not do anything about it. I just had to cop it. I already know what happens in Australia if you attempt to argue with any police (even if you have done nothing wrong??)
    2. A few years later on I was at a learn to swim swimming pool in Macgregor (a Canberra) suburb) and was told by a women there that when older men come into that swimming pool they can be viewed with suspicion and she told me about an older man who was searching around in that swimming pool and they bailed him up and asked him what he wanted or was doing? His reply was he was looking for his grandchild which proved to be correct. I imagine that old man (like me) was very insulted at the implication he might be up to no good (or being a labeled possibly a pedophile.
    What I am saying is it seems to me that all men (more so the older ones)
    Are maybe looked upon as potential pedophiles (that is the innocent are suffering because of the sins of the actual pedophiles).

  42. When I was a child all I heard was warnings about “dirty old men”. As I grew older I of course realised that pedophiles come in all shapes, sizes, age, sex, economic class and sexual orientation. There has sadly been some stereotyping and some people just don’t want to think past the “dirty old man” thing. I am sorry you have been treated in this manner, I am an older parent too but all I have been subjected to is being called my younger kids’ grandmother.

  43. This was back in 2005, but the killer really revealed himself when caught of guard by the detective as she closed up the interview…
    Detective- If you had abducted Daniel would you tell us?
    Cowan- Probably not

  44. Now I’m feeling very much left out of this ongoing secret. Anybody want to share and let this elusive black cat outta the bag?

  45. Hi Tibby, we will get it all sorted, people come and go, they will trickle back when a topic suits them. There is no drama folks are entitled to take some time out just like I did. cheers

  46. No, not at all tibby, there are so many good folks involved in this community, just like you and I, good people who give a shit about what goes on around us and justice is served for the victims left behind…I do love your enthusiasm though, thank you! x

  47. Hi Tibby, I hadnt noticed anything pending in moderation or anything, but I have been working all night on the Which needed updating badly.

    Um Bloody Simon Gittany, remember him well, thanks for the heads up. Did you only have the one link in your comment? It flags as spam any comment with 3 or more hyperlinks in it, to slow the spam down, and puts it in moderation but yours was not there.

    oddly enough though, that other site that has fired up, I noted they were having problems with comments and posts not appearing and they were happy to call it a wordpress glitch.

    On my site it gets called Robbo deleted stuff…Go figure that one out tibby…Anyway we keep going forward, thats it. Cheers, enjoy the rest of your night. Robbo

  48. Looking at the Jill maher case, her murderer had a shocking history and moved her to a different location same as Baden-clay moved Allison. The judge decided Lisa was either dead or unconscious when he threw her over the balcony so Lisa was ‘moved’ too. All murderers acted similarly to cover their tracks.
    Life? Not as much as Adrian Bailey but could be up there due to public hysteria. Just my thoughts.

  49. We’ll have to wait till Tuesday to hear Gittany’s gaol term. What the hell is a ‘mid range’ murder? I’ve never heard it described like that. I thought murder was murder. Oh I only murdered once, or twice, or I’m now a serial killer. Never thought it would be classed like a drink driving charge. Just a bit pregnant?
    Like the coward punch-it wasn’t the punch, it was the pavement that killed.
    Counsel for Gittany tried same approach, it was the height and the pavement that killed Lisa.

    #best to reply to posts or they take off way up the page, getting bloody frustrating#

  50. Hi tibby2, yeah that judge/legal speak is a crock as far as the community is concerned.
    In terms to mid range (without reading the latest) I’m guessing that is legal speak for severity of that type of crime…

    For example smothering a wife of 60 years to death because the partner could no longer see her suffer from cancer etc is low range (although usually tried as manslaughter in my example, so not a good one)

    Lashing out on a partner as you walk in discovering her with friend might be mid range.(maybe manslaughter)

    Top of range is evil stuff legally, think Adrian Bayley to poor Jill Meagher.

    Having said that, what the hell is petrifying your partner with jealousy and rage for months, then tossing her over the balcony like garbage supposed to qualify for.

    Judges are sooooooooooooo out of touch BUT bound by law, some being written centuries ago.Time for some updates if this prick does not get life.

  51. Hey tibby, is there a prob with posts/comments still? What do you mean they take off way up the page. AS it is set now(and has been for ages) when someone comments and someone replies to THAT comment (clicks on reply) it gets nested. So each comment is in order with a small move to the right.

    But if someone reads comments and reads all the way to the bottom, they might reply to something said 20 comments ago, or a day ago etc. But because the person did not comment to that particular comment and only at the bottom of ALL comments, there is no way for wordpress software to know who they are replying to in the thread.So it goes to the bottom.

    That explains why dates and times seem out of whack.I have no way of knowing if they replied to a certain comment or just at the bottom after reading the thread and or all comments.

    Long answer and confusing, it is so hard for people to get sometimes.

    ((I can remove nested comments, but whenever I have, everyone wants it back, which makes sense if you know what is going on grrrr)

  52. I posted it today (not a reply) & it’s up about 20 posts up in around 21st January. Hope this helps. If I see no new posts I won’t search for them. Hope this helps :)

  53. Robbo this is a technical answer – you can tell if it is a nested comment or not by where it is placed when you look at the page (I am replying here to your 7:08pm comment) and it should by nature appear in that place.
    The problem is not in the nested comments, the problem is with the comments in the reply box at the bottom. Instead of operating from the engine room I suggest that you get out and have a look at this page live.
    If you look clearly at the comments already on this page you can see by the shading in the background whether a comment has been posted in the reply box at the bottom of a page or to an individual comment – it’s not brain surgery mate.

    I suggest that you update your theme (you’re still in 2011) and remake fresh pages.

    Oh and for all those whom are losing comments – once you have clicked on the ‘reply button’ or ‘post comment’ don’t be in a hurry to go do something else. Wait until the computers talk to each other. The confirmation appears up in the status bar. It could be your server that is operating slowly at a particular time – please don’t be quick to blame the recipient. Everyone is in such a hurry these days – technology is getting overloaded.

  54. It occurred to me tonight there are more important things we are overlooking. Corby, Gittany & Baden-Clay seem insignificant in comparison to to plight of our farmers in Qld & NSW. To see truckloads of feed being hauled by convoys toward Bourke in NSW for the livestock. It’s really bad when water is to be trucked in. Our farmers are doing it tough & I’ll be doing & donating what I can to give them a hand. If petrol companies & big food stores could give our brothers & sisters vouchers to keep their heads above water. Poor buggers, God we need them, they’re doing to so tough & one too many suicides. Keep our farmers strong to keep other countries from buying up our farms & land.

  55. Tell me why I’m not interested in Corby. I don’t care about her banshee sister, her criminal family or her life in gaol. If she is to have a big fat joint to celebrate here’s hoping the Indonesian police see it and swoop. I will say its a coincidence her telemovie is on next week. Many evenings coming into Port Douglas harbour after a days fishing and we’d nearly hit large boats with no lights to show they was there. It was obviously another drug drop. I doubt we really know how much of it goes on.

  56. Hey tibby, I am hoping (fingers crossed) that it will settle down now I have installed the latest theme with all the latest bells and whistles behind the scenes. It can take some time for servers to update the data, wordpress has millions and millions of sites and we all want our sites to be spot on, not much to ask for free software is it…lol Enjoy the weekend

  57. Robbo – nested comments cannot be removed and replaced. Stuffing around, just stuffs it all up, mate.
    Avenues you can take are either moderate every new person whom joins the conversation or if I might suggest – either let the conversation run its course, or if you want to moderate then just delete the content of someone’s comment by using the ‘individual edit’ process and leave the box there in the nest, just empty what they said.
    You can’t hope the fairies or father time will come in and fix it. A new page is needed for the lounge and then follow these guidelines and all will be well.

  58. I appreciate you trying to help me out MM. I must be dumb because I cannot work out what you mean. I dont have anything other than the spam filter that moderates anything now. When you say let the conversation run its course do you mean have no nested comments at all and every answer will to go to bottom.All I did with nested was try changing from ten to 5 and then back. Maybe fresh page is better but it happens in thrads too.I cant start every thread fresh comments.

    Suggesting we have a new lounge fresh, I gather that means empty? and maybe archive the current to link and close for further comments? Keep nested or not? I just cannot recall having these problems a few years back, when we had thousands of comments every week. I thought it was to do with which them I use.

    Sorry to not get it, my mind maybe isnt as able to use logic as I was once MM. I must look foolish…cheers

  59. OK I’ve noticed Gittany’s blog is gone. Ah well, I can’t wait to see IF these two reporters haul Rach over the coals & leave her hanging out to dry. It looks like they’ve gone to a lot of trouble recreating the apartment even down to the exact furniture. Maybe the Botox plasma screen may crack? Suppose she’s got some money to ease the pain.

  60. OK, either I’m finding it hard to navigate this site or Gittany’s blog is gone.
    Ah well, I can’t wait to see IF these two reporters for Sunday Night on 7 haul Rach over the coals & leave her hanging out to dry. It looks like they’ve gone to a lot of trouble recreating the apartment even down to the exact furniture. Maybe the Botox plasma screen may crack? Suppose she’s got some money to ease the pain?

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