Thugs Jailed

Two thugs who bashed man in front of his family jailed

My Say

What a bunch of heroes these guys are, taking on a bloke going for a swim with his wife and kids. It is great to see them being jailed, not for long enough, but it never is.

I imagine they actually must of already used up their far share of warnings, suspended sentences etc. to actually do time as most assaults go basically unpunished. I don’ count doing an hour of community service a week picking up rubbish “Punishment”


TWO thugs who launched a sickening attack on a father, during which they held his head under water and battered him with golf clubs and a tree branch, were jailed today.

Judge Jane Campton said Jamie French and Daniel Thomas launched the unprovoked assault on Greg Abel at a swimming hole in front if his distressed wife and children, who feared for his life.

“It was appalling and outrageous behaviour,” Judge Campton said.

The judge said the assault took place on a hot day in February last year at the swimming hole in the Yarra River at Reserve Rd, Wonga Park.

French, 31,and Thomas, 27, along with co-accused Candice Brady, 23, and another man Michael Ludeman, who has previously been jailed, had been involved in trouble with other swimmers which was witnessed by Mr Abel’s oldest daughter Xanthe and her friends.

Xanthe was scared and decided to leave the swimming hole and on the way out she met her parents who had arrived for a swim with their other three children.

Mr Abel, 42, was approached by the four accused who made aggressive comments. Fearing he was about to be attacked, Mr Abel struck out at French.

French, Thomas, and Ludeman then set upon Mr Abel.

“The three commenced to punch and kick the victim, grabbing his beard and attempting to gouge his face,” Judge Campton said.

“At the scene were located a number of clumps of hair from the victim’s beard.

“Mr Abel feared for his safety. His wife and four children were all close to where the assault occurred.”

Judge Campton said Mr Abel had his head held under the water, was punched a number of times, then struck across the back with a tree branch.

French, Thomas and Ludeman went to their car and retrieved golf clubs and then surrounded the victim, smashing his head, legs and torso with the clubs.

“During the attack, one of the golf clubs was broken,” the judge said. ”One of the accused attempted to stab the victim in the stomach with the broken club.”

Brady screamed abuse at Mr Abel’s wife, Caroline Mahoney, and used the broken shaft of the golf club to threaten her.

Judge Campton said Mr Abel, a truck driver, sustained multiple injuries, included scalp lacerations, bruising and spinal injuries.

She read from victim impact statements where Ms Mahoney described the horror of watching her husband being beaten up and said the family would never recover from their ordeal.

French, of Croydon, and Thomas, of Collingwood, both pleaded guilty in the County Court to intentionally causing serious injury and Thomas also pleaded guilty to assault.

Brady, of Croydon, pleaded guilty to affray.

Judge Campton said French had four prior convictions for serious acts of violence, including assaulting an off-duty police officer and a taxi driver.

She jailed him for four years with a minimum term of two years and eight months.

Thomas was jailed for three years and nine months with a minimum of two years and six months and Brady was placed on a community based order for 16 months.

3 thoughts on “Thugs Jailed

  1. You can not judge or believe anything you always read what is said and what actually accured are 2 different things there is always 2 sides to a story. Maybe it should be told how he was the one who came looking for trouble. The boys were unaware of his children there, i guess it was ok at first when he was beating 2 of the boys at first was it. The events shouldnt have ever taken place but we are made out to be cowards when the truth is never really told. 10mins of your life and some stupid mistakes can change your life forever. They do not deserve the long senteces they were served if the truth had came out and we had run the commital, i believe it is unfair to judge something if you were not there to see. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Its funny how he was never even near the water to have his head held under. check his record he aint no stand up citizen himself. Please do not judge on what you hear


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