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As I live in Victoria and the AFL is a multi billion dollar industry, or so they tell us, this drug thing still has me very sceptical. Firstly a guy on the street does not get the 3 strikes and you’re out excuse any more but the AFL players do, and get to remain totally anonymous to everyone in the organisation except I think their Club Doctor.

Secondly the law of averages tells us that if they are an equal section of the community then the statistics don’t add up when only one player has been busted in all the time this program has been going. The player that got caught with cocaine from Fremantle Football Club, Michael Johnson was busted by the cops on a night out, whilst out with injuries.

SO heaps of players are taking drugs and taking a educated risk. Thirdly how can the league say we want to inspire the kids etc. when players week in week out are getting pain killing jabs to fight through injuries during a game, when they would otherwise be forced off the field?

If that isn’t performance enhancing I don’t know what is, or why they let it happen

(stay tuned, I will revisit this in a year and see how MANY they have caught…A Joke)



Tanking has a new meaning in the AFL after the league announced plans to store players’ blood and urine samples long term among upgraded measures to deter drug cheats.

Samples will be kept on ice for eight years in the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority deep freeze facility, known as The Tank, to allow for repeated testing as technology advances.

AFL football operations manager Adrian Anderson said it raised the possibility of individuals being retrospectively stripped of awards, such as the Brownlow Medal, or a team being stripped of a premiership, if it was later found to have used banned substances.

The AFL will also be the first Australian sporting code to blood test its athletes for the performance-enhancing drugs human growth hormone and CERA.

CERA is a new synthetic variant of the endurance-boosting drug EPO.

ASADA acting chief executive Richard Ings said the AFL’s new program, which would cost about $500,000 a year, contained every element his agency wanted and set the example for other Australian sporting bodies.

”ASADA considers the AFL 2010 anti-doping program to be the gold standard of anti-doping programs in Australian sport,” Ings said.

Almost 1000 tests will be conducted this year, including target-testing where warranted.

While the AFL has had only one player test positive to performance-enhancing drugs former Richmond and Footscray ruckman Justin Charles in 20 years of testing, Anderson said they needed to be proactive.

”Performance-enhancing drugs are a massive threat worldwide to different sports and their integrity,” he said.

”We’re determined to stay ahead of the game, that’s why we’re entering into this agreement.

2 thoughts on “AFL drug cheats

  1. I agree with you. I think that by using pain killers during the game, its not encouraging anyone to be as fit as they can, and deal with fatigue and injury in the right way. If they are given something to extend their time on the field, while injured, its blatent performance enhancing. What happened tot he days when players were tough and just put up with small injuries and got back into the game, or left the field and let one of their team mates take their place.

    As for the actual drug testing. I think its a good idea to keep the samples, and if its found that people were cheating having used drugs, in season, whether it be recreational or performance enhancing, they should have their medals taken off them.

    The players know they should not be using any drugs, as they are supposed to be role models for young people. There are plenty of other players who can take their place if someone decides to abuse their position to take drugs and set a bad example.


  2. Hi mate, thanks for replying, I guess a lot of these elite athletes are around your age. The problem will always be the same until the risk is not worth the punishment.

    If men could rape women 3 times before they would go to jail, imagine the mayhem? Severe example but until management of these super huge sports realise that, and not what the “Fallout would be, mega cashed up athletes will remain one of the dealers biggest customers


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