Poor Judy, it was all for nothing

Judy Moran

Sorry Judy no riches left for you in will...ha ha

My Say

And why would he leave her a cent. The old bitch was behind the plan that killed him. But old Des was awake up to her a long long time ago! He was even unable to find it in his heart to leave her a measly pair of those HUGE designer sunglasses she was famous for.

What is she going to wear on a sunny day in jail hiding behind a shed,trying to read the Herald Sun? It is a dangerous place to have a leisurely flick through the paper these days, especially when you are reading about yourself.

One other thing, apparently this is what a life of crime, running family drug empires’ leaves you with when you hit your head on the floor after being assassinated…

In the will documents now available, Tuppence’s assets include:

HIS Ascot Vale home, conservatively valued in the documents at $500,000.

$1000 in cash.

A COMMONWEALTH Bank account worth $218.37.

A MERCEDES Benz, 1992 model, valued at $6000.

FURNITURE and household goods valued at $5000.

JEWELLERY valued at $18,487.50.

A ONE-THIRD interest in the harness racer Tarleton Lee, valued at $2000.

AN INTEREST in his dead brother Lewis Moran’s estate, valued at $100,000.

A COLONIAL Mutual Life Assurance policy, through CommInsure, valued at $150,000.

Till next time


SLAIN gangland figure Des “Tuppence” Moran didn’t leave a cent from his $780,000 estate to sister-in-law (read more here) Judy Moran…

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