Disgusting Perving Teacher jailed

A FORMER music teacher has been jailed for at least 22 years for sexually abusing 11 girls and filming the assaults on hidden cameras.

Colin Doo, 51, from Romsey in Victoria, pleaded guilty to 36 counts of abuse, including rape and procuring a minor for child pornography.

Supreme Court Justice Paul Coghlan said today that viewing some of the video of Doo’s abuse was “one of the most unpleasant tasks” he has had to undertake in his legal career.

“There can be no greater breach nor more serious than the abuse of children placed in your care,” Justice Coghlan said.

Doo groomed his victims by befriending their families and gaining their trust, the Supreme Court had earlier heard.

He met his victims, aged from seven to 16, through his music teaching job at a local school in central Victoria between 1996 and 2008. He would offer the victims lollies, drinks and chips and the use of his home computer before introducing sexual talk and behaviour.

My Say

What can be said about a maggot like this, Colin Doo, 51, from Romsey in Victoria if there is such a thing worse than a paedophile it is one who is a Teacher. The one we friggin trust to nurture and teach our children, who we trust will do the right thing. The one who teaches what is right from wrong.

This snake-belly who cannot get any lower will now slither into jail a protected man at our expense. I say throw these types all in together in a cage and let the strongest survive. The government will save millions and we wont have to worry about these maggots getting out and sneaking back into society behind our backs, they make me sick.

What do you think should happen to them?


4 thoughts on “Disgusting Perving Teacher jailed

  1. I totally agree. Government should bring back dungeons or harsher penalties for distusting people like this. If these people knew they would be totured and beaten up, they wouldn’t do it. The penalty for abusing kids should be toture then death. Put them through as much mental and physical pain as possible before ending their life.

    A suggestion, I think you should write a post on http://www.perverted-justice.com/ and praise the work these people do. I dont think many people are aware they can volunteer or help organizations like this.


  2. Well said, this creep is getting protection in some cushy “Unit” paid by us taxpayers for the next 22 years. I will have a look, I’m familiar with the show that features those guys,thanks


  3. I gotta tell ya that I love nyour attitude! I’m going to agree with your sentiment of putting all these sorts into a cage.

    Enjoying your blog, will definitely be back! And, btw, thanks for stopping by mine! :)


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