FIFA World Cup, are there Cheats?

World Cup 2010

I am beginning to wonder about the integrity of this tournament, fair dinkum. I have sat up bleary eyed every night to watch every game involving all the countries and have come to the conclusion the referees has way too much power over the results in games (thus the whole tournament)

One referee, one bloke, one man’s opinion is all that stands between the dreams of millions of fans, but on a more sinister note, the millions and billions of bookmakers money. We know where ever money is involved the opportunities arise for greed, corruption and all sorts of favours for snippets of inside information is sought, and well compensated for by those seeking it.

In this day and age, and all the money at stake, why is the Video Replay System not in use? Tell me one negative for its use.It would actually save time, because every time a yellow or read card gets pulled out the players carry on like someone just stole their children for 30 seconds anyway…

At the end of the day we want correct decisions, correct results and a fair contest. Not some bloody old referee, sucking up the glory and face time in his 15 minutes of fame, giving his opinion on a play he may not of even been in a position to see correctly.

There is too much at stake for this continue…

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3 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup, are there Cheats?

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  2. Don’t get me started. The reff’s have a massive ego. I think they take out their frustration at not being good enough to be players, by over reacting. Its one extreme or the other. They will give away red cards when its not needed, and they will do nothing when its obvious. What can be done hey? It’s a bit of a disgrace for them. I guess the players will just have to learn to play better and be one step ahead of the reff.


  3. It is happening in all the games, so it is not Aussies having a whine as I have read. I just don’t get with so much at stake in International games why not use the technology?

    2014 here we come, you might be the guy doing the advertising by then!


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